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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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right now at 4:00, more snow on the way. it may be just enough to bring
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out that holiday spirit. storm team 4 is tracking flurries. a bomb scare at harvard university. the mega millions jackpot jumps to $586 million. ticket sales are brisk. >> why not? a couple extra dollars, look how much you could win. >> what are your chances of winning the second largest jackpot on record as opposed to surviving a shark attack? here we go. more winter weather is on the way. >> we are on the lookout for snow. flurries possible tomorrow morning just in time for your commute to work. we could see more flurries again in the afternoon. chuck bell is in for v.j. tracking the next winter weather hit. chuck? >> yes, indeed.
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clouds moved in. there's a ripple in the atmosphere coming our way. plenty of cold air. there's the opportunity for a few light showers or snow flurry. temperatures right now, mid-30s in the northern and western suburbs. near 40 downtown. storm team 4 radar, nothing showing up anywhere too close to us. the first chance of flurries, there's a ripple way out here. you can tell by radar returns, there's a small chance. there's a better chance toward tomorrow. the rest of your monday, cloudy and cold. flurries possible by later on this evening. warmer days coming our way and soon. we'll be talking about our odds of a white christmas. two sex assault cases near a local high school.
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scott macfarlane is at the live desk, what are you hearing? >> they happened within 30 minutes of each other. here is the mug shot begot from police. in october, he robbed two women in a wooded area. he's accused of sexually assaulting one of them. he went on to rob three northwestern high school students. one of them were sexually assaulted. tracee wilkins is is there and we'll have a latest on how police got the break. back to you. >> the head of the d.c. parks and recreation. several women, including two underage teens said two employees at the wilson aquatic center took them to the pool after hours and assaulted them. today, councilmembers held a
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meeting on the matter. the director was called in to testify. the parks and rec employees charged with monitoring it went without authorization, but they did nothing about it and did not report the discrepancy to her. >> if they knew that, what is their obligation to do something about it? >> their obligation is to report it to upper management. >> who would that be? >> the management above the manager at the aquatics level and senior management. senior management could be their direct supervisor or myself, yes. it could include me. >> one of the employees was y+k leave. she said there could be security lapses at other parks and rec
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facilitiesrkegraves will have m news 4 at 5:00, including what the plan of action is to fix the security issues. the senate aid arrested in a child pornography investigation is getting out of jail, but will be on house arrest at his parent's home. he was arrested in northeast d.c. after an investigation into a company accused of selling child important. as part of the agreement, he will not have access to the internet and will be supersurprised. students are returning to harvard university right now. it follows a day out of the classroom because of a bomb threat. police say it came in via e-mail this morning. it said there were explosives in four buildings throughout the campus. the buildings were evacuated. bomb sniffing dogs came in.
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the all clear was given awhile ago. final exams are going on. many were rescheduled because of the threat. the hunt is on for two men wanted in a deadly carjacking outside this shopping mall. it happened around 9:00 at a parking garage at a mall. a 30-year-old man was shot and killed during the carjacking. his wife was not hurt and their suv was found today, abandoned eight miles away. the teenage gunman who opened fire inside the colorado high school last week was apparently heavily armed. police say in addition to a shotgun he brought into the school a week before and bought last week, karl pierson has a machete and extra ammo. he shot and critically wounded a 17-year-old girl before turning the gun on himself.
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the school is closed for the rest of the week. a district woman is facing charges after being shot by a cop she was trying to rob. the 26-year-old tried to stick up the officer with a shotgun outside his home on hope drive in temple hills. it happened early yesterday morning. he pulled his weapon and fired back. she drove herself to a d.c. hospital where she was linked to the attempted robbery. she's recovering from gunshot wounds. police are a warrant for her arrest. in fairfax county, alexandria and chesapeake the race is on. mark herring has a 165 vote ahead of obenshain. obenshain held it until the canvas was done. fairfax county gets an extra day because of its size. alexandria and chesapeake have to do the count by hand.
