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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 24, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now the clock is ticking and the mad rush is on as all of us head out to do that last-minute shopping. that last sprint to the store. good morning. welcome to "news 4 midday."
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i'm barbara harrison. it's christmas eve, december 24th, 2013. we're looking at the final hours of shopping before presents are placed under the tree and some last-minute shoppers are finishing their lis. news4's megan mcgrath is live in tyson's corner with shopper who is want to get that perfect gift at the last minute. megan? >> reporter: well, yeah, and price is important to those last-minute shoppers. we've talked a to a lot of folk who is say if they're not getting a good deal, they won't be buying. the retailers are trying to give them deals, to bring them into the stores. 40% off here. on the other rack, 65% off. we've seen this all around the mall. very important time of the year for retailers and their bottom line. things have slowed down in recent weeks so they're trying to do what they can to bring in those last-minute shoppers. as most people were still snug in their beds, these shoppers were snapping up their final holiday gifts.
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macy ice has been open around the clock since last friday. and will stay open until 6:00 tonight. early bird shoppers had it made. no crowds and no lines. >> it's perfect for me. you know, not a big fan of going out with big crowds. >> it's a relief. it's a mind-set. i'm glad there's no one here but me and a couple more people. >> after a strong start, analysts say retail sales have actually declined for the last three consecutive weeks. disappointing numbers at a critical time. retailers can make up to 40% of annual sales during the holidays. to lure shoppers, stores are extending hours and slashing prices. >> i got a pair of shoes, steve
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madison, they're awesome, and they were $95 and i got them for $54.99. >> and pursuit of the deal was the theme of the day. $22.27. >> reporter: many shopping at tyson's corner center getting a good buy was a requirement. >> i'm very picky. i'm very cheap. so if it's not a good deal i won't buy it. >> reporter: and many retailers are still optimistic that they'll hit their sales estimates. there still are several hours worth of shopping left to go today. you also have all of those people who are going to get the gift cards and they'll be back in the malls spending those gift cards and perhaps picking up some other things as well. then you've got those bargain hunters who come back and do some shopping the day after christmas. so remains to be seen how it will all shake out but we're certainly seeing things pick up at the mall as people are coming in and they are buying. we're seeing a lot of people with bags. barbara, back to you.
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>> thank you, megan. means folks are getting what they want, i guess. right now reagan national is packed with thousands of travelers. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year and it's going to be a hectic one for many fliers. more than 250 flights across the country have been canceled according to flight aware. we checked with reagan, dulles, and bwi, and none have major delays yet. good news if you're driving out of town for the holidays, virginia suspending highway lane closures and temporary work zones. the lanes will be open from noon today until noon on thursday. the closures will be suspended next week for people traveling for new year's. a beautiful start to the christmas holiday, but winter is slipping its way back into our area. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with his first forecast. tom? good morning. right now 41 at reagan national. we started off below freezing, right around dawn. it was 41 here at northwest washington and near 40 right in
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the district. and we do have a storm team 4 radar, a few scattered snow flurries now in the panhandle of west virginia. we've had them also in washington county. they've pretty much dissipated. may be a few sprinkles of rain here coming in to some milder air. this is an upper-level disturbance farther north and west of us now up in western pennsylvania. that is southeast of pittsburgh and heading off to the southeast. this disturbance may have just enough moisture left. it's cold enough aloft for it to be snow falling initially and then melting maybe and turning into a few sprinkles of rain or a few passing snow showers or a few flurries, about a 30% chance of that, coming in by later this afternoon. temperatures right now are above freezing. most of the region. it's still cold with that wind gusting around 15, 20 miles an hour. the windchills are right around 30 degrees. temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40. how much longer the koefld weather lasts? i've got that in your christmas forecast and a look at the weekend in just a few minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom. right now the volunteer fire
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department is helping tamlys celebrate christmas by delivering toys. news4's melissa mollet is live at the national center for children and families in bethesda with more on that. melissa? >> reporter: hi, barb. it's a little hard to hear. i have to apologize, because we have this really cool fire truck that just pulled in here. these firefighters coming, this is something they have been doing for about 15 years. they gather toys from the community from neighborhoods for about three weeks, and gather them all together and make these kids' dreams come true. joining me right now is dr. sheryl chadman, director of the national center for children and families. thank you for joining me. this has to be such a cool thing for you to do every year. >> oh, absolutely. the cabin john volunteer fire department has been doing this over 15 years, and while their parents hope for housing for their children, the children are hoping for santa claus and christmas and happiness. >> reporter: tell me about these kids who are getting these toys today, doctor. >> these children, probably two
