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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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started his own charity after the earthquake in haiti. it's called reach out worldwide. since it's the season of giving, you can go to our website and find out how to donate and jcpenney's is donating $10,000 in paul's name. i want to thank eddie murphy and my guest deejay, twitch. [cheers and applause] and merry christmas, everybody. happy holidays. be kind to one another. bye.
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right now at 4:00, breaking news, the white house extends the health care enrollment deadline. >> cracker barrel reverses their view on "duck dynasty" products. lawsuits on target for not protecting debit and credit card information. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. the rain is tapering off, but the mercury is on the move down. >> that's right. get ready, cold is about to make a comeback. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is on it. how low are we talking, chuck?
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>> i think some areas could be below the freezing mark tomorrow morning. with all the rain we have had, there could be patchiness of ice tomorrow morning. use caution. for now, we are dealing with rain drops across the area. storm team 4 radar zoomed in on the immediate metro area. rain drops on the capital beltway. more rain across parts of southern maryland. by and large, the good news is the drying trend to the north and west. it's on the way in. it's going to be riding an increasingly gusty wind here. temperatures already starting their way down. mid-50s in southern maryland. already back in the mid-40s for hag hage hagerstown and martinsburg. showers and mild for now. the metro area, mid-40s by 9:00
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tonight. there could be iciness to deal with tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and how long the cold is here to stay with, coming up. a live look at reagan national airport. there are a few flight delays reported. thousands of flights were canceled or delayed across the country. trouble right now at detroit metro airport where an airplane slid off the runway. delta airlines believes the plane may have hit black ice. everyone is okay. passengers are rescheduled on other flights. construction workers needed help out of a sticky spot today. rain turned their area into a mud pit. one worker managed to free himself. the other was stuck up to his thighs and had to wait for firefighters to help get him out. >> i felt my foot sink in a little bit. i tried to pry myself up.
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as i was prying myself up, i went deeper and deeper. >> i was buried, but i got out. i kept walking, i turned around and he was buried. i got a board and headed out. >> aside from being embarrassed, neither worker was hurt. a last minute change in effect for the health care law. the deadline to enroll in the health care coverage has been extended through tomorrow. it's a 24 hour extension. government officials say the grace period is to help accommodate people in different time zones and get ahead of further technical problems with the website. we learned the president signed up for a health care plan through the d.c. health exchange. we'll have more in a live report at 4:30. a man is in critical condition after being hit trying to cross the street in prince george's county. police tell us it happened outside the crosswalk. the driver did s the scene
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and is not expected to be charged. one of the oldest churches in arlington is ruled structurally sound just in time for christmas. the ceiling of the zion church on south 24th road partially collapsed during a prayer service yesterday. a section of the ceiling made a large cracking noise before it fell. they got a chance to get out of the way. >> it goes to show you the angels spread their wings so that nobody got hurt. absolutely nobody got hurt and everybody got out. >> god is still looking out for us. we are down, but not out. >> no one was injured. the church was built in 1922. a fairfax woman is accused of stealing the credit card of a client at the animal hospital where she worked.
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she's charged with theft and fraud. she worked on fairfax boulevard in fairfax. police began an investigation after a customer called to say she lost her credit card at the business and it was used to make fraudulent purchases. take a good look at this video. thieves broke into an elementary school. investigators haven't said what they took, but burglars have stolen computers and other electronics from several d.c. schools recently. six years after a woman won a court battle to keep her pet monkey, she says the monkey has been stolen. because a family issues last summer, she gave the money key to a woman who runs a rescue organization in virginia. she tried to get her money back, but somebody adopted him. the woman was only supposed to
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keep him temporarily. the woman claims she signed papers giving him up. she won a battle that allowed her to keep him as pet. a man says he was taken from a train and forced to withdrawal money from several atms. cracker barrel customers enraged after the restaurant chain removed "duck dynasty" items from the stores. cracker barrel responds. >> reporter: what's the big deal? it's just finding a parking spot in the rain on christmas eve eve. no big deal, right? i'm adam tuss at the mall. we'll tell you about it, coming up. a travel toy making elf labor management. how much would santa's salary be if you total up all his work? news 4 at 4:00, coming back. this is lieutenant general giving a shoutout
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consumers are showing signs they may be waiting until after christmas to do their shopping hoping to get better deals according to retail next, the company that analyzes customers habits say customers shopped less the weekend before christmas. visits to stores fell 7% the final weekend year-to-year. it did not include online sales. if you need to return something after christmas, double check the return policy. 28% of stores change their policies for the holidays. a recent survey by retail me not shows less than half of all consumers will take back some of the gifts they received this
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year. double check the return policy before you pick up the final gifts. if finding the perfect gift weren't enough, finding a parking space could be hard. >> adam tuss is at the tyson's mall directing traffic. >> reporter: this is what it's like trying to get into the parking lot here at tyson's corner. fun time getting in today? >> it's horrible. >> reporter: tell me about it. >> can't find a parking spot anywhere. nowhere. >> reporter: how long you been circling? >> 15 minutes. everyone wants to get into the mall. >> reporter: happy holidays. >> same to you. >> reporter: it's tough out here. adding that it's raining, it can be challenging. some drivers, when they see the open spot, they race to it. >> i had my light on waiting for it, hoping that nobody comes from this side.
