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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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the scene of a the water main break. >> reporter: a major intersection that's affected. they have just begun the work of digging up this ruptured water main right at the intersection of benning road in northeast washington. the westbound lanes of benning are closed. all lanes of bladensburg lane are closed. this is a 12-inch main that ruptured early this morning. they have to finish digging it up and make the repairs. i'm told this is going to be a problem for the duration of the morning rush hour. it is a major commuter thoroughfare here. we are expecting to see traffic tie-ups. right now it's not so bad because we haven't seen the volume of the morning rush hour kick in but that is expected to change as we go into the morning. we are expecting people to be late. plan accord iingly. with more on traffic over to danella. megan, that's great advice.
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for folks traveling in maryland, greenbelt, this is what's happening eastbound good luck road shut down at heartland street. just your eastbound lanes are shut down because of a single vehicle into a pole. if you're traveling westbound good luck road, you will be able to get around it. checking out on i-270 making the trip from frederick, maryland, heading to rockville. travel lanes are open. absolutely clear. continuing to the beltway from i-270 clear as well with a great drive time from i-270 head iingo i-95 that's just a nine-minute drive on the inner loop of the beltway. outer lap clear as well. richard and eun? we are still seeing temperatures in the 30s around the d.c. area this morning. but things are not as bad as they've been in the past few days. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with more on the changes in store for us. good morning, chuck. good morning, there's the
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woodrow wilson bridge. still bathed in early morning darkness. the low 40s in and around town. 43 at national airport. again, that's one of the warm spots. 36 now in frederick, maryland. 39 in culpeper and bristow. 37 in manassas. there's a whole lot of cloud cover outside this morning but 0 our rain chances will remain fairly low. as you make your plans to enjoy your back to work and school monday, plan on a whole lot more cloud cover than anything else. temperatures inching their way near 50 degrees for a brief time later on today. staying near average but there's a warm day coming and then our active pattern may impact the coming weekend. we'll talk about all that in ten minutes. back to the news. all right, thank you, chuck. investigators have located the black box in the wreckage of a commuter train derailment. the data could help how and why the metro north train flew off the tracks in the bronx yesterday. four people died and more than 60 people were injured.
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passengers say the train described -- they described the moment of impact. >> there was screaming and people crying out to god and asking for their families. >> hit the window and the chairs came out and the woman hit me. >> as we were going over, i looked at my two, i screamed at my two friends, you know, that we're going over. >> late they are morning crews will use cranes and other equipment to remove the rail cars from the area. the national transportation safety board says the complete investigation is expected to take a week to ten days. the deadly derailment is one in a series of safety issues for the metro north railroad this year. back in september a power cable failed during the morning rush hour suspending certificaservicw haven, connecticut, to new york city for an hour and a half. in july a freight train derailed close to the spot of yesterday's derailment. no one was hurt in that i incident. in may a track worker was hit and killed in westhaven.
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that same month a train derailed and struck a westbound train. 72 people were hurt. one of the people killed in yesterday's crash was headed to midtown manhattan to work on the upcoming christmas tree at rockefeller center. james lavell was an audio technician for the "today" show. at 7:00, the "today" show will remember him. also, new york governor andrew cuomo will be live with the latest on this investigation. happening today, public safety leaders in virginia will spend their last meeting of the year talking about a big issue in northern virginia. the state crime commission will talk about a new law aimed at cracking down on cigarette smuggling. last week news 4 i team took you undercover inside the markets smugglers are making big money taking advantage of the cigarette tax and then selling them at a higher price in other states. at today's hearing leaders will recommend a study that could turn enforcement to the alcohol beverage control department. 5 5:04 now.
