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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 1, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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just as people were getting up and out the door for work and school a shooting on the streets of northeast d.c. we have a reporter on the scene and just received new information on the two victims. >> and for the second day in a row, huge backups on northbound 95. today those backups stretched for 14 miles. going to tell you how the problem started and quickly became even worse. good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. wednesday, may 1, 2013. we begin with breaking news about that double shooting in northeast d.c. within the past hour we have learned one of the victims has passed away. the shooting happened just before 8:00 this morning. tony tulls that latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that investigation still very active at this hour. we are going to show you a sense of the scene now. you can see police have the area blocked off. lots of evidence markers down
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there laying in the street. now it started about 8:00 this morning. pd received a cowl for people shot. they found one gentleman here in the street. he has since been pronounced dead. they found another person shot one block over on sim street. that's with your the second victim was found. they transported both of them as we mentioned that one man was pronounce dead and second man was shot in the leg. expected to be okay. now, we talked to chief lanier and she said they are not actively looking for a suspect because they believe they have who is responsible but are asking anybody that was in this area around 7:30, 8:00 this morning, to please contact them and if they have any information about what happened because it is very unclear about how the event transpired this morning. again, that one man has died and other one has been transported with a gunshot wound to the leg but as you can see, this street is very active. tripod in the middle of the street. set up a camera to gait 360-view
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of the scene to use for the investigation. we will continue to stay on the story. you can check out for additional updates as well. >> an investigation still ongoing. thanks, tony. new this morning, a chain reaction crash on i-9 a in virginia caused backups as long as 14 miles at one point. the crash involves five cars. tractor trailer and motorcycle. it occurred near quantico just before 6:00 this morning on the northbound lanes. the only person injured was a man on a motorcycle who was thrown from his motorcycle into the tractor trailer. he's now in the hospital with very serious injuries. all lanes reopened around 7:00 this morning. yesterday there were more than ten-mile backups after a deadly accident involving a motorcycle near lorton. just in to our newsroom right now we now know the name of a pedestrian killed in charles county early this morning. state police say jose aguilar
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was killed trying to cross route 301 near vernon road in waldorf. the driver did stop and police say it appears that aguilar was not in a cross walk. the road was closed for a short time. a tough week for metro riders. this morning, a cracked rail on the red line left riders stuck on the platform for at least 30 minutes. riders were tweeting pictures like this one all morning. the cracked rail near the rhode island station has since been fixed. yesterday a disabled train at the shaw howard station caused major delays on the green, yellow and blue lines. on monday, another disabled train outside of new carrollton delayed the morning commute on the orange line. new today, crews are preparing to test the district's new street cars. this morning d.c. mayor grey tweeted this picture of the second streetcar to arrive at the testing and commissioning sense in anacostia. the first of six new street cars coming to the police.
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crews will begin testing the street cars. the mayor is optimistic. the street cars will be running on h street in northeast d.c. this fall. the d.c. taxi cab commission on unveiled the coral design proposal for new cabs. the proposal caused the cabs to be painted red with a green stripe. same colors as the circulator buses. all new cabs will be required to follow the new uniform design once it gets final approval. older cabs can phase in new colors as repainted. new cab december i don't know is expected to be fully in place by 2018. right now a spring snowstorm is causing delays on the highway and in the sky above colorado. all the snow is making it lack like winter there. and you know we are in the month of may. may 1 it is. the heavy, wet snow is falling in boulder and denver areas. there are reports of downed trees and at least six to eight inches of snow is expected. going to have a live report from colorado coming up in the next half hour. here we are with sunshine.
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yeah, look at that. xq 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins with us the first tom? ofve, >> what a big change fromgy we had all those low clouds and drizzle and fog. then mountain and parts of the central shenandoah valley. elsewhere, we have plenty of sunshine across the rest of virginia. eastern shore. it is a glorious spring day under way. x: absolutely beautiful. 117 george's county and arlington, fairfax, montgomery county, and now 7-day outlook in just a bit. >> jurors are back in court
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deliberating a capitol hill beating. it happened during a robbery near eastern market last summer. yesterday's wife abby gave heart wrenching testimony and says her husband may never fully recover. she says he still has trouble walking and talking. branch is one of three men charged in the case. we know the evidence collected in the ricin letter scare. poisoned letters were mailed to president obama and a judge. according to court documents investigators found phrases of the deadly poison at a studio in mississippi. james duschky had a dust mask that tested positive for ricin. he is being held without bond and denied any wrongdoing.
