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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 1, 2013 10:00am-10:31am EST

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we are staying on top of breaking news. a new york transit official tells nbc news four people are dead after a train derailed in new york city. the metro north line derailed in the bronx just a short time ago. we also just learned from our sister station in new york that the number of injured people has gone up. they are now citing at least 63 people injured, and of those, about a dozen critically injured. the train was on a curve when this happened. something to keep in mind on a busy travel day. amtrak service affected between manhattan and albany, new york. ntsb investigators are getting ready to leave washington now and head to the scene of the crash. something that we're learning also that that area is known for tricky turns and curves and conductors were known to slow trains down as they approached those areas. no telling what caused this. we are waiting for a news conference with governor andrew
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cuomo. we'll bring you it latest information as it comes in. keep it here on nbc 4. you can go to for updates. police arrested a man who accidentally fired a shot on the d.c. metro last night near the station on the orange line. police say a man got into a fight with a passenger and pistol whipped him. the gun went off, the bullet shattered a window. no one was shot. one person taken to the hospital with life-threatening injure y irys there let's get your forecast. >> meteorologist amelia segal. >> good morning. good morning to you. today will be warmer with sunshine. better day to hang holiday decorations or take the dog for a walk. live look outside n with tower cam. plenty of sunshine across the area. clouds will increase as we get into the afternoon hours. still chilly, temperature of 37 degrees. by noon, low 40s. mid to upper 40s during
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afternoon hours. into the early evening hours temperatures will be in the 40s. for the redskins game, athey take on the giants this evening, temperature around 40. it will be cool. i recommend a couple of layers. considering it's december 1st, pretty good football weather. temperature warm-up. i'll be talking more about that in a bit. >> thank you so much. an outpouring of emotion over the death of actor paul walker has taken over social media. the star of the "fast and furious" franchises was killed in a fiery car accident yesterday in california. police say the car walker was in was most likely speeding when it lost control and slammed into a tree. walker's reps confirmed his death this morning. the cause of the accident is under investigation.
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the 40-year-old walker began his hollywood ka require career model. made his name in the "fast and furious" series. walker had several projects in the works including hurricane katrina drama set to be released in two weeks. his death comes in the middle of the "fast and furious." he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. officials finished up a conference call with the immediate ye regarding improves to the website. seven page report reviewed. about broke down each fix. the revamp went well. users seeing 80% success rate. each user stays on the site 20 to 30 minutes. the site's able to hold a greater amount of users. this weekend's a good test with higher than average traffic. several other improvements still coming to the site. one piece of the puzzle missing, youth sign-up.
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nbc's peter alexander has more on the importance of having healthy young people enrolled. >> wlaets up? >> how are you? >> reporter: 27-year-old nathan is what supporters are counting on. one of the young invincibles whose enrollment is critical to make the law work. he's in no hurry to sign up. what's the hold up? >> i haven't gotten around to it yet. >> reporter: how do you get young people on board. >> recruit their parents with a dose of humor. aarp urging mothers to send children e cards. get health insurance so i can stop pestering you to sign up and pressure you to get married. >> something important to talk to you about. >> reporter: this new ad encourages moms and dads to have the talk with their grown kids over the holidays. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what, but it's time to get covered. >> reporter: using star power, too, like olivia wild.
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>> go. preventive care is free. >> obama care. >> reporter: obama care needs young, healthy adulted to offset cost of older people and those with preebsisting conditions. advocates say there are encouraging signs in california. first state to report who's enrolling. through october 18 to 34-year-olds here accounted for 22% of enrollments, higher than their share of the population. >> we like to say they're young have invincible, i like to say they're not young and stupid. they know they're an accident away from having a $50,000 debt, $100,000 debt. >> reporter: beginning january, sharon hardwick, a nursing student, will have health insurance for the first time in six years. >> it's a burden that has been lifted, because you don't know what the future holds but you have to prepare for it. >> reporter: still, there are obstacles. california's state-run website is working supporters worry the flawed federal site may discourage more young people from signing up. peter alexander, nbc news,
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los angeles. right now, zookeepers are preparing to reveal the nail of the giant panda cub. here is a live look from the panda cam at the national zoo. can you see our little girl in the top right-hand corner? the elaborate naming ceremony will happen this afternoon. waiting until now to announce the name. darcy sperns lincer at the zoo. it's incredible to think 100,000 people have voted for this. >> reporter: you know, it's the baby panda, people are excited. take a look here. the seating that's been set up for the huge celebration. here is the podium, speakers here. 1:00 this afternoon, for this big celebration, this is washington, it democratic. people got to go online and vote.
