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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we're going to continue to see that, temperatures in the 20s, most of you will wake up to temperatures in the low teens early in the morning. we'll talk much more about that in a minute. >> two young sisters died when their frederick county home was destroyed by a fire overnight. the smoke and flames were so thick, no one could reach them. this blaze broke out just before midnight in a two-story house on highland avenue in myersville maryland. when firefighters arrived, the two girls were trapped inside. neighbors could hear the mother screaming for help. >> reporter: the ruins of this house donnell even give justice to how much was suffered here. a beautiful family home is ash, it's in the driveway. you can't see the minivan melted. it is impossible to describe the devastation this family has suffered. neighbors say 39-year-old jaxx la lard took, face and hands burned from frantic, repeated efforts to rescue his 3-year-old
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daughter mad i gan and 6-year-old sophie from the fire that ultimately took their lives. the he was in shock, his face was black. he had burns. i mean, she was -- i mean, it was hard getting any information. she kept saying, my babies. >> reporter: neighbors stood by watching in helpless horror, knowing the precious value, knowing there was no possible way to save them. >> the whole front was engulfed in flames. i tried to go around back with my ladder. when the garage door fell, it act lie a totally charged flame. you couldn't even get close to the house. the fire broke out about 11:30 thursday night. gentleman lillard, their wife, their 8-year-old daughters morgan and 7-month-old baby sadie all made it out. a firefighter was also injured. is the home located in a rural area was of wood frame
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construction, very little remains. the fire will be investigated by a joint fire department/law enforcement task force that looks into all fatal fires in frederick county. >> the fire is still until investigation. the task force is working to determine that cause. >> neighbors say that 6-year-old sophie was home-schooled by her mother. reporting from myersville maryland, jackie bensen, news4. we have a developing story. the white house says it does not know the motive for today's deadly bombing on the edge of the u.s. embassy compound in ankara, turkey. a suicide bomber detonated his explosives after entering a security checkpoint. turkish authorities say the bomber was a member of a banned marxist group. that group has been designated as a terrorist organization. kristin welker joins us with
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reaction from the white house. what is the white house saying about this? >> reporter: strong condemnation from the white house, jay carney saying this is a terrorist attack, making the point that they have not confirmed who exactly is behind this. though, as you point out, turkish officials say it was a 40-year-old man who was connected to a leftist organization in turkey. but, again, the white house condemning this action, urging americans to stay away from the embassy building there in turkey. also urging precautions in all of the embassies overseas. remember, this comes several months after that attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. state department officials working to make sure that these types of attacks are pry vented, but again strong condemnation from the white house. >> you also have breaking news in and out? we understand the secret service director mark sullivan made some news this afternoon? >> reporter: that's right, we
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expect him to announce his retirement by the end of the day. director sullivan has served on the secret service for more than 30 years. i am told by my sources this decision comes because he has had such a long career with the agency. he also wanted to do this after the inauguration, wanted to make sure that he saw this through the inauguration and then made his announcement that he was in fact retiring. of course there was some scandal that occurred during his tenure at the secret service. you'll remember the allegations that agents were engaged with prostitutes during the president's trip to cart hen cartagena. an investigation found that the secret service handled that investigation properly, that they followed all appropriate measures. my sources are telling me that
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director sullivan believed this was the right moment to announce his retirement, that essentially he can at this moment go out on a high note when this very positive report has just come out about the investigation into that secret service scandal. also the last day for secretary much state hillary clinton. she got a big farewell. >> that's right, she gave a somewhat emotional good-bye to her colleagues there at the state department, how honored she had been to serve with them, how much she will miss them. she told our own andrea mitchell that she's looking forward to sleeping in for the first time in a long time. there's a lot of speculation whether she will run for president in 2016. >> tons of speculation on that. i'm sure we haven't seen the last of her. kristin, thank you so much. >> thank you. a culpepper jury recommends three years in jail for daniel harmon wright. he's the former police officers, as she sat in her car in a culpepper church parking lot last year.
