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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 13, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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trendy, they carry all kind of styles that you can check out with another $500 gift card. [cheers and applause] right now at 4:00, a guilty verdict. former arlington county sheriff deputy found guilty in the shooting death of a 22-year-old alexandria man. make way for streetcars. the first of three trollies is going on the track along h
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street northeast. >> get ready for the third winter storm this week. airports on alert. the d.c. team ready to deploy ploys. we are ready with the forecast. there is a winter storm warning in effect right now. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. airports are on alert. the northeast is bracing for a weekend snow and sleet storm. >> here in the washington area, we are expecting light snow and rain. the folks in connecticut, massachusetts, new hampshire and rhode island could get up to a foot of snow. amelia segal is tracking it. >> well, pat, we are looking at a winter storm warning for frederick and washington counties in maryland and also some counties back in west virginia. this winter storm warning begins
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early saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. and going to run early through seasoned morning. the pink is under the winter storm warning starting early saturday and sunday. these areas are dealing with the potential for the most snowfall. not only that, sleet and freezing rain as well. now, a winter weather advisory is in effect for montgomery, lauden, northern fauquier and areas to the west including la ray and winchester. prince george's, fairfax, not under any weather alerts right now. the biggest concern is for those of you under the winter storm warning and less serious winter weather advisory. travel could be tricky on 66, the 70/270 split mainly in the yellow area. pockets of freezing rain in the yellow area. mainly wet roads in the district. i'll be back in ten minutes
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talking about the timing of the system and what you can expect in your neighborhood, barbara? >> thank you. you can get weather alerts sent to your smartphone with our storm team 4 weather app. search nbc washington weather. we are following breaking news near denver, colorado. right now, scott macfarlane is at the live desk with more. >> new details. a high school shooting suspect is dead. at least one student at this school has been hospitalized. we just learn a suspect was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the school happening at arapahoe high school in centennial high school. itis about ten miles from columbine high school. we are going to try to get you video from 30 minutes ago as hundreds of students were evacuated from the school. students were running out, arms in the air. some students patted down as police went looking through the school for potential shooters.
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now, the danger is over. the student suspect is dead of a self-inflicted wound. more details and images as we get them. for now, at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. right now, residual delays on the inner belt after a box overturned and spilled its load. it happened near the bridge and caused major back ups happening now during the rush. crews are working to clear the debris. all lanes are back open, we understand. no word on what caused the truck to flip. a developing story where an arlington county sheriff's deputy has been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. craig patterson was found guilty when he shot a man. he claimed self-defense. a jury cleared him of the murder charge but found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter.
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more coming up at 5:00. a prince george's county police officer hit by an accused drunk driver is now out of the hospital. it happened at route 1 in laurel this morning. the man was driving southbound on route 1 when he crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the officer's cruiser head on. the officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. he was arrested and faces several charges for driving under the influence. police in prince william county are working with animal control officers to figure out what's causing flocks of blackbirds to die. dozens were found near aiden road yesterday afternoon. several of the dead birds were sent to the health official for testing. virginia animal control doesn't believe there's a threat to the public. the birds may have come across poison or gotten caught in a power line surge.
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the loose metal rim of a car is blamed for a five-mile back up on i-270 in rockville. police say at least ten cars got flat tires after hitting that rim during the morning commute. chopper 4 captured this video of tow trucks and police videos at the scene. it had southbound traffic crawling. no injuries reported. right now, traffic is moving along. the first brand-new streetcar is about to hit the tracks in northeast d.c. right now, a team is getting ready to move the cars from a testing facility in southeast for the tracks along h street. adam tuss explains, it's the next step in the all important testing process before the cars begin carrying passengers next year. >> reporter: the tracks are ready. the road is ready. even the power cables are in place. now all we need is a streetcar. here in southeast, the streetcars are actually rolling.
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before the streetcars are tested on h street, they are constantly being tested here in southeast at the anacostia test track to get them ready for the road. back here on h street, it will be a much different situation than the test track. the streetcars have to mix with the real world, real cars, real people. the community and the streetcars will have to learn to co-exist. >> i wonder and hope it's accessible and alleviates the way everyone needs to be around the city. >> reporter: some say with the change that's come to h street, the thought of the streetcar has already paid off. >> i think it's a good thing. it's going to be congested but a good thing. i think it will bring a lot of, you know, it will attract a lot of people. so, yeah, to this area. we need that. >> reporter: the city is banking on this attraction. in fact, d.c. has an ambitious plan to have streetcars rolling throughout the entire city.
