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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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...vocal rush. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations to vocal rush. you all are still in the chase for "the sing-off" crown. element, it is sadly time to say goodbye. i'm nick lachey, signing off from "the sing-off." good night, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
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the dramatic scene as firefighters rescue a man from the fifth floor of this d.c. condo. >> i've never seen anything like it. that fire was shooting out of the windows. insane. arrest tonight after ae1 series of sex assaults near a local high school. in on a t(áuátq(u >> a florida congressman busted in d.c. for buying cocaine. he's in lprehab. but there are maneuvers on 4$ hill that could cost him his job. news4 at 11:00 starts now. >> first tonight,my the á58qie weather. oh, there's a chill in the air, folks. falling. of ñrquick-moving storms rollin through our region. let's get thet( latest fromñiñ; a very quick mover.w3 really a quick hitter, too. it's not going to hit a lot of
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us but take a lookoutside. stormx(v 4 radar çóshows a few snowñi showers down tashd i-81 corridor out along lh2rñ they're going to follow that trend right across the east. we're not seeing a whole lot as we move across the region but back towards the west this is the area that is going to pick up a little bit more back towards pittsburgh and back towards the panhandle of maryland, the western portions of maryland. and the panhandlexd of west p (t&háhp &h% i do expect this to move through overnight. we'll see enhancement as far as áconcerned but t system moves out and then we start to focus on the next system which is already a very fast mover. onelp coming through tonight p. this one will come down tomorrow models giving us a little bita5 more during the afternoon into the early eveningxd hours. what i think it's going to bring and the forecast for the next days. >> thank you, c5?oódoug. tonight new video from the scene as flames shoot through a condo in northwest d.c.
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woodly park metro statiord not far from the omni hotel and busy restaurants tonight. street with more on the rescue thise1t( evening. >> reporter: that's right. firefighters did a good job of responding to this building ine less than a couple minutes. people were rescued. they are doing okay tonight. tonight at least three people are without a place to live, however. and the unit where thisñi start, charred andw3 gutted out. >> very grateful that my dog and i got out okay. >> reporter: jean is fortunatej to be alivei=$p#ter these photo next door neighbor's fifth floor condo. and down the hall yellij fire, r fire. and went out. >> reporter: everyone got out okay. the fire started and spread to the unit above just after 5:30 this evening. aidxdaross( the street from the omni shorum
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hotel near the woodly park metro station. nick called 911 and told me firefighters quickly responded. >> i'veçó never seen anything le it. maybe in the xdmovies. but that fire was shooting out of the windows. insane. >> reporter: they drove some whc were in the buildingi] to the hospital for smokeñr inhalation and a firefighter was treated for exhaustion. it out of a window to comb through the charred window. firefighters shattered jean's window to get inside and comb through debris. and tonight the cause of the fire is under investigation. officials are not release a specific damage estimate. however, we do know it's in the tens of thousands of dollars. live here in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. after wee#kñ ofxd an excisia man isht chargedlp a with rapi 14-year-old girl and a woman at gun point. police say he first attacked the woman on a trail behind an apartment complex on bell crest
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road october 29th. that same day the man tar it ge1 three students from nearby nortk western high school. he robbed the twofá boysok but girl.ñi a t led them toe1 him. a chief of staffxd accused a chief órr&d porn is now as home in maryland. he could be released from custody if he wears a monitoring internet. before he wase1fá arrested lastk he was an aide to tennessee senator lamar alexander.xd investigators claim he bought videos of young children involved in sex acts. the case now goes to the grand jury. there is no fallout after an murder/suicide. sergeantw3 lopez sho4ñá and kil his ex-girlfriend and another
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the quantico marine base back ii tonight a new report is shedding light on the problems that led up to that çóattack.ñiçó we have learned that lopez stopped getting the proper psychological care when he transferred to quantico in 2012. treated fori a brain injury tha he sufferedk.áring an ied blast in iraq. the site of september's deadly navy yard shooting rampage will be built with a new memorial area dedicated to the the news4 eye team was first t. break the developments this i] afternoon. buildinglp 197 will reopen in l5 after it is gutted and e1 renovated. gunmen aaron alexis shot and killed four people. police do not want to returnx(bo that building may have the option toe1lp perm innocentlane. tk hearing on the embers held an