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news4's northern virginia bureau reporter david cull remember is live outside the courthouse with what happens next. david? >> jim, what we saw was some of the most emotional testimony since this trial began. it seems that temperature may have influenced the gyres as they considered a recommendation of a sentence for daniel harmon wright. among those who took the stand today, his own wife. she told jurors amid tears and choking up that since this incident began, they've lost everything. dianswer estes wright throughout the trial she took the stand pleading the jury to be lien jent. she said and her 17-month-old child have had to move across the country. financially they said they have nothing left. brendan king also took the stand. he served in iraq with him during the war. >> dan fought for his country, we followed orders, we all went to war and did the best job we could there.
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he came home and wanted to init to serve, and he did the best job he did. but the special prosecutor said what about patricia cook, the victim in this case? he told jurors he would love to bring in cook's family and friends to bring in simply, but the law doesn't allow it. he went on to say harmon wright has not shown an ounce of remorse after the killing of patricia cook. he was a police officers at the time. today fisher told the jury this act was done by a person in a position of trust, and he betrayed that trust. outside the court, fisher reacted to the jury's recommendation. >> i'm satisfied, nobody walks away from a case like this. >> defense attorney daniel has. >> i was hoping for an acquittal. i don't think he was really guilty of a crime. >> i notice as that sentence was being read today, some of patricia cook's supporters sat there shaking their head in disappointment. her brother, who has been at the trial since it started, was not here today. judge seussen whittlock will
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decide whether to uphold the jury's recommendation or lessen it. she'll make that call in april. live in culpepper, i'm david culver, news4. john leopold just resigned today, days after he was found guilty of misconduct. he announced his resignation and said it would be effective immediately. leopold was suspended from the job on tuesday when a judge found him guilty had's to be sensed on march 14th. questions now about the price you're paying to rye those brand-new express lanes in virginia. some drivers are asking if the price is going up when it shouldn't. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss gets answers from the people wo run the toll roads. >> reporter: you get what you pay for, but in the case of the beltway express lanes, are you paying too much? the price of the express lanes is supposed to rise and fall based on the number of cars in the lanes. the more trafficking there, the
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higher the price goes, the idea being that some drivers will be priced out and traffic will keep moving, but news4 has gotten complaints about the prices of lanes increasing even though the amount hasn't seemed to increase. >> traffic has been increasing, it will continue to increase. >> pierce -- says the price you pay is actually based on constantly changing factors, and driver mayes not be seeing what's happening along the entire 14 miles of the road. those factors do affect the price you pay. >> it's been about 6 on days since we've been open. people are trying new routes, going different ways, that's all coming in, and the system is trying to maximize the value for that customer at a price that they want to pay. >> reporter: the average trip on the toll road, about $1.50. a word to the wise, you should probably enjoy the current price of the lanes. over time, express lane leaders expect the average trip to cost about $5 to $6. some drivers sea they won't use
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the lanes. >> anything over $2 is probably too much. >> moneywise, i think a couple dollars is too much itches i'll go in it on the cheaper 35 cents. if it gets up to 50, i'm like, not really worth worth it for me. >> express lane leaders tell us they expect more growth with traffic. they say the road is in a ramping-up period. along the belt way adam fu, news4. all the festivities continue down in new orleans as we inch closer. dan hellies joins us live with an unorthodox press conference with the coaches. >> reporter: yeah, wendy, it was different super bowl xlvii about 48 hours away. the game will be played behind me in the mer sends benz super bowl. it was an interesting morning for the head coaches, tir final full day of practice.
