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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 16, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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and say goodbye to cable. visit call the verizon center to get america's fastest, most reliable internet. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. hurry, sign up today so your home can be ready the moment you plug in those awesome new holiday devices. getting fios for the holidays. that's powerful. right now at midday we're following breaking news. buildings at harvard university were evacuated. police are investigating unconfirmed reports someone placed bombs around the campus. news 4 is live in fairfax county as the recount to find
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who the next attorney general is going to be. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. we begin with angie goff at the live desk. >> right now police at harvard university are sweeping four buildings after unconfirmed reports that explosives were placed on campus. we want to take you live to the scene right now. the buildings were full of students about to start their finals. what we can see on the ground, we've been monitoring this for the last hour or so, we can see bomb squads moving in and out of the building. notice ground personnel, police officers. also notice they're walking around with cadaver dogs outside the buildings as well. the buildings which were full of students as i mentioned before, they were right about to get started with their final exams. some were taking them. since all this happened they have canceled the morning exams in those buildings as they continue to investigate these unconfirmed reports. the school continues to keep students informed of what's going on by posting alerts not
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only on their twitter page but also on an emergency page found on the harvard website. we're standing by for updates. this just into the news 4 newsroom, hearing from the white house now just in the last five minutes or so that president obama has been briefed on the situation on the cam bridge campus. we're going to continue to follow this and bring you any breaking developments throughout the show as well as at barbara? >> thank you, angie. we will check back with you on that. right now fairfax county's electoral board is recounting ballots from last month's race for virginia's attorney general. you're looking at a live picture from the site of the recount. can county is updating reporters including news 4. the recount also started in alexandria and chesapeake today. by the end of the week, we should know who virginia's next attorney general will be. right now democrat mark hering leads republican mark obersheen by 165 votes. we'll check in live with melissa in about 30 minutes from now. today virginia governor bob
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mcdonald will perform one of his final duties as governor. he'll unveil his two-year budget proposal. we haven't seen the plan yet but we can tell you it'll include more money for higher education and mental health services. it doesn't include more money for medicaid, though. terry mcauliffe made medicaid expansion a key part of his campaign. he tackled -- he will take over as governor next month. right now we're waiting to learn if a former senate staffer charged with child porn will be released from jail. ryan lasarn is in a hearing now. he's been in custody since arrested last wednesday. he'll ask a judge at the hearing today if he can be released. his lawyer says he's willing to live with his parents in maryland. he's also willing to give up his passport and undergo a mental health evaluation. he was tennessee senator lamar alexander's chief of staff. a d.c. woman is behind bars this morning accused of trying to rob an off duty police officer in temple hills.
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according to prince georges county police, yesterday afternoon 26-year-old ashley mccray, seen here, went up to an officer, pulled a shotgun and made demands. the officer then shot mccray. she ran off to a nearby car and fled the scene. mccray later went to a hospital in d.c. where detectives linked her to the attempted robbery and charged her. new this morning, two people were hurt when a u.s. navy helicopter made an emergency landing near tokyo. four people were onboard when the helicopter was forced to land at a landfill. the victims were treated for broken bones. a cause of the accident has not been released. right now police in morristown, new jersey, are searching for the people responsible for a deadly carjacking at a mall there. police say a 30-year-old man and his wife were leaving the mall at short hills around 9:00 last night when two men approached them. the man was opening the door of his 2012 land rover when he was shot in the head and killed.