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the streetcar will be here for a test on h street to get the community used to the streetcars. tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 425 million dlarls. players hoping to win lined up at gas stations across the area to get a ticket. the game was revamped to grow bigger jackpots. the odds of wins are at one in 259 million. the jackpot is the second largest in megamillion history. we caught up with players hoping to win. >> to win, you have to play. >> it just takes one. >> if it's your day, it's your day. itis how i feel. >> the drawing is at 11:00 tonight. you can buy tickets until 9:59 this evening. as soon as we find out the winning numbers, we'll let you know on news 4 this evening. one-on-one with president obama. comedian and talk show host
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steve harvey gos to the white house to talk family. mourners storm police barriers for a last look at nelson mandela. a deaf mother showed the world how it's done. video of this 5-year-old girl has gone viral. what about the weather? emiameli amelia? >> we are dry now and will be for the evening hours. this is part of a system i'm tracking. exactly what you can expect and how much snow you can see coming up after the break.
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things got chaotic at the end of the final day of nelson
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mandela's final viewing. some in the crowd realized they might be turned away, they rushed a barricade. security forces restored order and allowed them to pass single file through a fence. others were disappointed to be turned away. government officials say the viewing hours could not be extended further. the family requested the body not be transported after dark. so far, the farewell to mandela has been centered in a large city of johannesburg and pretoria. >> he wanted to go back to his roots. >> reporter: this is the village where nelson mandela grew up. in his book, "a long walk to freedom," this is where he spent his happiest days here.
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he grew up poor in a small house with mud walls and a thatch roof, cooked on an open fire, hunted birds and stick fighting with other boys. mandela decided when he died, he wanted to return here to be buried. there's not a lot of infrastructure here. not much has changed since he lived here. they are encouraging word leaders not to woman here because there aren't toilets or hotels or roads to support him. thousands are expected to come to watch south africa's most famous son return to the village he loved for the last time. how do i pronounce it? is that correct? there it is. what do you think of mandela? what do you think of madiba? >> we think -- we think -- he fight for us. >> reporter: he fights for you?
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>> he fights for us. long walk to freedom. >> reporter: long walk to freedom. richard engel, nbc news in south africa. right now, jim vance is in south africa. he joins us live at 5:00 and 6:00 here on news 4. the video is a viral hit. a 5-year-old girl is getting raves after using sign language during a kindergarten christmas pageant so her deaf parents could follow along. the touching story, coming up. plus, your father is talking about daughters together. comedian actor and talk show host steve harvey sits down with president obama and talking about teenage girls and dealing with them dating.
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the biggest snowstorm of the season so far is taking aim at the northeast. this was the scene early this morning in rochester, new york, where lake-effect snow is piling up. in one neighborhood, a power line went down and created this light show. snowplows are out in force keeping highways open. weather wise, it's going to be a challenging weekend for a lot of folks. >> amelia, how about folks in this area? >> we are on the edge of this
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winter storm system. most of the northeast is either under a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning for the system. washington, you are dealing with mainly a rain event. you could see snow, but little in the way of accumulation. the farther north the more snow and more wintry mix you are dealing with. temperatures are going to play a big role in the storm system like they have for the past few. right now, 42 degrees in washington. most locations are around the 40 degree mark. many sub you ares upper 30s. 37 in gaithersburg and frederick. 39 in manassas. low temperatures are going to get below freezing. a winter storm warning has been issued for the areas in pink, including berkley, frederick, washington county. this begins early tomorrow morning and runs through early sunday morning. winter weather advisory for montgomery county, loudoun county, northern fauquier and areas west, it begins at 8:00
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a.m. saturday to 1:00 a.m. sunday. keep up to date with the storm, you can follow me and any of the other meteorologists on twitter as we update the system. lows tonight, most areas below freezing. it allows snow to stick north and higher elevations. washington, you can see we just hit that freezing mark. it's why we are looking at this to be a namely rain event or little in the way of accumulation. by 11:00 a.m., most of the area is seeing precipitation. we are seeing a bit of a rain/snow mix over the district. southern maryland, rain. the northern areas, including montgomery and loudoun county that is are seeing snow. snow continues for most of the day. you can see by 1:30, you start to see more rain mixing in with rain for southern montgomery county. southern maryland is dealing with the rain. as we get into the evening hours, most of the area will be dealing with rain, pockets of snow over the west virginia
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panhandle. washington county and maryland. then the threat of freezing rain overnight as well for those areas back to the west. i'll be talking about the snowfall totals more in depth the next time you see me. tomorrow, a high temperature of 39 degrees. sunday, definitely the better of the two weekend days. we are dry, breezy and warmer. a high temperature of 44 degrees. barbara and pat? >> thanks, amelia. the long time host steve harvey is host of a tv talk show that airs here on nbc 4. he hosts the steve harvey morning show, the quit whited host of "family feud" and author of "act like a lady, think like a man". steve harvey was here in our studio this afternoon. welcome. >> how you doing? >> did i leave anything out?
