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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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rightauñ at 6:00, another round of winter weather brings snow and rain. we're tracking the potential for some dangerous travelfá conditis tonight. plus, the nation pauses to remember a national tragedy. we'll show you how the d.c. area marked one year since the deadly school shooting in newtown,
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connecticut. and another controversye1 i south africaper the burial ofñi nelson mandela. good evening, i'm chrisçi gord. our third round of winter this week didn't pack the samelp pun it did last sunday or tuesday. a few flakes around the d.c. metro area, but the worst of it is north and west of us. tonight we have team coverage of the impact. and we start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. and how much longer will this storm stick around, chuck? the good news is, chris, we are already getting close to the tail end of the storm. and i think by midnight or shortly thereafter, the bulk of this whole mess will be moving on out.e1 still have to worry a littleñi about refreeze for tomorrow, but the worst of it over the next four to five hours. current advisory, winter weatp isories as of just minutes ago have been dropped over much of northwestern virginia. still have a winter weather advisory for frederick, county, maryland and winter storm watches for washington county
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west virginia panhandle right ñc now. here it is on storm team 4 radar, most of this is now in the form of rain, but you can see the rain/snow line inching its way northbound through montgomery county. almost all snow "x northern most maryland, but it's all rain down to our sout( and that's what's coming our way. so your saturday night out, rain in d.c., snow in northern maryland for the next couple of hours. that will mixw3 witht( freezingn over the next little bit, but everything changing took all ra and coming to anw3 end around 11:00 or midnight. what about the rest of the week ahead? more about that in a few minutes. that weather system is impacting a big portion of the country from chicago to newe1 england. this video is from south bend, indiana. many flights were canceled today in chicago and new york. teyrrñ me)sour region is right n the line between rain and snow with more accumulation north and news4's darcy spencer is live for us tonight in loudoun county ù9ñ
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how are the road conditions outd there, darcy? >> reporter: well, chris, th%(ú best way to describe it,e1 it i wet with a little rain.t( /zqe much a miserable evening in loudoun county. we are live along route 7 in leesburg. traffic is getting by just çófi. the roadways out here, definitely wet. we have hkdñ some precipitation come through here, mostly in the form of rain. we can hear a little bit of some of the little ice pellets hitting the windshield a little bit earlier toxd this evening,lt for the most part, it's been a rain event. earlier in northwest washington, a that was coming down right around 3:30 this afternoon. earlier today in montgomery ìáhp &h% down, a nice little bande1 came through hitting rockville, germantown andt( damascus. but it's not cold enough really for it to lay anywhere, so it was kind of pretty to look at, but it didn't stick around. so some people hoping for some accumulations, certainly they were disappointed.
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in fact, mon)wzuáv transportation crews said they because the storm pretty much fizzled out. but there's& 2tillfáe1 plenty ow still on theok ground. and that's what we'll have to look at and wait for the next storm to co?ep through. reporting live from leesburg, darcy i]spencer, news4.i]r church bells rang 26 times oday 6 teachers killed in the sandy hook shooting massacre one year ago today. no public ceremonies were held today in newtown. residents there asked for privacy to grieve. president obama and the first lady lit 26fá candles at the whe house in honor of the victims followed by a moment of silence. the president addressed this in his weekly address and said more communities safe. in northern virginia several groups in our area held events today to mark the one-year
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anniversary of the shooting. parents, teachers and lawmakers gathered to pay tribute to the victims while others demanded ok action. news4's derek ward has our report. watched as a place of newtown collective psyche with the most tragic of reasons, a slaughter >> this s one of the sadde things i think has happened to us as a country. >> reporter: the grief is still palable. in the crowd is anjstáeáu(páor was among the many who on that day pondered what they would do if visited by the horror the teachers in newtown knew that instant. >> i'm a classroom teacher. i always knew as a mother and +- teacher i would save myxd ccyi regardless of the threat opposed. >> reporter: but they say a teacher shouldn't have to ponder a litju and death sacrifice in pursuit of a labor of love educating young minds. >> safety prom1e wasn't on the radar 20 years ago and certainly isñnow. herep, to mark the hour the
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tragedy began.t( the organizers didn't want a moment of ñrsilence, they wante action. >> it is up to american moms at this pointxd to do something ab this. >> we are going to continue to live in violencexd if good peop don't step çóforward. and say stop. you know, we need some gun safety measures. >>xd it's going to take holding members of congress accountable. the nra holds them accountable. >> reporter: and atzv the nra headquarters another kind of observan observance, a call for money gun control, not a ban on all guns. hands of dangerous individuals by enacting universal background checks. >> reporter: and amid all the end tragedies like newtow6iz simple to articulate, much harder to do. >> we have to change the culture. >> reporter: derek ward, news4. ♪
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another local tribute today, this one in southeast washington for the victims of the newtown shooting. mothers and activists gathered in support of stricter gun control laws just steps away from the washington navy yard where a gunman killed 12 people in september. students returned to arapahoe high school in colorado today to pick up theirñi cars a belongings one day after a shooting on campus. police just identified the 17-year-old student shot at point-blank range by the gunman. she remains in critical condition tonight.ñayy may have wantedfá revenge on thet( school'só[ librarian and debat coach.fá police say the suspect ignited a moll to have cocktail and fired off five rounds before h.át( sh and killed himself. a week of tributes to nelson mandela has not been without tonight there may be resolution to the latest problem facing the south african government. plus, a somber holi$ f tradition at arlington national
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cemetery. and we'll tell you why a
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just in to news4, d.c. police tell us they have arrested one person in connection with stolen red kettle donations from thee1 salvation army in southeast washington. we are told the suspect is a7n' 15-year-old young man.
