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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight staffing changes for the prince george's fire department leaving more stations to rely on volunteers. and new details from turkey about the bombing at an american embassy. a group now claiming responsibility for that attack. good evening, everyone. we begin with the weather, not nearly as windy today but still real yes cold out there, and, yes, snow is falling outside. so let's go right to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. chuck, we've had flurries all afternoon.
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things are starting to pick up out there. look at that. any of this going to stick? >> absolutely, jim. some of this is going to stick. temperatures have been at or below the freezing mark all afternoon long. and that's the view from our city camera view. snowflakes flying through the street lights out there near national airport. i just checked out the window here at nbc 4 and the snowflakes are spotted here in northwest washington as well. 29 degrees is our current temperature. so this is going to be able to stick. here's the way it looks. light snow now all around the capital beltway. a little break already out towards interstate 81. so this little patch will die out. we may get a few more flurries. but temperatures all below freezing around the metro area and points north and west. so your saturday evening planner, light snow and snow flurries here for the next couple of hours. temperatures generally holding in the middle and upper 20s to near 30 degrees. most of this coming to an end by midnight. what does that mean for super bowl sunday? that forecast is coming up. changes coming to the prince
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george's county fire department. it is reorganizing its staff. starting next month, some stations will see an increase in career firefighters while others will depend more on volunteers. darcy spencer is live in college park tonight to explain the impact on public safety. hi, darcy. >> reporter: jim, we're live outside a branchville fire station. this is one of the stations that's going to be losing its career personnel. i spoke to a woman who's lived here in college park for decades. this station has responded when there have been medical emergencies with her family members. they're concerned about these changes. fire officials announced that career personnel are being pulled from four fire stations in the county and relocated to other stations. the fire chief told me in a phone interview that it's about balancing resources and tough budget times. >> while we're coming out of four rotations with all of the career staff, we're enhancing staffing at nine other places. >> reporter: but the volunteers at the stations that are seeing reductions in personnel are
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concerned that it could jeopardize public safety. the president of the branchville volunteer fire station tells me chances are between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., no one will be here to answer fire and rescue calls. when asked if the changes could hurt public safety, volunteer chief says "they say it's not going to but we believe it will." "we don't think we're going to be able to staff the station during the day." the station is losing career personnel are seat pleasant, branchville and boulevard heights. >> it's going to affect our neighborhood terribly. there won't be anybody around during the day. it's -- the volunteers can only be here so many hours a week because they have real jobs outside of the firehouse during the day to support their families. >> reporter: county fire chief says there is a lot duplication and overlapping in the county. he points out that there are two other fire stations within less than a mile of the branchville firehouse. >> it is important to note that we're not closing any
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firehouses. we are going to continue to maintain and support those volunteer companies every way we can. >> reporter: now those changes go into effect on march 4th. reporting live from college park, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you, darcy. a maryland community is collecting donations to night for a family that lost two daughters in a house fire. that fire ripped through the family home on high land avenue in frederick county thursday night. sisters sophie and madigan both killed. the parents survived along with their two other children, morgan and 7-month-old sadie. several fundraisers and clothing drives are scheduled for next week. to find out how you can help go, to developing in turkey tonight, a leftist military group is taking responsibility for suicide bombing at the u.s. embassy. turkish authorities say dna confirmed the bomber was a well known member of the group. police say the bomber walked into the embassy's visitors center yesterday with a suicide
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vest and a hand grenade. he detonated the vest around lunch time, killing himself and a guard. a turkish journalist was also injured. also today, sushgy's state run news agency says a new york city woman's been found dead in istanbul. she was vacationing alone and been missing since january 21st, the day before she was supposed to come back to this country. according to the news agency, residents found her stabbed to death today in a poor part of the city. police have not yet confirmed her identity. vice president joe biden met with the head of syria's main opposition coalition today. it's the highest level u.s. meeting with the opposition forces. the vice president praised the leader's courage and encouraged him to keep fighting to overthrow syrian president assad. biden emphasized that assad must step down. >> nearly all of our partners and allies are convinced that president assad, a tyrant, hell bent on clinging to power, is no
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longer fit to lead the syrian people and he must go. >> biden also met with the u.n. peace envoy. the country remains in the midst of a civil war. the united nations estimates more than 60,000 people he been killed and 700,000 syrians have plead the country. back here at home, a man from the district is suing the d.c. government over his treatment at a city correctional facilty last year. the man is hearing impaired. and he can only communicate through sign language. as derrick ward reports, his attorney says the treatment is something like being gagged. >> william pierce cmunicates primarily through american sign language. he has all his life. written english is considered a second language. most times that's no problem when there is an asl interpreter. last year went to jail, 60 days on same am assault charge. that's when the problem started. >> there was no interpreter there for him or at any of his medical appointments. he had some medical problems, or
