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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 24, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> cars full into a river. this morning why investigators say the whole thing could have been prevented. how far one of them is being felt as more details come in. >> we just saw storm team four radar. heavy downpours caused flooding at the atlantic beaches.
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and farther to the west we have showers around the blue ridge. right now it is cool. we are in the low 60s. here is how we are looking for the morning. chance of a shower. we will be hold iing steady. home town forecast. chilly there by noon time. look at the rest of this friday. good morning. >> we are looking at pretty smooth traffic coming in from the west. here is a look at the view from route 28.
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>> good morning. we are hearing from rescuers after that bridge collapse in washington stayte. >> once we get the people off of the cars and on their way to the hospital, we heard rumors there might be more people in the water. we had divers out there that did not need to go into the water. we needed to be assured that we did not need to go into the water. one witness saying it went down in a big puff of dust. we know two vehicles plummeted 50 feet. something else that they are saying, they believe a tractor
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trailer might have been carrying an over sized load and hit a steel beam and caused the entire thing to start. all three people are expected to be okay. governor put out a statement saying that the safety board on its way right now. and are going to issue an emergency proclamation there as well. >> 8.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the east coast of russia and it was also felt in northern japan. >> 5:04 at this hour a worker
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making a recovery in baltimore. you see him here. he is in good spirits at this point after being trapped for hours under a collapsed parking garage. the section under construction crumbled yesterday. one worker was killed and doctors flew down toat the worker while he was still trapped. we are able to do some thing that is they are not able to do. >> the construction company building that garage is trying to figure out how the collapse happened. it reads in part our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. westfield is working with authorities and is grateful for their response. >> as the clean up continues in
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oklahoma. factually and friends will bury two more students from the tornado. >> their schoolmate, has already been laid to rest. she is the first of 24 victims killed by the tornado to be buried. crewed found the third grader in the school on monday. she will be buried tomorrow. >> today, you won't be able to deal with any tax problems. the irs is closed. the agency is shutting down today because of furlows. there are four more days this summer when the office will be closed this season. you won't be able to close the hotline or local assistance centers. >> republicans jumping all over president obama for how he is fighting the war on terror.
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he vowed to close the prison camp on guantanamo bay. he said he is ending the ban on sending detainees back to yemen. listen to whatp ares had to say about that. >> i want a legal system consistent at being at war. we don't have a plan to close it. >> all of us in agreement until we is a plan from the administration. and then the status quo has to remain. he says those attacks save lives. met. o is using the weekend to get things done. everything should be wrapped up in time for tuesday's morning commute. the four stations will be closed. they include those sean on your
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screen. >> news4's melissa mehay at the live desk. we want to show you a live picture. you can see that british airways plane. we understand the plane was return ared back to heathrow. it is calling a technical fault. there were 75 passengers onboard. that aircraft landed safely. all passengers are okay. we know emergency services had to go out to the aircraft. as far as we know that one run way is still shut down. one was reopened and one still closed as far as we know. we'll keep an eye on that. >> crews are working on that
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massive sinkhole. just ahead why it easier to get around it. >> what you need to know about all of that traffic. >> you may need an umbrella. we are getting rain to the west and on the eastern shore getting showers too. i'll show you the highs.
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february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
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foour neighbors.... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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the northbound lanes probably won't open until tomorrow. 14th street has been a mess since tuesday because of all of
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this when i giant sinkhole opened up. crews have been working non-stop since then to fix it. >> 12 minutes after 5:00 on a friday morning. cooler. let's thek in with tom klerein. >> we are in the low 60s. live crew from the nbc4 city camera. we might have a shower there. highs reaching the mid 60s by mid afternoon. by late afternoon very strong gusty winds. winds gusting 30 to 35 miles pn hour. and clearing out and turning much chillier. we are looking at traffic going points west looking fine. southbound 63 miles-an-hour.
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also no problems. minor delay on the penn 5:05. >> do you know how many calories you are actually eating? >> just ahead. why we don't always eat healthy. >> update on a
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two teens are in custody for the murder of a man. they shot and killed michael brown in his home last week. detectives still looking for a third person involved in the
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murder. >> man say killed him is still free this morning. craig paterson shot and killed the man. he is a sheriff's deputy and was off duty at the time. officers questioned him but he is not facing charges. >> earthquake shook northern california. that is 145 miles northeast of the city of sack meramenraments. there have not been reports of significant damage. but there have been reports of 8 aftershocks. >> community there coming together to honor the 24 people
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killed by that tornado. >> good morning. residents here waking up to a difficult day with more funerals planned including those of two young children students of plaza pow powers elementary school. students met for an assembly to mark the end of the school year. and a chance for some chosure in these difficult, difficult days. 24 people were killed and we are told that the number of injured people tops 300 plus. a bit of good news today the number of destroyed homes has been cut by officials to 1200 people. coming up this weekend is the visit fom president obama we will be touring this disaster zone at well.
