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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  December 8, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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to talk about something that happened a year ago. i will get a chance to talk with dan at the end of the season. and i will give him view points from me and he will give me his thoughts and what direction we will go. we will communicate that at the proper time. >> you heard coach right there not denying the report. there is a lot of buzz that mike shanahan's days here in washington could be coming to an end very soon. robert griffin iii has a lot to say about this. we will have that coming up in sports. mourning continues in south africa. how nelson mandela was honored today. we see rain and snow continuing to make the way across. sleet and freezing rain will pose big problems for early tomorrow morning. we will have the latest on our
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mourners went to church services for a national day of prayer and reflection today in honor of former president nelson mandela. the country's current president joined in. we will have live reports starting next week.
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d.c. government sources tell news 4 tonight that one dc parks and rec employee has been fired and a second placed on administrative leave. last week two young women told police they were raped inside inwilson aquatic complex. d.c. department of parks and recreation is reviewing which employees have access to locker rooms and pool areas. back to the snow and sleet hitting our area. this winter blast is making it tougher to travel on the roads tonight. news 4 derek ward is live where a police officer's cruiser spun out on a slick road tonight. >> reporter: we set up to tell you another story about how people are handling the snow. i guess it happened about half an hour ago.
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this police cruiser was responding when he spun out, lost control and struck a tree. the officer was injured. he has been taken away in an ambulance. he was conscious and aware. he definitely did have injuries. that goes to show you even though the precipitation has ended there is a definite danger out here. people were dealing with the snow and for the most part it seems like they were handling it pretty well. we'll see what that is about in this story. it's almost a given that kids love it when this happens especially this time of year. >> i love christmas. >> reporter: for adults it is a bit more serious. v dot crews have treated and retreated most roads hours ahead of the snow and ice.
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by mid day it was time to take it easy. >> a safe driving distance probably would be the big thing. >> reporter: while parking lots and roadways weren't as busy as they might be otherwise plenty of people were out. >> we just got back from church. we are going to head to lunch with friends. my wife is inside shopping. in my opinion you have better shopping. >> i have things i want to do. >> reporter: a lot of those seemed to dress for warmer weather. >> how do you manage that? >> i'm a bear, man. >> reporter: here a lot of folks seem to be at home with the season's first seasonal weather. >> i love this weather. i wish it would come more often. >> reporter: we uncovered a theme here. >> i'm from buffalo. this doesn't bother me at all. >> we are out pushing snow. >> you certainly can't beat it so you might as well enjoy it.
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so you see two sides to every story. there are people that enjoy this and it can be something enjoyable. there is a very serious very dangerous side like we are having and expect to have later on this evening. >> thank you very much. joined by doug kammerer. i can say this mptd your storm team was right on the numbers when it came to what we are going to get, what we got. what's next? >> the only thing we would have changed to higher snow totals to the west. everything else seeing what we talked about yesterday. that was snow changing to sleet and now to freezing rain. take a look at the snow totals. it was definitely more thant that. 7 inches towards jefferson,
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maryland. damascus around 4.5. d.c. saw about an inch. as far as precipitation goes the snow, rain, freezing rain, sleet moving out of here. we can take a collective sigh of relief. what is out there is still freezing as we do have temperatures below that freezing ow towards thesouth. we are seeing a bit of a break. here comes round two. this will be worse. if you don't have to be on the roads i encourage you not to be. as this starts to move in and starts to fill in this will be freezing rain, maybe a little bit of mixed in. look at the numbers. 30 in d.c. 28 in leesburg. 25 in martinsburg and 30 degrees in manases. anything that will fall will freeze instantly. we have a wint er storm warning everybody back to the west until 10:00 tomorrow morning. down to the south we are looking
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at this area becoming a winter weather advisory. this includes the northern net. you weren't included earlier but because of the colder temperatures you are included. some icing possible. in and around the d.c. metro area. significant icing is possible. significant icing likely. leesburg. back towards winchester up towards the panhandle of west virginia we expect up to a quarter or a half an inch of total ice accumulation. what does that mean for us? it means a coating of ice. that means on branches and trees. just like what we have seen towards the southwest with the past storms we have seen power outages. we will see more power outages overnight tonight and will see the icy roads as we head into
