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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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shot him in self-defense. we also heard craig patterson's voice in court as they played the 911 tape the night of the shooting. in it he told the dispatcher i just had a young man pull a knife on me and i shot him. every crime scene investigator who testified said that knife was found in dawkins' pocket and it was closed. tomorrow morning the prosecution has one more witness to call and then it's the defense's turn. in alexandria, virginia, i'm david culver, news 4. right now at 6:00, a half foot of snow, but it's quickly meanting. tonight freezing temperatures could make it another tricky morning rush. frustration is growing for people in northern virginia for people who won't have power for another night. >> at redskins park, why a father-son bond may be the reason mike shanahan walks away from the town. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. school districts are bracing for what's ahead in the morning. about half a foot of snow piled
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up in some parts of the area today. most areas saw about three inches. the big danger to might is now that the snow is melting, the dropping temperatures will create black ice for the morning commute. doug kammerer is tracking the radar and the freezing temperatures and has more on what we can expect next. doug? >> as always, this depends on where you live as far as what you got. take a look at the radar, as it came in around 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, it did become heavy at times. the timing of this was absolutely spot on. we told you about this during the day yesterday. it would be right during the morning rush. that's exactly what happened. temperatures, however, they were the key. they were a little warmer than expected. i want to show you something. take a look at this. this is two areas that saw snow today, one in gaithersburg on the left, 32 degrees. notice the roadways there, about three to four inches. alexandria saw the same amount of snow fall from the sky, but because temperatures were about
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two degrees above the freezing mark, the roads there, just fine. absolutely amazing to see the same amount of snow falling does two different things in two different areas. the whole system continues to move out across our region. this is today's weather story. much colder night tonight. we'll see temperatures that will dip down into the teens in many places that. will refreeze surfaces. it is going to be very slick in some areas tomorrow morning. then we've got another storm, another one making its way our way. and this one moving in just in time for the weekend. i do think this one will have a little bit in the way of snow associated with it. we have eight reporters covering this winter storm for you. let's start with christ gordon in montgomery county. chris? >> reporter: well, good evening. it is cold out here. i can see my breath. we are starting to see icy conditions on the road. now, we came here to find snow, three inches in germantown,
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clarksburg, damascus, but we wanted more, more i say. so we decided to take a road trip. we drove north on 270 in search of the deepest snowfall in our area. in frederick county we found an abandoned car that slid off the road near christopher's crossing which county officials here tell us got six inches. that's enough snow to weigh down branches, bending and breaking them. >> we get pretty fierce winds coming off the mountains. i think probably the trunk was compromised and snow was so heavy, it just brought half of it down. maybe we won't lose the whole thing, i'm hoping. >> reporter: parking lots at churches and businesses had to be dug out. snowblowers were used on sidewalks. snowplows are finally getting to the problem areas, residential roads that are among the last to be cleared. in the city of frederick, the best place for sledding,
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sliding, tubing and spending a snow day off school is shifferstat sledding hill. it's hard to not join in. this is great. and i'm working. i challenged a dad and borrowed one of his twin daughters for a bobsled run. >> we'll try this in preparation for our coverage of the sochi winter olympics. >> here we go. hold on. watch it okay. no personal injury, no property damage, and we made it. as a news 4 reporter i'm often asked if we're having as much fun out here during snow coverage as it appears we're having. tonight i think you know the answer. but it is getting cold. that's the latest from germantown. back to you. >> christ gordon, thank you. a dump truck spreading salt and sand lost its load, creating a
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big traffic mess in hyattsville. this is the scene at the intersection of 450 and cooper lane. the driver says the cold weather caused the bed to malfunction. it lifted all the way up, caught electrical wires and dumped sand all over the road. 1,900 trucks and plows are working the roads. main roads are reportedly clear of snow. because today's temperatures helped melt the snow. thousands are still without power right now. dominion still tops the liss with the about 2,500 people still in the work. novec is working to get the lights on for 500 customers. pepco down to about 300 out damages now, mostly in the district. and about 115 bge customers are now in the dark in howard and anne arundel counties. our team coverage of the storm continues with northern virginia
