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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 1, 2013 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> we got down early but the guys fought back hard and defense played outstanding and got us stops and big turnover at the en. we had a couple of big plays and good drives and got back in the game. it was fun. we had a fun night. it was a good win for us. >> michele: andre brown missed the first eight games with a broken leg and comes back. two touchdowns tonight. has what has he meant to your offense? >> the physical running game he has brought and positive yardage and keeping us in good down and sdans and picking up protection. he has done a great job. peyton hillis played well tonight also. we run the ball wen' have to keep doing that. >> michele: you're 5-. what do you think? you're still in this. >> we knew after last week's loss we have to win five in a row aand this is the first one. you can't win five in a row if you don't win the first one so we accomplished that and got to keep going. >> michele: congratulations. >> thanks. >> michele: justin, had you two and a half sacks on the season.
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tonight have you a career high four. what got into you? >> you know what, man? coach always said just keep pounding the rock and what we have done. the numbers aren't there, but we rushed hard and tonight it came together for us. secondary did a great job of giving rg different reads and had to hold the ball longer than in previous games. i was able to capitalize on it. >> michele: the lack of pass rush is an issue for this defense. how do you build on a performance like tonight? like eli just said, mant we got to continue to play one game at a time. we dug youourselves in a good h here. you follow the giants we will always make it tough on ourselves. one game at a time and play together and great team effort and you got to win. >> michele: congratulations, justin. >> thank you, michele. >> al: michele, thanks. look at the playoff picture. new york is still very much on the outside on this situation even with that win although they
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do have technically a shot at it. seattle hosts new orleans tomorrow night and could affect the standings down the line. both divisions figure to come down to the final sunday. carolina and san francisco won today to stay ahead in the wild card race and two of carolina's next three games are against new orleans so they have a good shot at the division that includes next sunday night here on nbc when the panthers play at the saints. now let's bring in tony dungy from new york. tony, which nfc team impressed you most today? a lot to choose from. >> there are, bob. i have to look at the san francisco 49ers. they were playing st. louis. st. louis had been hot and the 49er defense played well as they always do. i think the big thing was getting michael crabtree back. you look at how that opened up the offense. crabtree making plays on the outside. not only the speed and everything that he brings but now just making it a little bit easier for vernon davis and anquan boldin.
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i was really impressed with the 49ers today. >> in the afc, if denver and new england each win out, they will own the top two seeds. indy is three games clear in the south and cincinnati two-game lead over baltimore. the race for the sixth seed figures to be tight with two teams at 6-6 and four at 5-7. so tony, although this may be an impossible question to answer, which team do you think is best positioned out of those half dozen fighting for that last playoff spot? >> i really like where the ravens are because they won on thanksgiving and when you have those extra three or four days off heading into december it really gives you a physical and emotional lift. also i like the fact that baltimore has been there before. they had a super bowl run last year. a lot of those veteran guys know what it takes so they have got a tough schedule coming up but i like where the ravens are sitting right now with that big win against pittsburgh. >> coach, thanks a lot. we will turn to mike florio of pro football talk.
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mike, what will you have your eye on tomorrow? >> bob, we will have our eye on the league office. tomorrow morning the review will commence of that sideline incident from thanksgiving night involving steelers coach mike tomlin. he has said he lost his placement on that white stripe. actually had a foot in the fie on a kickoff return by ravens receiver jacoby jones. i'm told all options are on the table from fine to suspension to on the possible loss of a draft pick although the expectation is there will simply be a significant fine imposed. either way a decision is expected by the middle of the week. speaking of decision. the packers and bears have decisions to make about their starting quarterback. aaron rodgers still recovering from a broken collar bone may or may not be back on sunday and mixed reviews on whether he is ready to return and face the falcons. for the bears jay cutler continues to recover from a high ankle sprain and may not be back on monday night as the bears take on the cowboys. both teams are in danger of
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>> al: get to panthers and saints in a minute. back to the end of the game here. here is jeff trip lee putting up three fingers signaling third down. he looks around. mike shanahan in his press conference just said he had asked the head linesman the official nearest him for a measurement. the head linesman said he didn't need a measurement. they call a first down play and the way the game ended. >> cris: the bottom line jeff triple triplette saw the mistake. even though it impacts the game and no time-outs for washington and they couldn't stop it if he wanted to. he had to stop the game and make sure everybody understands it's third down not first down because the play caller has no chance in that situation. that is a major scw-up that really had a lot to do with the outcome of this game. >> al: one other note too. we didn't get it during the game. giants one penalty tonight for
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one yard. it was half the distance to the goal line so they had like 11 inches in penalties tonight. in any event! next week it's carolina at new orleans. a game that before the season we didn't think we would be flexing into but here we are and this is going a beauty. >> cris: it is. because you get sort of the best against the best. you get carolina's defense led by luke kuechly and they do so many great things on the defensive side. going into that dome where we have seen everybody struggle to try to stop that offense with drew brees so it's going to be fantastic. >> al: eight in a row. 15 games in about four days but a lot of fun this thanksgiving week. hope had a great holiday. 24-17 is our final. next week, it's on to the superdome. the panthers and the saints on "sunday night football." until then, al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. our endure true headed by fred and the guys in the truck. good night from landover, maryland. .