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you had an exclusive interview at the white house. yeah. just a boy from west virginia talking to the president of the united states. the greatest moment of that interview was he was talking about his grandmother who he misses so. she passed in her 80s. my mom passed in her 80s. i said i heard a rumor your grandmother and my mother met and they are on the front row watching us right now. it was a cool moment between me and the president. >> i bet it was. >> it kind of meant something to him, too. i met him before, but he's -- this interview was different, you know? it's a little bit, i think i talked to him the way most people don't talk to the president. >> how is that? >> i think it was more -- i told him i wanted a man on man interview. i don't care about the politics. it's not important to me.
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look, he's a great guy. there's a section of people that don't agree with anything he does. there's those of us that get it. let's talk about family and the wives and christmas. you know, let's talk about those girls. we got girls the same age and how we feel about fatherhood. it was good. >> i know you don't want to spill all the details but can you leak a little here for us? >> yeah, if you tune into "the steve harvey show," a little oprah is my goal. it's what i'm trying to do. we covered christmas, gifts, we covered things he likes, we covered feelings about his mom, his grandmother, we talked about parenting, fatherhood, how he feels about the girls dating, what he has developed theories about dating.
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i was proud of my president on that one right there. >> all right. did you offer him advice, steve? >> i told him what he had to do. it's important he understands because i'm a little ahead of him in that. i have twins that are 30, then my other daughter just got married, she's 26. my youngest is 16. he said, well, did you -- do you like your son-in-law? i said i love him. i love him. he said that's good. i said here is what i want you to do, mr. president. take just -- i have a, even though he's great, he's got two degrees, wonderful, i have a thumbnail the size of a fingernail in a chamber in my heart where i reserve that is filled with nothing but hatred for him, in case i need it. i love him, but you got my daughter, so -- >> oh, gotcha. gotcha. >> there's a little bit of
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hatred. >> okay. >> if you hurt her, i'll kill you, no problem. >> spoken like a serious father. i have to ask you this, the president delivered the eulogy for nelson mandela. the selfie, what did you think of that? >> it was perfectly fine. so what? it was a celebration of life. mandela, you know, it wasn't like what happened to martin luther king. he was taken from us at an early age. mandela lived. it was a celebration of life. people want to be seen with the president. >> what about the first lady's expression, did you see anything there? >> first of all, it's like a 30 second sound bite. if you take a 30 second soundbyte of anybody at anytime, they can appear crazy. a photo of this woman who could have been thinking about mandela's life, anything could have happened. they want to take this and make
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her out to be -- i have met her. i don't know a sweeter person. my wife has met her, i don't know a sweeter person. you don't get to washington that often. when you come, where do you hang out? >> i used to go to the florida grill by howard university all the time. it's a greasy spoon. >> steve harvey as only he can put it. thanks so much. good luck to you in all that you do. you are doing so much. >> thanks for having me. of course you can watch steve harvey's complete interview on friday the 20th of december. coming up, he was a former long time host of the world's longest running tv quiz show program. coming up, remembering a broadcasting legend, mac mcgary. also ahead, commemorating the
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one year anniversary of the sandy hook shooting with random acts of kind
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a little girl in clear water, florida wanted her parents who are deaf to enjoy her school christmas concert as much as other parents. >> she took matters into her own
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hands. when she sang, she signed the words to the song. she's the animated girl you seed in plaid. her mother posted the video on youtube and it went viral. >> it was completely unexpected, but i'm not surprised how many people think she's adorable, i agree with them. >> who came up with the idea for you to sign the songs? >> me. >> you? why did you do that? >> so my parents could understand. >> claire signed at her preschool graduation. she has big plans when she grows up. she wants to be a signing teacher. what a wonderful story. >> she is adorable. what is behind the crackdown on taxi drivers. the american who vanished nearly seven years ago in iran was on an un
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we have an update on a school shooting near denver, colorado. sct macfarlane is at the live desk with more. >> the danger is over at arapahoe high school. the shooting suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the suspect was looking for a specific teacher today. that teacher walked out of the school and that's when a student was shot. that student taken to the hospital in serious condition. a second person was found injured. it's unclear if that student was shot, too. hundreds of students were evacuated an hour ago as police went room-to-room looking for the shooting suspect. the students are being bussed to
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a location off school grounds to be reunited with their parents. it's ten miles away from columbine high school in colorado. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. let's get an update on the weather as we head into friday night. >> you can see the clouds moving in this evening is dry. we are not worried about the weather impacting. i want to take you through planners for tomorrow. let's start off with washington. 10:00 a.m., rain and snow arrives. a cold rain by 1:00 p.m. then rain continues through the evening hours, maybe heavy at times through the evening. veronica johnson and myself are going to continue to have the planners for you throughout the evening forecast. here is one for frederick, maryland. this is also for gaithersburg and leesburg as well. snow at 10:00 a.m., snow at 1:00 p.m. a mix at 4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., a moderate mix at that point.
