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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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feelings. the winter storm comes and goes, shoveling and plowing is maybe done for now, but the threat on our roads is not over. in the last hour news 4 first reported new developments about the coaching continue very see. find out what we dug up about the possible motivation that could push the coach to walk. first at 5:00, what is left of that fast-moving winter storm is now melting. >> that means the next round is with black ice. >> storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is here to explain. >> we saw a lot of snow coming down from the sky. even if you didn't see it sticking on the roads, like in the d.c. metro area, it's still going to cause problems tonight. take a look at what we've seen across the region today. early this morning, 5:00, 6:00, here comes the snow. notice it was snowing just about
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everywhere with the exception of southern maryland. it snowed just as much in leesburg as it did in washington, d.c., just as much in gaithersburg as d.c. completely different scenario played out. take a look. this is the reason why. to the left of your screen, there's gaithersburg, a 32-degree temperature. alexandria, just two degrees more. notice the streets and sidewalks. what a difference just a couple degrees make. alexandria reporting about an inch and a half of snow. much of that, if not most of it, melting out there on the roadway. this is what today's weather story is, much colder tonight, refreezing and slick roadways. yes, another storm. talk about much colder temperatures tonight, look at the windchills as we move through the night. windchill down to 6 in winchester, 17 in washington. we'll see refreezing, no problem at all. then we will see another storm system making its way our way. that next storm system could come here during the weekend
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hours. we're talking saturday and sunday. that one could bring us a mix of snow, sleet and rain. we'll break it all down for you again in a couple minutes. we have live team coverage of the wide range of conditions across the region. >> we have crews in d.c. and maryland. we'll begin with our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey. >> reporter: boy have things improved since this morning. when i first was out here, it was a slushy mess out there. now you can see the road wet and even starting to dry a little bit. for most folks, this was the first good snow in a while. so kids and families were zep celebrating. for others still facing the consequences of yesterday's ice and sleet, they had to struggle through a second day without power. you don't have to drive too far down chimney lane in fairfax county to jump into a big problem, fallen pines have dragged utility lines to the ground. about a half dozen families are in their second day without
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power. >> we saw all the trees down. we started calling dominion, our neighbors were calling dominion. and ultimately we had to pack up and head over to the in-laws. >> that's because brian and his wife have three kids including a baby. today the temperatures in the house had dropped to 50 degrees. what's more, they're on a well, so now power means no water. trey says he'd be happy to chainsaw through the trees himself, but dominion power told him not to. so he waits, frustrated. >> it's way too long. you're talking 8,000 or 9,000 people in the whole county with no power. we're always one of them. we're always last. >> reporter: while yesterday's ice was creating misery for some, today snow was celebrated by others. for this vienna family who turned the driveway into a toboggan run, it's the 3-year-old's first snow. >> my youngest has no idea what snow was. he's excited to see it and experience it for the first time. >> reporter: just down the street, the calhoun family got
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just what they needed for this year's christmas card photo, new-fallen snow for which they added one family member. >> were were trying to get a christmas picture, we waited for the snow i guess. it worked out pretty good. otherwise we would be sending out just a blank card this year. >> reporter: for this ashburn girl, it was a rare chance to construct the perfect snowman. >> just her she kisses for the eyes and little button thingies for the mouth and a scarf>> rep his family might be able to smile a little bit, too. i heard just in the last 30 minutes for the trey family, they saw a dominion power contractor come driving up chimney lane. they may be able to feel the warmth pretty soon out there. now we'll turn to montgomery county and christ gordon. >> reporter: the windchill factor picking up. doug just told you about it. i'm here to verify.
