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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 3, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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we are following breaking news. a teacher accused of abusing an autistic child and then fleeing the country. coming up, how the family and police learned about the abuse. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, december 3rd, 2013. more now on that breaking news. angie goff is at the live desk with what we have learned so far. good morning, barbara. that teacher wanted for abusing a child in the area has fled the country. the case involving this woman.
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she is is charged with sexually assaulting one of her students aches 15-year-old autistic child who attends a school in wheaton. she engaged in sexual acts with him in his home when the family was away. she fled to hong kong to avoid prosecution. we have learned the victim's family will be there. tune in for the latest developments. back to you, barbara. thank you, angie. a big vote to raise the city's minimum wage. melissa is outside with the latest on the vote and the push to increase the city's minimum wage. >> barbara, that hearing just got under way a couple minutes ago. it was scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning. this bill is expected to pass by a veto proof majority.
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dozens of people in front of the wilson building holding signs, speaking out, hoping for a minimum wage hike and access to sick days for some. nicky lewis knows how hard it can be. she graduated from the university of maryland and has worked as a serve or for 17 years. >> increase in the base minimum wage for restaurant workers and low wage workers in the city is the difference between potentially be evicted or having to choose between am i going to buy food today or pay the light bill. >> some contentious moments, though. council men was stopped from speaking several times by heckler. right now the city's wage is $1 higher than the federal minimum wage. here's hoyte would go.
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2014, it would go to $9.50. and 2016, index to inflation. >> the mayor did not want to index it. but i feel certain we're going to get a veto proof majority and nobody will be able to stop this train. we're going to help the people of the the district of columbia. >> he has been suggesting a $10 cap. fearing a wage that's too tie could deter businesses from setting up in the district. >> now, because this item is actually last on the counsel's agenda for today, there's going to be a whole lot of waiting by all the reporters who are inside right now. that vote may not a happen until the very end of the day. live in northwest washington, news 4, melissa malay. crews are preparing two water main breaks in 24th and south monroe, the other on south
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arlington mill drive. that forced abbington elementary school to close down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. the worst of the two breaks happened here behind me. this is south arlington mill drive. you can see crews are hard at work digging up the pipe so they can make the repair. until they finish, though, this street is going to remain closed. some residents in the area are going to continue to go without water. as the water receded, it left behind a sloppy layer of mud. crews spent the morning scraping it off the asphalt. a 16-inch water main caused the big mess. it burst early this morning along south arlington mill drive flooding the street and forcing police to close the road. residents lost water. not a great way to start the day, especially if you have a
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baby. >> we can't do any dishes or get her anything to drink except milk. we're going to leave and go find somewhere else to hang out for the day. >> also without water, abington elementary school. >> i found out this morning no cars were in the parking lot. and i have this big truck here, very hard to work when i'm late. i thought, wow, there's a sign, no school today. >> this is the season for water main breaks. dramatic swings in temperature can take a toll on the pipes. not far away, 24th and south monroe, another main burst causing water to bubble out from the middle of the road. >> the hope is to have this repair done by 4:00. there's an event that's taking place that lights up the village event taking place down the street. they would like to see this road reopen.
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that event taking place at 6:30 this evening. but it remains to be seen whether or not they're going to complete the repair by then or not. but you can see they are very hard at work and making their best effort to get things back online. again, we will have to wait and see and keep an eye on it. >> thank you, megan. turning to the weather, another mild day ahead. chuck bell is in for tom kierein today and joins us for his first midday forecast. >> good morning, barbara. that view outside, you're starting to see a little bit more blue after a gray start early this morning. as a result, the return of sunshine, temperatures are on their way up as well. 50 degrees now in the district. and arlington. mid to upper 40s across fairfax and loudon and prince william. low 50s in southern maryland. even with the blueing of the sky, it's still a partly to mostly cloudy day today. we'll be in and out of the
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sunshine. temperatures inching their way into the 50s for a brief time this afternoon. going out for tuesday night on the town, partly cloudy, 47 degrees at 6:00. 46 by 8:00. low to mid 40s with an increase in clouds at 10:00 tonight. not necessarily the prettiest day today. more clouds than anything else. our next chance for rain and yes, indeed, snowflakes in your seven-day forecast. >> chuck, thank you. we're working to find out the name of a man shot and killed in southeast washington. here's a look at the scene where officers found him suffering from gunshot wounds. it happened just before 11:00 on 17th and s street. in prince gorge's county, a judge is hearing why evidence can be kept out of an upcoming trial.
