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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 18, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good wednesday morning. here's what is coming up on "early today." mega millionaires. the second largest jackpot in u.s. history has at least two grand prize winners. we'll tell you where. war against the taliban rages on, at least two dead.
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firefighters fighting raging flames and thick smoke. police chief for a day bricks joy and shaquille o'neil to a 5-year-old boy. "the voice" crowns a winner and president obama sends a clear message to russia about their anti-gay policies. it's wednesday, december 18. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. christmas has come early for at least two people in california and georgia who have winning lottery tickets for last night's massive $630 million jackpot. both tickets match the numbers 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 with a mega ball of 7. the california ticket was sold at jenny's gift shop in san
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jose. the store owner said he was contacted bylottery officials. the winning ticket in georgia was purchased at gateway news stand in atlanta. we now have at least two new millionaires in the country. there are more questions than answers this morning in reno, nevada after a fatal shooting. police say a gunman opened firet at a medical center killing one person before taking his own life. police say the gun men fired several rounds tuesday afternoon. the medical center was put on lockdown amid the chaos. officials say the shooting does not appear to be random but the motive is still unclear. turning now to afghanistan in the single deadly incident
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for u.s. forces there in more than a year. six americans are dead after the soldiers' black hawk helicopter crashed but it is uncertain if it was from enemy fire or mechanical failure. >> reporter: there were two helicopters flying in tandem when without warning one dropped from the sky. the u.s. military launched a rescue team but it was too late. six of the black hawk crew had been killed and only one survived with serious injuries. the incident occurred in afghanistan where taliban fighters remain a serious threat. there are currently some 43,000 american forces in harms way in afghanistan. under a pending security agreement with the afghan government that number could drop to 7,000 to 10,000 by the end of 2014 but would commit
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u.s. forces to another ten years in afghanistan to train afghan military forces and keep al qaeda in check. >> al qaeda would love nothing more than to say after 12 years of combat that they have outlasted us. back at home a rare moment of bipartisanship is expected in washington today. the senate is expected to give final approval to the two-year budget agreement. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from washington. >> reporter: it is a trillion dollars a year that the congress wants to spend. the house has passed the budget. now it is up to the senate and the finalal vote is expected to happen late this afternoon. let's talk about what is in and what is not in the budget. remember the sequester cuts that effected the pentagon as well as other areas?
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some of that gets rolled back. medicare doctors who weren't going to get paid that gets extended for about three months and there are new fees for corporations that get pensions guaranteed by government and airline tickets to support airlines. no new taxes. that was a deal for republicans and are not extending unemployment. there is a controversial issue about whether or not military veterans could see the cost of living increases scaled back. all of this means that the budget would eraset about $23 billion in red ink. while it sounds like a lot it is really just a drop in the bucket of what this country owes. is it going to pass? it is likely. 12 republicans voted with democrats to advance it. >> much needed bipartisanship. the massive wildfire that has engulfed the region in
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central california continues to rage on. it has grown to more than one square mile in size and has destroyed 22 buildings including 14 homes. one of the houses destroyed belonged to fire chief who is, quote, just trying to function as a chief for now. there are currently 830 firefighters on the scene hoping the wind cooperates today. early morning fog is being blamed for a deadly pile up in louisiana. the chain reaction crash involved 20 cars on highway 1. it left a 62-year-old man dead and sent several others to the hospital. and for a look at our national forecast bill karins is here. >> winter storm exiting overnight. morning cleanup to be done and shoveling in maine and southern
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portions around boston and around 6 inches of snow. snow showers through michigan. the big snow storm is over with. it is cold behind it. not a fun morning to be shoveling in maine. minus 2. boston wind chill of 9. this is as a cold as it gets for a while. winterer weather pattern significant changes. this is what it looks like over the weekend. a pretty good sized storm from the deep south down from mexico. that warm air kicks into the east. so a break from the winter weather in the eastern half of the country. significant temperature rise. washington, d.c. from 40 degrees today and up to near 70 by sunday. that is crazy. we go from very cold to near record warmth in areas of the mid-atlantic. the exception will be the back side of the storm. we have to watch chicago
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carefully. sleet and snow. that's your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. so after that big winter blast yesterday for the afternoon and evening boston will only recover to 29 degrees today. we will not do a lot of snow melting today. the warmup begins in areas of the south. i think you are not going to like the rain coming but i think you will like temperatures back into the 50s for the first time in a while. >> so bizarre to see huge temperature swings. are you a last minute christmas shopper? >> usually but this year i am surprisingly good. >> if you weren't you could take advantage of last minute shipping deals. we'll tell you where you can get free shipping of your presents. and an incredible story of a man and a dog that really is his very best friend.
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an 11-year-old guide dog named orlando helped save his blind companion when williams fell into the new york city orndo jumped to the tracks and the two of them laid down. he says his insurance money for a guide dog is about to run down. and the gunman who stormed a colorado high school had written on his arm the latin phrase meaning the dye has been cast and had written letters in buildings where he planned to kill a teacher. and a pair of space walks to take place on saturday, monday and wednesday, christmas day. in toronto mayor rob ford
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danced to celebrate an agreement to promote live music. turning to business one group of economists says the rising divide in income and equality from the wealthy and everyone else is hurting the economy. in a new poll shows two out of three show federal policies favor the rich over less well off americans. republican lays it all out in his annual waste book 2013 giving examples of wasteful spending such as $50 million for information searches that could be done for free on the internet and a grant to develop a 3 d pizza printer. last minute shoppers can get free shipping. check out free shipping
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e online reporting that lindsay lohan is fielding offers for a deeply personal memoir. aaa estimates 50 million people will be heading out for the holiday weekend. most are traveling by car. just ahead president obama's clever message to russia's president putin. and high flying fancy for you to feast your eyes on all when "early today" returns.