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heads up if you are parking along the d.c. street car corridor in northeast d.c. police will begin ticketing drivers who are not parking properly. this is happening along "h" street from union station to benning road in northeast. transportation reporter add ak tuss is live. >> reporter: as if it isn't hard enough to park all across the city, now we have to relearn how to park in this section of the city. see this white line here? all the cars have to be behind this white line on "h" street because, yeah, the street car tracks are right there and you need enough clearance to let the street cars go through. now it's important to note that street cars have not started running here yet but the testing process is expect ed to start i the coming weeks. ddot leaders starting this ticket i ticketing and towing campaign to get drivers used to parking here. the grand plan is to have street cars eventually rolling across the entire city. we were out here recently. there were so many people and vehicles blocking the way it took us about an hour to go just
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five blocks. so definitely some things to get used to here. we'll keep an eye on the enforcement efforts, ticketing and towing. do not block the street car tracks on "h" street to save yourself some headache. reporting live in northeast adam tuss, news 4. the long holiday weekend ends on a sour note for redskins fans. this morning the team is officially out of the running for this year's mayoffs after last night's game ended with a little controversy. with about two minutes left in the game and with the redskins trailing the new york giants by just seven points, rg3 makes a pass that many think should have been a first down. the redskins are now just 3-9 for the season. they host the kansas city chiefs at fedex field next sunday. constantly find yourself struggling with headaches? why you may want to stop drinking bottled water. a lot of you may be distracted at work as you search for those cyber monday deals. what shoppers can expect to find
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this year. and we are having a mild morning this morning but not a whole lot of sun. we'll check in with storm
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whether it's snakes or spiders or anything else, your phobias might be more than just a bad childhood memory. your ancestors might have pass
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ed down their phobia to you through their dna. the process is called epigenetics and says experiences by previous generations can impact offspring the same way eye color can be passed down. further research in mice. >> a snake that big and a bear like that, i don't know it's a phobia, i think it's a normal fear. news for your health this morning, it mate be time to rethink how you're drinking water. bpa in water bottles could be causing severe migraines. the chemical has been linked to a number of other health issues. experts say if it's true the study could be a milestone in headache research. many countries have band it from being used in plastics. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here now telling us
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what we can expect today. no sunshine here today, chuck? >> already very thick cloud cover overhead. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s so your out the door planner, plan on mid to upper 30s early this morning. into the low 40s as you get into the office. later on this afternoon an ab d abundance of clouds, danella, but no real chance for rain. leave the bells at home. highs up near 50. low 50s tomorrow. more about the warming trend coming up. chuck, sounds good. traveling in our area single vehicle accident. a vehicle into a pole. injuries there are reported but minor. we'll shoot over to the dulles toll roads. nice and clear. richard and eun? didn't get your fill of holiday shopping?
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people grab their computers in search of cyber monday shopping deals. crooks target the salvation army.
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staying on top of breaking news. a live look at bladensburg road where a water main break could tie up your morning commute. as you can see there are crews there on the scene working to make repairs. megan mcgrath is there. it is now 5:15. let's check in with melissa mollet with a laook at the live desk. a chopper was care quig australian researchers and went down yesterday. there was a second chopper flying in tandem that sat down, able to assist the trio. at this point they are all stranded. the pilot and two passengers are seriously injured. they are hoping for a window of favorable weather today to get
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in for the recovery operation. it at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. the chaos of black friday is over. now time to find those online deals. live from the fu fulfillment center in faex, it is going to be very busy there today, i can imagine. >> reporter: last year saw sales of $26.5 million items that comes out to about 300 shipments ordered per second expecting things to be even bigger this year and they are prepared for it. i want to show you a live look down at the floor where workers are unpacking boxes from manufacturers to then repack them in their amazon boxes and get them 0 out to customers this year. they are also offering deals every ten minutes on their website. they want to keep the flow constant, keep it steady throughout the day. there's a lot of money to be
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made on cyber monday. overall it's expected to bring in as much as $2 billion. that is leaps and bounds in profit over when it first started, when it was first coined as a term in 2005. now cyber monday we're expecting to see about 130 million people make orders online. the majority of them, eun, say they will to it that first thing this morning, so there are some benefits. you skip the black friday clouds and chaos and you get to shop this morning, the same deals, in your pajamas. >> sounds much more reasonable. sarah, thank you. 5:17 now. it's not just a busy day for online retailers. shipping businesses are expecting a large flow of business. fedex expects to move 22 million parcells today, more than double their average, and you can avoid the crowds by going at off hours. fedex says their busiest times are between 6:00 and 8:00 in the
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morning and 6:00 and 9:30 in the evening. the absolute last day to ship something and get it there by christmas is december 23rd and that, of course, is using express shipping. big crowds at the malls this weekend. the national retail federation estimates about 141 million people heading to the malls. all those people didn't equal big sales. sales fell 2.9% which equaled out to $57 billion. the average shopper spent a little over $407 this weekend. head over to and search cyber monday. we have helpful dos and don'ts for navigating the online holiday and making sure your cyber bucks go far. a d.c. man is hoping financial incentive will help solve a crime in northwest. this is a victim of an unsolved crime himself offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information on a rape that happened last tuesday.
