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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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are you still in bed? well that, warm bed is a great place to be right now. we have very cold temps we're waking up to, plus a chance for more snow this weekend. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. this is news 4 today. it is saturday, february 2nd, 2013. a big day on the calendar when it comes to forecasting. >> that's right. a huge crowd here in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. first, we want to get to today's temps here in the d.c. region.
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here's storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell with more. >> hey, richard and angie. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. welcome to your weekend. if you've been in town for a while, you know our pattern has really changed and we've been cold now for most of the last couple weeks with the exception of two days earlier this week. right now, only 19 degrees in washington. temperatures midteens to the north and west to near 20 towards culpepper. not much of a wind out there. windchills aren't too intolerable. when the temperatures are this cold, you need to bundle up for sure. snowflakes inbound for later on today. we'll talk about that coming up. we are following breaking news right now. an accident vovg multiple vehicles is slowing traffic down at eastbound i-66 at gallows road. you're looking at a live picture there. some traffic is getting by, but there's an investigation under way right now. we're gathering details about
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this incident. we'll report them to you as soon as we have new information available. new this morning, an act of retaliation. an attack occurred on the military base in pakistan. it happened early this morning in the tribal region of south waziristan. the taliban says the attack was revenge for u.s. drone strikes that killed two of their leaders. 12 militants also died in that assault. it follows a bombing at a moscow earlier in the day. 24 were killed in that blast. also new this morning, north korea is threatening the united states. the country is promising to retaliate against the u.s. for having so-called double standards after south korea launched a rocket this week. washington condemned north korea's rocket launch in december but not south korea's. north korea has not said how it will retaliate. u.s. diplomats claim north korea
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used their test on banned missile technology. right now, vice president joe biden is speaking at a security conference in munich, germany. he said the u.s. is prepared to hold talks with iran if they're serious. it is a busy day for biden, who's also expected to meet with opposition leaders in syria. it will be the highest level meeting the u.s. has had on the syrian conflict since it began two years ago. today marks one year since a transgender woman was stabbed to death in northeast d.c. mayor vincent gray will speak later today at a vigil. jones was waiting for a bus when police say 55-year-old gary montgomery attacked her. investigators believe montgomery stabb ebed jones in the face. she later died from her
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injuries. montgomery was charged with second-degree murder. a maryland community is rallying behind a family devastated by a house fire that killed two young girls. 3-year-old sophie and 6-year-old ma madigan died of smoke inhalation. four other members of the family survived. neighbors say they heard the screams as the flames destroyed the home and trapped the two sisters inside. >> she wasn't screaming like words. it was just a painful scream. >> absolutely devastated. a mother's worst nightmare. i just knelt down right there and prayed and said, god, have somebody get those kids out of there. unfortunately, that didn't happen. >> jack lillard was taken to the hospital. the other three were treated and released. the community has set up numerous fundraisers and clothing drives for the family. to find out how you can help, visit taking metro could take a
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little extra time this morning. six stations are closed. right now, buses are replacing six stations on the orange line and blue line. there's also single tracking on the red and orange lines. tomorrow night only on the green and yellow lines. in about an hour, or less than an hour, we should know whether we'll have an early spring. punxsutawney phil will emerge from his stump in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, just after 7:00 this morning. you're looking at live pictures now. early entertainment and snowflakes accompanying them. we're hearing single-digit temps. thousands started gathering hours ago. we dipped into the single digits overnight. the legend has it that if phil sees his shadow, it means six
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more weeks of winter. if not, we should have an early spring. the last time he didn't see his shadow it was 2011. and punxsutawney fill has plenty of company. in fact, a close relative lives here in d.c. potomac phil lives here in d.c. it wouldn't be washington if he didn't give us political insight, right? he'll emerge at 8:00 this morning at the fountain in dupont circle. not sure if we'll see huge crowds for that. i know last year a lot of people turned out and had an opportunity to take a picture with -- i don't know, is it a rodent? >> i guess so. the weather has been so strange this year. let's see if a ground hog can set things straight for us. time right now is 6:06. this morning, a consumer alert. the company recalling bunk beds. and why police say it could be days r even weeks before a man in alabama releases a young boy he's holding hostage. plus, a special trip to the
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gulf coast today for maryland state leaders outside of super bowl celebrations. and who are you rooting for in tomorrow's big game? hit
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a recall this morning of some bunk beds after the maker says a child could get trapped or even strangled. the world imports bunk beds are being recalled because the metal rails are too far apart. the beds were sold in various stores between august of 2009 and february of 2012 in twin over twin and twin over futon models. the company is offering a free repair kit through its website. are you on twitter? you might want to reset your password after hackers gained access to a quarter million of the site's users. twitter says it shut down one attack moments after it was detect the but hackers launched another attack and may have gotten users' names e, e-mails, and pass words for around 250,000 users. twitter sent users an e-mail telling them they have to create a new password. ten minutes after 6:00. coming up, see why some kids in bethesda may be a bit wired later this weekend.