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it's getting cold and that's a concern because although main road ways like 355 in germantown are dry, side streets are wet and we could have dangerous slippery conditions. we spent the day in montgomery county, here in germantown, damascus, clarksburg, they got about three inches of snow. we wanted to find the great white north in our viewing area, where they got the most snow. they got six inches of snow here in frederick county. if you own a snow blower, you finally got to use it. >> the last couple years we've had winters that have been pretty mild. it sounds like -- looks like it might be a trend. i don't know. i'm glad i have my snow blower, i'll be honest with you. >> reporter: finally getting your money's worth? >> absolutely. a great investment, i can assure you. >> reporter: if you think you have a long driveway, check out this one at hooper farm. of course, they have the kind of horsepower that helps out. how long is your driveway may i ask? >> 650 feet. >> reporter: did you ever try it
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with a shovel? >> yeah, years ago. i wouldn't anymore. >> reporter: in the city of frederick, the best place for sledding, sliding, tubing and spending a snow day off school is shiverstaff sledding hill. >> we're going to try to make it down this hill with my two daughters on my back. whoo! >> reporter: how would you rate that? >> i am part of the bobsled team, i'm going to have to say it was a ten out of a ten. >> reporter: you're a little biased. >> a little biased. they're ready for sochi, olympics. >> reporter: this family built a snowman. by the time they were done, it looked vaguely familiar. do you think it looks like pat collins? >> i think it does. >> reporter: was that your intent or was that a mistake? >> i think that was his intent.
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>> reporter: the only thing that snowman is missing is the patented pat collins snow stick. that's the latest live in germantown. back to you. all right. all day we've been asking you to submit your best snowman pictures. >> we've gotten dozens of entries. news 4's pat collins is live with his stick. you got a lot of competition out there. >> reporter: what do you think, did that snowman look like me? >> he actually looks better than you. >> slight resemblance. >> reporter: we call this the snowman challenge. you want an official pat collins snow stick, this is what you have to do? make a snowman, take a picture of it. tweet that to @patsnowstick. want to know what you're up against? take a look at this. this is what the snowman challenge is looking like so far. we've had scores of entries. we call this category
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traditional. don't read anything into that. a lot of traditional things are good. santa, for example, is traditional. at any rate, here we go. snowman, snow woman. what a couple of pairs they are. how about the frog hat on this snowman? check out the smile. snowman and snowman's best friend. and these two guys and their snowmen, you could tell they've had some snowman making experience. hey, that entry was from julie. julie carey, our julie carey, but -- >> employees of nbc or their families are not eligible for the snowman challenge. nice try, julie. >> reporter: now, speaking of traditions, sledding is a big snow time tradition. but this looks more like mudding. at the carnegie hill on 32nd
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street, not much to measure here. but sometimes fun isn't all about numbers. >> it's muddy, so it's slippery. >> reporter: you like that better? >> yeah. it's like -- makes you go faster, the mud. >> reporter: on a zero to ten scale it's an? >> 11. >> reporter: remember, you have until 7:00 to send in your picture. coming up at 6:00, the out-of-the-box entries. i'll see you live at 6:00. pat collins, news 4. >> that means our snowman on the front lawn isn't eligible apparently, according to the rules of engagement. it doesn't matter how big or how smal. we would love to see all your snowman or snow woman pictures, tweet them to @patsnowstick or e-mail them to
5:10 pm three people were taken to the hospital in serious condition after a carbon monoxide leak on new hampshire avenue. rescuers found five people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. two were checked out at the scene. three others were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. hazmat investigators believe a faulty water heater is to blame. a developing story from baltimore where two people were dead after a marc computer train hit their suv. that crash happened at a railroad crossing. investigators are looking at the possibility that the suv went around the stop gates. >> the collision did occur at a crossing. however, the investigation is still continuing. as to any of the circumstances around it, our investigators will look at all the factors involved from weather to any other evidence that's left at the scene, and we'll piece back the accident and try to figure out what happened. >> the victims' names have not been released. no one on the train was hurt.