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so, you know, we got lucky. here we are. >> reporter: again, remember to bring your patience along with you if you are coming to the mall. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, we had to broker peace out here in the parking lot today. find out about that later on. in tyson's corner, adam tuss, news 4. the cleveland kidnapping hero lands a book deal. christmas in the dark. ice and power outages stretch from michigan to maine. >> as the rain moves out, cold weather is moving in.
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president obama and the first family are vacationing in hawaii right now. the president spent the day working out and playing golf. over the weekend, they took in a college basketball game cheering on oregon state. the team competed in the classic tournament. presidential support wasn't enough to help the team. they fell to akron, 83-71. people across the country have seen just about every type of weather. >> ice storms in the northeast while here in the east coast, we saw record warm temperatures over the weekend. nbcs dylan drier reports on the weather. >> reporter: look out, holiday
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shoppers jumped for coverage as sheets of ice fell from the roofs in oklahoma city. no one was hurt. fallen wires were a danger further north. ice storm downed tree limbs. 300,000 lost power in michigan alone. crews have been working in the bitter cold. temperatures in the teens, to get the power back on. >> they bring in extra crews from out of state. it's quite an effort to get the crews lined up, where to go and what to do. it's a logistics nightmare. >> reporter: five people drown in kentucky. drivers in indiana abandoned their cars to rising water. in arkansas, they are picking up the pieces after a tornado touched down saturday. one person killed and four hurt. heavy winds caused gridlock at airports. delayed and canceled flights. 700 flights canceled in all. frustrating early holiday travelers. looking a lot like christmas in
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wisconsin. the city got half a foot of snow. >> i think it's made it a nice setting for a white christmas. >> it was a different story along the east coast. record warm temperatures in new york, philadelphia and wilmington, delaware. not exactly what skaters nad mind when they flocked to the rink at rockefeller center. >> i knew it was going to be warm, but not that watery on the ice. >> reporter: skating in short sleeves days before christmas. >> i wish it was a little colder. >> wacky weather. >> i'm not a weather expert in new york city, but 70 in december, it has to be a long time since they have been that warm. >> all of this rain, now we are going dry out. >> finally, settling down in time for everybody to get away or in for their holidays. typical december-like temperatures coming our way. we tied our record of 72
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degrees. we tied it at 8:30 in the morning yesterday. i drove to work yesterday morning about 3:45 in the morning and it was 70 degrees outside. i was like where am i? it's crazy. 70 degrees in the middle of the night in washington. right now, it's been a gloomy, dreary and soggy day. clouds and rain interrupted anything you want to do. it's 53 in washington. win winds out of the north, gusting to 26 miles per hour. the wind is going to drive that colder and colder air into the region. be prepared for december-like weather. storm team 4 radar, berwyn heights up to college park and southern montgomery county getting in on light rain. south of town, fairfax county, raining along route 50. south of the city, i-95,
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woodbridge, quantico and southern maryland where the bulk of the rain has been much of the day. another patch of rain coming through. the drying trend is coming, everybody. it's going to take awhile for it to get here. look at the moisture going up the eastern sea board. it's caused a lot of travel troubles. new york city and boston experiencing substantial delays. if you have late evening flights, you may want to call your airlines as there could be substantial lingering delays for new york city and the boston area. our airports are looking fine. problem will be getting into wherever you are traveling to. monday evening, on the mild side. temperatures near 50. cooling down as the showers come to an end. the temperatures will be trending downward. a good time to download the storm team 4 weather app. it will follow you where you go and give you the latest forecast as well. the rain is ending. clearing tonight. it will allow temperatures to drop near or below freezing.
