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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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good afternoon, i eam barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson muse. police are reaching half way around the world to get a teacher accused of abusing a teenage student back to the county to face charges. we told you the suspect hopped a flight to hong kong. pat collins is live with more on the search for this teacher. pat? >> reporter: the victim, a 15-year-old autistic boy. the suspect is 25-year-old teacher. police say while the boy's parents were at church, the teacher went to the boy's home and sexually assaulted that teen. sharon, she's 25 years old. a teacher at the frost school in aspen hill, a school for children with special needs. the victim, a 15-year-old boy,
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one of her students. now according to court documents, the teacher and the teenager exchanged sexually explicit messages. then they say the teacher went to the victim's residence while the family was out and had sex with her 15-year-old student. >> our victim is a child. and a child with special needs. he should have been nurtured and protected by his teacher, instead, his teacher chose, in her position of trust over him, she chose to violate that trust and further chose to harm this child. >> reporter: as police were getting a warrant for her arrest, the suspect made her escape traveling to new york and then flying to hong kong. >> she needs to be held accountable. she needs to be brought back here to montgomery county to face these charges. she'll get a fair and impartial trial, but, she needs to be
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brought back. >> reporter: today, the father of the sex assault victim came forward to talk about what this has done to his son. those important words from the father, coming up at 5:00. live in montgomery county, pat collins, news 4. >> a d.c. police officer is facing child pornography charges. scott macfarlane is at the live desk with new details. good morning or good afternoon. >> we are just learning about the arrest of an officer named mark washington. we have sketches from the first court appearance. washington produced a pornographic image of a juvenile while on duty. they investigated the claims. the officer was arrested hours later on monday. washington has been with the d.c. police department since 2006. the chief police, called the allegations shocking and disturbing. we are fortunate someone came
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forward to alert us to ensure we prevent future victims. mark segraves is working the story and we'll have more in the report at 5:00 p.m. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. a bill that could change a lot of lives in the district cleared a big hurdle. the d.c. council gave approval to raise the city's minimum wage to $11.50 by the year 2016. local workers rallied to push for the bill today. earlier this year, the mayor vetoed another minimum wage hike after walmart threatened to keep the stores out of d.c. the council is expected to give final approval. >> for restaurant workers, for all low wage workers in the city, is the difference between potentially be evicted or having to choose between am i going to buy food or pay the light bill?
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>> the preliminary approval was unanimous. one more vote will be needed to make it a done deal before it goes to the mayor's desk. >> one day after announcing his re-election bid, d.c. mayor gray touted the economic successes since he became mayor. during the news conference, things got heated. the mayor got angry when reportered questioned him about his record and the 2010 mayoral run that is under investigation. we'll have more in a live report at 5:00. in northern virginia right now, water main breaks are starting to tear up the roads, especially in parts of arlington. south arlington mill drive was closed between south taylor and south randolph street. there was a second main break on south monroe street hours later. the first was reported around 4:00 this morning. residents woke up with no water.
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an elementary school was closed because of the breaks. at this hour, there are still more questions than answers in sunday's deadly train derailment that killed four people in new york. andrew cuomo said he wants to know why the train was going three times the speed limit. the state is now requiring all metro transit employees to take part in safety briefings. we'll have the search to find out if mechanical or human error led to it. in prince george's county, police are asking for the public's help in identifying this woman dressed in pink, all pink. she robbed a bank in landover. it happened at the capital one bank on 65th avenue. is suspect passed a note to the teller. the teller complied, gave her the money and the suspect got away. this woman in her late 20st was wearing a pink head wrap, pink coat and holding a pink cell phone. a brief chase in bethesda.