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the winter weather is set to cause more traffic trouble late tonight, but it's all in the name of restoring power to residents left in the dark and the cold. vdot will shut down all lanes along i-66 near route 28 between 11:00 p.m. and midnight so dominion power crews can reinstall wires brought down by the ice storm. news 4 sports is breaking news on the redskins coaching controversy. >> dianna russini is here to explain why we're getting more insight into why mike shanahan could have one foot out the door. >> we've been working on the story all day long. this is the latest. we reached out to the redskins tonight and they will not comment on this story. we have a couple of strong sources within the organization who told news 4 sports there's reason to believe kyle shanahan is what is driving mike shanahan to want out as head coach of the redskins. kyle's role in the organization
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as offensive coordinator may be putting the head coach in a position where he has to choose between his son and his job. we have reached out to head coach mike shanahan and we have yet to hear back from him. we also confirmed with the redskins tonight that dan snyder won't be involved in any player decisions and will allow coach mike shanahan to make the call as to who starts as quarterback this sunday against the atlanta falcons. we know coach shanahan is not being fired today and is expected to be at practice tomorrow. we'll continue following this story and we'll bring you the latest coming up at "news 4 at 6:00" and we'll continue to reach out to coach shanahan and perhaps get more information from the redskins. that's the latest out of redskins park tonight. >> a lot of tension over there. >> and it continues. our storm team 4 coverage continues. >> we have a team of meteorologists working to break down the latest on what else we can expect in this wild week of weather. their forecast is next. president obama is on his way back home to washington after the memorial service for
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nelson mandela in south africa. there was one gesture that almost stole the spotlight. a local private tutor accused of taking advantage of one of his students. and a look back at what we've been through in the last few hours today. here is a look at the ride through parts of prince george's county. stay with us, more winter storm coverage coming up on "news 4 at 5:00."
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so doug, we're going to get more -- >> we've got a lot of puddles out there now. >> we're starting to see the temperatures go down. we're going to start to see really cold -- not only temperatures, but windchill over the next few days. by now, as cold as we've been over the past couple beweeks, t past month, you're probably ready. take a look towards russ tin town center, one of the areas that picked up about two to four inches, depending on where you were. we did see problems on the roads out there a little earlier. the main roads, dulles toll road looking pretty good. what a nice picture that is. the sun making its way down. sunset tonight is 4:46. we did see the snow come through. we timed the snow very well, came in around 6:00, got heavy 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. the one thing different about this storm was the temperature. i thought the temperature would be about two degrees cooler than what it was.
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in d.c. i was thinking around the freezing mark. back to the west i was thinking about the 30-degree mark. if that was the case, everybody would have seen one to two inches more of snow. as it stands, we did see snow back to the west, about two to five inches across the area. veronica johnson and i have been looking at totals throughout the afternoon. it's the western suburbs that have seen the most. >> we put together this snowfall map for you showing where some of the highest snowfall totals were today in shades of blue for you. you can pretty much see where the temperature was lower, and that was everywhere west of i-95, freezing and below freezing with snowfall totals coming in around three and four inches. damascus, 3.3, frederick 4, leesburg 3. you get closer to that line, alexandria, only an 1.5. gore, virginia, five inches fell there. the next step, of course, the
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big melting that took place today. this could be wild before we see melting. metro locations down to 22 degrees. in the suburbs temperatures will be even lower tonight, folks. those locations will be dropping down into the teens. the suburbs, somewhere between about 11 and 15 degrees. that means refreeze, a hard freeze and serious trouble on area roads for tomorrow morning. doug? >> that's right, veronica. this is a storm that affected not only our area, but baltimore, philadelphia and new york as well. sydney long in philadelphia right now -- oh, we don't have it. we had a remote towards philadelphia. they saw a little in the way of snow, too. this continued to move to the north. nothing across our area right now. we're not seeing anymore snow or rain depending on where you are. one thing we are going the see is the numbers going down as veronica said. already down near the freezing mark in the winchester area. as we move through the night tonight, this is what you wake up to tomorrow morning. six degrees in wind chester,
