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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 8, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EST

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area you live, starting off in the storm team 4 "weather center" with chuck bell and veronica johnson. >> hey, good -- good morning, everybody. veronica johnson joins me here in storm center 4 first thing this morning. already snowflakes spotted outside of our window. >> really around much of the area. and reports are coming in fast as we heard angie say on social media. that's what i've been monitoring. i'll give you a tour around the area, who has what and a lot of pictures coming in. >> if you're participating in our social media today, which we hope you will, send us facebook or twitter picture, don't forget to tell us where the picture is taken. we have a couple of pictures but don't know where they're from. advisories in southern maryland, prince george's county, district in arlington county, higher shaded pink counties here, winter storm warnings. there could be more in the way of accumulating snow and ice problem. current temperatures way below freezing, northern maryland in the shenandoah valley. storm team 4 radar.
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getting specific reports? >> that's right, roads are starting to get bad. that's what a lot of folks are telling us, even around areas of loudoun county. some of the picture that is have come into us. this one out of warren county, virginia. you can see the snow covered on the ground just there in the distance. and as chuck just showed you, leesburg toward warrenton, that's where that snow line is. virgin virginia saying she has her car covered already with snow. back off to the west, one of the area that is i think will get hit the worse with not only snow but ice is i-81. scott bowserman talking about snow coming down in this area quickly. falls church to our west, virginia, reporting snow. this report from garrick boyd. a lot more reports to show you. of course, if you are away for any reason and have to go outside, want to make sure that you can always stay abreast with what's going on with our weather app. storm team 4 weather app. go to the itunes or google play
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and download that app. chuck? >> here is your forecast. remainder of your sunday, light snow for now. talk about this afternoon's chance for freezing rain when i see you in a few more minutes. >> chuck and veronica, thanks. people west of the city had the first glimpse of the storm before everyone else. that's where we sent news 4's derrick ward. he continues our news coverage from prince william county. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in manassas. when we got here, maybe half an hour ago, there were flurries coming. since then it's lightened up a bit. it's barely perfeceptiblpercept. there is snow falling. virginia has been out since 1:00 am yesterday treating those primary and secondary roads. if we take a look at this road surface, you kind of see the results of that. it looks like it's wet and it's not really as wet as it would be for our precipitation. but from the de icing agents
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they put down a brine solution that keeps the snow and whatever falls from the sky from freezing on the surface. as cars travel over it, that continue continues with the melting process. we might have a bit of a slick surface if you're driving. >> that was derrick ward in manassas. we're going to get that connection re-established and we'll be checking in with him again here throughout the morning. meanwhile, virginia crews are not the only ones gearing up for the winter storm in maryland. state highway workers are pretreating the major roads like interstate 270, the beltway and route 29. they've been doing this more than 28 hours now. crews were discharged about an hour ago, ahead of the storm's arrival. ddot's storm team says they're ready to keep the roads clear. >> stocking up on supplies to prepare for the storm. steady flow of traffic around the new walmart outside d.c.
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shoppers saying they picked up enough food and water to last a couple of days. >> i've been living here all my life. i don't have any issues with being snowed in. i have plenty of video games, books, movies, tons of food. my cat will be fine. it should be good. >> all supplies that should come in pretty handy, especially in the next few hours. transportation leaders, meanwhile, are encouraging people to stay home and avoid any dangerous conditions. >> power companies in our area are also preparing for the storm. d dominion virginia says to report an outage call 866-366-4357. pepco is preparing for the worse. the number to call there is 877-737-2662. we've got this information posted at our website, this morning, crews are busy restoring power knocked out by the storm already entering our region. more than 200,000 outages are reported in texas, oklahoma,
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arkansas, indiana and missouri. utility trucks from houston are headed to the dallas area to help get the lights on there. utility companies say it will take about a week to prepare the damage. don't forget that you can get all the weather alerts you need on your smart phone. we have live radar and storm tracking on the storm team 4 weather app. you can download that at the app store or search nbc news 4 weather. police were on the scene at aspen hill road overnight where a single car accident happened. police have not released the cause of this wreck just yet. surrounding streets, however, were closed off for several hou hours. in prince george's county, two people are dead and six others, including a pair of children rrks in the hospital after another accident. this wreck at central avenue and shady glen drive trapped some of the people inside of their cars. officers needed to cut them out.