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to three months because their parents have no home for them. they've come from the montgomery county government and are certified as being homeless. they're young and middle-aged parents and the children are looking for some stability in their lives. this is our homeless shelter, the largest one in the county. >> the green frtree shelter. each kid gives a wish list, the firefighters gather the toys and amazingly here they are. >> and santa comes and the wonderful drama, almost as good as the reindeer, don't you think? >> reporter: i think it's better. >> the look on their faces so excited. and they're going to be happy today and tonight. we're so grateful to the fire department, to cabin john. we are absolutely grateful. they've been doing it for a while. we almost count on them. we count on them. >> reporter: i'm sure you do. thanks so much for joining us. a really cool thing out here today, barbara, lots of happy kids. about 40 kids in all. you can see hugging santa. what is better than that, right? live in bethesda, maryland, melissa mollet.
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back to you. >> looks and sounds like christmas. thanks so much, melissa. and new this morning, d.c. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused an apartment in the bloomingdale neighborhood to catch on fire. it broke out early this morning on s street northwest. firefighters only needed about 10 minutes to put it out, though. no one was hurt. also this morning, border patrol officers in baltimore are doing more seizing than giving. check this out. they found 128 pounds of cocaine in a shipping container from colon, panama. the drugs were found while officers were shipping the ship for car parts. officers estimate the cocaine is worth about $4 million. it's the largest see snur baltimore since 310 pounds of cocaine were found back in 2007. four people are in the hospital after a serious crash at a joint base andrews. police say the car slammed into a pole along allentown road around midnight. take a look at the damage to the car. we are told one of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries because.
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the cause of the crash is under investigation. another safety issuance for the public. two men sexually assaulted and robbed a woman on west virginia avenue northeast over the weekend. the woman was walking alone around 2:00 in the morning on saturday when the men approached her from behind with a knife and forced her into a nearby alley where they assaulted her. since the woman was attacked from behind, she was not able to give police a good description of her attackers. extra police patrols have been sent to that area. a man is fighting for his life in the hospital this morning after a hit-and-run accident in southeast d.c. according to d.c. police, the accident happened on stanton road southeast near suit land parkway during rush hour yesterday. the man was hit by a car, allegedly a gold nissan. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. doctors say his injuries are life-threatening. and today is your last day to sign up for health care coverage through the federal
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government. why insurance companies are concerned you still might not be covered by the new year. plus, miles above us, an urgent repair mission. we'll check in on the work going on in outer space at the space station. and santa on the move. we're tracking him as he travels the world delivering gifts. we'll show you coming up. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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yoo today really is your last chance to buy health insurance if you want to be covered at the start of next year. the white house extended the deadline by a day. nbc's danielle leigh explains why the obama administration did that and why republicans are saying it proves the health care law is flawed. >> reporter: he's among the more than 1 million americans likely breathing a sigh of relief. >> are you married? >> yes. >> caught in yesterday's
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scramble to get her father-in-law insurance, she has until today to finish the job. >> it's better for him to be covered and safe and not worry about it. >> this morning the website is advertising the one-day extension granted in response to the record number of visitors to so many not everyone who tried could get through. >> wanted to make sure that people who are trying to sign up today were actually able to do it and get covered. >> reporter: republicans attacked the last-minute change. >> another demonstration this plan was not ready for prime time, problem after problem. snur health industry consultants are also warning of problems to come. >> the insurance companies need two or three weeks to process a normal number of enrollments. they'll have that time to process more with a number of errors. >> reporter: keep your paper work. the next deadline is december 31st. that's when premiums are due. but many insurers are giving people until january 10th to pay. in washington, danielle leigh,
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nbc news. it may be too late to enroll in a plan if you live in the district. the d.c. exchange's deadline was still last night. in maryland, you have until friday to enroll. the state pushed back its deadline last week. today's the deadline in virginia since it follows the federal government's time line. and new this morning, at least 14 people were killed in an explosion at a police station outside cairo, egypt. investigators believe the blast was caused by a car bomb. the explosion was so strong it caused part of the building to collapse. more than 100 people were hurt. no one has claimed responsibility for the explosion but the interim government is blaming the muslim brotherhood for orchestrating the attack. winter is making it return starting today. we felt a lot colder outside than we have in the last few days. tom is here to tell us that the cold is back if you enjoyed that little bit of summer we had earlier this week. it's gone. it's gone. >> long gone.