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they found the victims inside a trasch-filled house in riverdale. they were in retaliation for a drug debt. defense lawyers want to suppress evidence found in the hotel room and a statement he made after as well. it could take two to three days. the woman accused of splattering green paint at the national cathedral is in court. we will learn what will happen next. she was charged in july and is is suspected of similar vandalism at the lincoln memori memorial. court records show that a psychologist found it likely that tian would be competent to stand trial in the foreseeable future. the black boxes from that train crash up in new york over the weekend are on their way to d.c. right now. so far we know the train was speeding down the tracks at 82
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miles per hour, as it approached the turn it was three times the speed limit. that 82-mile-per-hour, was. it is unknown whether it is human error or mechanical error. all three crew members said the brakes were not responding just before the record. one passenger said he felt everything. >> i could feel the wheels come off. i could feel the cargo off the tracks. >> investigators plan to take a closer look at the tracks to try to find out what happened. crews plan to make major repairs at the site this afternoon. and right now, president obama and his administration is stagger is a full-out bliss to get people to sign up for the affordable care act. a blitz that is. coming up, a look at what you may be seeing is or hearing the next three weeks. the mayors race in
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our tom sherwood is following up on a story he was first to report yesterday. mayor vincent gray is running for reelection. many people have been wondering for more than a year if he would seek a second term. federal prosecutors are still looking into his 2010 campaign. four people pleaded guilty to running a shadow campaign that helped him get elected. gray, though, is not facing any charges. >> our record speaks for itself. look at the fiscal stability, education, the way people are getting back to work. >> some of gray's opponents are already criticizing him for running again. tommy wells says the mayor doesn't deserve a second chance because he ran a corrupt
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campaign. >> and new, vice president joe biden is taking a stance against china's air defense zone. earlier today he held a press conference. biden told the u.s. he is deeply concerned about china's attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea. china wants all aircraft entering airspace over water around its land to notify authorities before hand. the u.s., gentleman want and other allies refuse to recognize. this is expected to dominate conversation when biden travels to beijing tomorrow. and right now secretary of state john kerry is meeting with nato diplomats. they want to persuade afghan leaders to keep international forces inning of beyond 2014. that would include u.s. troops. that was a negotiated plan with afghan president hamid karzai
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last month. they want to postpone until after afghan elections in april >> president obama is launching a new effort to promote the benefits of the affordable care act. congressional democrats and other groups are part of this campaign. you can expect tweets, news conferences and other events over the next three weeks that show how the new law is already helping americans. december 23rd is the deadline for enrolling in a plan that starts january 1st. the next three weeks we should know if this is a turning point for the president and not just a signature health care long. deputy political editor joins us with a look ahead. the white house is is not portraying this as mission accomplished yesterday. >> they're careful not to portray it as mission accomplished. what happens if there are other problems that come up for people. not to mention still folks are getting error messages and you
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have insurers about data on the back end of the site. >> the president is wanting to make this a turning point not just for health care act but so he can move to other things. >> the white house has taken it on the chin the last couple months. they need to turn this aircraft carrier and have a little better news. they feel they're getting it with higher sign-ups, more traffic to the site. we'll see if that winds up being the case. >> interesting that you use aircraft carrier, reminiscent of the bush era. >> maybe unintentional how long it takes to turn those things around. >> what are we going to see? >> an event a day. we will see an event a day until sign-ups have to happen january 1st. it's a tight window from now until december 23rd. talking about christmas, after thanksgiving, gee, that's only three weeks away. >> it's coming up so fast. only a few working days left for congress too.
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i understand speaker boehner is blaming a lack of work on the senate. >> the thing is, they have passed a lot of bills out of the house. the senate hasn't taken a lot of them. now there's certainly been a lot of major bills in the senate that have had broad bipartisan consensus support, thinking of immigration reform that was not taken up by the house. if they don't pass -- if seven more bills don't get passed out of this congress and signed into law, they would be the fewest passed ever since last year, which is the last congress, only 62 bills that got passed. john boehner will say don't judge us by how many bills we have signed into law but how many bills we've stopped. >> yes, i suspect he would say that. what was the top accomplishment? >> ending the shutdown. it wasn't good for the republican party.