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nine in leesburg, 17 in washington. that's cold. tomorrow afternoon, we stay in the 20s, all day as far as the windchill is concerned. watch what happens thursday. ladies, are you ready for this? how about a windchill of one in wind chester, eight in leesburg, eight in gaithersburg, 12 around the d.c. metro area. that by far is the coldest as far as windchills go so far this season we will see very cold windchills all day on thursday. thursday is going to be one cold day. that sets the stage for our next storm. it's coming during the weekend. another area of low pressure tracking to our south. this will start as snow most likely and most likely transfer to rain. this is not going to be a big winter storm i don't think, however. some of the computer models bringing in a little colder air. we'll have to wait to see how it plays out. one thing for sure, we're going to be cold. 33 for tomorrow. high of only 30 on thursday. 39 on friday. there's the chance of snow, ice and rain on saturday. as i mentioned, most of the it
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should be on the rainy side. we'll see temperatures of 44 degrees on sunday. monday and tuesday temperatures back into the 30s. so the cold air remains across our area. you know any time weather is threatening our area, you can find the latest with your storm team 4 weather app. you can download it on your google play or the ipad device. guys? >> wow, it was the handshake that the world is still talking about. the white house responds to president obama extending his hand to raul castro. >> reporter: a lot of flights didn't make it off the ground today, but what's the situation at the airports tonight? i'm adam tess, we'll have that story coming up. a long day for power cruise across the region. news 4's winter
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new developments in the investigation into that deadly siege at the shopping mall in kenya that occurred in september. a new report concludes it is likely there were only four shooters carrying out that attack, that they did not take hostages. they may have even left that mall within about 12 hours of the start of that rampage, two days before police there said the siege was over. more than 60 civilians and six soldiers were killed in that attack. the new york joint terrorism task force went to nairobi to
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investigate it and the nypd released its report today. now to the continuing coverage of the tribute to nelson mandela. white house officials say president obama was overwhelmed by the warm response to his remarks today at the memorial service in johannesburg. thousands of people braved a chilly rain to take part in the tribute to the man who sacrificed decades of his life to end apartheid in south africa. president obama noted that mandela inspired him as a young man and it was an historic moment as america's first black president paid tribute to south africa's first black president. >> while still a student, i learned of nelson mandela and the struggles taking place in this beautiful land, and it stirred something in me. it woke me up to my responsibilities to others and to myself, and it sent me on an
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improbable journey that finds me here today. >> one other moment of note that is making headlines right now here and in cuba, president obama and cuban president raul castro unexpectedly shook hands. the handshake was the second headline on cuba's state-run newscast this afternoon, and they actually ran a portion of president obama's speech. news 4's jim vance is traveling to south africa to cover mandela's funeral. his reports begin thursday here on news 4. it may feel like this is one of the coldest places in the world, but it's not. u.s. scientists say they have found it, and the temperature there is minus 133.6 degrees. it's antarctica, the top of the ice sheet there reaches 14,000 feet high. experts say that cold air radiates into space. by the way, minus 133 degrees is 50 degrees colder than the record low in alaska. an airport can be pretty cold and uncomfortable if a
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winter storm leaves you stuck in one far from home. that's happening today in our area. adam tuss is live at reagan national with the latest on conditions there. adam? >> reporter: well, the precipitation moved out here quite a while ago. what we're left with now is the cold. it is really cold now. let's take a look at the runway at reagan national. the crews here at the airport will be concerned about slick spots on the runways and will be treating them. yeah, that earlier winter weather, it caused some headaches for travellers. this was the scene at dulles international. at reagan international, the deicing operation is in full swing. even though the sun came out later in the day, the damage was already done. flights to the northeast tricky. for this man it's been a long day trying to get to boston. >> we started at 6:00 a.m. trying to get out of columbus. we came here on the second option.
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now we we're on our third potential flight going from d.c. to boston. hopefully the day will end in boston. we'll see. >> reporter: james and his mom sandra in town from kansas city. they were supposed to visit georgetown university today, but that didn't happen. >> we made it to georgetown this morning only to find the doors locked. >> we made it to georgetown, but georgetown didn't make it to georgetown. >> reporter: their midwestern take on how we handle snow -- >> you're a little whimpy. >> reporter: but for a time it was coming down, enough to send trucks racing down runways treating them with a special solution. it will be more of the same tonight. >> as we get into the colder temperatures tonight, what we're focusing on is treating the one ways to make sure they don't freeze up like you would a road. this is specialized fluid used on airfields. >> reporter: those from florida happy to see the snow that did fall. >> this is a treat. we took several pictures. definitely a treat for us.