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bureau chief julie carey in vienna. >> reporter: the road is fine right now, just wet here along maple avenue. but sure enough it's getting chilly, and i started to see people slip slide. here is why. this was slush just a while ago. now i can pick it up. it has turned to ice. for most folks today, the first good snow in years meant a lot of fun. sledding, building snowmen. but for several thousand fairfax county residents, it was a rough day because it was their second day without power. this is not how the rogers family normally prepares lunch, pizza heating up in the fireplace. nor is this how they normally dress inside the house. >> it is cold. it really is. my daughter has on her ski pants. i have on several layers, my hat, my scarf. it makes it so it's possible. it's cold. >> reporter: the rogers and about a half dozen neighbors are in day two without power after pines fell across chimney lane
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dragging powers down with them. tom rogers was waiting for a moment like this to use his brand new generator, only it's not working. >> i've been waiting and excited for a chance to have a weather outage. the thing is acting up and the weather is too bad. the generator people are ready to come fix it but they can't get down here. >> reporter: across the road, patience is growing thin. this man, his wife and three kids have shipped to the in-laws. no water because no electricity for the pump. >> that's right. no electricity for the well. >> reporter: he'd like to use his chainsaw to give dominion power a head start. >> they told us don't touch the tree, don't touch it. we'll be more than happy to cut them up. we cut them up between here and the main road. if we can't do it and they're not going to do it, we don't have a lot of choices. >> reporter: as for the rogers family, they say they can hang
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in a little longer. >> i love dominion power. i've watch these guys work. earlier this evening the treys called me back to say the dominion contractor just rolled up chimney lane to start work. it may be a few hours yet. the rogers also have these mres they can have for supper. a dominion power representative did tell me that they hope nearly everybody will have power restored by the end of the day. there may just be a few stragglers they have to tend to tomorrow. julie carey, news 4. >> mres with a little pinot noir, that's good eating. whenever we get measurable snow, pat collins breaks out the measuring stick. that combined with snowmen make for a memorable winter storm. pat joins us live from northwest washington with more on what kind of trouble you're stirring up out there, patrick? >> reporter: wendy, i should tell you first off, the snowman challenge entry deadline is
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7:00. a pture of your snowman, ur to tweet that picture to @patsnowstick. the best snowman gets the stick. want to see what the competition is like. take a look at this. the snowman challenge entries keep rolling in. scores of entries. we call this group toff the wal and out of the box category. the snow family, complete with fire snowman, ski snowman and pirate snowman. the mailbox snowman, frosty's mouth is a mailbox. that's a special delivery. the chef snowman, look at his mouth. it's candles. upside down snowman, another upside down snowman. you think they built them right side up -- oh, never mind. and then from who didn't
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get much snow, the ice cube snowman. the category they call baby's first snowman. this snowman is getting a hug. here is a snow woman and a snow bunny at her side. how cute is that? they call this a mini pat collins k34r50e9 with a microphone and snow stick. and what about this one? i think they used every flake in the yard to make this fellow. traditional snowman. snowman, snow woman. what a couple of pairs they are. how about the frog hat on this snowman? check out the smile. these two guys and their snowmen, they can tell they've had some snowman making experience. hey, that entry was from julie, julie carey, our julie carey.
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but. >> employees of nbc or their families are not eligible for the snowman challenge. nice try, julie. >> reporter: julie, it's not me. it's the rules. there are so many rules. speaking of rules, the entry deadline is 7:00 for the snowman challenge. the winner announced tomorrow "news 4 at 6:00." all the entries will be pictured on now, the snow stick and i are going to a warm police for dinner. live in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> you earned it. that's a lot to judge out there, pat. a lot of competition. looks good. >> we'll get it done. >> pat mentioned julie carey build ag snowman. there she goes. she's fast. >> she is fast. >> she doesn't waste any time. she's busy being the bureau
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chief out there in northern virginia. there we go. julie is getting the job done. unfortunately she didn't know at the time that she wasn't qualified. >> all that effort and no chance to win the prize. did we mention what the prize is? >> i think you get the snow stick of your very own. >> it doesn't matter how big or small. we'd love to see all your snowmen pictures. tweet them to @patsnowstick or e-mail them to tonight we're learning why redskins coach mike shanahan might be ready to leave the team. we reported it's all about the coach's son, the offensive coordinator. dianna russini joins us with details. >> another busy day. tonight mike shanahan is still head coach of the redskins team. for the last 48 hours questions have been surrounding the redskins organization about his