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a lot of wet roadways. could be patchy ice tomorrow watch for that. tomorrow, during the day, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, a sprinkle or flurry chance. shouldn't do much or add up to much. clearing skies and turning colder christmas eve night into christmas day. colder, yes. the odds of a white christmas, 0%. maybe christmas of 2014 will be different. here is the four day forecast for the week. a sprinkle or flurry tomorrow. cold on christmas, then typical december weather for thursday and friday. when i see you again, the important weekend to come. >> thank you. to download the storm team 4 weather app, get live radar and the forecast anytime in your hand. download it for free. it's a deal. the man who helped rescue the three women and a child held
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captive in cleveland is writing a book. he had a deal with a publisher. in may, he broke down the door of ariel castro's house to rescue gina, michelle and amanda and her 6-year-old daughter. they were imprisoned more than ten years. the book does not yet have a title. it's set to be published in the spring. we will soon find out what it's like to be locked up in jail. according to "the washington post," msnbcs reality show, "lock up" filmed six episodes there. camera crews spent four months there filming inmates, staff members and families. the shows are tentatively set to air in june, 2014. thousands of new toys, free toys. the heart warming reason behind this toys for tots open house. we go live to the north pole next. santa claus gets set for the busiest night of the year.
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we are following breaking news.
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santa, rudolph, dasher and dancer and all the other
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reindeer are gearing up for their christmas eve journey from the north pole to your house. in nine hours, you will be able to track his journey as he races across the world delivering toys to all the boys and girls. military specialists at norad have satellites tracking his journey. you can track his progress by clicking on our website,, simply search the word santa. right now, santa and everybody else at the north pole is hard at work. they are all very busy. >> yeah, they have been in training. they are ready,e are ready, they are preparing for what could be the most anticipated trip of the planet. marty glazer is live at santa's workshop in the north pole. it's got to be the final stretch here, non-stop work, right? >> of course it is. good morning, jim and pat. santa is gearing up to lift off, the big guy in his red suit
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along with his eight, not so little reindeer are getting ready to make the skies more friendly. as santa's team both two and four-legged gear up for the big flight -- >> i know you are ready for this. don't get cold feet at the last second. >> reporter: the reindeer get prejitters. >> you got it. no more fighting with blitz. okay. >> hi, cupid. >> reporter: st. nick stops by to add that umph. there goes dasher. he's raring to go. >> dash away, dash away, dash away all. >> reporter: a lot to accomplish in one night, delivering gifts to all the boys and girls around the world who made santa's good list. gift requests ran the gamut. >> you like to camp?
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>> yeah. what do you want for christmas? >> i'm thankful for everybody i have. i'm going let you choose. >> that's nice, what would you like? >> ipad. >> an ipad? >> reporter: as santa knows, some kids just want their mommy's. of course, i'm not crying because santa granted my wish with a heat wave. last year this time, it was negative 48 degrees. from north pole, alaska, i'm marty glazer, back to you. >> yikes. >> thanks so much. we'll watch tomorrow night for you. santa doesn't draw a salary, but if he did, how much would it be? >> says his value is $138,000 a year, not counting the christmas ot. they used pay scales listed by the bureau of labor statistics for toy maker, delivery man and
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labor manager. they did a survey to find out what they think santa should be paid. a third say he deserves more than $1 billion, that's one dollar for every child in the world under the age of 15. some say he should work pro bono. >> the "duck dynasty" issue. cracker barrel reversed their decision on whether or not to sell "duck dynasty"
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welcome back at 4:30, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. the driver will probably not face charges following a crash involving a pedestrian. it happened this morning near queens chapel road. we are told a pedestrian was not in the crosswalk. he remains in critical condition. rescue crews had to dig out a construction worker in college park after the heavy rains caused him to get stuck. the man told us he and the co-worker were walking on a site when they began to sink. one of them managed to get free. the other had to wait for crews to dig him out. a fairfax woman is accused of stealing the credit card of a client. she worked at the town and country animal hospital on fairfax boulevard. police began an investigation after she called to say she lost her credit card and it was used