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right now, crews working to up right the cars involved in a new york city train derailment. tonight we're a learning more about the four people killed as investigators try to find out what went wrong. a crime scene outside an nfl stadium. one person dead after struggle in the parking lot. and the d.c. man offers a thousand dollar reward for an arrest in this week's sex
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assault in upper northwest. why he's trying to bring closure to someone he's never met. good evening. we begin tonight with the investigation into that deadly commuter train derailment in new york city. investigators have recovered the train's black box data recorder. it will help them learn what was going on at the moment of the crash. four people died. tonight police identified those victims. two were women, two were men. one of them was headed to new york city to work on the rockefeller center christmas tree. more than 60 people were also injured in the crash. nbc's jay gray talked to survivors on that train. >> tonight investigators say they located the black box in the wreckage in the metro-north commuter train which could provide key data from the accident. >> our mission is not to understand not just what happened but why it happened.
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>> passengers say they sensed there was a problem as the train rambled into a sharp turn along the harlem and hudson rivers. about 20 minutes from its final stop at grand central station. >> we were going fast. as it hit the curve, it was flying. out of control and off the tracks. >> people were screaming and crying out to god and asking for their families. it was gruesome. >> i hit the window. all the chairs came out. a woman who was sitting across hit me. >> survivors described the moment of impact. >> as we were going over, i looked at my two -- i screamed at my two friends, you know, that we're going over. >> local, state, and federal investigators led by the national transportation safety board continue to pour over the scene. much of their focus on the two cars on their sides, inches from the water. >> late this evening the railroad was given permission to up right the two overturned cars. response teams had used infrared
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equipment. >> the complete investigation is expected to take a week to ten days. jay gray, nbc news, new york. amtrak is not expecting the derailment to cause delays tomorrow. passengers in upstate new york were delayed several hours today between new york city and albany. that service has since been restored. northeast corridor service between washington and new york was never effected. a controversial ending but another disappointing result for the redskins tonight at fedex field. the team now officially eliminated from the playoff picture. diana is live to tell us how it all came unraveled after a hot start for rg3 and the offense. >> you know, chris, you look at this game on paper. if you take a look at the stats and it seems the washington redskins team could have been vicker to yus but they couldn't finish, they couldn't get it
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done. and they pretty much let the new york giants take it right out of their hands. they came out hot in that first half but then it all fell apart in the second half. rg3 and the redskins starting this game great. then the second quarter, they're up 7-0. griffin to paul. 19-yard touchdown. griffin 12 of 12 passing to start the game. redskins up, 14-0. to the fourth quarter now. 17-14. on first and goal the giants andre brown reaches out and scores the go ahead touchdown. giants up 21-17. now we have 1:30 to go. skins down seven. after a referee screw-up, it's fourth and one. he makes the catch but the ball is stripped and taken away by will hills. giants hold on to win it, 24-17. the redskins now 3-7. they are tied in the nfl for the second worst record in the league. they are 3 of 9 right now. and pretty much this redskins
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team will take the next month, the next four games to evaluate next season. that's what they'll do. stay right here, we'll have more coming up in "redskins final." an investigation into under way tonight in kansas city after a man was found dead in the parking lot of arrowhead stadium during the chiefs/broncos game. two suspects are in custody. police say the vick tetim was tg to get into somebody's car when he was con fronted by the owner and a friend. the men struggled and the victim was found unconscious and taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. no word tonight on how he died. the police chief says the struggle was not related to any fan rivalry. new tonight, a local business owner is increasing the reward to try to catch a rapist. he reached out to news4 hope that his offer would bring in more tips for police.
