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tv   Today  NBC  December 15, 2013 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. a snowy mess. that massive storm that pounded half the country finally on its way out this morning leaving travel headaches and a mass cleanup in its wake. just as we finish digging out, there could be another wintery blast moving in. final journey home. nelson mandela laid to rest following an emotional funeral service where he was honored by
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stars, royalty and world leaders. hats off, pope francis sharing a playful moment with little guy who decided to wear his skull cap, reenforcing his title as the people's pope, today, sunday, december 15, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt alongside jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. let's talk about the big winter storm. it stretched over 1,000 miles, finally making its way across new england and heading out to sea. about 1200 flights were grounded across the country already this weekend. there were also a number of deaths, four reported. the storm dumped a foot of snow, the total could go higher today
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in maine. while it has been a major hassle, dangerous in so many areas, it is not all bad news. the weather channel's paul good low is at shug ga loaf ski resort in maine where all that snow is what skiers have been hoping for. good morning. >> reporter: just six days from the official beginning of winter and ten days away from christmas, mother nature brought a nice powdery gift to sugarloaf and much of maine. great for skiing and snowboarding, mott the best, though, for the roads though, although while is fun here across the part of new england, it hasn't been this way across the entire country with this winter storm. digging out. the monster of a storm brought misery to more than 20 states from missouri up to maine. in much of the northeast cities saw snow change to ice during the night making driving treacherous. >> one minute it's snowing like a blizzard, the next minute it's
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icy rain. >> reporter: slippery roads were the big concern as new york city officials kept watch on the streets from the command center. >> we have over 450 salt spreaders salting the roadways. >> reporter: it wasn't just the roads, thousands of air travellers were stuck waiting for flights. >> still an hour and a half delay. other people have 24 hour delays. >> reporter: new york liberty saw 366 canceled, logan 144, chicago o'hare 120. all according to flight many of the worst road accidents happened in the midwest. only one person was seriously injured in this four-car crash in indianapolis, but four people were report killed in missouri. new england may get more than a foot of snow by the end of today. in terms of snowfall totals six inches fell just north of new york city, 9 1/2 outside st.
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louis and northern michigan more than a foot, all making for one of the most treacherous starts to winter in recent memory. a line is already forming here outside the super quad. i talked to one of the locals who lives further up the mountain. he said there's at least a foot and a half of this fresh powder on the mountain. you see why the line is forming early. will be a great day here on the mountain. tricky getting up here. people in this part of maine they are welcoming and bringings on the third and perhaps not the last storm of this winter season. erica? >> more to come. paul, thanks so much. dylan has been tracking this one for us. is the worst of it over? >> the worst is over for most areas. now a ski resort storm across parts of new england which is where they want it. we also have the tail end of the rainy part of the storm system moving into northern florida. that's going to fade away as we go into this afternoon. you can see where we have this
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area of low pressure. this th is what will start pulling away as we go into this afternoon. even though we have heavier snow across mainetion, /*, it's going to last into the afternoon. we'll get well over a foot of snow in maine. that goes for some of the ski resorts. mount peelier could end up with three to six. now the story will be all the slush that we have on the roads in some of your major cities, it's going to get bitter cold as we go into tonight. temperatures today will get above freezing. only at 31 in new york city. it is very slippery. look at all this cold air back through the western great lakes where it feels like it's well below zero. that's what's going to refreeze all the slush later tonight. i think tomorrow the biggest concern is going to be the fact that everything is going to be slippery and a lot of black ice out there. it is still going to be a slow monday morning commute. south africa bid a final farewell to its legendary former leader nelson mandela just hours
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ago. an emotional funeral at his final resting place, his home village of qunu. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is there. >> reporter: good morning, lester. ten days of mourning are now over, nelson mandela returned to the rolling hills where he grew up. many south africans said it felt like they were burying their father, the father of this nation. it was the last leg of a long journey, to the resting place where nelson mandela asked to be buried, in the small village where he grew up. ♪ >> reporter: it was a grand state sendoff, but also a private moment for a few,000 invited guests including his extended family, world leaders, royalty, celebrities and old friends here to say good-bye to the man who had come so far.