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we don't ever get snow where we are. >> reporter: back here now live at reagan national, a quick check of flight status shows things are pretty much getting back to normal tonight. coming up at 6:00, did you know for a lot of people this was the first snow they had ever really seen. reporting live at reagan national, adam tuss, news 4. a woman attacked on the street and it was captured on video. we'll show you more of the abduction in broad daylight that has police so concerned. he was a trusted coach and a tutor. now he's in trouble with the law for what he's accused of doing with a student. >> reporter: here in loudoun county these crew also be working through the night so you can get to work tomorrow morning. i'm mark receivers, i'll have the story coming up next. >> reporter: yes, the snow is melting in prince george's county. once again the county has dodged the snowstorm bullet. it's been this way f
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just about 12 hours ago we were watching our snowstorm make its way across the area, most of us picking up snow. it was all rain toward portions of southern maryland. across the d.c. metro area, this started as snow, came in quickly. some locations picking up pretty good amounts of snow, back towards the west two to five inches. in and around d.c., only a half inch officially.
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as far as the temperatures go, we eel be dropping like a rock. in leesburg, 24. winds gusting upwards of 25 miles an hour, down to 31 in washington. current windchill 27. but that's warm compared to where it will be the next couple days. they'll have it all up neck. ak crouse our region children got to enjoy this day off school, and along with making a snowman, they figured the best thing to do is to take out the sled and head down the biggest hill you can find. >> chopper 4 got a great view across the culpeper region where you can see snow blanketed that entire area. continuing our team coverage is mark segraves where crews are still making their way through the snow out there. mark? >> reporter: we've been cruising the roads, using our storm team 4 x 4. these are the guys who have been working for you all day long, keeping the roads clear with
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sand and salt and the plows, and many of them will be back at it later tonight. they started at 3:00 a.m., plowing the roads across northern virginia. >> across northern virginia we had 1,900 pieces of equipment out and ready. we were on top of it before it started. >> reporter: snow made for a nice day off for some people. >> in d.c. they go for toilet paper and water. when i was in the restaurant, you went for wine and cheese. >> for this school teacher it's been a good two days off. >> isi miss my students, but i love my snow days. >> reporter: while the sunshine and road crews got the snow off the streets and highways, there were troubled spots earlier this morning including road closures and power outages in northern virginia, but the people we spoke with were ready for it. >> yesterday was really heavy and wet and icy, so it was really hard to shovel. each load was very, very heavy. today it's more powdery, packable and fun to play in.
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>> reporter: the big question now, what will tomorrow morning's rush hour be like? >> we're concerned about freeze with the temperatures getting down in the teens. we'll be monitoring and patrolling the bridges, overpasses, ramps, our known hot spots as we call them to make sure they're treated with the proper chemicals through the night. the goal is to -- which we will achieve, will be to have the rush hour with no problems in the morning. >> reporter: now, to give you an idea of how hard these guys have been working, this is just one of four salt domes, it holds nearly 3,000 tons of salt and sand. you can see they're already having to replenish it. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you about further plans to be prepared for tomorrow's rush hour, and we're going to show you one of the most unique snowplows you'll ever see. you'll want to stay tuned to see this coming up at 6:00. live in leesburg, mark segraves,
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news 4. our storm team coverage continues in prince george's county. tracee wilkins is in largo where prince george's county has been kind of dodging the snow for a while. is that going to help their snow budget this year? >> reporter: absolutely. look at all of our snow. you're supposed to imagine we've got a lot of snow. we don't. it's been this way for the last few years out here in prince george's county. for the kids i know they're thinking, i'm off school today, don't have a lot to play with. they may be disappointed. the parents will be happy to hear that this has been working to the county's benefit. >> i think that it was a day wasted and we could have went to work. >> reporter: prince george ans like snow, they just haven't had much in the last few years. >> every four or five years we'll get a significant amount of snow. >> reporter: according to 234u78 bers from the prince george's county government, the county has been dodging snowflakes, so to speak and saving money as well. in 2009's budget during snow ma
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geddon, they spent -- 676,000 in 2011 and $1.6 million in 2012. that's nearly half and in some cases three to four times less than what d.c. spent in snow removal. county officials say the money saved goes back into buying salt and other needs to prepare in case the worst does come. so missing snow helps control future costs. but in the meantime -- >> it's almost gone now. it was okay. >> reporter: you're underwhelmed? >> yeah. >> reporter: this has actually been the case since baker took office. no major snowstorms, no major rain storms either, no major weather events. maybe he's a good luck charm. these are the roads in prince george's county, it's very wet. coming up on "news 4 at 6:00" what officials are preparing for trying to keep everyone safe. tracee wilkins, news 4.