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the number one story line continues to be two brothers battling it out for one super bowl title. this morning john and jim harbaugh held the first-ever joint press conference for super bowl head coaches. both agree that this game is going to be decided on the field. >> it's going to be the guys out there, you know, on the field whose face is marred with blood, sweat and dust. those will be the guys that will determine the outcome of this game. nothing that we've talked about over the last couple years will determine that. >> we understand it will be a great challenge, a great task, and that if we were to win this game, it will be well-earned. so, you know, that's really all we're thinking about and focused about. and can't wait for it. an really excited to be here. >> one happy harbaugh for certain on sunday night after the super bowl. it's going to be an interesting
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dynamic for the parents, jack and jackie, if you think about it. you want to celebrate with the winning son, but you have to console the losing son at the time, maybe just let him have the night to sulk a bit. i don't know how it's going to work, but it is interesting that the harbaughs have such a huge role in this year's super bowl. >> they're all over. hellie, thanks a lot. laurel, maryland is stuck between ravens land and redskins country president find out how super bowl sunday has one community divided right up the middle. plus the floodwaters have receded, but some people are still unsettled about the way evacuations were handled in a neighborhood. a virginia man saves thousands for a brand-new patio only to be told he has to rip parts of it right out. after the county admits a big mistake, not once but twice. the news4's i-team shows you how
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a simple house renovation turns into a year-long nightmare for a virginia man. the county admits it made a mistake not once but twice. >> it's the homeowner paying for that problem. tisha thompson and the news4 i-team explain what you can do to make sure this didn't happen
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to you. >> chris fleming says he should have been enjoying the patio, but now the county is promising a new system to prevent it from happening again. dreams of grilling with family and friends have gone up in smoke for chris fleming. >> i'm angry. i'm angry, because i did what was asked of me. >> reporter: he saved $5,000 to billed a patio behind his woodbridge townhome. a day after construction his homeowners told him he need add zoning permit. he got one from the county the next day. >> i got a her roughly three weeks after the process was completed that said we messed up. >> reporter: prince william county revoked his permit, saying zoning officials miscalculated how big the patio could be. fleming spent more than $560 to appeal, but lost, meaning he would have to tear some of it out. to make sure his patio was legal this time, he personally sat
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down with the county zoning administrator. >> they had rulings out, i submitted all the paperwork that they asked for. >> reporter: he shelled out another $800 to makes the changes, filling the holes with river rock, hope that was the end of it. >> november 13th, i get a new her saying, look, we bailingly messed up again. >> reporter: he had two options rip out even more, or appeal again for another $560. >> to makes a mistake multiple times on one property on one project clearly it just does not happens very often. >> he admits mistakes were made, but the county was within the right. >> it gives the zoning administrator 60 days to correct any errors or interpretation. >> reporter: that's why price recommends waiting 60 days after
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your permit is approved. make smur plats are up to date and check with your hoa for additional requirements. the likelihood of this happening is very she small. >> reporter: prince william county is creating a new tracking system to alert other agencies good properties with a history of problems. >> 170 conveyor feet, why bother with concrete at all. >> reporter: for fleming, his patio dreams continue to shall risen. in the end it will not likely cover the ground under his deck. >> as it gets smaller and smaller, i guess my friends better by smaller and smaller. >> he heads back to the appeals board later this month and estimates he spent more than $2,000 extra on the project. he could have faced criminal charges if he hadn't fixed the patio. the county tells us they don't actively look for thinks violations, but are usually alerted by an upset neighbor, which is what happened in this case. tisha thompson, news4 i-team.
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>> not very neighborly. tisha, thanks. >> hashtag busy body. >> gladys cravitch, right? the wind is kicking us out there. how low? >> right now in the single digits and teens in parts of the area. take a look. on your monday, you woke up to this -- ice. some are two-hour delays. but then just two days later, temperatures in the 60ss, even in the 70s. that turned into a big storm. and big-time flooding. that storm moved out, in came the cold area. this morning we saw the snow across the region. what a week this has been.
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look where we are right now. at 28 degrees, plenty of sunshine, but look, that sun just about to go down, sunset tonight after 5:30 for the first time this year. that puts our windchill of 15 who cares about the temperatures in look at the windchill. 11 in frederick, 9 in gaithersbu gaithersburg, 13 in manassas. here we are coming into a friday evening going out for a night on the town. it's going to be cold, hour by hour, taking you through windchills. 15 by 8:00, 15 around 9:00, and 14s at 10:00. if you are going out tonight, make sure you bunding up. put it on tonight. the radar is clear for now. what we saw this morning was a little area of snow that came through. most of our location picking up a half inch to an inch of snow. the roadways mostly fine. but out towards the east, take a look at this. the snow band right in here,
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picking up 4 to 6 inches of snow, even parts of anne arundel county, as ha storm system really started to develop just off the coast. there it goes. in came in the cold, breezy if not windy the wind was howling, and now we turn or attention. moving in late tomorrow night, into the day on sunday, it is going to stay cold, too, we not only had a couple chances of though, also into next week. tomorrow partly cloudy, the temperatures 12 to 19. it will be a cold start to your saturday and your weekend. tomorrow afternoon increasing clouds, possible snow well into the afternoon or evening hours. it will be very light. i'm not expecting any accumulation here. temperatures 31 or so. sunday 41, 36 on monday, another chance of light snow. tuesday and then again on wednesday, both days
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temperatures around that 40, 41 degrees market. we the end of the week temperatures 48 on your friday. so we've got a lot of little systems coming in, but that's exactly what they're going to be. i do not expect much accumulation, but once again, any of these could put down a quick dusting like we have seen the past couple weeks. we saw three of them in the past week. >> and all together they equal about, what, 2 inches? >> most areas, yes. when you put it that way. >> all right. doug, thank you. >> a little perspective. it looks a little creepy, but some fake patients are being put to good use. we'll explain, ahead. very creepy. a waitresses is hanned a pink slip for posting a receipt online. why the picture went vile. dan hell yisz returns live. he's catching up with two redskins legend on the anniversary of their super bowl
5:23 pm
victory. these home-schoolers are hopeful this may be the year the general assembly approves a bill.