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we now know that one of the children is in serious condition and the other is in critical. we don't know the conditions of the other victims. this morning, police are trying to sort out a shooting that happened with an officer and a gunman injured in prince george's county. police say they responded to a robbery on silver hill road in district heights. officers followed the suspect's car to an apartment complex on parkland court. that's where the shootout took place. the officer was hit. he was shielded by his bulletproof vest. no word on the condition of the gunman this morning. detectives questioned a second man involved. they are now looking for a third. we are keeping close watch on that winter storm moving in right now above our area. how it's forcing agencies like metro to change plans this weekend. how difficult it was for drivers to navigate the roads with snow and ice under their tires. want to share this with you. montgomery colleges are closed
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today. we'll be sending out those alerts all morning long on our facebook and twitter pages. also, you can share your weather pictures with us as
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volunteers with wreathes across america are shipping 00,000 wreathes. the group will place the wreathes on headstones next saturday for national wreathes across america day. the group is already looking to expand next year for the cemetery's 150th anniversary. >> the winter storm is forcing metro to cancel scheduled track work that was supposed to happen today. the agency says trains will run on their normal sunday schedule on all five lines. metro says the move allows crews to prepare and respond to winter
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weather conditions. they will also get ready for tomorrow morning's commute. the agency says you can sign up for free metro alerts and text messages on its website, today's winter weather could make for a very interesting redskins game. burgundy and gold is set to take on the kansas city chiefs at fedex field a few hours from now. if you are braving the cold today to tailgate, remember, you cannot take umbrellas into fedex field. last week, they were eliminated from a chance and a playoff run after a heartbreaking loss to the new york giants. despite the elements, we do have a lot of die-hard fans out there, chuck. many people have the tickets to the game. they're up early and want to hear from you this morning. >> absolutely right. you plan to do a lot of yelling at the redskins game, jumping up and down. whether you're winning or losing, you'll need to do that. more importantly, the
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time right now is 9:13. we are tracking a winter storm this morning. take a look. storm team 4 radar plenty of winter weather is headed directly our way set to bring snow and freezing rain to our area before it's all said and done. west of here especially. live look, camera along interstate 66 north of front royal. you can see that snow is
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starting to stick to the ground right there. chuck bell and veronica johnson are coming back with a look of what we can expect when we see them in a few minutes. icy grip of this winter storm system. >> so far at least 11 people have died because of it. jim cantore has more on the devastation in the snow out wes west. >> heavy snow, ice, freezing rain and brutal winds lashed the central part of the country. the south bore the brunt of this brutal weather system. temperatures remain below freezing turning sleet and slush into hard ice, up to one inch on some roadways, making everyday drives treacherous trips. >> watch out, everybody. here it comes. here it comes. >> i've only seen it worse once than this in my life. i've been driving for 37 years. >> reporter: causing extensive delays, closing i-35 several
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times, up to 10 hours. >> you try to change lanes and you're going sideway. >> in ohio this public bus lost control and slams into a parked car before sliding down the rest of the roadsideways. across arkansas and texas, utility crews are scrambling to clear ice-encrusted power lines as more than 200,000 customers remain without power. airlines have canceled flights today stranding 4,000 people. one traveling recorded this video of families forced to spend the night in the airport on cots and blankets. >> tampa, orlando, i don't care. get me in florida. >> reporter: this satellite time lapse shows the size and strength of the storm dropping as much as 13" of snow. it set record lows in las vegas and northern california. in the bay area, four people died from hypothermia.
