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tv   Today  NBC  December 7, 2013 2:05am-3:01am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> what day is it? >> it is friday. friday, december 6th, 2013. and you all are running out of time to get ready for -- i don't mean that way. running out of time to get everything done for the big holiday. >> i have to say, i'm enjoying
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having a lot of people on the plaza during this time of year. everybody comes to look at the tree. >> and they linger. >> and we like when it they linger. all right. so here's a question for you. think about your best female friends, good female friends, what do you think the rules are when it comes to your female friendship? ♪ >> love it. >> elle magazine created the rules of friendship. anyway, here are some of their rules. tell us if you agree with them or not. never hate a woman you've never met. >> oh, i disagree with that. i think that's actually a good thing for -- i don't think we're supposed -- we're not supposed to hate anybody. you can dislike people immensely. hate, i hate. >> you agree? >> i do agree. >> i think if you dislike someone immensely or if karen or if any of my close, close friends disliked somebody i would dislike them.
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and i don't care what the thing is or why. >> you would trust your friends' analysis. >> why am i going to befriend or be friendly to that person, why the one person they don't like? if people don't get along with lots of folks, that's one thing. if karen said that guy, wow, he really rubs me the wrong way. i tried many times. there's no way i'm going to -- i'm judging him. i am. >> well, we all judge. can't help it. but the truth, is you know, when you've been the objective of that yourself and people decide you're one way and then they meet you and discover oh, you're not like that, why -- why did i believe what i read kind of thing? that's why i'm sensitive about it. i read stuff in the papers and, you know, magazines all the time about people that i know and love that i know are not true. >> right. >> and so i'm -- >> what if i told you, i can't stand that guy? >> it would affect me. yeah. but, i'd try not to --
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this one i think we both agree on. never date a friend's ex. even if she says go ahead. we've been broken up for months. you know what? it's got trouble written all over it. you'll be stepping on land mines left and right. >> and don't marry him. whatever you do. remember shania twain. i have some friends that have done the same thing. and it's scary. it's scary. >> all right. so never reveal another female's secret. >> we're never supposed to reveal anyone's secret. >> this is a thing for female friends. >> all right. >> never leave a friend drunk alone at the bar. >> that is totally true. totally true. yeah, yeah, yeah. too much can go on in this world. they're not in any capacity to take care of themselves. never invite a friend's enemy to a party. >> i agree. >> don't do it. it changes the whole vibe. >> yeah. >> it makes everyone uncomfortable. never, ever dine alone with your
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friend's boyfriend. >> unless he called you and says, listen, i want to talk to you about getting such and such the perfect gift for rebecca. can you grab a quick lunch for me? i want to show you. i have a couple things on consignment. i want you to tell me which one she likes best. what's wrong with that? >> nothing. but sometimes if you ever had a friend's husband, boyfriend, whatever kind of -- you feel like he is flirting with you? >> yes. >> and that's -- >> it makes you uncomfortable. >> you feel awkward. your friend is standing there. oh, my god, what is happening? it's subtle. he says you look great and your friend is standing there. that is a terrible feeling. >> somebody says your advice looks even better, don't you think? >> so here's another question for you. what makes someone marriage material? so, of course men and women have completely different views. there is another study out that says that we, men and women have very different opinions. okay. so women believe -- let's go from number three. they believe the third most
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important factor is what your friends and family think. number two is they say it's a gut feeling. you just know. and the number one reason is they say trust is the most important factor in a relationship. >> i think it's an important factor. i think for me it's shared values. you have to believe about the core things in life the same way or you're going to have trouble. you're going to have trouble anyway. i don't care what anybody says. fairy tales should not end with the words and they lived happily ever after. yeah. they learn to cohabitate in a mutually respective way is what it should say. >> james carville and mary matalin, they are so different politically -- >> personality-wise. >> that's an interesting couple. >> i know. >> they're still together, aren't they? >> the last i heard. and, of course, sexual attraction. >> is the number one. listen to what number two. >> they're so deep. >> number, two willingness to
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look after me. and number three -- >> like your mother. >> and number three, should enjoy sports and let me watch sports. >> or at least let me watch them. yeah. >> i couldn't even believe those are the top three. sex, pick up my clothes and watch sports with me. >> wash my socks. >> wash my socks. >> yeah. get in bed and then clean up and make it after i leave. >> that's exactly what it is. >> yeah! not good. >> we're so over you. >> yeah. >> so this is the time of year when we talk about everyone is rushing to the malls and not paying attention to the real meaning of christmas and stuff. there is a lot of good going on lately between the tips for jesus who is leaving tips for people and some people are paying other people's groceries. but there was a tv commercial that caught our eye. this one was obviously manufactured by our mutual eye. >> yes, by us. >> it's a commercial that might inspire you. take a look. ♪ the blessing keep you always
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may your wishes all come true ♪ ♪ may you always do for others and let others do for you ♪ ♪ may you billed gratitude may you stay ♪ ♪ forever young >> that is -- that makes me cry. >> thank you. >> that is so sweet. oh, my god. that is the best thing. i love! you know, best christmases -- >> oh, my god. >> we try to do is read the newspapers a few weeks ahead. there was a story that touched all of us in our family. and one year we tried to do it local now because one year we found a family that lived in -- i think it was the bronx or brooklyn or somewhere. we didn't know how to get there. it was before gpss. our kids were little. it is a family that lost everything. we said, let's do christmas for them.
