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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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you you have to park inside the white lines along the curb on "h" street. police are ticketing violators up to $100. crews are testing the wires and tracks but not everything is going smoothly. it took about an hour for a test truck to travel five blocks because cars were blocking the way. in the day ahead your favorite food truck will park in the same spot for up to 30 days in the district. d.c. regulators are rolling out a new parking reserve system. 17th street by fair fwut square and 12th street by metro center. every month a new lottery will determine where they can park. this is b.b. smith offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest
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in connection to an assault and rape. this is some of the surveillance footage. smith says he doesn't know the woman but is tired of crimes going unsolved. all it tells others is they can do the same thing and get away with it. >> so far d.c. police do not have any leads. if you reck naz the attacker call d.c. police. the long holiday weekend ends on a sour note for redskins fans. check it out with about two minutes left in the game and the redskins trailing the giants by just seven points, rg3 makes a pass that many think should have been a first down. instead will hill strips the ball from pierre garcon and it ends in confusion. >> no explanation, no measurement.
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>> really played a great game. we just couldn't finish it. >> the redskins are 3-9 for the season. they host the kansas city chiefs next sunday. >> it's been one of those seasons. maybe we'll just look forward to next season. let's check the forecast. so far so good, chuck. >> a couple of things you'll notice. that's really crowdy. do i need the umbrella? you don't. you don't need that at all. it's not that cold outside. temperatures now had mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. 39 degrees in falls church this morning.
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your you monday morning looks this way. temperatures in the 30s now, into the low 40s by 8:00. mid-40s by 10:00 a.m. this morning. a lot of clouds but not much of anything in the way of a rain chance. that's just about average for early september. if you're traveling in charles county waking up, good morning to you. nice and clear. nice and clear taking it from accokeek, nothing but these little green cars. no delays, no accidents. traveling along 301. a live look. as you travel northbound at the split for 5, no accidents there the. as you continue your trip on i-66, your commute is coming up in ten minutes.
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richard? >> melissa mollet hases a story from the live desk. special cranes are being brought in after yesterday's deadly train derailment in the bronx. take a look at some of the video we have for you this morning. what we know is they're going to be removing rail cars so that repairs can begin. four killed. this happened at 7:30 yesterday morning. two people now were actually onboard. >> hit the window. >> i screamed at my two friends that we're going over. >> the national transportation safety board arrived yesterday. they have a team on the scene. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >> the deadly derailment is one
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in a series this year. a poyer cable failed suspending service to to new york city for an hour and a half. close to the spot of yesterday's derailment. no one was hurt in that incident in may. an eastbound train in fairfield, connecticut, derailed and struck a westbound train. 72 people were hurt. investigators say this happened just arrow head stadium in a parking lot during the game. they believe the man went to his car only to find a stranger inside. that led to a fight. at least three people are being questioned but no one is under arrest. 4:35 now this morning police are looking through is yosurveie
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video had hoping to identify two men who broke in a a salvation army building in d.c. the that he was took off with more than $10,000 in donations. take a look at the mess left hand at the community center in southeast. police use add screwdriver to break into another. >> it tugs at your heart when people do this to their own community. >> a security guard confronted one robber. he had a knife and got away. police say victims were overcome while working on a car in a closed garage at a home in laurel on cavan court. two people had to be taken to a baltimore hospital. >> black friday sales kicked off the season. as is tradition today people aross the country will pass on
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work and shop until they drok for cyber monday. last year cyber monday pulled in $1.4 billion for retailers. but before you click the check-out button remember a few key tips including check out the website before you buy. no matter how good the deal looks, shop around the internet and always check out the store's return and exchange policy. today isn't just big for on line retailers. a record setting 22 million shipments just today. we're taking a look at you how black friday did. record breaking crowds came out to see the sales on black friday. not as many spent money.
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while you were sleeping a number of couples were making history. the latest state to legalize same sex marriage overnight. >> the steps being taken in a busy northern virginia corridor to try and ease traffic. and a bit of a break from the cold this morning as you [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for triumph.
