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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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tom sherwood broke the story and took this video of him signing the paper work. tom joins us live in northwest washington. hi, tom. >> reporter: hi, doreen. the 2010 campaign is still under federal, criminal investigation. mayor gray said it's time to look to the future. after more than a year of speculation, mayor gray made it official, he's running for a second term. gray took the candidates oath after an unannounced visit to the d.c. board of elections before it closed for the day. what did you just do? >> well, i just came down and filed to take out petitions for re-election. >> so this is your declaration you are seeking re-election? >> yes, this is my declaration. we are actually going to have a kick off event in early 2014. i think the goal now is to get the required number of signatures to get on the ballot.
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>> reporter: gray faces up hill challenges. federal prosecutors continue to investigate gray's 2010 campaign and an illegal shadow campaign that spent $650,000 to help elect him. four persons pled guilty. gray has not been charged nor publicly discussed that campaign. how will you address the 2010 campaign before the 2014 campaign? >> we are trying to look ahead, tom. the 2010 campaign has been discussed many, many times at many, many venues. it's still being investigated. i talked to you and other people about, you know, that i didn't do anything. so, the opportunity now is before me to be able to continue to do this job. i'm seizing on the opportunity. >> reporter: gray joins a field with tommy, myrrhial and jack. gray says he has a good record to run on. whether the mayor likes it or
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not, that 2010 campaign under federal investigation will be an issue in the 2014 campaign. six keocouncilmembers say gray a corrupt campaign in 2010 and should not be running again. at the board of elections, tom sherwood, news 4. just because you signed up for obama care does not mean you are covered. it's 90% functional. at peak times, signing up could not work. >> reporter: the front end of was working well. 375,000 users say the administrators between midnight and noon. senior administration officials told nbc news as of 5:30 today, 750,000 users on websites have a front end and back end. the back could be a problem. the front end is what you log on
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to and click you want to buy a lightbulb. that's the front end. then the system has to kick out an order to send you a lightbulb. has problems with both ends. at a can have fee shop in d.c., robert tried to get on it didn't crash or freeze, but this note, the site cannot handle a surge of users. the white house says 375,000 logged on between midnight and noon. >> we want to make sure their experience is vastly improved. >> reporter: it was this weekend in northern virginia. obama care navigators got people logged in and signed up. >> this was my third time on the website, you know, the first time i couldn't get through, the second time i didn't know how to navigate it correctly.
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this time, i didn't notice any glitches. >> reporter: january 1st, american who is think they bought coverage might be surprised. they are sending sign up files to insurance companies. >> if health plans don't receive complete and accurate enrollment files, consumers may not be enrolled and coverage would not begin. >> reporter: the white house says preventing that is top priority with less than a month to get the system right. administration sources tell cnbc they have narrowed the problem to something involving mistranslating social security numbers. now that they know what's causing to kick out junkie files to keep those they think they can fix it soon. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. six people have to find a new place to live in howard county. investigators are looking for the cause of this fire in a town
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home on blue point court in clarksville. the fire damaged the home next door. nobody was home at the time. it started about 11:00 this morning. a man inside a gas station was robbed and killed overnight in forestville. police need your help. the 25-year-old was shot at the bp station on walter's station about 3:00 this morning. detectives think there were more than one suspect. jackson was standing inside the gas station when he was shot. investigators believe robbery was the motive. we also have new numbers about the murder rate in prince george's county. tracee wilkins joins us live from police headquarters in palmer park. >> reporter: every time there is a homicide in a community, folks who live there feel like the murder rate is up. here in prince george's county, we have a month left, but they are now on track to have fewer homicides than last year. the demolition of this abandoned house is part of prince george's
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effort to curb crime. it's called the targeting neighborhood initiative, a program aimed at targeting high crime areas using every tool the county has from police to social services to code enforcement. >> you need to look at why we have homicides and why it's occurring. >> reporter: this is the county deputy chief and oversees the department. restructuring of the police department is what's behind the historic drop in crime. >> we start putting police officers where they need to be. >> reporter: prince george's county police chief said the county had one of the highest drops in homicides in the country last year. it's on track to do that again this year. so far, there have been 52 homicides since january until now. this time last year, in 2012, there were 58 homicides. in 2011, the year ended with 95 homicides and in 2010, there