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>> he went to school fair foot and in the end he rose to the highest office of the land. it is within each of us to achieve anything we want in life. >> reporter: mandela's journey and his achievements are founding legend of modern south africa and everyone here knows the tale. he was -- >> a very important prisoner, a very important philosopher, a very important pragmatist, a very important president, a very important pappa. >> reporter: current president jacob zuma who many have criticized for failing to live up to mandela's moral standard, vowed to carry on the legacy. >> it is the end of 95 glorious years. the long walk to freedom has ended in the physical sense. our own journey continues. >> reporter: and then at noon by tradition, when the sun was highest and the shadows
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shortest, he was let go. as south africans said, nelson mandela was finally free. today marks the end of an extraordinary life, the boy who became an activist, then a prisoner who went on to help free a nation. lester? >> richard engel in south africa, thanks, richard. there are new details this morning about the 18-year-old who opened fire at his colorado high school on friday critically wounding one student. police now say the gunman likely intended to hurt many more. ron mott is outside arapahoe high school in centennial, colorado, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police, in fact, say karl pierson showed up here ready to hurt a lot of people on friday and the terrifying scene that unfolded didn't take much time at all, just 80 seconds from start to finish. a community gripped in shock and sadness gathered to pray for 17-year-old senior claire davis, the lone shooting victim from friday's violence at arapahoe high school shot in the head at
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point-blank range, randomly police suspect by karl pierson. officials say he stormed into the school shortly after 12:30, making no effort to hide the pump action shotgun he legally bought the week before, looking for the school's debate coach. students say pearson who voiced strong political views had recently been kicked off the team. >> his intent was evil. >> reporter: the sheriff who refused to mention pearson by name said the student was also named with a machete, multiple rounds of ammo and three molotov cocktails. >> he is someone who victimized an innocent young lady by an act of evil. in my opinion he deserves no notoriety and no celebrity. >> reporter: police say pier son fired five shots. some of the chaos and drama that unfolded were captured on a cell
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phone from inside a classroom as well as in police dispatches. >> i have a student down in the athletic hall. >> reporter: students say they're accustomed to training drills and thought for a brief moment this was just another one. >> it hits home because it didn't feel real until you see everybody and this really did happen. >> reporter: we checked in on claire davis, still listed in critical condition this morning. >> ron mott, thank you. time to turn to washington where a bipartisan budget deal is hanging by a thread in the senate after sailing through the house. could we be facing another shutdown? david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. >> it tease senate where this thing is hanging bay thread right now. what's the holdup there? >> there's obviously concern about it among conservatives who don't like what this does, allowing spending to go back up, reversing some of the sequester
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as the president wanted to do. i've talked to lead shirp on both sides. they do feel like it's going to get through in the end, there may be some drama, certainly some opposition that's voiced publicly. there's a fair amount of optimism this thing will get passed. >> it was interesting on the house side. john boehner really took the tea party and tea party-type groups to task over their being against this bill. is that a total change of tone for him? >> i think it was a lot of frustration, talking to some of his aides. first of all, he's very fond of paul ryan send is a supporter of him as a conservative architect of republican budget policy, but just plain frustration that groups on the right, a minority in his own conservative caucus and outside activist groups are trying to take the entire party hostage with their more pure views about the budget. it led to a government shutdown before, the political damage was steep because of that. republican leaders like boehner, like paul ryan have said enough is enough.