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$1 million worth of citrus devastated and now lettuce and avocado crops are in danger. back in the east, a second storm is putting states like virginia on high alert for ice. the northeast, next in line. >> that was the weather channel's jim cantore reporting out there. >> it seems like everyone is getting a piece of this. >> cold air will eventually make its way into florida, as well. hopefully, not affecting that citrus crop. the one out in california took it on the chin. outside for us today, winter weather moving into the area. if you have plans to go outside today and you can delay them or cancel them, go ahead and do that. it will be a day best spent inside today. if you are one of the 80,000 headed out to fedex field or another 80,000 headed to the ravens game today, dress in warm, dry layers today, everybody. it will be an ugly, cold wet day across the region. 30 degrees now at national
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airport with, yes, indeed, light snow falling. even right here. snowflakes outside our window. wind out of the north averaging 10 miles an hour. that north wind is draining the cold air through the appalachians. as a result, this period of frozen rain and snow and iciness across the area could last all the way through the daylight hours today. snow at the start. the beginning of this storm we always thought that would be snow. that will be the case. it will continue here through the remainder of the day. morning snow changing over to mix of sleet and freezing rain during the course of the afternoon. that's when travel could turn a little bit on the tricky side. bigger problems the further north and west you live or travel, you will have bigger impacts from this storm for sure. here is my snow forecast. slushiness in and around the metro to points into southern prince george's county, one to two inches, northwest d.c. western fairfax, loudoun county. frederick county, martinsburg,
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winchester could get two to four inches of snow on this. the next big problem, monday morning ice threat. anywhere in this red shading here, basically along and to the west of i-95, 270, routes 56, 50, 28 and 7 all could have an icy impact for tomorrow morning. my colleague, veronica johnson with the latest on who is seeing what. >> it's snow right now in warren county, virginia, to our west. the decks becoming covered. this is the scene over a third of our area. take a look at the latest on storm team 4 radar, manassas getting the snow. it's mainly west of our area. with reports right around d.c. of some very light flakes falling. aaron gilchrist, g. smith on twitter reporting some snow. extending eastward toward dahlgren and kent island reporting snowflakes with icy
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conditions setting up down to our south right now around areas south of fredericksburg, beaver dam, toward richmond virginia. as chuck said, if you have any traveling to do, be very, very cautious but really stay off the roads unless you have to be on the road. i'll be joining you with the flakes coming down. >> good job, veronica. a lot of folks will have a white sunday before this is all done. pink is an opportunity for sleet and freezing rain. here we are at 2:00 this afternoon. blue will be mostly in the form of snow. northern montgomery stays mostly snow most of the time. by 6:00 tonight most of the snow is gone. we have the mix of the sleet and freezing rain, which could persist into the evening and worse yet into your monday morning before the last pockets of cold air are scattered out of here. 7:00, 8:00 this morning, becoming all rain after that, .
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be ready for an ugly monday as well. seven-day forecast time. here you go, everybody. 33. that's the best we could hope for today. that may not come until 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. for tomorrow, perhaps an icy mix first thing in the morning. be real careful. again, we do not make the calls here at storm team 4 whether school districts are opened, closed or delayed but will be on the air early tomorrow morning at 4:00 am. news 4 starts at 4:00 am tomorrow morning and have the list of closures and delays. i suspect we'll have delays and closures. we don't make the call. as to who does that, each individual district does. >> traveling to call the airports ahead or follow them on social media. >> that's right. >> it's so scary to see all of that pink across your map. >> even snow lovers don't like the ice. big problem with this one, ice. that could mean dangerous
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driving. what crews are doing to prepare right now and the big request they have of you this morning. another memorial is scheduled in d.c. for nelson mandela. word that everyone who wants to attend may not get that chance. welcome to "first read minute." i'm mark mur. >> i am dommenico. >> reaching some type of budget agreement. >> pretty amazing. after four years or so of not having a budget, this divide congress might actually come up with one. we've seen a lot of this before, reminds me of lucy and the football and charlie brown and it is friday the 13th. you never know. >> are they the ones that would end up the type of deal? south africa to attend nelson mandela's funeral. >> president obama being the first black president of the united states, talked about how he admired man tella from afar.