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were 90. as it stands, overall violent crime is down 14.6% in the county. property crime is down 11.6% and total crime down 12%. good police work for the positive trend, he says it couldn't be done without the community. >> the community is coming forward on issues concerning crime. not only that, but they are not afraid to complain about crime in their neighborhoods. >> reporter: some of the surrounding jurisdictions, montgomery county is seeing a decrease in homicides. in d.c., they have seen an increase. they are coming close to triple digits in part due to the mass shooting at the navy yard. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. a former montgomery county schoolteacher was sentenced for abusing former students, but he's not going to jail. two 11-year-old girls who he
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taught in rockville accused him of sexual abuse in february. today, he pleaded guilty to second degree assault charges. he got a suspended 12-year sentence. he he's on probation for three years now. a girl recovering from a sexual attack that happened in her backyard. two boys held her down and attacked her wednesday. the boys are 12 and 13. they are from wood bridge. the police arrested them and they are in juvenile detention. two children, one 11 years of age are accused of robbing a woman in a walmart parking lot. police tell us the 14-year-old and 11-year-old are both boys, walked up to the woman and one pulled a knife. a few hours later, the officers found the boys and arrested them inside the ball. the man accused of faking an injury at the metro station is out of jail tonight.
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a d.c. judge released him today until his next court date later this month. he sued metro for $15,000 claiming he injured his leg after slipping on a banana peel. when detectives revealed the video, they say he dropped the peel and threw himself to the ground. a judge dismissed the lawsuit. owens has been charged with second degree fraud. today, a northern virginia man pled guilty to illegally importing botox and other drugs and selling them to physicians. he was the co-owner of a defungt drug company. he is the 8th person to plead guilty in connection with the investigation of the pharmaceutical company. new at 6:00, a leading house republican says he is open to changing the law that restricts building heights in washington.
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city officials want taller buildings to accommodate all the growth downtown. the national capitol planning commission voted against any major changes. issa says he doesn't want to write off changing that law that generally requires buildings to be no taller than the width of the streets they face. we are learning of new delays for the opening of the silver line. jim handly is at the live desk with more. >> the silver line was supposed to open in january. we are learning now about new potential issue that is could delay the project. the metropolitan airport says testing has identified problems with the train control system. they tell us software changes are being made now to make the system right. after the changes are made, more testing will be done before the project is handed over to metro. bottom line, riders may not be able to ride the silver line until the end of march. officials say their goal is
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safety and they want to make sure everything is perfect before opening the silver line for passenger travel. from the live desk, i'm jim handly. get to know your neighbor. why people in fairfax county are stunned by a series of burglaries. was a train going too fast? what we are learning about the train derailment. the refs blew a call in the game last night. we have a bit of a warm up, huh? >> we, we do. nothing showing up on radar but some neighborhoods tomorrow morning could have a slow go of it and maybe travel delays. i'll tell you what's going to be moving in and the neighborhoods most impacted when news 4 at 6:00 retur
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82 miles an hour. that's how fast a train was going when it derailed in the bronx yesterday. the crash was at a spot where the speed limit drops from 70 to 30 around a curve. four passengers were killed, others injured. the national transportation safety board just wrapped up a news conference on this. jay gray joins us live with the new developments. jay? >> reporter: good to talk to you. speed was obviously a factor. they don't know whether it was contributed to by mechanical or
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human operator error. that's something they continue to do as they look through the evidence and interview thosen the train when it left the tracks. the national transportation safety board confirmed speed was a factor in the crash of the metro north commuter train sunday that left four people dead and injured more than 60. >> information from the event recorders shows the train was traveling approximately 82-mile-per-hour as it went into a 30-mile-an-hour curve. >> ntsb investigators plan to talk to the driver and conductor of the train. the conductor said there was a problem with the brakes as they entered a sharp turn. there were about 100 people riding the train at the time of the crash. >> actually, a couple people were hurt very badly in front of me. literally, the woman in front of me, she was bleeding from her head pretty bad. we really couldn't get out. >> reporter: many begin to