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and we all went -- we all did the shopping. we find out every size, there were ten people living in one little room. and on our way there it was a blizzard. it was an absolute blizzard. and we got there and, i'm telling you, it might have been the best christmas ever. the best christmas ever. >> think about that. we're all thinking about do we have the right gift for this co-worker or friend or boyfriend or spouse. i'm so touched by that commercial. that is the most beautiful thing. >> maybe instead of getting something for somebody that has everything, look around to that person is so lonely. nobody to say a kind word to them. especially the elderly, you guys. our culture doesn't pay attention enough or appreciate them enough. you know what? now that i'm very close to being one of them, start taking little better care of everybody, okay? >> we also have something, you're going to love this. >> speaking of the us, reading glasses. these are crazy. they are the friday eyeglasses.
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if you found you both need glasses. >> i can actually see myself for the first time. >> this is what the glasses do. you can share them with your spouse. even if you have different prescriptions. >> hoda wears them. i put them on. what you do is adjust to your vision. you turn the little knob on both sides. now it's perfectly clear for me to read. >> usually they're different. >> now you try these. so if you say, i can borrow your glasses. these are set for me. whoa. hoda. and then i go wait a minute. and you twist them. perfect. >> and then can you see them. i'm not kidding. this is going to put the glasses, the 1.25, 2.5 glasses you buy in the drugstore out of business. >> they have to start making them a little cuter. these are very unattractive. >> do you know what's the trouble with glasses for me? >> what? >> i have such a crooked face that they always sit like this. >> the glasses are crooked. >> no. the face is -- >> it's your ears? >> no, it's my nose, my eyes.
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pull up your eyes -- pull up your hair. >> okay. okay. oh, my god. >> i think that ear -- no this ear is higher -- is lower than this ear. >> anthony, come closely. this is why it's always askew. only one nostril closes and it throws my whole symmetry off. >> $46 and up. >> check out our website for more information. >> do you know what time it is? >> it's time for your friday funnies. i live for the day that i actually get that kind of a laugh from these. okay. this is from facebook fans. gene vermilion. a young boy was reading his grammar book and getting confused. he asked his dad for help. daddy, what is the difference
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between confidential and confident? the dad thought for a minute. see, you're my son. and of that i am confident. see, we look alike. we look alike and live in the same house. now little jimmy who lives down the road, well, he's also my son but that's confidential. >> let's hear it, folks. that's a mercy laugh. >> all right. time for our johnson's baby of the week. >> we love this. >> the announcements. we celebrate new mom ands new additions to their family. the first johnson family is memphis jax. he was born on october 8th. weighed 9 pounds, 9 ounces. he watches kathie lee and hoda every morning with mommy. >> our next baby is madison amira belgrave. she was born on november 18th in brooklyn, new york. her parents say they chose her middle name because it means
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princess in arabic. >> now to a baby born on october 14th, thomas wait hays. thomas was born needing a hair cut. >> i had more hair on me -- never mind. elaina faye rustler. this little darling was born on november 13th in evansville, indiana. her parents say that elaina loves to cuddle and is definitely daddy's little girl. >> if you want a chance for your baby to appear on the show, go to our website for details. >> you know we have sitting on a little sofa? we have one of our little adorable ones. this is our producer tammy's little darling ash lyn. >> and she's going to be in a fashion show! exciting. >> look how thrilled she is. now she's thinking, mistake. made a big mistake. all right. coming do you ever grab the cheesy pizza in the mall while