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herring had a net gain of 20 votes. on wednesday, a court in richmond begins reviewing challenged ballots and will hear disputes. the goal is to have a decision by friday. a lawsuit against the city of alexandria was thrown out today. they challenged a vote to allow taller buildings and more hotels along the waterfront. today, a judge dismissed the dispute. it's possible the group could appeal the decision to the state supreme court. more tests for d.c.s streetcar system on h street. they are running the car up and down the street to test the power source. they had to fix if line that provides power. the d.c. council is asking the public to weigh in on the bicycle infrastructure. in 2005, they published a master
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plan to make the city more bicycle friendly. since then, they created bike lanes on several main streets. now, lawmakers are asking the public how to take the program to the next level. tom sherwood attended the hearing. he'll have more on the results, coming up at 5:00. new pictures coming in of former cuban president, fidel castro. also ahead, why first lady michelle obama stopped by a hospital this afternoon. the mega millions jackpot takes off again. winter weather advisories posted on the north side of the mason dixon line. any need for a weather advisory here? we'll have more on that. see you in a few minutes.
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an olympic torch run took a sad turn over the weekend. a torchbearer died from a heart attack minutes after carrying it in western siberia. the 73-year-old carried the torch 500 feet. this is video of the relay. afterwards, he said he wasn't feeling well. he was take ton the hospital, but doctors were not able to save him. he suffered two heart attacks in the past. he was a sports school director and wrestling coach. >> he is healthy and alert. that's how a writer is a two-hour long interview. they put out a photo of the meeting. it follows days of speculation of his health. he and castro discussed everything from the death of nelson mandela to climate
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change. he was in a good mood, physically, mentally and psychologically. a permanent tribute to nelson mandela. today, south africa unveiled a bronze statue of him. it stands on the grounds of the union building in pretoria where he delivered his inaugural address. the statue is nearly 30 feet tall and depicts the icon with his arms outstretched to symbolize unity and reconciliation. it's the largest of mandela produced in the world so far. michelle obama carried on a tradition of first ladies. >> 'twas the night before christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. >> she visited a medical center
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and brought bo along with her. look how good he behaves. afterwards, she took questions from the children. when asked what she was getting the president for christmas, she said he asked for workout clothes. she toured the facility and thanked staff for dedication. it's a tradition for first ladies dating back to truman. why beyonce didn't tell anyone about her album and how she got away with it. the mega millions jackpot climbs to a new record. what to do to increase your chances of winning, next. we are on the
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well, the odds areinst you, but the payout may be worth it. the mega millions reaching an all time. itis at 586 million bucks and strong ticket sales could push it past last year's record drawing of $656 million by tomorrow night. get this. a couple more drawings with no winner and the jackpot could reach $1 billion. >> the odds of that happening may be greater than you think. there hasn't been a winner since late october.
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kerry sanders has more on why it's so hard to turn that dollar into a dream. >> look at all the money you could win. >> reporter: it's possible, but did you think why no one has won in 21 draws? in october, after a family won, the game got harder. you used to have to pick six numbers from one to 56. now, it's from one to 75. we all know what that means. >> you take 75 to the fifth. divide by five factorial. it's much bigger than 56 to the fifth divided by five factorial. >> reporter: right. how much bigger? the odds of winning went from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. you have a better chance of hitting two consecutive holes in one, of being cannonized or of
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being attacked by a shark. >> let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. >> reporter: of course people do win, even though no one took home the megajackpot, nine people won the million dollar prize. you are probably asking yourself if there's a way to improve your odds. it turns out there is. >> buy more tickets. >> you have a very, very tiny chance. if you buy two, you have twice the amount. >> twice of tiny is still tiny. the drawing is 11:00 tomorrow night. you can buy tickets up to 9:59. as soon as we find the winning numbers, we'll let you know on news 4 at 11:00. if we got them, all bets are off. the odds are higher of winning that than the snow lottery here. >> the odds of getting anything that accumulates are next to nothing, everybody. snow lovers, take heart.