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police got a call about a suspicious van this afternoon. they spotted the van just after 1:00 p.m. on wisconsin avenue and they say it had stolen plates on it. they chased and the van crashed in the backyard of a house on royal dominion drive. two men arrested, one taken to the hospital. police are looking for a third suspect. ♪ the hunger strike on the national mall is now in its 22nd day. strikers call it the fast for families. these activists are demanding immigration reform now. today religious and political leaders joined them for a rally to draw attention to the issue. >> these are our brothers and sisters are part of our human family. there's nothing illegal or alien about any human being. >> on friday, president obama and the first lady visited the
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striking activists. the president told them immigration reform is still on his agent. the senate passed a sweeping immigration reform bill in june but the overhaul stalled in the house. nice weather out there today. temperatures warmer than they have been. >> are they going to stay that way? don't think so, right veronica? >> at least for today. we are walking it back a bit. we are going to like tomorrow at least. the temperatures, again, a big warm up for today. let me show you how mild it is walking around without a coat. some of us without a jacket today with the temperatures in the 50s throughout the area. some of our warmest spots down here, you folks throughout southern areas of prince george's county, charles county, stafford county, 55 degrees in stafford. 57 in fredericksburg, virginia. let me show you how much milder it's going to be this week. temperatures going way up. in a couple minutes, i'm going to take you into the warmest day
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of the workweek and show you the neighborhood forecast. right now, more clouds for your evening as we drop to 47 degrees by 11:00. a woman accused of shopli shoplifting claims she was falsely imprisoned, then forced by the department store to pay a $500 fine. how the store is reacting to the allegations tonight. >> 261 miles to the gallon. the most energy efficient car in the world and it's here in northern virginia. we have a close up look at the
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right now fire investigators in boston are looking for the cause of an incredible blaze in a commercial building. a fleet of vehicles and several hours to conquer this. flames were leaping from the windows. it was vacant and undergoing republicnovation renovations. a brick firewall helped them accomplish it not spreading. an embarrassing mistake is coming back to haunt the u.s. postal service. they depicted a replica of a statue at a casino in las vegas. the sculptor is suing for copy
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write infringement. they won a half million dollar settlement on similar grounds. tsa screeners at the airports find all sorts of stuff when they check luggage. some items confiscated are stranger than others. for example, one bag contained a brick. that's right, a brick. agents discovered a smoke grenade in one person's luggage sown into the lining of a carry on bag. several flair guns were confiscated, pepper spray and some skull fragments found inside clay pots in florida. agents there assume the worst, but they soon learned the passenger just purchased the pots and had no idea the remains were there. the investigation into the deadly derailment in new york turns toward the train's operator. what he told investigators moments before the crash. a troubling trend when it comes to american kids and education. why they are lagging behind
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their overseas counter parts.
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there's safety briefing requirement put into effect for all new york metro transit workers in the wake of sunday's deadly train derailment. investigators are trying to determine how and why that derailment happened. jay gray has the latest on the search for clues at the scene in the bronx. jay? >> reporter: hey, there, good
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evening, pat. two days later, there's more questions than answers here right now. one of the biggest questions continues to be, was the accident caused by mechanical or human error. >> a >> reporter: for the first time today, we are hearing the radio calls from the first firefighters on the scene of sunday's deadly north commuter train accident. in the wake of the tragedy, we are learning more about the man at the controls of the train. 46-year-old william rockefeller, a veteran engineer was injured in the accident. nbc news confirmed he told investigators he zoned out and doesn't recall any specifics about the moments before the train left the tracks. he said the brakes failed. >> at this point, we are not aware of problems with the brakes. >> data recorders pulled show the brakes were applied five seconds before the sliding and tumbling rail cars came to a
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stop inches from the harlem river. >> this was late in the game, very late in the game. >> reporter: investigators have not ruled out that he fell asleep at the controls. after years of working the afternoon/night shift, his schedule changed to mornings two weeks before the accident. ntsb reviewed his cell phone to see if it was a distraction. >> they are going to look at whether he was paying attention to the task at hand. >> reporter: rockefeller is extremely distraught over the loss of life. he is very traumatized, trying to put it all together, so are investigators after the deadliest train crash in 20 years. crews are still working on the tracks below. there's no timetable for when they may be finished. they hope to have the rails open and trains rolling sooner rather than later. live in new york, jay gray, news 4. metro riders will have to
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wait longer before they can ride the silver line. the airport authority is pushing back the completion date until spring. they need to run more tests on the software. it will need 90 days to do that. the silver line may not open until the end of march. adam tuss spoke with officials to find out what is really behind the hold up. the report is coming up on news 4 at 5:00. we are enjoying this warm break. >> no jacket today. >> no jacket? >> i brought a jacket. are we going to get snow later this week? >> no. right now, it's a system we are monitoring. what we are going to get this weekend is cold air that is going to be moving in. we start first talking about the warm up because we haven't gotten to the warmest day of the week. outside, we are hanging on to what is a mostly sunny to partly sunny sky across the area. it depends on where you are. let me show you on the satellite and the radar review here. clouds setting to the south.