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it wasn't good for our area certainly. you know, no matter where you are. and i think that's probably -- and that's not a very high bar considering that's the major accomplishment. >> stopping the shutdown may be one thing. people are going to remember who started the shutdown. >> yeah, maybe. republicans would like to point to the website. we've seen just an amazing flip politically in the last three months. >> a lot to watch the next three weeks. >> for more check out first read on well, in about six hours now, the capitol christmas will light up and the night sky will be all aglow on the west lawn of the capitol. it will begin at 5:00 this evening with john boehner flipping the switch to illuminate the tree for the first time it will be lit from dusk to 11:00 p.m. the 88-foot spruce arrived a
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little over a week ago from national park in washington state. can't wait to see it. >> who flips it today? who flips it tomorrow? >> i doubt if he's going to go out there every night. will we have a nice evening for the tree lighting? >> yes. it will not be raining or freezing cold. if you want to do something outside, that's a win for sure. skies are already starting to clear out. it's going to turn into a relatively pleasant day to be outside today. go ahead and take your plans, enjoy a little bit of december sunshine. we have already reached our earlier sunsets of the year. only 4:46 for a sundown tonight and the next couple of weeks. we're still losing daylight at the front part of the day. our latest sunrises are still a couple weeks ago. from city camera, very cloudy sky is has thinned out nicely. plenty of blue. not the clearest sky to be out standing and looking around. visibility slightly reduced. there's a lot of moisture in the
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atmosphere. not a lot of upper level clouds to block out the sun. 52, national airport. winds south at 6 miles per hour. the return of the south wind is a little bit of the warming trend, which will be here the next couple days. 46 in frederick maryland. 53 down in fredericksburg. so you're out and about today, maybe going down to fort washington, mt. vernon, a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little bit more cloud cover starting to come in after the sun goes down. low to mid 50s. back down to the mid 50s by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 this evening. plenty of clouds for now. a chance for snowflakes to talk about. here's where the clouds have been. and look at this. the scouring out of the clouds. they're clearing out from west to east now. as a result our weather picture is an improving one for the remainder of the day. today we should make it to the low and mid-50s.
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a little bit milder for wednesday. mid to upper 50s. low to mid 60s around here. so that will be nice. but there will be a chance for rain drops and snowflakes. what's the time frame? sunday night into monday. the cold air will be in place as the moisture arrives back into the region. probably mostly a rain event, but we will have to watch out for the chance of snowflakes. that's a couple days away. a nice warming trend coming our way for the next couple of days. anything above 50 is bonus territory. trying to keep the skies cleared out for the remainder of the afternoon. could see another chance for a random sprinkle first thing tomorrow morning. rainfall amounts, if any, will be really, really light. warmer air continues to spill in. even with an increase in cloud, the warming trend will continue. rain chances between now and thursday night remain fairly
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low. clouds and sun this afternoon milder. i moved the high temperature from 52 to 54. 62 on thursday. it could be warmer than that. we will have to see how warm with we can get. rain chances late thursday. off and on rain chances pretty much throughout the day on friday. as we get into the weekend, chances for rain saturday. probably the rain ending around lunchtime. saturday afternoon, early sunday should be dry. much colder air is arriving during the day on saturday. as the sun comes in, after the rain drops saturday morning, the cold air comes with it. it could be real chilly. highs only in the upper 30s to 40. sunday, sunday night, into monday. again, no arctic air in place. but nonetheless we'll have to watch that carefully since it's coming in late monday morning. >> thanks. we'll see you again shortly. we have breaking traffic news.