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to make fraudulent charges. the owner of a monkey says the animal has been stolen. she won a legal battle to keep armani as a pet. a rescue in virginia that was supposed to be baby sitting the monkey adopted him out. an official tells news 4 she signed papers giving him up. we are learning more about what happened moments before a teenager was shot and killed outside a house party. the grandmother is still searching for answers about the murder. she told zachary kiesch that he was standing outside with friends when a car drove by and someone began shooting. the 19-year-old died shortly after. the party was advertised on facebook. there have been no arrests, yet, in this case. >>ight nening crime on
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metro. police are looking for a man who kidnapped a man. a man was at the nailer road station in maryland when a gunman forced him to travel to the waterfront metro station in d.c. the victim was taken from the train and had to withdrawal cash friday night. mark segraves shows us the public places where the armed robber took his victim. this afternoon, president obama says he's done it himself. he's enrolled in an insurance plan under his own sweeping health care law. while everyone now has an extra day, not everyone is happy with the latest change. jennifer johnson is live o capitol hill with the latest developments. >> reporter: good afternoon, pat. you have until midnight christmas eve to sign up for a health care plan. the government is giving you another 24 hours. the website is swamped, but it is working. a christmas bonus from the white house. the deadline to sign up for a
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government health care plan is now tomorrow night. help centers like this onen arlington, virginia were swamped with people trying to beat the clock. this man was confused by the changes. >> wasn't sure what is the date. today is the last day. >> reporter: new enrollers need to get on today but need the extra 24 hours. >> because we had such a big crush of visitors, we wanted to make sure people trying to sign up today were able to get covered by january 1 and wanted to add a cushion on the back end. a staffer signed up president obama this weekend, a symbolic move because he's covered by the military. under the act, people with chronic or catastrophic illnesses can no longer be denied. >> if we don't get the young, healthy people into the system, it can cause problems for everybody else buying insurance. 4 million americans lost
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coverage when their policies lost coverage. >> let me make something very, very, very clear. i'm for repealing, completely, this law. it can never be fixed. >> reporter: whatever the prognosis, obamacare is here for now. love it or hate it, the government expects 1.5 million people to sign up for a health care plan by the end of december. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer johnson, news 4. a federal judge in utah ruled gay marriage can continue in that state. judge robert shelby denied a request that sought to have gay marriage until their appeals process ran out. the county clerk in salt lake city immediately began issuing licenses and hundreds of gay couples camped out to get their marriage licenses today. pennsylvania minister stripped of his credentials by the united
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methodist church delivered a sermon here in d.c. this weekend. frank shafer joined the congregation at founder united methodist church that embraces gay marriage. he delivered a message urging methodists to remain in the denomination and reform it from within. "duck dynasty" merchandise is back on the shelves at cracker barrel. they pulled mugs and cookbooks after phil robertson made comments about gays and blacks. they released a statement saying fans complained they pulled the merchandise off their shelves. they said it was a mistake and apologized for offending loyal customers. the merchandise was gone two days. a & e suspended him from the show. we got drenched today. when are the clouds moving out? >> the clouds, good news, jim,
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the clouds are thinning out a little bit now especially to the north and west of town. there's the view of the front lawn in northwest, washington. the lawns are green and squishy, squashy with all the rain. the rain is, in fact, starting to taper off. most of the rain east of i-95 into parts of southern maryland. if you are headed west on to i-81, already the rain is done in those locations. that is welcome news, for sure. it's getting windy. winds out of the of the north and northwest. you'll need a heavier weight jacket. a rainy monday. rainfall amounts between an inch and inch and a half. there may be a little patchy ice first thing tomorrow with wet roadways. temperatures below the freezing mark to the north and west of town. be careful for that.
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for the rest of the week, a little bit of a steady temperature trend here. seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, chuck. they dealt with atrocious weather conditions and completed their trek. prince harry is home in time for christmas. target is being hit with lawsuits avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta.