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aquatics complex in d.c. twice since late november two pool employeesry "american idol" k . . &háhp &h% procedure"àujut not being followed leading up to thoseoç incidents. >> people are, you know,ok eith just not doing their jobs or know what their jobs are. or if they arefá making reports they're going to people who are in effect coveringxd up for tho who are misbehaving. >> they promise to get back to the council with more specific answers about security improvements by christmas. public to weigh in on the city'á bike lanes now. plan on how to make the city more bicycle friendly. since then they've created bike lal on several main streets and started thea, successful bi
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share program. public how to take the program to the next level. congress has launched an investigation into representativeñytreyjf raidle' cocaine3w use.ñr the house ethics committee will decide whether he violated congressional rules ofxd conducó he bought the drugs from a foekn dupont circle. he pled guilty and took a leave publish in the range from a recommendation for expulsion. virginia attorney general with democrat mark herring's campaignlp sayingçó his lead ha grown to 185 votes.w3 after the general election he was ahead of republican by 165 votes. recount. fairfax county,al xnd dri alexa starte their ballots today. we should know the results on the recounted by the end of thip
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week. nsa. today a federal judge ruled the security agency is violating our fourth amendment rights when it blindly collectsym cellphone d. the controversial program was first brought to light by edwai snowden. the judge is not convinced the program has everñi truly been ud to do that. the ruling will likely be appealed. it could wind upok in the handsf the supreme court. redskins park met much moreok tn the usual football talk. teen stars inct!t)jt rg3 showed up to support the smashing walnuts foundation. it's a charity started by a 10-year-old girl's family who lost her batfá tle with brain cancer this year.t( she raisede1 $250,000 for make book. learning about her helps them keep everything in perspective. >> like i say,lp what i'm doing
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i'm just out here having fun. any time you getxd a chance to what other people are doing, impacting the childr ing thing >> redskins fans bid ont( signe helmets,ok footballs and jersey tonight, all proceeds go to the foundation. you've got less than 24 hours to buy your mega millions ticket. tható[ jackpot stands at $586 million. that could grow even more if nobody wins this week.ñi billion by christmas. the drawing is tomorrow. we will have the winning numbers for you here on news4. next, police call up one of the most bizarre cases they've ever worked. details about anlp arrest aftern attack near a busy shopping center in northern virginia. and mixed messages on xdi-9 but drivers won't be forced to the computer glitch that led to dozens of traffic tickets today. first lady michelle obama reveals what she's giving the president for christmas, and
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tonight new jersey policeñi are dusting this suv for fingerprints hoping it leads theó?y to the carjackers who murdered the owner. they were leaving an upscale when theçó carjackers approache the couple, shot the man in the% head and took off in the suv. his wife while she witnessed the shooting she was not injured. police found this stolençó rang rover eight miles away today but have not found the men responsibility. police call it a bizarre attack at a popular virginia shopping area and 20-year-old man is behind bars tonight.lpok
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investigators tell us jaguar down outside the hhok gregg sto on friday night. he allegedly threw at( woman to the ground and got on topjf of her. witnesses jumped in to stop the suspect who is now charged with attempted rape. a transgender woman is suing the d.c. governmentt( claiming e was sexuallies assaulted by a man who was deliberately placed in her jail cell. according to internal documents that man was already underi] investigation for another jailhousei] rape. jackie bensen has the story, a story you will only see on3w news4. up at the d.c.o0'ail charge wit a probation violation after being convicted for unlawful entry. what is heralded as one of the best transgender inmate policies in the u.s., he was shousede1 ia protective custody in a single
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cell,ñi but on july 18th, something happened. up. here come just a person come in. >> reporter: she says she reminded the correction officers of her house alone status but got no response. >> i don't know if he had like any other type of weapons in here because he's known f/áe there was nobody coming to check up on me, no nothing. >> reporter: she says hert( of officers came in that morning and quickly removed thexd a5r to the hospital for rapelp exam which showed evidence of phqszcal trauma. she noticed the officer didn't appear to be writing down a e1l. the police report obtained by news4 is just three sentences long. >> there wasñi a breakdown in t system in this"nñi case. >> reporter: attorney jeffrey months passed said therír freed of information request turned up document which verified his client's story.