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earlier this month surveillance video showed two suspects breaking in and stealing $10,000 in donations. police say the teen was wearing a gps ankle bracelet that placed him at the crime scene. a second suspect is still on the run. more than 100,000 wreaths f4+ere placed on the graves of r fallen heroes today at arlington national cemetery. this is the 22nd year that wreaths across america has organized the event. and it is the biggest one yet. similar ceremonies were held today ate1 veterans cemeteries across the country. in northern virginia tonight, inmates have returned to the cullpepper county jail after the building had to be evacuated due to a fire. 81 inmates were taken to a nearby courthouse after flames laundry room. investigators say one of the dryers caught fire just after w3 9:è in the morning. a guard who tried to extinguish the fire was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no one else was injured. snow, rain and falling
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temperatures. what's the biggest threatt( tonight and how long does it last? chuck's back with the full
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nelson mandmk&a'si] body arrived in his hometown today. an enormous convoy escorted the hearse to the family compound. peopleñi lined the root ande1 s
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and we want. mandela will be buried tomorrow. weñi learned thatjf desmond tut will attend the funeral. he originally said he was not invited by the south african feel welcome. and with justfá hours until mandela's funeral, many in sout1 africa have turned their attention to what happensfá nex. some are t(hopeful, butçó other concerned. ìáhp &h% mander9 made his home before he was imprisoned to learn more. >> reporter: there are problems found in what are called the townships, just on thet1oç outss of johannesburg. this is where nelson mandela once lived. his home is now a touristñi attraction. people, though, are struggli('z here.r unemployment is high. infrastructure is lacking. education is fásubstandard.
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but what seems obvious to an represent thefá whole picture. which is notu. altogether bleak. >> the only complaint is thatfi people are doing nothing about it. >> reporter: many people here arefá industries you, eventful d hopeful. this woman is one, she remembers this wom&háhp &h%, she remembers here was very different. >> all i know is we have to go to work inçó order to leave to have food on the oktable. but today i have a business. >> reporter: she makes it clear that one day she fully expects to own,a/x note1 just to be ina hotel. >> this mindset is south african. we think of bigger things for the future.8tr(t&háhp &hc >> reporter: this man is 27
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years old. what he knows about southok afra under apartheid is what he read. the south africa he knows now is a nation of promise.fá >> it isn't just apartheid because we are past that now, but now it's more economic. when i look at people, i look at the hearts. something can be done, something done, and we shall see newñi mandelas emerging in the saying now that thalá fear andr that 4sion between people seems to have gone away. is that correct? know, the utmost fearok we are teaching our children is to have faith and hope qhat one day things will be better. >> reporter: reporting from south africa, gym nance, news4. >> stay with news4. thousands are expected to tomorrow. jim nans will join us live from south africa tomorrow evening on news4 at 6:00.