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he remembers seeing him from his
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right now, people in south africa are remembering their president as people mark his death with prayer.
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celebrating his life. the 94-year-old chied thursday and will be buried one week from today. here in washington you have a chance to attend a memorial service for nelson mandela. offering a limited number of tickets for wednesday morning's memorial service held at the national cathedral. people have been gathering to lay flowers on the statue of mandela. condolence book is available for people to sign until tuesday. hosting nightly vigils tonight, tomorrow and tuesday night. >> this morning, we've learned four of the five living u.s. presidents will head to south africa this week. former president jimmy carter, the latest to confirm that he will head to johannesburg. this comes after presidents barack obama, bill clinton and george w. bush -- george h.w. bush is unable to go because of health issues. news 4's jim vance is also headed to south africa. watch for his live reports and
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more coverage as people around the world prepare to say good-bye to nelson mandela. freezing rain, sleet and snow. storm team 4 team is tracking the triple threat from this winter storm. we'll get you up-to-date on how fast conditions are changing at this hour. time now is 9:25. you're watching news 4 today.
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check this out. loyal die hard soccer players at it again on this sunday morning. it never fails, rain or snow. these guys are out there. nothing that's going to keep these guys off the field. plenty of green still there. did it go in? iheir game at all. the time right now is two minute as way from the half hour. we first saw the flakes and an hour and a half ago. soon, that could be rain and even sleet. >> storm team 4 is tracking when you might see what. our team coverage gets start ed with chuck bell. hey, chuck. >> richard and angie, good morning. good morning, everybody. sunday, as advertised all weekend long, start as snow this morning, changeover later this afternoon is the thing we're watching most carefully. here is the way it checks out then. watches and advisories are posted across much of e region. winter storm warnings across much of northern virginia, panhandle of western virginia. the district, into portions of southern maryland. this goes for the rest of today and tonight as temperatures will barely be able to eclipse the
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freezing mark later today. way below freezing now. northern maryland, northwest virginia, 26 now in martinsburg, west virginia, where we're right at 30 degrees in town. storm team 4 radar. northern maryland out to shenandoah valley all snow now and all snow for the rest of the morning into the afternoon as well. down into southern maryland. see the pink starting to mix in. that's a bit of a changeover to the freezing rain and sleet they'll be watching all morning. travel will get tricky out here on 522, route15, 17, route 7, 28, interstate 66 and 81 also getting slipperier with time. look at this big push of warm air and moisture. all freezing rain and sleet now across central virginia. that's what's coming into the south side of the metro and southern maryland. further north you live or travel, a whole lot more in the way of snow. if you're going out to do anything this afternoon, kickoff is at 1:00. expect a chance of snow, sleet and freezing rain during the course of the afternoon. so, that is not good.
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snow, sleet and iciness today could lead to a real slippery start tomorrow morning. and another snow threat before this week is through. veronica johnson live on the front lawn of channel 4. >> no, i can't anymore, not if i stand -- >> seems like veronica can't hear us. >> perhaps that weather is wreaking havoc. >> snow coming down. >> we'll check back in with both chuck and veronica in a moment. right now what we saw coming in earlier this morning, lot of salt trucks standing by, snow plows on the shoulder of the roads. lot of crews on the streets pretreating them to keep the system, as the system continues to move through. >> steve shannon from vdot is on the phone with us. good morning, steve. >> good morning. >> tell us what your crew is doing right now. >> well, throughout the northern virginia, we have over 1,200 pieces of equipment and we'll probably be expanding up to as maybe as many as 1,400 pieces of equipment.