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montgomery county, one to two inches. no accumulation in the district. two to four inches in loudoun and frederick county. the sweet spot to the west could see up to five inches. if you have plans saturday evening or trying to decide if you should keep them or cancel them, i'll be up next with the travel forecast. barbara? >> thank you. new developments in the bombshell about the disappearance of a retired fbi agent. today, the white house blasted the associated press and washington post for reporting he was working for the cia when he went missing in iran back in 2007. the white house press secretary, jay carnie says he was not a u.s. government employee when he made the trip. meanwhile, the family is hoping the disclosure will lead to a new push to bring him home. pete williams reports. >> reporter: since the day he went missing overseas seven years ago, the u.s. government maintained he was there on his
4:35 pm
own. this from a spokeswoman. >> march 9th, 2007 he went missing on a business trip. >> reporter: the a.p. and washington post revealed he was there doing contract work for the cia. the story says the cia officials who dealt with him had no authority to approve what he was doing. they say ten agency employees have since been disciplined. the only known traces of him were two years ago in a video where he pleaded for help. >> i'm not in good health. i'm running quickly out of diabetes medicine. >> reporter: iranian officials denied knowing about him. >> i don't know. we don't know. how can we know that? >> reporter: now, a new, more modern president in iran, they had hopes of getting more
4:36 pm
cooperation in finding him. they strongly urged the a.p. against running story now about his work for the cia out of concern for his well being. in a statement, the a.p. said while it has been impossible whether it would put him at risk, the importance of a story about cia mistakes justifies publication. his family expressed no objection saying, instead, quote, the u.s. government failed to make saving this good man's life the priority it should be. it is time for the u.s. government to step up and take care of one of its own. virginia's governor elect terry mcauliffe picked a former rival for a key cabinet position. moran ran against him four years ago for the democrat gubernatorial nomination. he's the younger brother of jim moran. the nomination has to be approved by the general
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assembly. the d.c. taxi commission is cracking down on cabs that don't offer more payment options. allow them to pay by credit or debit card. only four have been reprimanded for not following the rules. the penalty is between $150 to $1,000. 72 violations are pending. in prince george's county, plans for a new walmart supercenter in bowie. they voted in favor for the proposed development plan. the planning commission recently rejected the proposal saying the master plan calls for high end retail at that site. the supercenter would be located at route 301 and mill branch road replacing an older store located across the street. the decision now goes to the county zoning board.