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future. strong sources within the organization have shared with the news 4 sports department that there's reason to believe that kyle shanahan's future with the redskins is what is driving mike shanahan to want out as head coach of the redskins. kyle's role in the organization as offensive coordinator may be putting the head coach in a position where he has to choose between his son and his own job. we have reached out to head coach mike shanahan and have yet to hear back from him tonight. we also confirmed with the redskins today that dan snyder will not be involved in any player decisions and will allow coac mike shanahan to make the call as to whether robert griffin iii or kurt cousins starts as quarterback this sunday against the atlanta falcons. we know coach shanahan is not being fired today and is expected to be at practice tomorrow. the one thing that everyone has in their homes that sent
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several people to the hospital in loudoun county. we sent the storm team 4 x 4 to give you an idea what to expect. >> reporter: the news 4 i team looks into the cost of these winter storms and why so much money is spent by so many co
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snowy conditions out there today, but worst of this may be yet to come. >> black ice, doug? >> that's going to be the cold air, yeah, we'll see some ice as we move through the night tonight, especially the areas back towards the west, back towards frederick, martinsburg, winchester. these areas have seen two big snowstorms so far. some locations picking up over a foot over the last couple days. is the way it was coming through 5:00, 6:00, just as we told you last night. down to the south, this stayed mostly as rain down towards southern maryland and the northern neck, we mentioned that. i also thought we see a little bit in the way of snow. inside the d.c. area, a temperature, a degree or two warmer. amazing what a degree or two does for our forecast. we are currently sitting at 32 degrees in leesburg. 30 in frederick and fredricksburg at 34 degrees. temperatures will drop like a
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rock tonight. we'll see very cold windchills as a result. the winds are already starting the pick up with winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour. as the sun goes down, it gets colder. watch what happens tomorrow morning. these are some cold numbers. 14 in washington, even the windchill in leesburg tomorrow morning. four in winchester, 17 towards culpeper. we'll see winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon a very cold afternoon. temperature of 20 degrees -- rather a windchill of 28 in d.c., 28 in leesburg and 30 in manassas. wednesday is cold. thursday is frigid. thursday morning down to one in winchester. eight in gaithersburg, that's the windchill at 7:00 early in the morning, around 12:00 in the d.c. metro area. thursday afternoon will be one of the coldest afternoons we've seen not just this winter, but
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last winter. 19 at manassas for a windchill. it's going to be a very cold period of time. that sets us up for our next storm. yes, i do think our next storm will start out in the which of snow, maybe ice moving in here. those temperatures are going to be critical once again. if it's cold enough, we get little more snow. the warmer air will have a little more of a hold to be able to make its way up. this should be more of a rain event. it will happen during the weekend. if you have plans this weekend, you'll want to watch out for this one. 33 on wednesday, 30 for a high on thursday with the windchills in the teens all day. 39 on friday. same deal on saturday. temperature of about 39 degrees. 50% chance of a mixture here. once again i think we'll see snow to ice and then to rain. let's even talk about it as we pull out the day on saturday. i do think that day is going to bring us that chance for snow, ice and rain. light ak kuk lags? it's possible. a little too early to tell. this is a storm to watch across the area. temperatures this week will stay on the cold side, guys.
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we can get used to this i think. take a look at the video that we shot earlier today. this was a great shot. look at this. this is chopper 4 making its way over the shenandoah valley where they picked up between four to six inches of snow. that is a beautiful, beautiful picture. that is one of many that i think we'll see. we talked december would be below average and we would see a couple of storms early in december. that's what we're seeing so far. so far, so good for our winter forecast. if the rest of it holds true, get ready. we're going to be making a lot more snowmen and pat collins will run out of snow sticks. >> right. >> be careful tonight out there. three people were taken to the hospital in serious condition after a carbon monoxide leak. rescue crews were called to the 5100 block of new hampshire avenue about 11:00 where they found five people with carbon monoxide poisoning. they're all expected to survive. the hazmat investigators believe
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it was a faulty water heater to blame for this. tens of thousands of south africans showed up hourser li to stand in cold rain for a chance to pay tribute at a memorial service for nelson mandela. it was an outpouring of love and gratitude for a man who sacrificed so much and inspired so many. news 4's tracie potts is in south africa. >> reporter: south africans believe this is one of the biggest gatherings ever of celebrities and world leaders. >> a great outpouring from all over the world. amazing. >> reporter: musicians, actors and 100 or more vips joined ordinary african citizens who sat in the rain for hours to be part of history here and at dozens of viewing sites all over the country. >> we came from our jobs and then we had to stop and then we had to take this opportunity for the last time. >> reporter: the stadium roared when president obama was first
