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tv   Today  NBC  December 5, 2013 2:05am-3:01am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's a very balmy wines day wednesday, december 4th here in new york city, where it's just getting very festive. ♪ >> you've got to know this song. >> disco legend. >> this song must take you back to a time when everything was great. >> well --
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>> gloria gaynor is singing this song. >> she was here this morning already singing. >> we were joining her, because -- >> we were out on the plaza. >> we want to see how it looks. ♪ i just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face ♪ ♪ i should have changed that stupid lock i should have made you leave your key if i had known for just one second you would be back to bother me ♪ >> i thought jill was in her pajamas at first. ♪ just turn around now >> everybody got into the swing of things. gloria has a terrific book. >> called "we will survive." she tells about her own life. and then there are stories from people from all over the world. it's a very moving book. she will be with us. she's also here for hoda's favorite day in the world. >> today's is national cookie day. did you know? if you want an excuse to have a cookie, by the way, these ones in the middle are warm and gooey and delicious. >> and chocolatey. >> yeah.
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>> guess what is happening tonight? >> two big nights on nbc. tonight is the lighting of the tree, which is huge. >> it is the rockefeller center christmas tree lighting. matt, al, savannah and natalie are all hosting it. this is the 81st annual lighting of the tree. and there are great musical guests, mary j. blige, mariah carey. >> eric grande and jewel. >> it's going to be great. it's on at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> some people do an extra hour of festivities before. the tree will stay lit until january 7th. >> and so will we. but you know what the thing is? >> what? >> this is a warning to all of you. we say this with goodwill toward all men and women. if you aren't coming to the lighting of the tree here in rockefeller center, stay home, because you're not going to be able to get anywhere. it's the craziest day of the year. >> crazy. >> and tomorrow i cannot wait to see. >> i'm dying.
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>> "the sound of music." >> live. >> with carrie underwood. >> what time does that start? >> 8:00. >> you were a busy, busy little beaver last night. >> there was a nice event last night, l'oreal paris eighth annual women of worth. there were some great ladies who were there, diane keaton was there and lea michelle were there. that little minute next to lea -- >> that's her mom? >> where is your mother? >> down there. >> you with heels on are like 6'2". >> a great woman who i met does great work with mental health disorders. she was outstanding. her name was tricia. >> and another tricia was there, right? >> yeah. they do a great, great event. i was happy to be hanging with the ladies. >> always doing your good stuff. now we have breaking news, people. >> get ready. >> breaking news. apparently -- i don't know if
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they don't like to be called this. i don't use it with disrespect. they are now known as kimye. of course, we're talking about kim and kanye. reportedly, according to "us weekly" they want to get married in france at the palace of versailles, built in the 1600s, home to louis xvi and marie antoinette during the big french revolution. >> it's got a lot of gardens and stuff. a lot of it, obviously, will be off limits. there's a house of mirrors and all those famous things in there. they may do something on the grounds outside. >> well, i know that it's going to set them back a bundle. years ago she did a little photo shoot there. just to pay for the license to be able to do that >> really? >> yes, yes. i can't imagine a -- >> wedding there? >> it's going to gather worldwide attention. >> we did try to confirm it, because we are nbc news. >> yeah. we remind ourselves. >> so far no response. >> there's a brand new singer
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out named brit smith. most people don't know who she is. anyway, she released a video, a single. the song is called "provocative." that would be fine. the best part about this little girl and her video is she has a rock star, basically, doing a little rap number in her music video. >> really? >> you might know her. she's dancing in the video. her name is -- >> see if you can tell, figure it out. ♪ >> turn that music off! check this out. >> little volume? ♪ >> oh, wow! >> how awesome? >> betty's got move. >> betty's got everything. >> oh, my god, her hips were going. >> i think she's officially my favorite person in the world, you know? >> look at the hips. >> please.