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this is surveillance footage showing a woman walk iing in friendship heights and her attacker following close behind. smith says he doesn't know the woman but is tired of crimes going unsolved because people won't speak up. >> if he gets away with that,s all it tells others is they can do the same thing and get away with it. >> so far d.c. police do not have any leads. if you reck naz the attacker in the surveillance video call d.c. police before trying to get in touch with smith. this morning police are trying to figure out what led to a suspicious death outside of a kansas city chiefs game. investigators say this happened outside arrow head stadium in a parking lot during the game. they believe the man went to his car only to find a stranger inside. that led to a fight. it's not clear how the man died although police are treating it as a homicide. at least three people are being questioned but no one is under arrest. d.c. police are looking to identify two men who broke into a salvation army building. those thieves took off with more
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than $10,000 in red kettle donations. take a look at the mess left behind at the solomon brown community center on martin luther king center. they broke glass to get through one door and then used a screwdriver to break into another one. they eventually made it to the safe. >> i don't know why anyone would do that. >> a security guard confronted one robber. he had a knife. he got away. >> four people are recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. the victims were overcome while working on a car in a closed garage. two are in sear kr oous conditi. they were rushed to a baltimore hospital. >> the first couples are starting to take advantage of the new same sex marriage law that went into effect at
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midnight. h hawaii is the latest state to legalize same sex marriage. the tourism industry is expected to have $217 million boost as same sex couples plan destination weddings. this time of year no better destination than hawaii. >> that sounds so nice. what i would do to be on a nice, warm beach. 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. chuck, good morning. good morning, eun. hopefully everybody is done with their thanksgiving holiday home safe and sound ready to get the new work under way and a new month as well. man a, thanksgiving weekend was cold. a little bit of a warming trend as we go through the coming week. mostly cloudy case, yes. probably notice that as you were returning to washington late yesterday. the clouds really raced back in fairly quickly. 43. because of the cloud cover it's nowhere near as cold as it's
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been. most of the suburbs you should plan for it to be in the 30s first thing. 36 degrees in frederick county. 35 now up in smithburg maryland. manassas and bristow temperatures in the mid-30s. waldorf, down into southern maryland, near 40. cloudy skies are out there. rain drops are stay iing away f now. the only thing that's near close to up is wilkes-barre. not a lot of returns coming in our close, immediate vicinity. as a result we will call it a mostly cloudy day today. it's going to be cool but not all that cold by december standards. highs today will reach into the upper 40s and low 50s. earliest sunsets of the year, everybody, they're here. down today at 4:46. cloudy skies today. temperatures near 50 degrees. tomorrow it might get a sprinkle early tomorrow. then the sunshine is back
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tomorrow afternoon and, yes, indeed, mention of a warming trend as we go through the week. our average high now is 50. we'll be in the plus territory starting tomorrow. mid-50s on wednesday. thursday looks like the nicest day of the week. cloudy still but mild. temperatures up near 60. then as we finish out the week and on into next weekend cloudy skies and a little bit more of an unsettled weather pattern returns. what about next weekend? saturday and sunday both plenty of clouds around. we'll be keeping an eye out as the colder air comes in. we'll be keeping a close track on that. danella, i know you're keeping a track on the roads. how are we doing? >> i am. still following breaking news, chuck, this is for folks waking up in northeast d.c. along the "h" street corridor. expect delays because of a water main break along bladensburg road. those are the lanes that are affected. megan mcgrath and i are keeping an eye on this of the she's on