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the party can't endure those kinds of self-inflicted wounds. >> you mentioned paul ryan. that gives me a jumping off point to my next question. among republicans, he was way up, 73% favorability rating, paul ryan, on the democratic side it was hillary clinton with 89% of democrats favoring her. any surprises here? >> i think what's striking about paul ryan is he has carved out middle ground. he is saying to republicans or primary voters or caucus voters in iowa, look, government has got to function. as republicans, we have to be part of the solution and not just standing still saying we're not going to do anything. i think that kind of reception has to be encouraging to him. he's distinguishing himself from other figures on the right. marco rubio, the florida senator, called this deal unconservative and un-american. it shows you some of the real strains there on the right. >> then quickly back to this
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poll, hillary clinton favored among democrats. she has strong negatives among republicans. how much of a problem is that potentially for her? >> it is potentially down the line as you look at electability. she has to look at the left who is going to nominate her, she's got to get that party together, particularly at a time when there are a lot of liberals disappointeded with this president. >> david gregory, we'll check with you in a bit on "meet the press." want to check in now with jenna for a look at the other top stories we're following. >> good morning everyone. a year after his suicide, the body of former kansas city chiefs linebacker joe vonn belcher has been exhumed. they're hoping to learn if a brynn injury led to the tragic murder-suicide. >> the murder-suicide of javon belcher and his long time
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girlfriend shocked kansas city and the nfl. >> okay. they were arguing and he shot her. >> yes, they was arguing. >> belcher shot perkins nine times in the home they shared and then drove to the chief's practice facility where he shot himself in the head leaving their infant daughter orphaned. the motive remains a mystery. in what's believed to be the first exhume asian of an nfl player, new clues could emerge by examining his brain, something that wasn't done when he died. belcher did not have a documented history of concussions, but is it possible he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte, a brain disease that's been discovered in other former nfl players? the answer will be important for science and football. >> cte has been linked with dementia, depression, aggressive behavior, drug addiction and even suicidal behavior. >> reporter: the question now is whether belcher's body has been in the ground too long, too late to provide any answers. charles hadlock, nbc news.
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family and friends bid a tearful farewell to actor paul walker on saturday at a private burial and memorial service. he died in a horrific car crash two weeks ago. his remains were cremated. his "fast and furious ksh co-star tyrese said, quote, in a room full of your loved ones, i wish today was your wedding instead. in a world of college sports, the honor is the heisman trophy, this year the winner was florida state's jamesis winston. there was controversy leading up to his win. a prosecutor in florida decided not to press charges citing a lak of evident. how about this for china? they secured a place in history, becoming the third placountry t land on the moon. they will go all over the moon's surface. they'll take the scenic route, looking for any natural resources they can find.
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finally, when is it okay to goof around with the pope? by goof around i mean poke at him and take his religious hat off his head and laugh at his face? when you're a child or when you're dreaming. check out this cute video as the pope is holding a little boy who decides it would be -- take it off. you look better with it off. taking the pope's skull cap off of him, obviously all in good fun. the pope smiled, let him hold on to it for just a second and then fearing he'd try to sell it on ebay, put it back on his head, and then he took it off again. >> i put that in the adorable category. >> he's actually so sweet with little kids. remember the little kid that was holding on to him at the pulpit? he's wonderful with kids, part of what's so charming about him and why the world has embraced him. >> jenna, thanks. dylan is back with a look at the rest of your national forecast on this sunday morning. >> good morning, draws.
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i like how you draw michigan, put on a mitten and trace it. >> i was from michigan. live in jacksonville, florida, now. >> much, much warmer. >> much warmer. >> somehow it got warmer around here, too. the snow is almost all gone on the plaza. the cold is sitting in the a very good sunday morning to you. temperatures are now in the middle and upper 30s in and around the metro area. near the freezing mark for northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. the forecast for today, plenty of clouds outside first thing this morning.
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there will be some clearing out by later on today. turning a little bit breezy, as well. winds coming out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour, today highs high upper 30s where you see snow that is your latest forecast. lester? >> dylan, thank you. up next, spreading good cheer. secret santa is making the holidays very happy for shoppers nationwide. a story that will sales are at an all-time low! but kissing is at an all-time high! i want answers! ♪ oh. right. kay. [ female announcer ] it's true, every kiss does begin with kay. where you can save 25% on any bulova watch. bulo. designed to be noticed. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ ohhhh. right. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪ ohhhh. right. hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it?