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news4's david found out the man behind the reward offer knows what it's like to be the victim of an unsolved crime. >> b.b. smith wants to give away $1,000. he hopes someone, maybe you, will give him a reason to write the check. >> if he gets away with that, all that tells others is that they can do the same exact thing and get away with it. >> this is what he's referring to. last tuesday's robbery and rape of a woman in friendship heights. surveillance video captures the suspect and his victim. >> that could be anyone's mom, sister, grandmother, child, you know, it's got to stop. i mean, that's insane. >> last week's brutal crime happened right here on wisconsin avenue. now two reasons he wants the suspect caught. first, well, this is an area that he and his wife once considered safe. and, second, he's tired of crimes going unsolved. his own included. >> i was shot ten blocks from
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the capitol of the united states, you know. that's what is so dumbfounding about it. >> we showed him our coverage of his attack last year. he hadn't seen it before. he admits he's a miracle. shot in the face for his eye phone and three bucks and alive to talking about it. >> where did it go through? >> it went in pretty much directly here. at an angle. went in here. tore all this up and came out the side here. >> times led to healing but not an arrest. the suspects in his shooting, still out there, just like this woman's attacker. >> i hope he gets caught. we need him off the street. >> in north west washington, news4. tonight d.c. police tell us the sex assault case is still open. they do not have any new leads to report. they say if mr. smith wants to offer a reward, he should contact them in writing. tonight police are looking through surveillance video to find out who stole at least $10,000 in red kettle donations from a salvation army.
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investigators tell news4 that two men broke into a salvation army office in southeast early this morning. they broke glass to get through one door. and they used to screw driver to break into another. from the looks of it they knew exactly where the money was. >> it tugs at your heart when people decide they want to do this for their own community. i'm more concerned about what they're doing to the neighbors than what they're doing to the salvation army. >> salvation army says a security guard confronted one suspect. that suspect had a knife and got away. no one was injured. people may have showed up for this big shopping weekend, but the latest report from the national retail federation finds they didn't spend as much money as expected. holiday shoppers spent $57 billion over the last four days. that is down 3% compared to last year. more than 141 million people hit the malls this weekend. many showed up early for thanksgiving day deals, but they
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still spent less. the average shopper spent $407 this weekend. that's $16 less than they did in 2012. now the holiday weekend is over it's back to reality and back to work. amel amelia is here to tell us what to expect weatherwise tomorrow morning. >> good evening to you, chris. and we can expect for the most part a pretty quiet morning. and temperatures won't be very chilly. here you can see as we work our way through the remainder of the overnight hours on into the morning hour, temperatures will dip into the mid 30s around 5:00, 7:00 a.m. by the mid and late morning hours we're already push that 40-degree mark. 11:00 a.m., 45 degrees. so pretty comfortable outside tomorrow, relatively speaking. we've had very chilly last few days. today we started to see a bit of a warm-up and that warm-up continues tomorrow on into the rest of the week. bus stop forecast, mid 30s for kids getting on the bus in
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washington. around 30 degrees in the suburbs. it will feel relatively speaking, balmy by the end of this week. so just how warm will it get? i'll be talking about that in your extended forecast in about ten minutes. new tonight, four people hospitalized after suffering carbon monoxide.soining at a home on cabin court in laurel. prince george's county police say the victims were overcome while working on a car in a closed garage. two are listed in serious condition and had to be taken to the hospital and the other two are in fair condition. well, after much speculation, the national zoo today revealed the name of its panda cub. it's bao bao. the name means precious treasure. and it was trending on twitter at one point today. the elaborate unveiling including lion dancers, music, and a video address from first lady michelle obama, and the first lady of china. more than 123,000 people voted
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on line to pick the cub's name and dozens lined up early to get a good spot for the big reveal. >> it's been eight years since we had a cub, tyson was the first so we wanted to celebrate that and we also want, you know, to kind of get people excited. >> bao bao's mother gave birth in 2005. he was returned to china in 2010 for breeding. well, the zoo waited 100 days to name bao bao in keeping with chinese tradition. right now, vice president joe biden is on his way to southeast asia. biden plans to make stops in jap japan, china, and the border between north and south korea. trip comes amid tensions with north korea over two detained americans as well as its nuclear program. there have also been tensions with china over airspace covering the east china sea. vice president joe biden will
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meet with the presidents of south korea and china and the prime minister of japan during this trip. in bethlehem, a giant christmas lighting at the church of the nativity tonight. a catholic mass marked the start of the christmas season before the tree lighting today an there were also fireworks. bethlehem is believed to be the birth place of jesus. a giant menorah was lit in alexandria, on this, the fifth night of hanukkah. crowne plaza hotel in old town. hanukkah is a jewish festival of lights lighting of a candle every night for eight nights. the search for a missing teen in virginia leads to a confrontation at the home of the only suspect in the case. tonight what happened during the search for alexis murphy. plus, fans and co-stars leave tributes for actor paul walker. and the rescue to remember for a group in fairfax county firefighte