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yeah. what a dramatic change. yesterday morning we were in the low to mid-60s, then we dropped 30 degrees this morning down to the low and mid thir-30s. now we have clouds beginning to close in from the west. here's the view from space showing that cloud cover beginning to drift in. this is associated with an upper-level disturbance that is triggering a few squattered flurries out in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. there's the view of the sky from the storm team 4 hd skywatcher camera looking off to the west, those clouds really rolling in quickly now. there's tyson's corner on the horizon. that's american university in northwest washington in the foreground but still some sunshine in washington. there is capitol hill. there's a blue sky looking off to the east-northeast, but the clouds are going to be covering washington soon. 41 now at reagan national. dew point super dry down to just 22. it's a skin lotion day. the wind gusting to around 15 to 20 miles an hour, so the windchills are down to the low 30s.
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now, storm team 4 radar not showing any snow. there may be a few sprinkles of rain this little band of green just northwest of frederick and farther west these little speckles of gray. these are a few scattered flurries out at west virginia and western maryland. farther north and west there are some snow showers in western pennsylvania, but we don't have any trouble problems up and down the atlantic seaboard from maine to florida. just a few of those snow showers in the mountains are going to be driving west, heading toward pittsburgh. you may be driving through some of that, also some in western new york state. elsewhere, it's a dry pattern across most of the nation, just a little batch of snow may be moving out of the dakotas into minnesota with about 1 to 3 inches of snow there. elsewhere, all dry throughout the mountains and on the west coast, here, from california up to washington state. it's a dry pattern. so really no -- not any weather problems traveling, flying or driving much of the country, afternoon highs reaching low to mid-40s around the metro area, but these northwest winds gusting 10 to 25 miles an hour
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will make it feel colder. we'll have a lot of clouds around and just a slight chance, maybe a 30% chance of a scattered flurry or maybe a brief passing snow shower. that's going to be midafternoon. look at the windchills by 3:00, windchills will just be in the low to mid-30s even though temperatures may be in the low to mid-40s. the windchills continue to drop by 6:00. they'll be down into the 20s. that's what it will feel like with those winds and maybe gusting as much as maybe 30 miles an hour late this afternoon, early this evening. by midevening the wind settle down a little bit. look at the windchills down into the teens mid to late eve thng christmas eve. if you're going to be out and about, you'll definitely need your warmest winter coat into this evening with those winds. the winds diminish by dawn tomorrow on christmas morning, i think we'll be down into the mid-20s to low 20s in some of the suburbs and rural areas. and we'll have a mostly clear sky tonight. the clouds will be clearing out and during the day on christmas day sunshine, highs only in the
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mid-30s tomorrow, a light wind, clear and down into the 20s again on christmas night. then by dawn on thursday down to the mid-20s and into the mid-40s thursday afternoon and partly cloudy, highs in the 40s each day on friday and saturday. morning lows, though, subfreezing. sunday may get into the low 50s then a cold start to the first part of next week with highs in the low 40s on monday. santa should not have any trouble landing his sleigh as long as he's got runners, wheels on the sleigh he'll be all right. >> no snow in texas. >> he's magic. ? thank you, tom. in other news, edward snowden is speaking out this morning why he says his mission is complete. plus, there's a war brewing at parking lots around our region this morning where we've spotted mall rage and what you can do to avoid it. and man is single-handedly saving christmas for dozens of families in northern virginia. now he's embodying the spirit of christmas.