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officers found that suv in newark around 30 minutes ago. still no word on the suspects. new today, the site of the latest school shooting is back in control of school leaders. arapahoe high school near denver is no longer a crime scene. it is back in their control now. however, classes will not resume until after winter break, we're told. the sheriff identified the gunman as 18-year-old carl pearson. they say he targeted tracy murphy, the school librarian who happened to coach the debate team. they say pearson was angry with murphy because he was kicked off the debate team. pearson shot 17-year-old claire davis. she remains in a coma in critical condition this morning. the rampage ended when pearson turned the gun on himself. in just a few hours now, the senate will be back in session. senators have a big week ahead of them. they will consider a bipartisan budget deal passed by the house. congress could actually approve
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the final budget by the end of the week and avoid a government shutdown at the beginning of the year. senators are scheduled to vote on the budget compromise tomorrow. the deal would cut $23 billion o off the deficit over ten years. under the budget deal, newly hired federal workers face higher pension costs. federal workers say they are being unfairly targeted at a time when they're suffering from a pay freeze and from unpaid furloughs as well. most federal workers get pensions and can also contribute to a retirement savings plan. only one in nine private sector workers have both of those benefits. today you can share your opinion about a plan to change school start times in montgomery county in the public schools there. public school superintendent joshua star wants to move the high school start time 50 minutes later to 8:is a a.m. middle school would begin ten minutes earlier at 7:45.
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he also wants to expand the elementary school day by a half hour. take a look outside. it's pretty cold out there. we are looking for some nasty weather later today. tom kiran, what's going on with our weather? >> it has turned much colder overnight. yesterday we got to around 50 degrees. a lot of cloudiness overnight. it's been hovering in the low and mid-30s all morning long. now we're getting so m sunshine breaking out. here's a live view from the storm team 4 sky watcher camera looking off to the west. you can see breaks in the clouds there. a little bit of sunshine is breaking out. we'll have this with us off and on into the afternoon. a little sunshine coming and going. still hovering in the low to mid-30s. in fact, we have not budged since dawn this morning hardly at all. temperatures only warmed up about a degree or so. still near freezing farther north and west of the metro area. northern montgomery county, western howard into in orderen louden county, frederick county maryland, frederick county west virginia.
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closer to washington, in the mid-30s. above freezing. s into the afternoon we'll have just a cold afternoon. then we could get some light snow developing later tonight. i'll have the timing on that coming up here in just a few minutes. but then a warmer weekend going to be seeming like springtime, i think, by the end of the week into the weekend. all of that coming up in just a few minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom. new today, you'll have more places where you can apply to move through airport security quicker. the transportation security administration is expanding its precheck application centers. news 4's megan mcgrath is in alexandria where she talked with frequent fliers who give the program high marks. >> reporter: the airport security check point. on a busy day, it can bring your progress to a grinding halt as you empty pockets, fill bins and remove shoes. but avoiding the hassle just got a little easier with the opening of three new tsa precheck application centers.
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including this one in alexandria. >> the advantage of tsa precheck for passengers is that it's expedited screenscreening. you go through faster. the reason is because you're leaving on your shoes. you're leaving on your coat. you're leaving your items in your carry on. >> reporter: the application process begins online on the tsa website and is then completed in person at the application center. where you'll be fingerprinted and provide proof of identity and citizenship. applicants will also undergo a background check. previously, only certain people qualified for the program. but with the new application centers, anyone can apply. once approved, members qualify to use the faster express lanes a t the security check points. keep shoes and coats on. and you won't have to pull your laptop out of its case anymore. folks already enrolled in the program say it really saves time. >> you don't have to go through as much empties of your pockets and things like that. itsmoother.
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>> i get through in no time. i can leave my office downtown. within an hour i'm on the plane, no problem. >> reporter: it takes between two and three weeks to get approved and costs $85. but your membership is good for five years. in alexandria, megan mcgrath, news 4. the first lady will make a special holiday trip to children's hospital today. that happens this afternoon. a little under three hours michelle obama is scheduled to arrive. she'll spend time with the kids and read them a holiday story. here's some video of her reading kids "twas the night before christmas" last year on her visit. she'll also take a tour of the hospital and spend time with the staff. first ladies have been taking part in this tradition for more than 60 years now. matt mcgary's family has told us when the broadcast legend will be laid to rest. family and friends will say good-bye wednesday night at joseph galler & son on wisconsin avenue and friendship heights. he'll be buried the next day at our lady of mercy church in
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potomac. he was a long time host of "it's academic" which you can still watch on nbc 4. he was 87 years old. a family survived two nights in subzero temperatures. today they spoke for the first time about their experience on the "today" show. coming up wi, they talk about w kept them going and how they kept the four children that they had with them calm. and how they were rescued. plus, gas prices may have hit their low. how long it could be until you see some change again. our 12 days of giving phone bank is open. we'll be hearing from bread for the city in just a few minutes. for now, you can call 202-885-4949 to help. we'll be right back.