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the scene. i'm looking at cameras in the area. this is going to tie up your morning commute so heads you up. use an alternate route. jump on maryland avenue or also holbrooke street in northeast. use that instead. let's shoot over to greenbelt, the eastbound lanes closed because of a vehicle into a pole. police are still on the scene there. for folks waking up taking i-95 in maryland or even b.w. parkway nice and clear. richard, those travel lanes nice and open. back over to you. thanks, danella. scientists in china are anxiously watching as the k country's first lunar rover heads into space. this morning a rocket blasted off. the unmanned craft is slated to touch did you know own on the m surface. while looking for natural resources. if it successfully lands on the moon china had will become the third country to put a craft there.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused a helicopter crash that killed nine people in scotland. crews recovered the body of the ninth victim from that wreckage. police say it's possible they could still find more victims. a police chopper crashed into a crowded pub in glasgow. police in california say speed played a part in the fiery car crash that killed "fast and furious" star paul walker. it will take tame to learn how fast the car was traveling. walker died saturday near los angeles after the porsche carrera gt he was riding in hit a light pole and burst into flames. the driver was also killed. next week federal investigators will look into the use of automation in airplane crashes. the national transportation safety board will hold a two-day hearing. some safety experts say pay lots are relying too much on autopilot to fly the planes. they say pilots may not be prepared to take control during an emergency.
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by the holiday shopping s season, a few years from now, you could have your gifts delivered in a whole new way, although it's sure to bring some controversy. amazon's ceo who now owns "the washington post" tells "60 minutes" amazon is testing delivering packages by drones. the aircraft could pick up small, yellow buckets and have your eye temitems to your door minutes or less. the service could be ready in as little as fourees. the 12 days of christmas will cost you as they do every year. pnc wealth management released the so-called christmas price index. to buy everything on the list $114,000. the price of lords leaping and ladies dancing spiked. seven items on the list cost the same as last year including gold rings and turtle defense. the swans are still the most
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expensive at $1,000 each. >> they always are. very lovely. >> i guess the drummers drumming would be my favorite. trying to move past the problems that have plagued healthcar, a look at the work that's being done and the potential problems you could encounter if you use it. following breaking news that could impact your commute in northeast washington. some problems during the morning rush. what you need to know to get around the mess. and a bit of a break from 209-degree temperatures this morning. the changes you can expect in the days ahead with weather
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5:30. on top of breaking news, a water main break in northeast washington could have a big impact on your morning commute. this is happening along benning road and bladensberg road. megan mcgrath is on the scene now with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, richard. if you take a look behind me you can see they have made some progress in digging up this 12-inch pipe that ruptured early this morning. we still are having -- we're going to have may skrjor delays. i spoke with d.c. water and their estimate on how long this will take to repair, six to eight hours. so there's certainly going to be
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an impact during rush hour this morni morning. looking right here at the westbound lanes of benning road, the westbound lanes are chessed. all lanes of bladensburg road are closed. take a look at this video shot earlier by one of the workers on 0 the scene and you can see the water gushing from the broken pipe and gladding the intersection. d.c. water says they are only seeing a water outage to the hechinger plaza nearby. the residents in the area are not impacted at this point. work continues. this is going to be a problem for a lot of folks who use these two very major roads. traffic right now is very light, but we are expecting to see significant delays as the volume begins to pick up here. now with more on traffic, we'll send it over to danella. good morning, megan. we'll start with the rails, folks waking up using metro. bru brunswick east train 870 just five minutes. over to the roadways not a lot of volume in our area as you
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make your commute this morning and you take the southeast/southwest freeway, clear. no accidents to report. a live look past seventh street. very light volume here. now making the commute along 29 in maryland from 198. the trip all the way to silver spring, nice and clear. richard and eun, back over to you both. >> thank you. 5:32 now. you might be able to leave the heavy winter coat in the closet today as we see the slight bump in temperatures this morning. meteorologist chuck bell is here and will have more on the warming trend as it continues, chuck. >> we all want to see it continue. here is what i'm talking about with how much milder it is. 24-hour temperature change. compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees warmer this morning than we were at the same time yesterday morning. with so much milder to start, you really won't need the heavy bundle up jackets at all. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s in most suburbs to 40 degrees in town. it is going to be a nice day.