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spotted in the audience. he made news shaking hands with cuban president raul castro, then took the stage to euligize mandela, describing him as a giant of history but human. >> he was not a bust made of march bell, he was a man of flesh and blood, a son and a husband, a father and a friend. while i will always fall short of madiba's example, he makes me want to be a better man. >> reporter: mandela's people were impressed. >> he had such great things to say about our leader, the father of our nation. it's great to see such a man that we admire celebrate one of our leaders. >> reporter: other world leaders spoke as did mandela's grandchildren. >> you tower over the world like a comet leaving streaks of light for us to follow. >> reporter: now the focus shifts here to pretoria. behind me the union buildings where nelson mandela's body will
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lie in state for the next three days. tracie potts, nbc news, pretoria. >> jim vance will be in south africa for the final tributes for his reports starting thursday here on news 4. airline passengers stuck in the terminals for hours. tonight we check in on the delays as the airports try to get back to normal. the federal government was
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it's been a long week already for the snow removal crews, particularly those in northern virginia. that's where we find news 4's mark segraves who says the work is far from over for a lot of those people out there. mark? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. check this out. is one of four salt domes. last night this dope was filled with 3,000 tons of salt. the crew haves been working here all day. they'll be back here tonight so you can get to work tomorrow morning. >> we're concerned about freeze-back with the temperatures getting back down into the teens. we'll be monitoring and patrolling the bridges, overpasses, ramps, our known hot spots as we call them. >> reporter: by midday most of the roads in northern virginia
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were clear. >> across northern virginia we had 1,900 pieces of equipment out and ready. we were on top of it before it started. >> reporter: some people are getting used to the government being closed. >> they told us we didn't have to come in. we did notice everybody is yacking all over the place, especially on face back, snowquester. >> most of these crews started at 3:00 this morning, they'll get a k but later back out on the roads. >> to make sure they're preeted with the proper chemical through the night. the goal which we will achieve will be to have the rush hour with no problems in the morning. >> reporter: while people are used to seeing snowplows out and about, they probably have never seen anything like this plow. >> started being a 66-passenger.
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we cut it down, put a spreader on it and a plow. been using it for i guess probably ten years now. >> reporter: it does just as good as the 4 x 4s? >> maybe not necessarily as good. it goes where they go. >> reporter: what kind of looks do you get as you go down the road in this thing? >> people don't know what to think. >> reporter: now, believe it or not, the vdot manager tells us that bus plow is one of the most reliable vehicles in their fleet. it's actually owned by a private contractor, but does a lot of work for the state. he also tells me that the critical hours tonight will be between midnight and 5:00 a.m. that's when they expect the freezing to begin and that's when he says his crews will be back out on the road treating the ramps, overpasses and anything near a stop sign so there will be no problems for rush hour tomorrow morning. reporting live in loudoun county, mark sea graves news 4. a coach and tutor behind
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bars. tonight why montgomery county police think there might be more potential victims. >> we have team coverage ahead of what is next after today's winter storm. >> reporter: a lot of flights didn't get off the ground at the airport today. what about tonight? i'm adam tuss. that story coming up. >> reporter: i'm tracee wilkins in largo. i'm standing here this morning use chase freedom at select department stores
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well, the snow came early this year, just as doug predicted. now the danger is the melting snow. we've got a lot of puddles out there that could become black ice overnight and really mess you up in the morning commute. doug kammerer in storm center 4 will tell you more about that. >> we've seen the snow on the roads and there's still snow on many of the roads, es special tloi the north and west. that will become ice overnight tonight. it will make travel a lot more difficult. there's the snow we were talking about a little earlier today. as we mentioned, it was a very quick hitter, leesburg through washington, annapolis. it only snowed for about six hours. only about three of that came down fast enough that it was
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able to stick on the round. we didn't see a lot of snow from washington toward the south and east, enough to cover some of the roads and the grassy surfaces. back to the north and west we picked up between three and six inches. 37 degrees now, windchill sitting at 30 degrees. that's going to be the case as we move on through the next 24-48 hours. the windchill, a major factor. get ready for some big-time cold. prince george's county road crews are monitoring things tonight getting ready for those potential icy spots out there. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is in largo with how they're preparing. >> reporter: the good news is we didn't do that bad with the snow, but we did get a lot of melting for what we did accumulate here. now we're dealing with wed roads and the threat for serious freezing temperatures. >> if you had to choose between snow and black ice? >> snow, know. >> any day snow. i've dealt with black ice. black ice is dangerous. >> reporter: no one is looking forward to what's expected tomorrow. >> it's like riding on skates.