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this morning we're hearing
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from a nevada family stranded for three days after their jeep overturned in the frigid wilderness. james glanton, christina mcintee and their four children went for a family drive in the nevada mountains last sunday. their jeep overturned on a dirt road about 30 miles outside the small town of lovelock. temperatures dropped to minus 15 degrees overnight. the family managed to survive, though. the older kids helped the younger kids make it. the boys apparently just thought it was a camping trip. mcintee didn't know how long she would be able to survive. >> maybe one more day? if -- if not, i don't think we would have lasted another two days. >> james says he burned a tire to keep them all warm. he also hoped rescuers would see the smoke and find them. his plan worked out. the entire family is fine today. no one even suffered frostbite. well, there might not be as
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many presents under the tree this year. a new report from looked at american's spending habits and found that people are spending less this year. in fact, 40% of people admit that they're pinching their pennies this season. especially when compared to last year. only 14% of people say that they've spent more in 2013 than last year in 2012. time is running out for people who haven't bought their christmas tree yet. christmas tree groecers say sals were up 15% on black friday weekend. they slowed down a bit earlier this month because of winter storms. overall sales are up 7% on christmas trees from last year. some of this year's boom can be chalked up to fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas and people buying those trees a little bit earlier. right now we're joined by george jones and denise seid from bread for the city. welcome to both of you. thank you very much. we've got our phone banks open, too, so folks can help you out. this is our 12 days of giving.
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we're trying to spotlight the organizations here in our area that help people and we want to help give back. so, george, tell us a little bit about bread for the city. >> bread for the city is a nonprofit that's been around almost 40 years. we provide food, clothing, medical, legal and social services to low income residents here in washington, d.c. >> and we know, denise, that you were a client. now you're giving it back as a volunteer. tell us how this organization helped you. >> basically, they've helped me with the pre-employment program. i'm in school right now. because i have a daughter who's going to have special needs right now. basically through the food program i've received food. but i didn't necessarily need clothing or anything. but i needed a little direction when i wanted, you know, to go back to work. they told me that i need to go back to school. so that's where i'm at. in school right now. also i became involved as a c.a.b. member, client advisory board member.
11:19 am
they helped me with that. basically we've been on the par. i've been involved in a lot of stuff for the last 2 1/2 years. >> they've really helped you out. what kind of services do you offer? >> as denise said, we have a pre-employment program which is one of the interesting things we do. we help people who are working age figure out how to get back into the workforce. whether it's through sort of meeting whatever educational needs they have to simply looking for work. we do job development services where we actually help place people in jobs. that's just one of the programs. but, you know, this year during the holiday season we've really been focusing on our efforts to feed those who are hungry. we have probably the largest food pantry in washington, d.c. we see about 5,000 households every month through our two centers. one on 7th street in northwest d.c. one on good hope road in southeast d.c. we provide supplemental groceries to families who are hungry. now we're trying to provide food to at least 2,000 more d.c. rez
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den dents over the next 12 months. that's one of the big challenges when we think about the phone bank. we hope people will respond to that challenge to serve more people. >> how can we help you? quickly tell us that. you're going to come back again and share more with us. but people who are listening right no u, how can we help? >> people who are listening, call in and make a donation so bread for the city can reach at least 2,000 more families in washington, d.c., who are hungry. >> we'll talk again later. the phone bank is open now. 202-885-4949. call us if you can help bread for the city. they're there to take your call. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kiran joins us now with a look at our forecast. tom, it seems much colder this morning than it was yesterday. >> yeah. big drop from yesterday afternoon. there's a live view of the sky over washington. now a few breaks in the clouds. little sun breaking up. it's not warming us very much. it's still just in the low to mid-30s. here in the storm team 4 weather center i've just been analyzing brand-new model runs just coming in. could get light snow later tonight into tomorrow. right now it's all about the
11:21 am
cold. if you're about to head out the door, you need a warm coat, a warm hat, warm gloves, mittens and warm footwear. because it's just hovering near freezing north and west of washington. nearby suburbs, prince georges county, fairfax, much of montgomery county generally in the low 30s. as well as even right near the chesapeake bay. upper 30s, southern maryland, northern neck and the eastern shore. farther west temperatures just now in the upper 20s to only near freezing northern shenandoah valley. in the mountains there's somewhat warmer air beginning to move in as well as in the southern shenandoah valley where it's in the upper 30s. there's the sky over washington. partly sunny at reagan national. dewpoint super dry at 21. keep the skin lotion handy. light northeasterly breeze now. we'll have maybe a few scattered flurries coming into the mountains in the next few hours or so. right now storm team 4 radar showing the leading edge of any scattered snow showers are way out here in western maryland and northern west virginia down through the highlands of central west virginia. some of that, though, may make its way into the metro area.