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shopping? >> we're going to show you how to pack good choices to you don't pack on the pounds after this. [ hosmer ] i kinda knew their reaction would be a little like, you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. if you're planning to hit the mall this shopping season, the chances are you're not going to take the time for a healthy meal. >> that doesn't mean that you can't stay healthy even at the food court. here to help us with those choices is carry glassman. >> so mall food choices aren't healthy, period. >> they are not. you're correct. this is not uber nutrition we're talking about. this is about making the best choice you possibly can with not so many great options. >> okay. >> these are restaurants we know, right? >> exactly. >> this is panda express right here. and here is for 180 calories the
2:21 am
chicken and mushroom dish. 14 grams of protein. it will hold you over. there's a lot of sodium so you have to really chug back the water. if that's not going to fill you up and you need something else, don't go for the fried rice, go for the side order of veggies, 70 calories, five grams of fiber will help fill you up. if you're craving chinese, it might do the job. >> what about the white rice? keep that off the plate? >> go for more veggies. >> okay. pizza. >> i know. >> okay. so now we have barros. everyone craves a slice of pizza here and there. this place was really hard to find a great option. 610 calories. >> for one slice. >> that is a lot. you really have to think of this as a meal. you got your chicken for your lean protein, broccoli for your veggies and then your starch here. you can't have two or three slices. you really have to stick to that one slice. >> you know what i like to do is just eat all the toppings off. is that saving much?
2:22 am
>> it absolutely is. i have to tell you, i do the same thing. >> you do? >> i have done that. or you can just cut the crust off. >> i don't eat the crust at all anyway. but, yeah. >> good. >> okay, so remember the days when starbucks just had coffee. >> yes. >> they are long gone. they've had food for a while. they are taking it up a nutrition notch with this zesty chicken and black bean bowl. we've got chicken, black beans, corn, we even have quinoa in here. can you imagine at the mall? that's good nutrition stuff. >> so starbucks. >> eight grams of fiber. we have fiber. vegetables. >> and what is the sauce like? >> a little bit of a dressing there. >> it's good. taste it. >> okay. >> how many calories? >> i think it's an additional 70 calories. >> it's good. >> is it? >> oh, yeah. i'll get that. >> and then we have au bon pan for 180 calories, the 12 veggie soup.
2:23 am
what i love about it, of course, it has 12 veggies in it. it is gluten free and veegian. and it is also loaded with vitamin a and c. here's the thing. not enough protein for a meal. i like to think of it as that hold over snack. five or six. you have two more hours to shop. this is your perfect option. >> that is a great option. >> subway, of course, six inch sub, go for the whole wheat. i skip here on the meat so you're not getting all that sodium. so only 370 milligrams of sodium. a lot less than the option. we have olives, pickles, tomato. but we havo meee. >> where's the beef? remember that. >> and then last thing, jamba juice. many juices are loaded with sugar. 100 calories in this. this is just pure carrot juice. great for the skin, great for the immune system. it's good. >> try it. >> i had a green juice today and i loved it. >> and we have a wrap for 290 calories. >> you don't like carrot juice? >> no. i like carrots but i don't like
2:24 am
that. >> you might like the wrap. 290 calories. fiber in the wrap and then cheese and turkey here. the whole thing together, less than 400 calories. good options. >> thank you so much. all right, the holiday season is about gifts and giving. so why not do both at the same time? >> bobbi thomas has gives that give back. >> good girl, bobbie! [ female announcer ] crest + scope gives you the ultimate in fresh breath. so you have the courage to jump in, go in for the hug, or make sparks fly.