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>> later today we can learn how tamerlan tsarnaev died during a shoot-out with police. the medical examiner's office say they will reveal his cause of death as soon as his body is claimed. it has been at the examiner's office since he died more than a week ago. last might lawyers for tamerlan's wife, cats are inrussell, gave permission to release the body. tamerlan's russell, who lives in montgomery village, say they will claim his remains but would not say what he plans to do with the body. this morning, we are hearing from the man who police say that the tsarnaev brothers carjacked. that led the detectives to the suspects. he is a chinese entrepreneur who wants his identity protected. still he spoke exclusively to the "today" show's matt lauer. >> tamerlan was trying to talk to me. asked me, who is calling you. i said it is my roommate. i was nervous. bring he said you say any word
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in chinese i will kill you right now. >> but you answered the phone. >> i answered the call. >> what did your roommate ask you? >> he was talking in chinese. where are you? >> and you couldn't answer. >> i couldn't answer. >> he threatened to kill you. >> i answered him in english. i'm going to stay with my friends tonight. my roommate is like what, why do you speak english to me? i kept talking, i got to the go. >> police say that danny is actually a hero because he helped them track down the suspects. just a couple of hours, montgomery county leaders will meet to discuss the latest problems with that troubled silver spring transit center. the biggest issue they face right now, metro's decision last week to pull out of their deal, to take control of the center they after its construction. the council reportedly found that out in a report by "the washington post." not from county executives ike leggett's office. now several members of the council are calling for a formal
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investigation. they want the county inspector general to launch a probe. the transit center is would years behind schedule and $90 million over budget. new today, crews are moving 9/11 plane parts found mere ground zero. what we now know about the search for human remains. >> selling girl scout cookies is no small base. the record the group could break this year. stay with us.
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new today. scientist just made an archaeological announcement about the human remains for the 17th sentry discovered in colonialwomen williamsburg. the announcement happened at the national museum of nation history. the remains date back to the deadly winter of 1609 when more than 200 columnists died. more on the story coming up on
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news4 this afternoon. today people across the country are expected to rally for immigration reform. demonstrations on this may day have become an annual event. this year's rallies come two weeks after a bipartisan group of senators introduced than an immigration path towards citizen had. crowds are expected to gather in our area this evening in herndon near rachel carson middle school. president obama's turning to capitol hill for his pick to oversee fannie mae and freddie m mac. he will nominate melvin watt. he would replace edward d'marco at the fhfa. president bush appointed him. the federal reserve's open market committee is meeting today and will decide in the next two days whether to raise interest rates. most economists expect the fed to keep its main rate where it is and until the unemployment rate drops a little lower. right now, some museum exhibits are closed for the summer because of sequestration.
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the smithsonian must reduce the budget for $42 million as part of congress' across the board budget cuts. closures include the smithsonian common room, african mosaic art gallery. the exhibits will be closed from now until september 30. you can absolutely start making your fourth of july plans right now. fireworks show on the national mall will go on. the show was in jeopardy because of the federal budget problems. national park service is doing hiring freezes, delaying maintenance, making other changes to be sure that the $250,000 fireworks show goes off without a hitch. >> you can check out some of the relics from george w. bush's presidency starting today. the george w. bush presidential center opens to the public down in dallas. the library and museum features exhibits on the 9/11 attack. the florida recount and hurricane katrina. president obama and the power living ex-presidents were in dallas last week for the
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center's open. >> you were there, too. one of the things you came back and one of the first things you told me is how surprised you were at how chilly it was in dallas. >> it was. it was like winter weather down in dallas. but only for the first two days and then it -- like summer. >> not snowiw it is snowing in . you heard of march madness. we call this may madness. it is only in the 20s and snowing. here that wonderful sunshine is back. spring is a changeable season. be sure to watch our spring weather special, barbara and keith. set your dvr. >> i'm watching it live. >> 9:30 on news4 we will have it for you. storm team 4. all of us work order the spring weather specialal. tune in. it is all about the severe weather we have this time of year. why and what the forecast is looking like for the rest of the spring. speaking of changeable weather, yesterday we had the drizzle and the low overcast and you can see drizzle drops on this japanese
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maple. this photo was sent in by bill eppard to share your picks and we will share them with our viewers. there is a look at the sky over washington now. gorgeous satin blue sky. dew point, comfortably dry 44. wind coming out of the northeast at around 10 miles per hour. bringing in very dry air that's to our north. lots of sunshine here now. off to our west we have some clouds in parts of west virginia down to the southern shenandoah valley. elsewhere we are basking in beautiful may sunshine. temperatures right now around the region. just about everywhere in the low 60s. that's right near the bay. breeze off the bay. just near 60 degrees there. bay water temperatures in the 50s. right now out of the mountains, too. western maryland, much of west virginia. there right near 60 degrees, too. just a gorgeous spring day. everywhere from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. closer to washington right now it is in the low 60s. montgomery county. much of prince george's county.