11:22 am
perhaps late tonight. but right now we'll just stay dry. a little sunshine in and out through mid-afternoon. hovering in the mid and upper 30s through the afternoon. then down to the mid-30s by 7:00. a lot of clouds around. then a chance of a few scattered flurries maybe around 10:00, 11:00, midnight or so tonight. coming in from the west. don't think there'll be any accumulation from that. here's the timing. by 9:00 or so, maybe north of us, this area in the lavender and white is the zone of maybe just a few scattered flurries. and then by midnight, maybe some of that passing right through washington heading east across the bay. then another wave maybe of a few scattered flurries and snow showers western maryland, along the pennsylvania border, around 5:00 in the morning. then by 7:00 a.m., i think much of it's going to be done and gone. we ought to get some sunshine back as we get into the afternoon. a lot of clouds are out tomorrow. might even get a sprinkle of rain during the afternoon this area in green. that's going to be maybe by mid-afternoon. so how much snow? well, hardly any at all. just a few scattered flurries
11:23 am
this white zone north of the metro area into montgomery county. northern fairfax county, loudoun county. dusting to an inch at the most. panhandle of west virginia near the pennsylvania border and western maryland. by the time it's all done by around 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, with the clouds around, might have a sprinkle. mid-40s. then cold again on wednesday. highs only in the upper 30s. thursday and friday, though, it's going to start warming up. maybe even feeling a little bit like springtime on friday near 60. near 60 again on saturday. over the weekend, i think there's just going to be clouds around on saturday. sunday, a chance of some rain with temperatures in the 50s. big change comie ining end of t week into the weekend, barbara. >> tom, see you again shortly. right now the recount in the tight race to become virginia's next attorney general is under way. we're going to hear from fairfax county about its plan to keep those votes straight while those candidates are only 165 ballots apart. plus, hold on to your cell
11:24 am
phone. the new distinction for d.c. that may explain why you paid more this year for your cell phone. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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gas prices are slowly dropping again. however, aaa mid-atlantic says there are still lingering effects from maintenance at gulf coast refineries that are freezing gas prices. the trend could last until the end of this year. right now the average for regular is $3.49 a gallon in the district. down two cents from last week. maryland, $3.37. down by two cents. in virginia $3.16 is the average. down four cents. in west virginia $3.33 the
11:28 am
average price for a gallon of gas there. that's down one penny. you may want to go and buy a mega millions lottery ticket. the jackpot is at a $550 million all time high. it's the fourth largest, anyway. it's still growing. tomorrow night's jackpot will be at least the fourth largest in u.s. history. lottery officials say strong ticket sales could make this drawing the largest mega million jackpot in history passing last year's $656 million prize. your odds of winning, though, are slim to say the least. one in 259 million. of course, you can find out the winning lottery numbers right here tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00. if you have a smartphone and you live in the district, most likely has some damage to it according to a new report by the protection plan provider square trade. d.c. is the clumsiest place in the u.s. when it comes to dropping or damaging our phones, they tell us. joining the district on the list, florida, georgia and new
11:29 am
jersey among many others, actually. the list is based on claims filed between october of 2012 and this past september. i hate to say i am one of those who drops every phone i've owned. a dangerous computer virus hiding in your christmas gift. the message your e-mail inbox could be holding that could wipe out your computer in just seconds. plus, working inside the walls of the capitol. the new look at just how hard our elected officials are working on your dime. our 12 days of giving phone bank is open. if you'd like to help out, d.c. based bread for the city, call us right now. 202-885-4949. plus, it's cold now. but we're watching for the chance of light snow tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kiran is tracking when it will arrive. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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right now the recount in the race for virginia's attorney general is under way. fairfax county's electoral board
11:33 am