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some snow in rock dale, bethesda but not much in d.c. > it's just a littleqe$(t today. that was it. you had to go well north oflp gaithersburg to more northe1 moéteomery county and north washington county in order tor get anything in the way of accumulating snow. in and around town as i mentioned this morning, no problems. that's welcomed news. outside, that's for sure.lpñi it's cold and it's raining, too. rain will be a big part of your saturday ñrgning. so if ; don't want to get wet, you may have to stay inside for your saturday night or plan on dressing very warmly with your umbrella. 30s and rain. of the day long.çó we're still at 37 now at national airport. winds out of the northeast averaging 9 miles per hour. and that little wedge of cold air is hanging on just long enough. winterhwmather advisories, frederick county, carroll county and points east, winter storm
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warnings, washington county, maryland, and points west into the western partsxd of the west virginia panhandle and on into the mountains of west virginia as well. that's wher/1 the advisories ar. story is. there's only one little pocket of temperatures still at or near thee1 freezing mark. that's in the deepest parts of the shenandoah valley right now. in and aroundt( town, we've mad it to the mid to upper 30s and low 40s in lower parts of southern maryland. wju)qj will continue. and we'll keep a close eye out there, still the possibility of a little bit of freezingñr rainn northern most maryland for the next little while. could still see slippery roads. first thing tomorrow, late tonight, early tomorrow morning, i-70 west of fredericks up to gettysburg, snow on the roads a possibility. and a few possibilities of free[w'g rain. all the rain and stuff is going to come to an end by midnight. but it's not going to warm upxd any time soon. another cold week is coming, everybody. everybody. szot too bad. we'll be in the 40s tomorrow. but another shot of cold air arrives late tomorrow night so monday's highs in the 30s and
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will stay only in the upper 30s to near 40 for high çó temperatures, even though our average is in the mid to upper 40s. storm team 4xd radar, plenty of rain in and around the metro area. and just the last of the snowflakes now starting to changeover to that bit of sleet and freezing rain northern montgomery county up to frederick county, maryland. steady rain across parts of southern maryland where a half inch of additional rain is expected. how much longer shouldxd we well, there's the backñi edge o the rain there and it's about four hours away. so most of this will be shifting on out of here just about the time we get to midnight. don'tzferget to download the storm team 4 weather appñi that free. google play andñr the itunes ste )uaexplain the inner workings f the forecast for the zone. the steady rain tapering off near midnight. cloudy and aok chance for freezg on the southernmost roadways. plenty of sunshine and melting tomorrow with temperatures inxd the 40s before another shot of colder air arrives in. so here's your seven-day
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forecast, everybody. let's see if we can get the seven-day forecast back. come on, oh, the computer is killing me. we'll show you the seven-day before the news is over, i hope. for now backvz chris. coming up in5a sports, co i was going to theorts, co library to do my homework.
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and we are just learning that jason chew &ñi a product fau. >> proud product of florida atlantic university. the florida atlantic university. i thought they were going to pull this win out today. >> really? >>çó well, not really.ok but it was closer than i thought. for as much flak as the maryland basketball team has received this season, the terps have añi pair of closeñi losses to reall good basketball team this is year. and they are still without one of their top players in seth allen. for a few morelp weeks, but tod they overcame a tough challenge at thelpfá comcast center. mark tur and the terps in the first half, maryland up. rody peters coming away with the
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steal and the freshman finishes at the other e]ond. they jump to a 2i]2-9 lead, but back comes fsu. buries the three-pointer. he had 18 points. bertoni gets the bucket and one. he had 21 points. fau is within three. same score undeh a minute to go. maryland needs some points here and they are relying on their superstar. he had a game high ofq 22 point1 maryland beats florida atlantic1 66-62. táv and howardi] bison visiting the ñifortham ra. howard trails by five, shot clock winding down, prince to coral,ñi bison within two. second half ofñr this ball game fortham starts to run away with it. byron smith kicks it over to
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brenton frazier and knocks down the three. he had 15 points. later on a little bassxd insiden to ryan rooms.çó he had a career high of 19 points.e1 fortham beats howard 79-60. all right. let's move on to high school football now. when you think about dominant 4i"uz be top of mine. briarwood the falcons have won three straight championships. today they were going for fouro in a row. lc bird spoiled thate1 championship run. briarwood's senior quarterback trace me1csorlyñi headed to vanderbilt next year looking to take another statee1 championsh with him. briarwood up e114-6 and ñioksor here, fourth çóquarter, l.c. bi back in it. terrence irvin has a wide-open catch in the end zone. we are tied at 28.
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çó it's hughes again. watch this move here, guy. shoots txdv defender, l.c. bir beats briarwood s735-28. they takexd home the virginia 5 state championship. virginia's 6a championship, the centrevillelp wildcats taken the oscar smith tiger. z scoreless in the firs quarter. a.j. turner puts it up inside.q that was a pretty goodok decisi. 52 yards. early 7-0 lead. later on, centreville is getting ñ defense, too.e1okçó deshawnçó mitchell gets to the house. centreville could take axd 14-0 lead. right now they ñ on top in the fourth quarter, 35-6. got to love this, pop kindergartener super bowl, the
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whiteout warriors from maryland taking on far westxd from arizo. in theháhird they are already up six. white6ns oaks ellis crawford, nothing but green grass, 66-yard touchdown there for a 12-0 lead in the fourth.çó they are up fourokt ethan fogel gets the touchdown. white oak wins the pee wee i wish i was thatw3 talented as little kid playing football. unbelievable. >> congratulations. let's get the i]seven-day. >> as advertised, it's been saved from the computer so you can see the seven-day zvforeca. it's going to be a nice enough day tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-40s meaning any icing on the roadways will be gone by the end of the day tomorrow. that's good news because of another shot of cold air here for monday, tuesday and wednesday. and then turning really mild late next week andñd rainy next weekend. and we have an update at 11:00. that's our news for now. "nightly news" next. see you at is is 1:00. be safe driving. good night.
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