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and why hosting the super bowl is a bit different for the big easy this year. over to chuck. and we've got another chance for some snowflakes coming our way into the weekend. i wouldn't plan on picking out names for the snowman just yet. we'll talk about your weekend forecast coming up.
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nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. this morning, word from police this could go on for some time. this is a tense hostage situation in alabama where a man is holed up in a bunker with a 5-year-old boy continue jimmy l shot and killed a school bus driver tuesday afternoon and grabbed the boy and took off. police believe the bunker they're in has electricity, food, and even television, meaning the siege may not end any time soon. neighbors have been holding prayer vigils for the boy all week. president obama will visit annapolis next week. he plans to address senate democrats during a two-day retreat. the white house is not releasing
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any details on what the president will discuss, but the retreats are often used to craft strategy and messaging for the party for the coming year. governor martin o'malley will also host the senators for dinner at his home. the mayor of los angeles is putting to rest rumors this morning he will be the president's next transportation secretary. he says he is humbled by the speculation but is firmly committed to finishing out his second term as mayor, which ends on june 30th. he has pushed for increased rail service during his time as mayor and has served as chairman of last year's democratic national convention. current transportation secretary ray lahood announced last week he is stepping down. today, some of the biggest names are making their way to the big easy. former baltimore mayor and now governor martin o'malley will join the current mayor stephanie rawlings blake at the super bowl. they plan to celebrate 160 years
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of close ties thanks to a man named john mcdonough. it is super bowl eve, and new orleans is buzzing with excitement. it's the tenth time the city has hosted the nfl's championship game, but it's the first time since hurricane katrina hit. with mardi gras, they're looking to show the world they're back and better than ever. nbc's jay gray has more from the big easy. >> reporter: super bowl weekend -- >> go ravens! >> go niners! >> reporter: in the middle of mardi gras -- >> it's a constant party. >> reporter: in the only town that could handle hosting both. >> you see the sports part. you see the bourbon street and mardi gras. it brings it all together. >> reporter: a difficult task in a city battered by hurricane katrina and stained by the bp
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oil spill but inwilling to break. >> we are proud here. >> reporter: legendary quarterback and a favorite son of the city, archie manning, says the big game and big easy is a tribute to dedication and sacrifice here. >> it's been a great story of the recovery. with a lot of help from the whole nation. >> reporter: a nation that is now joining in the celebration. >> this is fantastic. i've never been. you couldn't ask for a better town, better people. it's been amazing. >> reporter: amazing. the same word many fans are using to describe the host city. jay grey, nbc news, new orleans. kids at one local school will get to stay up and watch the whole game without worrying about it being a school night. and that is a first grader making a shot that won the entire school the day off on
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monday. the headmaster at the school in bethesda made a deal that if one of the few selected kids could make that shot, they'd get to stay home on monday. a seventh and eighth grader both tried and missed. the first grader nailed it. >> wow. i wish we had that here. >> and you can see the scouts calling him now. >> you were a little basketball star. >> i was. >> we put you up there. >> i was a three-point shooter. i was a little guard. >> that's all right. wherever you can make it from. we'll let you take the shot. >> all right. so whetherwise, nice to have you back this weekend. you know, we could see more snow. i was afraid you were going to miss it last week. >> if you blinked, you missed it. that's how it goes. we actually had snow at the beach last weekend as well. even on my vacation snow lovers like myself got to see a little something. this winter we're not measuring snow by the inches. we're measuring it by the clippers. just a little dusting here and a little dusting there. that pattern looks to continue. so snow lovers like myself take
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heart. i know it isn't going to be a lot of snow, but at least it's something to remind us that it's wintertime outside. man, if you don't think it feels like winter yor, you may be fro really cold place. it is 19 degrees in washington first thing this morning. clouds are going to be on the increase today. any sunshine you'll see this weekend will be stacked up in the early part of your saturday. by later this afternoon, clouds are back and snow chances are back. current temperatures now. we are in the cold teens and low 20s pretty much area wide. 21 now in culpepper. that's one of the warm spots. 19 down in st. mary's county. 14 degrees across much of the blue ridge. here's your saturday start. temperatures only inching their way up to about 20 degrees by 8:00 this morning. mid-20s by 10:00. only in the upper 20s to maybe near 30 degrees by noontime today. your hometown forecast, what is your afternoon looking like in college park, maryland? by 3:30 today, yes, indeed, a