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1123,000 voted. there's a list of five names, jen-bao, bao-bao, mulan, lung yun. one of the names will become the name of the baby panda. this celebration taking place here at 1:00 this afternoon. and there's speakers here, there's going to be a bit of food, music and dancing. its a big deal. if we can come back out live here to the camera, you see these people here? they have been here since 7:00 this morning. you talk about panda fans, and i spoke to one woman who was here, she was the first person in line, she just wants to make sure that she gets her place out here in the panda plaza. you can see that it's very limited seating. so, people wanting to make sure that they get out here. they're showing up six hours in advance of this celebration to make sure they are here for the naming ceremony. watch it online, social media. a report on news4 at 6:00.
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darcy spencer. cashing in with every click. how one district is making money online. how much it's worth. breaking news, new york, four people killed after a train derailed in the bronx headed to grand central station. and the number of injured continues to climb. up to 67 injured. 11 critically. waiting for a news conference. we'll
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new numbers coming in on breaking news in new york. four people killed in a train derailment in the bronx. the train headed to grand central station. more than 60 people now hurt. we're waiting a news conference.
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ntsb headed to new york within the hour. keep it here and on for the latest information as we learn it. we move to prince georges county now. we know just how much the school system is making from ads on its website. "the washington post" says that over the last two years, the county school system has brought in about $160,000. they advertise for things ranging from furniture to clothing, insurance, colleges. but there is a disclaimer that the school system does not endorse messages, products or services presented there in the ads. do you trust your fellow americans? new survey says probably not. according to nut associated press gfk poll, social trust is down. people have even grown skeptical of those they know. one-third of us trust other americans. 40 years ago half of the population trusted each other. this could be a large problem if the trend continues. a live look at train derailment in new york.
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four people killed on a stretch of tracks already known to be dangerous. more from the bronx straight ahead. a check of our weather with amelia. >> looking at warmer temperatures today. by the end of the week, temperatures will be in the low
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following breaking news in new york where four people have died as a result of a train derailing in the bronx headed to grand central station. more than 60 others hurt. at least 11 of those are critically injured. we are waiting for a news conference. keep it here on nbc washington for nvs information as we learn >> first weekend of the holiday shopping season wraps up. many shoppers spent part of thanksgiving day at stores on hunt for black friday sales. shoppers spent $9.7 billion on black friday, down more than 13% from last year. but if you add in thanksgiving day, sales rose overall more than 2% from the same two days last year. national retail federation projects holiday sales will hit $602 billion this year. >> well, president obama and the first family also did a little
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holiday shopping yesterday. >> it is a long list, but some outstanding books. i've got books for every age group, from 5 until 52. >> wonder what the commander in chief is reading these days. the president bought several books at politics and prose in northwest part of small business saturday. for the fourth year small business owners encouraged shoppers to take a break from big box stores and buy local during the busy shopping weekend. u.s. attorney general eric holder shopped locally he visited union market in northeast d.c. and bought items at several shops and food at different eateries. >> i'm here as a washington, d.c. resident who wants to support great businesses, who support my community. >> holder says the local businesses are doing great thing business hiring people. right now, the orbiter left
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the atmosphere. the craft fired its main engine for 20 minutes giving it the correct speed and angle to leave the earth's orbit. spacecraft is on course to land on mars after a ten-month journey around the sun. india launchedite first spacecraft bound for mars november 5th. shaping up to be a decent day, at least more sun. let's send it over to meteorologist amelia segal. >> right. more sun and temperatures will be warmer. still crisp. overall, nice today, december 1st is today. it is a dry start not just today but majority of the weekend. temperatures slowly going to warm as we continue to work our way toward friday. if you're traveling today, leaving the area as your thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, what you can expect. generally quiet weather over a good portion of the northeast. however, in northern parts of
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new england, up into upstate new york, spotty snow showers there. spotty showers as well down in the gulf. but the midwest, mild, quiet weather now. i think the biggest travel problem could be, if you're heading out to the northwest. rain and heavy winds forecasted there. somewhere snow falling in the highest elevations. again, i think the most problems will arise if you're heading to the northwest or potentially back to areas around boston. hearing a lot of reports of slick roads right now. temperatures presently are in the 30s. 34 in rockville and dulles. 38 college park. 37 for those in the district and work into the afternoon hours. temperatures warm into the mid to upper 40s. clouds will slowly increase. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies as we get into the afternoon hours. high of 47. yesterday our high, only 39 degrees. and then for monday, temperatures warmer. high of 50.