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the documentses include a written footage review of where jane doe was being held alone. they show an unidentified lieutenant moving the man in and out of jane doe'sñi cell not on but threee1 times that nighte1 reasons thatf remain unexplaine. on november 15th the d.c. attorney general's office filed its r7sujjur(h&awsuitjo cf1 o alleging jane doe's civil rights were violated. >> one of the defenses that the cities has asserted here ist( called assumptione1 of risk whi maiks mea means that the injuries are the( v)!úrsrj own fault. >> by being in jail. >> by being inxd jailfá f. >> the d.c. trans coalitionm corrections and shame on all of us for allowing our institutions to treat trans people in this manner.o7o jane doe hasn'tçó given up. >> i'm not letting it go. every day i think about i was traumatized. i was rapi0 can't dealñr with it.
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>> a spokesman for the u.s. attorney's office tells news4 to prosecute jane doe's alleged attaer. the d.c. department of corrections says it cannouóok comment because of the ongoingeñ investigation. good news for drivers tonight. if you were ticketed traveling the hov lanes on i-95e1x$$r' virginia this morning you won't have to pay up. a glitch caused several signs to say the lanes were open to all drivers, so people took advantage and got ticketed.e1 vdot tells us tonight a power outage and miscommunication caused that glitch. virginia state police to get those tickets thrown out. and the first lady takes part in a holiday tradition and "q$eh+eal what's she plans to g the president for christmas. michelle obama and the first dog visited the national medical center in the northwest where she read to the kids a back to bess xdtruman.
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clothes. >> i want what beau's having. he looks happy. what's the other dog's name? >> sonny. >> he was down there, too. didn't want to leave him out, or her out. do we fáknow? let's look atw3 the snow and se what's going on out there tonight. we've got a little bit of snow coming in across the area. storm team 4 radar shows that. this right now a live shot of detroit. they're seeing the snow. the current temperature, 16 degrees. airport, 20 degrees warmer. right now towards union station, good shot tonight. 1%qq1ñbit.are starting to blow a keeping the windchills down but not nearly as cold as what they'req seeing back there. current temperature sitting at 36 degrees. our temperatures really have not moved alli] thate1 much. that's a result of the cloud cover that's been around the we're going to continue toçóe1 the clouds willb. thicken. they will lower and see some snow outht of this. mostlya5 to the north. gaithersburg, areas to the )q south, man
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in fredericksburg. not expecting a whole lot from this storm to you. showing a few snow showersfá coming through loudoun county. a few down towards theñifá mouns bi in the ga? of flurryñi activit. here's where the snow is. this is only going to fillhif here as we move on through the next couple of hours group notice the trend.ñi you also notice just how thin this line is.fá once again, i'm not expecting much from this. some ar] may see a little bit in the way of dusting up there towardsfá the north. around i]11:30, winchester, martinsburg, frederick, westminster. by around 1:00 it's nowhere near d.c., especially not near down towards southern maryland down arounde1 fredericksburg and culpeper. right around hagerstown, too. if you're watching us up there, as you move oni] through the overnight hours. by 8:00, it's outxd of here.i] tomorrow afternoon,x
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this could be some snow. they do haveçó it changing overo but most of this should be rain. we're going to watch this play out closely.[ç of course, tomçó kirwill have t latest tomorrow morning. maybe a dusting in and around frederick. you may wake up with rooftops dusted.xd hagerstown, our counties in pennsylvania, a little bit more for you. but not a lot going on. in( temperatures will warm slightly from where they were dug the day today. i think we will see at least some sunshine part of the day but we're not talking a lot because then the showers move some snow showers. we've been on the cold side. you know that.t( much of december has been cold but there's going to be a biglp pattern shift. that'wd#oing to allow mild aa$l to move into oure1 region. the cold air lpretreats back to the west. temperatures get abovei] averag. not just a little bit above verage,. iáij tomorrow and it's not