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in northern virginia, the arlington county school board is considering putting a $50 cap on the gifts a teacher can receive. parents like to give teachers cash or gifts during the holidays to show their appreciation. they say $50 is too low and want it raised to $100 per teacher. wonder how much money your neighbors are making? we have the list of wealthiest counties in america. falls church and loudoun county are on the top of the list. howard and fairfax county. stafford, nine, montgomery and prince william county missed the top ten. a major medical credit card with surprise costs. plus -- >> i'm liz crenshaw. what are things to watch out for buying gift cards this holiday
4:39 pm
season? that's the question. the answer
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prince george's county police are joining forces with the law enforcement to help families in need this holiday season. police will be giving away food baskets to families throughout the county. they will be stationed on new hampshire avenue from 6:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. this event is open to the public. last year, more than 1,000
4:42 pm
families dpgot holiday gift baskets. how can you reduce your heating bill? why do stores change their return policy around the holidays? it's friday. let's ask liz. hey, liz. >> nice to see you. >> let's go to the first question from cheryl in laurel, maryland. she writes, she heats her home with electricity and has seen an increase in the bill. is there a way to keep the costs down? >> we turned to pepco for the afternoon. there are easy ways to save money on the electric bill. first, you have to set your thermostat to 68 degrees during the day and drop it to 60 at night, if you can stand it. an extra blanket will help. dress warmly and lower the thermostat and save 3% for every degree you lower it. change your furnace filters once
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a month making sure it's running efficiently. winterize your windows using weather stripping. it will keep the cold air out and the warm air in. got a second question for you. this comes from zoe in d.c. why do some stores change their return policy during the holiday? >> it's a surprise. according to the retail federation, stores do it for several reasons. some make their policies more lenient because they understand there is a lag time between when a gift is purchased and received. others tighten their policy to deter return fraud and shoplifting. to see if there are changes in your favorite retailer, look at the return policy online, on the back of your receipt or the wall of the store where they have to post it. >> the last question is about gift cards and the holidays. what are things to look for before buying a gift card? >> there are
4:44 pm
we turned to always buy your gift cards from known and trusted sources. avoid the online auction sites as cards sold there may be counterfeit or stolen. be sure to read the fine print before buying and check for added fees. also, be sure to include the original receipt with the gift card in case that card gets lost or stolen. adds store cards typically charge fewer fees than the all purpose bank or credit cards like visa or mastercard. if you have a question to consider, send it to or go to facebook and search liz crenshaw watch. what are the rules when it comes to traveling by air with food and gifts. what happens when you are stranded on the tarmac.
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we'll go through the holiday tipping etiquette. >> thanks a lot. pat? consumer alert. they look like normal credit cards, but there could be a big catch. a nationwide warning to beware of credit card push in doctors offices. amelia? >> we are worried about slick spots saturday evening. portions of 66 west of the district and i-81. i'm up with the latest on this wintry mix for saturday.
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right now, a warning from attorney general arnds the country to be aware of credit cards issued by doctors. the cards are being pushed in doctors offices. >> patients think they are getting a good deal. tom costello has more on this story. >> reporter: just imagine. you are in the dentist chair, your tooth is aching and a person says you need thousands of dollars of work. no insurance? no problem. he had a shiny new instrument, a medical card. >> you are trying toet your teeth fixed. >> sandy brown thought it made sense facing extensive dental work. she signed up for a medical credit card in the dental office. then the surprise. the balance jumped from $2600 to more than $4,000. the warning was in the small print, don't pay off the balance and get hit with a penalty,
4:49 pm
nearly $1,600. interest rates jump from 0% to 30%. >> 30% almost is outrageous. i think that it's criminal. >> reporter: the new york attorney general received hundreds of complaints. >> you don't expect your health care professional to steer you wrong when it comes to this. >> reporter: it's a good deal for the doctor guaranteed to get paid for his or her work. customers sign up when they are most vulnerable. >> the clinic doesn't expose the hidden terms. you don't expect your doctor or clinic to pedal a credit card. >> reporter: the a.g. made a settle with the g.e. capital with a 30 day cooling off period. no more rebathes to doctors and dentists and clearer information about interest rates.
4:50 pm
in a statement, g.e. care credit says they have enhanced transparency and 80% of card holders pay off the full amount and never pay interest. they did issue some customers refunds. sandy brown got the $1500 taken off her bill. anyone considering a medical credit card should read the fine print. >> for people on the edge, this is not a good solution. if people are late on the payment, miss a payment, it's going to jack up the cost of the care dramatically. >> tom tells us, experts are saying it can be a helpful solution, but they advice consumers to shop around for the best deal. our family here at nbc 4 is mourning the loss of the legendary member of our team. the long time host of "it's academic" died last night at the age of 87. his family told us he was
4:51 pm
watching news 4 when he passed away. in an interview last year, he told news 4s jim handly he enjoyed hosting the quiz show more than 50 years. >> it must be a rush on saturday mornings. >> i must say now, i'm retired. i miss it. it is. it makes you forget your troubles, i'll tell you that. you have to concentrate on what is happening with the bands and the parents and the audience and kids themselves. it's therapeutic, it truly is. >> "it's academic" started in 1950 and is now the longest running quiz show in production. he leaves behind his wife and four children. those of us here love him and will always miss him. >> always a gentleman. >> always. we are looking for more storm heading our direction. haven't we had enough this week? >> yeah, absolutely. what is going to happen tomorrow morning?