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it's still early on in winter. don't bet on this ripple bringing much of anything in the amount of measurable snowfall. the odds are worse than winning the mega millions. a cloudy finish to your monday afternoon. the temperatures really struggle with the clouds outside. we managed to make it into the mid to upper 30s. as of now, with the mostly cloudy skies, the temperature stands at 39 degrees, a light wind from the north averaging 3 miles per hour. as far as a chance for rain or snow in the next couple hours, you don't have to worry. currently, it's below freezing across northern maryland. this will be the place, northern maryland, where we might see the potential for up to an inch of snow. i'm trying to put as many qualifiers on that as i can. the odds of getting much are low. overnight lows going into tomorrow morning,t's going to be a cold start. during the overnight hours you could see light snow in
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maryland, in and around the immediate metro area. here is the way it looks on storm team 4 radar. nothing coming down close to us. there's several ripples in the atmosphere. one here in west virginia. itis the chance for the evening. this one here, toward chicago, that's the chance for the daylight hours tomorrow getting a little bit of snow early on. then tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be above freezing. anything that comes then would be a couple sprinkles. it looks impressive on the future weather forecast. clouds thicken. one or two flurries or snow showers here from the metro area to the pennsylvania border. by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, cloudy skies, maybe a passing snow flake or two. a bit of a break during the day. tomorrow mid to late afternoon to the evening, cloudy skies with sprinkles around, a lingering snow flurry in maryland. that's it. all that pulls away toward the end of the day tomorrow. clouds linger through the day. the sunshine is back toward
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sunday. that's good news. flurries at most through the metro. maybe a coating across montgomery county and potentially an inch in the maryland/pennsylvania border. 44% chance of a sprinkle or flurry tomorrow. we start to get milder toward thursday and friday. friday, mostly cloudy. temperatures well into the upper 50s. when i see you next, we'll talk about the weekend before christmas. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news on a serious crash. scott macfarlane is tracking it at the live desk. >> we are going to lauren, westbound route 198 near the ramp. look at chopper 4 above. a fatal accident. getting that word from authorities in the area. maryland state police investigating this at 198 westbound. the onramp to prince george's county in laurel.
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still under investigation and will be for some time. i'm scott macfarlane. beyonce's surprise, how the superstar made and released an entire album in secret. a teacher is disciplined for telling a black student t
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beyonce is guaranteed to be number one on the billboard 200 next week. >> her surprise album showed up on itunes and sold 430,000 copies, overloading the system. joining us with more is billy bush. what a way to release an album, no advance notice or hype. what's with it? >> it's incredible. nothing is the new everything. by the way, i don't recommend it for everybody. this is a great way to find out if anybody cares. i think beyonce is alone on the list of people that can do this. it's approaching, you know, as of five hours ago, 617,000 on itunes, which is an apple record. it's now approaching 800,000. she has shattered itunes records with this move. it is a huge move. you have to have money to do it. while she was doing an hbo
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documentary and big mrs. carter world tour, she was shooting video that is go with the 14 new tracks. i mean, this is the most comprehensive and the best kept secret i have heard of in the music business. >> beyonce's last album didn't have an obvious single to lead off sales, does this one? >> no. there are no singles being released. she didn't put out singles. she said, i don't like the way the music biz is going. you put out a single, then people buy it. no singles are available. you have to buy the album. take it or leave it. people took it in droves. she's telling a story, her life experience. she's sharing her life in this album. you have to get the whole thing to get any of it. >> is there a video that goes with it? >> oh, so many videos. 17 fully produced videos, it's
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incredible. i don't know where she found the time to do it and keep the secret. she's got drake and justin timberlake on the album. everybody kept the secret. >> only she can do it and she writes the rules. >> don't try it. >> what's up on "access"? >> "access hollywood" is rocking and rollinging with more on beyonce. miley cyrus, believe it or not, another big, big weekend. she's at it again on stage in new york city. so, lots to talk about tonight. >> thanks so much. happy monday to you. great seeing you again. >> thank you, billy. >> and you guys. it's holiday shopping crunch time. now, more people are using smartphone apps to get the best deals. the apps you are using may be giving more than you realize z. >> the long to-do list facing
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congress before the break. the new home for fbi headquarters ahead on news 4 at 4:00. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta.