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low to mid 60s. arlington, fairfax county now in the low and mid 60s as well. and later today, expected highs around the reege open. we should be making it into the upper 60s to 70 degrees. most of the area right in the comfort zone. low humidity in place. and then this evening it does look like we will get chilly again after we reach near 70 mid afternoon. here is the temperature st graph and time scale. looks like by this evening, might just have a few clouds around. otherwise clear sky and down to the 50s this evening. other thing, pollen was washed out of our air. last couple of day was the rain. bust still looks like it will jump back into the medium-high range later today. thursday and and friday storm team 4 allergy forecast medium range for allergy sufferers. not as extreme as it was last week. here's the storm team 4 4-day forecast. afternoon highs again tomorrow. right around 70 degrees. chilly morning in the 40s tomorrow morning. it is going to be the same story friday.
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chilly morning in the 40s. afternoon highs low 70s. friday sunshine, mid 70s. 7-day outlook sunday looking great, too. for all of your outdoor activities. keith will be going barefoot water skiing on saturday. >> got it, man. >> looks great for that. barbara, you are going hang gliding, i'm told. >> i do that every weekend. >> it is going to be perfect for that. and as we get into monday and tuesday, should be great. mine, wonderful pattern. you can stay in touch with me on facebook and twitter and also get our storm team 4 weather app if you haven't yet. you can get that through app store or google play. >> barefoot water skiing and hang gliding. what will you be doing? >> mowing. they say t it. >> it needs to be cut down. >> you haven't gone out on the water yet? >> no, not yet. this weekend it is beckoning. >> i think i will. >> you will get that kayak out. thank you, tom. >> gray weekend for that.
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>> 11:19 p. how jason cole sinlins is helpi others in coming out. >> you this how amusement parks can go from fun to dangerous. >> but first what's happening on
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a new stud write says avoiding sugary drinks but still eating too much sugar. the cdc says the average adult consumes 134 -- 13% from processed foods. women, 239 calories from added sugar. the study says most of the sugary food is eaten at home not in restaurants. shocking new numbers in time for summer. 20 kids visit the emergency room
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every day between may and september because of injuries related to amusement park rides. that's according to nationwide children's hospital in ohio. the report says 4400 kids a year get hurt on a ride. researchers say it is not just roller coasters. mall and arcade rides play a part as well. most of the injuries are to the head and neck. they included bruises, sprains, some concussions. researchers say it is for to buckle in and keep your feet and hands inside of the ride and follow all height recommendations. the girl scouts are on track for another record breaking year in the cookie business. girl scout cookies are the second highest selling cookies in the nation. impressive when you consider the sales period is only eight weeks long. cnbc reports cookie sales are on pace to exceed last year's record of $790 million worth of cookies. by comparison only cookie with higher u.s. sales is the oreo. nation's number one cookie rakes in more than a billion dollar as
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year. we have some breaking news. this is big news. whdh in boston is reporting three more people are now in custody in connection with the marathon bombing case. it is unclear how significant these arrests may be but once again, three more people are now in custody in connection with that boston marathon case. during the investigation, authorities wanted to know if the tsarnaev brothers acted line or if they had help if they had training. now we know three more arrests have been made in that case. of course, we will keep you posted all day long on news4 and get the latest 11:24 is the tame. coming up in the next half hour of "news4 midday," we are getting in new video from new york city where plane parts left from the 9/11 attacks are being removed from an alley today. why crew were very careful before removing the wreckage. how virginia transportation folks hope to make your trip on the beltway express lanes even quicker. nothing to complain about
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outside. tom kierein is back to let us know if this nice weather will stick
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breaking news. one person is dead and another in the hospital after a shooting in northeast d.c. the shooting happened just before 8:00 this morning along raum street. so far no arrests have been made. jurors are deliberating a high-profile d.c. beating. tommy branch is accused of beating a man with a baseball bat during a robbery in eastern market last summer. he is still having trouble walking and talking. branch is one of three men charged in this case. a piece of an airplane ring found near the world trade center site and believed to be part of a 9/11 jetliner has been removed. five-foot long part was load order to a pickup truck a little over an hour ago and the plane part is on its way to brooklyn where it will be preserved. crews searched the site for human remains but none were