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chance for more light snow. most of the area seeing our snow chances from around 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon through about 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. don't expect a lot of snow. conversational snowflakes. temperatures back down into the upper 20s and low 30s. by midnight time frame, the snow coming to an end. there's another clipper racing in on the heels of this one. this is the first one that's coming in during the afternoon and evening time frame for today. feeling like oh, so winter. winter-like all weekend. temperatures struggling to get above the freezing mark for highs today before the clouds come right back in. our computer model shows that most of the snow stays out to the west of the mountains. i do think that there's just enough moisture with this system to have at least a chance for a snowflake. enough to put a coting on the ground late afternoon and this evening. that one pulls out today. there's another clipper racing our way for tomorrow. the computer tends to think that most if not all of the snow stays west of the blue ridge mountains. i think just enough of that
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moisture will get over the mountains today and tomorrow to bring us a chance of a coating of snow. it's just one rapid fire system after another in the pattern we're stuck in. unfortunately, these are coming from canada and don't have the kind of moisture we need to end up with a lot of snow. today, clouds coming back. light snow likely but generally less than an inch. temperatures today only in the low 30s. tomorrow, much the same. cloudy skies, temperatures a little warmer tomorrow, but still not much of a warmup in the seven-day forecast here. there you go. 34 today. only near 40 tomorrow. any snow we do get isn't really going to stick very long. a little break in the action on monday. another clipper zips our way tuesday into wednesday. another one by the end of next week, but by then i think we'll be warm enough that will mostly be rain drops. at least we get to see snowflakes. for those of us that would like to see something,ing we'll take it. we want to update you on breaking news on i-66.
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a multiple vehicle accident on the east side is now cleared. these are live pictures. police have not said yet if anyone was hurt, but traffic was stalled for a while. about an hour. now all clear. time right now, 6:21. the big venture. big-name celebrities and big gamble that netflix is now taking on. plus, why experts say you may be better off filing your
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. it appears broadcasting cable tv has some new competition, but it's not a new channel they're up against, it's a website. nbc's mark barger explains how netflix changes how we could watch television. >> reporter: not content with handling other's movies is and tv shows, netflix is making its own, starting with a political drama "house of cards." >> we're a swing for the fences company. we want to do great things. >> reporter: the netflix ceo reed hastings said they took
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their inspiration from hbo, hoping a move to original content will grow its audience. the company's investing $100 million for 26 episodes of "house of cards," luring the likes of two-time oscar winner kevin spacey. >> if they're going to compete, they're going to have to eventually start doing original content. >> we're not nominating ing you secretary of state. >> reporter: spacey plays a devious congressman in the show. the show's entire first season of 13 episodes is being released simultaneously. >> you wonder whether people want a more staggered season, or if they want to consume everything all in one go. we'll find that out for sure. >> reporter: that's because netflix will do the same thing later this year with another show they're bankrolling. >> let's all say hello. >> reporter: brand new episodes of the cult comedy "arrested
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development." it's an effort to beat online rivals such as amazon and hulu to the punch. >> it's their hope to make them competitive with cable broadcasters and providers like hbo, showtime, and fx. >> reporter: whether "house of cards" provides a firm foundation will be up to consumers. mark barger, nbc news. drivers are doing double takes at gas stations. coming up in our next half hour, we're going to look at how much gas prices are going up in our region. and the d.c. native expecting a huge honor down in new orleans today. plus, snow moving in, but when will we see it and just how much? chuck bell is back with your forecast next. [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan.