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many people turned to metro to get them where they had to go today. here is a look at how things were going at the silver spring stop. the transit authority has about 600 pieces of equipment to keep the stations operating smoothly even in snow and ice. since the snowfall was less than six inches, the system operated close to its normal schedule. but the wintery weather is affecting marc commuter train service, both the penn and camden lines are running on s schedule which means fewer trains are operating. several trains on the brunswick line were canceled or delayed today because of this weather. marc expects service will return to normal tomorrow. police say they have a suspect in a fatal accident in prince george's county. scott mcfarland at our live desk. >> police release add prior mugshot of the man for whom they're searching. you'll see 18-year-old ronald hayes, junior. police say he was the driver involved in a crash that killed
5:38 pm
two people this saturday in capitol heights near hill road and central avenue. police say they were chazing hayes who was in a stolen car. he crashed into a van with six people in it. two people in the van died. after the crash police say hayes fled the scene. they are still looking for him tonight. police say they're also conducting an internal investigation into the chase. at the live desk, i'm scott mcfarland. after the tragic death of a virginia state senator's son, governor bob mcdonald makes a move to do something about the way the state handles mental health cases. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood. so you were stuck in the cold, the snow and the rain today. the people who took advantage of the smithsonian weren't. it was open. aisle have the story coming up. some folks in northern virginia actually had something to shovel today. here is an up close look at conditions in springfield this morning as our winter storm
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philadelphia police are investigating what could be an abduction that was caught on camera that happened late yesterday afternoon. surveillance video shows a man walking up to a woman on the sidewalk, apparently talking to her and then goes to open a car door, but she walks away. the man then chases after her, as you see, and is dragging her
5:42 pm
back to the car. all the while other people on the sidewalk walk by without even stopping. police are trying to find the man and that woman. a tutor and a private athletic coach has been arrested for inappropriate contact with a student. montgomery county police arrested daniel sirotkin of germantown saying he had inappropriate contact with a teen he was tutoring. police say sirotkin tutored several high school students in the bethesda and potomac areas. he's charged with two counts of sex abuse with a minor and third degree sex offense. today marks three weeks since state senator creigh deeds was stabbed and wounded by his son who later killed himself. this happened shortly after he was released from an emergency custody order in virginia because mental health officials reportedly couldn't find a nearby facility with room to treat gus dweeds. now governor bob mcdonnell is
5:43 pm
making good on his promise to improve meantal health care with a proposal to infuse more than $38 million into the system over the next several years. vice president joe biden announced $100 million will become available for community mental health care services across the country. still ahead, the winter storm that ended with a bang. we'll show you more of this dramatic damage that left one car owner heartbroken. >> reporter: i'm liz crenshaw, the snow has stopped, but what are the laws when it comes to shoveling your sidewalk? my story is coming up.