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>> reporter: this was the scene this morning in prince george's. this time lapsed video shows the snowy beltway and its off-ramps. now, this is what it looked like before sunset. lots of melting and wet roads. >> temperatures are expected to drop down to 21 degrees, so we're focused on the refreeze. >> reporter: the county's acting director for the department of public works, darrell mobley has more than 100 pieces of equipment on county roads right now preparing for the freeze. >> right now we're trying to make sure we're prepared, have adequate personnel on hand to make sure we're addressing any slick areas that may occur overnight. >> reporter: the advice for morning drivers, be careful. treat all wet pavement like slick surfaces. take it from someone who's been there. >> i've driven on black ice, it's nothing you can do. >> reporter: yesterday they had more than 200 pieces of equipment on the roads here in prince george's county preparing for the snow. tonight they're going to have more than 100 preparing for this
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ice. again, be very careful in the morning and look out for those wet spots. live in largo, tracee wilkins, news 4. cleanup crews were up before the sun in leesburg clearing snow from the sidewalks and the streets. the town declared a snow emergency and threatened to tow any car parked along the emergency route. it's been a long day for travellers flying out of any airport between washington and boston. news 4 reporter adam tuss is live at reagan national. how is it going, adam? >> right now, doreen, things seem to be getting back to normal. that's good news at the airport. as you mentioned, flights to places like philadelphia, new york, boston, saw delays and cancellations today. it's very cold tonight. the runway officials want to make sure the runway is clear of ice. they'll keep an eye on that. as you mentioned, yes, for a lot of travellers, quite a long day.
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>> we've never really been in snow before. we didn't realize it could have this impact. >> reporter: the reason they haven't been in snowfall before is because they're from melbourne, australia. today after finding their flight delayed for 12 hours, they picked a comfy spot on the ground to relax. they're trying to get to florida. >> one grabbed us blankets which was nice of them. >> reporter: this was the scene at dulles international this morning. crews clearing the runways to keep flights moving. at reagan national, the deicing operations in full swing. even though the sun came out later in the day, the damage was already done. flights to the northeast tricky. james and his mom were supposed to visit georgetown university today. that didn't happen. >> we made it to georgetown this morning only to find the doors locked. >> we made it to georgetown, but
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georgetown didn't make it to georgetown. >> reporter: their midwestern take an how we handle snow. >> you're a little whimpy. >> reporter: for a time it was coming down, treating runways with a special solution. it will be more of the same tonight. as we get into the colder temperatures tonight, what we're focusing on is treating the runways to make sure they don't freeze up just like you would a road but this is special fluid used on airfields. >> reporter: back here live at reagan national airport. you can see this propeller just came in, a new crew of people landing tonight. the runway officials will be keeping a close eye on the runway to make sure there's not any slick spots on the runway. they treat wit a special solution. you heard from some out-of-towners, they call us weather wimps. live at reagan national airport, adam tuss, news 4. >> news 4's pat lawson muse is at the live desk with a possible budget breaking deal on the hill. both sides are talking that
6:38 pm
way now. democratic washington state senator patty murray and wisconsin representative paul ryan have announce add limited budget deal tonight, a two-year deal, reduction the deficit by $23 billion, but does not raise taxes. it partially repeals a second round of sequester cuts that were supposed to take effect come january. sources tell nbc news that this deal does not include an extension of long-term unemployment benefits which are set to expire on december 28th. while this is far, far from a grand bargain, the deal would prevent another government shutdown threat in january. congress is expected to vote before leaving for the holidays. congressman ryan says he's expecting to get enough support from both sides to pass this deal. that's it from the live desk, i'm pat lawson muse, back to you, wendy. >> still ahead at 6:00, schools closed, governments closed, not everyone is at home. inside one of the museums next. how much does it cost to treat the roads even if it
6:39 pm
doesn't snow at all or even just an inch. the i team investigates. as we go to break, here are some
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animals at the national zoo spent time out in the snow this morning. the zoo was closed to the public because of the weather. tonight's zoo lights is canceled. the smithsonian museums on the national mall were open for business. nbc4's tom sherwood is live there tonight with details. >> reporter: they were great today, doreen. the smithsonians were open today. we ran into one federal worker who could have stayed home but didn't. the museum of natural history was open and hosting a few visitors today. no one told these guys the
6:42 pm
federal government was closed. >> i feel like i'm going to the inner sanctum. >> not quite. >> reporter: no one told veteran u.s. agriculture scientist who works categorizing bugs in the bowels of the history museum. >> by chances do they carry diseases? >> not these, no. >> reporter: he says he didn't hear the news the government was closed. it looked find out side this morning. so you came to work? >> yes, i came to work. they told me we had it off. but i'm here. >> reporter: those who knew the smithsonian was open even though the government was closed had the streets and place to themselves like recently retired susie clark from mcclaine. >> i just retired after 45 years. >> i was going to ask you if you got the day off because of the snow? >> no. i took the rest of my life off. >> picked a pretty good day? >> we went online to see what was open and thought this would be a great opportunity.