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>> and i'm angie goff. it is saturday, february 2nd, 2013. it is groundhog day and here is a life love look at punxsuta pennsylvania. crowds are braving the chilly temperatures there. >> in less than an hour, punxsutawney phil will emerge. if he sees that shadow, it is six more weeks of winter. if he does not, we could see an early spring. >> he's got fireworks and everything. chuck bell has emerged this morning. let's check in with him to get a check on our forecast. >> good morning, you guys. i've crawled out of my bunker just long enough to come to work on your saturday morning. very cold start here, and groundhogs in and around our area this morning are likely going to be seeing their shadow because i think we're going to get a little break or two of sun early this morning. not much going on around the city as of the 6:00 a.m. hour. temperatures still 19 degrees. luckily there's not much of a wind out there. windchills aren't a problem.
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with air temperatures in the mid to upper teens, it is a bundle up factor indeed. not much showing up on radar for now, but there are more light snow chances coming our way. the next clipper is later this afternoon. temperatures today will struggle to get barely above the freezing mark. snow flurries and snow showers possible starting early this afternoon. we'll talk more about your weekend planner coming up in a few. now to a developing story this morning. the state department is warning americans to stay away from u.s. diplomatic facilities in turkey after a deadly bombing outside a u.s. embassy. a suicide bomber detonated a device at the front gate of the embassy yesterday. the blast killed the bomber and a turkish security guard. a journalist was also hurt. the white house is calling the attack an act of terror. the pakistani girl who survived an attack from the taliban has been nominated for the nobel peace price. the 15-year-old was nominated
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for pushing for girls' rights to have an education. after criticizing the taliban last october, a gunman attacked her, shooting her three times, including once in the head. she survived the attack and is facing one more surgery to place a titanium plate over the hole left in her skull. if she won, she would be the youngest peace prize recipient in the history of the award. in the day ahead now, family and friends will say their final good-byes to a teen murdered at a d.c. bus stop. a funeral will be held for the 18-year-old in silver spring around noon today. last night loved ones gathered for her memorial service. she was gunned down at meeting her accused killer i 21-year-old alexander buckley, through an iphone app called tagged. buckley was already wanted on a felony trespassing warrant at the time of the murder. police have identified the teen killed in a crash in maryland. 19-year-old earl lee was killed yesterday after the car he was riding in veerd off the road and
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struck a tree. the crash happened right in front of a middle school. the driver and another passenger, both 21, suffered minor injuries. a fairfax county community is still in shock as three west springfield high school students face child pornography charges. the students are accused of taping themselves having sex with at least half a dozen girls without their knowledge then distributing that video. police arrested the teens last month after school officials found out about a child porn sex ring. one parent who didn't want to identify himself is outraged by the scandal. >> where were the parents? why weren't the parents aware of what was going on in these kids' lives? am i apalled? yes. the parents need to be ashamed. >> the three students, two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old, are all being charged as juveniles. an effort to establish more charter schools in virginia seems to have fallen through. governor bob mcdonald's proposed
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constitutional amendment that would have given the state more money for charter schools died in a bipartisan house committee yesterday. the committee voted it down 9-12 over concerns that cities and counties would have to foot the bill. meantime, lawmakers in the commonwealth will decide monday whether to crackdown on texting while driving. a senate committee will decide whether to increase the fine from $20 to $250 and make it a primary offense, meaning police can stop a driver solely for texting. right now police can only issue a ticket if you are pulled over for another offense like speeding. another bill proposes making it a reckless driving offense, which could result in a year in jail. if you thought gas prices were supposed to be cheaper during the winter, don't look at your local gas station. the national average is $3.49 this morning, up 7 cents in two days and 15 cents in a week. a gallon of regular in the district is $3.64. that's up 2 cents overnight. maryland is seeing a 4 cent spike from yesterday up to $3.50.
