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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 11, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good wednesday morning, coming up on "early today," rescued, two adults and four children survive for days by heating rocks to stay warm. black ice, hard to see and nearly impossible to stop on. google looking into putting computer microchips in our heads. the handshake that has
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tongues wagging across the globe. and the jackpot that will make anyone's christmas all the merrier. it's wednesday, december 11. "early today" starts right now. good morning everyone, i'm betty nguyen. we begin with a story of survival in the frigid cold. a family of six including four children found alive in nevada and remarkably doctors say there is no evidence the family has frost bite. >> we were embracing for such worse considering the cold temperatures we have had. >> they expressed they are very happy and will enjoy this christmas more so than usual. >> a story some are calling a miracle. >> reporter: rescue teams gathered for a third day fearing they were running out of time.
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>> the temperatures are quite cold. it was 14 degrees below 0. >> reporter: the search for a family of six growing more desperate. james, his girlfriend and four children missing since sunday. last seen in the mining town the family rauz headed for a day in the snow. the terrain is rugged, remote and this time of the year -- >> subzero temperatures. >> reporter: temperatures can kill. rescue teams held on to hope. the family had a cell phone but the area was so remote there was no service. their last known signal helped lead search teams to a specific area. the nevada national guard launched helicopters and chris montez spotted the family's overturned jeep. >> they had a fire going and
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they were heating up rocks in the fire. >> reporter: air lifted to a local hospital an entire community and family members heard the good news. >> i was relieved. they told me that they found them. that was all i wanted to hear that they are alive. that is all i wanted to hear. >> reporter: a family of six in good condition after a sunday drive to play in the snow, a trip they will never forget. >> smart thinking, very remarkable. the winter storm could have been a whole lot worse but proves a few inches of snow can create miles of problems. this truck fell victim to icy roads falling down an embankment. it was sanding a massachusetts parking lot when it crashed and went through a fence. thankfully the driver was not hurt. between two and five inches fell in cities of boston and washington where it prompted the
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nation's capitol to close schools on tuesday. most of the federal government was closed except for the house and supreme court. air traffic delays, 4 1/2 hours in philly and almost 1,400 flights were cancelled nationwide. meteorologist bill karins joins us with the details of another storm coming for the weekend. the mega millions jackpot will grow to $400 million this week and you have until friday to buy a ticket. there was no winner in tuesday night's drawing so the jackpot is expected to hit $400 million before the new numbers are picked for friday. this is the second largest mega millions jackpot in history. if you think $400 million is a lot of money, how about 1
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trillion? that is what the budget looks like to fund the government. negotiators say they have broken through to reach a compromise but at what cost? danielle leigh joins us live in washington. i have a question for you, aren't there key elements in the budget that are unresolved? >> reporter: democrats didn't get the extension of the long-term unemployment benefits they were hoping for and republicans aren't seeing the savings they would like. the bill calls for just over $1 trillion in spending in 2014. it also restores $63 billion to automatic spending cuts. that is going to help programs like defense, education and also medical research. to deal with that new spending they are finding savings elsewhere, for instance cuts to medicare payments. the bill will get the first test later this morning.
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house aides say lawmakers could take a vote as early as tomorrow and send it to the senate. time is tight because lawmakers are planning to leave town this friday for the rest of the year. >> a lot to do in a short amount of time. the first nation to create a nation to run marijuana industry. lawmakers aiming at a market place. the risky a experiment to begin next year. bill karins is here. it feels like we just got through one of them. can't it stop for a while? >> you need a break? wait until you see the weather
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in fargo. minus 36. we'll talk about a weekend snow storm. temperatures we go coast to coast the only exception is really the orlando to miami area. everyone else is brutally cold. wind chill in minneapolis minus 21. we have light fluffy snow in the quad city into chicago. one to three inches of snow in chicago. that is one of the areas where the morning rush hour on the slow side. what is next? no storms out there right now unless near the great lakes. as we go to friday a storm going through the southeast and east coast. a stripe of snow more likely friday night and then saturday. that white colorer is three to six inches. pink can be six to 12. saturday night so many people have christmas holiday parties
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and plans. bad timing. cold and then more snow on the way. that's your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. so today as we mentioned it is a cold, light fluffy snow in areas from iowa into northern illinois. it is not going to accumulate too much. it is light and fluffy. just be careful. i would love to say warmup towards christmas. >> this is like a double whammy. we move on. guess who "time" magazine's person of the year will be for 2013. we have the five finalists. a massive water spot from an out of control car.
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welcome back everybody.
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nelson mandela's body is lying in state. his funeral will be held on sunday. it was a quick handshake but garnered world wide attention. president obama stopped to shake hands with cuban president raul castro. in oklahoma city it looked like a scene out of a cartoon. a car slammed into a fire hydrant creating this massive geyser. no one was hurt. newly declassified documents show that leon panetta revealed secret information to the writer of zero dark 30. "time" magazine released five finalists for person of the year and they are in no
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particular order, edward snowden, bashar al assad, ted cruz and pope francis. how about a microchip implanted in your head? no thank you but this might not be a sci fi fantasy. google's chief engineer says he envisions the brain being able to interact with technology. another woman shatters a corporate glass ceiling. she started at general motors as an inturn. today she is the new face of gm and the first woman to lead a majorer car company. >> i have worked with general motors for 33 years. i have always known it is a great company. the men and women of general motors are so dedicated. it is an honor for me to be able
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to lead the team. >> she was chosen unanimously by gm. she takes over for retiring ceo dan atkinson. a new study found that hourly wages among women ages 23 to 34 were 93% of of men. of 15% of women in the work place say they have been discriminated against because of their gender. west jet set up a virtual santa. passengers were asked what they want for christmas and while in flight airline workers scrambled to get as many gifts as possible so that when the plane landed they were given the presents they asked for.