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snowing about 6:40 this morning. we've been treating roads since that time. but the guys are out there aggressive aggressively attacking this storm and i'm confident they'll do a good job zmu mentioned it's been a couple of hours since the snow has been coming down. the worst spot you're seeing so far? >> in loudoun county, route 7 and 15, but again, we've been treating those roads. they're absolutely passable. we're more concerned about the side roads right now. they're slippery. >> what's your advice to drivers this morning especially as they try to get out of neighborhoods? the major roadways will be treated. like you said, the side roads in the neighborhoods, what should drivers be doing this morning and tomorrow as well? >> preferably staying home today. if you have to get out, drive slowly. you'll see a lot of equipment, hired equipment as well as our
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vdot equipment. we need to be able to treat the roads. we can'te dodging vehicles. let us treat the roads and have them ready. obviously, we have a big push we're working 24 hours, to keep them passable today but in shape for rush hour tomorrow. >> steve shannon with vdot keeping us up to speed on the crews and what they're doing right now to keep the roads safe. >> we'll be checking in throughout the day with him and also tomorrow for that morning commute. today the threat isn't just the snow but also the ice. >> it's going to get very icy and dicey out there. derrick ward continues our live team coverage from manassas. how are things looking so far? >> reporter: the last time we were here, it was very perceptible. you can probably make out now that there are decent snowflakes that are falling. i talked to our photographer and we were commenting this is a dry snow. take a look. it's not really wet at all.
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it's easy to brush off. that has something to do with the conditions you'll see on the roadway. this will also have something to do -- this is our thermometer. it's reading about 30 degrees, about 29, 30 degrees. definitely below freezing and that is going to affect your road conditions. these roads have been treated. they've been out for quite a while. actually, they started about 1:00 am saturday. throughout northern virginia, throughout the area. pretreating these roads with a brine solution and things like that. that helps things not freeze on the roadway and wit cars traveling and that keeps it down. again, you're going to have to be careful because it is damp and your stopping distances have changed because of that. you can also see it's starting to stick to the grass. with the temperatures here, the ground temperature does mean that we probably will see some accumulation and, of course, ice will be the big issue. vdot has actually gotten in touch with virginia power companies and others to make sure that they know that there
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is the problem or the potential of power losses loading down those lines and tree branches falling on them. brace yourself. preparations have been made. we can hope for the best in this storm to wreak havoc in the south and in the west. we're live in manassas, derrick ward, news 4. >> we know you and your crew went out there from northwest d.c. did you encounter any slick spots on the roads out there or is that starting to build up now? >> the roads were pretty fine when we got here. they were passable. we did see some plows and truck with his spreaders on them. they were loaded with salt. seemingly strategically placed along 66 and other routes around here. they are out here and they are ready for putting that stuff down when it is most effective. >> stay safe out there, derrick. derrick ward. >> the show must go on for the 36th annual kennedy center honors. they tell us they expect tonight's event will go on as scheduled. prior to the big event, president obama will host the
9:36 am
honorees during a reception at the white house. actress shirley macclaine, billy joel, herbie hancock. helping us to tell the story. >> these are some of the images viewers like you have been sending to us all morning long. we want to see some more.
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she spent most of her life in foster care and is now close to aging out. >> a quick learner with a lot of interests and would do well with
9:39 am
a family who could help figure out her future. barbara harrison has her story. >> i'm barbara harrison. this is dawn. she'll be our instructor today. >> nice to meet you. >> here at the studio of dance in gaithersburg, dawn, one of the instructors at the store, was ready to give trenise a lesson in hip hop dance. it's one of the many creators arts that she dreams of mastering some day. her social workers say she's great. >> she's a very talented young lady. she loves to dance. >> go step, slide, step. >> she learns quickly. but without a family to encourage the development of her many talents, this was her first real dance lesson. she has been in the foster care system most of her life. >> she came in at age 7. she's 17 now, of course. >> step, sit. >> dancing is not the only thing she wants to do in the future. >> i would like to be a lawyer some day.
9:40 am
>> how did you decide you want to be a lawyer? >> i just thought of it right now. >> seven, eight, and -- >> dancing is one of the things she likes to do for fun. >> shopping, go bowling. go to the movies. and dance. >> she would like a family that enjoys the same things. >> would you like a family that wants to support your dreams for the future? >> yes. >> push it out. >> there were high fives for a successful lesson and an invitation from the school to return for more lessons. >> nice meeting you. >> good job. >> barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for tremise or another child that's waiting call 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child at 20 minutes away from the 10:00 hour. we've got you covered all morning long. live look right now out at
9:41 am
leesburg, virginia. roads out there, pretty slick. preparations under way as this storm starts to roll in. >> let's check in now with chuck bell. >> good morning, once again, everybody. veronica johnson and i are in storm center 4. it's here to stay much of your sunday.