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all these years in show business, she learned how to use those hips. trust me. "the voice" was on last night, guys. >> she would be the first one to laugh at that and say, honey, i sure did. >> the top six performed and this was a week that one person went home. the way they do it, there's the bottom two and then somebody can get saved by the people. so, here -- we don't know the outcome. we didn't see it last night. here are the bottom two. >> jane -- matthew first and then james. ♪ when a man loves a woman spend his very last dime just tryin' to hold on to what he needs ♪ ♪ i would do anything for love you know it's true and that's a fact i would do anything for
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love and there will never be no turning back ♪ >> i'm not going with -- i'm going not with him, but the first kid. >> i think that james was sent home and matthew was saved. that's what i think. >> but we don't know. so let's watch. >> we don't know. >> i will now announce the final artist going to the semi finals next week. america instantly saved james. >> oh, my gosh! >> congratulations. >> obviously, team adam. so, we're not right. that's the way america goes, baby. that's democracy in action, hoda. >> what happened? he was good, too, but i'm just saying, i thought it was -- what? >> james was sick. >> we don't give excuses here, okay? >> that's the problem. i haven't watched every episode at all in their entirety and so -- yeah, maybe they remembered great, great
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performances before that. >> yeah. >> "the voice" returns monday at 8:00, 7:00 central. so when you go to a restaurant, what is your biggest complaint about restaurants? is it zagat or zagit? >> i've never known how to pronounce that. these are the top five. number five is disappointing food. number four is overcrowding. number three is high prices, two, bad service. and the number one complaint in restaurants is the noise level. >> that's surprising. i would have thought bad service or high prices would be before that. >> yeah. the thing i don't like or the thing that bothers me -- i hate being irritated in a restaurant. you just want to enjoy the meal and stuff. it's when you feel like you're waiting forever for someone to come to your table or you've ordered 20 minutes ago and no one has checked in and your water's empty. you just want someone to check
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in every now and then and say, hey, it's coming. we know. like that. >> one of our producers was telling us this morning that her parents -- meredith's parents were having dinner one night and they were in a corner and it was around dessert time and so her father picked up the phone and called the restaurant that they're sitting in and said, excuse me, can you turn around? we're here. can you get a waiter or waitress to come over so we can order our dessert? i guess they had a good humor about it. but the noise level, i go out to dinner with people because i want to talk to them. >> go -- do they want you out quicker? >> i don't know. >> i also don't like when you're waiting to be seated and they say it will be just a minute and you see eight empty tables and they ask you, is your entire party here? no, two people are parking the car. well, they all have to be here. >> i don't understand what that is. >> i don't either. >> they could order a drink. hello.
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somebody is tipping for jesus around the country, extravagant tipper is leaving tips all over the country. we don't know who the person is, or persons. >> during the holidays, we get lost in the buying and the crowds and the pushing. we thought it would be kind of cool to recognize people who are doing really, really cool things. this guy leaves -- look at that thumb. >> wow! what is that? >> incredibly generous tips. they're covering up his name so we don't know. he said he's doing the lord's work one tip at a time and is leaving tips from $500 to $10,000. >> can you imagine? >> for a total of $54,000 that's been given. and it's across the country. >> it may be a football fan. most of the big tips he leaves is after a college game. >> so maybe he's a sports enthusiast who goes to these different games and dines afterwards.
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it's legitimate. god bless him. they're doing some good in the world. >> that's really cool. another shout out to a good kid. a second grader is trying to cure playground loneliness. he saw a lot of kids at his school sitting by themselves and it made him feel not so great. he decided to do something about it. >> his name is christian bucks. he went to the school and he asked if they would build a buddy bench. so they did. they built a colorful bench on the playground. >> if the kid feels lonely, he sits on the buddy bench and another kid will join him. just a cool idea. i guess these things are happening in the uk and in germany. >> we have a buddy bench right here. great congratulations to our little sister, sara haines. she went over for a new opportunity it to another network but got the man of her dreams now, she's engaged to matt now. >> congratulations, sara. >> a darling couple. we really miss her. >> we do miss her.
