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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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won't speak with congress about the stand off. i'm scott macfarlane. >> thank you, scott. police are working on a disturbing case. they are trying to find a man who enters women's apartments at night and stares at or touches them while they sleep. there's been three at the meridian apartment complex. in each case, the victims woke up and found a man staring at hem. in one case, he was rubbing the victim's arm. he ran off. jackie bensen has a live report at 5:00. new video just into the news room showing the damage to a prince george's jewelry store during a daring heist. it happened in oxon hill in may. the thieves got away with half a million in merchandise. the thieves used a blow torch to break into the safe.
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dozens of district paramedics involved in the navy yard shooting were honored this morning for their courage during the crisis. the fire chief gave more than 30 paramedics the chief's medal of excellence. gunman aaron alexis went on a rampage killing 12 and injuring four. >> i cannot tell you how proud i was of each one of you. your service that day was spectacular. >> the scene was chaotic. duck, there's more gunshots going on. that was stressful. >> the ceremony follows news that d.c. fire houses were understaffed during the shooting. a recent report uncovered 81 vacancies at the d.c. fire and dms including paramedics. a victim being remembered this afternoon. family and friends of mike ridgell.
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the 52-year-old was the security guard at building 197. his funeral is tomorrow morning. a high school student has been laid to rest nearly a week after being stabbed to death. a couple hours ago, friends and family said good-bye to 18-year-old kenny diaz. it took place at our lady of angel's catholic church. 12 people are facing charges. they believe a 19-year-old stabbed him in a public park. friends of samuel's and diaz were engaged in ongoing disputes over drug deals. the police are looking for two suspects who beat up and robbed a hotel clerk at gunpoint. it happened on arlington boulevard in falls church. they grabbed the 62-year-old clerk, assaulted him, took money from the register and ran off. one of the suspects had a rifle. right now, a vie legitimate
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home invasion has residents in prince george's county on high alert. it happened just after midnight in glen dale. a man suffered life threatening injuries. police say he is recovering. a second person inside the home was not hurt. police are looking for two men seen leaving the area. it's not clear whether the suspects took anything. today prince george's county business owners got details about plans for a casino. they met face-to-face with mgm executives. a second meeting included vendors and contractors. mgm wants to make sure business owners are prepared to succeed at the new casino. if mgm gets it contract, they are hoping to open three years from now. a patriot, man of action and great leader is how george
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washington was remembered dedicating a library to the first president. hundreds gathered at the facility. there's a rare collection of washington's books and manuscrip manuscripts. >> washington understood there were timeless values that the revolution was fought for and to the degree america maintained the principles, we would be a great nation. >> the new library took $100 million to build. unlike other presidential libraries, it does not receive federal money. another historic treasure, the national mall is getting a much needed helping hand. the company that makes john deere tractors is donating equipment to maintain the turf and grounds of the mall. they announced the partnership today. the donated equipment includes motors that run on alternative
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fuel. it marks national public lands day which takes place tomorrow. right now cloudy but dry outside. >> we need more rain to mow more grass. amelia segal is standing by in the storm center to tell us what the weekend is looking like. >> dry weather for the weekend. tomorrow, more sunshine than today. we are going to start with clouds across the area. here is the day planner for saturday. chilly if you are getting up early. temperatures only in the upper 50s. cooler in the suburbs. then, during the morning hours, we are looking at partly sunny skies. sunshine for the afternoon. once again, we are comfortably cool. now, sunday, temperatures will be a little bit warmer. i'll be back in ten minutes with the other half of your forecast. a pilot suffers a medical emergency in mid flight. how passengers on board try to revive the pilot and land the plane. maryland drivers hang up the
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cell phones or go hands free. tougher penalties around the tougher penalties around the corner. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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you can now use the capital
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bikeshare program in maryland. the first of say stations opened today at montgomery lane and maryland avenue. 450 of the bikes will be stationed on both sides of metro red line with stations in silver spring, rockville and bethesda. it's the first time there's been a bike sharing program in maryland. they link cyclists to the program in alexandria and arlington. right now, if you are caught talking on your cell phone while driving in maryland, you will get just a warning. it's going to change. adam tuss is in bethesda and breaks down the details about the new handheld laws. >> reporter: the sign here in the middle of wisconsin avenue says it all. hang up or go hands free. new cell phone law starts october 1st. that's next tuesday in maryland. if a police officer sees you talking on the handheld cell phone, they can pull you over just for that.