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>> reporter: angels do exist. at this miami walmart one secret santa handed the store two checks totaling $1500 asking to pay off customer balances. >> i'm so grateful and blessed. someone cares about me. >> reporter: an act that's taken place at other stores around the country. then there's this. part generous gift-giving, part marketing stunt. when canadian airline west jet asked passengers what they wanted before they boarded the flight. >> what would mommy and daddy like for christmas. >> big tv. >> reporter: to then have the gifts delivered at baggage claim on the other end bringing some to tears: in l.a.'s fashion district they are randomly paying for parking and purchases at stores. >> we'll be picking up your tab today.
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>> that's so sweet. >> reporter: this notion of spreading joy is part of a growing worldwide effort known as raccing or random acts of christmas kindness: there's even a facebook page, a few examples of how kindness can be contagious. >> you have 45 minutes. >> reporter: for today, noelle walker, nbc news, los angeles. >> a sweet story and nice to do all year-round actually. if you still have people on your list, how about a treat of ice cream or barbecue delivered right to their door? sign me up, please. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions.
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good morning, it is 8:26 on this chill sunday morning, i'm richard jordan. here are the top local led lines. we'll start off with a live look at florida avenue northwest, where d.c. police have the street closed down because of a car that was overturned. it has now been loaded to the back of a tow truck, and it's about to be cleared from the scene there, and pd officers say no one was hurt, but crews did shut down the roadway between new jersey and rhode island avenues, and still shut down now as they continue to investigate the crash. we'll keep you posted. also, in northwest police are investigating an overnight shooting that put one man in the hospital. officers reported to m and north capitol around 11:00 last night to find an 18-year-old man shot in the leg, the arm, and the food. two people were arrested shortly after. in a few hours, the senate will reconvene on capitol hill. senators will begin working on bill and nominations to be considered this week. no votes are scheduled for today, though.
8:29 am
tomorrow, senators vote on the nominations for assistant secretary of state and for the secretary of homeland security. we're going to check the forecast next. stay with us.
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good sunday morning, we're off to a cool but not freezing cold start. temperatures in the mid-30s in and around town. the out-and-about planner for later today, the sunshine will be making a comeback, as will the northwesterly breeze.
8:31 am
winds out of the northwest about 15 or 20 miles per hour today. so temperatures in the low to mid-40s will feel more like the mid-30s, and then actual highs tomorrow, only in the mid-30s, so a we'll cold and breezy day tomorrow, and it will stay cool through the first half of the week. turning much milder by the weekend. >> thanks, chuck. 90 minutes of news and weather coming up in a half hour. join us at 9:00 a.m. for that. but now, back to the "today" show in new york. have a great day. >> i'm 60 and celebrating with the "today" show! >> rise and shine everybody. >> hi grandma! ♪
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i want to party with those people. well, we are. >> you can in just a few minutes. >> we're back on a sunday morning, december 14, 2013. thanks to all our friends on the plaza for coming out on a pretty chilly morning. >> hello wisconsin. >> wisconsin and everybody else. i'm lester holt along with erica hill, jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. >> we have a lot to get to. we want to get you caught up on the top headlines including the winter storm we've been talking about for days. it is finally heading out. but not before dropping heavy snow this morning on maine. it has caused at least four deaths across the country and left thousands of people stranded. now more bitterly cold weather is on the wafrnlths former south african leader nelson mandela was laid to rest with a 21-gun salute, military flyovers and a star-studded crowd.