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clean up hopefully not too delayed by bad weather. it was delayed by strong wind, rains and thunderstorms. there will be more funerals to come. 24 tearful farewells. thank you sara. squoo fishermen will be allowed back in the iconic pier in ocean city. the pier will open this morning ip time for the weekend. this was a lot of damage done by hurricane sandy here. the mayor will open the pier with the first cast this morning. it has been a fixture since 1907. hundreds of thousands of people will see that peer this weekend.
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news4's megan mcgrath is monitoring the trip early. we heard from david and said it was quite the mess. i felt badly for david. here at the bay bridge things are looking great. you can see that the traffic is moving at speed. we crossed, smooth sailing. i had the easy pass and didn't have to pause at the toll booth. right now is a terrific time to get underway if you are headed to the beach. if you can't get going about 10:00 am. one of those folks that can't stand sitting in traffic. you should wait until after 10:00 p.m. tonight. they are saying leave before 10:00 am tonight.
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smooth sailing and a lot of people take a half day before memorial day. they will run two way traffic on that westbound span. headed eastbound. something that you might notice this year is that they have done things on that span to improve the safe ti. when they run the two way traffic that is not the pattern. they put into lane striping down. you are not allowed to change lanes down. if you kind of drift into the other lane when they are running that, it will bring you back to the other lane. but if you are headed to the beach, now is a terrific time. we h keep watching it and let
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you know we will be updating all morning long. back to you. >> thanks, megan and you will need to get extra gas money. gas prices are up six cents alone. it is down a penny from a week ago. gas in maryland up five creents. and in west virginia, prices are up five cents a gallon at $3.67. >> not what we expect. tom klerein is here to update us. people heading into the mountains and there, quite a bit of cloudiness. here in the storm team four weather center getting reports around 60 degrees. in fairfax county and closer in,
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low to mid 60s. low 60s in prince george county as well. low clouds that are hanging in throughout the region. showing light rain at the beaches. all the way down and off to our west getting a shfew showers ou of washington county into frederick into kulpepper coming into the area here in an hour or so. heading out the door between now and noon. cool. holding steady. the mid 60s with sunshine breaking out but also a strong gusty wind. this afternoon into early this evening and tonight it is going to get chilly.
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maybe even a freeze out in far western maryland and the highlands of west virginia. the wind diminishes on sunday. afternoon highs and 70s. looking beautiful. be breeze off the beach is going to be cooler. it will feel like summer and a shower on tuesday. i'm back in ten minutes and a look at traffic. >> looking in between the beltway. moving quite well 95 southbound heavy volume for this early. it is still moving. we have the last stages of an accident the right lane blocked. that was a car that went up in the grass. 59 miles-an-hour and we have construction in the ashland area. that is a 7 mile delay.
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>> new this morning investigators trying to figure out what caused a police helicopter to crash. five people died. the chopper was chasing a car in a kidnapping case when it went down. two pilots were onboard when it was on the ground. kidnapping for ransom is widespread. >> today president obama heads to the us naval academy. this is going to be the second time that he has addressed the graduates at the academy. 16 u.s. presidents have addressed the classes there. first lady visits the savoy school. she is going to speak to the students, watch a performance and tour the school.
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the program uses the arts to help improve student performance. saying test scores are up as well as enrollment. >> lung cancer is not a smoker's disease anymore. it is now the leading cause of cancer deaths in women. doctors are not sure what is causing the rise but there is a new chemotherapy drug that seems to be working. cough is the most common symptom of lung cancer. >> if you are headed to a fast fo food restaurant for lunch. customers were asked how many calories they thought were in their meal. 2/3 under estimated the calorie
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count. experts hope new laws will help you make better decisions. >> it is fast food so you know it is not going to be good. >> but it tastes good. >> three minutes away from the half hour. coming up. tragedy and triumph. the bright shot for a family. >> new video of a crime that has the uk on edge. >> live union
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looking at the stories making headlines right now. bridge collapse has ended in no fatalities. it collapsed into the river. an over sized truck may have been to blame. >> still not cleavr what caused the collapse. another man was killed.