began counting ballots at 7:00 this morning. right now democrat mark herring leads republican mark obenshain by 165 votes. melissa mollet is live in fairfax with more on what's happening right now and what we can expect the rest of this week. melissa? >> reporter: barbara, hi. we just got an update on what is happening inside. no vote totals at this point this morning. we know there are 40 recount teams right now here in fairfax. they started counting at 9:30 this morning. each team has a democrat and republican. we know 32 teams are handling the regular precincts, eight handling the absentee precincts. both campaigns have observers here. teams are tallying in alexandria and check peesapeake. >> as the machines read the ballots, if there is an undervote, meaning that no one voted in the a.g.'s race, if there's an overvote meaning they voted more than once, or if
11:34 am
there's a write in or stray mark and the machine can't tell what that is, those ballots are kicked back. they're segregated from the other ballots. they are hand counted by our election officials. >> reporter: also on wednesday, that three judge panel down in richa richmond is going to look at ballots being challenged and review those. cameras are also not allowed inside there today. they will be allowed later on this afternoon. just not allowed this morning. i was inside earlier. very, very busy in there. also they say their goal is still to be done by friday. again, fairfax due on wednesday. they say they are on target at this point, barbara. live in fairfax county, melissa mo mo mollet, news 4. three democrats who want to be maryland's next governor were all in the same building this morning. lieutenant governor anthony brown, attorney general doug gans ler and delegate heather mize ner attended a forum in bethesda. better early than late. tonight washington will host a dinner to celebrate the 100th
11:35 am
anniversary of the federal reserve. the reserve system was actually designed -- or signed into law on december 23rd of 1913 by then president woodrow wilson. tonight fed chair ben bernanke will make remarks before a ceremonial signing ceremony. former fed chairs like alan greenspan and paul volcker are expected to attend. this week the senate is expected to take up the budget deal reached by republican congressman paul ryan and democratic senator patty murray. the plan would save the government about $23 billion in the next ten years. it already passed the house. but its passage in the senate is far from a sure thing, we're hearing. to dig into that question, we welcome nbc's dominico montanara. >> it's fascinating. you think everything that comes out of the house, sometimes you don't have this overwhelming
11:36 am
bipartisan vote. the senate is usually the place where you have the bipartisanship. you're seeing a filibuster attempt by the minority with mitch mcconnell leading that. and democrats are having to count the votes to see if they can get to 60. we expect it will get to 60, but it's going to be very close. we have a list of about five republicans who say that they will switch sides and be onboard. potentially three others who could join with democrats as well. but you could lose one to three democrats as well. with 55 plus 8 minus 3 you're at 60, right? i think i got my math there. >> sounds like it to me. how are americans feeling about this budget proposal? many polls on that? >> we haven't seen much on that so far. i wouldn't really trust anything on that. because it's so close to what we'd seen and people really aren't that plugged in or informed. it would be a small sliver of people who actually know what's in it. >> is there any chance that the senate won't pass it? >> well, sure, there's a chance. like we said, we're going to have to be counting votes. there's that possibility. if that were the case, we have
11:37 am
seen that congress's ratings have been really far down. i think that if they didn't pass this, that would hurt them even further. >> on that note, we also want to look at a new way to measure just how hard our elected officials in congress are working. >> right. >> how would we do that? >> well, there was a new counting out that since 2005 this data is available on how many hours members of congress have been in. and the number is 942 hours this entire year. now, that may sound like a lot. when you break it down, it's 28 hours a week. so how would you like to work 28 hours? >> wow. >> since the numbers have been calculated since 2005, in 2005, 1,350 hours. 2012, 1,200 hours. far less than in the past. a lot of these folks are sort of in a catch- .22. their constituents are saying washington's a problem. don't go washington. they're spending more time at
11:38 am
home working on constituent services. but then when they don't show up and you have this 28-hour workweek, then we can see that used in ads in 2014. >> i was going to ask you, can we track them? where are they? what are they doing? >> i mean, i guess you could. it would just take some more resources. >> all right. thank you so much, dominico. for more from dominico and the rest of the nbc news political team, check out first read on a public hearing. angie goff is at the live desk. >> that hearing, it's an emergency public hearing a z you mentioned on the alleged case at the wilson aquatic center. news 4 is there right now. we've been told things started out very heated. seagrave saying council members are fired up, opening the hearing by blasting parks and recreation for not telling the public what allegedly happened at the pool. this has upset people who live in the area as well.