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it's west of front royal and just to the south of fredericksburg, virginia. these are the clouds that will be increasing and moving into the area as we advance into the evening hours and right through the nights promised you a warm up. reagan national hanging on the 57 degrees. camp springs 55 and manassas and warrenton, 55 degrees right now as well. where do we go from here? the temperatures dropping to the low 40s by 9:00. that's cool. maybe you got around without the jacket today. i think you are going to need it this evening. here we go as we talk about rain, too. showers and drizzle for early tomorrow morning. yeah, clouds are back. i think thicker cloud cover for tomorrow afternoon then thursday, the possibility of passing showers. in fact, a better chance, i think, than what we are going to see tomorrow. we are going to up it to 20% or
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30% chance of showers across the area. we are into the 50s tomorrow with your range from 53 degrees around gaithersburg, maryland to 56 in stafford and culpeper. a mild day tomorrow. watch what happens over the next seven days. we max out on thursday, that haven't changed. it's the warmest day of the workweek. the temperatures for thursday across the area as we max out 64 degrees frederick, maryland. leesburg at 66. manassas at 66. 67 degrees in maryland. that will come with a few passing showers again during the afternoon on your thursday. we cool it to 60 degrees for friday, dramatic change at the end of this week as we get a powerful weather front moving through. when i return, i'll show you how much rain you could get on friday and more on the very cold temperatures coming our way this weekend.
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barbara? pat? >> thank you. things get out of hand at a local lingerie store. video of a fight inside an annapolis mall. >> how this dog managed to end up in this s
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actor vin deez diesel spoke to fans. diesel borrowed a police radio saying he was touched to see so many people there. >> show the love that you have shown paul, it's going to be with me forever. thank you, thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciated him. thank you. >> the neibo walker died was known to attract street racers. today, police say they don't believe they were racing another vehicle. they crashed into a light pole. his friend also died in the crash. life can be tough when you are 4 years old, but it's nothing that a couple close
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friends can't help you through. >> chill out, it might help you lose weight. cain is here with the stories people are talking about. share the news about weight loss. >> this is fascinating. scientists found brown fat in your body is good fat. the colder it gets the more the brown fat gets activated. ed in olden days when we only heated a couple rooms, they realized there could be a relation with how warm you keep your house and weight gain. the cooler your body is, the more the brown fat uses the energy, the food you eat. because we used to sleep in cold rooms, maybe that's one of the reasons. >> we should turn the thermostat down. >> it's too warm in here. >> because hanley is not here. >> right. >> years ago, a mother might have appealed to dear abey for advice, where do they turn these days? >> facebook, of course.
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i wore glasses in second grade. this young boy wore glasses and his mother wanted to know what to do. now well over -- fellow people like you or i that wore glasses at a young age. they wanted to show him it's perfectly cool and there's nothing wrong with it. >> nothing wrong with being able to see. >> you got info on the best days to shop to avoid the crowds. >> there's a company, shop track that monitors 750 major retailers across the country. i hate crowds. they found tonight and friday will be some of the lowest volume shopping days left this year before the holidays. if you haven't done shopping and you want to get out to do it, you are not going to do it online with drones flying to your house, do it now. >> the drones. >> you have tickets to give
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away? >> yes! we have the jingle ball right around the corner. every hour tomorrow, 6:05, 7:05, tickets to hang out with miley cyrus and more. troubling trend on an international scale. why american students appear to be falling behind their counter parts in europe and asia. >> president obama trying to
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good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison. police in montgomery county are trying to track town a teacher
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accused of having sex with her 15-year-old student. sharon hopped a flight to hong kong last month. they are working with officials to get her extradited back to the states. officer mark washington was arrested yesterday hours after somebody saw him with child important. washington has been with d.c. police since 2006. mark segraves will have the latest on this story ahead at 5:00. looks like a bill to raise d.c.s minimum wage is on the way. preliminary approval to a measure that will increase it from $8.25 an hour to $11.50 an hour by 2015. they need to send it to mayor vincent gray's desk. two water main breaks are open this afternoon. south arlington mill drive between taylor and south randolph streets were closed this morning.