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angie goss is at the live desk. what's happening? >> breaking news in maryland. we want to take you live to show you the current conditions. this accident involving an overturned vehicle on the inner loop south of 50. drivers able to squeeze by using the left shoulder and two left lanes. minutes ago, all lanes were blocked. this has caused quite the jam up. annapolis past the crash activity. outer loop seeing rubber necking causing drivers to be slow from route 50 -- or landover to route 50. no word on any injuries so far. thank you, angie. buying the perfect christmas tree is never easy. coming up, why it could be even tougher and more expensive over the next few years. and did your child's name make the list? find out what this year's most popular baby names are. but first here's a look at
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what's hot on
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a change is coming to your facebook feed. soon users will be able to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they don't want to see in their news feed. if you have a friend who posts too much you can remove them from your feed without unfriending them. facebook says the goal of this new feature is to allow users to control what they see in their news feed. >> well, have any of your friends had a baby named sophia or jackson? if so, they are certainly not alone. released its list of the top names. sophia tops this year's list of
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girls names, followed by emma, olivia, isabella and mia. top baby names is jackson, aiden, liam is third, lucas fourth and noah is fifth. we have a lot of babies born here among our news gatherers and none of those names make our list. still looking for answers 30 years later. this baby disappeared. back in 1983 they disappeared. coming up, what she may look like now? plus, a mother caught shoplifting with her baby. temperatures are moving into the 50s. jack bell will be
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. a massive fire still burning
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in boston. it quickly grew to eight alarms. heat from the flames blew out the windows on the first three floors. fire is still burning on the building's third and fourth floors. a cleaning crew inside was evacuated. no one was injured. officials are investigating what might have sparked the fire. and we're still looking over a report we received overnight on how big a problem ecstasy has become for young people. the drug abuse war people undere of 21 went to the e.r. in 2011 because of ecstasy. a similar number of incidents were reported in 2009. today marks 30 years since a newborn was kidnapped from a bus stop in d.c. now the family is hoping a new image will help find their loved one. family and friends are searching
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for april williams. she has a birth mark on her wrist. a computer generated image was released of what she might look like today. she hasn't been seen since 1983 had a woman named la toya snatched the baby. today a prince george's county woman will bury the man she was planning to marry. a car hit and killed him last month as he crossed landover road. the driver kept going. the funeral is today. we spoke to his fiancee. this is the message to the person who killed the man she loved. >> you need to face justice and turn yourself in. he has kids. we need to know why. why did you do what you did? >> police are offering a reward for information that helps them find the driver who hit ross. well, we need to show you this surveillance video that could be key to catching two people who broke into a d.c.
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salvation office. they used a bolt cutter to get inside locked doors and broke open several red kettles and stole thousands of dollars from the containers. the money was supposed to go to needy families in southeast. if you recognize these guys, please call d.c. police >> a northern virginia man facing what could be his reality for the next couple of decades this morning. daniel stanley is behind bars charged with six burglaries in the forrest edge area. the robberies were done in broad daylight. he stole electronics and other personal values from the neighborhood. stanley is being held without bond. he could face 60 years in jail for these crimes. disturbing surveillance video of a shoplifter brutally attacking a store owner while her baby is inches away. it shows 19-year-old williams kicking and hitting the owner of this wig store as her child
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slips out of the stroller. williams pleaded guilty to attempted robbery in connection with this attack last year. this is our first look at the video of the incident. police say the suspect and two others tried to steal $850 worth of weaves from this montgomery county store. use the baby as a cover to steal things from that store and try to make her escape. the surveillance video was used as evidence against williams in court. she was sentenced yesterday to fivers accomplices pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and the other has not yet been identified. today marks four years since a potomac man was jailed in cuba. family and friends will call for the release of 64-year-old alan gross. they're preparing to hold a vigil for him at lafayette park at noon today. cuban police arrested him back in 2009. he's serving a 15-year sentence. gross is accused of spying for
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the u.s. government. gross says he was there to set up internet in jewish communities in cuba. it's been more than two months since the deadly navy yard shooting. today is a special event honoring the victims. actor gary sinees is at constitution hall. it is intended to boost morale among friends and families of the deadly shooting. it is open to local service members, navy employees and contratoo.s it begins at 7:30 this evening. >> and we have a traffic alert for you. d.c. crews will begin bridge inspections that could cause delays for you. key bridge to the white hurst freeway. the connecticut avenue bridge over rock creek and northwest. and the acostia. the work is expected to happen
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during the day. everything should be done, though, by friday, they're telling us. well, be happy you aren't in north dakota right now. this is what fargo, north dakota looks like. as much as a foot of snow may fall in the coming days. the storm has caused several accidents. that's only half the story, though. temperatures there may drop below zero by thursday. we don't have that weather here. chuck bell will tell you what it's feeling like outside and what we can expect the rest of this week. chuck? good morning again, barbara. no top coat required. a fair amount of sunshine breaking through. that cold air in fargo, a lot of times, and this is happening again this week. the cold air gives into the middle of the country and shoves warm air up the eastern seaboard. we will get a warming trend before the cold air arrives here. this is the view from our tower camera.