11:39 am
seagrave saying they feel they've been left out of the loop and that the pool manager should have been removed. council member mary chase called this meeting after two women claimed they were raped by two employees during off hours last month at the pool. one employee was fired. the other was placed on leave. stay with news 4 for up dadates throughout the day as well as at the live desk, angie goff. the design of the future purple line station in bethesda rests with a group you might not expect to be deciding on this. according to "the washington post," montgomery county planners want the american society of health system pharmacists to relocate their offices from the building at wisconsin avenue and elm street so that the purple line station can be built there. the group hasn't said if it will move. but it's reportedly meeting with developers to see about a possible relocation. construction on the purple line could begin in 2015. new today from california, travelers in san jose had an
11:40 am
exciting but wet morning. a water main broke in the san jose international airport, flooding an entire terminal overnight. as you can see, water poured out of the ceiling and the light fixtures. the entire area had to be evacuated. currently airport crews are working to clean up the mess because the terminal is open for use this morning. postal workers are expected to have a really long day today, as you might expect. according to officials, today is the busiest day of the year for first class mailing. post office employees across the country will handle upwards of 600 million pieces of mail. people shipping today are hoping their packages, of course, many of them filled with hol cheer, will make it in time. >> it's busy at the self-service. but they don't open till 9:00. i have to come back. >> what are you mailing today? >> gifts to my best friends. some extra cards, last minute. >> to help those last minute mailers, some post offices will
11:41 am
be open this upcoming sunday, including three in d.c. and a handful in maryland. as we were say, today is a big shipping day. you'll want to be careful how you track your packages. a new virus called crypto locker made its way mainstream and maybe on your computer. it comes as an e-mail attachment claiming it will help you find your package. don't open it. if you do click the red box link, a pop-up will come up demanding a ransom for your computer full-tiiles. tech experts say unplug your computer immediately if you click on that. here's what they say. >> if you're looking for a shipment, go to the official website with a tracking number. that's going to be the safest bet. >> some people have actually clicked on there and ended up paying the $300 they were asked for. and were able to recover their files from the virus. but most people are not that
11:42 am
lucky. in less than an hour police in prince georges county will be talking about -- talking with shoppers about how to stay safe this season. officers will be at the east gate shopping center in lanham sharing safety tips. officers will also be passing out flyers with reminders about what you can leave in your car and what you must take with you while you're in there shopping, picking up last minute gifts. if you're interested in going to hear this from the police, you have until 2:00 this afternoon to do it. right now, it is cold outside. many of us are seeing temperatures in the 30s. going to check in again with tom kiran who's outside experiencing it firsthand. hey, tom. >> yeah, but it feels nice in the sun. we've got some sun breaking out here now. temperatures only in the upper 30s here in northwest washington. we're at 38 degrees. generally above freezing around the metro area. there's a live view from our city camera showing a partly sunny sky around the metro area. and farther west, we've got a few clouds in now as well.