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apple bee's with tablets can allow you to pay while you wait. so much for conversation at dinner. sports with richard lui is just ahead including an amazing high school buzzer beater, a tailgating let down and nascar star danica patrick as you have never seen her before.
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american families could see milk prices spike to $7 a gallon if congress can't pass a farm bill by the end of the year. >> oh, no! my precious white gold! >> time now to get the latest in sports from my friend richard lui. see how nicely that rolls off the tongue. >> so smooth, as silk, my friend. in the nba a twist of fortune in chicago to start off with like this turn around jump shot. it beats the shot clock. >> the number 19 florida gators expending the winning streak to 21. they upset kansas leaving senior with a career high 18 points in
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that game. scream about that one. gators win 67-61. heisman trophy winner will be announced on saturday. we have four quarterbacks, jameis winston, johnny manziel. two running backs in the running. andre williams and trey mason from auburn. >> nice competition. sweet 16 may not have been so sweet. multiple sources say texas's football coach expected to resign as early as friday. >> there has been talk for many years. >> this may be the last year. disappointing 8-4 the school says no decision has been made. fans will not be allowed to tailgate at super bowl xlviii on february 2. >> why? >> you can have food or drink
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next to your car but no grills or lounge chairs. more space for everyone. >> it is probably going to be too cold anyway. >> that doesn't stop people. you might remember half court shot when cameron rodriguez won $20,000. he played basketball. about to lose amateur status but now ruling he can keep it. talk about great shots. took a 70 foot desperation shot. it goes right in for a dramatic 44-43. >> nothing but net. >> you know who is going to be the mayor of the night. >> british gymnast and his partner make see sawing look like child play. don't try that at home. >> and move over miley. danica patrick. >> i thought you were going to
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show twerking. >> you were covering your eyes. >> where is the cat? >> no cat for her. she was in full show girl. meta plus a sneak peek at godzilla.
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rugby, minnesota coldest wind chill i could find this morning, minus 41 in north dakota. fargo not far behind. dangerous wind chills. the snow is falling in chicago, light fluffy snow. forecast today it will warm up a little bit in the deep south but not the northeast. watch out for black ice. the american film institute has released the list of the top movies of the year. how many have you seen? the best of the best includes 12 years a slave, "gravity" and "wolf street." >> metallica played in all
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continents. your courage will never be more needed than it is today. >> graphics are incredible. >> that looks good. listen to this, forbes listed the most overpaid in hollywood. adam sandler takes the top spot making a dollar for every $3.40
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his movies make. i'm betty nguyen. you're watching "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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right now on "news 4 today" an overnight home invasion in prince george's county ends with three people stabbed. what police are telling us about the attack. plus, why a the water rescue in the potomac river could be tied into an investigation of a d.c. police officer. and the snow may be gone, but weigh are still dealing with
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the impact of that strong winter storm this morning. bitter cold temperatures have moved in now turning that snow into slush and black ice around the d.c. area. that could make getting to work dangerous. we've several school delays and closings to tell you about as well. >> fairfax, loudoun, stafford, spotsylvania and culpeper county schools will open two hours late as well as page and win chchest. >> warren and shenandoah schools are closed today. a complete list at the bottom of your screen and on storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with more on the icy conditions that are l e likely leading to these delays, tom. yeah, we did get some drying overnight. so some of the roadways are dry. the main roads are dry but, yeah, many of the side roads, sidewalks, and front steps are icy this morning because temperatures are down below freezing all around the region. we're in the 20s now in prince george's count whyy, montgomery
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county, much of fairfax county, down into the low 20s. and then parts of northern virginia have dipped into the upper teens. i think it will continue to drop over the next couple of hours. rate now it's in the 20s, shenandoah valley, where the snow cover is still in place yesterday and still that icy crust and snow in place in our northern and western suburbs from that 3, 4, 5 inches of snow that fell up there yesterday afternoon. around the bay, eastern shore, most of those locations, too, have temperatures that are right around the freezing mark had morning. so by 7:00 sunny, about 18 to 20 degrees or so. watch out for the icy spots. we'll still have that in place around 8:00. by 9:00 with the sunshine should be making it into the mid-20s. danella is back. welcome back. how are our roadways now? good morning, tom. as you said folks traveling on the local roads -- main roads look very good as far as the highway, but what you still have to look out for are the ramps. traveling 210 northbound taking the ramp to the beltway, that's
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where we're seeing an accident. aaron and eun, back over to you. thank you. 4:28 is your time now. new this morning, three men in the hospital after a robbery and stabbing. this happened just after 11:00 last night on belcrest road in hyattsville ride off adelphi road. prince george's county police say someone inside the house stabbed the men. right now one of the three is in critical condition. officers spent most of the night on the scene investigating this case. they do not have a description of the person or people responsible. we are also work to go confirm right now that a man pulled from the water at hains point is a d.c. police officer facing child pornography charges. sources tell news 4 the man is marc washington. he was just released on bond this week and ordered to wear a monitoring device after being accused of taking nude pictures of a teenaged girl who had been reported missing. sources tell news 4's jackie bensen the man pulled from the water before 9:00 last night was wearing an ankle monitor and a rental car was found with court documents belonging to


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