11:29 am
found. the l.a. police detective who investigated michael jackson's doctor will take the stand again this afternoon. yesterday he testified conrad murray was more than $500,000 in debt and may have been motivate bid large payday for working with jackson. murray was sentenced for manslaughter in 2011 for jackson's death. the family is arguing that concert promoter aeg should be held financially responsible for the pop star's death. the company denies any wrongdoing. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is defending his dealings with the ceo of a richmond area business this morning. the fbi launches an investigation. johnny williams is the head of star scientific which makes dietary supplement. he contributed thousands to the mcdonnell campaign. and the governor acknowledges that williams also paid $15,000 to cater his daughter's wedding. mcdonnell told wtop radio he did not give williams any special treatment and under virginia law he did not feel he had to disclose the wedding gift to his
11:30 am
daughter. >> gift to the office holders are required to be disclosed. but no office holder right now is required to disclose gifts to a spouse, to children in the house, to adult children. >> governor mcdonnell says that he does believe virginia's campaign finance laws should be tightened. >> d.c. council is considering pushing back the democratic primary date. right now it is scheduled for april 1, 201. council chairman phil mendelson said that's too early. he wants to move it to june 11. the democratic primary usually decides the mayoral race right here in d.c. but the new mayor and other elected officials won't take office until january 1, 2015. more now on that breaking news from boston. richard jordan, what can you tell us at the live desk? >> we are hearing from boston police they have three suspects. three additional suspects in custody in connection to the boston marathon bombings would weeks ago.
11:31 am
at this point it is not clear what role these three individuals played in the attack or exactly who they are. of course, from the get-go police said they were initially looking for those two suspects. two brothers. dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev. police are confirming they have three additional suspects in custody. again, at this point it is not even clear whether these are men, women, a combination of the two or what role these three individuals played in the attacks. two weeks ago we will continue to monitor developments out of boston here from the live desk, rich jordan. >> richard, definitely major development. thank you. you can find out more about the redevelopment project of landmark mall in alexandria. the meet willing happen at 7:00 tonight at the mall. the proposal would remove two-story central area of the mall and install an urban village design. the first phase of the project would create at least 350 apartments and space for stores and restaurants. all part of the landmark-van
11:32 am
dorn corridor plan. you may soon cut out even more time from your commute by taking the 495 express lanes in virginia. according to the washington examiner vdot is thinking of raising the speed limit for those lanes. right now you can go 55 miles per hour. the company that runs the express lanes wants to raise that to 65. it is hoping that will make more drivers want to use those lanes. you can rock the red tomorrow night without worrying about having a ride home. metro and verizon center reached a deal to keep trains running an hour late. if the first round playoff game goes past 11:00 you will only be able to get on at three stations past midnight. gallery place, judiciary square and metro center palm be able to exit at any station. game one of the first round series tomorrow night against the new york rangers face off at 7:30. let's check in with tom kierein with the latest on our forecast. >> outside on the storm team floor weather deck. that's what you call a combination toss to you. >> yeah.
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i like it. two-on-one. hey. starting off this morning we had a chilly start but now it warmed up beautifully and standing in the shade of this gorgeous willow oak here at northwest washington. there is the satin blue sky over the lush greenland scape. you can see it there around the jefferson memorial. what a delightful spring day we have under way. a bit of a fresh breeze coming out of the north or east. keeping it somewhat cool. we are in the low and mid 60s throughout most of the region now. later today, not going to warm up much. just to near 70 for a high. four-day forecast, clear tonight. down to the 40s again tomorrow morning. and eve-- average this time of r is 73. we will be near that. chilly mornings. 7-day outlook, sunday, monday, tuesday, keeping the mild trend going. partly cloudy each day with morning lows near 50. afternoon highs low and mid 70s.