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it is time for "bobbie buzz." a lot of gift giving this time of year. so many gifts to choose from. how about one that also helps those in need? >> today's style editor and author, bobbie thomas is here with gifts that give back. >> it's the thought that counts. why not be twice as nice? i love this idea. echo designs share the warmth campaign. when you buy one, they'll give two. >> that's great. >> and it's fantastic through fashion delivers, they're going to donate comparable items to
2:29 am
people still affected by hurricane sandy. there are so many things. look at the hidden ear pockets. >> look at how soft those are. i love these. >> i know. >> everyone can wrap up this season. >> this time of year. >> so i think about december 27th. >> this is another great idea. women for women's international has the share cookbook. they collected recipes from women around the world. in war-torn countries. 100% of the proceeds go back to help them and part of a collection. can you go online to get the details. >> now these are beautiful bracelets. >> gorgeous. >> what i love is that each color from the charity corresponds to ten different charities. they're $10 apiece. they donate back to the charities. blue is for, et cetera. >> lovely. >> and for a hostess gift, balls of steel. 25% goes to help fund testicular cancer research. and last but not least, i could not touch beauty. they give 100% to ovarian cancer funds for their shop for the cause.
2:30 am
jane cosmetics gives products to women's shelters. and ops tailor blue helps with donor registration. >> you did it, bobbie! >> happy holiday. >> we love you. all right. coming up, random acts of kindness. the scientific reason you might want to do something good for someone today. >> and the perfect dress for your precious little girl. >> is that tammy's daughter ashlyn? >> yes. i wonder how she got booked. we're going to show you how to dress up your kids for the holidays after your local news. bla
2:31 am
2:32 am
with more of "today" with so many acts of kindness happening around the country and the man that let $1,000 rain down on the malls in america to anonymous people leaving tips for people across the country, $54,000 and counting. >> to the most recent story that surfaced about the late paul walker. ten years ago the fast and furious star was in a jewelry
2:33 am
store where he overheard a soldier and his wife say they couldn't afford the wedding ring she wanted. the couple left only to be called back by a store employee. >> when we walked in, the clerk came out holding the bag and said here's your ring. it was bought and paid for in full. and i -- i just -- out of utter amazement and gratitude. sheer gratitude. >> that is such a lovely thing. and with his passing, the couple and store employees wanted people to know about his good deed. so what makes people want to perform random acts of kindness for others? and does it cause others to pay it forward? here to answer the questions are our psychologist dale atkins and laura shroth, the author of a great book called "the invisible thread." >> we both loved. >> we sure did. >> when i watch a piece of video like we've been showing, it makes you want to go out and do something. it triggers it, doesn't it? >> it does trigger it. what happens is we feel what that person feels. and you say if they can do it, i
2:34 am
can do it. and you are, even if you're not doing the act of kindness at that moment, your brain is changing. your heart rate is going to come down, your immune system is going to be strengthened. >> an endorfin. >> you get a helper's high. even if you are watching. >> and laura, you did this for this young man. you thought it was an initial lovely thing when you started to feed him a little bit. next thing you know, a homeless kid, i assume everybody knows this book. he's become a life long friend to you. >> yeah, 27 years ago. you know, when i think about it, it was just a small act of kindness. young boy was hungry. and i took him to lunch. and before we knew it, we developed a friendship that's lasted over 27 years. >> one of my favorite parts of your book is when he wanted -- you asked if he wanted lunch money or if he wanted a bag lunch and he said, no, i want a bag lunch because i want them at school to know someone cares about me. someone packed it for me. it was so moving. >> a friend of mine was walking
2:35 am
on the george washington bridge yesterday and saw a woman very distraught. she got to the top and was -- and my friend was able to talk her out of it. get the police there. can you imagine? there are no coincidences, right? >> no. >> but your story has triggered so many people to do -- to have -- perform acts of kindness. >> i never could have imagined when the book came out, you know, where it would go and what it would do. but it is a book that is inspirational. and what i am seeing is how people are inspired to want to make a difference. they see that you don't have to save the world. you don't have to empty your bank account. but you can fact do a simple gesture that can make a difference. >> one person. >> one of my favorite stories is a young girl 11 years old, she read the book with her mother. she made me her hero. and after visiting with her school about two weeks later, she was driving out of a
2:36 am
shopping center and saw a man with a sign asking for diapers and milk for his child. and she said i thought about your book. and i made my mom go back to the store and buy diapers and milk for this man. and that simple act of kindness, that gesture, will stay with her -- >> for the rest of her life. >> it will stay with her and stay with the man who was the recipient. the interesting thing about the contagion of kindness acts that when you do something for somebody, the person you do it for is likely to do it for three or four other people. >> wow. >> so this keeps multiplying. and when you say that, you know, you may not change world, you are changing the world. and we are changing the world one act of kindness at a time. one person at a time. >> and you get hooked, it's like a high once you do that. it's like going to a soup kitchen. you want to do it the next week. it just gives you so much more than you give. >> that's true. you know, winston churchill talked about, he has a wonderful quote. it's we make a living by what we get.