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recover from the wounds, doctors warn the mental scars could take longer to heal. >> it's going to be different for different people. we certainly have the ability to provide out-patient mental health services here. >> reporter: part of what will be a difficult recovery. the investigation is going to take some time as well. teams will be on the ground here for a week to ten days. officials with the national transportation safety board say finding a conclusion, reaching an answer to what was the official cause of the crash is going to take a year, if not longer. that is the latest live here in new york. i'm jay grary, news 4. president obama says the united states will continue to lead the way to find a cure for aids. the president announced a $100 million project at nih to find a cure. he says the u.s. passed an ambitious goal in helping other
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countries combat aids. so far, close to 7 million people received life saving treatment through american efforts. >> if we stay focused, if we keep fighting and honor the memory of those that we have lost, if we summon the same courage they have displayed by insisting on whatever it takes, however long it takes, i believe we are going to win this fight. >> the president reminded people that the affordable care act allows you to get tested for aids for free. people with aids, they cannot be denied insurance coverage under this new health care law. >> veronica is in for doug with the weather forecast. what a warm up out there. >> pretty nice out there today, guys. it's been one of the warmest days in over a week. we have some cloud cover, of course. a lot of folks are wondering if we're going to get showers from the clouds. no rain to report right now.
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but, early tomorrow morning, if you are going to be getting up around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. or so, there could be light showers making their way eastward. those showers are ahead of a cold front as it approaches western pennsylvania and northern areas of west virginia. some of you might need the umbrella. it's going to be a few light showers. i personally would leave it home. the temperature today, 50 degrees. today is the warmest in more than a week. even the morning was mild. we didn't start out in the 30s. a lot of neighborhoods started around 40 to 41 degrees. we are right around seasonable conditions for today with that temperature around 50 degrees. now, you are looking at the visibility, which is right around seven and ten miles. i wanted to show you this because we are doing just fine but early tomorrow morning with a light wind and as temperatures drop down to only the mid-30s to around 40 degrees, that light wind and moisture coming in,
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this fog, there could be some areas of fog setting up along and east of i-95. prince george's county and annapol annapolis, st. marys, leonardtown, you could see dense fog early tomorrow morning. fredericksburg and stafford, those are the areas that stand the best chance of picking up fog tomorrow morning. at 47 degrees right now, we drop to 41 by 11:00 p.m. folks, we are socked in across the area right now. we don't have just one, but two weather systems that are going to be impacting the area. a cold front from the west and clouds that will be grazing the coast as low pressure makes its way off the coast of the carolinas. watch what happens over the next 48 hours. here are the showers for tomorrow morning. they are in and out of here. some of you might not get wet at all tomorrow morning. at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, i think more breaks in the cloud cover than what we had today, as
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we get into wednesday, a chance of showers in on us. this time, i think it's for the afternoon. wednesday afternoon, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, showers coming, passing through the area. 51, 52 degrees waldorf, fredericksburg, stafford, manassas and warrenton, 52 degrees for the high tomorrow. here is how we get there. limited sunshine. 52 degrees by 2:00 tomorrow. so your storm team four day forecast, take a look at it. there's the rain on thursday. we get the warm up through the week. in fact, that thursday high temperature of 61 degrees will be the highest temperature that we, by that time, will have seen in almost two weeks. it's going to be nice. a lot of folks out shopping. then rain for the morning rush. goes through the afternoon, probably doesn't end until early saturday morning. when i return in a couple
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minutes, i'll give a detailed look at the upcoming weekend. >> enjoy the 60 degree day. >> sweet. >> thanks. who would steal a tractor and a tractor from the 40s? pat collins spoke to a man who just wants his john deere back. >> how many of us spent our workday buying