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♪ there's probably not a woman on earth who hasn't belted out that song in the shower. >> you got that right. >> gloria gaynor's hit "i will survive" was recorded 35 years ago. just last year it was inducted into the grammy hall of fame. >> finally. people shared their own survival stories with gloria. 40 of those stories are in this great new book. it is called "we will survive" with a companion cd with all-new music by the grammy winner. >> so nice to see you. >> merry christmas to you on the day that we light that tree. >> thank you so much. >> this book was just a genius idea. we all remember a breakup,
2:20 am
devastating news happened and this song was our anthem. did you realize right away how this song was going to resonate with people? >> i did, because it resonated with me. >> you were in a down time. >> i was. >> tell us about that. >> well, i had had surgery on my spine. the record company said they would not are renew my contract and a new president came in from england and decided he wanted me to record a song called substitute when i went out to talk to the producers to record that song we were talking about the b side. after the conversation they determined i was the one they had been waiting for to do this song they had written a couple of years prior. so i'm knowing that god said write this song and put it over there for a minute. i'm going to send you someone. >> you were singing it, the time you were going through it. and, obviously, you read the lyrics resonated so much. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> then you started performing it all over the world, of course. >> yes.
2:21 am
>> still do it, love it. you close your show with it. people start coming up to you and telling you their stories, right? >> absolutely. the stories had inspired me and encouraged me so much, i decided it's time for me to share that inspiration and encouragement from those stories. what could be more inspiring and encouraging than to read about somebody going through something that you're now going through? and come out on the other side victorious. >> there's a beautiful story about a holocaust survivor written about in your book. >> and then she lost her husband. >> that's when she came across the song. in '78, the song ce out. >> the story you tell early on, even in the prolog where you talk about the abuse you had to deal with as a child from 5 years old on, coming from a fatherless home with a single mom who was doing the very, very best she could. you never told her, because you thought -- your mother, tell us about that. >> well, the abuses that i had, i wouldn't tell my mother,
2:22 am
because my mother was take no guff from anybody kind of person and i knew that she would seek retribution, you know, if she knew that these things had happened to me. i didn't want to be without my mother as well as my father. >> talk about cognitive thinking when you're 5 years old. if i tell, mom's going to do something and she's going to go to jail. i would rather have my mom. that's extremely mature. >> it really, really is. >> all of this happening was the impetus of the single that came out. "you're right on time." those things eat away at your self-esteem. >> let's listen to that song. ♪ >> you still sound great. and it was the lord that got you through all of this stuff, gloria. >> absolutely. absolutely. there i was. i believe that the surgery, the spine problem and all of that happened so that god could get my attention.
2:23 am
i was off in the wild blue yonder. >> he got it and you gave us a great gift. thank you. >> thank you for that and thank you for your "right on time." >> i want to hear that. we were having trouble hearing that. yeah. >> thank you so much. >> the great gloria gaynor. time to go shopping, whether you cook or love to eat. >> perfect gifts for those finicky foodies after this. ♪ i am stuck on band-aid brand 'cause band-aid's stuck on me ♪ [ female announcer ] band-aid brand waterproof tough-strips. designed with a four-sided seal. they're waterproof, shielding out water, dirt, and germs.
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and we're about to help you with your christmas gift list. if there's a foodie in your life, this is for you. for gifts under $50, foodie expert cissy. >> why not give your foodie friend the excessive chef cutting board? it has these imprints in the birch wood. you can make a perfect julienne, whatever it might be. >> i am a little like that. >> $26. >> then this is for the other
2:28 am
extreme. for those of us who like to cook with just that smidgeon, pinch, a dash. you've got grandma's recipe, when she says a smidgeon, that's what a smidgeon is. put a ribbon on it, put it in a stocking. >> that's a nice stocking stuffer. >> for my daughter, sarah, and fiance. they live in a little apartment. it's a fruit basket that's vertical. it's barware. store all your fruits. take it from the bottom. oranges and bananas off the back. it's a clever way to use the space for your foodie. small company, mom and pop, u.s.a. sharp. they send you this box for under $30. you load knives in the sleeves they provide. >> careful. >> you mail it and it comes back to you in three days perfectly sharpened knives for the foodie who has no time. >> that's great.