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there was a second break on south monroe street. new battles over the affordable care act. president obama is launching a campaign to reframe the debate. now that is out of intensive care, they hope to shift the foe cause to health care reform. steve handelsman is live at the white house. >> reporter: thanks. out of intensive care. republicans don't believe it. asked, what else are they hiding? here at the white house was a defiant president obama. he said he's learned not to make what he called wild promises about obama care, but he checks every day. he knows the website and the plan, as a whole now, are working. >> we know the demand is there and we know that the product on these marketplaces is good. the bottom line is, this law is working and will work into the future. i have always said, i will work
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with anybody to implement and improve this law effectively. you got good ideas? bring them to me. let's go. but, we are not repealing it as long as i'm president. [ applause ] >> reporter: back to the website, one of the biggest known remaining problems is the back end of after you click and decide what you want, the part of the system that sends your order to the insurance companies, sends an 834 file. washington post and others reported as many as a third of those have been unable to be used by the insurance carrier. the white house, today, flatly denied that number was that high and it's nowhere near that bad now. they say an expert team is working and will complete the work they say, in time, for the deadline so they say everyone of the 834 files, every one, past
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and present will be fixed in time so everybody who thinks they ordered insurance, obama care insurance on will be insured on january 1st. consumer reports suggests if you are one of those many, many americans who order health insurance for the first time on and you don't have a receipt from your insurance company, haven't paid anything, pick up the phone and call thensurance company to be sure you have coverage on january 1st. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, live at the white house. the university of notre dame filed a new lawsuit against the government over the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. notre dame is a roman catholic university. they say it violates the churches teaching forbidding contraception. president obama is offering a compromi compromise. notre dame says it does not address the objection.
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teenagers in asian nations dominated the most recent global exam given to 15-year-old students around the world. the best were in shanghai, china they scored 613 in math, 570 in reading. here at home, students showed little improvement over the previous tests, scoring 481 in math, 497 in science and 498 in reading. they failed to make the top 20 list in any subject. today, education secretary, arne duncan called it a sign of educational stagnation. >> the brutal truth, that reality, must serve as a wake-up call against educational complacency. the problem is not that our 15-year-olds are performing worse today than before, the problem is that they are simply not making progress. >> the tests also show that students in several countries that lag behind the u.s. back in 2009 now outperform american
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students in many key categories. the global exam is given every three years to more than half a million students. sounds like a dream on wheels. it's in production in our area. 261 miles to the gallon. you can fill up once and drive for weeks or longer. northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver gives us a look at the car of the future. >> reporter: we are at volkswagen headquarters for you. look at the xl-1. this is the newest edition. the woman with the keys is telling us about this. what makes this car so special? >> this is the most fuel efficient car in the world. 261 miles to the gallon. you can drive 31 miles in pure electric mode. >> reporter: folks here in the greater d.c. area do a lot of driving. >> and sit in a lot of traffic.
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you have a diesel engine to get you there. >> i need to drive. she's going to drive and take us for a spin coming up at 5:00. for now, reporting in herndon, virginia, david culver, news 4. dozens of veterans hoping for a career at a job fair. you are looking at a new initiative by the technology counsel to get vets hired. today's event was different than other job fairs. instead of walking booth to booth, the recruiters went table-to-table meeting every veteran looking for a job. it will serve as a preferred format for future job fairs. >> we are loving this warm temperature that we are getting today. all the warmer temperatures. veronica, what's the night looking like? >> not too bad. we are cooling down. not in a dramatic way. the dramatic changes, that's going to hold up until the
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weekend. across the area, we are going to see clouds make their way back into the area. hanging on to a mostly clear sky this evening, temperatures, here you go, guys, low 50s to the upper 40s. 49 degrees by 9:00 p.m. 47 by 11:00 p.m. not cold, but cool for your late evening. then tomorrow, look at this, high temperature 56 degrees around fredericksburg. d.c. at 55 degrees. mild, mostly cloudy day, could see an isolated early sprinkle come our way as we get to the low and mid-50s across the area. again, the big change is at the end of the week. i'll show you the rain, when it moves in and moves out and how cold it's going to be. pat, i know you don't like it cold. i's coming up. >> we'll handle it. president obama named a temporary defense secretary. christine fox is the former chief program and budget analys
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she will fill in while the search for a permanent appointee goes on. ashton carter is stepping down tomorrow. he described fox as being remarkably brilliant. the fog rolls in. wait until we tell you how many cars were involved in this pile up. claims she was falsely imprisonens, then forced to pay a $500 fine. an investigation into a department store practice this woman says is goin
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right now police are looking for information about an assault at a mall. it happened in the early hours of black friday at the victoria's secret store. a 17-year-old woman says two women approached her and one accused her of assault. they knocked her to the ground. she had never seen the two women before. anyone with information is asked to call annapolis police. it's a controversial tactic that some stores are using to stop shoplifting. suspected shoplifters are held in jail and made to pay a fine. >> i felt so humiliated, i couldn't sleep. my god, i felt so bad.