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it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today
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she's gone from the sidelines to the front lines. yesterday, the army recognized former nfl cheerleader turned soldier rachel washburn for her service. she was a cheerleader for the eagles until 2009. she was at last night's game in philly against the bears. she completed two tours of duty in afghanistan and earned a bronze star. she plans to reenlist in the army next year. well, a hero's welcome in london this afternoon for a group of injured veterans just back from an arctic adventure. >> the vets are from britain and the u.s. they had something to prove. prince harry helped them prove it. >> reporter: cheers and hugs this morning for a hero's
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return. missing from the adventure is prince harry, after leading the british team during the gruelling three week trek to the bottom of the world, he returned to london, alone. last spotted shopping in south africa, sporting his personal souven souvenir, the bushy beard. >> we all turn and go is that really prince harry? he's harry, he was a teammate and great one to be with. >> reporter: it wasn't just royalty joining them, actors, too. star of "the wire" dominic west. pulling heavy sleighs, the teams traveled across antarctica. three of the team members suffered frostbite. this was more than an adventure, it was to show it can be done. injured in baghdad. >> for me, it's given me a boost
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knowing that i can go to the south pole, so why can't i start working again? >> reporter: they are returning home. no word on if prince harry will join the rest of the family for christmas. it's close to where his girlfriend lives. a huge toy give away. thousands of extra toys at a warehouse in montgomery county today. plus, play at your own risk. we have toy dangers to watch out for in the last minute shopping rush. can the color of your plate help you lose weight? chuck, will we dry out soon? >> we are going to begin a drying trend overnight and tomorrow. we'll let you know if it will
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the toys for tots in gaithersburg had such a successful fund raising year, they ended up with 20,000 toys left over. they spent much of today giving away the extra toys. montgomery county collected some 98,000 toys this year compared to 36,000 last year. >> that's tremendous. a group of local police officers went above and beyond to bring one local family a christmas surprise. >> derrick ward got to ride along. we have the report from charles
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county. charles county sheriff's cruisers gather in this motel lot off 301. it's clear something is up. then they deploy. wait, there's something different. secret is out. that's charles county sheriff, rex coffee. they are not here serving a summons. >> ho, ho, ho. it's santa claus. they are serving an order to appear, happy. christmas cheer. it started wen educators saw a need for assistance for one of their students. >> we wanted to help in anyway we could. we sent an e-mail out to staff just to say, you know, how could we help. >> our ppw said i have a family in need. i instantly said we have to give them presents. >> reporter: some turned into a carload of clothes and toys. more coming after the sheriff's department added in. >> everyone wants christmas. people don't have it so people should give christmas. >> reporter: she holds down two jobs and home is a room at this motel 6.
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with all that going on, christmas didn't look good for the kids. >> can't afford to do anything in my situation. this helped out a lot. >> been looking forward to this for the last week or so since i was notified the school system wants to make a special christmas for this family. >> reporter: she only sought things for her kids. the sheriff and the rest of the department would see to it she wasn't left out. >> i don't know what i have. i'm grateful for whatever it is. >> they are known for giving and recognizing the children. this is the time of year we need to do that. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> have we seen the last of the 60s and 70s for awhile? >> i'm afraid we have. i don't think we can see it quite so nice around here from a mild temper specktive anytime too soon. more typical december weather is rolling back in. it's riding a north to northwesterly breeze in. if you don't think it's that
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breezy, it's getting awfully cold. after a couple days in the 70s, 40s and 30s are going to feel chilly. it's the view from the city camera and the tower looking down the potomac river. there's the national cathedral and reagan national airport. cloudy skies out there. most of the rain has moved away. i can't keep up with that camera. let's take a check of some of our graphics. there's storm team 4 radar. indeed, it is a bit of a rainy finish in monday. the rain continues in southern maryland. that's where the rain is going to continue for the next bit. already, the drying air started to move in northern maryland where temperatures are back into the mid-40s right now. mid-50s in town and southern maryland. here is the way techs are going to trend over the next 24 to 36 hours. 30s to the north and west. mid-40s in town. by wake-up time tomorrow, not
4:50 pm
much of a freeze threat. northern loudoun county up to northern maryland, you may have patchy ice on local roadways. tomorrow, during the day, temperatures rise to around 40. a sprinkle or flurry chance late afternoon tomorrow. nothing major to interrupt travel. by 10:00, a lot of people going out for christmas eve services. a bundle up factor. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. christmas is off to a seasonably cold start. christmas day, semis mid to upper 30s for a high. windchills, not bad. tomorrow afternoon, near the freezing mark. tomorrow evening, heading out for christmas eve services, windchills in the teens and 20s. it is going to be on the cold feeling side. here is the seven day forecast in detail. for tomorrow, a sprinkle or flurry, nothing major. christmas day, i think you are going to enjoy your christmas day. clear and cold if you are headed out to services. christmas day, sunny,