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the winter storm could affect your air travel. a live look at reagan national airport. you can barely see through the camera there. we are currently seeing a few cancellations at reagan, dallas and bwy. they have snow removal teams on standby. you should always check with your headline before heading out with that a lot of people might use abrasive chemicals to keep the pavement ice free. d.c. suggests instead of using chemistry use an anti-clump kitty litter or rock salt to add more traction to those walkways. d.c. snow team is testing the effectiveness of pet safe deicer on bridges and sidewalks. leaf collecting crews will be pull for the record snow removal duty. leaf blowing crews will focus on
9:45 am
snow and ice removal instead. d.c. thanked residents in advance for their patience in this matter, assuring residents that leaf collection will resume once the storm passes. snowflakes are already falling in parts of the region. bringing a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain. the weather channel's mike seidel is live in leesburg. mike, it looks pretty slick out there already. >> reporter: actually, the roads are in good shape right now because they have salted these roadways and it's just wet out here. enough to accumulate on the untreated surfaces like the sidewalks and also on the grass. we're looking fine right now. west of here, we've had several inches of snow, petersburg, west virginia, down 81. getting some photos. pretty pictures there. two or so inches there as it comes across the blue ridge.
9:46 am
snow, later this afternoon, sleet and ice tonight. as it is the case typically, it will stay colder out here in the suburbs versus inside the beltway where it's about 30 right now. at reagan national. 27 at dulles. at some point after sunrise we'll warm up above freezing. that's usually the threshold for seeing tree limbs snap and taking out your power. saving fwras here is that we won't have a lot of wind. when you combine ice and wind that's a massive issue with power going out for days and days, as we've seen in parts of texas. 30,000 customers in north texas still without power now, going into day three. from leesburg, some light snow this morning. just enough to wet the ground. >> mike seidel from leesburg, virginia. he talked atl about
9:47 am
inside the beltway. that's one thing a lot of people have been asking us online. when is it going to hit? we are approaching close to that time. >> absolutely right. snowflakes have been spotted nearly in every county in our viewing area. this will continue to increase. don't expect a big amount of snow inside the capital beltway. we could see an inch or two for a few lucky spots or unlucky, depending how you feel about snowfall. posted along the west of i-95 out toward the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, winter weather warning for the remainder of the day and for the repairman of tonight into tomorrow morning as well. these troubles will linger through the overnight and into your monday morning commute. 30 degrees now at national. east to northeasterly breeze, that's wedging in the cold air right up against the front range of the mountains. as a result, mid 20s now in
9:48 am
northern maryland and panhandle of west virginia. all snow for you for the next several hours into early this afternoon. snow amounts will be greatest in that area. inside the beltway into southern maryland, snowfall amounts dramatically reduced. southern maryland barely enough to whiten the ground. your impact scale for today, snow changing over to sleet or isolator, medium to medium-high impact during the course of the day today. overnight tonight, freezing rain and sleet. this could be a medium high to high impact and then for monday, am chance for iciness becoming a cold rain after that. because it's coming on a monday morning commute, rell of itly high impact for that. we'll have to watch that very carefully for that. i'm @chuckbell4. my colleague, v johnsonnbc 4, is here with a check on the radar.