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>> two earthquakes overnight. that is the video you see there. the other than 8.2 magnitude earthquake in eastern russia. first good morning to you. happy friday. >> good morning. welcome back to news4 today on this friday may 24th. a lot of us waking up to temperatures in the 60s today. >> we are not dealing with a lot of the rain we dealt with yesterday. >> that is a live view from the nbc4 city camera this morning. low 80 is. low 60s. maryland the eastern shore. it is in the 50s. we are going to stay in the low 60s. storm team four radar. showers at the beaching. those are heading out to sea.
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and farther west we have showers showing up here. into frederick county virginia and down to culpepper. they are heading off to the east. may move over into the metro area. until noon time a chance of a shower or passing shower. it will be cloudy withholding temperatures. looking at the volume it is light. no problems at the split. too long standing incidents. the southbound lanes now open.
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route 124 closed. report of one accident route three and 175 we will have more on that in the next report. back to you. >> thank you it. reaction pouring in after president obama speech on counter terrorism. republicans say they have issues with several reports he made. >> good morning. >> good morning one of the biggest issues could be closing that prison down in guantanamo bay. >> the president says we need to look at the war on ter tore in a different way. he also talked about drone strikes and from here on out he wants to make sure there is a
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near concern possibility that no civilians will be killed. that could be one of the biggest challenges here but the president says it has to be dowdow done. >> imagine 20 years from now, when america is still holding people with no crime on a piece of land that is not part of our country. >> you are talking about people who didn't rob a liquor store but terrorists. >> they want to bring some here on u.s. soil to be tried on civilian courts and he is likely to get push back in the not in my backyard approach. closing gitmo could save $1 million a year. there are 166 in mates there. >> thank you tracee.
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we are following a developing sorry right now. new video from moments after that attack in london. a british newspaper's website posted the video after the suspects hacked another soldier to death. >> we will have to wait until at least july to find out if jodi ar s arias will get the death
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penalty. >> the boy scouts voted to change it's policy on admitting gay scouts. the controversy is far from over here. members on the left be and right up set with the split decision. 1400 delegates voted. >> new hope in oklahoma. this morning a family is sell greating a new addition to the family. heather sanders gave birth. she took refuge in a friend's shelter and lost everything. >> the storm pops up pretty fast and we went to a cellar across the street. i was afraid the door was going to come off and it was so loud down there. i was trying to protect her. >> mom and baby and big sister are doing fine. a local community group made a
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visit. >> 5:37 right now. another fee on that phone. which carrier is about to add another fee. >> and he is slated to leave his post any day now. hear from the interim superintendant about hes future. it is cloudy and cool. in the low 60s. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy.
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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all of the flags will be removed tuesday before the cemetery is reopened to the public. >> we woopt ant to get a look a forecast. >> here is a live look outside. still cloudy out there. you might want to grab a sweater. >> or wool socks. we have cooler weather beginning
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to move in. farther to the west we are getting showers in maryland and farther south of there. down through parts of prince william these are heading off to the east. later today, a chance of a shower through noon time sunshine breaking out this afternoon. highs reaching the mid 60s. cooler weather tonight back by midnight into a clear sky into the mid 50s. here is a look at traffic now with joe fox. >> here is a look at the dulles toll road. legion bridge on the beltway. we have minor delays reported on the pen line. the 511 train has not left there. >> parts of a plane ahead what
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caused scary moments. >> are you ready for it? a big reveal what we are about to learn
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february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
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i want to tell you about an american man arrested in the czech republic. they captured him late thursday as he came off a plane. they say he killed an american couple and their children. he is related to the victims. firefighters responded to a fire
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at the house. police have not given details or a motive. he used weapons but no guns. neighbors telling them he had been there for a few weeks. czech authorities say they will seek his extradition so that he can stand trial. pope francis warning them to remain spiritual leaders. saying they should not let the pressures of the job make them in tolerant. >> we still don't know what sparked his massive fire in a fuel depot. they heard several loud explosions before it went out.
5:47 am
squoo atlanta suburb watching the sky this morning after part of a car go jet came crashing into a home. it was approaching jacksonville airport when the wing came plummeting to the ground. parts were found in a nearby parking lot there. the pilot was able to land safely. on the eve of this memorial day weekend. someone is taking aim at an american iconic symbol. both eagles survived and are being treated as a sanctuary. violators can face fines. $22,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. pictures that may help a man who robbed an adult video store.
