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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, reactions from neighbors, screams for help as flames engulfed homes. two girls inside trapped, they were killed. a high school sex scandal uncovered, shocking allegations of three student athletes and their ties to a child exploitation ring. >> major security breach on twitter. hear the message that will be coming to hundreds of thousand of users. investigators are sifting through rubble to figure out what started a house fire that killed two young sisters. >> neighbors could hear the cries for help but it was too late. erica gone zaelz reports frzale meyersville, maryland. >> reporter: a fire that moved faster than anything they had ever seen. >> you couldn't see a structure. see flames, structure of a house. >> reporter: mary beth and her son tell me what they heard from the neighbor's highland yard
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last night rocked them to the core. >> she wasn't screaming like -- like word it was just like painful scream. >> reporter: in this home two little girls, 3-year-old sophie and 6-year-old madison trapped inside. >> devastating. and a mother's worst nightmare. >> reporter: a fire consuming every inch of the home. >> are you okay? and she is like, no. i need help! angela lillard made it out with her 7-month-old in her arms. her husband jack helped low ear nother one of their daughters, 8-year-old morgan out a second story window before climbing on the roof to try and save his two girls. >> reporter: now the house behind me is still smoldering over there in a back corner. what you see here people are coming out leaving balloons, baby dolls, flowers here, at the corner of the home. now there have been several different contributions, web
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sites set up to try to help this family. find out how you can help. >> what erica is saying you can find out yourself how you can help victims. we invite you to look us up on, we can direct you from there. tonight family an fried fri pay tribute to an 18-year-old, lee was shot and killed at a bus stop in northwest d.c. last week. the man suspected of doing it is 21-year-old alexander buckley. police say the two met through an iphone an called tagged. buckley was wanted on a felony trespassing warrant at the time of the murder. >> fairfax county high school rocked by scandal. three students arrested and accused of taping teen girls in sex acts and then distributing the video. darcy spencer is in springfield with disturbing details. darcy? >> doreen, very difficult to get
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specific information about this investigation. that's because everyone involved is a juvenile. no names have been released. we don't have charging documents. here's what we know so far. tonight word is spreading through fairfax county about at rest of three teenagers at west springfield high school. charged with being involved in a child porn sex ring, videotaping themselves having sexual encounters with teenage girls without their knowledge and some how distributing videos. police say two of the boys are 16, one is 15. police say they're accused of possession, reproduction, distribution, solicitation of child porn, charged as juveniles. this parent didn't want to show his face on camera. >> i got to ask, where were the parents? why weren't the parents aware of what was going on in these kids' lives? >> fairfax county police say teens were arrested at school january 11th after a school resource officer was alerted about an alleged sex ring
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involving students. the investigation led police to three suspects and six victims who attend various schools. >> very surprised to hear of something like that. that kind of thing doesn't go on, at west springfield high school. >> ashante jones attend west springfield and says allegations are hard to take. >> it is getting around. i believe a lot of people are in shock about it. it's different, at our school. it -- it never happens. >> reporter: i touched base with fairfax county public schools to find out what is the status of the students? are they in school? suspended? he says he cannot comment on disciplinary actions. he also said he sccannot commen on this ongoing investigation. live from springfield, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you, darcy. to weather now, it is really cold out there tonight. doug is talking about a little more snow coming this weekend. how much, doug? >> jim, i don't think a whole
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lot. right now the big story is the cold wind chills. this may be one of the coldest nights we have seen all season long. look at the numbers. 8 in leesburg. 11 inside d.c. metro area. 2 the wind chill in hagerstown. 9 in baltimore. very cold night tonight. going to stay on the cold side through the next couple days but most likely right on through the next week. you mention the chances for snow. we had one little area of storms. come through today. that did bring us a little snow earlier this morning. quick-moving systems. one after another. making their way through the next couple days. show you what it means to you in the forecast. >> thank you, doug. damage from this week's storms will mean a review of emergency weather procedures in laurel. some businesses saw flooding up to 4 feet. the washington suburban sanitary commission should have kidded releasing water from dams sooner. it said it did the best it could with fairly unpredictable storm. >> the police have identified the victim of a deadly crash in
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olney, maryland. 19-year-old earl lee was killed this afternoon after his car, the car in which he was riding veered off the road and hit a tree. it happened off bachelor's forest road in front of a middle school there. the driver and passenger both of them 21 years old suffered minor injuries. a former culpeper, virginia, police officer is back behind bars. a jury convicted daniel wright of manslaughter earlier this week. jurors recommended three years in jail. on the low end of the sentencing guidelines. he shot and killed patricia cook as she sat in her jeep in a parking lot. shoo w she was not armed. the judge will decide to keep the recommendation or lower the sentence. >> the white house is calling it an act ofterror. set of a device at the front gate of the embassy. a bomber and turkish security
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guard were killed. a turkish journalist was injured. turkish prime minister linked the bomber to a leftist militant groove. officials are warning americans to avoid u.s. diplomatic facilities in turkey. >> hackers target twitter and gain access to information on hundred of thousand of users the latest in high profile security breaches. more on this from the news 4 live dex. wendy. >> twitter is a company that lives in the virtual world. twitter called the hackers extremely sophisticated. targeting everyone from the average social network user to some of the nation's largest newspapers. twitter tonight reached out to 250,000 of its users. telling them, change your passwords. the site found out that the hackers have been able to look at these users e-mails their addresses their password, other information that its not public on twitter. and you have got to remember, this comes after "the new york
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times," "the wall street journal," imagine the firewall those two publications have up. and they were infiltrated by hackers. those hackers, were based in china. not clear if these attacks on twitter are related to the attacks on the two giant publications. go become to twitter. 250,000 users. sound lake a lot. you got to remember, twitter has 200 million users, and they were not all affected. just a quarter million of them i you are one of those affected you have heard from twitter. good thing to do, change your password. and this is a remind how persistent these hackers are these days and how sophisticated. protect yourself, practicing something, good password hygiene. that means make your password complicated. change it often. and don't duplicate it on all your various sites. means we have to hire some one just to handle all our password.
