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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 22, 2013 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> announcer: welcome tohe wendy's post game report. here now, bob costas. well, a week from now, both these teams might be division winners. but there seems to be a quite a gulf between them. there's your final, philadelphia 54 and chicago 11. here are your players of the game. and, of course, their likenesses will go on the side of the
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"sunday night football" bus. mychal kendricks the linebacker had a couple of sacks and forced a fumble. nick foles just continues his worldly play. a couple of touchdowns and no picks. lesean mccoy league's leading rusher. 18 carries 133 yards, 2 touchdowns and caught 6 passes. all three of them are with michele. >> michele: well, nick, a great win tonight after the loss last week. what was working well for you tonight? >> i felt our offensive line did a great job. they kept a clean pocket. kept running lanes all day for shady, bryce. and we played a team game. our defense did a great job. we did a great job on special teams. tfrs an exciting win and the crowd was awesome all night. >> michele: the run game was remarkable. close to 300 yards rushing. what did that do for the offense as a whole? >> it's huge. it opens up play action. we can go over the top. it opens up everything. runs down the clock. it's degrading to defenses when
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you can run on them. proud of our o-line and our team for the victory. >> michele: the last time you faced the cowboys you got knocked out with a concussion. how different is this eagles team from the one that you last played the cowboys? >> we've grown a lot. we've grown a lot together. we know when we win games it will be team wins and i'm thankful for this orgs and all the guys in the locker room. we'll enjoy this tonight and get to work. we have a lot of work to do for the talented dallas team. we have to be ready. >> cris: let's move on to shady who is signing another football over here. not enough people can get your autograph. that's for sure. another triple digit rushing night for you. two touchdowns. what seemed to be going to well? >> it starts with the week of preparation. you know the whole week we planned on running the ball. i think having that lost to minnesota, had to get focussed again. i told the media, it come down to the offensive line and me and the running backs.
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>> michele: team wins are the most important stat for you but the rushing hitle is there for the taking lesean. what would it mean for you to clinch it? >> it means a lot. it means a lot. everything player, you know, they dream of winning the super bowl and running backs dream of getting a rushing title. tonight as a group we got fitted for the crown. next week we win against dallas and we get the crown for good. >> michele: thanks so much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: let's go over to mychal kendricks who was huge for this defense tonight. the bears had a lot on the line tonight. they could have clinched their division with a win and yet you guys looked like the inspired team. how did you set the tone so quickly? >> i'm so proud of this group coming out here and giving it their all. we knew the situation at hand. dallas won. we were playing for a seed. we didn't give it up. we came out here and it's our last home game as far as the regular season is concerned around we did our thing.
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>> michele: and now you head to dallas to clinch even more potentially to get to the division and go on to the playoff. what do you think is key to winning one at their place? >> what's key is having a game like today. being effective in all three phases of the game. offense, defense, and special teams all coming together and playing as one. that's what we need. >> michele: we'll look forward to it. we'll see you down there. >> all right. thanks, michele. when mychal kendricks says go bears. he is a former cal bear. the eagles head to dallas with the nfc east in the line in the process of tonight's win they keep the packers hopes alive. green bay at soldier field next sunday for the nfc north title. two big questions for green bay, can aaron rodgers make it with the injured left shoulder and eddie lacy aggravated a ankle sprain in the loss today to pittsburgh. we know how bad chicago is in defending the run. it would make it easier on the
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bears if lacy can't make it. let's look at the overall nfc playoff picture. the eagles and cowboys play in dallas on sunday night for the nfc east title. the third-straight year the cowboys have been in that exact position after losing to the giants two years ago and washington last year. make the playoffs and win lose or go home. another division title game in the nfc north with the bears hosting the packers. now, seattle can clinch home field throughout with a win or one more 49ers loss, but they still haven't secured the number one seed officially. the panthers get at least the two seed with a win or a saints loss next week. the 49ers and saints control their playoff opportunity while cardinals need to beat the 49ers next week and get one more loss from the niners or from the saints. got all that? let's bring in tony dungy. tony, two play-in games next sunday. who do you like to win the nfc
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east and the nfc north? >> well, i start with the north and green bay and chicago. i really think it depends on aaron rodgers' health. i do not see the packers being able to go into soldier field and beat chicago without aaron o rodgers. you have to look at philadelphia tonight for the east, you saw foles and mccoy down there being interviewed. this is a different offense. more confident team than dallas played several weeks ago. ip like philadelphia to go in and win the game. >> tony, in the afc, we know five of the six playoff teams. kansas city is locked into the fifth spot which means a road game two weeks from now. the division winners are denver, new england, cincinnati and indianapolis. we won't know the order of seeding for another week. but the broncos are guaranteed a bye and they have home field overall if they win or the patriots should lose the final week of the regular season. the patriots could be as high as the number one and if things