6:43 pm
parked right across the street. it was really great. >> reporter: smithsonian workers aren'tr government employees but seem to enjoy being open while others shut down. today is an uf day? >> kind of. christmas is the only day we're closed. >> reporter: again, even with the icy roads expected tomorrow, the smithsonian says it will be open. on the national mall, tom sherwood, news 4. still ahead tonight, a coach busted and police have a message for local parents. >> we continue to follow the coaching continue very see for the washington redskins. doug, ice, is that the only concern for tomorrow? >> no. the other concern will be the windchill. we have a windchill well below freezing. 22 in gaithersburg, 25 in dulles. 30 inside the d.c. metro area. it is going to be a cold couple of days.
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23 witnesses testified today in the murder trial of an arlington sheriff's deputy. the prosecution making the case that after craig patterson and julian dawkins got into an altercation in alexandria may 22nd that patterson went home to get his gun. his legal team is arguing the off-duty deputy shot dawkins in self-defense. one more witness testifying for the prosecution tomorrow. then the defense supp. a private athletic coach has been arrested for inappropriate contact with a student. today montgomery county police arrested daniel sirotkin of germantown. they say he had inappropriate contact with a teenager he was tutoring. police say he tutored several high school students in the
6:47 pm
bethesda and potomac areas, charged with two counts of sex abuse on a minor and third degree sex offense. police would like to hear from parents to see if there might be any other alleged victims out there. prepping for winter weather like today can be costly. a review by the news 4 i team finds local communities can rack up big removing even small amounts of ice and snow. our scott macfarlane is on the storm team 4 weather patio with the results. >> reporter: even in the mile weather of 2012 we found communities spending seven figures on snow removal. in montgomery county alone we found they spent a million dollars an inch. on this snow day the news 4 i team got inside the highway operations center. >> are you pleased with how this looks? >> yeah, at this time in the storm, we have three lanes that
6:48 pm
are wet. >> reporter: they prepared for about five inches of snow. they worry by night the wet pavement freezes. they'll burn through mountains of salt and chemicals. >> there's really nothing inexpensive and easy about snow removal to start with. it's all a challenge. mother nature seldom pitches you the same storm twice. >> reporter: mem bows show the county ran over budget despite getting just six inches last winter because while some of the events didn't result in plowing, both county and contractual personnel were required to report and/or be on standby. the winter of 2012-2013 when roads were rarely any worse than they were today, when snow was so hard to find, it cost millions of dollars for every community around d.c., significantly more than the winter before. including in d.c. plus prince george and frederick county. vdot spent $48 million. one vdot official said the cost
6:49 pm
so high in part because some forecasts, quote, didn't pan out, including march 6th's infamous snowquester. with ice storms in the mix, it becomes more costly. prince george's county in 2012 set as much on salt as snow crews. during the historic blizzards of 2010, montgomery county spent a half million for every inch that fell. kurt hinckley is happy the county acts quickly even when costly. >> just one person's opinion, it is expensive, but they do a great job. sure, we see the ice, but the salt trucks get it pretty good. they're out there right from the start. >> reporter: our review found even small expenses piling up, prince george's county $1.6 million in snow removal that
6:50 pm
includes $13,000 on food for the workers working the long hours behind the plows and outside the salt domes. scott macfarlane, news 4 i team. >> too bad forecasting the weather is an imperfect science. >> our area is such a hard yeah to predict because just a couple of degrees really throws things off. d.c. 34 degrees, almost nothing stuck on the ground. just about ten miles to the west they picked up three or four inches. take a look outside. you can see towards the airport where they officially picked up about a half inch across that area, temperatures just at the airport, a few degrees above freezing today. that's why that snow had a tough time staying at the airport. 37 degrees the current number. temperatures went up to about 38 a little earlier. we'll go down fairly quickly tonight. we will see some wind. 33, rather breezy at 7:00. right now already below freezing in many areas.