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d itdot has a plan to fix congestion. the department will deliver plans to ease gridlock on interstate 95 through spotsylvania county. transportation leaders will announce findings from a number of traffic studies. leaders may be at odds after plans fell through. the embassy is celebrating the 150th birthday of edward mu munch by decorating a christmas tree with his images. it is a gift from norway for their help in world war ii. it begins at 6:00 p.m. the u.s. marines will be carrying toys for tots. >> right now that thanksgiving is over, we're all in.
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let's go to chuck bell. back to work, school, and reality after a long holiday weekend. as you trudge back into the real world today, 40 degrees in rockville town center. your planner today, a whole lot of cloud cover. when i see you in ten minutes, danella, it's seven-day forecast time. if you're traveling new york avenue about to leave the house right now, here is what's happening. outbound just as you pass south dakota avenue, it's pretty early so no major delays just yet. we're going to shoot over to g.w. parkway. clear there as well. the brave steps of fairfax
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county firefighters took to save a young dog. >> putting a name to the national
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i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. gay marriage are minutes away from becoming a reality in h hawaii. dozens of couples expected to tie the knot this morning allowing same sex couples to marry does take effect in the states. right now at 4:45 joe biden is arriving in asia for a weeklong trip. the vice president's first stop is in tokyo, gentlemjapan. it comes over an air defense
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zone over the east china sea. this morning police in california say speed played a fa factor in the fiery car crash that killed paul walker. they say it will take time to determine how fast the car was going. fans and co-stars have been gathering to leave notes and memorial for the actor. he died saturday near los angeles after the porsche carrera car he was in crashed. it could be weeks before they know what caused a deadly car derailment. a spokesperson said the freight train accident killed three train operators. those three were the only ones on the train at the time.
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it was owned and operated by southwest incorporated. after trey cheney will perform, the largo student center will offer free hiv screenings. the program runs until 4:00 this afternoon. pope francis is calling on catholics around the world to pray for people living with hiv and aids. he spoke to the faithful gathered in st. peters square it at the vatican. an estimated 35 million people are living with hiv. 4:47 now. let's check back in with melissa mollet. protests still under way in thailand. take a look at this following this for you for a few days. police fired tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets at thousands of people trying to seize government buildings in the capital. they want to pick a new prime
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minister. they are trying to dismantle a concrete wall. searchers are still looking for a missing 17-year-old virginia girl. the latest search came to an end at the only suspect. alexis murphy. once they reached the area where suspect randy taylor lived, the property owner asked the volunteers to leave the property. the search was allowed to resume, though. >> it was a miscommunication and a misunderstanding. the parties talked and they wanted to help out any way possible. >> randy taylor is charged in murphy's disappearance. he says he was not the last person to see her. a shooting on a metro train ended with an arrest.
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transit police arrested the man on an orange line after he fired a gun. the argument became violent and one man hit the other in the head with the gun causing it to fire. no one was hit. police arrested the gunman at the cheverly station. the victim was taken to the hospital but was not seriously hurt. a true tale of man's best friend. saturday during a house fire in great falls, a firefighter ran back into a burning home to save an 8-month-had old great dane. they rushed her to a nearby animal hospital. >> a job well done. >> she's going to be a big girl. >> eight months. time now to check the forecast. pretty mild. we've had cold weather.
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compared to how cold it's been, it's not so bad outside this morning. you won't need the extra layer. not all that cold out there. that being said if you will be standing outside, kids at the bus stop, again, i have a layer of warmth ready to go. on the whole not a bad way to get back to work and school. mostly cloudy sky in place. these are not rain making clo s clouds. temperatures above average. mid-30s in parts of the shenandoah valley down through winchester and front royal. bus stop weather, on your way out the door, sun is up at 7:09.
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cloudy and chilly. recess forecast, we're going to give it a "b" today. cloudy and cool. nothing showing up on storm team 4 radar. nearest anything to watch is across central pennsylvania and even that's staying away from us. frederick, maryland, up near 45 degrees at lunch time and almost to near 50 degrees for a high today in frederick. plenty of clouds, yes. the rain drops will stay away for now. cloudy and dry. maybe a sprinkle tomorrow morning but sunshine is back tomorrow afternoon. thursday is mild. temperatures back up or near 60 degrees. next weekend a chance for rain drops.