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retailers are expecting to have $2 billion tonight thanks to cyber monday. this is expected to be the busiest online shopping day ever. as nbc reports, that comes as good news to retailers who saw a drop in sales on black friday. >> reporter: it's a modern day santa's workshop at amazon's fulfillment facility. thousands of boxes on conveyer belts. >> it's super fun. this is our busiest time and most fun time. >> reporter: inside them, purchases that will be boxed, addressed and shipped in time for christmas. those in select cities can order as late as the 24th. amazon hopes to make deliveries even speedier in the coming years by launching drones that drop off packages within 30
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minutes of ordering. it's as fast as a pizza. >> possibly faster. >> reporter: for now, it's traditional ground and air shipping. >> we have to plan for it, but we are ready. >> reporter: they are expecting to handle more than double their daily volume. popular picks electronics, e-readers, toys and clothing. cyber monday exploded since 2005. it's now the busiest online shopping day of the year. offering consumers to place an order in seconds. and to avoid the crowds at brick and mortar stores. >> i try to get it done just to have it done. >> reporter: it could bring in $2 billion. a record number this year. analysts think holiday sales will rebound and come out a little ahead of last year. retailers are hoping they are
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right. in phoenix, arizona, nbc news. new information coming in on the death of paul walker. the porsche he was riding in was going three times the limit when it hit a curve and slammed into a tree. the speed limit turns to 15 miles an hour at that bend. the car was going about 45. former race car driver roger was behind the wheel. nbc news sources he was not street racing another car. another photo shows walker beside the car before the deadly crash that killed both men. coming up at 6:30. >> tired. it's literally firing. >> local teachers saying they are overwhelmed by work with little hope of a raise. how it's affecting the debate of changing school hours. >> a man accused of stealing from his girlfriend's neighbors. what dumb thing he did to help police track him down. we are following the
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developments on the story
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now at 6:30, new video just into news 4. it shows the red kettle thieves who stole thousands of dollars
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in salvation army donations. >> reporter: i'm julie carey. police think they put a stop to a bold daytime burglar. what these court documents say about how they tracked him down and the stuff he stole. dozens of people inif he canned with hepatitis c from tainted needles came from the same guy. his victims confronted him in court today. we are staying on top of breaking news. d.c. mayor vincent gray says he will seek re-election. mark segraves has new reaction to the shake up in the mayor's race. hi, mark. >> reporter: quite a shake up indeed. the news spread across the city within minutes of tom sherwood first breaking the story at 4:00. by the time we got down here, we got reaction from councilmembers as well as city activists. it was d.c. mayor vincent gray we wanted to speak to. when he showed up, he was
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unusual upbeat and chose to joke with reporters about the recent high school football game rather than answer questions about running for re-election. here is what the scene looked like a few minutes ago. >> we want to ask you a question. >> how you doing? good to see you. >> are you asking about the turkey bowl? >> what did you think about that? >> it was a good game. >> we have a real horse race. there's no question about it. i know in ward one, you know, it certainly changes the whole lay of the land, but i think we have a tough race for everybody in the race. >> i'm excited. i'm just happy. i love it. i love him. and it works for me. >> people -- a number of people think he knew about the campaign. if he didn't know about the shadow campaign, he should have. >> reporter: now that's the reaction from community activists and councilmember jim
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graham. i got off the phone with tommy wells, one of the four running to be mayor. he says vincent gray does not deserve a second chance because he ran a corrupt campaign in 2010. that investigation is still ongoing. the mayor has not been charged. he told tom sherwood he did nothing wrong. the mayor is inside the hiv/aids vigil. we hope to have reaction from him later this evening at 11:00. that's the latest, mark segraves, news 4. now to the new surveillance video that shows a salvation army robbery. jim handly is at the live desk. >> we want to show the surveillance video. they hope the public can help identify people seen walking into the salvation army yesterday. police tell us the headquarters was broken into between 1:30 and 5:30 in the morning. thieves got away with $10,000 in
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donations from the red kettles stored in the building. the money was supposed to help needy families. the people in surveillance are called persons of interest. again, if you have information give them a call. from the live desk, i'm jim handly. we are uncovering details about a virginia man accused of stealing from his girlfriend's neighbors and selling their stuff online. it's a burglary that happened on north shore drive. julie carey is there where there could be more victims. >> reporter: there could be. there was one apartment in this complex that was struck, the homes, the town homes, the homes he hit all in wooded areas like this one. now we are finding out there could be as many as 16 victims out there. >> neighbors told me there was a break in. i was very much concerned. >> reporter: that's been the reaction of more than a half