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our snow meant a day off for many in the area, but everybody stayed cooped up at home today. >> some slushed through the cold and the snow to the national mall. that's where we find news 4's tom sherwood who slushed there as well. hey, tom. >> reporter: there wasn't that much slush. the smithsonian is part of the federal government, but it didn't shut down today. a few of us had it all to ourselves. >> reporter: foot traffic was light at many smithsonian museums. >> then we have the 747 over here. >> reporter: guided tours had sparse crowds. those who knew the smithsonian was open even though the government was closed had the streets and the place to themselves, like recently retired suzie clark from mclean. >> i just retired after 45 years. >> reporter: i was going to ask you if you got the day off because of the snow? >> no. i took the rest of my life off. >> reporter: you picked a pretty good day. >> we went online to see what
5:47 pm
was open and thought this would be a great opportunity. no traffic. we parked right across the street. it was really great. >> reporter: smithsonian workers are government employees but they seem to enjoy being open while others shut down. today is an off day. >> kind of. we're open in almost any kind of weather. christmas is the only time we're closed. >> reporter: so it was fun? >> wonderful. >> reporter: butterflies who don't hear kids squealing are a big draw at the museum of natural history and today, so was the temperature. and the high humidity. cold, wet, snowy outside. it's hot in here. >> the butterflies like it hot and warm. wherever you go in the world, the butterflies want a nice, hot, humid day. it's about 80% humidity and about 80 degrees. >> reporter: this visitor in australia where it's summer was delighted to experience his first snow. >> it was a real snowy
5:48 pm
wonderland. it was fabulous. >> reporter: and remember, even with all the ice we're expecting tomorrow, the smithsonian again plans to be open. on the national mall, tom sherwood, news 4. all day long we've been getting great photoless of you out and about in the snow. check out this one of a really snowy barn. we love the landscape pictures. we also love seeing animals in the snow. here is charlie the dog enjoying the snow and that squirrel there doesn't seem to be fazed in college park at all. we also love the landscape pictures from that cocoon, over there on the right, to the sculpture there on the left. that's a big guy and it took a lot of snow to make that. we love to see all your pictures. so tweet them to us
5:49 pm
you probably won't take pictures of butterflies to tonight. it's going to be cold. doug? >> not just the next couple days but the next week or so. we'll be in the ice box with a little hint of relief. take a look outside. we look towards the kennedy center. temperatures currently into the 30s. i think we'll drop very quickly as we move to the rest of the night. down to 30 by 7:00, 29 by 9:00 and down to 27 by 11:00. that's the actual temperature. the winds, they're also starting to pick up. here are the current numbers. 34 gaithersburg, 35 in dulles, 32 in ft. belvoir and baltimore right around the freezing mark. with the winds, the winds gusting back to the west upwards of 20 miles per hour, 25 in gaithersburg, 30 in hagerstown. that will overspread the entire area as we move through the night tonight. it will be very breezy across the region. with that windchills will drop down into the teens, maybe even the single dij et cetera when you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a much different day than today.
5:50 pm
this morning you woke up with the snow, temperatures around 32. tomorrow, no snow but the temperatures will feel about 20 degrees colder. it will be a very cold day tomorrow. nothing as far as rain is concerned or snow across our region. here is the actual numbers, this isn't the windchill. 21 along the river towards ft. belvoir. 14 in culpeper, 13 in manassas. tomorrow morning waking up just cold. up towards northern maryland, i think we'll be around 15 in martinsburg and west virginia. 13 in frederick, 14 in westminster. this is an area that saw snow over the last few days. some locations picking up over a foot in the last few days. all that is going to refreeze tomorrow night. 33 for a high tomorrow in the district. 30 on thursday. thursday will probably be one of the coldest days we've seen in quite some time. 39 on friday. then 39 on saturday. but saturday, we've got another storm system moving in. this one i think will start as snow and maybe transition to ice and then to rain, maybe light
5:51 pm
snow accumulation. this is definitely a storm to watch. we'll be watching it for you right here. it will bring in much colder air behind it as we start next week. the snow has stopped falling, of course. how soon are you expected to shovel that sidewalk outside your house. >> with our temperatures around the region continuing to drop, some advice to avoid freezing the pipes in your home. liz crenshaw joins us with advice. >> do grab your shovel by the way. many jurisdictions require that you shovel that public sidewalk outside your house just hours after the snow has stopped falling. here are the rules region by region. folks in loudoun county have the shortest deadline. residents are required to shovel public sidewalks of snow and ice within six hours after the snow has stopped falling. d.c. residents required to clear public sidewalks of snow within eight hours ploeg the end of a snowstorm. arlington, prince george, montgomery all have a little longer, 24 hours to remove the