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break entirely bad for them, as low as number four. the real drama surrounds the sixth seed, as miami, baltimore, san diego and improbably the steelers all still alive. each needs help to get in. tony, which team do you think is best positioned to secure the sixth and final spot? >> as you said, bob, all four of these teams need to win and get some help but that's why i like the miami dolphins position because they actually need the least amount of help. they play their game at home against the jets, who are not in the playoff race and then all they need is one other home favorite to win. san diego to win their home game or cincinnati to win at home against baltimore. so i like where miami is because they need the least amount of help from anyone else. >> makes sense. we turn now to mike florio of "pro football talk." what stories will be following tomorrow? >> aaron rodgers is the name to watch going into the week. seven weeking ago tomorrow he
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broke the collarbone and it's been an organizational decision made by gm who has kept him out all we're. will he be cleared to play next week against the bears? another injury. tony romo of the cowboys tweaked his back today in washington. it's not clear whether or not it's going to affect him going forward. he was able to keep playing, but he did injure the back. it could affect his preparations. as the cowboys get ready to face the eagles for the third-straight year. for the cowboys for an nfc east championship in week 17. couple other playoff teams have mris to be worried about on monday. von miller, the broncos great pass rusher has a knee injury. the broncos trying to nail down the number one seed in the afc. and steve smith also has a knee injury the panthers one win away from the number two seed in the nfc. >> okay, mike. thanks for all that and more, don't miss mike florio on "pro football talk" presented by chevrolet tomorrow at 5:30 on nbc sn.
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on the latest verizon 4g lte smartphones, like the samsung galaxy s4 for just $99. walmart. >> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. and here now the schedule for the final week, next week, baltimore at cincinnati. playoff implications there. cleveland/pittsburgh. miami controls its playoff fate at home against the jets. and the rest of the schedule right there, denver going into oakland to wrap up their season. now in the nfc, two, of course, huge games. carolina trying to secure the two spot so that's a big one. green bay, for all the marbles in the nfc north. san francisco in arizona. arizona still has a shot. st. louis at seattle and philadelphia/dallas. that's the last game. we played 256 of these babies
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and here we go gwen the 256th game featured the dallas cowboys as it has for the last three years. i mean, it's just an amazing thing. the league comes down to it. one of the great things the league did in recent years is the last weekend of the season they made them all divisional games. here we go again with a win and get in or lose or go home scenario next sunday week. >> you watch the philadelphia eagles play and like tony dungy, you feel like they're going to win it, you know? but we know how the national football league plays out. and you get the dallas cowboys at home with 100,000 people and this is going to be one of those raw, emotional, fistfight kind of games. and you got tony romo, who has been in these games and nick foles, this is going to be the most pressure-packed moment of his career by far. >> foles at texas. he goes home, at least to his home state. cowboys have had to try to do this on the road in the meadowlands two years ago in
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washington. last year. try to do it in arlington this week. you'll be there, sfliegt. >> can't wait. >> we'll see you next sunday night to wrap up "sunday night football." to wrap up the regular season. and we wrap it up here tonight in philadelphia. with a score early and often and the eagles wind up routing the chicago, 54-11. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. our whole gang led by fred and drew saying good night from our whole gang led by fred and drew saying good night from philadelphia. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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right now a flood watch affecting the entire d.c. metro area. what it means for your monday morning. burned out of home days before christmas, how firefighters planning to help those in need in maryland. a rough sendoff in the last home game of the year for the burgundy and gold. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. we got off to a wet start today and a lot more rain is coming our way over the next several hours. flood watch is in effect for the entire washington region as of midnight and a soggy monday
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morning commute. meteorologist has the latest. >> areas in the flood watch are going to see a lot of rain, about one to two to maybe three inches. people in the flood watch, the d.c. metro area, southern maryland. prince william and loudoun countys. this flood watch is in effect through tomorrow afternoon. the counties in green you are in the flood watch. areas back to the west could see around an inch. if you are driving late tonight, early tomorrow morning especially during the mid morning hours you want to be careful for hydroplaning. we are mainly concerned about flooding near streams with moisture moving through. right now on storm team 4 radar i am tracking rain in southern maryland and parts of northern
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virginia. all of this rain will continue to push in over the next hour alone. here we are at 3:00 a.m. 6:30 still seeing wide spread rain, some reduced visibility is possible early tomorrow morning. when does the rain end and how does this impact temperatures? i'll have the answers in about 15 minutes. they were hoping to play spoiler with a win and for a while it looked like the redskins were going to help bounce the cowboys from the playoff picture but washington lost late in the game by a singleal point. jason pugh is here with reaction. >> back-to-back one point losses for the redskins in the last two weeks. this loss hurts a little more than the other games. maybe because the skins had the lead. tony romo did not lose for the cowboys but won it for dallas.