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police say the man robbed the video club yesterday afternoon. they say he foot with the clerk before getting away. >> big question this morning. who will lead prince george county schools? they asked dr. crawley to stay on. >> i've enjoyed working in the county. with all of the school staff and the central office and our community. they have been very supportive of my tenure. and i feel supported. in the work that we are doing and look forward to continuing to play a role in the work of the school system. >> this last day is supposed to be june third and he resigned
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following baker's change. >> the vietnam memorial will be ill illuminated by candlelight. it begins a weekend long remembran remembrance. that is when tens of thousands of motorcycle s will take part n the ride for freedom. it is going to look more like summer today in the district. he is going to help open this year's pool season. the washington city paper named it in the district this year. you will see property taxes go up. the council approved the budget that will approve the hike beginning july first. that is $80 a year.
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meanwhile, the energy tax is going to go down 10% next year. the budget includes those for firefighters and police officers. today will be a good day for a virginia woman. she won the by nailing five of the winning numbers in last week's drawing. she didn't get the powerball right. we will find out who she is at 11:00 this morning. >> the effectiveness of a drug being used to treat alzheimer's is being questioned this morning. since then, multiple groups have been able to replicate the results. it is used to treat skin cancer.
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but studies show that it is used to treat memory recovery. vdot says they are stopping all road work at noon. the trip so far has been rough. our northern virginia bureau reporter got to virginia beach after five and a half hours in the car. he says he hit the back ups in ashland. made a call to vdot and say an overnight project is to blame. they say it will take you an hour and a half right now and is scheduled to be picks up in an hour. they will talk to new jersey chris christie about how the state is recovering after super storm sandy. that is coming up right here starting at 7:00. >> we turn t tom klerein.
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>> it is going to be 60 degrees right now. here, not much warmer. first, let's look at what is going on. as you are heading out the door you might need an umbrella. those speckles of green, areas of light rain and one of my twitter followers. says if we are going to have sprinkles, i don't want them on my donuts. and into the area heading off to the east. have an umbrella around the area we may get showers over the next hour. cloudy sky. live view. 64 at reagan national. the wins are going to be increasing. it is only in the low 60s. eastern shore out of the
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mountains in the 50s right now. hour by hour today. here is your temperature scale. through noon time with a chance of a sprinkle or shower. we'll have that gusty wind. temperature drops down into thes under a clear sky and the mid 40s. afternoon highs on saturday most of the areas away from the waters wind. maybe a shower on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, back into the 80s. here is the beach forecast for the upcoming weekend. not too bad at the beaches. the water temperature is only around 70 degrees. bet of a greece on saturday and i'm back in ten minutes with another update.
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we are looking good around the dc beltway. no problems on the virginia beltway. no delays between new hampshire and north north avenue. to get over to 270. chopper four is over at 370. this gentlemen is in the woods. right lane will be closed and we have delays on the mark pen line. 507 and 505. back to you. >>. you can discover the world of color first hand. the crayola is open in easton pennsylvania. it underwent a multi million re. ticket prices run $15.99 per
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person. they are part of a group that is breaking off of a multi billion settlement. the stores say they were not satisfied with how much money they would receive with that agreement. popular mobil application is getting an update for ipad users. it will provide ipad users many of the same features found on ipho iphones. the update adds new map feature that adds songs being tagged all around the world. >> you might want to double check that phone bill. millions of americans about to notice an up tick on your bill. >> good morning to you. >> at&t is adding 6 did crept c
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that could add $500 to your bill for the year here. or to the company's bottom line. $500 million to the bottom line. other wireless carriers have these below the line fees. they afear at the bottom of your bill. they criticize these he fees and are less likely to be noticed by customers. they add ver tice prices saying they are lower than they actually are. meet the new boss. bringing back former ceo to run the largest consumer products maker. he is replacing bob mcdonald. struggles to grow amid fierce competition. once we pick one we like it is
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hard to switch over. >> thank you. >> a fan is kicking himself this morning after getting himself kicked out of a game for a sour reward. it stems from this play. check out the catch. he made last nice. he falls over the wall. holds onto the ball. but fans are not impressed. one guy threw that can at him. staff did find the can chucker and es skorted him out. 12-0. >> bad move.
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breaking news. interstate bridge gives way. >> powerful earthquake quakes on different ends of the globe. one so powerful it could be felt for thousands of miles. the holiday rush getting underway. what you need to know. as many beachers are hoping for a big weekend. >> good morning.


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