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the morning tomorrow. give yourself a lot of extra time. if you don't have to be on the roads don't do it. we will warm up to 40 tomorrow with more rain likely. on tuesday we see another system that will skirt the area. some models giving us a couple of inches of snow. then we get cold again. high temperatures only in the 30s. if you are hoping we are going to thaw after this and see everything melt i don't think that is going to happen. we will see melting and refreezing at night. this will give us problems early tomorrow morning. wake up a little bit early tomorrow and make sure you tune in. tom kierein will be in with the latest and school closings. we will have a lot more before the night is over. this is the x finity sports desk brought to you by x finity, home for the most live sports. >> skins fans are keeping the score on and off the field. >> it is one of the days for the
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redskins, not a good day all around. you can't blame the weather for redskins fans not wanting to stick around today but you can blame the team's performance. head coach mike shanahan said after the game he needed to do a better job getting the guys ready. adverse conditions at fed ex field for robert griffin iii. we start in the first quarter, skins down 10-0. rg 3 intercepted by derek johnson. he returns it 40 yards down to the skins 35 yard line. griffin's 12th interception of the year. kansas city cashes in. and into the end zone. kc takes a 17-0 lead. it did get worse, unfortunately. special teams have been a problem all year for the skins. dexter mccluster dangerous
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return man. you can see why here. 74 yards for the score. that gave kansas city a 31-0 lead. there was a bright spot in the first half for the skins, rg 3 with over a minute to go. griffin finds his tight end at the back of the end zone. nice catch there. nice job. still down 31-7. ensuing kickoff. >> ridiculous. >> you can say that again. >> goes to the house pretty much untouched there making everyone look silly on this return. 95 yards for the score. chiefs up at half time. cousins now in at quarterback. he fumbles the ball. kansas city recovers.
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45-10. skins drop to 3-10 on the season. with that we bring in diana from fed ex field. bad loss for the redskins but everybody seems to be talking about the pregame report from earlier. >> mike shanahan had the opportunity to comment on the report that espn broke this morning. he declined it. the report stated that coach wanted to quit the team before the seattle playoff game last year because he was tired of the relationship between dan snyder and robert griffin iii. he thought he was giving him extra treatment. coach decided to stay as the head coach when robert got hurt because he didn't want to look like he was quitting the team today after the game robert was asked about all of this and he said i am tired of all of the off the field stories. >> some things are allowed to happen and we can cut a lot of it out and it is not being cut out. i come to work every day. i work with those guys every
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day. it's very unfortunate. >> anytime you are 3-9 or 3-10 things are brought up time after time. there is one thing i will talk about and that is the atlanta falcons. or we will talk about the remaining three games. i'm not going to go down that road. >> some believe coach mike shanahan leaked the report to espn in order to get dan snyder to fire him so he can get the $7 million next year and not have to come back to washington. as for his relationship with robert griffin iii a team source tells us this is the worst it has been in two years. >> the drama continue for the redskins. another winter wonderland up the road in baltimore. ravens hosting the vikings. this was a great game. skip ahead over a minute ten fo
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matt cassel. watch him go. former tennessee product off to the races. how about that? patterson 79 yards for the touchdown. vikings go up by four. with ten seconds remaining in this game flacco with a huge throw here to brown feet down into the end zone. this was reviewed. the ravens win a thriller 29-26. good to see the snow games around the nfl today. >> it was pittsburgh. it was d.c., philly. >> amazing games. >> doug has a final check of our weather. >> the biggest thing is tomorrow morning. we will see the freezing rain move back in. as it does we see things pile up. that is the ice. 40 degrees monday. that is the temperature
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tomorrow. we will thaw a little but back into the 30s with another chance of snow. tomorrow we start off rainy but icy in spots especially to the west. we are talking temperatures around the freezing mark. in and around the district 33. freezing rain, rain not going to make a lot of difference. going up to 34 at 10:00 with just plain rain. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning we will see a lot of problems on the roadways. we will see power outages, too, as some areas could pick up a quarter of an inch of ice. make sure you have the head lights on and take your time. >> be sure to check back after the football game. we'll see you then. .