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a. so where will you be on super bowl sunday? >> big plans. dan already has a jump on us. he caught up with two of the
5:26 pm
most popular redskins of all time. we're talking joe gibbs and doug williams. >> reporter: two of the biggest names, together against here in new orleans for the super bowl, doing charity work for the habitat for humanity. joe fwibs flew in, and then out. he was in town for about three hours. it is the anniversary of the redskins victory in super bowl xxii, 25 years later. doug williams says he appreciates it even more now. >> when i came up, i knew about the robin sons, rudolph, jessie owens, and joe lewiss. after that game, coach robinson told me you don't even understand the impact until you get older. the older i've gotten, the more i appreciate the opportunity to play in that game. >> the amazing thing he almost had a trade worked out before the season to send him to
5:27 pm
oakland. he came to me and he said, look, honestly let's consider this, we started working around the league, had something worked out with the raiders, and i made the mistake of telling him. so then overnight i changed my mind. he comes in the next day. i went, hey, i changed my mind, we're not going to do that. doug, i think that's the only time he ever got mad at me. he walks ticked off. i said, i think you're going to do something special, and we have a conversation that both of us remember. i said, hey, i think eel do something special and i can't do this. after that, from that point on, he was all redskins, not a word about it, never held that against me, and of course the rest is a great story. so that is a story that took place. that was part of that whole year. the way everything worked out. >> reporter: do you believe in
5:28 pm
karma, doug? >> let me tell you something. every day, the spirit much coach, i know what he stands for, and he told me that day, he said -- you know, it was going through one here and out the other one. i said, coach, you can't do that. and he looked at me and turned to me and said, i work for the washington redskins and not the raiders. and then he calmed down and said, you know, i just feel like somewhere along the line you're come to come in and we're going to win this thing. we hugged in the dressing room and he said, i told you, douglas. i never will forget that. >> of course it makes me look good to ride his coattails and the other players. doug is the first to tell you great defense, special teams, we really had -- our whole team, that offense i have been line the way they blocked. >> unbelievable. >> we had a total team put together. i think our guys kind of -- we came back, had a reunion.
5:29 pm
they all felt the same way about it, very emotional. >> reporter: could you imagine that reunion maybe never happening if doug williams traded to the oakland raiders before that season when the redskins won. coming up at 6:00, future hall of famer jonathan ogden. we caught up with him today. >> hellie, thanks a lot. so when do you evacuate? who makes that call? those are questions that are causing you controversy in laurel. even now that the floodwaters are gone. plus the white house comes up with what it calls a compromise tonight on the so-called birth control pan date. the dump truck and the drive-thru, it just didn't fit. it didn't help that the truck was stolen. it didn't help they found a bottle of booze inside. it didn't help that the driver was charged with dui. this just keeping going downhill. i'm pat collinsings the story is
5:30 pm
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the u.s. has a new secretary of state. john kerry sworn in at 4:00 this afternoon, by supreme court justice. he told reporters he is anxious to get to work. one our earlier hillary clinton bid an emotional farewell to the employees she's led for the past four years. let's head outside.