2:29 am
>> for guests to bring along. when the holidays are finished, they'll send those off. real gold mine is the kitchen equipment store. i have globe equipment where i live. this is a must-have for any foodie. mandolin making the julienne. it does everything you need. for the restaurant foodie, this is how we serve french fries now in the fry basket. have at it. so that gives that restaurant experience at home. >> unless they're hot. thank goodness, they're not hot. >> next up, perfect egg poacher. >> stop it. >> $5. pop it in here. break an egg in there. it goes in the papers and into your gently boiling water. pull it out. in no time at all you have the perfectly shaped egg. drop it in. i don't know if i have the total -- if this was in here long enough. bianca is so good at those things. it's the perfect poacher. >> bianca! >> i love that.
2:30 am
>> what foodie isn't nuts about nuts? >> careful. careful. >> from a great guy out in seattle. hot and sweet cashews. it's so fabulous. really i think it's one of the best of the season. >> great. >> next up -- >> we love our nuts. >> we love our virginia nuts, peanuts company. they do a great job. wonderful zingy almonds. >> all on >> you're the best. we'll be back!
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and we are back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play who knew and in honor -- pay attention -- of actor jeff bridges' birthday, which is today, we're testing your knowledge on famous bridges and famous hollywood families. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store and is ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who get it is right. and those who don't get a kathie lee cd. lucky, lucky. >> she wants it. you can tell.
2:33 am
>> terrence jay, e! news anchor and the author of "the wealth of my mother's wisdom." thank you. fancy. >> thank you. my mother can't wait to meet you. are we going to tell everybody we're getting married? >> no. keep it on the low. >> let's go across to kath. >> "stepbrothers," "fabulous baker boys," "the blues brothers" or "bad boys"? >> the first one. >> the correct answer, terrence, is "the fabulous baker boys." >> why -- yes, it is, it came out in 1990. this catapulted michelle pfeiffer's career, starring the brothers. they play brothers in the film. they got a lot of critical acclaim. >> back across to kath. >> the sister of our dear cameraman right here, jimmy corrigan. welcome. welcome. >> thank you. >> a pivotal scene in "saturday
2:34 am
night fever" takes place on what bridge. verrazano-narrows bridge, manhattan bridge or george washington bridge? >> brooklyn bridge? >> good day for kl. the verrazano bridge, right? >> yes. this film came out in 1977. that young lady out there is too young to remember that. way too young. >> of course. >> john travolta and the rest of the guys. >> i forgot that scene. oh, my gosh. back across to kath. >> this beautiful blond is from chicago. right? okay. dakota johnson, who will play anastasia steele in the 2015 release of "fifty shades of grey" movie -- don't act like you didn't read it -- is the daughter of which actress? >> b. >> no. i thought everybody knew that. that's a lullaby album. i don't know. >> a lot of people don't know that. melanie griffith. >> and don johnson is her father.
2:35 am
the film started shooting, it will come out in 2015. they just shot the first scene at the coffee shop. as soon as they start doing those other scenes i'll let you know. >> please do. >> let you know. >> let's go over to kath. >> in the film "bridges of madison county," robert kincaid comes to town to, what, fix the bridges, tear down the bridges, paint the bridges or photograph the bridges? >> i think i should know. photograph the bridge. >> yes. i love that. >> anything with an accent is great. he was there to photograph the bridges. >> yes, he was. you've got to love clint eastwood. he starred, directed and produced this film. just a brilliant job. >> great, great movie. back across to kath. >> bunch of ladies are celebrating their 60th birthday. imagine that. which actor is a cousin of film directors roman and sofia coppola? bruce willis, john cusack, nicholas cage or al pacino? >> nicholas cage. >> wow, she knew.