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virginia's the cheapest spot at $3.37. west virginia drivers are paying an average of $3.62 a gallon. if you're looking to replace your gas guzzler, the washington auto show might be the perfect place to find some new wheels. you'll find everything from a luxury showcase to some old hot rods and some new technology. you can see it all now through february 10th. you can get a sneak peek before you go with our inside the washington auto show special. veronica johnson and zachary look at the coolest cars on the floo r. it starts this morning right after news 4 at 10:00. you can catch it again at 7:00 tonight. tomorrow, ray lewis could get the perfect sendoff with the super bourl win in his final game. today, a former raven could receive a big honor of his own. we caught up with jonathan og again, who finds out today if he makes the pro football hall of
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fame. >> reporter: what an unbelievable ride it's been for jonathan ogden. from playing high school football in washington, d.c. to an all-american career at ucla, and now to a career with the ravens where he won a super bowl, went to 11 pro bowls and will find out later today that he's probably going to be a first-ballot hall of famer. we got a chance to catch up with jonathan on the golf course, and he reflected on what this moment's going to be like. >> met a lot of the guys over the last five years doing golf outings like this one. a lot of really nice guys. they're all like, good luck to you, we want you in our club. these are guys, you know -- just guys who you watched growing up. you're like, wow, i'm going to be potentially immortalized just like these guys. i'll be gone, but my vest will still be there. >> reporter: to have it happen with the ravens in the super bowl, talk about another cherry
6:38 am
on top. >> i mean, really, here in new orleans, one of the best super bowl cities around, with the ravens in the game, ray lewis' last game. we came in together in '96. if i can get in there and go out for the coin toss, stand there with ray, that would be -- hollywood endings, they don't write these scripts in hollywood. it would be really, really cool. >> reporter: to be that kid coming out of d.c., not exactly a football factory. i know you've always been apros that's coming a long way. >> it is. you know, i grew up there. that's home. hopefully the people back in d.c. will share this with me. that's where i got my start in this game. >> reporter: we'll find out at 5:30 this afternoon if jonathan is in the 2013 hall of fame class. it would be surprising if he wasn't. of course, super bowl xlvii coming up on sunday. we'll have a lot more for you coming up tomorrow. guys.
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>> thanks, dan. so great do see a local guy do so good. >> yeah, good luck to him. 6:38 right now. the new 495 express lanes, are they worth paying the price to make the trip? >> and why some drivers are saying not so much. plus, how a virginia researcher is helping to improve helmets. plus, how police tracked down a convicted killer mistakenly released from prison.
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as tax season starts, a federal judge repealed to enforce new regulation on tax preparers. the irs wanted to have tax preparers pass a competency plan. the irs wanted the regulations to take effect while they appealed the decision, but the judge denied that request. the irs says the rules are needed to address an increase of what it calls poorly filed returns. and the earlier you file, by the way, the better. tax services say if you wait to file your taxes, there's a chance you could become a victim of identity theft. if that happens, it could mean big problems for you come refund
6:43 am
time. >> they'll get ahold of their social security numbers. they can get ahold of their social security numbers for their dependents, their children they claim on their tax return. that can cause massive delays in them getting the refund. >> tax companies say fraud stst are already working to steal identities. some drivers in virginia are complaining about the price of driving on the new 495 expressway. many say the toll goes up even when there aren't any traffic issues in those lanes. transurban, which operates the lanes, says the pricing system is still adapting and drivers should expect less flux shactua in the coming months. the average trip costs about $1.50 but can go as high as $6 during the rush. new this morning, people in chicago are breathing a sigh of relief after a convicted murderer who was released by accident finds himself back in police custody. steven robins is serving a
6:44 am
60-year sentence in the indiana state penitentiary for murder. wednesday night robins was mistakenly released after a court appearance in chicago. police found him last night at a home about 60 miles south of chicago, reportedly after numerous tips from the public and interviews with friends and family. he was rearrested without incident. the search is on for a woman who was caught on camera pulling a brazen scam. she walked into a michigan car dealership earlier this week and drove off with a luxury suv without paying a penny. here's more on how she got the sales people to just hand over the keys. >> reporter: at west financial auto, there's absolutely no test drives unless three pieces of i.d. are shown up front. it was busy here tuesday night, and the owner says the woman was going from one salesperson to another trying to distract them. and it worked. >> the sales guy, he also handed her a key thinking i already took her license from her and her other i.d.s.
6:45 am
>> reporter: the problem is, she left nothing behind and was out the door riding in a stolen luxury suv. >> i don't know what they're doing with these vehicles, if they're tagging them, selling them, chopping them for parts. whatever it is, it's hurting us. >> reporter: police are investigating. authorities haven't put out a reward for information leading to an arrest, but he is. >> i will put a $3,000 cash reward if somebody you would who turn this lady in or find the truck for us. stuff like this that happens, it ruins it for everybody. it's crazy. >> this is the second time in two weeks someone has stolen a car from an independent dealership in the detroit area. staten island residents are working to rebuild a tent used to help victims of superstorm sandy. heavy winds destroyed the tent earlier this week. volunteers use the tent to distribute food and keep people warm. around 80 or 90 families were turned away after it was destroyed. while people work to rebuild that tent, new york city police have placed an officer there to prevent looting.