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the weather is blustery and cold. >> it is very cold. we saw at least some sunshine this afternoon. the sun just made its way down the sunset just after 5:30 for the first time in year. from now on, we are after 5:30, so at least that's good news. temperatures 27 degrees by 8:00. looking at a number of 25 and 11. the windchill around 15 tonight, and by tomorrow, actual temperatures will be between 19 and 20 degrees when you step out the front door. many of you in the suburbs will be down 12 to 15 degrees for the actual temperatures, windchills in the single digits all night long. dress warmly. it will be a cold one. >> we'll do it, doug. thank you. a couple drinks, a dump truck and drive-thru restaurant. >> that's a recipe for disaster. tonight a man is paying the price for a series of bad decision. news4's pat collins has the story. >> reporter: this is brian
5:34 pm
magnam's police picture. he's 43 years old. he's in a heap of trouble. they say he stole a dump truck from the hartman construction company, droll it to the mcdonald's in damascus, and crashed it into the drive-thru there. 911. >> the car went through the dry-through and broke the room and he's parked in the front. >> reporter: yesterday he pleads guilty to breaking into his boss's office and stealing that dump truck. >> the moral to the story, pat, is just because you're hungry and are looking for a cheeseburger doesn't mean you should steal a dump truck to get it. >> reporter: and there's more. he's also charged with dui. police say they found a bottle of booze in that stolen truck.
5:35 pm
back now to duralwood and the hartman construction company. hear now from owner don hartman. i told him from the get-go, i would trust him like family until he proved me wrong. >> did he prove you wrong? >> he definitely proved me wrong. >> reporter: got into three accidents. >> yes. >> reporter: now he's in jail. >> i've neff had anybody do this to me in 35 years. >> reporter: he's scheduled to get ten years in this dump truck case, but also facing a probation violation and dui. that could super-size hess sentence here. in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. virginia lawmakers taking steps tonight and i said at making schools safer. the house of delegates is proposes 31 million in new funding. 1.7 million would pay for more school resource officers who are armed guards.
5:36 pm
that's the largest amount ever slated for those officers in the history of the program. the remain 30 million would be spent on infrastructure improvements in schools. both the house and senate will present their full budget plans on sunday. the floodwaters have receded in laurel. there are still questions tonight about why officials waited so long to open the floodgates along the patuxent river. trace yes wilkins got answers today from the washington suburban sanitary commission. >> reporter: today water levels are looking good at the dam, but yet water tess patuxent river reservoir got as high as eight feet above average. >> early thursday morning about 2:00 a.m. that's when looking at the gauges and the levels in theries advisories, we knew there would be issues about having to rerelease more water. laurel city officials decided to order a voluntary evacuation and businesses, as the rushing water
5:37 pm
began to rise, one woman, a camper believed to be homeless, drowned, another man was injured. >> when you have major events, you have to do what you have to do. there was an awful lot of rain. >> reporter: in the misdemeanor st., the mayor said he would follow up with officials to find out why high-water officials were a surprise to them when they knew a storm was coming. >> i have concerns, and, you know, why this wasn't calculated, and planned for ahead of time. >> if we had known there would be 5 or 6 inches of rain, it might have been different. i think we acted appropriately. >> in the end laurel prepared for the worst. luckily the worst did not happen. as far as lessons learned, there's no guarantee. >> i think we did the best with the information we had available. >> reporter: the levels are looking great today, but it was a very different picture and
5:38 pm
story yesterday. coming up at 6:00, we talk with business owners and get their reaction to the last-minute voluntary evacuation. i'm tracee wilkins, notify. one of the busiest stops on the metro system is getting a much-needed upgrade. metro is replacing escalators at the pentagon station. the three are being replaced at the station's south entrance the the north entrance will remain open. the projects begins on monday. it's expected to last through the fall. the current escalators were installed 18iers. the new escalators will be similar to those recently installed at the system's dupont circle station. what a catch. check this out. a 10-year-old in herndon is being hailed for reeling in a big one, and it looks like it is one for the record books. >> why do they use roman numerals to number the super bowls? that's the question. the answer is coming up on "news4 at 5."