4:42 pm
>> a high school guidance counselor. she is hopelessly embarrassed. her shoplifting arrest dismissed in court. what would you like from macy's now? >> an apology. >> reporter: back in july, she was shopping for luggage inside the queens center macy's when she noticed the escalator was out of order, she walked to one outside the store. security accused her of shoplifting. she was detaid in a private holding cell behind the handbag section. before police arrived, she was take ton a cash register and told to pay a $500 fine. this is her receipt. >> if a store suspects you are a shoplifter, you can be detained, held, handcuffed.
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>> reporter: a macy's spoke person said he were holding her. defense attorney said after seeing video of the broken escalator, the queen's d.a. dropped the case. >> they would do the right thing and return the 5$500 in this case. >> reporter: when a retailer orders a suspected shoplifter to pay out of pocket, it's a civil demand. some say innocent customers are paying up even though they did nothing wrong, just to avoid legal consequences. sometimes stores send letters straight to a suspect's home. >> it frightens people. they pay whatever to make it go away. >> reporter: they have sent out more than a million collection
4:44 pm
letters. a recent lawsuit called the firm a letter mill that intimidates them into paying sums of money when retailer haves no intention of suing them. palmer did not respond. >> the majority of shoppers and consumers are honest. >> dan reynolds works for check point systems and help retailers battle shoplifting. stores aggressively pursue thieves for the benefit of everyone. u.s. households pay $300 a year because merchandise theft inflates prices. >> it's a hidden tax. they are paying because shoplifting is ongoing. >> it doesn't mean due process should be taken away. >> reporter: he chairs the consumer affairs committee. stores have a right to sue. charging a fine while he or she is being held captive
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is an overreach, even if there's evidence of theft. >> certainly doesn't mean any individual should be extorted. no one should have to pay money on the spot because a store has taken them into custody. >> macy's didn't share a written policy they have for detaining shoplifters or demanding on the spot payment, however they told nbc new york staff is prohibits from using coercioerciocoercion. a warhol painting of kim kardashian may come true. he made a deal with monica warhol. she's making the painting happen like her famous cousin, she makes silkscreen works from photographs. when asked about painting kardashian, she said she's famous for nothing, andy would have loved her.
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a puppy learned a hard lesson about chasing squirrels. the pipe was small. too tight a squeeze for this little guy. the owners of the dog tried to use grease to get his head out. finally, they took him to an animal clinic, they sedated the dog and they were able to get the pipe off. willing to bet that dog will still chase squirrels. >> i bet so. surveillance video rolls as the woman goes on attack with her baby. what led to the attack that has the mother behind bars. europe's most active volcano puts on a light show. >> temperatures go way up, then way down with a taste of winter this weekend and rain in the middle. coming up, which days the weather could slow you down. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts, including sleep number dual temp. discover dual temp at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. visit to find a sleep number store near you.
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take a look at these pictures. mount aetna is at it again. these are some of the most spectacular displays we have seen o the east coast of sicily. when lava comes into contact with the snow, columns of vapor rise into the night sky. itis quite a picture. this is the third time in a week it's erupted. it's the largest active volcano
4:50 pm
in europe. at least one person is dead after three separate car pile ups in western belgium. law enforcement officials say dense fog caused the wrecks. 100 cars were involved in the accidents. more than 50 people were hurt. a similar pile up in 1996 left ten people dead in the same area. back in this country, nine states under winter storm warning and a massive cold wave is crossing the country now. the mountains of montana, around big sky got 15 inches of snow. parts of north dakota could end up with ten inches. temperatures there could drop to minus 20 by the weekend. minnesota is digging out from up to 14 inches of snow with more snow on the way tonight. >> let's let our snow hold back at least three weeks. >> things could get interesting around here sunday night. we are tracking cold air moving in. let's talk about what we are going to get here this evening.
4:51 pm
look at that. it must be christmas. what a big tree, right? that's the kind of tree we should all have in or house, take the roof off. all right. out there right now, it is comfort blg. temperatures in the 50s. 56 degrees in college park, maryland. 55 in manassas, virginia. i'm tracking real cold air moving in this weekend. 30s in minneapolis to denver, colorado. 12 degrees in cheyenne, wyoming. they have been saying dramatic drop taking place today. that cold air arrives here this weekend. saturday, but especially sunday. we are going to feel the arctic air. believe me, folks, around here. temperatures around here tomorrow morning running into the low 40s. yes, there's a chance of a sprinkle around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. back into the 50s tomorrow afternoon. upper 50s, 57 degrees. fredericksburg, culpeper, 56 degrees. i'm calling tomorrow mild.