2:36 am
>> is that common knowledge >> it is not. nicholas cage's real name is nicholas kim coppola. he changed his name to cage but is part of the family that had godfather and other great films. >> back across to kath. >> which television series opening features its main character driving over, i think it's called, the goethals bridge to his home in new jersey?"boar sopranos," "house" or "everybody loves raymond"? i think there's a cd in your future. >> b. >> yes! >> that was a wild guess. this is the scene from the open? >> yes, it is. i think you would have to know that scene, the infamous character, james gandolfini, rest in peace, but that's him traveling across the bridge to new jersey to get ready to do
2:37 am
some bad. >> you know it. we have time for one more. >> colorado. which a list actor's aunt rosemary had a hit with the following song? ♪ was it george clooney, brad pitt, matt damon or ben affleck? >> george clooney. >> yeah, yeah. >> and she needed a little help, but rosemary is his aunt. >> that is his aunt. she needed a little help on that. the good thing is i didn't know either. we just love george clooney. >> thanks for coming to see us. delicious wines for a good cause at a good price. >> and spruce up your christmas without the spruce. chris and peyton with some nontraditional trees. across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city,
2:38 am
i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. a tiny breakfast helps us weigh less? eat all this with new special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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we announced at the top of
2:42 am
the show that kim and kanye were going to perhaps be getting married at versailles in paris. >> "us weekly" reported that. >> yes. and -- >> breaking new. >> breaking news. >> we just heard from their camp that that is absolutely not true. so stop spreading stuff like that, hoda woman. >> absolutely. world famous lighting of the rockefeller christmas tree is tonight. >> if you want to be a little different this christmas we do have a few twists from the traditional tree. >> they make me sick. >> yeah, kind of. chris and peyton. >> even their names are like perfect. >> you guys. >> hi, kids. >> look at these. >> artificial tree. >> look at this candy cane one. >> it might be my favorite. leave it up year round, put some blue lights on it, it's ready for fourth of july.
2:43 am
>> wow! >> we like to leave our decorations up year round. >> it's prelit. you light a tree, after you put the lights on, take them off. this comes in platinum as well. but then my favorite -- >> mine, too, i think. >> the palm tree. >> look at this palm tree. >> right? >> you can get that from target or something you said? >> buy it online. the great thing about this it doesn't come with a six-pack of corona, but you can easily buy it. it's like a feliz navidad. >> what do they cost? >> >> put them up, they're super easy. >> between $100 and $200. >> the price of the tree is about $100 and you pay that every year. >> sometimes when you get artificial trees, you open the box and all the things fall out and you have to spend forever -- >> hodie doesn't like it. >> these were pretty easy to assemble. three stocks, right into the end of the basket. >> fluff it. >> exactly. >> these are like smurfs.
2:44 am
>> you like these? this comes as a set. >> want them in all the colors. >> fun for a holiday party. put it on your dining room table. >> this one is very dr. suess. good for a kid's room. let them decorate it and have fun with these trees. >> and lastly? >> competition time, ladies. >> we don't have a lot of time. >> we have plenty of time. >> start decorating it. >> more of a traditional tree, snow on there, prelit. >> i don't like all the other -- >> there's ribbons in here. >> there's ribbons. >> got the snow. >> all gold? >> i don't know. what do you think? >> put it on top. why not? are you in charge of decorating the tree tonight? >> she will be lit tonight, i promise you. >> hey, hey.
2:45 am
>> all right. look at -- >> hoda, you're winning. look at that. that's beautiful. >> hey, hey, you're on my team. >> i think hoda is going to win. if you win, i'm going to give you the palm tree trees. >> oh! >> eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two -- that's it. you have to stop tying. now let's look. >> i'm going to do an entire gold theme. >> i'm sorry but that's classy and gorgeous. >> what do you mean? look at mine. there's yours. which tree would you rather have? okay? >> the winner gets to take home the palm tree. kath, you're the winner. >> thank you, hodie. merry christmas and happy holidays. >> your tree may not be the only thing getting lit this christmas. >> i love these people! they're here, leslie and ray are here. we love them. >> yes. >> with wines that do good actually. have a great time and do some
2:46 am
good in the world. >> here is another gold ball. >> thank you. thank you, hodie. >> you're welcome. [ male announcer ] this is mike.