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previously, it was a secondary offense, meaning they had to have another reason to pull you over. now, you talk on the phone, the police officer will pull you over. drivers we saw in maryland may want to consider putting the phone down altogether. come tuesday, there's no wiggle room. get caught once, a $75 fine. twice $125. three times $175. local drivers have already paid the handheld price. >> i got caught twice in d.c. in my neighborhood and another time one of my daughter's teachers were walking by. it was embarrassing. >> reporter: did it change your behavior? >> yeah. the fine is big, too. >> reporter: we'll have more reaction from drivers and some who might continue press k the issue. in bethesda, adam tuss, news 4. another alert, drivers beware, the maryland transportation authority will
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use a video system to catch people sneaking through tolls without paying. next month, video recorders will be placed in all eight of the toll entrances to record the license plate of anyone who doesn't pay. anyone caught will have 30 days to pay the fee otherwise, a $50 fine added to each unpaid toll. in virginia, transportation officials want to hear from you. the i-495 easy pass only lanes that stretch from springfield to the north dulles toll road have been opened for almost a year now. virginia transportation leaders want your feedback. go to a little girl pulled from the rubble of a building hours after it collapsed. will it be a dry weekend?
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rescue workers in mumbai india pulled a little girl from a collapsed building nearly 12 hours after the building caved in. crews managed to get about 30 people out. they don't know yet what caused the cave in. the government owns the building. most of the people who live there are city employees. itis the third deadly collapse in mumbai in the past six months. protesters let out a scream of frustration today outside a scientific conference in stockholm. they are frustrated with a lack of action on climate change. inside, the top climate scientists agreed human activity is to blame for the rise in temperatures over the past 60 years. >> human influence on the
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climate system is clear. >> the scientists are part of a united nation's panel on climate change. the steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not taken soon, catastrophic damage to the planet may occur. >> amelia, are we going get rain? >> no rain this weekend. since september 1, we are two inches under where we should be. a dry weekend and we need rain. the weekend is coming. outdoor plans, rain free this weekend. it was cloudy out there today. the high, 72 degrees. comfortably cool. the clouds continuing to break up as we finish off friday. we hope you have a nice week and weekend as we scan the horizon. temperatures across the area, right now, low 70s. here is the evening planner. you are heading out tonight. you definitely need a jacket. it's another chilly night for the most part. temperatures out and about this evening will be mid to upper 60s. overnight, once again, we turn
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cool with a low in washington of 57. areas by the water will be in the low to mid-50s. suburbs and up to the north and far to the west, mid to upper 40s there. so, kind of a repeat weather continuing. really not going anywhere. and for tomorrow, we are starting off with a little bit more cloudiness, once again. partly sunny skies. 68 degrees by the midday hours. as we get into the afternoon, highs will once again generally be in the low 70s. 74 for a high tomorrow. another pleasant day and another fall-like day you can enjoy. getting into the evening hours, we will cool quickly, once again. maybe you are going to go out this weekend, take a nice drive to the west to try to catch some fall color. here is the foliage forecast for the weekend. just starting to see it, low color change. if you are planning a weekend drive to portions of western maryland or virginia,heading up
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to pennsylvania, head to up state new york to see a little bit more color. sunday, temperatures a little bit warmer, in the mid-70s. more sunshine on sunday as well. monday and tuesday, we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. look at what happens with the temperatures. a small change but i think we are definitely going to notice it. 77 on monday. then, we warm into the 80s. for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, but still you can see this is a rain-free forecast. so, tuesday is going to mark the beginning, kind of our temperature warm up. summer-like warmth. like i said, we are still remaining dry and again, looking at the next seven days without precipitation on them. pat and jim? >> thanks. just in, scott macfarlane has new pictures from a violent attack in a northern virginia drugstore. this is a cvs, is that right? >> that's right. the police are trying to find a