11:34 am
just a delightful time of year right in the comfort zone for the next several days. enjoy. keith? >> loving that weekend outlook. thanks, tom. folks in colorado aren't loving this. rare may snowstorm is moving through colorado. the spring snow is causing travel problems on the roads and sky. nbc's leanne gregg is live outside denver. i guess it is pretty to see the snowflakes. >> reporter: it is pretty. no may flowers. snow is relentless and falling since last might and it is heavy, wet snow. not the light airy stuff. accumulation so far is about 13 inches and counting. more snow is expected. by the time this system moves lou there could be about 18 inches in this area to the north of us, there have been would feet of snow. again, more snow is expected to the south in the denver metro area, anywhere from 3 to 5 or 6
11:35 am
inches accumulation. they t heaviest snow is in southern wyoming. northern colorado and the western suburbs of denver. causing all kinds of traffic problems. i-70 had to be shut down near georgetown. on the way up to the mountains from the foothills. also, some of the air travel denver international airport has been delayed. there have been cancelations as expected. and this is a rare may 1 storm. this is typically when the -- summer tourism season kicks off. well, this storm will move out quickly by tonight. and warmer temperatures are expected to return by the weekend. back to you. >> i said it was pretty. for some people it is pretty miserable now. thanks. >> reporter: absolutely. that's true. planned parenthood called the decision to lower the age for buying the morning after pill one step in the right direction. the fda announced yesterday that girls as young as 15 will soon be able to buy plan b one step without a prescription. it would also soon sit on
11:36 am
drugstore shelves next to condoms and other contraceptive s. dr. nancy snyderman says plan b is medically safe. >> may prevent pregnancy but does not do anything for stds, hiv, herpes. is it safe? as a doctor i have to say yes, it is. >> all age restrictions are lifted. the justice department is deciding whether to appeal the ruling. rhode island is closer to becoming the next state to recognize same-sex marriage. state house is expected to take a final vote on that measure tomorrow. yesterday a panel approved the measure allowing the vote. state senate passed its own measure last week. right now nine states, including maryland, recognize same-sex marriage and it is also legal in the district of columbia. how much did this week's announcement by nba player jason
11:37 am
collins help others struggling with the decision whether to come out? dr. joshua weiner with us this morning. point blank, he said never intended to be the first sports star to announce he's gay but when he looked around no one else was raising their hands. >> absolutely. i give this guy tons of credit. he is not the first professional athlete to come out and say they are gay. we have other former nfl players, normer players. >> but are all former. >> the fact she a current player coming out, i give this guy tons of credit. that's why i think lots of people are are jumping on the band wagon to support him. everybody from president clinton, president obama, kobe bryant, shaquille o'neal. lots of people tripping over themselves to be the first ones to say way go. >> what's the biggest change in perception you think people will now have after his announcement? >> i'm hoping what this is going to do is gradually chip away at the misconception all gay men are weak, not athletic.
11:38 am
>> a guy being very physical player. >> absolutely. >> center who is -- known to throw his elbows and get in will and mix up for the rebound and he's not feminine at all. >> absolutely. exactly. that's what i'm hoping it can chip away at. i think he's just going to lead the way for many other professional athletes and to start coming out and i think that over time this is going to continually chip away and at the misperception what it means to be a gay man. i'm also hoping that beyond that, it wideens the box for what people think of a man being. there is a perception in order to be a real man you have to be rugged and tough. not talk about emotions and not tell your buddy how much you care about them because there is a fear that somehow you will be perceived as being gay. and i think that is just wrong and it is bad. it is not good for your mental health. men have feelings and need to be able to talk about feelings and need to be aware of their emotional health. i'm hoping that all of this is going to help widen that box and not make men feel they have to be a certain way.
11:39 am
>> reporter: >> do you think jason collins coming out as a basketball player, nba basketball player, is going to pave the way for an nfl player that is thought to be by far the most masculine sport we have here in this country. former ravens linebacker said earlier this month that four players were prepared to come out sometime in the near future. possibly all on the same day. so that not one of them has to take the backlash by themselves. but nbc football analyst hines ward said that he doesn't think the nfl is ready for that. >> i think that the nfl is ready for it. i think that -- i heard the same rumors, there's somebody coming out. i heard that they were expecting that the person who was going to first come out as the professional athlete was going to be someone in the nfl. nobody anticipated that it was going to be jason collins. i think that this is absolutely going to happen. there are former nfl players who have come out and, in fact, with the most recent court case up in front of the supreme court with proposition 8, there were about 32 professional athletes.