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the city of laurel is facing criticism for its handling of this week's storms. area businesses say they suffered as much as four feet of flooding. business owners say wssc should have released water from nearby dams sooner to help slow down the flooding. wssc says the storm was unpredictable and they did the best they could considering the circumstances. laurel officials say they will review the city's emergency weather procedures to improve things in the future. as the nfl prepares to celebrate the apex of the season, commissioner roger goodell is already looking ahead. he gave his state of the league address yesterday and focused heavily on the head injuries and heavy hitting that have drawn so many headlines this year. >> what we are doing is leading the way to try to make sure people understand that you need to treat these injuries seriously. and that we can make our game safer, as we have done. and i believe the changes we are making to our game will make football better. it will make it safer. and it will make other sports
6:47 am
safer. >> goodell also said that he expects testing for human growth hormone to be in place by the start of next season. just to go back to something he touched on, researching head injuries has become a major focus for virginia tech as well. they aren't just focusing on football. >> their helmet research lab is expanding to include contact sports in hopes of making things safer for all athletes. >> reporter: a crash test dummy gets the equivalent of a swift punch in the head. it's a new tool for virginia tech engineers to help predict the risk of concussions and determine the safest sports head gear to help prevent them. >> every head impact in football and any sport has two components. a l you have to have both linear and rotational. >> reporter: this professor will use the machine as he expands his study and gives star ratings to helmets in hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and softball. >> one of the new things we're going to be able to do is look at the relative comparison
6:48 am
between different sports. up to this point we've only done football. >> reporter: this machine will be used to test baseball and softball helmets. as you can see, it's not quite ready to show an action. the results of that study will be released in 2016. he says concussions are highest in the sport among catchers, but he says he'd rather have his kid on the diamond than the gridiron. >> any sport you play, you're going to have risk of head injury. you have to minimize that risk. for me, i don't allow my 9-year-old son to play football, but he can also get an injury riding a bike. >> reporter: over the next few months, he plans to release the newest ratings for football helmets as well as youth football data. >> researchers say they have found that some of the hard aes hits come during practice, so coachesing help reduce injury by toning down those workouts. and we are just about 30 minutes away before he emerges. >> oh, boy. we're talking, of course, about punxsutawney phil. it is groundhog day. everyone wants to know how much
6:49 am
winter is left. we'll find out about 7:20 or so. >> 7:20 or so. we have to bring you more live pictures coming up. in fact, we're going to go ahead and do that now. you can see they're having a grand old time. this is out at gobbler's knob. people started lining up in below freezing temperatures. they have a packed house out there. they've had a whole bunch of entertainment. as we mentioned, 7:20 is when he'll emerge and let us know whether or not -- >> there's been a lot of activity there. what you're seeing there is a demonstration of someone performing cpr on a mannequin. it's getting pretty crazy. they're facing below freezing temperatures. that can get to your head. >> it's a long, cold, lonely winter in pennsylvania sometimes. that's all they've got to do, i guess. try and breathe a little life back into the mannequin. i don't think punxsutawney phil is going to see his shadow. we have a full deck of cloud cover over pennsylvania this morning. that being said, that groundhog, he's been known to see his shadow even when i'm convinced he would not have been able to see it.
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i personally, since we missed the first six weeks of winter, i think we should have an extra six weeks of winter just because. outside early this morning, oh, is it old outside. feels like winter, even looks like winter this morning. early morning sunlight starting to come up in our eastern sky. there's the west capitol building there. a beautiful mirror calm finish on the potomac this morning. barely a breeze blowing out there. 19 degrees under a mostly clear sky with a calm wind. here's the reason it's really feeling so cold. dew point temperatures down near zero. that's the extremely dry air. 50% outdoor relative humidity. your indoor relative humidity is below 10%. so your skin is going to feel all dry and crackly here for the next couple days. temperatures, only 14 now in hagerstown. 14 in leesburg, virginia. your starter graphic for today, temperatures hovering in the upper teens and low 20s through about 8:00 this morning.