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google is out with its most popular searches of the year that begin with what is. what is gluten? what is molly? what is doma? what is ricin? number one is what is twerking? now let's get to the latest in sports from my friend richard lui. >> a little twerking. >> that is not what twerking looks like. >> i have to google it. very good day to you. we will not have anymore twerking in this sports part of the program.
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president obama choosing two openly gay athletes to clear messages about russia's view on gay propaganda. they will walk in sochi opening and/or closing ceremonies. the first time since 2000 when a president, first lady, vice president will not be there. the uconn women dominating. gets a career high seven three pointers. time-out. michigan state coach tom izzo gives a short speech, hugs it out with some of the players. that is ed hiwer. that referee has been officiating for 33 years. he is retiring. the trailblazers last second tie breaking shot from last year's rookie of the year who ices the game here.
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wait for it. there it is. ravens kicker justin tucker gets thank yous from all over the world for his 61 yard game winning field goal. green bay packers aaron rodgers thanked tucker adding it'sa mazing we are sitting here 7-6-1. one wrote legatron is greater than megatron. cam newton and two other panthers took 20 selected kids from three different schools shopping. great to see when the athletes do that. the kids received head phones, backpacks and $150 shopping sprees at a sporting goods store. the respective schools received a grant of $25,000 from cam
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newton's foundation. spreading more holiday cheer. kids out of children's hospital in boston got a visit from rob gronkowski. gets knee surgery after the holidays with those kids. >> we wish him the best. adrenalin junkies the world's first superman double back flip never been landed before on a mountain bike. but he nailed it. >> maybe it is the mom in me but i get so worried. >> you hold your breath for a second. >> i don't want them to hurt themselves. warm weather is headed your way. bill has your forecast. plus hundreds rally to help a boy's wish come true.
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welcome back. happy to sayt that travel is going to be a lot easier than yesterday throughout areas of new england. still icy spots. be careful with that. overall starting to notice the warmup from denver to kansas city. temperatures in the 50s. we get to 60 in atlanta. 50 in d.c. tomorrow. the cold air in the northern plains. areas of new england and great lakes begin to melt some of the snow. that is your forecast.
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the winner of "the voice"! congratulations! >> the big winner on "the voice" along with winning the crown for herself and team adam levine she will receive $100,000 and a record deal. basketball legend michael jordan and his wife announced they are expecting twin girls. and actor bruce willis and his wife are expecting their second child. that makes five for willis if you are keeping track. in their new movie julia roberts tackles meryl streep. robert said of the action scene i didn't look forward to it but she was a worthy opponent.
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john mayor released music video for who you love. warner brothers announced they will be making "gilligan's island" into a feature film. jennifer lawrence says she wants younger generations to be protected. >> the word fat i think should be illegal to say the word fat on tv. if we are regulating cigarettes and cuss words because of the effect of people. actress sophie tells the daily mail that the costumes worn don't get washed and they have taken on a stinky smell, as you can imagine. >> i think with the budget they
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have now. >> if you think about it -- maybe they can make a duplicate of each one. >> they could do that. that is a lot of time. i'm mara schiavocampo. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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a d.c.ñr police officer seto appear before a judge today on charges he waskoko prostituti t girls. about an attempted6m abduction a sool ini] northern virginia as attack prepares to face a judgei new this morning, at least new this morning, at leao p
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brand-new megañi millionaires. unless you traveledç!buq"s of miles to buy your ticket, we're sorry to say it's probably not you. take a look at these numbers just in case you are the winnin numbers from@&t night's drawing. they are 8-14-17-20-39 and the mega ball is 7. and here are where the l,[%y winners are ñrfrom.ño'ñi one was sold at ako newsstand sold att( a giftxd shop in san , california. sto store. the winners will split the jackpot which is currently at kó $636 millioñ thexd mega millions says that ìáhp &h% at one point it was selling 25,000 ticketsfñp minute. >> wow.lps7 >> we're hereçó. we're not the lucky winners. but we'll try again when it gets big, right? good morning. i'm eun yang.
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>> and i'm richard jordan in for aaron. another big story we're following this morning is the weath weather. we are waking up to cold temperatures and a little snow a taste of spring is on the way. >> the changes in store for ñiu. good morning. last night. it's longqgone now. watch out, theretçó be patchy ice. the story is xdpatchy,xd dense . fauquier, t(culpeper,ng county, king george, manyñi locations visibilities are down to under a quarter of a mile. in fact, near zero visibility in now half a milexd in fredericksburg. thr three-quarters of a mile so watch out for the patchy, dense fog. our temperatures are blowt( freezing much of the region. upper 20s in montgomery county and it has dipped down mid to of there.
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mostt( locations are down into 20s. a few spots above freezing. prince george's county is near freezing. so is southern montgomery p)lington. around the bay it's in the low 30s. and, danella, are you seeing any problemsñr on the cameras there with that fog around? >> not yet, tom. and pretty much clear around our area and that's really good news for folks waking upt( and hitti the roadways. look out for black ice and then fog as well. reduce your speeds, give yourself extra time. virginia making the trip fromt( fredericksburg heading to the beltway. trav good news fairfaxs7 countyjf ú had an earlier work zone nice and okclear. i-95 no problems.xd southbound between edsall and the beltway. back over to you both. 4:29 now. a d.c. police officer accused of pimping teenagedçó girls will b in court. a preliminary hearing is set for 9:00 this morninfó for linwoodp% barnhill jr.


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