11:49 pm
london fletcher announced he is retiring after the season. cousins finds pierre garcon. he has 107 catches on the year now. in the fourth quarter skins up six. tony romo brings the cowboys back. he finds demarco murray. ten yard touchdown and the extra point gave dallas the lead and win, 24-23. >> anytime you have a game like that and can't find a way to get it done especially against dallas you just look backt at your opportunities and you are very disappointed that you didn't take advantage of them. thought our fans were great. just disappointed we couldn't get it done for them. >> despite the loss there were positives from the game like garcon breaking the record.
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new video from oklahoma showing the effects of the winter storm hitting the area. huge sheets of ice fell from the roof of a mall today in oklahoma city. shoppers caught the moment on video as chunk after chunk of ice crashed to the ground. the cold weather caused power outages and business closures across the state this weekend. and thousands in the northeast are still without power right now due to the storm. sleet and ice caused outages and treacherous driving conditions in michigan, new york and parts of new england while residents in the south cope with deadly flooding. >> reporter: wild winter weather sweeping across the u.s. making for pretty pictures. >> going to be nice to have a white christmas. >> reporter: but dangerous conditions. >> about 2:30 this morning we woke to the house shaking and
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discovered the tree next door fell on our house and cars. >> reporter: ice and wind storms left hundreds without power and heat this morning in michigan, new york and new england. >> we knew it was coming but it is kind of hard to prepare for something like this. >> reporter: bad weather is being blamed for a number of deaths including here in kentucky when three people died when their vehicle was swept away by flood waters. and at at least one tornado tore through parts of arkansas damaging homes and injuring several people. and wide spread delays at the nation's airports. mother nature sending the gift of winter weather and all of the problems that come with it. members of an arlington church are counting their blessings after part of the ceiling collapsed after sunday services. members of the congregation
11:52 pm
heard a cracking noise and got out just in time. members say it is sad to see the church damaged but they are grateful no one was hurt. >> that goes to show you that the angels spread their wings so that nobody got hurt, absolutely nobody got hurt. >> god is still looking out for us. we are down but not out. >> the fire department says that while the ceiling collapsed there was no damage to the roof and they will be able to hold services this week. more than a dozen people in prince georges county are forced out of their homes for the holidays. fire at their apartment building did tens of thousands of dollars of damage. darcy spencer talked to residents about the disruption to their lives during the holidays. >> this is christmas gifts for
11:53 pm
my babies. >> reporter: these charred toys are what is left after a devastating fire that forced 18 people out of their homes a few days before christmas. >> i saw the fire, the emergency police, everything. >> reporter: she was able to get out with her three young kids but they have lost all of their belongings. >> my couch, my bed. you can see everything was messed up. my food, my kids' clothes. >> reporter: the flames broke out saturday morning. fire officials say it started when someone who was cooking left food unattended on the stove. >> it's a rough time and hard times for everybody. this is more harder times for them. >> reporter: trina johnson had to run out of her apartment with her two little boys. >> one of the ladies just had a newborn baby and her son was
11:54 pm
outside with no shirt. i had to let them sit in my car. >> reporter: she knows what the displaced families are going through. her apartment burned down five years ago. >> i'm so thankful no one was hurt but it is such a sad thing around the holidays. >> reporter: the fire department's community outreach office is going to connect with the families displaced by the fire and make sure those eight children have toys come christmas day. darcy spencer, news 4. metro transit police want you to take a good look at these pictures. the man you see is wanted for questioning in connection with an armed robbery and kidnapping at the nailer road metro station. police say sunday night someone forced a man at gun point to get off the train. victim wasn't hurt. police say this man is only a person of interest but would
11:55 pm
like to speak to him. new video shows another burglaryt at a d.c. elementary school. police are hoping somebody recognizes the people on the surveillance cameras. the video is from october. police haven't said what the thieves got away with but burglars have targeted several d.c. schools in recent months stealing computers, monitors and other electronics. a somber night in centennial, colorado. friends, family and strangers came together to mourn the death of claire davis. the 17-year-old davis was in a coma for a week. she died at the hospital yesterday. in a statement her family says they are thankful for the years they had with her. the parents of gunman carl pearson released a statement saying they are heart broken by davis' death. a developing story in south
11:56 pm