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at any of his classes. he was taking an anger management class. >> reporter: the attorney author spitzer is representing pierce in a lawsuit against the district. his treatment ran afoul of the americans with disabilities act which the jail and the privately ranked correctional facilty are bound by law to comply with. >> they provided at this facility but they didn't really provide it for him. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, what pierce did get is solitary confinement, 23 hours a day in lockdown for two weeks and handcuffed during visits from his family. >> it would be the same as if they put a gag in the mouth of a ordinary hearing and speaking prisoner. >> reporter: the benefits of the ada are all around us every day. >> seventh street. walk sign is on. to cross seventh street. >> it's why we have these automobile crassing signals for folks who are visually impaired. it's why we have the cut aways in sidewalk for people who have mobility issues. according to the aclu, none of the adas provisions helped him
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while he was incarcerated despite repeated pleas from the attorney, caseworker and family. the lawsuit seeks damages, fees, and changes. >> to get the district of columbia to live up to its obligations towards disabled people. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the d.c. department of corrections said there will be no comment from the agency on the pending lawsuit. derrick ward, news 4. a man charged with beating and killing his elderly wife is now in the hospital himself after going on a hunger strike. according to "the washington post," albert booth is in critical condition now in a local hospital. booth faces first-degree murder charges and scheduled to stand trial in late march. he claims his wife's death was the result of an iranian hit intended for him. he was found competent to stand trial. friends and family gathered in northeast washington this afternoon to hold a vigil for a trans jenter woman murdered a year ago at a bus stop. she was waiting for a bus at the intersection of sycamore road and east capital street when the 55-year-old gary niles
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montgomery stabbed her in the face. jones later died from her injuries. montgomery set to go on trial in june. we're in day five of a hostage standoff in alabama. police say they're still communicating with a man holding a 5-year-old boy in a bunker. coming up, why they're also publicly thanking him. plus, in the middle of a nationwide gun control debate, the white house release this is photo of the president shooting at camp david. and brides to be picking from thousands of designer wedding
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authorities in alabama are still communicating with a man that is holding a 5-year-old hostage in a bunker. he shared the 65-year-old for taking care of the child. dike accused of shooting a school bus driver on tuesday and then abducting the boy and bringing him into the bunker on his property in midland city. dike says he has blankets and electric heater inside. he is also letting police deliver coloring books, medication, and toys for the boy. the white house trying to put some skeptics to rest today with a photo of president obama shooting a gun at camp david last august. it comes after the president told an interviewer he goes xeet shooting all the time. critics said he's never talked about the hobby so today they released this photo. a spokesman for the nra responded saying, "one picture
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does not erase a lifetime of supporting every gun ban." the president traveled to minnesota on monday to push his gun control legislation. the groundhog in pennsylvania didn't see his shadow this morning. pu punxsutawney phil isn't the only one making a prediction. we'll tell if you another phil disagrees. and a weekend of
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hundreds of brides to be got a chance to have a great deal on a wedding gown. the annual brides against breast cancer event came to town this
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weekend. they were marked down 25 to 85%. organizers say they raised close to $15,000 for breast cancer patients and their families. there is going to be another event in arlington this september. here's your chance to check out -- first i want to tell gu news from the pennsylvania groundhog named phil. >> so ye faithful, there is no shadow to see. an early spring for you and me. >> punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning. and that means, if you believe in groundhog lure, that spring will be here before we know it. legend has it that if phil sees his shadow we get stuck with six extra weeks of winter. closer to home, though, a stuffed groundhog named potomac phil also chimed in. he's predicting an early spring too. but when it comes to politics, he says he did see his shadow and he's forecasting six more weeks of gridlock.
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wait, which one is he? there were three of them. for each person that forecasts here, there is one of those. >> right. i was here this morning when the sun came up. it was a bright, clear sky. so local groundhog has no trouble seeing their shadows which means at least six more weeks of winter for us. in a winter where it is hardly cold, say for the last couple weeks, that will be a nice change of pace for those of us that are snow lovers. we didn't have to wait long. take a winter is back. it's outside right now. that's the view from our weather deck right here on the front lawn. a beautiful channel 4. nestled high atop the hillsnort. this is as much winter as we've been able to muster around here. it might be enough to get the ground wet. but nonetheless, don't take it too lightly. a lot of the squawks, sometimes people don't throw the salt out too early when it's just going to be a flurry. sometimes that first little coating of snow is the most tricky. no one's thrown any chemicals
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out on it. and as we all know if, you've driven around this area any t t point in time, no one ever slows down. so be really careful on the squawks and roadways. 28 degrees. so the little bit of snow we're going to get will stick. it will be up .2, .5 of an inch at the most. feels a little on the cold side. temperatures well below freezing in northern maryland out to the panhandle of west virginia. mid 30 necessary culpepper and fredericksburg. the sat evening planner, light snow and snow flurries for th next couple of hours, cloudy and cold. most of the slight snow showers are gone by 11:00 p.m. so your sunday starter, cloudy and cold. a risk of a few flurries around here. mid to late morning hours tomorrow and then even that little chance will be coming to an end around noon time. temperatures tomorrow morning climbing out of the 20s into the mid 30s by noon time. highs tomorrow, upper 30s to near 40. after the clouds and a little chance in the morning, i think sunshine will start to come back