2:37 am
but we have a life, we make a life by what we give. and we have the opportunity to give. it changes us and changes our world. >> just as your book is now doing for so many people. >>way want to thank you both for being here. perfect topic. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> how to dress your kids up for the holidays. asional have constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes!
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we spend the season dressing our trees, table and house and all kinds of holiday decor. what about dressing our kids? >> here for the latest fashions for kids is the style expert and author of "the cheap chica's guide to style." nice to see you. >> this is always fun. >> you see the little kids dressed up in their holiday best. >> it might be my favorite time of year. i tell people, look for
2:42 am
fashion that's are festive, not so holiday specific. so can you wear it long after the season. >> and comfortable for them. >> yes. >> we're going to bring out ashlyn. you can come on out. logan, can you come out, too. >> yeah. >> and she's doing the slow walk. here she is too. adorable. >> here they are. so beautiful. >> ashlyn has a gorgeous gold sparkly dress. she's got an adorable headband. >> good-bye, logan. >> logan, turn around. logan is in an adorable little suit. so he has a great little bow tie and plaid. suspenders. >> i love that look. >> a little blazer from h & m. these great little wool trousers. >> now he's getting into it. >> now he's into it. and how adorable? for little kids, a boy red and green, go for a different color palette. >> look at ashlyn's dress. >> she looks like a modern person. >> she is the daughter of tammy filler who is our executive producer. >> yes, she is. i think that's the fourth time we've said that.
2:43 am
>> yes. >> i want to be clear that we do home cooking. >> they're lovely people. good-bye guys. thank you. >> they want to stay. >> all right, next we have elementary school kids. melody and kegan. >> he is in this great sweater. this is from h & m. >> like that. >> he can pull down that style. on mel any, it is all about texture and print. a cute plaid jacket from jcpenney with a little ruffly skirt dress. there from h & m. then sparkly shoes. the kids are fun and playful. they want to be youthful looking. throw in some tool kits from vans. >> next we have our tween models. come on out, guys. how cute are they?
2:44 am
>> here's the thing. they don't want the on dress like their parents. they need holiday looks with a lot of coolness. so on caroline, she is wearing this great dress. it's plaid but it's subtle. and to make the whole thing festive, we added a sequin bomber jacket. and every little girl needs a fabulous bag. we're starting them young. this adorable bag is from the children's place. i found it for under $10. i love that. >> and then on anthony again, they want to pick out clothes they can wear long after the holidays. a plaid shirt he can wear to school. a chunky sweater. every boy needs a pair of skinny jeans. >> do you like those skinny jeans? >> even the little ones are asking for the slim and skinny jeans. it's all trending all the way down. and great little boots from timberland. >> and his pants are pulled all the way up. >> i love. that. >> very hip and wonderful. >> we're going to bring out all of our models and maybe even logan. >> logan, can you make it?
2:45 am
>> sorry. now that we got the kids down, it's time to what? >> time to look at what every woman should have at home. >> we're going to get you back to the basics right after this.
2:46 am
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so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec®
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you know what they say, having a good foundation is the key to success. >> we're going to learn the basics from beauty to wardrobe and more. >> here to teach us how to ace our base is the editor at large at "shape magazine." >> hi, ladies. >> hi. >> look at those underwear. >> i was looking at that. >> you can't beat that. >> let's start with concealer. >> we have mallory here. >> all that beauty foundation, the two easiest ways is with a great foundation and a great undericon sealer.
2:50 am
i have done one side of mallory's face. you can see very light weight. i'm going to show you how light weight this concealer is. >> that is the foundation. yeah. the key with this is find something that doesn't feel very heavy. no woman really likes to wear heavy foundation every single day. what is cool about this formula. it turns into like a powdery finish. >> should concealer be a shade darker or lighter? >> your undereye concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. we want our under eye area to look bright. >> and that's important, too. that is thin. >> very thin. >> mallory is, 12. >> 20. that's from cover girl and it's easy to blend. >> all right. let's go on to the panty lines and things. is this a man or woman? >> i don't know. >> all right. >> so with our undergarments, the typical panty creates the panty lines that are unflattering. not every woman likes to wear a thong.