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couple crooks responsible. they grabbed cosmetics monday morning. one of them is seen spraying pepper spray at an employee while escaping. when another worker tried to intervene, the suspect hit her with pepper spray, too. the police are asking for the public's help finding the two criminals. i'm scott macfarlane. this weekend marks the last time you may be able to visit the national aquarium. the washington landmark is located in the basement of the commerce building. they are forcing them to close it monday. more than 1,500 animals are housed in the aquarium. the majority of them will be moved up to baltimore. milsz teen usa is expressing sympathy for the man accused of spying on and blackmailing her. he's charged with extortion. investigators say he took naked
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pictures of kassidy wolf and other women hacking into their web cams. he then sent e-mails threatening to publish the pictures. they found the images on his computer at home. she explained her mixed emotions on the "today" show. >> i'm relieved and glad they were able to find the person. on the other hand, it was somebody i went to high school with. he was young, my age. i think it's sad that this is, you know, he chose to do this and put himself in this big dilemma. he's on house arrest. today, his attorney says he has mental health issues. his family apologize zed to the victims. a new reason to eat peanut butter. eating it twice a week could help you down the road. local busines
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president obama's affordable care act will not only impact individuals, but businesses, too. small business owners are scrambling to find out how the law impacts them and how they will comply. >> zachary kiesch spoke to business owners and their workers as they try to navigate the new terrain. >> i mean, it was going to be $100 per month, which doesn't sound bad. >> reporter: she's the office manager at a small business of 44 employees. when she was hired to a full time position a year ago, she was offered insurance but turned it down. >> we don't have many employees, but wanted to offer what we could afford. even when we offered it, our employees still couldn't afford
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to purchase the insurance. >> reporter: under the new law, they won't have to offer the insurance because they are under 50 employees. insurance is no longer an option. it could mean better rates. up the road it's a different story. a company with 140 employees will be required to offer employees insurance. they have seen a drastic increase in premium costs. >> with the affordable care act, we have seen significant increases in rates. we, like many companies received a 29% rate increase. >> reporter: to navigate it, many companies are getting creative in using insurance brokers. >> they are faced with mayor increases. there's fees and taxes built into the premium that is were not there before. >> reporter: as october 1st gets closer, both the president and employees have become educators about the law requiring
4:26 pm
insurance and what the options are for people who will get it on their own at the health care exchange. >> same way you shop for a tv on amazon you just go on and you start looking. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, zachary kiesch, news 4. in news 4 your health, a little bit of peanut butter may help young girls reduce their risk of developing breast cancer. teen girl who is ate peanut butter or nuts twice a week were 40% less likely to develop benign breast disease by age 30. it's a risk factor for breast cancer. it was conducted by washington university. more than 9,000 girls took part in the poll. a medical emergency forces a medical emergency landing. how passengers helped the pilot.
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a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. welcome back at 4:30, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. three women in arlington woke up and found a strange man standing
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in their bedroom. it happened over the last two weeks at the meridian apartments on north taft street. police are now looking for the man. new video shows the damage done by some thieves who robbed a prince george's county jury store. it happened in oxon hill back in may. the thieves got away with $500,000 in jewelry. more than three d.c. paramedics are being honored. they got the chief's medal of excellence for their extraordinary courage during the crisis. news 4 learned some federal workers are being unofficially notified today if they will be furloughed on tuesday. should the shutdown come to pass. this afternoon, the senate approved a bill to keep the government running and toss the ball back to house republicans. steve handelsman live up on capitol hill where it is shaping up to be a very long weekend.
4:31 pm
steve? >> reporter: thanks. after the senate vote, president obama warned the house, warned the tea party, they can shut government, but they cannot kill obama care. >> in the bill, as amended is passed. >> reporter: the senate voted to keep government going, most republicans accepted thekt not defund the health plan. >> the american people deserve better than a government shutdown. >> reporter: they can't stop it tuesday. >> it's not going to happen. the marketplaces are going to be open for business on tuesday. >> reporter: tea party senators vowed to fight down. >> the only thing we want to shut down is obama care. >> obama care is a train wreck. it is a nightmare. >> reporter: with three days to go until the cut off of paychecks to troops, democrats called the process in congress a nightmare and called out the tea party. >> you want to create chaos.