5:52 pm
snow from public sidewalks adjacent to your property. in fairfax prince william county, no law requiring homeowners to shovel those walks. both counties require that people shovel the sidewalks for safety. with temperatures tonight expected to dip into the low 20s and even teens in some regions, there are steps you can take to prevent pipes in your home from freezing and causing serious damage. j.m. peterson plumbing says frozen pipes can cost tens of thousands in damage. prevention can save you in the long run. identify any pipes that might be at risk like pipes along outside walls in your house, in crawl spaces in the attic to let warm air circulate, open cabinet doors like the one below your kitchen sink and vanity doors in your bathroom. with those at-risk pipe, keep a small trickle of hot and cold water running during super cold nights. be sure to keep your house warm, no lower than 60 degrees even
5:53 pm
when you're not at home when it gets this cold out. >> oh, goodness. >> no frozen pipes. >> so early to worry about that. thanks. for the first time ever, the person in charge of the kennedy center next year will be a woman. the center named debra rutter as the next president who will be taking over in september after michael kaiser ends his 13-year run. rutter is currently the head of the chicago symphony orchestra. before that she was the thed of seattle's symphony orchestra. history for the american auto industry today. general motors has just appointed its first female ceo. mary barra will take over for dan akerson next month. she started at gm in the 80s. this is the first time a u.s. automaker has been named. dan akerson's wife was recently
5:54 pm
diagnosed with cancer. even small snowstorms can cost local communities big bucks. how montgomery county spent more than a million bucks for every inch of snow last year. so what's behind the big price tag? another look back at the rise through the winter wonderland in vienna this morning. nor wi
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5:56 pm
5:57 pm
stories trending online. the new jersey waitress out of a job. the family showed a copy of the credit card statement and receipt which included the tip. the bistro says she no longer lives there and the decision for her to leave was a joint one. there is $344 million up for grabs right now in the mega millions drawing. nobody has won the past two months creating the fourth largest jackpot in mega millions history. tonight's drawing takes place at 11:00. you buy tickets up to 9:45. last year there was a jackpot of $656 million which set the record. >> oh, my god. >> texas starting the thaw out after the massive ice storm down there. the falling ice is creating
5:58 pm
dangerous conditions. the good news, no one was inside this jaguar when it was crushed by the ice from a rooftop in plano. the bad news is it probably totalled that car. north texas is still recovering from the storm that passed through five days ago. a bit of a surprise at the trial of an arlington deputy chair riff charged with murder. prosecutors were expecting to rest their case. that didn't happen. northern virginia reporter david cover explains why. >> a parade of witnesses called by the prosecution in court today, 23 in all. they're making the case that after the altercation between craig patterson and dawkins, patterson went home, got his gun and returned determined to shoot and kill dawkins. among the witnesses who testified today, ter reek erbie and eric taylor. during a court recess we caught up with them. both men stated on the same step
5:59 pm
they were on the early morning on the 22nd of may. both men testified they heard yelling that night and then watched patterson pass in front of them once and then walk back. >> about right here we noticed him fumbling around with his clothes tucking the weapon. moments later they heard the gunshot. today a medical examiner testified that dawkins had a .15 blood alcohol level and a low amount of marijuana in his system. dawkins' girlfriend also testified she told the court she was on the phone and texting with dawkins several times that night. she said that dawkins told her, quote, these two dudes keep talking to me and i don't even know them. but in cross examination, the defense asked bynum about a text she sent to dawkins. it read, you need to stop drinking. you're drunk and your cousin needs you in the morning. the defense's strategy, to suggest dawkins was drunk and confrontational when patterson
6:00 pm
shot him in self-defense. we also heard craig patterson's voice in court as they played the 911 tape the night of the shooting. in it he told the dispatcher i just had a young man pull a knife on me and i shot him. every crime scene investigator who testified said that knife was found in dawkins' pocket and it was closed. tomorrow morning the prosecution has one more witness to call and then it's the defense's turn. in alexandria, virginia, i'm david culver, news 4. right now at 6:00, a half foot of snow, but it's quickly meanting. tonight freezing temperatures could make it another tricky morning rush. frustration is growing for people in northern virginia for people who won't have power for another night. >> at redskins park, why a father-son bond may be the reason mike shanahan walks away from the town. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. school districts are bracing for


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