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because it is getting that complicated. the guys are persistent. that's what you got to do to protect yourself. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. >> new complaints from drivers on virginia's express lanes on the beltways. some commuters say the toll goes up even when there isn't any traffic on the road. that toll rate is based on congestion. the outfit that operates express lane says the pricing system is still adapting. over the next few months they expect the price to fluctuate less than now. current leap t currently, the average trip is $1.50. could go to $6 during rush hour. more than 700 new vehicles not on the beltway but on the show room floor at the washington convention center. today, marks the beginning of the 2013 washington auto show. all kind of new technology on display down there. even something designed to wake you up if you are falling asleep at the wheel.
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runs through february 10th. tomorrow night, we go inside for a look at some of the coolest cars there. our special airs tomorrow night at 7:00 here on nbc 4. next on news 4, an invisible powder, black light and warning to night. the surprising results of a study that could help you avoid the flu. >> a man on a drunk enjoy ride in a dumptruck. tell you how his craving for fast food got him locked up. >> rescued from a dog fighting
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>> turns out a dumptruck prompted that 911 call. a construction company employee, brian magnum accused of going on a drunken joy ride in october. this week he pleaded guilty to stealing the trick from his boss in maryland. prosecutors say magnum drove tight a mcdonald's in damascus and crashed into the drive through roof. police found a bottle of rum in the truck. a second chance for two dogs rescued from a dog fighting ring in d.c. those degrees are up for adoption at washington human society. emmy is a 3-year-old pit bull mix. investigators believe she was used to breed fighting dogs. the other dog is izzie, 2-year-old shepard mix. officials say both dogs
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responded well to the rehabilitation. but they're still skittish and best for families without small children. >> it is that time of year, germs are everywhere. but how can you protect yourself from the flu or norovirus. we did an experiment using a black light to show you how quickly germs can spread. the results may have you stocking up on hand sanitizer. bacteria and viruses these microscopic germs that make us sick are everywhere. with this year's especially bad flu season, you can run but you can't hide from the germs all around us. >> viruses start from a human. so these come from some one who coughs or sneezes or someone who gets the virus on his or her hand and then touches something. >> so once the germs are present just how easily do we pass them around? news 4 conducted our own unscientific experiment to find out. we want to offices of carfax,
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centerville, virginia, spread around this special powder called glo germ, mostly invisible to the eye, but glows under a black light. we placed powder on high use areas, door knobs, phones, kitchen, computer. and then let employees go to work. after about 20 minutes we took out the black light for a look. the powder like a virus had spread on to nearly everyone's hands and faces. >> i had a lot more than i expected to have. it's pretty gross. >> you start to realize how easily you know it ge gets passed from person to person object to object. >> once you touch another surface, the virus can stay there for hours or days, so that surfaces are a great way to transmit viruses from person to person. >> dr. henry masure a disease specialist at national institutes of health. he says temperature, humidity and moisture all play a role in a virus's survival.
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porous things like wood or paper can help a virus live longer. metal isn't as hospitable. none matters when it comes to high use and hard to clean surfaces like door knobs, phones, and computers. >> you are in an environment where surfaces are touched many times you have lots of chances to be infected. >> all that can make your office a virtual dish for flu and norovirus. >> wash my hands more and careful what i touch. >> can't stop yourself from touching things at work and in public places. that should be a good reminder to wash your hand more often than you already are. try to avoid touching your face, if you are sick, stay home. >> good advice. >> yeah, installing a chromokey in nigh houmy house. >> never get sick again. >> you have those two kids at home. >> petri dishes.