11:43 am
temperatures right now, though, just hovering in the 30s throughout much of the region. it's going to be only climbing, i think, into the upper 30s for the afternoon hours. and we will then overnight tonight get right back down to near freezing by dawn tomorrow. by midnight, might even have a few flurries in the air with temperatures by then down to the low 30s. sunset today at 4:48. by dawn -- between midnight and dawn on tuesday, we could have a few flurries north and west of the metro area. that white zone. then the light blue zone there may be a dusting, maybe half an inch of snow. the panhandle of west virginia, frederick county, maryland, and into the border area with maryland and pennsylvania, that's where there might be anywhere from a dusting to an inch. that's, again, going to be late tonight into early tuesday morning. and then it will be gone and we will have some milder air beginning to move back in during the afternoon on tuesday. into the low to mid-40s.
11:44 am
might have a sprinkle of light rain during the afternoon tomorrow. then cold again on wednesday. morning lows 20s. afternoon highs like today only the upper 30s. but then warming up on thursday into the weekend. big pattern change. in fact, i think it's even going to be feeling a little like spring friday and saturday. saturday cloudy, small chance of a sprinkle. better chance of some rain, perhaps, on sunday with highs reaching the 50s. that's the way it looks, barbara. >> okay, tom. something to look forward to. drivers heading to work this morning were given tickets even though they did nothing wrong. the miscommunication that led to the confusion on i-95 and what vdot is doing to fix it. that's coming up. many people believe it's easy to collect frequent flyer miles but impossible to use them. the growing discontent which could lead to a change. our 12 days of giving phone bank is open. volunteers for bread for the city are ready to take donations. we'll sit down with one of the
11:45 am
volunteers from the group in a few minutes to talk about what they do. if you want to get involved,
11:46 am
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it's the 12 days of giving. right now we're joined by george jones and denise seid from bread for the city. we want to talk to them about how they're helping out in the city and how we can help you. why don't we start with you, denise. tell us how you found bread for the city and what your needs hatwe ted you to them. >> i found bread for the city back when it was called zakia's clinic back in the early '80s. it's been a long time. basically, i live on good hope road. i was in serious financial difficulty. like, you know, i told you earlier. i'm taking care of my child. i needed some help with some food. i came down there. i realized at one point that i liked what they were doing and i wanted to become more involved. and a friend of mine where i
11:49 am
used to live -- well, where i live at now, she got me involved oen the client advisory board back about maybe two years ago. i've been there ever since. >> so they're helping a lot more people now than they were back when you started. >> ever since the sequester and especially with 2008, really gone downhill, there's a lot of people coming in there. >> i can imagine. >> you can never believe. good government jobs. they're there. >> maybe you can tell us, george, when did you found this? you're the ceo. were you the founding ceo of this organization? >> i was not. in fact, bread for the city is 40 years old. >> 40 years old? >> that's right. the founders discovered it, it was about 100,000 people living in and around the sort of initial bread for the city center who are medically uninsured and at risk of hunger. those are the two things that inspired the founds of the organization. bread for the city provides food, clothing, medical, legal and associate services to thousands of people every year. >> about how many thousand people are you serving right now? >> about 30,000 unique people come through our two centers.
11:50 am
we have one in southeast d.c. and one on 7th street in northwest. we see about 30,000 unique people every year. >> how can we help? >> bread for the city, one of the things we're trying to do is expand our ability to serve those who are at risk of hunger. we hope to serve 2,000 more people over the next year. so any contribution that could come towards our expanding our food program we really would appreciate. >> contribution and volunteers. >> and volunteers. >> again, our phone number if you want to help out, call 202-885-4949. they're standing by to take your calls right now if you can help out bread for the city. if you've collected frequent flyer miles, you may have noticed how difficult they can be to use. cnbc's seema mody is here with the growing fr ining frustratio >> markets are surging this monday afternoon right ahead of the fed meeting.
11:51 am
investors will be focusing purely on the fed. there's speculation the fed may start tapering the massive bond buying program. a lot of focus on the telecom space today. sprint reportedly mulling a bid for smaller rival team mobile and could make an offer the first half of next year. top executives from both companies have long argued more consolidation is needed in the u.s. wireless market to better compete with verizon and at&t. lastly, want to bring your attention to the story yahoo! ceo marissa meyer makes a public apology after a hardware outage prevented users from accessing their e-mail much of last week. she said the outage stems from a problem with a storage system. while engineers thought the problem would be fixed quickly, many users still didn't have access for several days. some accounts blocked incoming mail. back over to you, barbara. >> thank you so much. again, we're going to talk about those frequent flyer miles. you might want to hear this, too. stay with us for that. today the mourning period for former south african president nelson mandela has officially ended.