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no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit if you're brave enough to venture to a mall today, you need to be patient. parking can spark mall rage. we watched people battle for parking spaces at tyson's corner. drivers getting out of their cars to hold a space, other drivers cutting off fellow shopper whence they saw an opening and taunting other drivers once they scored that elusive spot. adam made sure those shoppers left their animosity in the parking lot when they walked into the mall. >> when i pulled up next to you, remember -- >> that was fine. >> were you planning to take that spot? >> no. i was just waiting for other
11:25 am
one. >> i just wanted to make sure i didn't mess you up. >> reporter: keeping the peace out here. >> that was nice. this will give you a sense, though, of how serious an issue this is. aaa even came up with a list of tips for surviving the holiday parking lot, that listscaping d the main entrance is one and trying to find a spot away from the store. a chicago sandwich shop isn't in the holiday spirit. the boss fired its employees sunday night via e-mail. the firings came just a few weeks after those workers for snar-'s sub shot participated in the fight for 15 rallies seeking higher wages. owners say the firings had nothing to do with the strike. instead the owner is blaming the slow christmas season for those firings. the e-mail also says the restaurant will close for a month so it can reopen as a burger joint. employees can reapply for their jobs after the restaurant reopens, they say. well, you can keep a close eye on santa all day long with
11:26 am
nor norad's santa tracker. this is a live look at him right now. there he is flying over vietnam we hear. satellites are tracking the big guy as he delivers toys all over the world. there are a few extra perks to norad's website this year including games for the kids and eve an play list of santa's favorite music that he's listening to right now as he flies along. and right now you're looking live at a second space walk. we're about to see it. this is from the international space station. we've got some insight on what makes these walks so difficult. plus eating nuts while you're pregnant is usually a big no-no. why doctors now are saying this morning that it actually may be good for your baby. and winter is returning, including the possibility of some flurries this afternoon. tom has your holiday forecast coming up next. stay with us. stationed in south korea. my mom, juliet fisher in washington, d.c., just want to
11:27 am
say happy
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astronauts are repairing the international space station. this is the second spacewalk this week for the two who were outside the station on saturday as well for this very did i feel mission. >> it's very sinuous. you're in a balloon, so imagine doing this. imagine putting on your wet suit, wearing a sleeping bag, putting on your ski clothes, putting on the biggest, thickest oven mitts you have, putting on hiking boots, getting up on your roof in the winter at night, and fixing a watch while everybody watches on live tv. >> wow. that is something. this will be the first time in 15 years for a secheduled
11:31 am
spacewalk on christmas eve today. target may wind up helping to foot the bill for all those fraudulent charges stemming from the hack of their credit card machine. security experts say it's likely that banks with some of the 40 million affected customers, the other ones will be suing target for money help reimburse cardholders. meanwhile, some banks are easing the restrictions on their cards. chase says customers can now withdraw $250 a day or spend $1,000 on purchases, and the government is now stepping in to undergo an investigation here. target says the department of justice has launched a probe into the breach. the retailer has already launched its own investigation with the help of the secret service. you may still get a busy signal if you are trying to get through to target customer service. the phone lines for the retailer are still jammed. target says it has more than doubled the number of people answering their phones, but even with the extra help the backup is still huge. the retailer says as of
11:32 am
yesterday they had spoken with 17 million customers. in other news this morning, edward snowden says his mission has been accomplished. he told "the washington post" he's satisfied because journalists have been able to report about the nsa surveillance programs. he also says he's not trying to bring down the spy agency. he's working to improve it, he says. president obama said last week that he would consider some changes to how the nsa collects data on millions of americans. prince george's county police hope you can help them solve a murder. 19-year-old rashad pickney was shot outside a house party on saturday. now police are scouring social media hoping to learn more about who was there at that party. the party was in a foreclosed home. it was well publicized online on social media. his grandmother is also looking for answers. >> he slept in the bed with me when he was young. yes. he called me mama.