4:32 pm
you want to create confusion. >> we lurch from crisis to crisis. >> reporter: this crisis lurches to the house where conservatives vow they won't cave like senate republicans that pay for obama care. >> our answer is no. >> why in the world would we want to do that. >> they are hell bent on trying to shut down the government. >> reporter: house democrats say speaker john boehner is trapped by the tea party, promising to kill obama care and keep the government running. >> we don't know what we are going to vote for from one minute to the next. >> reporter: boehner is promising rebellious republicans to win a concession on obama care, maybe a delay and part of the program, which would be his condition for keeping government running. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. day care centers in federal buildings won't close if the government shuts down on tuesday. however, contractors who run the
4:33 pm
centers could cut back on operations if workers are furloughed and stay home with their children. news 4 checked and an official tells us individual centers will determine if it's viable for them to remain open. users should check with their local provider. now, disturbing new details about the kenya mall siege. the military caused the mass zive collapse of three floors, according to a top ranking official. the senior kenyan police official confirmed kenyan troops fired rocket propelled grenades inside the mall but would not say what caused the collapse. the military may have killed hostages during a rescue attempt. several cars come with equipment that alerts drivers to possible accidents. a safety group released the
4:34 pm
latest results. phil shows us the winners and the losers. >> reporter: here at the insurance institute for highway safety in charlottesville, virginia, they have been doing crash tests for almost 20 years. this is the first time they have had a chance to test out collision systems, measuring how effective the systems are. they are checking two things, the crash test we are seeing, how quickly drivers were warned abdomen hitting a car in front of them and if there are automatic breaks, how quickly do they kick in. seven models were given a superior rating, subaru legacy and outback, the volvo x 60. for the subaru models, they received the highest scores. it was the only one that avoided a crash at 25 miles per hour. but the head of research here says the important thing to keep in mind is all the systems are
4:35 pm
effective at limiting juries in rear end crashes. >> the new prevention systems will help drivers avoid crashes and avoid being injured in the crashes. >> reporter: how do they measure the effectiveness when it comes to preventing rear end crashes? we are in a subaru outback. essentially what they are going to do and what i'm going to do is show you how you speed up to 20 or 25 miles per hour, as i get close to it, hit the warning and the car automatically stops. that was not me on the brake, it was the car stopping itself. it's going to be coming to more models in the future. it will be interesting to see further improvements that come to the auto makers as they refine this technology in future models. that's the story from charlottesville, virginia. >> he was very trusting there behind the wheel. brave. >> cool technology. >> yeah.
4:36 pm
a surprising apology by bill gates. shotgun many of us do every day on computers was one big mistake. >> the leaning tower of piza is in a different direction. >> temperatures mainly in the 60s. there were 80
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display after her death. back in the' 90s the leaning tower of pisa was leaning. now the tower is actually straightening up on its own. in the past decade, it's straightened about an inch. the movement is so slight, experts think it will continue to straighten over the next century. then they expect it will take another 200 years to stabilize. after that, it's going to start leaning all over again. it was a mistake. microsoft's co-founder confirmed what windows users thought for a long time. hitting control alt delete. gates said the three-key function that brings up a task manager was created because the ibm keyboard designer wouldn't add a single button to allow that action. as big a mistake as it might
4:41 pm
have been, it's lived on through every generation of windows. "saturday night live" fans are lining up at rockefeller center, hoping to be in the audience when they kick off the 39th season. tina fey is back as host. this year, viewers will see six new cast members. among them, the actor who stars in all the at&t commercials with the kids. you can catch the season premier tomorrow night, immediately following news 4 at 11:00. catching a cab here in the district is getting easier and more high-tech. next, which smartphone apps meet d.c. regulations. d.c. regulations. how an ipad thief
4:42 pm
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli.
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cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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we know money from washington is heading to newtown, connecticut. scott macfarlane at the live desk with a look at what it's going to pay for. >> the justice department announced $150,000 will put police officers in schools in newtown. it will fund two positions. u.s. attorney general, eric holder, saying it will help the children feel safe. 20 children and six adults died last december. police are already patrolling the school they are using.