2:51 am
>> no. >> a great solution is to wear seamless undies. these are adorable seamless undies. they're has not dyed. they're really comfy. plus in the summer time, they double as bikini bottoms. >> which i'm also not going to wear. but they're adorable. >> now if you're a fitness buff, i know you love to work out, champion usa has these great undies. they have moisture wicking material so when you're sweating, you stay dry. >> i can say something that is gross, i don't -- >> what? >> i don't wear underwear under my workout clothes. you wash them right then. >> interesting. >> am i the only one? >> some people don't. >> do you? >> i don't either. >> you don't either? >> no. >> why? you're washing it right there. >> this is like second skin. you all know that pantyhose have that elastic band that is really tight.
2:52 am
commando came out with this genius invisible edge. >> that's great >> you don't feel it at all. and you put it over -- >> no this is just -- you put it on normally. >> oh, yeah. >> that way it doesn't dig into your tummy. that is from commando. the slip is back in a big way. especially since we're wearing the holiday dresses that are formfitting. you need a good slip like this one is going to flatten your tummy out and hit the problem areas and give you a very sleek and smooth silhouette. i love the extra thick bands. that way your bra straps don't show. >> that's nice. how to ace your kitchen base. if you buy one kind of knife, you should buy a chef's knife. this does everything. it cuts, it chops, it minces. >> be careful. these are sharp. >> an eight inch is the way to go. >> no, i know. that is the typical chefs knife. >> i've had a tough week. >> this one is exclusively sold
2:53 am
at williams & sonoma. $20. >> i love that store. >> i love it, there too. >> i can just go in there and walk around. so much fun. >> so fun. now in terms of cookware, a lot of us are basic cooks. we don't know what pots and pats to buy. i say buy a set. that way you get items can you boil food, saute. this is from tefal, $100. >> for all of it? >> 12 pieces. >> that's amazing. >> and these are nonstick. if you're a beginner cook, i recommend nonstick. if you buy one shoe, the cross trainer is the shoe for you. zumba, dancing. >> it's by acor? >> they're excellent, right? >> yes. >> and don't forget about your sports bra. it doesn't matter if you're big chested or little chested, you have to support the girls! make sure you support the girls for health and safety. >> what do you recommend there? >> i recommend these from adidas. in terms of workout pants, you want that moisture wicking fabric.
2:54 am
>> i will not say it. >> i recommend the capri length because then can you wear it winter and summer. >> we'll be back with a very special guest and more of "today" on nbc.
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while we celebrate this season, there are still too many children living in poverty right here in this country. >> our 20th annual holiday toy drive is hoping to put smiles on the faces of all those children. helping us do that again this year is willie willcock. >> good to see you. >> thank you. over ten years you've been helping us. >> very excited to be back. >> tell us what you're donating this year. >> today, we're donating motion control battling robots. it is one of the hot toys. it's in all the top toy lists. basically, when you move, they move. >> can i tell you something? i get why people would love this. we don't even know what is hot and we love this game. >> so we know -- >> get -- i'm down. i'm down. >> there you go. >> there is only one standing, people. >> how many of these do you
2:59 am
donate? >> we're donating a total of $150,000 in toys. and this one in particular there are a lot of boys in need. we know that is going to get kids very excited. >> and why is it so important? you could give to a lot of different charities but why is this important every year for you to do? >> we take it very seriously as a toy manufacturer that we really help make kids dreams come true. we want to make sure every kid has that feeling and that experience. >> that is better than a little kid has been forgotten. >> so great. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much for joining us. all right, our toy drive continues through december 20th. you can come and donate in person and go to the nbc experience store or go right here at our plaza or online for details. >> press that connect button. >> yeah. >> next week, mariah carey, the e street band and the adorable miranda cozgrove from "despicable me." >> we have a great week.
3:00 am
>> an amazing week coming up. in the meantime. have an awesome great weekend, everybody. >> where is your guy. >> you're going down, kotb. >> i'm out of controls. >> go. go. >> i'm here to help. through this get together. ♪


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