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dozen neighbors as word spread of a daytime home burglar. he hit this apartment and this townhouse. notice the similarities in the woods with a walking path nearby. the police saw a pattern, too. >> detectives and patrol officers noticed there was a pattern of daytime burglaries. they were all while people were at work or out of the home. >> reporter: their investigation led them to this man, 26-year-old daniel stanley. he's at the fairfax county detention center held without bond. the search warrant documents show he may be a suspect in some 16 cases. neighbors in what's known as the forest edge cluster have been on guard since early october when this town home was broken into and a laptop and other personal items were stolen. >> it was very surprising. we were shocked when it happened. we are close to them. >> reporter: news 4 learned
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through the court documents he wasn't careful about covering his tracks. once police got a tip that identified him as the suspect, they learned the laptop taken was sold the day after the break in on craig's list. it turns out he used his real name with the buyer. another lead came when the laptop from this apartment showed up at this pawnshop. once again, the seller, daniel stanley. to hear he's arrested now? >> good news. very good news. we can breathe easier knowing he's not out there now. >> reporter: police say this case underscores a crime prevention message they want to get out both day and night. if you see somebody prowling around windows, somebody in your neighbor's backyard and you wonder if they should be there, go ahead, call police, have it checked out. reporting live from reston, i'm julie carey, news 4. a medical technician who
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infected dozens of patients with hepatitis c will spend years in prison. he was sentenced to 39 years behind bars after admitting to stealing painkillers from hospitals and replacing them with syringes tainted with his blood. he has hepatitis c and infected at least 46 people in four states including maryland. 20 of the victims confronted him in court today. >> he destroyed my life. i have a lot of restless nights, sleepless nights. >> he apologized in court. he blamed his crime on addiction to painkillers and alcohol. new rules for d.c. food trucks today effect today. they can get you a parking ticket. we'll explain. >> reporter: i'm dianna russini at redskins park. it's been a season of controversial calls in the nfl. now the redskins are the latest victims. a mistake made by the officials
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and now they are fessing
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we have just learned the name of a man who died outside yesterday's nfl game between the chiefs and broncos. ice not clear what killed him. he was found unconscious in a parking lot in kansas city. he got into an altercation because he was found inside another man's jeep. his body shows no obvious signs of trauma. three people who police held overnight for questions have been just released. from teacher workload to delaying high school start times, news 4 is getting a look at the results of a newly released fairfax county teacher survey. those who responded aren't holding back. david culver breaks down the top issues from fairfax. >> reporter: they don't know each other, but both fairfax
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county teachers share the same concerns, they were overworked and underpaid. >> i'm not opposed to hard work or opposed to helping the kids but there has to be give and take. >> reporter: it's a wider misconception that teachers should have to work 24/7. >> what has to change before this situation can change for teachers is the whole expectation from the public. not from our ainistrators or county officials, but from the entire public. >> reporter: 1400 teachers vented their frustrations in a fairfax county federation survey. this is the president of the association. >> after the survey touches everyone, it's important because it's education and communication. >> reporter: another issue, high school start times. some think 7:20 is too early. teacher who is responded said there are benefits to a later
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start, mainly more sleep for students, in turn, making them more alert in class. not all the teachers are in support of later start times. in the comment section of that survey, we found some teachers worry, if students are going in later, they will stay up later at night. they worry sports and other activities will be negatively affected and the teachers worry, if they get out later, they will hit rush hour on their commute home. school board members say the results help highlight employee concerns and teachers like paul are hopeful, but stress time is of the essence. >> if we are in a stalling pattern next year, it's going to be a telling issue. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, i'm david culver, news 4. a new lottery system started for d.c.'s food trucks. district officials say the goal, to help control the food truck scene in eight of the most sought after locations.