6:51 pm
this is what i'm talking about. 37 in national. gaithersburg at 30 degrees. 33 in dulles and 32 in leesburg. these are the same areas that saw the snow. that's why places to the west always seem to get more snow than off towards the east. temperatures are getting a lot colder as a result of the wind. winds gusting upwards of 20 miles an hour in certain locations, and stim most areas dealing with at least a ten-mile-an-hour wind. that will create the i understand chill overnight tonight. we're not talking anymore rain or snow, at least not today or the next couple days. what we're talking about now is just the cold. these are the numbers. e actual temperatures overnight, 21 in ft. belvoir, you add in the wind in, windchills in the single digits, to around ten. that's cold early tomorrow morning. for you folks in northern maryland, the panhandle of west virginia, a very, very cold start to your wednesday. wednesday will be a cold day with a high of 33. that's nothing compared to thursday. it says 30s.
6:52 pm
it's only a three-degree difference. we'll see a lot of wind on thursday, windchills on thursday, in the deans all day long. a high of 39 on friday. then next storm on saturday, has the chance to start as snow, maybe ice, then transition to rain. that brings more cold air to start next week. highs in the 30s monday and tuesday. a wild ride for a while. a day off for the redskins but plenty of drama. >> there's actually a football game this sunday. there is. we'll have plenty more on the redskins controvers
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
you were breaking news all day that we have a family drauchl ma going on now? >> i guess you could call it that. >> but we're all in on it. >> everyone is interested in what's going on with this team because everyone expected coach shanahan to get fired after sunday. he's still the coach right now. we're keeping a close eye on what's going on over there. so we have some new information. tomorrow afternoon head coach mike shanahan will address the media as well as his quarterback robert griffin iii. the redskins have told us he will be at practice tomorrow ready to go. meantime, so many questions
6:56 pm
surrounding this organization right now. today strong sources have shared with us that there's reason to believe the team's offensive coordinator kyle shanahan's future with the team is what is driving mike shanahan to want out as head coach of the redskins. kyle's role in the organization as offensive coordinator may be putting the head coach in a position where he has to choose between his son and his own job. we've reached out to head coach mike shanahan all day long. we have yet to hear back from him. we've also been able to confirm with the redskins organization that dan snyder won't be involved in any player decisions and will allow shanahan to make the call as to whether robert griffin iii or kurt cousins starts as quarterback this sunday against the falcons. one step forward, two steps back. that seems to be the wizards all of a sudden. we'll see if things change on friday in atlanta. the last two games they lost the
6:57 pm
momentum they had at the top of their four-game homestand. they squandered a 12-point second half lead. denver took advantage with under a minute long. kenneth fareed, only six points in the game, these were two of the biggest. he gives the nuggets the lead. john wall looking to be the hero that night. just like the game, this slips through the hands and the wizards fall 75-74. how quick gsg over there. >> i feel like we gave one away. even though that's a good team, i feel like we shouldn't be in the position we were in. >> we just have to get better and become more mature with everything we do. we've got to take care of the ball, take responsibility for everything we do. >> they do hurt. but we take those as learning experiences and move on. these things won't help us, but to get better in the long run. >> there is snow on the ground here in d.c., but baseball is
6:58 pm
the only thing on the minds of new nationals manager matt williams. he's down in orlando at the winter meetings and he's been in contact with the players. from what he's hearing, motivation next season will not be an issue. meanwhile -- >> they're a little disappointed in how things went, last year especially. two years ago winning more games than anybody else and not making it where they wanted to get to is disappointing. they want to make amends for that. they want to make sure that doesn't happen again. that's the players talking. which is great. you sit there as the manager and go, these guys are on it. they're ready to go. they're itching to get back and start well on all of those things which is a really good sign. meanwhile, closer to home a couple of national players giving back, detwiler and span spent the day attending a holiday party with young cancer
6:59 pm
patients at yornlg town university hospital. they helped the kids makes holiday decorations, talk baseball. detwiler may have enjoyed himself probably a little more than the kids. the smiles on their faces -- >> nice thing to do over the holidays. thanks, diana.
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