11:33 am
yes. and i always protected of him. always have been protective of him because that's my only grandson. >> it's still not clear who fired those shots or if rashad was the target. police in maryland are looking for this woman. they believe she is connected to a black friday mall fight in the annapolis mall. take a look at this video. police say two people jumped a 17-year-old girl at a victoria's secret store, punching her in the head repeatedly. the victim says the beating was unprovoked and she did not know the women behind it. if you have a doggie door in your house, you might want to make sure you can lock it. one california family can tell you why. thieves used the door to break into their house. the burglars stole the kids' presents from right under the christmas tree. they also took jewelry, electronics, and even an urn containing griffin's parents' ashes.
11:34 am
>> i'd like them to maybe recover some things, particularly my mom and dad. >> the family does have some clues about who broke in. a neighbor's security camera captured this video of the thieves walking in and out of the house for two hours. and we'll check again with tom kierein for the latest on our forecast. he's on the storm team 4 weather deck and can tell us if it's got an lot colder since he was last out there. tom? >> well, it feels a lot colder, that's for sure, even though we're well above freezing. the wind occasionally whips up out of north and west and gusts to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. so the windchills, they're down into the 20s. even though temperatures are in the low 40s now. there's capitol hill, still has some sunshine there right downtown washington, but the clouds are moving in quickly from the north and west and they will continue to roll over us. storm team 4 radar is showing a few snow showers now in frederick county, washington county, western maryland, panhandle of west virginia, those little speckles of gray, green, some sprinkles and snow showers, the gray some flurries.
11:35 am
the green some sprinkles. and farther west, getting just a few snow showers up into western pennsylvania. that is advancing off to the south and east and will continue to drift our way. it's part of an upper-level disturbance that's going to be moving our way by later this afternoon that might trigger just a passing snow shower a little bit of a flurry. that will be late afternoon. chilly temperatures now just in the low 40s. but we'll hold steady in the low 40s for the next couple hours. then the winds diminish tonight, we clear out, temperatures drop down into the low 20s tomorrow morning, christmas day, sunny, highs only mid-30s, but we'll have a light wind. then warmer weather moves in for thursday into the weekend. some sunshine each day. afternoon highs 40s, morning lows subfreeze, may hit the low 50s on sunday. that's the way it looks, barbara. >> thank you, tom. well, he doesn't even know the families he's helped this christmas quietly paying off their layaway debts, but one secret santa hopes his actions will inspire you. northern virginia reporter dave
11:36 am
culver has the story from sterling. >> reporter: when you see stories with a shadowy figure like this, it's often because the person is scared to speak out. but this man, who we'll call nick, isn't afraid. he's humble. >> any investment you make in the happiness of a stranger really pays a return 100 fold. >> we tracked nick down after hearing of his generosity. last week he walked into this toys "r" us in sterling, bought kids, and dozens more for at least seven other families. his second time this month paying down the lay-away. but why do it? >> i would say the bigger question is why not? i heard of people doing it so, i went to the manager and asked if i could do that, and they said, yes, and they printed out a list of people's lay-away items, all the ones that were going to be due within a week. >> reporter: we checked with our affiliates and found nick's not alone. in wisconsin a mystery person walked into this walmart and for 13 families who had gifts on lay-away. in florida, this man went
11:37 am
straight to this lay-away counter, covered the debts of 76 people. >> the dollar amount doesn't matter. it's just the act of trying to make a difference when you hear somebody in need. >> reporter: some things you should know about nick. he lives comfortably but he's far from ostentatious. just a few gifts urn his tree for his family. and he wants hi actions to spread. >> and i would say if the story touches you, that you should take up my torch and its light will lead you off the path of cynicism and indifference. and its fire would warm your heart and it's warmed mine. >> reporter: in sterling, virginia, dave culver, news4. >> a great challenge to the rest of us. montgomery county was feeling generous this year and xeelded its toys for tots goal by 20,000 toys. yesterday families who originally didn't make the cut for the program were able to take part. montgomery county toys for tots collected about 98,000 toys this
11:38 am
year. that's compared to about 36,000 toys last year. well, with christmas on the doorstep, new year's resolutions are already floating around. the advances in skin care you might want to hear about before deciding what your goal will be for the coming year. plus, you're bound to have something to return after tomorrow. what you need to know before you head back into the store.