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new action after reports that d.c. police may have handled dozens of sexual a15u89 cases. last month the human rights watch klain that they failed to document or investigate more than 170 cases in recent years involving sexual assault. now tommy welsch says he's hired ra private law firm, and the
5:42 pm
police chief has already called for the justice department to review the cases in question. the white house releasing details tonight of a compromise on the so-called birth control man dade. >> it's the rule in the affordable care act that requires insurance companies to cover it at no extra cost. more than 40 lawsuits have been filed challenging that rule. religious groups say forcing them to provide insurance cover birth control violates religious free development. the compromise would let those organizations opt out and let employees get birth control coverage from a third party. the u.s. conference of catholic beneficiary hops and organizations are saying they're rear view the appropriate. doug as the latest. >> it's not just the weekend. all of next week, winter is finally here. right now 28 degrees, the winds still gusting to near 30 miles an hour. i'll show you those windchills
5:43 pm
and when our next best chance for snow is coming up. a server lost her job after posting a receipt online. it's what the customer wrong that's getting the attention. >> the raven has landed closer to redskin country than
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
maryland state lawmakers dressed up in ravens jerseys today to support their team. does it look like there's a few more rachs fans in our area than usual? winning will do that. in some places the teams had a firm foothold. now the team making another trip to the super bowl, fans have something new to crow about.
5:46 pm
derrick ward has our story. >> reporter: the laurel municipal center is about po miles from baltimore, but the raven has himself a nest here in what you might think is redskins country. >> they're getting ready to kick, my sister and i we stand, and we're like this. >> reporter: ray lewis would envy knolls moves. fridays are always special. they try to do a themed potluck. this friday has a tailgating theme. he's backs the birds for a somber reason. >> in honor of my brother who passed away, he's a ravens fan. >> reporter: and guess what, there are 49ers fans here. >> my guys are going to win. >> no, they're not. >> yes, they are. oh, gosh. >> ravens! whoo! >> reporter: in some offices the ravens rule year-round. no way you can gather all this
5:47 pm
paraphernalia in one season. >> laurel is really a melting pot and it's good to see that kind of competition. >> reporter: what's the poor redskin fan to do? >> i'm not threatened. it feels good. this is my team, always will be. >> reporter: here on main street there's no purple flags flying, but something tells me there's a raven spirits, and it could by a lot. electric's check here at the main street sports grill. >> yeah! >> reporter: yeah, there it is. more than a little purple here, geography has something to do with it, but there's another reason. >> they're playing good ball. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. so why do they use roman numerals to number the super bowls? when you close your credit account, does it -- our your credit accounts, does it affect your fico credit score? if you want to count your steps, what's the best pedometer to
5:48 pm
use? liz crenshaw has answers. >> watching around watching the super bowl, or walk around instead of watching the super bowl. the first question is from e-mail. jim asks -- why do they use roman numerals? >> a complicated answer. we did some digs on the history. it started with super boll v, credited to lamar hunt, one of the godfathers of the modern nfl, by using roman numerals, he thought he made the game seem more important. that's it. >> okay. it feels impressive. right. the next question is from bonnie, who wants to -- she has three store credit cards, with zero balances. she'd like to close them out. >> should she close them? we turn directly to fico. the short answer is it probably won't help your credit score, and fico never recommends
5:49 pm
closing an account just to the sole purpose of raising your score. that's because it takes into account something called credit utilization ratio, which looks at your total used credit versus your total available credit. accounts with zero balance help this ratio. however, if you're tempted to charge more than you should just because you have more credit, then closing those cards might be your best bet. all right. and for those of you who like to walk, one viewer is trying to get in shape. she wants to use a pedometer. she wants to know how to consume which one? >> "consumer reports" gave us this answer, it said in february 2012, it tested 16, and found that you don't have to spend much money to get accurate step count results. one of the ten regular pell dom terse, it tested that they all scored well. prices range from $5 for the walmart sportline step and distance to $30 for an omron
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go-smart "coomer reports" got great counts that tested gps watches, and the gps watches also track distance and speed, so they might be better suited for those who want to monitor their progress more closely than the average walker. you don't have to spend a lot of money to count your step. if you have a question, send it to us at, connect with me on twitter, or facebook. they also have appear app. for your iphone for a pedometer. i don't know how accurate it is. >> "consumer reports" didn't do those things, just the ones you actually wear. about 150 students got a dental checkup today as part of the 11th annual give kids a smile day. students here from bruce monroe elementary got free care from students at howard university's college of dentistry. organizers say the event allows them to reach students who can't afford to see a dentist. >> even in this day and age where there's so much going on,