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danella, sorry about that. chuck, i'm tracking breaking news in northeast for folks taking the "h" street corridor. later today heads up. this is at benning road. all your lanes are shut down traveling benning road. westbound lanes are shut down. you can see crews are still on the scene. we have megan mcgrath on the scene as well. getting updates from her. we're going to shoot over to new york avenue. this is as you head outbound. travel lanes are open. richard and eun? thank you. whether it's spiders or the dark or tight spaces we all have things we're afraid of. >> it may not be your fault. we'll show you why your ancestors are to blame for your phobias. >> what we're learning about the name of the national zoo's baby panda after the elaborate naming
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ceremony. and we are staying on top of that breaking news that could impact your commute. us causing some big problems during the morning rush. we'll tell you
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revenue from the intercounty connector met maryland state projections, but that's after highway leaders lowered those projections.
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"the washington post" reports the tolls collected between montgomery and prince george's county are right on with state forecasts. "the post" reports the icc brought in $38.6 million in the past year. the figure is $10 million to $32 million less than the original projection in 2005. the icc is underused, say critics. an aerial survey of the loudoun county courts complex in leesburg is happening on east market street. a helicopter will map out the areas to design phase three. the chopper will fly between 11:00 and 1:00 this afternoon. organizers say the weather will determine when the survey will happen, if it happened between today and friday. and in northern havevirgini this morning, some people could soon be making a lot of noise about a law that went kwquiet i fairfax county. they will try to amend the noise ordinance. the county hasn't been enforcing its noise ordinance because the state supreme court ruled
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virginia beaches ordinance unconstitutional in 2009 for being too vague. outgoing governor bob mcdonnell's portrait will hang in the state capitol along the portrait of past virginia governors. mcdonnell has more than one month left in office before terry mcauliffe is sworn in. the portrait will be revealed tomorrow in richmond. well, virginia is in need of judges. according to a report by the national center for state courts, virginia needs at least 30 at the circuit and juvenile level to keep up with the current caseload. the positions will most likely go unfulfilled for the time being seeing as it would cost the state $9 million a year. officials have said redrawing the district is not an option at this time. virginia lawmakers froze a number of judgeships in recent years, not filling vacancies when judges retired to save money. a chance to get in the holiday spirit. the annual holiday stroll will happen in vienna along church
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street tonight between lawyers road and mill street. a stretch is closed today. you can enjoy food, hot chocolate and watch the lighting of the holiday tree. this happens tonight from 6:00 to 9:00. the celebration continues as the world begins the sixth day of hanukkah. last night dozens came out including mayor william euille to light the fifth candle in old town. each candlelit represents another night in the festival of lights according to to statistics by the jewish virt l virtual, and the votes are in. the national zoo's new panda cub has a name. >> it's bao bao, the name i wanted, treasure or precious. it was trending on twitter at one point. the elaborate unveiling included lion dancers and a video address from first lady michelle obama as well as the first lady of china. more than 123,000 people voted
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on online to pick the cub's name and dozens lined up early to get a good spot for the reveal. >> it's been years since we had a cub. we wanted to celebrate that and we also want to kind of get people excited. >> his mother mei xiang gave birth. can you imagine the mob scene that will be january at the national zoo when bao bao is relaesed to the public? >> if 123,000 people voted for the name, each one will want to come and see him. >> i can't wait to see her up close. she's adorable. >> stay with us. news 4 at 5:00 continues right now. we have breaking news right now at 5:00 a.m. news 4's megan mcfwrath is on
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the scene of a the water main break. >> reporter: a major intersection that's affected. they have just begun the work of digging up this ruptured water main right at the intersection of benning road in northeast washington. the westbound lanes of benning are closed. all lanes of bladensburg lane are closed. this is a 12-inch main that ruptured early this morning. they have to finish digging it up and make the repairs. i'm told this is going to be a problem for the duration of the morning rush hour. it is a major commuter thoroughfare here. we are expecting to see traffic tie-ups. right now it's not so bad because we haven't seen the volume of the morning rush hour kick in but that is expected to change as we go into the morning. we are expecting people to be late. plan accord iingl


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