11:40 am
many of whom were professional football players. current football players, who had signed a pledge saying that they supported gay marriage. many of them may be straight but some of them may also be some of the four people that may come out and say we are gay ourselves. >> when you look at your clientele and in your practice, what do you encourage your gay clients to do if they haven't come out yet? >> i encourage peopling to move at their own pace. not everybody is prepared to come out right away. you know, what's interest sing that the average age that people are coming out has declined over the decade. it used to be in the mid 20s. now it is 16. people are more comfortable with this. and as the prejudice and biases against gay people has gone down. will is still a ways to go. i tell people this is a slow process and you have to do it and be emotionally ready for it. it is really hard. it takes incredible bravery and strength on the part of the people to be able to do this. you know, if you are another minority, say you are an
11:41 am
african-american, you have family members, you have other people around you, who know what you experience that you can go to for support. if you are gay, you don't necessarily have that. jason collins' case, he had an uncle who is gay who is a is port for him. not all gay people have that. it really is very, very difficult and i think people just need to be in the right emotional place to be able to do this. >> lot of people looking at jason collins as a role model and easy to understand why. >> i agree. i think he is a role model. give him credit. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the time now 11:41 on "news4 midday." a new tool for parents. how to check if your children are developing normally. plus, the four-legged critter that was proving to be a tough out at one baseball game. [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum internet,
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boston police say three more suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the marathon bombings. police confirmed the news on twitter. three people were killed and more than 260 gurode april 15 when two bombs exploded mere the finish line. tamerlan tsarnaev died after a gunfight with police. his brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev, was captured is in a hospital prison. no word on who the suspects are or how they are involved. classic movie fans, netflix is losing almost 2,000 movies from its online catalog. warner brothers, mgm and universal are moving some of their classic films and after shows to their new site. warner archive. the movies and shows originally aired between the 1920s to 1990s. this isn't the first time something like this has happened. last year netflix and stars couldn't reach a streaming deal so stars pulled over 1,000 movies. turning to business news. stocks are starting the day
11:46 am
lower. let's check in with courtney reagan. she joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. courtney, good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right. stocks are in the red. dow is down greater than 60 points. two hours into trade. this is after we had disappointing economic data as well as earnings. according to adp private sector jobs rose by just 119,000 in april. that's shy of economic -- economists expect tankses looking for about 150,000. the first of three reports on unemployment this week. it could be a signal that that big government jobs report will get on provide will also disappoint. earnings from mastercard, time warner among those coming up short on reported receive knew. automakers reporting their april sales numbers today, big ones come out in the next hour or so. sales expected to top 15 million vehicles for the sixth straight month. and volume ticks up. pickup trucks improving.
11:47 am
ebay may be ready to join the coin revolution. the company is considering adding virtual currency as a payment option on paypal. he says coin is a disruptive technology reminiscent of illegal music sharing sites which helps spawn legitimate sites. such as pandora. it would give it a major boost. currently accepted by a few retailers and mostly held by speculatedors. profit from wild price swings. introduction on the new currency to complicate things for me but what do i know about disruptive technology. >> courtney, i'm confused. >> i know. >> thanks for the update. every year 1 million young children with unidentified disa buts and developmental delays enter school with learning and health issues. those problems can put them behind and have lasting effects. easter seals is offering help
11:48 am
for parents. edie joins us to explain. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of people don't know what easter seals actually does. they know it is -- it has been around for 100 years. >> absolute. >> i tell us what are easter seals for. >> easter seals is an organization that provides services to children and adult was disabilities and their families. it is everything from early childhood education for very young children working in schools to help kids with special needs get their educational services and -- we do a lot of job training for adults with disabilities and we also do adult day programming for people who may have early stages of dementia and need help but don't need nursing home care at this point. >> how do you go about identifying the people had a may immediate the services that you provide? >> well, each community we have 70 affiliates across the country, 550 service sites here in the washington area. we have to really outstanding early childhood programs. we offer respite for families with kids with special needs and
11:49 am