8:33 am
florida state university quarterback jameis winston won the heisman trophy, college football's most pre teaming ous award. it came despite sexual assault investigation against him that was recently dropped by authorities in florida. still to come in this half hour, if you're still looking for the perfect holiday gift, why not consider something savory or sweet. we'll talk about treats you should try in today's holiday countdown. i'll introduce you to an 11-year-old boy who is already a booming businessman in the world of bow ties. >> also ahead, the name of the game is pinball. it's making a comeback. the stress is on pin. i'm going to show the lak of some of my skills later on. i'll also show you two kids who are fantastic at pinball, really little kids, really impressive. they will put us all to shame. >> i look forward to that. >> we love being shamed on our own program. let's begin this half hour with the growing outrage over a judge's sentence for a wealthy
8:34 am
16-year-old who was driving drunk last summer. he plowed into a parked car and killed four people. the teen avoided jail time after his lawyers argued he suffered from affluenza saying the teen's sense of entitlement, his affluence, kept him from seeing the consequences of his actions. kristen dahlgren is in the orange room to tell us more about it. >> good morning, lester. before now, most people had never heard of the term affluenza. now they're outraged by it and lashing out with a huge outcry on social media. the gruesome accident last june left four dead and nine injured. >> there's another child in the ditch. oh, my god. >> reporter: for many, what's happened since is the real shock. 16-year-old ethan couch was driving nearly twice the speed limit at three times the legal blood alcohol level when he plowed into a disabled car. many stead of the 20 years the prosecution was seeking, a ft. worth judge gave the teenager
8:35 am
probation after his lawyers pointed to affluenza, a sense of entitlement that made the teen unable to see right from wrong. >> the consequences are he's taken away from his family, he's taken away from all the things that he's been given. he's not going to have the truck to drive, he's not going to have his xbox, alcohol or drugs. >> it was astonishing to see the defense successfully argue because he was rich and was allowed to get away with things before, he would have no prison time forgetting drunk and causing the death of four people. >> reporter: eric boyles lost his wife and daughter in the crash. >> if ethan had been any other 16-year-old without parents of influence and money, that i believe the outcome and the circumstances would have been different. >> reporter: the response online has been overwhelming, a petition for the recall of judge jean boyd and hundreds of tweets, many angry, like rachel s., our criminal justice system
8:36 am
is suffering from after flew en is a because affluent people can afford better attorneys. and dan murphy, affluenza means if you're rich and your parents are lousy at being parents, you can get off. don't see poor fluenza defenses working. >> clouch likely be treated at a $450,000 a year rehab facility in california. texas attorney general is now looking into this, lester, to see if there is anything they can do. >> kristen dahlgren, thanks very much for that. let's head outside to dylan dreyer with another check of the winter storm. >> yes, the winter storm is quickly fading away. we're celebrating birthdays here. how old are you turning? >> 12. >> your first time in new york city? >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> it's amazing. >> the snow is pretty cool, too. although it's melting away.
8:37 am
a very good sunday morning to you, i'm meteorologist chuck bell. a view from the tower cam, looking out over the city of washington. there's the national cathedral, the potomac river winding down towards the chesapeake bay. a lot of cloud cover. but they're outbound. as a result, we'll see a nice, improving weather picture by later today. temperatures are still only in the low to mid-30s at this point in time. highs later on this afternoon will be in the low to mid-40s. enjoy.
8:38 am
let's head on down to birmingham, alabama, for today's top spot. this comes to us from our affiliate nbc 13. birmingham is home to the zoo light safari. the zoo is transformed into a winter wonderland this time of year. you can stroll through a display with more than a million lights. there's also a candy cane train or you can hop on the jingle bell carousel. that sounds amazing. happy holidays to the folks in birmingham with a little something to do this sunday. >> yet another one to add to our field trip list. thanks. up next, if you're stumped about what to buy your favorite uncle for christmas or maybe about what to buy your favorite uncle for christmas or maybe your co-anchor, you can send him
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it is the top foods from italy they import. i found this because i was in search of these delicious tomatoes. >> these are the tomatoes i apparently have to try. >> i love them. this is the box. it's for the pantry. it's called party in the cacina. it comes in this pretty box. >> these are great to mam may toes. >> it's like everything you need for your italian pantry. so that is $145. they do have boxes that are less expensive that you can do. next is cooper's barbecue. this is from texas hill country. this is their sampler. you can get it for $89 flat fee including shipping. it is mesquite cooked very slowly over mesquite coals for a very long time. it is like bringing good old texas straight to your house. that sampler is $89 including
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shipping. this is a company called d cuisine, started by master chef. there's only 67 master chefs in the country. it's single serving dishes, four entrees and four soups. >> you can mix, two soups and two an trays. it is great if you have elderly parents. >> or somebody single on your list. >> delicious. >> i love these. >> that's butter nut squash soup. >> we have cocktails for the mantry. >> the man pantry. for the guys who likes foods, big cervix, about six products per box. you can do one month for $75 or three months for more or six months. >> these are funky ar tease nall products. >> this is the cocktail made with this delicious group fruit -- >> can i try this?