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however we trade the temperature warm-up tomorrow for an increase in clouds. 10:00 a.m., temperatures in the mid 40s, into the afternoon hours. cloudiness and again hitting high of 50. that's typical for this time of year. tuesday and wednesday, low 50s, with cloud/sun mix. then, mild air started to make its way into the area. for thursday, high of 57. friday, high temperature of 62. that's going to feel balmy compared to where we have been lately. and it is looking like rain is likely on friday. as a cold front makes its way through the area. that cold front will be cooling us down for next saturday. a high temperature of 48. and again, on saturday, i do think that some rain is likely. today being december 1st, as far as meteorologists are concerned, winter has begun. on average, the coldest three months, december, january, february. but the winter solstice arrives
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on december 21st. what is the difference? december 21st, when the earth's axis will be tilted furthest away from the sun. good news, once we hit december 21st, we'll see daylight increase each day. but the length of daylight on december 21st will be only 9 hours and 26 minutes. guys, looking towards that warm-up this week and rain by friday. >> thanks, amelia. historic mistake or a high point in u.s. foreign policy. >> the iranian nuclear deal is under wry view with a big issue here at home. new health care website. david gregory joining us this morning. this morning, officials are saying the website is improved 80%. still not quite perfect. >> they're claiming dramatic change, 50,000 people on a time -- on the website. private sector-like effectiveness what they're
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totting. they're going to argue this forcefully. a lot of tests to come, once people sign up for plans, so they want to manage expectations, keep them low and argue they can have an effective december. they have delayed some parts of this. one of the questions, whether that individual mandate can be delayed or should be as we move forward. i talk to key members of congress about that. >> they wanted to undersell the improvements, say we can get it up but not necessarily 100% or 110%. >> right. supposed to be fully functional. they are defining this fully functional with room to go. the report is an interesting document in terms of hundreds of bugs fixed. it's easy to convey there's dramatic improvement. that's going to have to stand the test of time and working not just the website working but the policy itself working as we move
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forward. >> you'll be talking to leaders in the catholic church how he wanted to be an ally. >> they did. cardinal dolan feeling marginalized, he's someone who has been a big proponent of universal coverage. he feels more marginalized by the administration when they've -- the catholic church is a big proponent of this idea. >> we have to mention iran. does the recent nuclear deal mark a high point in u.s. foreign policy or as prime minister netanyahu put it, a historic administration. >> we don't know. it's worth testing to see how far iran would go in terms of dismantlingite nuclear program. it's hard -- i'm hard pressed to see why iran would give up that capacity. but the reason they're at the table now, they're feeling so much economic praessure and the regi regime's under pressure. that's worth pursuing and that's
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what the president's doing. >> back to the breaking news in new york. deadly train derailment in the bronx impacting travel across the northeast corridor. four people are dead. dozens of others injured. more than 60 people injured. amtrak saying service is disrupted because of the accident. it's a big problem on this heavy travel weekend. you can get the latest information at any time press pass after "meet the okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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that breaking news in new york. andrew cuomo confirms the death toll at four, 63 other people hurt in that train derailment in new york. he's giving updates from rescuers on the ground and preparing for a news conference. >> apparently a short time ago, in an area where we are told that conductors usually have to decrease their speed because of so many tricky turns in that area. we're not sure how fast this train was going at the time. and again, something that is going to continue to develop as time goes on. but again, four people confirmed dead. 63 people hurt. a train derailed in the bronx, headed towards grand central
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station. we'll be sending out any new information on the situation all day long. go to for updates there. >> live pictures coming in from the scene right now. you can see several cars came off the tracks, initially feared some of the trains may have fallen into the hudson river because this is very close there to the river bank. but that ended up not to be the case. but still, serious injuries there on the ground. again, four people dead. this is happening in the bronx near the spuyten duyvel metro station. we'll be following this all day. >> that's it for news4 today. [ male announcer ] now's the time to give yourself
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visit that's to give yourself the ultimate technology gift today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this sunday, the race to fix the president's health care plan takes on new urgency as a key deadline is reached. >> there are thousands of people every single day who are getting health care for the first time. and by the way, the website is continually working better, so check it out. >> but is it working as well as it should be? with president obama's promises to fix, will the website be fixed well enough to handle the millions of people that could sign up this month? and what will be the impact of obama care on the 2014 elections, and even perhaps the 2016 presidential race? plus, an historic week for pope francis


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