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we have some good news for pregnant women. eating nuts is no longer a no-no. nbc looked at new information from the "journal of the american medical association" and has more on that from us. >> reporter: a little nut causing a lot of worry. the peanut, whether to eat it or avoid it, has been the subject of much debate among pregnant women over the past few years. mom-to-be sterling donnelly has been eating nuts her whole pregnancy and today she's feeling a little relieved.
11:42 am
>> i think being exposed to to nuts while you're pregnant can maybe be a good thing. >> reporter: despite old recommendations, a new study released by the "journal of the american medical association" found that eating peanuts and other tree nuts will not raise the baby's allergy risk. co-author dr. michael young. >> if you're pregnant and you do wish to consume nuts, our data indicate it will be safe to do so and it wouldn't lead to any increased risk of a nut-allergic baby. >> reporter: according to a study done among nonallergic pregnant women, those who eat nuts five times a week or more are 30% less likely to see allergies in their children than mother who is eat nuts less than once a mop. the authors d id not go as far as saying eating nuts prevents a food allergy but dr. jennifer wu welcomes any insight. >> mothers are very concerned about the foods they eat during pregnancy and what it will mean for the child later on. i think peanut allergies are on the rise and i wish that we knew
11:43 am
the exact source of them. we don't. but anything that we can do to help decrease the incidents is a good thing. >> reporter: as for sterling, with only weeks to go before her little girl arrives, she's trying to rely more and more on that developing motherly instinct. >> i try to go with my gut, yeah. more and more trusting that. use your best judgment. >> reporter: nbc news, new york. now, you may already be planning your new year's resolutions. for many it will include something about your weight or your health. so this morning we're looking at the biggest advances in dermatology that can impact how you reach some of your goals for next year. dr. cheryl burgess is here. merry christmas eve to you. >> same to you. >> you're going to tell us what you think are some of the biggest advancements of this year that people might want to include in their new year's resolutions. tell us about number one on your list. >> number one was i have to say vanquish, a radiofrequency device that covers the abdomen
11:44 am
area and melts the belly fat. so that was available since the beginning of the year. so that is one technology device that has been in the news lately in our offices. >> and you really think it works. >> it does work. actually, i've been using it on myself and some really close people -- >> i won't ask you to stand up and show us but -- >> it works. it works. and i test things before i bring them into my office. and so i think this one is the real deal. >> okay. and what's number two on your list? you talk about two other things. >> i would put number one because it's a filler but it was just fda approved a month ago. but it's rolled out like gangbusters. it is a midface volumizer, which actually gives you the volume back into the face that you lose over time. >> wow. look at these before and afters. >> if you see a lot of sagging and bagging, you have a nice
11:45 am
fill they're gives you that volume back in your face. it's a hyaluronic acid filler. we normally have hyaluronic acid in our tissues and skin so it works very well along with our natural tissue substances. >> we've been hearing about fillers for a while. why are these better? >> well, this is what we classify as midvolume, midfacial volume. so most of the ones that we have now just kind of follow lines. this is one of the first ones that actually plump you up. >> it will stay like that for a while? >> it's the duration -- in fact, i was a clinical investigator with this product. the duration is at least two years. >> do you think this is going to replace facelifts for women and men? >> well, there's this term you hear called liquid facelift, and that's what they're referring to. some of these fillers make you look like you've had a facelift without going under the knife. >> lasts a couple years and a
11:46 am
lot less expensive, i presume. >> a lot less expensive. >> something called mirvaso. what is that? >> it's a preparation that was fda approved in september, and this is great for rosacea patients because they get a lot of flushing and redness as a result of this chronic acne-like condition. and you can see it in men and women, and women can easily cover their redness with makeup. but men can't. so this is a big gangbuster for men, particularly, because you put the preparation on and it va sal constricts the blood vessels so it's almost like a visine for the eyes that takes the red out. this is a preparation that is a glaucoma medication based that's actually applied to the skin and constricts the blood vessels and decreases the redness. >> with people who get the redness of the face,rosacea, is that caused by something they should be treating rather than covering up? >> well, yes, it should be treated, but sometimes the first