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it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today good afternoon, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm jim handly. we are following new developments in an attempted rape. scott macfarlane has details at the live desk. >> a 20-year-old man was arrested in the potomac mills area in woodbridge. police say he has, at one point, had his pants down as he
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approached a 19-year-old woman. he did so friday night. threw the victim down, got on top of her. witnesses jumped in to stop the attack. he's charged with attempted rape. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. considering the case of a former senate aid arrested in a child important scheme. 35-year-old was in court today. the former chief of staff to senator lamar alexander in tennessee was arrested after they found child important images on computers inside his home. he'll be under house arrest while the case makes its way through the court system. the d.c. department of parks and recreation admit there were security lapses where two sexual assaults happened last month after business hours. they said the employee who is were supposed to monitor after hour activities probably knew
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people were going there when the pool was closed, but did not report it. alexandria and chesapeake, virginia, the recount is under way in the race. herring has a 175 vote edge over mark obenshain. it gives a net gain of 20 votes to herring. the goal is to have a decision by friday. crews wrapped up another day of tests on h street. they will run a car up and down the tracks once each day this week to make sure the electric is working. you could be riding the cars in the spring. what can d.c. do to improve the bikibility. news 4s tom sherwood attending the hearing. he'll have more on the story and the results coming up at 5:00. a public forum will be held so you can share your opinion on
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changing bell times for the schools. joshua star wants to make the start time 50 minutes later. middle school would begin ten minutes earlier at 7:45, start time for elementary schools would stay the same, but the day extended by a half hour. a public forum will be held at 7:00 at richard montgomery high school in rockville. there will be other forums in coming months. the work to move fbi headquarters out of downtown d.c. any area interested in getting the facility has to submit a proposal showing they want the headquarte headquarters. the current building is too small for the 35,000 employees. prince george's county and loudoun county proposed sites. they want to move near the nationals ballpark. the decision is expected to 2015. a developing story on the
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nasa spying controversy. a federal judge in washington says nasa's mass collection of phone call collection is unconstitution unconstitutional. judge richard leon says it violates the ban on unreasonable searches. he said public interests out weigh other interests. congress is ready to go home for the holidays, but before they do, they have a long to-do list on their plates. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with a look at what they need to get done. steve? >> the main order of business for the senate is a vote on the house budget compromise. the bipartisan plan. startling, bipartisan. gridlock has been the pattern on capitol hill for so long, this bit of cooperation has some in both parties optimistic.
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a day before the key vote, the senate is poised to pass the bipartisan budget deal despite the objection of some republicans. >> we agreed not to spend over this level. this is our spending limit. >> reporter: but, senate republicans are eager not to be blamed for a second shutdown of government. >> four republicans sads they are for it. i'm sure the republican leadership, i would bet, is not going to risk another government shutdown. >> at least five republicans have to vote yes. john mccain says he will. >> i'll do anything, not anything, but we must not shut down the government again. >> reporter: it does not reverse the cut in food stamps. to mark warner of virginia, what matters more is getting on a path to a grand budget bargain. >> the country needs a bigger deal. are we closer or further away from the small deal? >> i think we are closer.
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>> reporter: in the new agreement, they pay more toward their pension. airport security fees are hiked. now it's the sacred. >> just want to generate revenue to medicare, social security and medicaid can get there. >> reporter: step one is the senate vote tomorrow. senator warner says you have to crawl before you walk. he says he believes making a really big budget deal now might prove easier than it was to make the small deal. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. republican paul ryan is getting high marks in iowa. they conducted a poll after ryan spoke with patty murry to create a deal. 73% of state republicans had a favorable view of ryan. it's the highest mark for any potential 2016 gop presidential candidate. we are going to check in with chuck for the weather. >> cloudy start to the week. the sun is starting to set.
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what is up in the clouds? >> not a heck of a lot. no real chances for rain or snow in the immediate future. storm team 4 radar is not showing returns of the view for the soon-to-be setting sun. the sunset 11 or 12 minutes away. after that, it will be a dark evening outside with all the clouds out there. no chance of seeing the stars or moon this evening. mid to upper 30s in and around town. mid-30s in southern maryland as well. our weather story for the day, the clouds thickened across the region. this is the continuing case for the evening. the band of thick clouds stretches to the mountains of west virginia. as far as the flurry or sprinkle chance, it's really, really low. milder days are not that far away. get through tomorrow and wednesday. as you get toward the tail end of the week, there's a rise in temperatures. we'll talk more about that when the seven day forecast. take a look athisvl
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nightmare. a water main break flooding floors and shutting down a terminal. more shoppers tapping through their holiday list with smartphone apps designed to save money. the apps are giving away info about you, too.