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on wednesday. wednesday aro !'ñ 40. windchills in the low 30s all day. 39 -- 49 on thursday and say hello to a little bit of warmth. temperatures moving upwards to some locations on sunday could get into the low to mid 60oks. good chance for rain. that will also usher in morir for çóchristmas.j4(t&háhp &h% 8 nertñ in sports tonight. bradley beall helps the wizards do something they haven't done
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>> it doesn't. what were you doing in 2006? >> i was graduating from high school. >> i wase1 figuringfáçó accesev, pgighth grade. that was the last time wizardsj beat the knicks at the garden ag tonight. seven years later. the washington wizards walked into the locker room today to an early christmas gift. bradley beal was back in the lineup afterxdokw3 missing nine. we know that injuries have slowed down the wizards lately. and tonight onelp player'sñr re bradley beal playing in his first game since november 23rd skip ahead fourth quarter. wizokt(ok up two. garrett temple. the flush and the foul. three-point play.e1 that puts the wiz up e1seven. mar tell webster knocked downe1 the three.
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team high upe off the bench for webster tonight.t( he was hott( all night. new york with a one-point lead. smith for three money, 18 points for him. knicks up four. under 1:00 left. washington down 3:00. bradley beal pulls up for the long shot. boy, did we miss you. and just like that, we'refá tie knicksdilç up one. íq21 points in his return. wiz taking a one-point lead.e1 threeg7 time-outs left. but anthony puts that shot up way off the mark. wizards hold on and win it.çó 102-101. >> i've been waiting for this for three weeks lpnow. it feels good. my minutes are limiá?ek but i'm still making the best of them. i'm glad coach left me out there at the end of the game. pushing me through it and bringing me back. >> ifñi this kid works and i've sense he since he's gotten a clearance to get out on the floor and get his conditioning and get his legs
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i think that was the testament tonight, to come out in the first game and be as strong as he was down the stretch. >> all right. there we have ae1 finale1 play worked out for one teamñi to a final play that didn't work out for another. redskins, while keeping things interesting against the falcons came up short on the two-point conversion yesterday. cousins wasn't able to complete the passjf but he did look goodn the football yesterday. not an easy situation to step not an e&háhp &h%tion to step year quarterback out of michigan state definitely took over for  rg3 against the falcons. 381 yards,lp 3 touchdowns, and % interceptions. notxd bad. while they wouldn't get the "w" suñr stopping many from singing his praises today. get too excited it yet. >> we had one game. carried away with numbe2)? @(t&háhp &h% one game. we lost the game. let's take a look. play dallas, giants. we talked about our game plant( coming in. gives robgú( a chance to be healthy going into an off season
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program. gives kirk some valuable experience. he is a football player. and we've got some competition, a lot different position3@w=il next fáyear. and the best players will play. >> all right. so the redskins herenfñi you kn you asked. >> who is getting carriedt( awa after yesterday. >> a lot of people are. >> some were disappointed with robert's play this season and t,3é&ittle life, ch"0ráu)y on t team. shanahan today,ñi he was adaman to say robert griffin iii is the future starting quarterxa"kñii# this washington redskins. he was saying today competition ui cousinsñiñrxd playing well just helps everybody. >> on to the
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italy's leaning tower brings in tours from all around the world, but china decided toçó g ,áe1lp historit(t( tower now is its locked and up right position. (t&háhp &h% ago left it tilting eight feet fromt( vertical. experts used a soil scraping method to slowly move it back. it began back in september. now the tower is straight once again. it's the only building left from
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