9:49 am
>> that's right. snow is falling. could be light in your area. nonetheless falling across 80% of our viewing area. snow has been coming down for a while just over an inch right now. lynnette ritter telling us that on twitter of the that's the area, as you heard chuck say. we think around i-81 it will be the worst, couple of inches of snow, then switching over to sleet, freezing rain and icy situation for tomorrow morning as that cold layer gets more and more shallow with the rain falling and refreezing. thomas meyer reporting snow flurries. for you, the snow will be picking up. snow right now. she's reporting it around 70 and 270. yes, tomorrow morning that will be one of the locations that see it the worst. as you said, stay off the roads. if you have to be on area roads, remember to stay alert and on guard. drive cautiously. if you happen to fishtail or
9:50 am
skid, stay calm and steer your wheel in the direction of the skid if your rear wheels go left, turn the steering wheel to the left. very important to, again, stay calm and ease off the gas. chuck, what's more on the forecast for monday morning? >> thanks, veronica. tv station computer model, about an inch around town. one to two inches northern montgomery county. two to four inches or more across the shenandoah valley. there's that one to two inch range coming into the northwest sighs of washington, d.c. what's starting out as snow this morning this blue area, will remain snow for the remainder of the day across northern maryland. there's the mix we're concerned about mid to late afternoon into the morning hours by 7:00 tonight, an ugly mix of
9:51 am
everything today slippery start before it becomes all rain tomorrow afternoon. shot of moisture with cold air means you may have rain/snow mix to contend with. nothing major just yet. maybe a little winter storm weary by the time we get all the way to tuesday. that monday morning commute may last all the way into the monday afternoon commute. >> oh, boy. >> gosh, it seems like it won't end, but it will. give us a few days. we want to remind you that the system is going to stick around through tomorrow and more and nbc 4 is going to be there. as you get an early start to your work, so will we, bringing you the latest closings and delays beginning at 4:00 am. our web team will also be here, updating the information on nbcwashington >> more pictures of the snow in our area. talk about backyard weather. this is mt. jackson.
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>> you can send your view to
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six minutes until 10:00 right now, tracking winter storm this morning. showing you what's happening, plenty of winter weather in the
9:55 am
area right now. snow has moved in and it will soon change over to freezing rain and that can make getting around very tricky. you know how it goes. live camera in sterling right near dulles airport. you can see snow there on the ground. although i think this camera is a little more white than it's actually there. it will be the same story through much of the area. closer to the city now, this is what it looks like from our tower cam in northwest d.c. snowflakes started falling here. updating the forecast in a few minutes. we want to check in with jirm cantore, who is actually stuck out in houston. he was supposed to catch a flight to make his way northeast to cover the storm. jim, are you there? >> reporter: yes, i am, trying to make my way from dallas down to houston. i've had two flights cancel today. the airport has probably seen, since last thursday, at least,
9:56 am
at least 4,000 inbound and outbound flights canceled. i mean, people are sleeping on cots in the airport. it's an awful situation. >> this is making its way toward us. we're seeing some remnants of it or parts of it out here in manassas actually, going live to manassas, seeing snow coming down, hitting the ground. not sticking exactly just yet. what do we expect to see here? >> you definitely -- especially virginia, maybe a quarter or more inch of ice. and that's the problem. that's what's shut down the big d here. you can handle it a little bit better in the northern latitudes. down here in dallas, texas, when we get an ice storm, the sun usually comes back out. that's not the case. frigid cold and we're not going to get above 40 until wednesday. so, you know, there's two to three inches of caked ice on major thoroughfares in dallas. the problem with dallas is that
9:57 am
there's so many elevated road surfaces. so, the air temperature is pretty much going to be the temperature of that road. as long as we stay below freezing, that road surface is going to stay below freezing. >> jim cantore joining us live. we're wishing you safe travel. >> reporter: new. >> hope you're able to make your way out there and head towards us. >> jim, appreciate your time. we have this just in. arlington county government closed day. all activities are closed starting after 6:00 and more closings are coming in as well. >> we'll post all those cloetsings on our website nbcwashington.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
the winter storm we've been watching all week is now here in the d.c. area. snow obviously on the ground, falling down. that's about to change. we could be dealing with some potentially dangerous ice in the area. >> we are getting word of closures and delays right now. they are going to be running at the bottom of the screen as soon as we get that going. we've got the complete list on our website, you see the list there scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we'll be tracking all the snow as well as conditions on the roads and in the skies. >> welcome back to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard


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