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>> be careful. don't drink too much. it's really strong. >> that will wake you up. let's do this one quick. >> potato chips from the buy you. you can order those by the case. this is a crack pie, candy pie and also their apple pie which you can -- it comes looking like that, it's $44. jenny's ice cream. >> i love ice cream. >> columbus, ohio. i heard you're a pepper mint fan. try this. four flavors for $48. ha is shipped to you. lastly, if you've binged out on all the sweets, you apples and pears from washington. the best apple i've ever had. it's called pack it right. >> i eat an apple every day. >> you should. these are so delicious and goods, called piñata apples, never had them before. >> great ideas. i may or may not have ordered one of these things for you, mom. just saying. by the way, happy belated
8:45 am
birthday. elizabeth may hugh, thanks for all the great ideas. if you think of your average ceo, you might think a middle aged man or woman. but wait until you meet mo bridges, the head of a bow tie company called mo's bows. he's only 11 years old. talented, precocious, well dressed. >> my fall collection. >> reporter: 11-year-old moziah bridges is that and a whole lot more. >> i'm the nbt, the next big thing. >> reporter: don't laugh until you've heard his story. mo, as he likes to be called, is the creative force behind mo's bows. he makes and markets bow ties and in the last two years have sold tens of thousands worth of his own handmade and colorful desi designs. >> bow ties make me look good and feel good and give me that spark inside. >> how did you one day decide i
8:46 am
would like so great in a bow tie? >> because, you know, the ladies love chubby cheeks. i decided to get a bow tie and rock it. >> reporter: this trendy sixth grader has been writing his own rules of pre teen fashion since he first put on a tie for a trip to the neighborhood playground. >> i was 3, and that was when my mom starting me how to dress. >> you would wear ties for formal occasions? >> i would wear ties to ride my bike and also ties just to go play on the playground. >> like i said, formal occasions? >> yeah. >> his great grandmother, a seamstress taught him how to sew. you buy his bows in several states and on the internet. his mom, tramica, refers to herself as his momager. >> thank you, mom.
8:47 am
>> reporter: raising an 11-year-old. >> take the garbage out, please. >> now? >> reporter: and managing a business. >> it's definitely a family business. we have been doing it since 2011, so for about two years now. >> we say mo is the ceo of mo's bows, but mamma is the ceo of mo. >> often fun names, this is g.i. bow. he's determined to change the taste of american men one neck at a time. >> would this work or would be th be over the top? >> it will work. >> reporter: mo finds much of his inspiration at the local fabric store. he has a fine eye for detail and for what sells. >> i think this one will be good. >> reporter: and what he works for me he thinks is this chevron pattern. >> it's for me? you're going to name it the lester? you promise? >> yeah. >> reporter: a promise straight from the mouth of the next big
8:48 am
thing, and bow ties are just a start. >> i want to start my clothing line by the time i'm 20. >> you're going to get in the fashion business? >> of course. >> we're talking beyond ties. suits, sweaters. >> like fubu, michael kors. >> mo is going to be up there with them some day? >> yes. >> check this out. this is one of mo's bow ties. >> the lester. >> he's a man of his word. >> you look nice in a bow tie. >> i have thought about doing bow ties he's got the cool hat he's rocking. he sent along a note suggesting i wear this bow tie with jeans and a gray blazer or gray suit. i went with the blue pinstripe. >> clearly, mo, he was listening to you. >> great kid. >> fantastic. i love him. >> can i wear this the rest of the show? >> absolutely. up next, jenna has a ball
8:49 am
playing pinball. >> show me the wrong way to do it. wrong way? right way. >> maybe that was jenna playing a seal. i'm not sure. a seal. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion. and i believe it's doing a good job. [ rock music blaring ] and after we get sarah some headphones, it'll be perfect. honey... thank you for making our home his home. our home is his home. [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story.