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guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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it is the season of giving. one way to do that is buy a nice bottle of wine for yourself or as a gift for a good cause. >> here with some options, food and wine magazine and leslie's bracco, author of "wine for women." >> besides sonny and cher, you might be my favorite duo. >> so cute. >> did you bring your girls today? >> i did bring the girls. >> the only thing people noticed about your wine segment last time were those girls. >> we did nickname them thanks and giving. >> i've got nothing here. >> yours would be noel. >> speaking of breasts -- >> wines that actually do give back to charity when you buy the bottle.
2:51 am
the first two -- we sort of broke it up by ideas. gift to women causes, hand craft inspiration white, nice light blend of riesling and pinot grigio. >> i like the color. $200,000 to breast cancer research over the last two years. >> almost like a light dessert wine. i don't like riesling usually. that's nice. >> it's crisp and lovely. >> moving on. >> and, again, speaking of breasts, wine sisterhood courageous cabernet, also give to breast cancer research. over the course of a given year they give at least $50,000 to tough enough to wear pink. >> $10. >> $10? and it's great. keep art in school, all the thing that is help a sister out. >> where do you find these wines, you guys? >> target. >> really? >> widely distributed throughout the country.
2:52 am
>> one more screw top and they're discovering that is better for your wine. >> that's right. it keeps it fresher. >> corks occasionally mess with the wine a little bit. screw tops are perfect. >> don't be a snob about that. >> go like this and pretend it's a cork. move to social causes, this is rodney strong's cabernet. >> i actually met rodney strong. >> of course you have. >> in nantucket. >> he was a dancer. >> that's right. >> this is a classic california cabernet, $15, $16. great to give as a gift. >> i like that. >> isn't that lovely? they've given $200,000 to the united way to go to food banks. and they're doing a program here in new york city with the food bank. >> i love that. >> and murphy good, operation home front red, this is a big rich blend of zinfandel, which
2:53 am
gives 50 cents of every bottle to operation home front which helps military families and veterans in need. >> very much in need right now. >> this is widely distributed, 15 bucks a bottle. josh sellers is another brand that's also giving money to operation home front. >> it's a steel. >> it was jim steel i met, not rodney strong. thank you for reminding me. >> are we supposed to be eating these in between? >> i think so. >> you may have one of those tasty crackers in between. >> and come over here so the camera can get it. >> keeping things really healthy now with environmental causes. steelhead pinot noir. they're part of 1% to the planet. 1% of all their sales goes to environment causes. that's a lot of money. >> sparkling wines, iron horse, ocean reserve. they partnered with national
2:54 am
geographic and so $4 from every bottle goes to keeping our oceans healthy. and, ladies, these are for you. save a wino. right here. >> they're available at whole foods, right? >> $1 goes to protect animals. >> this has been my favorite segment in a long time. for two good reasons. you add in ray, three. wine, four and my good friend, hodie. thanks, everybody. we'll be back with a special guest and more of "today" on nbc.
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our toy drive has sent millions of children all over the united states gifts for a lot of great reasons. it may be the only gift they receive this holiday season. >> kimberly canary is with kay jewelers, who has been donating to tour toy drive for 14 years. >> and keshawn is a patient at children's hospital here with his mom. >> hi, everybody. >> thank you for your 14 years from kay jewelers. >> absolutely. it's our honor. like you, we are passionate about helping children. we are donating 2,000 of these teddy bears.
2:59 am
they're available at kay jeweller's nationwide. >> why did you choose st. jude? >> it's such an amazing organization. we've partnered with them for 15 years -- going on our 15th year. in the first 14 years we've raised over $35 million. we just love that they help patients like keshawn and all the incredible things they do for their family. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> how are you feeling? >> good. >> mom, how is he doing? >> really well. he's back to his normal self. >> and st. jude just must have meant the world to you guys. tell us about that. >> yes, ma'am. st. jude -- we are just so honored to be part of the st. jude family and everything they stand for is a blessing. >> it really is. >> they took good care of you, didn't they, keshawn? >> yes. >> god bless you. have a happy holiday. >> our toy drive goes through december 20th. you can donate at the plaza, the nbc experience store or go to >> click the connect button.
3:00 am
tomorrow, everybody has a story. >> do you know what tomorrow is? >> it's thirst day thursday. >> tonight the rockefeller tree lighting! >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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