6:51 am
a slow warmup, but as the temperatures start to go up, clouds will be on the increase. by noontime into the early afternoon today, skies will becoming mostly cloudy. there will be a chance of seeing a few snowflakes today. college park, maryland, your hometown forecast calls for a chance of seeing the snowflakes by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. not much coming down on radar right now. as you can tell, the bulk of the action is way back on the other side of the mountains for now. a very wintry weekend around here. it's going to look and feel like winter. a little sunshine to get your weekend started. clouds coming right back in this afternoon. again, the computer models don't tend to show very much in the way of snow east of the mountains. i do think that there will be at least a chance to get a coating, much like we had yesterday morning. once that little clipper moves away, another clipper runs right in behind it, comes through here during the course of the day
6:52 am
tomorrow, bringing yet another chance of possibly up to a half an inch of snow. again, it's just the pattern that we're stuck in. these alberta clippers are just going to keep running over us one after another after another. each one could bring a quarter to a half to maybe an inch of snow. that's going to be just about it. you do not need a plow for this. what you need is a broom. this will be sweepable snow. for today, clouds returning. light snow likely this afternoon into this evening. generally less than an inch. you folks out west of i-81 might get a little more snow than that. temperatures today will stay in the low 30s. for tomorrow, again, another little chance of snow. i do think that tomorrow's chance will be over with by about lunchtime. we may get a little sunshine back. a little sun to start your weekend. a little sun to finish your weekend. here's your all-important seven-day forecast. 34 today. 60% chance of the light snow. only a 40% chance of seeing a little light snow tomorrow. then again, the sun is back late tomorrow afternoon.
6:53 am
a little break in the action for monday before yet another little clipper comes our way tuesday and into wednesday. and another one after that coming in friday, saturday of next week. you'll notice on the trend for the seven-day forecast, a little warming trend. a little colder than average for now. a little milder than average by the time we get to thursday, friday. mostly going to be rain chances. >> you've been doing this a long time, chuck. just want your prediction. what do you think phil is going to do? >> i say phil sees his shadow, even though i don't know how. >> now we're predicting the predictor. >> that's correct. >> we're taking a look at live pictures back out this way in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. look at that crowd. it's huge. they had groundhog style. they did a "gangnam style." >> they live for this day. >> really, really a lot of fun. we're about 27 minutes away from finding out what our fate is. >> the suspense is building.
6:54 am
>> the groundhog in atlanta said six more weeks of winter. >> we'll be watching phil's every move. it's just seven minutes away from the 7:00 hour. next, how three teenagers pulled off something very rare for american high scho we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken.
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that i put on my children's plate.
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that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." tonight the wizards have a date with the san antonio spurs after falling to the grizzlies. >> and the cavs are looking forward to their own super bowl sunday against the penguins. it's all in your morning sports minute. all right. hey, everybody. here with your saturday sports minute. ready, set, go. beep. start with some capital improvements on the ice. caps hosting the flyers. most knuble now a broad street bully. good to see him back on the verizon ice, but better to see this. backstrom on the breakaway. he ties it up at 1-1 with his first goal of the season. third period, troy brouwer gets
6:58 am
his turn. breaks the tie with this wrister. caps win is 3-2. to the hardwood. the wizards trying to snap a two-game skid, visiting the grizzlies. bright spot had to be nene. he led the team with 14 points. he was the only wizards player who scored in double digits. but memphis and mike conley proved to be too much down the stretch. conley with the game high 18 points as the wizards lose their third straight. and down in new orleans, the super bowl, otherwise known as the harbowl. at times, the press conference was more like a spelling bee. >> philosophical commonalities. i'd be hard pressed to spell philosophical right now. >> i know he couldn't spell commonality at this point. >> and that's your sports in a minute. hope your saturday is a good
6:59 am
one. this morning, a 10-year-old boy from our area is officially in the record books. back in november, matthew and his family were fishing off the coast of key west. he caught this. the grouper weighs more than 23 pounds and took more than two months to verify, but this morning it is confirmed matthew now holds the world record for biggest catch by a junior angler by the international game fish association. getting a perfect score on the s.a.t.s is extremely rare, but three student studes from te high school getting perfect score, that's almost unheard of. the students go to upper dublin high school. they all scored perfect on the exams. they all said they prepared for more than a year. only about one in every 5,000 students receives a perfect score each year. >> that's amazing. that's going to do it for this edition of


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