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a the lot of clouds outside but the rain drops will stay away. a little bit of an active pattern, some rain drops before the end of the week. we'll talk about that in ten minutes. back to you. it's been just over two months since the debut of hea h the obama administration says it's working faster and better but it's not perfect. so what's next? nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at where things stand. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hi, richard. good morning. what's next is to figure out if it's working well enough to get millions signed up by the beginning of the year. they pushed that deadline now so you have until december 23rd to sign up. the question is, is the system going to work? a lot of us were eating leftovers and enjoying the holiday when the administration came out with the latest report, so we'll recap for you 50,000 people they say at a time can now use the website that's 800,000 today with very few errors, about 1% the administration says, most of the time. but critics say this is a really
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big problem still with this website. you may be able to sign up for an insurance plan but the insurance companies calculating payments to pay for your insurance plan if you get subsidies which many people do, that part of the site not really working yet. it's the part that they were still in the process of constructing. what we understand is the administration is going to make bulk payments based on what the insurers say the government owes them but for now that part still very much under construction. richard? >> thank you, tracie potts. joe biden is arriving in asia for a weak long trip that will include meetings with several leaders. his first stop is in tokyo, japan. the trip is geared at trade and economics, it comes during a dispute over an air defense zone over the east china sea. later in the week biden heads to south korea. between north and south korea. jury selection is set to begin in the case against a former bp
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engineer this morning. 52-year-old curt mix is charged with two counts of obstruct iin justice. in the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. they claim mix deleted messages which hurt a grand jury's spill investigation. a weekend search for a missing 17-year-old virginia girl turned up nothing. there was a heated issue when volunteers approached the home of the only suspect in her disappearance. volunteers searched for alexis murphy in a wooded area once they reached the area where d taylor lived, the property owner asked those volunteers to leave the 19-acre property. murphy's family and a property owner came to an agreement allowing the search to resume. >> there was a miscommunication and a misunderstanding. the parties talked and they
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wanted to help out in any way possible. >> 48-year-old randy taylor is charged in murphy's disappearance. he says he was not the last person to see her. murphy was last seen at a gas station on august 3. one man is waking up in jail after being arrested for shooting a gun on a metro train. transit police say two men were fighting on the orange line around 2:00 yesterday morning when one man pulled out a gun. that man hit the other guy with the gun and it discharged. the bullet went through one of the car's windows. no one was hit but police did arrest the gunman at the cheverly station. union station will look a lot like christmas, celebrating the 150th birthday of legendary artist edward munch. he is the artist behind the painting of the scream. organizers say the christmas tree is a gift from norway to the people of washington, d.c., for their help in world war ii. the tree lighting ceremony begins at 6:00 tonight outside the west hall. u.s. marines will be there to
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collect toys for tots as well. the long holiday weekend ends on a sour note for redskins fans this morning. the team is officially out of the running for this year's playoffs after it ended in a controversial way. with about two minutes left in the game and with the redskins trailing the new york giants by seven points, rg3 makes a pass many think should have been a first down. instead on the next play the giants player strips the ball from pierre garcon and the trems of the playoffs ends in confusion. >> no explanation, no measurement. didn't stop the clock to allow the chains to move back. >> you look at the numbers and this team, you know, really played a great game, looks like it, but we just couldn't finish. >> the redskins are now 3-9 on the season. they host the kansas city chaefs at fedex field sunday. clearing up the confusion about noise ordinances in northern virginia. the steps being taken to crack
5:38 am
did you know on offenders. cloudy skies if you're going
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one of the four gold medals won by jesse owens at the 1936 berlin games is up for auction.