5:51 pm
so much access, some children still suffer from dental disease. because of that, this is as outreach that tries to get to those children. >> this program raises awareness of the important of making sure everyone has access to dental health care. in 2007 a 12-year-old from prince george's county died from a tooth infection that was easily treatable. saturday's groundhog day, but we heard from doug, we have at least a week of winter coming up. >> i'm going to be really anticipating what the groundhog says this year, as i do every year. every year -- normally he's wrong, 60% of the time, but hey it will be okay. i think he will see a shadow. take a look at this. here's a winter picture, ice in new market in frederick county. take a look at that, sent to us by noah. this fence all iced up as a
5:52 pm
result of that pudding in front of the it, and cars going along and splashing it up. temperatures never got above the freezing market. many of us stayed below freezing. right now we're sitting at 28 degrees, winds out of the west-northwest, gusting to near 30, and that puts our windchills way down there. 23 current temperatures, 21 in gaithersburg, but once again, take a look at thinks windchills. currently in the single digits. after gaithersburg, 6, 9 in dulles, 12 towards camp spring. you know it's going to be one cold night tonight. no rain to talk about, no snow to talk about, but over the next couple days, we will see that chance. we have a couple chances for dusting other coating here. most of this will be dry snow, so 34 degrees for your seared, 41 on sunday, 36 on monday, and 41 on tuesday.
5:53 pm
same deon wednesday. notice late flurries on saturday, light snow on tuesday, and on wednesday, and by friday, maybe another chance for light rain or snow. we'll keep you posted right here. let's check out stories trending online. first up, a serve ever at an applebee's lost her job after posting a customer's receipt online. that was from a pastor, who crossed out the 18% automatic gratuity instead she wrote, quote, i give god 10%, why do you get 18? the server was fired after the picture of that receipt went viral. applebee's released a statement today saying all our guests ease personal information, including their check, is private. a 10-year-old from hurricane done is bask in the glory of this record catch. matthews was fishing with his family off the coast of key west
5:54 pm
in november when he noticed a bill pull. thises a marv irgrouper. the verification process took months. he holds the international game fish association's world record by a junior angler. >> that's a lot of sushi. some nurses have an unusual tool to help them care. plus these pitbulls are getting a new lease in life. chopper 4 just flew over a deadly crash in front of a middle school in montgomery county.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
in school nurses learn their trade by working on mannequins. some of them now appear to almost come to life. seth lemon visited george washington university today to see how they're using these human figurines in the classroom. he joins us live from the newsroom. seth? >> there's a trend in nursing education that focuses on holistic patient care. schools are using new technology to provide training going far beyond the traditional textbook. >> they blylevink, they breathe they even respond. at the gw school of nursing in loudoun county, nursing students learn hands-on patient care with these mannequins. >> a little scary at first, like the blink. it's like, did that just blink? you don't expect it. >> reporter: student nurses used
5:58 pm
to have to practice on each other. no one here seems to mind that instead of injecting their classmates with ivs they're now injecting the life-sized life-like mannequins. if they get it wrong the first time, it's a little easier to try again. the challenge is you can't make it mistake. that's not compatible with being a human being. >> we teach the task, but we're teaching it around the whole patient. >> reporter: the professor says the fundamentals are critically important in this new interargumentive environment and gives the professor more state of the art teaching tools. >> you need to interact one on one, in an environment where the faculty can be removed from it, but still react and respond. it teaches them how to have the personal interaction with the patients. >> reporter: removed but still nearby. control rooms in the lab allow professors to observe students through one-way mirrors, speaking up when students need help and controls the mannequin's responses.
5:59 pm
shane says he likes that the new technology takes away some of the guessing. >> you have like the patient responsibilities, you see it, hear it, feel it, instead of trying to imagine how it's going to feel. >> learn around patients who don't mind being used for practice. simulation has been available for health care students for years, but it's the complexity of these mannequins that allow for even better training. get this, they've gotten so good that one of the mannequins can even deliver a baby. in the newsroom, seth lemon, news4. right now at 6:00, get ready for a chance of more snow. >> two young children killed when they couldn't escape a fast-movie fire. >> a jury hands down a sentence for a former police officers. good evening, i'm wendy rieger, doreen is on assignment. >> i'm jim vance. tonight leaders from


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