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that's the national cathedral in the foreground. increasingly blue sky late this morning, into this afternoon. 52 in college park and silver spring. 50, rockville and bethesda. forecasted highs for today, generally up into the low, perhaps mid-50s for a lucky few. tomorrow, a very similar day to today. again, a bit of a cloudy start first thing in the morning. we'll be left with a decent amount of sunshine. no rain threat for today or tomorrow. can't rule out a passing sprinkle tomorrow but that's just about it. seven-day forecast calls fort rain to arrive on friday, barbara, and the cold air to arrive this weekend. could lead to a snow chance late sunday, into monday. >> thank you very much. an update on praops on the inner loop. angie goff is at the live desk. angie. >> let's take i live to the scene outside the innerloop.
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that is where this crash is. a complete mess. looked like an overturned truck that spilled some type of construction debris. notice traffic is getting by slowly using the two left lanes and part of the shoulder. the damage already done. drivers jammed from 450 past this point. we know the outerloop feeling the effects of rubber necking going on. drivers slow from landover to route 50. that's the latest from the live desk. angie goff, news 4. thanks, angie. the most popular kind of tree for the most wonderful time of year could be facing a national crisis. gabe gutierrez explains what's happening to frazier firs. >> on this free farm in north carolina, it is not the most wonderful time of year. >> didn't expect it to be quite this severe this fast. >> jeff has been growing frazier firs for four decades. but this christmas a water mold has flourished due to heavy
11:40 am
rains in the state, is crippling his business. >> you see this one right here. see how it's green right here. but already turning brown down here. that's a gone tree. >> he fears a quarter of his trees are gone. >> it kills the root system on the trees. and they can't take up water. >> in north carolina, the problem has cost the industry an estimated $6 million to $8 million a year. in oregon, $300 million. this could affect how much you pay for a tree. maybe not this year but down the line. joanne mcguire and her 7-year-old daughter are shopping for their family christmas tree. >> this one has a nice one. it has a nice smell to it. >> they're in luck. so far the mold threat hasn't affected the supply at this seller in georgia. still, researchers are trying to genetically modify them to withstand the mold. and others are planning more resistant species. >> is it is a major problem for
11:41 am
christmas tree growers because they lose money on the trees that become sick and die. those costs are passed on to the consumers. >> it's gone. it's gone. >> jeff just hopes his trees, the most popular kind in america, make a comeback before it's too late. >> to be a christmas tree grower you've got to be a real optimist. >> gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. the possible jump on trees has not hit our area just yet. medicare users might have to change some of their treatment plans in the coming years. officials are looking to limit the amount of steroid injections people can receive to stop chronic back pain. the new limit would only allow two injections per visit total. most patients receive multiple injections at several points of their procedure. >> there is a good number of
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patients that may require more opiates, pain narcotics. if a patient has several areas of problem we need to inject is all the areas to be effective. >> some fear it might weaken bones. if the proposal is passed, medicare patients would be able to appeal the decision. >> if you start to drag in the mornings, there might be a new product to put the pep back in your step. take a look at this. it's called caffeine all. three shakes of the caffeine powder are about the same as a strong cup of coffee. it is completely tasteless when combined with food or drink. it's important not to sprinkle too much as high levels can have dangerous side effects. it's judgment day for the motor city. coming up, what's next with the city going bankrupt. >> plus, it's giving tuesday. what you're encouraged to do
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fairfax county teachers say they are overworked and underpaid. among the questions, has your workload decreased in the last year? 18% said yes, but an overwhelming 82% say it's either stayed is the same or gone up. fairfax county school board will gauge employee concerns. the board plans to do its own survey next month. right now we're watching developments out of detroit bankruptcy court. we are watching the start of another down day on wall street. let's check in with hampton. good morning. >> hi, barbara. yeah, stocks are in negative territory as investigators wait
11:47 am
for the e jobs report on friday. nasdaq down nine. s&p down seven. investors are looking over just released auto sales. they all beat expectations. chrysler leading the way. 142,000 vehicles. general motors behind. ford up 190,000 vehicles sold there. auto industry on pace to sell 16 million weeks this year. not so great for the city of detroit, which is more than $18 billion in debt. it has been given the free light to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. it is insolvent. there's nothing that makes its pension debt owed to employees any different from other debts.