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it recalls the myths owens busted with his record setting 100-yard dash and the segregation that he came home to when he returned to the u.s. after the games. the online auction ends saturday. very cool. 5:41 now. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us more about what we can expect today. what do you think, chuck? these clouds are not going to go too far today. a much milder start than it's been. the only chance for rain a few drops tomorrow. near 60 before the week is through. a cool day today with clouds. temperatures only around 50 degrees. danella has a check on the roads. a water main break in gold kettle l drive. high standing water because of
5:42 am
the water main break. i am keeping an eye on that. in it greenbelt, good luck road closed. back over to you both. a warning for drivers this morning. be careful where you park today. the ticket you could receive if you block the city's street car lines. a name to the baby
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on top of breaking news at 5:45, a live look at benning road in northeast washington this morning where a water main break could tie up your commute. there are crews there work iingo repair the problem. our me gab mcgragan mcfwratgrat. d.c. regulators are rolling out a new parking reserve system today. food truck operators can enter a lottery for a chance at 95 spots
5:46 am
in eight downtown locations including 17th street. and 12th street by metro center. a new lottery will determine where the food trucks can spot. those without reserved spaces can operate as long as they park legally. make sure you are parked correctly along the d.c. street car line. along "h" street from union station to benning road. adam tuss is there live this morning with the new parking rules. >> reporter: here is the best advice along "h" street in northeast, do not block the street car tracks. get used to that. the white line on the ground is the line that you have to park closest to the curb. right next to the white line are the tracks. the street car needs clearance to get through. it sounds like a simple thing
5:47 am
but so many delivery trucks come through here you can't possibly have a street car running through here if a vehicle is blocking the way. we were out here recently, it took us an hour to go five blocks because the tracks were constantly blocked. it's important to note that street cars have not started running here yet. the testing process expected in the coming weeks. remember, the grand plan is to eventually have street cars crisscrossing the entire district. this will be an important testing ground to get people away from the tracks. remember, do not block the street car tracks. adam tuss, news 4. public safety leaders in virginia spent their last meeting of the year talking about a big issue. the state crime commission will talk about a new law aimed at cracking down on cigarette smuggling. the news 4 i team took you inside the market.
5:48 am
advantaging advantage of the lower than average cigarette tax and then selling them at a higher price in other states. it could turn enforcement over to the befrmg control department. a congressional committee will hold a hearing into possible changes to the district's building height limits. buildings in d.c. must be no taller than the width they face. vincent gray is among those who want the restrictions lift ed. covering northern virginia, some people could be making a lot of noise about a law that went quiet. the county will try to amend its noise ordinance. the county hasn't been enforcing the ordinance because the state
5:49 am
supreme court ruled it unconstitutional. world aids day after cheney from the hit series "the wire" will perform. free hiv screenings as well. the program runs from 11:00 a.m. pope francis is calling on catholics to pray for people living with hiv and aids. he asked them to pray for those who were sick and for doctors and researchers working to find a cure. an estimated 35 million people around the world are living with hiv. only 9 million have access to lifesaving treatment. david kwiatkowski pled guilty in august. 46 people in four states including maryland have been diagnosed with the same strain
5:50 am
of hepatitis c. he would steal syringes filled with painkillers. melissa? in the suburb west of baghdad near the home of a local municipal worker, the bomb killed two of his neighbors and another bomb happened nearby. one person killed five others wounded. this is an area of outside baghdad that is typically peaceful. one ever bernie madoff's right hand men will admit madoff lied to his inner circle about his epic fraud. he told fbi agents madoff claimed he was making investments overseas that covered the multibillion l
5:51 am
dollar accounts of his clients. virginia needs judges. the commonwealth needs to fill at least 30 judge vacancies at the circuit and juvenile level. officials have examined the idea of redistricting but say now is not the time. it would cost about $9 million a year. the reason for the shortage virginia lawmakers froze a number of judgeships to save money. this is going to happen on east market street, a helicopter as crews begin for phase three. the chopper will fly and should take about 30 minutes. the weather will determine when it could happen. it could be between today and friday. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. a milder start to your day. hoping we've a nice day ahead, chuck. mild enough to get you going at least for your monday morning.