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good evening fromouth africa. president obama will begin making his way here to south africa tomorrow. to attend tuesday's public memorial service for nelson mandela. for three days now, south
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africans have been honoring and celebrating the man who helped unlock racist suppression and led his nation into democracy. it was a day of prayer and reflection. richard engel is also in johannesburg tonight and has this report. >> reporter: south africans let the holy spirit overwhelm them. they came to pray here because nelson mandela prayed here. fire master tom was growing up. mandela was in prison. they met only after he walk free. >> he was a friend. is he blood and flesh like us? because he was so good. >> reporter: for many here, mandela was more than just a prisoner turned president. he taught a lesson. >> we must always be humble, kind, and we huft love each
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other. >> the love that is everybody. >> reporter: even the u.s. ambassador got into the spirit singing kumbaya. >> it was incredibly powerful. if that singing did not stir your spirit -- >> reporter: this is a very special church. there were race riots here. black residents ran and took shelter in the building. they were chased down by police. it has now become a symbol of defiance against apartheid. and the symbols of joy we saw here were around the country. there were services of many faiths but one unifying message. >> we are greatful for his courage and dignity in adversity. and for his mighty power of forgiveness. >> forgiveness. >> reporter: at churches
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nationwide, they prayed for two men who forgave the sins of others. >> as he closes his eyes, we begin to believe that now we have someone who cares so much for us, who will open our eyes going forward together with the saints. >> reporter: in africa today, they remember mandela and it seems, began to elevate a sanlt. now to developing news back home. much of the eastern half of the country getting hit by dangerous snow and ice. we get latest from weather channel meteorologist psych seidel. >> reporter: the win storm barreled into the northeast on sunday with heavy snow and sleet. temperatures were as much as 20 degrees below average. in wisconsin today, a series of crashes on the state's snow-covered highways. at least one person dead and a dozen more injured. some critically. on this stretch of i-94, first responders arrive to the scene of a major pileup that shut down
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the interstate. >> there is probably in excess of seven semis and 30 plus vehicles. >> reporter: in texas, the brutal cold has left up to an inch of dangerous ice on the road. >> made it about 10 miles and three hours. and by that time, they shut down 35 and we got, we pulled off here and we've been stuck here ever since. >> reporter: also stuck on the side of the highway. a report he from our dallas affiliate kxas. take a look at this. you're looking at about a dozen semis stuck in the road, all over the road. it is absolutely impassable. >> reporter: travel by air wasn't any easier. more than 2,000 flights canceled today. a quarter flying through the dallas airport where more than 3,000 passengers spent the night. >> they canceled me again today. i'm like, wow, i'm trying to see what i can do to get back home. >> reporter: utility company are scrambling to restore power to more than 100,000 customers still sitting in the dark and warning that tree limbs and lines weighted down by the ice
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could continue to cause new outages for several days. in baltimore, icy conditions as the vikings/ravens game. >> they have to clear the vikings. >> reporter: take a look at lincoln financial field in philadelphia where the eagles/lions game was played in heavy snow. >> this is wild. >> reporter: creating a whiteout conditions that hid the gridiron from view. while football fans choose to tough it out today, officials are asking people to stay off the roads for the next few days during one of virginia officials say could be an historic ice event. freezing rain will continue to be an issue. at least until sunrise tomorrow morning west of washington. meanwhile around new york city, an inch or two of wet snow. by monday morning's rush hour, temperature climb to about 40. lester? >> thanks. we're back in a moment with nelson mandela's impact on young people in america. michelle. and we own the paper cottage.
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in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. . finally tonight, it was not long after he became president of south africa that nelson mandela returned to washington and paid a visit to the campus of howard university. his presence there is still being felt after all those years. here's nbc's kristin welker. >>ist master of my fate. >> reporter: some of the students here at howard university were not even born when nelson mandela spoke on their campus in 1994, a few years after their release from prison. >> it is with gratitude that we remember the ways in which our university embraced and supported the liberation
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struggle in south africa. >> reporter: today, the young men and women at this historically black college say those words and then mandela's legacy still resonate. >> he taught that no one is born hating anyone. you're taught that. and if you can be taught to hate, you can be taught to love. >> he wanted love. it was his most powerful message. >> i think the most important lesson is just, never give up and just never allow yourself to be defeated. >> reporter: so as people pay tribute to the larger than life leader in south africa and all across the united states today, here at howard, they have come to this exhibit on campus set up a month ago to reflect. >> what word do you associate with nelson mandela? >> courage. >> visionary. >> humanitarian. >> reporter: she hopes to become a teacher and plans to one day pass along mandela's lessons to her students. >> it gives them the tools to think critically about society
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and what would you like to see? what will you do to fix it? >> reporter: for this south african, a recent graduate, the loss is more personal. >> we have been expecting his death but still, when it actually happens, it does something to you. it is a sad moment. a time grieving. >> reporter: but there is also celebration. >> his name is up there with gandhi and martin luther king jr. and we sit and think, his messages, we should apply them to our life like other great peacemakers. >> he is truth in service. >> reporter: a man who united different races, a nation, and now generations. nbc news, washington. >> that's "nbc nightly news." brian williams will be here tomorrow from south africa. i'm lester holt reporting from soweto. have a good night, everyone.
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