4:45 pm
the system also installed security camps. at the live desk, scott macfarlane. the days of standing by and flagging down a taxi cab may be coming to an end. >> a cab comes to you without you leaving your seat at the bar. it sounds convenient, but the taxi commission set standards. >> as liz crenshaw reports, not all apps are approved for business. >> taxi is coming. >> reporter: hailing taxi cab has gone high-tech. they are replacing street hails. >> i used to call up cabs a lot. it would take forever. >> you don't have to look around for cabs. >> they don't work in your favor. >> reporter: using the app is simple. touch the app and a cab is dispatched. you can track your cab's progress on your phone. taxi's must charge d.c. approved
4:46 pm
fares. app users pay a $2 dispatch fee and may be charged an additional $1.50 convenience fee. >> a lot of times i'm in a hurry and need something fast. >> it opens the door for people to take advantage. >> reporter: they know apps are popular, but want to be sure they are following d.c. rules for fares, approved payment systems, cabs and vetted drivers. >> our assignment is to make sure people use public vehicles for hire do not get cheated. >> reporter: they put regulations in place for electronic hails. app companies and taxi drivers are scrambling to meet the deadline. those who comply are vetted as approved d.c. taxi cab apps. so far, there are five of them, halo, my taxi, taxi radar, yellow cab of d.c. and taxi magic.
4:47 pm
one competitor, uber taxi is not on the approved list. ube,said they are working through issues with the commission to find a way to participate to improve the uber experience and meets the commission requirements. >> your taxi is here. >> reporter: taxi radar technicians are installing equipment to meet the deadline. >> certainly the commission should be regulating or installing daily taxi radar. we are working seven day as week to install. >> complying with the current d.c. regulations is one of the easiest things we could do. >> reporter: taxi magic headquartered in virginia is complete with five fleets in the area. >> taxi rides make it easy, available and reliable. >> reporter: five apps are approved and more expected to jump in and put your your arm and hail with the touch of your finger. >> there's a better way. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news
4:48 pm
4. now some apps will store your credit card information. others let you decide your method of payment at the time of the ride. for a complete list of the taxi cab apps in washington go, to crenshaw. love the new lingo, electronic hail. parnlts, you may want to think about how many people ride in a car with your young driver. they are eight times more likely to get into a deadly accident. if there were two or more teen passengers in the car. there's encouraging news. researchers found overall the number of fatal accidents has fallen 60% nationwide over the past ten years. police in boca raton, florida. a stolen ipad may offer the best clue in this case. the theft happened in a parking
4:49 pm
lot during football practice. one driver lost an ipad. because she has remote access to it, she could see every single move they made with it. turns out, somebody was taking a lot of pictures of herself. >> she's sitting there posing with her tongue sticking out and all these selfie pictures. ift was bold and shocking. >> hmmm. bold is one word for it. no one has been charged in the thefts. police want to talk to the woman in these pictures to see if she can provide any information. >> oops. >> turning to the weather, what is it going to turn like tonight? >> it's turning chilly tonight. the weather is a broken record. no change for the weekend. fall-like temperatures, once again, and more sun tomorrow than we had today. hey, outside right now, the clouds, well they are quickly diminishing and we are getting in on some sunshine during the late afternoon and early evening hours. hard to believe now, the sunset
4:50 pm
around 7:00 p.m. it is going down fast. of course, our day length will continue to get shorter. heren the satellite and radar image, you can see the clouds quickly clearing out of the area. we will have some cloudiness tonight. the temperatures will, once again, drop. we are at 73 degrees right now in washington. areas like college park, rockville, dulles and gaithersburg, low 70s. the majority of the evening hours find temperatures in the 60s. 10:00 p.m., mid to low 60s. you are heading out, long sleeves, a jacket. it is going to get chilly once again. open up the windows. the overnight hours, you probably want to close them. too cool tomorrow morning, especially out in the suburbs. areas like gaithersburg and leesburg, manassas, mid to upper 40s. washington, not as chilly, but cool. 57 degrees for a low there. areas by the water will be in
4:51 pm