11:52 am
the symbolism of this new permanent memorial to a man who changed the world. plus, if you received a ticket driving to work in virginia this morning, you may not have to pay it. the confusion that left some drivers ticketed by mistake. many of us are seeing temperatures barely above freezing right now. we could see a light snow tonight. when and where it may fall. we've got that in your forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
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11:55 am
in just a few minutes, engineers will once again test a streetcar on h street and northeast. the crew hit a few snags over the weekend. yesterday engineers had to fix a problem with the overheadline that supplies power to the streetcar. we're told these types offish shoo us are routine and running tests like these fix problems before the official opening. you could ride the new streetcar as early as next spring. good news if you got a ticket driving along i-95 in prince william county this morning. a power glitch may get you out
11:56 am
of paying that ticket. some vdot signs said the hov lanes were open to all drivers this morning. it was not true. the sign was saying the wrong thing. they are reserved for ride sharing vehicles during certain hours. that's what was supposed to be happening. a power outage yesterday caused some signs to display the incorrect message. we called vdot. a spokesperson says they're working with state police to dismiss all of those tickets. later today you can weigh in on what to do with remains of artifacts from a cemetery discovered a school construction site in prince william county. the cemetery dates back about 150 years. school leaders plan to move the cemetery. the meeting is happening today at 7:00 at the edward kelly leadership center in manassas. this morning federal regulators began a safety a s z seszment of the north metro commuter railroad that operated
11:57 am
the train which derailed and killed four people in new york earlier this month. officials from the federal railroad administration will be examining a long list of the company's practices including engineer oversight and medical requirements for the crew. during the initial investigation, officials found the train was traveling 82 miles an hour as it went into a 30-mile-an-hour turn. a bronze statue of nelson mandela was unveiled today in pretoria. the nearly 30-foot-tall statue depicts the anti-apartheid icon with his arms outstretched to symbolize unity and reconciliation. it's the largest statue of mandela in the world. south africa's ten days of mourning for nelson mandela are officially over now. today workers began dismantling the memorial site at mandela square in johannesburg. it was one of many set up across the country for mourners to pay tribute. the former south african president was buried yesterday in his childhood village of kunu. many people who have those frequent flyer miles say it's
11:58 am
impossible to use them. and they're waiting to see whether the supreme court will expand the rights of airline passengers. a case could allow passengers to sue airlines if they're kicked out of the frequent flyer program. it was filed by a man who says he was terminated for complaining too much. the court should rule by next summer. today's weather will be a welcome relief for people in the northeast after a weekend that dumped over a foot and a half of snow in parts of new england. people are still digging out up there. snow, sleet and freezing rain made getting around difficult for most travelers. today the weather should hold out, though. right now commuters aren't seeing any delays on the roads or at the airports. time for a final check on the forecast. we had some pretty nasty weather here. so the cold is not so bad. >> no, no. in fact, got to near 50 yesterday. now we're in the 30s. we're going to stay in the 30s i think the rest of the afternoon. these are the temperatures now approaching the lunch hour. it's now 38 at reagan national.
11:59 am
elsewhere, it's near 40 across north central virginia. it's only near freezing farther north and west of the metro area. around the bay right now it's in the mid to upper 30s. overnight tonight i think beginning maybe around 11:00, midnight tonight until dawn tomorrow, might get a few passing snow showers. maybe just a little bit of flurry activity. that white zone. that's just for our northern and western suburbs. farther north of there, panhandle of west virginia up to the pennsylvania border, western maryland, there may be a dusting to an inch again from late tonight all the way into the commute tomorrow morning. so there may be some to deal with on some of the ground that area by dawn tomorrow. then cloudy on tuesday. mid-40s. maybe a sprinkle in the afternoon. cold wednesday. warming toward the weekend. might get rain on sunday. >> all right. thank you, tom. that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for joining us. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. see you tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.
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