sedan. more than 600 americans evacuated amid the growing conflict. it comes as president obama told congress that he may take further military action to protect americans in that country. today the government of south sedan lost control of the capital raising concerns of a possible civil war. yesterday four u.s. troops were injured after their helicopter was hit by rebel gun fire. a local mother says she was robbed at gun point in front of her children. the woman told police that she and her kids were in the stairwell of the building when a man put a gun to her back and told her to hand over her purse. none of the children were hurt and police are still looking for the suspect. police are trying to figure out how two men and a woman wound up in the river in baltimore. they got the call that three
11:57 pm
people were in the river near port covington. divers found the two men's bodies a short time later. they were pronounced dead at the hospital. the woman will be okay. police are investigating whether the three jumped in or fell in the water. still to come tonight a surprise visit that you will not want to miss. >> ho, ho, ho, it's santa claus. >> we'll show you who is spreading holiday cheer. an impressive streak broken while the first
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a jumbo jet sliced the building in half today at the south african airport. a passenger on the british airways plane took this picture. the plane was taxiing getting ready to take off for london. no one on board was injured. it is not clear why the wing came in contact with the structure. dennis rodman is back in north korea. the former nba star is putting together a team of north koreans to play against nba veterans next month. this is rodman's third visit to north korea shortly after kim jong-un ordered his uncle and another political leading executed. there are concerns that more political leaders could be killed. rodman maintains his trip is motivated by basketball and not
12:01 am
politics. president obama and the first family took in a college basketball game. they went to see the game in honolulu. oregon state is coached by michelle obama's brother. oregon state lost the game and it is the first time the team has lost with the president in attendance. a pennsylvania community came together to help make a young girl's wish come true. 8-year-old was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in may. delaney lives in redding, pennsylvania and last night thousands gathered to sing her christmas carols. on friday, her 8th birthday she was able to video chat with
12:02 am
taylor swift. a local family got a huge christmas surprise today. sheriff's office worked with a group of teachers to bring gifts to the mcgee family. mom is working two jobs but right now she and her kids call this motel 6 home. so sheriff dressed up as santa and helped deliver gifts collected for the family. >> can't afford to do anything in my situation. >> been looking forward to this for about a week or so since i was notified that the school system wanted to make a special christmas for this family. >> the children's mother says the community really came through for her family. with all of the donations the kids should have everything they wanted from santa this year. you can't say it is beginning to say a lot like christmas, you can as far as the
12:03 am
giving, but weatherwise. >> a lot of rain is going to fall overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. so much so that a flood watch is in effect through monday afternoon for almost the entire area. this includes the d.c. metro area, southern maryland, a good portion of northern virginia mpt if you are under the flood watch you can see one to three inches of rain. i think you will see about one to two inches of rain for the areas shaded in the bright green coloring. to the west expect around an inch. i think the heaviest rain will fall tomorrow morning around the time of the morning rush. if you are out and about be careful hydroplaning. we are mainly worried aboutt flooding near streams and creeks. this is the rain i am tracking. it is going to increase to become more wide spread. it is a rainy day tomorrow. you need the rain jacket, the
12:04 am
rain boots. 6:00 a.m. on future weather everybody is seeing rain. some heavy rain in spots during the morning hours. here we are at 10:00 a.m. by 2:00 fredrick county, loudoun county starts to dry out. i think washington is dry by about 5:00 p.m. and most of the area is dry by 9. all three airports hit record high temperatures today in the low 70s. right now temperatures around 60 degrees. tomorrow temperatures fall throughout the day. so tomorrow morning around 6:00 a.m. for the most part around 60 degrees. look at what happens as we work our way towards noon. we drop into the upper 50s in washington. 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening washington is at 49 degrees. areas back to the west like leesburg in the low to mid 40s. hagueers town around 40 degrees. starting off your day tomorrow
12:05 am
is more mild than when we are finishing. here we aret at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. 41 in washington. so your planner for tomorrow steady, even heavy rain at times 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. notice how temperatures drop into the upper 50s by 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. this is when rain starts to move out of the area. temperatures in the mid 50s. only upper 40s by 6 p.m. by this point i think washington should be dry. on tuesday breezy and noticebly cooler. a high temperature on tuesday only around 40 degrees. there is a slight chance that we see very quick moving light snow shower tuesday night. not all of the area would get this but we are going to continue to track the potential. little or no accumulation. for christmas it is a cold christmas, a high temperature of 37. so on christmas eve night temperatures in the 30s.


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