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8:52 am
put a couple coins in and you could play pinball for hours. as i quickly learned, the old classic is definitely making a comeback. >> just three times, this three times and this three times, it will give you the prize. >> what may seem like a complicated strategy is basic gaming to 9-year-old jason a 6-year-old maxine, brother and sister and pinball machine professionals with 11 years of experience between them. >> wow. you really know a lot about this stuff. how long have you been playing
8:53 am
pinball? >> since i was like 2 1/2. >> you're good at it? >> really good at pinball. >> they're ranked among the top half of all pinballers worldwide. >> if i'm going to play this game, which is the best ball to focus on? the first ball, second ball, third ball? >> a lot of times i have a great third ball, but the first and second and not really good. but you're setting things up. >> you know what that's called? pinball strategy. and you guys have it, right? go to it. >> part of a growing trend moving towards the rebirth of pinball. >> pinball is now more popular than ever, more so than i've ever seen in 20-something years of doing this. >> reporter: in the past three years, membership in the international flip per association has grown more than 50% to more than 8,000 players in the u.s. and restored machines sell from $5,000 to upwards of $20,000. but today, my pinballing future -- >> you guys don't stretch before
8:54 am
a big game? come on, come on. get up there. >> reporter: rests in these tiny little bin paul hands. what do you think i didn't do very well? >> you're just pressing the buttons. >> show me the right way. wrong way? right way. >> reporter: i think i won. i'm pretty sure i won. don't bother looking at the score. just take my word for it. doing what i can to keep the tradition alive. >> to say i dominated would be i dominated would be an understatement. first of all, how old are you guys? >> i'm 9. >> how old are you? >> 6. >> you guys are literally professionals here. i would like you to help me out. how is erica doing? >> i'm kind of lacking in that
8:55 am
department. is that a problem in pinball. >> how is she doing? >> you can be honest. it's okay. >> maybe you can flip not as much. >> i'm an overflipper. >> it would be easier if you could flip one at a time. >> one flipper at a time. >> hey, it worked, look. >> there's a flipper up there. >> we're going to let erica wrk on what you talked about. let's go over to lester. come on over here. lester needs a lot of advice. >> i have issues when it comes straight down the middle, there's nothing you can do, right? >> yeah. >> what do you do when it comes straight down the middle? >> there's no -- you can't really do anything -- if it's straight down the middle, it goes down. >> nothing you can do. >> sometimes if it goes close to a flipper and you can save it. >> i have launch issues, too. click it all the way like at ale
8:56 am
way. you try to get the skill shot up there. it's the hole. >> lester, you have a number of questions, but we do have to get to dylan. >> i'm not done with them. >> clearly. >> dylan definitely needs words of wisdom. >> i'm actually doing pretty good here. >> for sake of this segment, why don't you assume you need some advice. how is dylan doing, maxine? >> i already beat the monster once. >> we're going to continue to monitor your progress, dylan. all three of you guys. >> thank you so much. will you stay here and play? >> thank you so much. will this isytherquicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase,
8:57 am
everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? to your first roll, pampers swaddlers was there. and now swaddlers are available through size 5, for many more firsts to come. ♪ pampers.
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that does it for us on a sunday morning. may sure to stay tuned for "meet the press" today. senator patty murray and representative paul ryan will be david's guests this morning. i'll see you back here for "nbc nightly today marks the end of an extraordinary journey that began 95 years ago. >> this morning, a final farewell as south africa and the world says good-bye to nelson mandela.


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