4:52 pm
seasonably mild. temperatures will be running a few degrees above the average. look at this, mechanicsville, leonardtown, honeytown, 55 to 56 degrees and 57 in king george. today, you will be able to get by without a jacket. here is a look at the storm team seven day forecast. tomorrow, yeah, the 50s. the warmest day coming thursday with a high of 66 or 67 degrees. i promised you i would show you the wet weather around the area for friday. the areas likely to have the most rain as we wrap things up with rain moving out of here saturday. the spots around winchester and hagerstown and cumberland could be around an inch and a half of rain. we could see over an inch of rain areawide here. looks like the rain will be starting during the early morning rush hour on friday and may not end until the evening rush hour on friday. what happens on saturday? 41 degrees for a high temperature. yeah, it is going to be cold as
4:53 pm
we start to clear out. the rain, i think, will be ending before noontime. cold sunshine for us with a high of 41 degrees for saturday. sunday, in the 30s with another weather system moving in. again, if it's cold enough here, sunday night especially, there could be some areas where there's a changeover taking place. as you know, storm team 4 is going to be monitoring that system for you closely in the days ahead. barbara? pat? >> thanks. a mother sentenced after trying to rob a wig store and getting into an altercation with a store clerk while pushing a child in the stroller. it was caught on surveillance. . >> reporter: there's a problem with the silver line project. tonight, the head of the
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wildlife experts are searching for a bear that attacked a woman walking her dogs last night. it happened in central florida in the town of longwood near orlando. she suffered serious injuries but was able to get away from the bear and run to a neighbor's house. bear sightings are not uncommon in florida but this is the first bear attack they recall. the bear may have been morery greszive because it's trying to fatten up for the winter. shocking surveillance video given to news 4 shows a mother
4:57 pm
attacking a store clerk while her baby falls out of the stroller hitting the floor. the mother is now behind bars. darcy spencer has the details on what led to this attack. >> reporter: it's video you are seeing for the first time on news 4. showing an assault and attempted robbery. it shows the suspect in a struggle with the shop owner, hittings her on the head, she falls. then a baby in the suspect's stroller slides out as the confrontation continues. at some point the baby fell out of the stroller. >> it's horrible. as a parent you wouldn't think anyone would do that to their child. >> reporter: it shows the suspect hit the owner on the head with a shoe. earlier, she tried to snatch a cell phone from her hand over the counter. the suspect and her accomplices tried to make off with $850 worth of hair weaves. >> she used the baby as a cover
4:58 pm
to steal things from that store and try to make her escape. >> reporter: the suspect, a 19-year-old with the word princess tattooed on her chest sent to prison for five years after pleading guilty to the attack at the town beauty supply store. >> justice is done, period. for this person to go away, it doesn't just help the store, but the community as well. if they can do it here, what else. >> reporter: the shop owner tells me the attack left her face swollen. she was covered with bruises. the shop surveillance cameras rolling and used as evidence against williams in court. >> it's despicable and troubling, more troubling that a child fell out of the baby carriage during the assault. >> that child seen in the video is not the suspects only child. we spoke to montgomery county police and they tell us all the women's children are now being taken care of by their grandmother.
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, a cop caught in the middle of a child important case. he took advantage of a girl he was supposed to be helping and we are learning there could be more victims. plus, in the wake of a tragedy, the man at the controls explain what is happened moments before the train left the tracks. a lot of controversy at a new walmart store. they open their doors to shoppers for the first time in d.c. and we have the sneak peek. first at 5:00, he has sworn to protect and serve. this afternoon, a d.c. police officer is sworn into court, arrested for producing child important. thanks for joining us, i'm pat lawson muse in for wendy. >> i'm jim handly. to learn of an allegation of this kind is shocking and disturbing. news 4s mark segraves was in court today and joins us live to
5:00 pm
explain why there could be other victims out there. mark? >> reporter: that's right, jim. not only was this officer on duty at the time he took these pictures, allegedly, he was at the house responding to a call for help from the victim's mother. prosecutors just told us awhile ago inside this courthouse, they believe there are more victims out there. according to prosecutors, officer mark washington responded to a call about 1:00 a.m. sunday. a mother said her 15-year-old daughter was missing. later that day, the girl returned home. officer washington showed up and asked to speak to the girl in private. he told her to take her clothes off to take pictures of her injuries. when the girl said no and told him she didn't have injuries, he insisted. he took close up pictures of her


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