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vendors get to keep their spot for 30 days, then they draw all over again. trucks that do not participate have to stay at least 200 feet away from those designated locations. cars, they can also be ticketed if they park in a vendors reserved spot. >> getting complicated. >> it is. it's been a prized possession for almost 60 years. somebody managed to rip off somebody's antique john deere tractor. a busy week for water crews across the region. an update on a major water mane break in maryland. >> how about the weather? >> we have rising temperatures this week. and thumbs up, too, a taste of early november for us. fog is going to move in tonight. fog that develops and big rains at the end of the week.
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>> he planned to leave it for his son. tonight a carroll county man is asking for whoever took his john deere tractor to give it back. he tells news 4s pat collins someone took the antique right out of the family's yard in mount airy. >> reporter: what kind of person would steal a man's john deere tractor. >> scum of the earth. >> reporter: who would take a john deere? >> i'm not surprised of anything anymore. >> reporter: in mount airy, they take tractor stealing seriously. do you have one? >> i do. >> reporter: hear the story of bob and his antique john deere tractor taken from the front yard of the old family home in
6:46 pm
mount airy. my trade, bob is an electrician. by faith, he's a mennonite. he doesn't want his face shown for this story. but, if you could look into his eyes, you could see the hurt that's happened here. how important is this tractor to you? >> i'd like to get it back. my son would like to have it, i'm sure. it's something that is passed down. >> reporter: it was 1957. bob was 18 years old. he saved up all his money and bought a dodge car and a 1940 john deere tractor. the car is long gone, but the tractor, the tractor became part of the family. bob, he called the cops, but didn't stop there. he took out an ad and hired a private investigator to track it down. still, no sign of that deere. if you had a chance to talk to the guy that took your tractor
6:47 pm
today, what would you say to him? >> give me the tractor back and give me whatever money i used to recover it. he goes his way and i go my way. >> reporter: in mount airy, pat collins, news 4. it's that time of year, water main breaks are creating big problems in this changing cold and warm weather. this is gold kettle drive in gaithersburg this morning where an eight-inch main broke. we had a series of breaks in d.c. over the weekend. another one this morning on benning road in northeast. >> as everyone knows, we have had a good stretch here of cold weather that keeps the temperature of the water running through the pipes pretty cold. it will cause pipes, if they are going to burst. >> wssc says last wednesday was the busiest day of the year for them. crews responded to 27 broken water mains that one day. this mornings break in gaithersburg should be repaired tonight. the midwest getting their
6:48 pm
first major round of snow to start off december. fargo, north dakota. take a look, could get over a foot of snow. slick road conditions led to dozens of crashes in fargo, north dakota. you assume there's snow on the ground all the time. this snow is not expected to let up tonight. i tell you, i'm already sick of winter. >> i know. >> it's not even officially here. >> i'm not happy with it. >> enough of the video of the snow. on the water main breaks, we are going to have the ups and downs. >> that's what does it. >> exactly, with the temperatures. then the cold air from the north is set to arrive this upcoming weekend. here we go, folks, a look outside where we have cloud cover outside the area. it is dry. you are not going to need your umbrellas this evening or early part of tonight. stepping out the door early tomorrow, 47 degrees right now. not bad at all, right? if you like it mild. we have the northeast wind at 7 miles per hour.
6:49 pm
that wind will continue to get lighter and lighter and drop on radar again. nothing to report. the issue comes with the fog and the temperatures that will drop a few more degrees by morning. look at this. 43 in bowie. 47 in college park, d.c. some of the warmer spots right now. for late tonight, starting around 9:00 or 10:00, the fog develops. the fog will be fairly thick going into early tomorrow morning, around 5:00 and 6:00. 41 degrees at 11:00 p.m. cloud cover across the area. in the 30s, off to the west, they will be the cooler spots. prince william county and fauquier county dropping under the freezing mark. orange, you are starting out at 30 degrees. western maryland, high temperatures tomorrow, even here with cloud cover, and a weather front coming through, 51 winchester to 53 degrees in shenandoah. i'm calling that cool for the day tomorrow. here is a look at the storm team
6:50 pm
4 seven day forecast. i wanted to detail wednesday for you, we hit the high of 55 degrees. wednesday, most especially is a day we could have passing afternoon showers after the morning sprinkles. talking about cloud cover around the area, too. lots of clouds for the next couple days. thursday, right now, a 30% chance of rain. thursday will be the warmest day out of the workweek. wanted to show you friday. friday, right now, a 60% chance of rain. look how much could come into the area. it's expected to be soggy. over an inch and a half in some sections. by the weekend, at least the first part, we are dry. nice. were you awake for the end of the redskins game last night? a controversial ending? >> dianna russini is at the park tonight. what now? >> reporter: exactly, wendy. what now? mike shanahan, after a full night's rest, maybe not a good one responds today to the b mistake made by officials.