4:51 pm
temperatures in the 30s. a cold night christmas night. finish out the weekend. into the weekend, temperatures getting up to near 50 degrees by saturday and sunday. there's a rain chance posted on your monday as well. by and large, december is back. >> thank you. nasa crews are on the ground and on board the international space station gearing up for a space walk tomorrow. they will try to finalize repair work. over the weekend, two astronauts performed their first space walk. tomorrow, they hope to install a new ammonia pump outside the space station. >> flying in space has everything to do with the unknown and doing things people have never done before. you expect things to go wrong. you expect to be surprised. what you do is plan extremely carefully. >> depending on how the repair work goes, the crew may need to complete another space walk on christmas day. in news 4 your health, one
4:52 pm
out of every four couples has a difficult time conceiving. the cost stops a lot of couples from seeking care. researchers at university of california, san francisco finds most people pay more than $5,000 out of pocket. couples with insurance coverage for fertility treatment spent $2,000 less than those with no insurance. the secret to keeping off the extra holiday pounds could be in the color of your plate. a study finds people eat less or use less of a product when exposed to the color red. italian researchers tested how much food or hand cream people took when products were placed on red, white or blue plates. people with a red plate consumed less food and consumed less hand cream. hazardous toys. before you check off a child's
4:53 pm
wish list, make sure the toys are safe. the u.s. customs warned some products may be harmful to a child. for example, this doll. a child has easy ak tess to the batteries and some toys may contain high levels of led. >> fake a little time before you open up your wallet and bring out the credit card or cash and look at the product. >> they warn against counterfeit smartphones and pirated movies. you spend good money on fake products. angry shoppers file suit against target. they didn't do enough to protect against their debit and credit issues. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in frederick, maryland. a local mom is speaking out about the death of her son who died from a her win overdose. she's trying to help other parents fight
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a new dispute in the murder case involving former new england patriot aaron hernandez. they want a formal gag order.
4:57 pm
they were releasing info to the media and jeopardiopardizing hi chance of a fair trial. he shot 27-year-old odon lloyd. he's held without bail. another tour bus crash in california. it happened where two other buses crashed on thursday. today's crash happened around 4:30 seven miles west of downtown l.a. the driver lost control, slid down a small embankment, hit a light pole and fences. the bus became wedged in a drainage ditch. no one was seriously injured. new fallout from the data breach at target. there are growing calls for a government investigation. according to the wall street journal, sales at target are falling. today, they said they more than doubled the number of people taking calls from concerned customers.
4:58 pm
they reached out to 17 million people via e-mail reminding them they don't need to call immediately unless they have found fraudulent activity. >> reporter: with two days to go before christmas, the giant data breach at target could not have come at a worse time. shoppers are worried it's a trend. >> start using cash. >> reporter: making matters worse for some rushing to complete their purchases. jpmorgan chase is putting a cash limit of $100 and spending limit of $300 on cards that could be susceptible to fraud. chuck schumer called for it. >> it enabled other stores to learn from the experience. >> they are offering discounts and offering zero liability for
4:59 pm
charges you didn't make and free credit monitoring to everyone impacted. some customers are still angry, one writing on facebook, no more shopping at target for me. done. others say target should not be blamed. >> you can't just say you are going to be scared to shop at target. it could happen anywhere. >> many security experts agree it's unfair to blame the retailer. >> target spent a lot of money on payment card security and were compliant with the latest security skand ards. >> reporter: they say the sa standards are antiquated. they rely on the magnetic strip rather than the digital chips. so far, no one detailed exactly how this happened. >> chief suspects would be sophisticated organized criminals that studied or insiders with privileged access that know where to go. >> the data breach is moving into the court system now.
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report that is nearly a dozen class action lawsuits were filed so far. for the latest information go to our website, we have a breakdown of what we have learned so far and what you should do if you become a victim. right now at 5:00, the deadline to sign up for health care under affordable care act is extended. but not for everyone. we'll break down everything you need to know if you need to enroll. >> more than two dozen people arrested in a drug bust in maryland. the concerns police have about a growing problem. >> be glad you are not dealing with this right now. the mall parking lots getting intense for last minute shoppers out there. you may not believe what we caught on camera. good evening, i'm barbara harrison in for wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. it came down hard as promised. this construction site in college park turned into a muddy


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