11:48 am
those were key challenges to the city made by its unions. today's ruling most likely to be appealed going forward. the detroit filing is the largest in american history. and the numbers are in on cyber monday. sales topping $2 billion for the first time ever. adobe says online sales rose 16% from the record 18% of that business coming from smartphones and tablets. as of monday evening, amazon up 44%. selling is out of xbox 1 and ps4 by midafternoon. those were at full price. somehow, barbara, i don't care a lot of people got a lot done at work yesterday. >> unfortunately, i was too busy to shop. did you buy anything? >> not me, no. too early to shop. >> maybe they'll have another one of those days. thanks a lot. have a great day. >> you got it.
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>> people are asked to think about others. with giving tuesday. that's what they're calling today. a relatively new addition to the holiday season. it is devoted to charities. locally, providing holistic health care is holding an open house from now until 6:00 this evening. to drum up support for giving tuesday, organizers want people to post pictures of themselves volunteering on social media using the hashtag giving tuesday. well, is your holiday shopping list including beauty supplies? we have helpful information for you. dr. cheryl burgess joins us with her best ideas for shopping for people who want things for their face, skin. >> yes. but it's more less how to choose gifts for others. >> oh, okay. >> so when you're looking at your sister or your mother and
11:50 am
there are certain things to take into account, i'm going to explain some of these products. facial cleansing. everyone has to cleanse their face. there's a number of cleansing brushes out there. some are a couple hundred dollars and some are $20. >> is there a difference? >> there is a difference. >> now, let me just show new one first. this is just a rotary brush. and you'll see it rotates in a circle. for just basic cleansing, it's great. you can use it in the shower. but, say, for instance, the person you're buying a gift for wears a lot of makeup, then this is going to kind of move it around the face. actresses or models or people who like to wear a lot of makeup, you want to use something like a clarisonic brush. this oscillates. as you can see the difference,
11:51 am
it doesn't move in a circle around the skin, it oscillates into the pore. so you're moving it manually around the skin. so it jiggles the makeup out. but there's a big price difference between these two. >> how much? >> $100 or so and $20. get what a person needs. now, there is a concept of gl o glycotoxins. they are one of the number one things that cause us to age. so there's skin is care products now that tend to inhibit the glycotoxins. in our office, we have a kos
11:52 am
cosmeuceutical one called cream no sugar. there is a morning cream and night cream. although there is a difference in price, there's not much difference in the technology. >> everybody is in the drugstore. who do you look for? >> it will usually advertise in market that it diminishing glycotoxins. when i did my research trying to find it, i didn't find any products out there. so there is one in the physician's office called cream no sugar. >> okay. >> and there is in glytera at saps a sephora. this is by clinique. it is canary yellow. it hides redness.
11:53 am
if you need a quick fix, this is what you use. if you use ahead of time, about four weeks or so, this will diminish redness as well. and then there are prescription products that we all have. >> either go shopping at the doctor's office or the drugstore with ideas in mind. >> yes. >> great ideas. thank you. >> 11:53. coming up, the latest information on the wreck that killed actor paul walker. plus, chuck bell will be back with when rain is expected to arrive this week
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we know more information about a deadly crash that killed a popular actor from the "fast & furious" movies. nbc news confirms paul walker and his friend were not killed in a street race in the los angeles area. walker was a passenger in a porsche when they crashed into a light pole and tree and it burst into flames on saturday afternoon. mourners held a candlelight vigil for him last night
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>> we're following a developing story this afternoon. a school teacher left the country after she was charged with abusing a student with autism. montgomery county police said she is in hong kong now. she worked at the frost school in wheaton. she is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy at his home in silver spring last month. police will hold a press conference at 2:00 this afternoon. logon to for updates throughout the day. and we're also waiting for the d.c. council to vote on a bill that would make the minimum wage $11.50 an hour. this morning people rallied outside the building to show their support for the bill. news 4 mark seagraves is in the couple meeting right now. follow him on twitter or you'll get the very latest at 4:00 this afternoon. time for a final check on your forecast, chuck. >> nice day outside. bonus sunshine late this morning, into this afternoon. there's your seven-day forecast. well above avag
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