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for those of you who haven't started your christmas shopping, you have nine dais left. we have a warning for bargain hunters. the apps you use for best deals are being used to find out more about you. john yang has the story. >> reporter: hitting the stores, smartphone in hand. >> head to best buy, target, cvs, walgreens. they send you coupons and let you know the deals they are offering at the moment. >> people checked in at the store and giving tips about the store. >> they give tips, you can post surveys. you can say which looks more fashionable. >> reporter: this year, more shoppers than ever are going to use smartphones to learn about stores. at the same time, stores are using our phones learn more
4:43 pm
about us. apps already alert 6 million users to deals when they walk into 7,000 stores like best buy, target, jc penney. soon, if you let them, they will follow you as you shop at select macy's. >> we can send them products they love as they stand near it. >> reporter: they can follow a smartphone's wi-fi signal to track traffic to see how many walk past the door. >> we can get the numbers and understand, wait a minute, what do i need to do different as a retailer to get customers to come in the store? >> reporter: if it feels too much like big brother, disable your wi-fi. >> a customer who knows what they wanted and what they are willing to give up in terms of privacy or other information can get a lot out of the
4:44 pm
applications. >> reporter: for her, sharing her name, e-mail address and shopping habits is part of the deal. >> we put so much information out there blindly on facebook, to lots of people, we are part of the problem. >> reporter: for now, she's willing to give up some privacy to save money. john yang, nbc chicago. call me maybe. a surprising study for students who can't keep their hands off their cell phones. why antibacterial soaps could harm your health. a teacher disciplined for telling black student that santa claus is white. chuck? >> this is the view from sunday morning from tom sherwood. snow on the backyard at his place. will you have snow in the morning? we'll talk about that next.
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trouble for passengers at california's san jose international airport this morning after a water line break inside a terminal. water pours out of the ceiling flooding the floors. that section of the terminal had to be evacuated. passengers were bussed to a different part of the airport where they could get to the terminal another way. going through airport security is getting easier for some. >> tsa is expanding the pre-set
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program. some give it high marks. >> reporter: the airport securi security check point. on a busy day, it can bring your progress to a grinding halt as you empty pockets and remove shoes. avoiding it got easier with the check application centers, in colluding this one in alexandria. >> you go through faster and the reason is because you are leaving on your shoes and your coat. you are leaving your items in your carry-on. >> reporter: the application process begins online at the tsa website and is completed in person at the application center where you are fingerprinted and provide proof of identity and citizenship. they will undergo a background check. previously, only certain people qualified for the program. with the new application centers, anyone can apply.
4:49 pm
once approved, you can use a faster express lane at security, keep shoes and coats on and you don't have to pull your laptop out of the case anymore. folks enrolled in the program say it saves time. >> you don't have to go through as much emptying of your pockets and things like that. it makes it smoother. >> get through in no time. i can leave my office downtown and within an hour, i'm on the plane, no problem. >> reporter: it takes between two and three weeks to get approved and costs $85 dlars. the mebship is good for five years. mt. etna is the greatest eruption and closed the busiest airport in the area. it was a spectacular sight. flights in and out of the airport are canceled through the night as a precaution. it's europe's most active
4:50 pm
volcano. it has erupted several times this week. villages on the mountain slopes have not been evacuated. the last major eruption was back in 1992. that is a sight. >> beautiful to look at. >> volcanos look great from a nice, long distance. >> don't want to be in pompey. tell us about the snow you think might be coming in our direction. >> we have a little chance of seeing a little bit of snow here over the next 24 hours. again, leave your shovels in the garage, everybody. you will not need them for this event. cloudy skies are in place. the clouds continue to thicken over the next couple hours. there will be a chance later on this evening and into the overnight hours where we could see a little bit in the way of light snow. anything that comes down between now and daybreak tomorrow is light snow. temperatures promise to be well below the freezing mark early tomorrow morning. right now, 39 degrees with a light, north wind. live over reagan national airport.
4:51 pm
it's a nice day to be outside. wasn't terribly cold. 40 near fredericksburg. storm team 4 radar, not much in town. there's a few lonesome spring >> caller:s in charlottesville. it's part of a weak wave of low pressure. for the remainder of the evening, cloudy, one or two flurries around. a low impact event. by morning time, flurries, maybe a sprinkle, low to moderate impact. not expecting much of anything. tomorrow afternoon, sprinkles, maybe light rain. tomorrow afternoon, anything that comes down is in the form of rain as temperatures are in the upper 30s and 40s. not much of an impact. tomorrow night, clearing skies. things improve dramatically after that. a little chance of snow means take advantage of the breeze. storm team 4 is detailing the storm. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy.