11:47 am
initial phases of it is a flushing. that's it. so you may drink some coffee and get red in the face or you may be outside and it's warm and you get read redd in the face. >> is it an allergy. >> no, it isn't. it's annen flamme toir condition. for the most part we start treating it at that level but when you're say taking a christmas photo or something with the group of people that you don't want to look red as your dress, you can put that on and 15 minutes later it's calmed it down. >> i see. now with know what your three top -- >> those are my three top for 2013. and i'm really excited about 2014 because there's a lot more coming out. >> all right. thanks so much, dr. burgess, for coming to see us on christmas eve. >> yes. now i have to go shopping. >> i know the feeling. >> yeah. >> well, if you don't feel like you get enough sleep, you're in the alone. a new gallup poll says nearly half of all americans don't get enough sleep. doctors suggest adults sleep
11:48 am
between seven and nine hours per night. 40% surveyed say they get six or less hours of sleep per night. 59% say they sleep for at least seven hours a night. well, you may need more than just your receipt if you return some of the gifts that you received this holiday season. many stores are now creating a database of people that they label chronic returners. here's bob hanson to explain how those profiles could keep you from making a return. >> reporter: this teem of year it's all about buying presents but not long after christmas the focus changes to returning those presents. >> just this holiday season there's going to be -- they're expecting about 3.5 billion in returns out of the 9 billion roughly returned all year. that is actually more in returns than all of cyber monday sales combined. >> reporter: a marketing professor says that's money that comes out of the pockets and cash registers of retailers. so today many of the store owners are making it harder and harder to bring things back.
11:49 am
>> i shop a lot. i know what all the return policies are. >> reporter: how important is a return policy to you? >> don't ask about it at all. >> probably a little tougher. i think they're keeping track of things a little more. >> reporter: that's exactly what they're doing. in order to fight frivolous returns and flatout fraud, many stores are creating a return profile of their customers. >> stores now require you to show i.d. if you've returned more than a certain number of items over 90-day or 120-day period, the next time you won't be able to return. >> if you keep doing it they're going to blacklist you. >> reporter: it could stop thieves from returning stolen merchandise or creating new tags to claim higher exchange prices. and then there's the problem of wardrobing. that's where someone buys a suit or a dress, wears it to a party, and then brings it back to the store. but they have a way of fighting that as well. >> and so bloomingdale's, for example, has this special tag at the bottom of the hem line, a big plastic tag, and if it's removed they will not accept the
11:50 am
return. >> reporter: today there are also shorter return times and restocking fees. more return restrictions placed on the majority of shoppers because of the criminal and unethical behavior of the few. but shopper jennifer garcia says she doesn't worry about it. >> you know, as long as you're honest you don't have a problem. >> the holiday shopping frenzy may be wrapping up about now, but the day after christmas kicks off the year's biggest price markdowns. according to, shoppers will find huge savings on gift wrap, seasonal decoration, select toys and kids clothing. don't expect to find great deals on tech product, though. the best prices on big-screen tvs and other gadgets will come late in january right before the super bowl. well, the holidays are filled with twinkling lights and delicious foods, and while it might be fun for you, it can be dangerous for your pets. nbc's curt gregory has more on what you need to know during this season. >> reporter: there's a lot of
11:51 am
interesting stuff around the house at this time of year. but what's a treat to some of your guests may be very dangerous to the animals who share your home. just ask the companies who sell health insurance for pets. >> they see a 285% spike in the number of calls and claims related to chocolate ingestion in that week around christmas and new year's. >> lilies, poinsettias, holly. >> reporter: and it's not just candy. from plants to table scraps to decorations on presents. >> the list is so long i couldn't possibly name them all. >> reporter: which is why professionals recommend that you avoid the internet for information if you have a concern. and consult with your vet or the aspca's 24/7 poison control center. new shiny decorations can become dangerous and costly. >> the bill for your animal accidentally ingesting something