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by tomorrow afternoon. here's where the snow is right now on storm team 4 radar. right around the heart of the d.c. metro area. heaviest and steadiest of the snows, calvert county and st. mary's county and annapolis. sob real careful. route 50 towards the bay bridge to the eastern shore could have slippery spots. a little break in the action here towards interstate 81. now winter weather advisories have been posted across r western maryland out towards grant and mineral counties in west virginia. they could get a couple inches of snow. we do not have the risk of an inch of snow here. cold all weekend. the jet stream continuing to funnel in the cold air. so the snow showers done with us tonight. another little chance tomorrow morning. a little area of low pressure going way down to our south. might throw just enough moisture in for a little flurry or two. i think a little clearing of the skies by tomorrow afternoon. a break in the action sunday night and into early monday. monday looks like a pretty nice day around here. the clouds will come back and the next little alberta clipper which may lead up to one whole inch of snow comes in on tuesday. what about your super sunday
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breakdown? expect a cold super bowl sunday pregame. 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, temperatures in the 30s. flurries ending no travel worries. game time temperatures, mid 30s around here. cold, hot wings and hot pizza required for. that after the game, be careful. temperatures in the 20s. a lot of people have one too many watching the super bowl. be real careful walking or driving home tomorrow. have your designated driver picked before the game even kicks off. there's your seven-day forecast. a lot of talk of snow. not a lot of measuring of snow. >> okay. you're our designated driver. speaking of cars, reminder. you can get a sneak peek inside the washington auto show with veronica johnson. special airs at 7:00 right after "nightly news" here on nbc 4. more than 700 vehicles on display for you. coming up in sports now, big day for
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it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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almost time for that harbaugh-bowl. >> seven minutes when you can say best spot on the catch. save, triple save, no unsaves. >> aren't you a mom? can't you overrule any save in the snous. >> yeah, probably. this is the also the time when well deserving football alumni
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get the call to the hall. one of them is washington, d.c. native jonathan ogden. he is a first ballot hall of famer. way to go, jonathan. he hails from d.c. you know the bulldogs past and present. they are ecstatic for him. ogden played 12 years for the ravens, 177 games, his 11 pro bowels are more than the o-linemen. he is a strong candidate. we're so happy for him. joining him in this year's race are bill parcells, cris carter, warren sapp and larry allen. ogden's former team may ray lewis may be a first ballot hall of famer in five years. he had a bigger stage in mind this weekend. the whole world will be watching number 52 in his last dance. whether it comes in the pregame introez or postgame celebration. jim, go ahead. show a picture. ray-ray says either way he is
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feeling no pressure. >> personally, i'm playing with two aces. you know? there's no lose for me. because i've been in this game before. i won a super bowl. i won the mvp. i've done all those things. and now being back here and knowing that this is my last time ever, you know, the greatest reward to myself, honestly, is to give everything i got. you know? they greatest award to my teammates is give everything i've got. at the end of the day when that clock hits 0:00, i ride off into the sunset. >> he would love to ride off with that story book ending. kickoff is 6:30 p.m. tomorrow. >> college hoops, just what the terrapins ordered. to comcast center. alyssa thomas wearing red but cheering on her brother who plays for wake forest. early on, maryland is running.
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wells trying to go coast to coast. he misses. alex lind is there and dunks it home. terps just warming up. later in the first half, maryland up 12. and check that. jake layman is feeling it. for three, count it. layman getting a lot of face time today with four-three pointers. second half, the route was on. layman with the miss. and alex lind with the rebound. strong move. oh, man did you miss it. boy was it a good one. maryland wins 86-60. all right. so here we go with georgetown. skipping ahead. and this is three ball by -- that is trowick with the three ball. en that is aaron bowen with the throwdown. hoyas led by 11 at the half. second half, georgetown up nine. otto porter misses but there is the tip in. he led by 16 points. georgetown wins it over st. johns. and there you go. all right, so back on track. hokies down in chapel hill visiting unc.
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this one needed overtime. in ot, the tar heels up by two. nice pass to a cutting robert brown here. he knocks down the j. ties it up at 57. unc comes right back. james michael macado. don't let him stay open. because the game high 22 points for him. har teelz go up by two. later in ot, carolina trying to close things out. up one. that is marcus page sinking the three. he had 19. north carolina wins it in overtime 72-60. military appreciation day at george washington. kids do not try this at home. >> yikes. >> gw hosting lasalle. first half action. lasalle got off to a great start off the steal. to raymond will go owe way fgal. gw came back after being down. armwood is spotting up the key. he has the three ball working for him. colonials within six. d.j. peterson, he's got an
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answer. a three of his own right here. leaving him open. lasalle goes on to top gw 80-71. we also have an au score for you. over lafayette, 68-64 is the final there. we'll show you full maryland highlights later. also want to tell that you dan is in new orleans and trying to get rg-3 on camera for the first time since the surgery. he did say, no doubt i'll be back by the first game. >> confident. >> hopefully we'll have him on camera for you at 11:00. that is a tease, right? >> yes, ma'am. all right. >> thank you. >> i was going to catch up to him. >> that's the news for now. "nightly news" is next. we'll be back here for
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