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>> so many of the poud ewder on them. they were covered. >> all the cold weather keeps us indoors a lot more. >> this is not just cold. this is bitter cold we are dealing with. i think some of this, the coldest air we have seen this season. when you walk outside tonight you know exactly what i am talking about. of course dealing with the cold night on a friday night when many are out to dinner earlier. take a look at the numbers. high temperatures today up to 36 degrees at the airport. low of 28. but did not feel nearly as warm, as 36. that's on the cold side. this normorning we did see a tr of snow at the airport. locally. anne arundel and prince george's county. montgomery, howard. over an inch of snow earlier this morning. right now, temperature, 22 degrees. that's cold. when you add in wind of 10 miles an hour. you get a wind chill of 11. and many of you are sitting with wind chills in the single digits. good news here is wind is going
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to begin to subside. as the wind subsides the temperatures will continue to fall. 18 right now, current temperature in gaithersburg. 7, the wind chill. 18 martinsburg. 19, leesburg. 21 in culpeper. the warm spot. 25 degrees. over there towards cambridge. still seeing a little bit of wind there too. this morning, this is what we woke up to. this only happened. snow only happened between say, 4:00 and 8:00 a.m. then out of here. the four hours of snow brought us snow right around rush hour. did see a few problems with the morning rush. no real big problems. biggest area of snow. picking up 4 to 6 inches. the storm develops. missed out on some accumulating snowfall. cold and breezy. what we are dealing with outside tonight. going to continue on the cold side. the wind will let up during the day tomorrow. it still is going to be cold. won't feel quite as cold. then we are going to watch, couple areas of low pressure. these are alberta clippers. originate in alberta canada.
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come right on down. plenty of cold air with them. do provide us with some snow. i think a little in the way of snow. overnight tomorrow night. into the day sunday. some locations could pick up a dusting. maybe an inch. once again. very quick moving system. very similar to the system we saw out there this morning. i don't think it will cause too many problems. partly cloudy, cold. tomorrow morning. look at the lows. 12, 19 degrees. tomorrow afternoon. 31 to 35. possible snow late in the day. again, very, very light snow. it makes its way out. another chance of light snow sunday. high of 41. 36 monday. light snow, tuesday. wednesday. this one could be accumulated more. still not a big storm. watch out for a storm friday. that looks warm enough to see rain/snow mix there. once again. biggest deal here is the cold. high tomorrow of only 34 degrees. get out the coats. you will not have to get out the sled.
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notice anything about the snow over the past week or two. you can literally blow them off your car. not a problem. >> thank you, doug. >> sports coming up, down in new orleans, dan will tel
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very busy day. but the headliners had to be the harbaugh brothers. jim and john harbaugh. neither one looking too far ahead. >> i have given no kid raeconsin to post game handshake or bear hug, not thought about it, jerry. have you, jim? >> i have not. >> from the harbaugh brothers joint press conference to see joe gibbs and doug williams help build a house for cab that for humanity. coach gibbs and super bowl mvp in ton to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that big win. >> after the game, coach robinson told me at that particular time. you don't understand the impact until you get older. the older i have gotten the mosh i appreciate having the opportunity to play in that football game, 25 years ago. >> we had a -- real friendship even though you are the coach. he is the player. i just appreciate what kind of person he was. what kind of player he was.
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makes me feel good to ride his coat tails and players. >> then to the golf course to catch up with jonathan ogden who find out tomorrow if he is a first ballot hall of famer. >> a long way from the national cathedral. from the shadow of there to canton, ohio, potentially. but, you know, saint albans, i grew up there. that is home. hopefully people in d.c. will share this with me. that's where i got my start in the game. >> jonathan ogden find out tomorrow if he is in the hall of fame class, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. to the capitals, yes they get it done against the fliers. thank goodness, two points. and a win. nearly doubling their point total for the season. and look on the ice tonight. a very familiar face. not playing for the philadelphia fliers. second period. fliers turn the puck over.
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neutral zone. nick bakstrom on the break away. ties it up at 1. first goal, and they're rocking the red in the verizon center. best frame of the night. wrister. breaks the tie. washington up for good. his third goal of the season. capitals with their second win of the year. 3-2 the final. on the hardwood. the wizards, visiting the grislies tryigrisly grizzlies. second quarter. wiz up by one. nene. 14 points. going to the locker room feeling good. a one-point lead. move ahead fourth quarter. grizzlies up by four. conley in the lane. get the finger roll to go. game high, 18. the wizard lose their third straight. 85-76 is the final. did leave with a minor injury. came back two minutes later.
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hopefully wizard get it rolling again. rolling for the next couple days in new orleans. super bowl sunday right around the corner.
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10-year-old boy from herndon, our knew hero. he was fishing with his family off the coast of key west, florida in november. got a big pull on his rod. ten minutes later he pulled in this massive grouper weighing
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more than 23 pounds. the verification took months now it is confirmed, matthew hold the international game fish association's world record for the biggest catch of the species by a junior angler. you go, matthew. >> international record at 10 years old. >> the man up in here.
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