11:52 am
can easily be more than $1,000 depending on what they ate, how fast you noticed it, and just how toxic or dangerous that item is. >> reporter: the water in a christmas tree stand can be harmful to drink. as can more palatable libations. a cup left on the floor is an inviting temptation to those who don't know when to say when. >> and they don't know enough to moderate themselves and only have one little taste. they tend to drink a lot if they do try and drink it. >> reporter: and that can be a problem for all sorts of visitors this time of year. curt gregory, nbc news. a laurel family will wake up tomorrow with some special presents under the tree. how some first responders stepped up to fulfill a christmas wish. and we're keeping an eye on your christmas forecast. a final check on the forecast coming up from tom. stay with us. we'll be right back. this is lieutenant davis from waldorf, maryland, here in
11:53 am
afghanistan. i'd like to wish my mom, my two brother, my dad, my girlfriend, happy holidays and
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
this christmas eve you can keep a close eye on santa's whereabouts with norad's tracker. we understand he's over kazakhst kazakhstan. satellites are tracking the big guy as he delivers toys all over the world. there are a few extra perks. you log onto norad's website this year, including games for the kids and eve an play list of santa's favorite muse that i can he listens to when he's traveling. and later today, cardinal donald wuerl will celebrate christmas mass at st. matthew the apostle. mass starts at 10:00 tonight. tomorrow he'll lead the noon mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the i ma'am lat conception. tomorrow night he'll visit the
11:57 am
guests here at the shrine's christmas event. and head to national harbor today if you're looking for something to do with the kids. you'll see this guy. there he is. cruising down the potomac. his elves will be there, too, all on jet skis along with the grimpbl too. the fun starts at 12:30. a laurel family was the focus of a holiday surprise for some prince george's firefighters. santa teamed up with the fire department to give the kemp family a christmas. over the last year the prince george's county fire department has been collecting the names of families who need their help. earlier this december, they picked one family, the kemps, and last night the crews delivered gifts and goodies to their home. the three boys and their mother all agreed this felt like a holiday miracle. >> we were at the point we wasn't celebrating christmas. it makes me happy that we get to celebrate now. >> this has been a tradition for the fire department for years,
11:58 am
and many of the firefighters told news4 that this is one of their favorite nights of the year. well, you're invited for a imagine jal christmas adventure tomorrow evening on nbc 4. we'll take you along as we experience the holidays around the globe and we'll do it without leaving washington, d.c. we have an extraordinary invitation to visit inside the private residences of ambassadors and their families from around the world. they will share their family christmas celebrations with us, show us around their houses and all thei decorations. they're going to tell us who delivers the holiday gifts in their countries and even open up their ovens and show us what they're cooking up for christmas dinner. we'll sample christmas around the world and we certainly think you'll enyou this journey. "christmas on embassy row," tomorrow, christmas evening, 6:30 p.m. on nbc 4. time for a final check on the forecast. here's tom. >> the embassies are looking beautiful this time of year. >> aren't they? >> in washington we've got winter weather back.
11:59 am
and storm team 4 radar showing a few squattered snow showers, those areas in gray, the areas in green, a few sprinkles coming into the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and in frederick county, maryland, moving into carroll county, those may be getting closer to the metro area. perhaps in another two or three hours a passing snow shower around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon and a few scattered flurries. we're in the upper 30s to around 40, only the low 40s during the afternoon. any flurry activity end big sunset, clearing out tonight. sunny, cold christmas day, highs mid-30s. then a pleasant pattern toward the weekend. i'll see you next year. merry christmas from all of us at storm center 4. >> thanks so much. that's "news 4 midday" for today. tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. we're taking tomorrow off for midday, so we will be back here on thursday midday. have a joyous holiday. see you on thursday.
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