6:51 pm
plus, would he or wouldn't he rejoin the redskins roster starting today? chris cooley has his response in this
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redskins park cannot be a fun place to hang out this evening but it's where we find
6:54 pm
dianna live. hi, dianna. >> reporter: this season has been about what could have been and what should have been. a big part of last night's loss was out of the redskins hands. i'm going to take you through the controversial call in the final two minutes. take a look at this. skins down seven on second and five. griffin connects with pierre. the ball is spotted short of a first down. signals third down. you see here, the headlines incorrectly motion for the crew to advance to change that showed mike shanahan a first down play. he didn't need a measurement as he requested. davis drops the pass, should have caught this one, guys. maybe we wouldn't be talking about this today. the next thing you know, the teams show fourth down. as you know, the game ends with stripping the ball from pierre. the giants win, 24-17.
6:55 pm
today, the league's officiating director says in this situation, where there is obvious confusion as to the status of the down, play should have been stopped prior to third down and the correct down communicated to both clubs. here is coach shanahan. >> i talked to dean earlier today. he gave me a call and just went over the scenario. obviously they made a mistake and you live with it. >> reporter: so, with four games left on this schedule right now, a lot of things can happen starting from the top with redskins owner, dan snyder. a asked former redskins tight end, chris coolly, if he was owner, coach, player, how would he handle the next four games? here is chris cooley. >> if i'm a player, i show up and work and try to get better every single week. it's the only thing the players can do is buy into what they are doing and try to put their best
6:56 pm
effort on the field. everyone is watching. it's their job and their profession. if you are a player, you embrace it's like training camp. if you are mike shanahan, you embrace the team, your locker room, your meeting room and say it's us. endorse the idea that you are going to be here next season and so what do you need to do to get your team ready to play football? you don't say i have to show something in terms of wins and losses for dan snyder, get ready for a team. >> reporter: you mentioned dan snyder. you are the owner of the redskins. what do you do? >> i have to decide how much i buy into the penalty hurting the team, if it's coaching or personnel. if the right personnel has been brought in, and if i see a growth going forward toward next season. if i look at it in wins and losses and say you have not done your job, he would be out. if i have the belief continuity is what it takes and there's the continuity to win nex you, if y
6:57 pm
someone else this entire time, coach, player, owner, but if you are chris cooley, would you get back on this redskins roaster if they asked you to join the team? >> since i played coach, player, owner, i don't know if i'd be accepted in the locker room. it was the time of my life playing with the redskins. i loved it. of course i would play. i loved playing football. toward the end of my career, i looked for ward to it. it's been hard not to play. i love what i'm doing and i feel fortunate to be a part of this atmosphere and locker room. if they said we want you to play, are you kidding me? i would love to. >> you heard him. ris cooley says sign him up. as for the real coach of the redskins team, coach shanahan, he says the best players are going to play in the next four games, though, during practice,
6:58 pm
evaluations have begun as they prepare for next season. >> tomorrow, we'll hear about the controversy of the day. >> reporter: yes, it always is going here. we never stop here. >> thanks. "nigh
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, unsafe speed. investigators this evening say a new york commuter train was doing over 80 miles an hour into a turn right before the fatal derailment. tonight the latest on the victims, the investigation and safety. the weight debate. is it really possible to be heavy and healthy? tonight's health news challenges what a lot of people think. mourning a star. what we are learning about the car crash that killed a movie actor best known for his work in the "fast and furious" franchise. tonight his father speaks out. special delivery. keep an eye on the sky. if amazon gets its way, will drones be used to bring us


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