the low 50s. again, much of the same of what we have been having here across the area. high temperatures tomorrow, once again, in the low 70s. comfortably cool and i think during the afternoon hours, plenty of sunshine across the area. clear day tomorrow, if you are going. it's from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. there's the 5k and 10k event in the morning. great running weather. a little on the chilly side. it's exactly what you want. during the day, plenty of sunshine. 5:00, we are still in the low 70s. maybe you are going to the calvert county fair in prince frederic, maryland. 70 degrees there. clouds in the morning giving way to afternoon sunshine. once again, a little on the cool and refreshing side for sunday with a high temperature of 72 degrees. mostly sunny skies for our sunday. monday a little more cloud cover. a cold front moves through the area. as it does, the rain falls out
4:52 pm
before it gets here. that brings cloudiness around monday and tuesday. look what happens to the temperatures. usually a cold front we are thinking cooler temperatures on the way. that is not the case here. tuesday, low 80s. some summer-like warmth. again, that's next week. wednesday, thursday and friday, we are still in the low 80s. temperatures on friday maybe a little warmer. moreover than the temperatures, you can see there is no rain here over the next seven days. since september 1st, we are about two inches under where we should be for the amount of rainfall for the overall year, for the most part, we are right on track. again, we are keeping it dry and nice for the weekend. jim and pat? >> all right. thank you. a pilot suffers a heart attack in mid flight. >> how a passenger helped land the boeing 737. >> reporter: i'm jackie bensen. she woke up to find a man touching her arm.
4:53 pm
some strange crimes all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
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imagine you are on a plane in mid flight when the attendant asks if there's a doctor board. then you learn the pilot had a heart attack. it happened yesterday. >> scary stuff. the plane made an emergency landing. the pilot did not survive. passengers jumped in to help, including one man who helped the
4:56 pm
co-pilot land the plane. >> reporter: at the controls of united flight 1603 from houston to seattle thursday night was captain henry skillam. he had to be pulled from the cockpit. >> reporter: two responded to the calls to come forward to help. >> several people came to help. people helped give him cpr all the way. >> reporter: they told air traffic control. >> we've got a man down chest compressions going on right now. i'm not sure the status. can an ambulance and maybe someone meet us at the runway? >> we'll get it going. >> another passenger on flight was an off duty pilot who helped make an emergency landing in boise. emts were waiting to take the
4:57 pm
pilot to the hospital where he died later. many of the 161 passengers who made it to seattle by midnight said all that could be done was done. >> i think everyone handled it really well, actually. everyone was calm while it was going on, even the flight attentands. >> reporter: the pilot was 63 years old. a hospital confirms he died of a heart attack. right now at 5:00, women waking up to a bedroom intruder rubbing up on them. live on capitol hill, we learned what's at stake if the government shuts down. the president did not mince words, just 60 minutes ago. >> knock it off, pass a budget and move on. >> thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm wendy rieger. imagine waking up and finding a strange man standing in your bedroom, staring at you or
4:58 pm
rubbing your arm. this happened to at least three women who live in meridian building on north taft street. jackie bensen is outside the apartment. she had this report. >> reporter: residents of the meridian at courthouse commons say there's one way to describe the crimes. >> very creepy. >> reporter: in the last two weeks, three women have woken to find a man standing in their bedroom. heather, who asked to be identified by only her first name. she woke up to realize a stranger was staring at her. >> terrifying. i screamed and screamed. he was blocking the entrance to my door. i couldn't leave. i was happy he moved out of the doorway. >> reporter: the same man rubbed another sleeping woman's arm. she awoke and he fled.
4:59 pm
residents are alarmed. >> disturbing. >> i live with two other girls. you know, you generally think of this place as safe. >> it's very unexpected. our building is really safe. >> reporter: the description is the same in each case. >> each victim reported the suspect to be a white or asian male, early 20s. in each case, she was wearing a polo shirt. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, one resident tells us when she asked apartment management to warn other residents, she was shocked by their answer. live in arlington, jackie bensen, news 4. a navy helicopter crashed. two navy officers died when the sea hawk chopper crashed in the red sea sunday. one was landon jones. he graduated from the naval academy in 2001. he was 35 years old. newve


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