we are doing a lot with wounded warriors. folks that have had their rehab at walter reed whether we are helping provide child care and support for their families or helping veterans getting jobs. >> do you have screening tools that help people determine whether somebody has a disability? >> we have a new campaign called make the first five count which we are excited about. one of the elements of this campaign is on our website something called the ages and stages questionnaire which is a parent survey. parents fill out what is going on with their child and will get feedback from us about where their child is on meeting their developmental milestones. a child -- starts as early as 1 month ask can go up to 5 years. all family needs to do is go on our website and it is free. it is in both inklish and spanish. all they have to do is plug in the age of their child and the gender of their child and then answer a series of questions. we will send them a response that says your child is on track
11:50 am
or your child may have issues where they may favor one side of their body or the other. may not use both hands equally. they may have issues with feeding or swallowing and things that a parent can take to their health care provider and get the help their child may immediate. >> so what kind of problems exactly does it screen for? that's what you were just say. >> right. it screens from everything from language delays to physical developments and i know with my own daughter who is now 13 who doesn't have special needs but at one point in her life she favored her right side over her left side. i didn't know how for that was. we did dash she was at an easter seals program and they did a screening. we immediate to put the toys on this side so she favor -- so she would use both sides of her -- whole notion of coming to center was really for for children's physical develop. >> quickly tell us why it makes a difference to have early detecti detection. >> absolutely. we know from all the brain research that the connections that little kids bransz make in
11:51 am
those first five years create the foundation for future learning. and when we can get all the connections made as soon as possible, that help a kid have more choices in life, be better at school, ready for a successful life. >> good luck with your campaign to raise more money nor'easter seals. that's what is going on now. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. easter seals. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> the time now 11:51 on "news4 midday." golf at a discount. i like the sound of that. plus, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein back with how long this beautiful weather will last.
11:52 am
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we are getting new information on breaking news. you are looking live at the federal courthouse in boston. boston place say three more suspects have been taken into custody in connection with that marathon bombing. bombings. police confirmed the news on twitter just a few minutes ago.
11:55 am
pete williams is reporting the arrest apparently involves students who allegedly helped remove item prosecutors the younger brother's dorm room in the days after the bombing. will is month indication thus par the three had any knowledge of the bombing before it took place. stay with news4 and all day for the latest information. a chain of golf courses in northern virginia is offering a discount to federal workers facing furloughs. starting today the northern virginia reege malpark short is offering federal workers to play its courses for only $25. federal workers must show their employee i.d. the rate is only good monday lou thursday. the chairman of the park authority says that the special rate is a gesture of solidarity with thousands of federal workers who will have unpaid days off. some college baseball players had to turn their attention to -- this guy. how do you catch a grounder let alone that? hay is rounding the bases.
11:56 am
little guy got loose on the infield between a game featuring kansas state and wichita state. didn't want to be caught. eventually wichita state's base runner baker takes him out and all the way out where he could roam free. and by the way, baker got a round of applause from the opposing jayhawk crowd when he made his way back on the field. nutty. simply nutty. >> that's really cute. we will take a look at some of the stories we are polling for news4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us in the newsroom with a preview of things to come. >> hi, barbara. coming up today on "news4 at 4:00," we are gathering details to get more information about the breaking news from boston's three additional suspects. arrested in connection with the marathon bombings. also, drug abuse on the riseful college students taking a pill they think can give them an edge on their exams. deadly consequences that could result and the warning signs for parents to look out for. coming up on "news4 at 5:00,"
11:57 am
d.c.'s street cars are here. tom sherwood is working on the story now and new pictures just in to give us a sneak peek. we will have a full report on "news4 at 5:00." >> thanks, pat. it is time for a pineal check on our forecast. >> what a difference a day makes. especially low clouds and drizzle and now a beautiful blue sky as we approach the moon hour. temperatures now into the mid 60s most of the region. reagan national now at 66 degrees. light breeze out of the north and east and high near 70 today with lots of sunshine. enjoy. low humidity and more of the same tomorrow and friday if you can stand it. then over the weekend, saturday and sunday, 7-day outlook should be into the mid 70s both of those days. and the mild trend continues into the first part of next week. we will have chilly mornings but mild afternoons each day all the way into next week. that's great. >> sounds great. thank you, tom. that's "news4 midday." thanks for joining us. tune in to "news4 at 4:00," 5:00
11:58 am
and 6:00 for all the day's news including the breaking news out boston. >> we will be back tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. with "news4 midday." hope you plan to join us for that. have a great day and enjoy the bl. we will see you in the morning.
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