4:52 pm
chance of light rain in the afternoon or evening. a chance of flurries in the morning. that's about it. highs tomorrow, upper 30s to low 40s. any little bit of snow we get isn't sticking around. what is the most we could see? flurries, everybody. this is not going to be much. couldn't be enough to coat the ground. the high spots of loudoun county and the panhandle of virginia, friends and neighbors, the best chance of seeing maybe an inch. talking snow this time of year, what are the odds of having a white christmas here? only 10%. i'm being generous at saying 10%. here is the seven day forecast, everybody. tomorrow, cloudy, off and on chance of rain or flurry. that's it. wednesday will be cold and breezy. thursday, the warm up begins and turning much, much milder toward friday and saturday. upper 50s to near 60. rain chances come back saturday and sunday, monday could be on
4:53 pm
the rainy side. again, we are saving money on the heating bills. in news 4 your health, the food and drug administration says there is no evidence antibacterial used in the liquid hand soaps and washes help prevent the spread of germs. there is evidence they may pose health risks by interfering with hormone levels. a new rule that requires manufacturers to prove their antibacterial products are safe and more effective than soap and water. college students on their phones are likely to have anxiety and poor grades. researchers studies 500 students. they found they spent five hours on the phones each day and sent 77 texts. as cell phone use increased, so did student anxiety levels. frequent users also had lower grades. a high school teacher in new
4:54 pm
mexico is under fire for telling an african-american student he couldn't be santa because of his skin color. the teenager and friends decided to dress as santa. his teacher asked why he was wearing the hat and beard because santa is white. the teen's father, who is white, is outraged. >> there's no room for that in the classroom. whether this teacher felt he may have been wearing this out of context. there's no room for it. >> a spokesperson for the school system says the teacher admitted to making a, quote, stupid mistake and apologized to the family. they say he has been disciplined but didn't give specifics. he is still teaching. she's a great student and avid horse lover. today, she's in a coma. new details emerging this afternoon about the 17-year-old high school senior fighting for her life after she was shot in the head in last week's colorado
4:55 pm
high school shooting. nbcs jay gray joins us nex
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we are just learning now about a crash involving two school buses that have left a dozen hurt down south. scott macfarlane is following it all from the live desk. >> on the scene near florida, this crash put 12 students in the hospital. take a look at the pictures. big scene, several ambulances
4:58 pm
involved. one bus rear ended the other south of tampa. fortunately, all the students hurt in the crash have only minor injuries. they are alarming looking images coming in from tampa, florida. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. an autopsy confirmed the student who police say shop a classmate inside his colorado high school took his own life. investigators and many in the community are struggling to understand how and why it happened. jay gray has the latest from centennial. >> reporter: police finished their search for evidence inside the colorado high school where an 18-year-old senior, armed with a shotgun, machete and several molotov cocktails shot a student then killed himself as police moved in. >> the intent was evil. >> reporter: he had likely been planning the attack for a long time. it escalated when he was kicked off the arapahoe high school
4:59 pm
debate team after a tournament where he had a run-in with the coach, the school librarian. >> he threatened to kill mr. murphy half jokingly. he brought it to the administration and he got suspended for it. >> reporter: they believe he was trying to hunt down murphy when he shot a 17-year-old. she is in stable condition, but still in a coma. arapahoe is closed and will be until after the new year. students will be allowed inside this week to grab backpacks and other personal items left behind when they rushed from the building friday. still, students gather outside from arapahoe raising money to help with davis' medical bills and show their support. >> we need it to go beyond the tweets and telling people we care and proving we do. >> reporter: many wear wristbands saying we are not
5:00 pm
alone. pooled together by the reality of what happened in their community. jay grarks nbc news. authorities say pierson bought the ammo the morning of the shooting. right now at 5:00, women attacked near a high school. even students were targeted. we are learning how police made an arrest in this case. plus, we could see snow showers and rain in the next 24 hours. now we can pinpoint when the storm is moving into your neighborhood. >> the mega millions jackpot is growing. if nobody wins this week, there could be $1 billion up for grabs on christmas eve. first after 5:00, a developing story. an arrest in a high profile attack on women behind a high school in prince george's county. >> in one case, the student was raped. police were able to zero in on the suspect who was allegedly involved in crimes in montgomery county. tracee wilkins joins us.


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