5:52 am
temperatures close to average later on today. again with the clouds around, all we need to worry about is it going to rain. not today. it's a gray start after a wonderful, albeit cold thanksgiving holiday up and down the eastern seaboard. it's not a cold start this morning. current temperature now at national airport is a relatively balmy 43. this time yesterday morning we were below freezing. so a much milder start this morning and there's not even a breeze blowing so no windchill to concern yourself with this morning either. upper 30s across northern virginia. upper 30s to around 40 now for maryland. 41 in annapolis. 37 solomon's island. charles county you're at 40 degrees now. your bus stop weather, plan on temperatures mid to upper 30s to around 40 in town. it'll be cloudy and chilly but, again, you can leave the umbrellas and the heavy winter gear at home for today. that's welcome news.
5:53 am
out and about lunch time, recess time, not the best day to be outside. it will be cloudy. since it won't be raining we'll be generous today and give recess a grade of "b." that's not so bad. no rain drops too close to us just yet. light snow in northeastern pennsylvania. getting a sense even with all the clouds outside not a really big rain threat for today. that is welcome news. plenty of clouds, yes. may be a little chance for a sprinkle early tomorrow morning. there's a little chance of a sprinkle later tomorrow morning before things start to clear out once again. a chance for a sprinkle tomorrow morning but eventually i think we'll see more sun tomorrow than today. a warming trend. temperatures above average for wednesday and thursday as clouds come back into the picture.
5:54 am
a chance for rain moving into friday and saturday, danella. richmond highway closed at mims street. what happened was a box truck overturned and it is blocking all of your lanes. the best alternate is i-95. so far it's nice and clear. right now 51 miles an hour northbound. the drive will take you 26 minutes. heads up there. bladensburg road is closed because of the water main break there. eun, over to you. 5:54 now. revenue from the intercounty connector ended up meeting maryland state projections once those were lowered "the washington post" reports the tolls collected between montgomery and prince george's
5:55 am
county are right on target with state forecasts. bringing in $36.6 million. the figure is $10 million to $32 million less that the original projection in 2005. vdot is ready to offer a plan to fix congestion on one of the busiest roadways. plans to ease gridlock through spots v spotsylvania county. leaders will announce vind findings from traffic studies. leaders may be at odds over the outcome after plans fell through. a great falls family is thankful for a group of firefighters who saved their puppy when their house went up in flames. crews used a pet oxygen mask. a first look at the official
5:56 am
port rat of the outgoing virginia governor bob mcdonnell. nk donnell has more than one month left in office before governor-elect terry mcauliffe is sworn in. the portrait will be revealed tomorrow evening in richmond. the annual holiday stroll will happen later today in vienna. it will happen between lawyers road and mill street. to set up for the big event that stretch is closed today. you can watch the lighting of the town's holiday tree. this happens tonight from 6:00 to 9:00. the celebration of hanukkah continues as the jewish community around the world will light the candle marking the sixth night. dozens of people came out to late a menorah. the jewish population in d.c.,
5:57 am
maryland and virginia has been on the rise over the last few years. and the votes are in. the national zoo's new panda cub has a name. >> it is bao bao. it means treasure or precious. it was trending on twitter. more than 123,000 people voted online to pick the cub's name and dozens lined up early to get a good spot for the big reveal. we wanted to celebrate and to kind of get people excited. >> bao bao's mother, mei xiang gave birth. bao bao will make her first public debut early next year. >> she's getting so big. so far your monday morning is off to it a cloudy start. how warm it will get today in your weather and traffic on th 1s. and we're staying on top of breaking news in your morning drive. parts of bladensburg and benning road are closed because of a
5:58 am
water main break.
5:59 am
roads open back up.
6:00 am
our breaking news is in northeast washington right now. megan? >> reporter: well, you look behind me here you can see they're hard at work trying to dig up this water main. they shut off the water. take a look at this video shot by the water. we have the westbound lanes of benning road closed. blade e bladensburg is closed in both directions. this is the case for the entirety of the morning rush hour. the repair work will be with us until noon or so this morning. keep in mind you will encounter traffic tie-ups. the volume is still pretty light. we are expecting that to change. with more on traffic we go


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