4:52 pm
most areas will see snow in the beginning and that will gradually transition over to rain from south to north during the afternoon or even the evening hours. the hardest hit areas along the maryland/pennsylvania state borders. here is what to expect, little or no snow accumulation in washington. this is mainly a rain event. the wintry mix north and west will continue on into the evening hours, but by sunday, everybody is going to be dry. here is the planner for winchester, virginia, where you can anticipate about three to four inches of accumulating snow. it's snowing at 10:00 and 1:00 p.m. seeing snow at 4:00 p.m., then you see rain and sleet mixing in around 7:00 p.m. potentially heavy. you can see the temperatures hovering around the freezing mark throughout the day. here is the late morning hours tomorrow. notice most of the area north of washington is seeing snow. a rain/snow mix over the
4:53 pm
district, southern maryland, this is mainly a rain event for you. 1:30, the afternoon hours, the rain/snow mix over montgomery and prince george's county. the northern most parts of loudoun county dealing with snow. much of the same around the 4:00 hour tomorrow. you can see washington, southern montgomery and prince george's county seeing rain at that point. during the overnight hours, we continue to see rain across the area with potentially pockets of freezing rain over portions of frederick and washington counties as well as that west virginia panhandle. now, snowfall totals you can see, i'll be tweeting them out later. veronica johnson will be on twitter throughout the evening updating you on any latest details that come with the storm system. one to two inches for montgomery county and portions of loudoun county. two to four inches for frederick
4:54 pm
county and northern loudoun county as well as portions of northern fauquier county. the sweet spots over washington county and the west virginia panhandle where you could see up to five inches of snow and those areas that will see snow will likely have trickier travel conditions for saturday evening. saturday evening in washington, the roads are mainly wet. for saturday, plenty of clouds. we are warmer, breezy, a high temperature on sunday, excuse me, of 44 degrees. for the upcoming week, we are looking at finally a quiet weather pattern. barbara and pat? >> keep in mind, you can get weather alerts sent to your smartphone with our storm team 4 weather app. download that in the app store or google play. search nbc washington weather. >> commemorating the one year anniversary of the sandy hook shooting with random acts of kindness. >> we continue to follow breaking news. we are learning president obama
4:55 pm
has been briefed about the school shooting in colorado. we are getting more details from
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tomorrow marks one year since the horrific mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. dozens of family's lives were changed. the families are calling for action in the form of kindness. jay gray reports.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: a year ago tonight, 26 families in newtown had no way of knowing the horror they would face the next day. >> i remember the night before, on december 13th, getting into bed with him. we would read every night. >> reporter: the story changed dramatically december 14th. >> to think it's almost a year since i have held him. it's no time at all. >> i will remember. >> we will remember. >> reporter: in the year since the massacre at sandy hook elementary, grieving families searched for answers in any way to ease their pain. >> we have the option to do nothing or to do something. when you think of it like that, we didn't have options. >> for many, a year of lobbying for stricter gun laws. a dozen states passed legislation. still, nothing on the federal level, yet. >> some changes happened, not enough. i believe it's a matter of when, not if.
4:59 pm
it will come. >> reporter: in the last 12 months, many learned recovery comes with small steps. on the anniversary of this tragedy, this community is asking for help working through what's happened. urging those who remember the days they can never forget, to honor the victims with acts of kindness towards others. like building 26 playgrounds in communities ravaged by superstorm sandy. >> we thought too much focus was on the way these children left us. we wanted to celebrate who they were. >> reporter: each playground represents an angel from sandy hook. this is emily parkers. >> they put their cell phones away and enjoy the pure joy kids embrace and fill our lives with. >> reporter: the legacy of love for families still struggling with all they have lost. jay gray, nbc 4, washington. right now at 5:00, a winter storm warning in effect for
5:00 pm
neighborhoods. this is just part of the storm we are tracking. a student shot in another school on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the tragedy in newtown. thousands lining up to pay their final respects to nelson mandela. we are live as the most famous son prepared to go home. first at 5:00, breaking news. a student is shot at a school and the shooter is dead. this happened at a school that is about eight miles east of columbine high school in colorado. scott macfarlane is at the live desk with the latest. >> hundreds of students reunited with their parents after this frightening incident an hour ago. a student at arapahoe high school walked into a campus with a gun looking for the specific teacher. the teacher escaped safely. another student was shot and hospitalized in serious condition. you are looking at aerial pictures, chopper video above


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