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hollywood mourning the death of "fast and furious" agenter paul wagner tonight. wagner's co-star gibson got emotional while visiting the memorial that the built in the site of the deadly crash that killed walker. walker was killed after the porsche he was riding in hit a light pole and burst into flames. one man said his son was with walker just before he died and he saw the black smoke coming from the crash. >> he's still traumatized by it. he saw two of his friends die and there is nothing they can do. >> fans have been gathering at
11:58 pm
the crash site all day to leave notes and memorials to the actor. police are still investigating but they believe that speed may have been a factor in the crash. volunteers scoured a wooded area in virginia today. the teenager has been missing since august 3rd. nbc's amy voo explains why there was a confrontation today near the home of the only suspect. >> reporter: the first all volunteer search for missing virginia teen came to a tense standoff yesterday afternoon at the property where randy taylor lived. the property owner's daughter, turner, ordered volunteers off the 19-acre site because they had no search warrant. after about an hour of back and forth with murphy's family members, turner's mother gave the search team's permission to scan the land for the rest of the day. >> it was a miscommunication and a miss understanding. i mean, it was solved. the parties talked and they --
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they want to help out any way possible. >> reporter: the lynchburg paced self help opportunities gathered hundreds of people at nelson county high school earlier in the day to begin the search. >> one common goal and that's to do something positive to bring some joy back to another family during the holidays. >> crews walked along route 29 starting at the liberty gas station. the last place murity was seen on august 3rd. >> rewalking the area that's already been searched just to make sure, you know, we didn't miss anything. >> reporter: murphy's great aunt says they are looking for any clues to find her. it's a community effort the murphy family hopes will bring alexis home. >> it's the end of a holiday weekend. everybody has to go back to work but they're taking their time out to come help us find her. >> taylor is behind bars awaiting his trial in february of next year. he denies any involvement. murphy's family and friends will
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hold a tree lighting ceremony on tuesday to mark four months since her disappearance. 8-month-old great dane would have quite a story to tell if she would after being rescued from a fairfax county fire. firefighters found cola behind a chair in a burning house in great falls last night. they quickly used a pet oxygen mask to help her start breathing again and they took her to an animal hospital for more treatment. firefighters from station 439 got to visit cola today. vets say she's doing very well. her family posted a message on facebook saying that they were eternally grateful to the firefighters for saving cola's life. what a nice story to lead us into weather. >> for the most part the weather not going to be too bad. it was chilly. it was the coldest thanksgiving since 2000. now, as we work our way through the first week of december, temperatures are going to warm a little bit each day. and i think i'm going to sit -- use the word balmy. i used that earlier to describe how it's going to feel outside
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for thursday and friday. relatively speaking at least from where we've been. for the most part a dry start to december but by the time friday comes around and saturday, we're going to be talking about rain. rain is likely on friday. so if you're trying to decide when maybe you should go get your christmas tree or hang those holiday deck kor rags, keep in mind there is a good likelihood we will be dealing with rain at some point on friday. we'll continue to update the timing as we work our way through the week. temperatures now for the most part in the 30s. upper 30s a i cross the area with cloudy skies. 40 in annapolis. 43 degrees in washington. right now satellite and radar is showing that cloud cover over the area. and unfortunately, this cloud cover is going to stick with us throughout the day tomorrow. but that's going to do for the lows tonight is a good thing. it's going to prevent them from getting too cold. so low temperatures tonight in washington and areas by the water, will be in the mid 30s. the suburbs dropping into the
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low 30s. but remember, it is going to be a mostly cloudy monday just limited sunshine tomorrow. but it will be a little bit warmer than it was today. a high temperature tomorrow around 50 degrees. around the midday hours will be in the mid 40s and mid 40s for your evening hours as well. so it won't feel too cold outside. as we look to tuesday, a high temperature of 52 degrees with a cloud/sun mix. here's your planner for tuesday. starting off, not too bad. 38 degrees at 7:00 a.m. partly sunny skies for the midday and afternoon hours, feeling comrt outside. seasonable, this is the kind of weather we should be having this time of year. here you can see your average high, 50 degrees. wednesday, this is when the warm-up starts to kick in. a high temperature of 55 degrees on wednesday. partly sunny skies. mild for thursday. a high of 62 degrees. keeping it dry but mainly cloudy on thursday. friday, some rain is like
12:03 am
likely. high temperature on friday. a 59 degrees. we're going to continue to track the temperature on friday because it might get a little bit colder. for saturday, a big temperature drop. we go from around 60 on friday to upper 40s on saturday. the chance of rain continues for sunday. partly to mostly cloudy. a chilly high temperature of only 41 degrees, chris. >> thank you very much. coming up in sports, when is a first down not a first down? we will have much more on the controversial ending to
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