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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EST

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taking a look at that home. we'll get an update. it might have been a hoarding condition so we will get an right now at 6:00 following breaking news in southeast d.c. one man is safe after fire burned his home. the conditions that firefighters say will keep them on the scene for a while. plus, a package problem. u.p.s. says many christmas gifts
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were not delivered in time. we start with our storm team 4 meteorologist fltati0 fal ready for the day. it's a cold start but dry for many of us. temperatures in the 20s. the warm spot at 30 degrees. 27 in manassas so it is chilly out there this morning. some flurries falling on storm team 4 radar. and northern montgomery county you mate see some very light snow, just something to note. we're not going to see any accumulation. your morning planner, plenty of clouds around for everybody this morning of the we'll be at the 32 degrees. 10:00 a.m. we'll start to notice the clouds decreasing. now overall while it is a cold start it will be warmer than yesterday so how warm will it get this afternoon? i'll have your high temperature forecast coming up. the roads are doing okay.
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we're looking at transis right now. metro and rail running on time. we have a little red line delays from the single track but that shouldn't hold you up for too long. here's a look at 66 at route 50. things moving along pretty well. in fact, no cars seen and the same story at 66 at the g.w. parkway. still a fairly light morning for your commute on the post-christmas day. back to you in the studio. right now following breaking news in southeast d.c., news 4's melissa mollet live on the scene of a house fire on m street. >> reporter: firefighters out here wrapping things up a bit more quickly than initially expected. they were saying they would be out here for a couple of hours because of the hoarding conditions inside the home behind me and now you can see
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they're wrapping things up. they are out of the home taking off here. take a look at some of the video we shot for you this morning. firefighters say there was fairly heavy smoke coming from the home. the first and second floor when they arrived. the man who lives inside the home has lived there for about 30 years, he tells me. he says he was in his second floor bedroom when he woke up, smelled the smoke, saw the smoke. did not have a phone. someone called 911. also warning his neighbors. heavy hoarding conditions inside the home did keep firefighters out here for about two hours now. the only person inside was just fine. but these firefighters, if you come back here live for a second, they're sort of wrapping things up at minnesota and m. live in southeast washington, melissa mollet. the time is 6:02. new this morning, a new message from a kidnapped maryland man believed to have been held captive in pakistan. warren weinstein is seen in this new video asking president obama to negotiate with al qaeda in
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the hopes of his release. the video was sent to select media. weinstein is from rockville, maryland, and is now 72 years old. he was kidnapped in 2011 from a home overseas. he was living in pakistan and working for j.e. austin, a development contractor based in virginia. weinstein was supposed to leave pakistan just days before he was kidnapped. if you were expecting a present yesterday that never arrived, it may come today. u.p.s. couldn't deliver all of its christmas packages to customers on time but says most of those packages that didn't make it should come today. news 4's jackie bensen spoke to one local woman who is still waiting for one special package to areich at her home. >> reporter: people tell us they noticed something was wrong late tuesday afternoon. the they went online to check the progress of their packages and noticed nothing was happening. ming for a package she'd orderrd
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online from to arrive. >> the tracking never changed on the website. it just said from 10:00 a.m. yesterday it said on the truck for delivery. and i'm like this is just down in rockville. can i pick it up myself? >> reporter: the package never arrived. turns out jackson was not alone. what retailers called an unexpected surge of online orders appeared to have strained delivery companies. united parcel service which delivers around 45% of u.s. packages, issued a statement saying it wouldn't get some goods to customers by christmas. the volume of air packages in the u.p.s. system did exceed capacity as demand was much greater than our forecast. u.p.s. expected to receive about 8 million packages monday but got many more. how many were not delivered is not yet known. jackson has her fingers crossed the missing package will be delivered thursday because it contains a very important gift, one she cannot tell us about. >> it's perfect for my mom. she loves this channel so she'll probably watch the news, so i can't say what it is.
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>> reporter: in addition to refunding shipping and handling charges, amazon is also offering disappointed customers a $20 gift card. jackie bensen, news 4. and we are learning this morning what sparked a christmas morning fire in silver spring that sent a disabled veteran and two firefighters to the hospital. the fire broke out on narrows court. investigators say it started after a flammable liquid was used in the home's fireplace. one man in the home and two firefighters suffered burns. five people were forced from the home altogether. and investigators in calvert county are looking for the source of a deadly house fire that marred christmas morning. check out the pick tuesday of the aftermath taken by the home is in owings. and they quickly spread to three cars. one person in the home was found dead. about $250,000 in damage was done. they are still searching for what caused it. new this morning, police in
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new jersey investigating a deadly shooting on christmas day. the someone killed two teenagers, one was a 13-year-old girl, the other a 14-year-old boy. a third person was also shot. police say it was a child but they did not release an age. that person now in critical condition. police say the shooting happened around 10:00 last night in newark, new jersey. earlier in the day they shot three men at a strip club. a man trapped in a burning car, how strangers jumped in to save his life. 6:06 now. changes coming to your office in 2014.
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but rain is in the forecast. your weather be and traffic on the 1s. at 6:10, cramped cubicles and upright chairs may be a
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thing of the past at work. the company regis that designs flexible work spaces says we could see more third place spaces for employees next year. that's somewhere that isn't the office but isn't your home. and another upcoming work place trend is the open office plan redesigned. workers want less noise and a more privacy and some companies may get rid of the office space altogether and opt for as-needed offices like a drive-in lounge. warmer weather spots seem to be the destination of choice for 2014. flip key says rio will be the most popular next year. brazil, of course, is the hosting the world cup in june. experts say miami beach, orlando, kissimmee, naples and key west will all be among the most popular visited destinations in 2014. the beach looks very nice right now. sitting under a little cabana
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having a drink. >> it felt like that last week, we had florida weather up here. >> 70s. >> things have dropped and changed but there is some good news on the way. let's check in with amelia. we are looking at warmer temperatures today than yesterday. we're in the 20s and 30s across the area. washington coming in at 30 degrees. we're at 26 in camp springs and dulles. 27 in manassas. plenty of clouds around the area right now. you'll notice that on the latest satellite and radar image. light snow in northern maryland and west virginia. now those of you in northern maryland and west virginia could see some flurries for the morning hours. otherwise cloudy skies this morning. but by the afternoon we're looking at plenty of sunshine and a high today of 45 degrees. now for tomorrow a high temperature of 46 and plenty of sun throughout the day. i'll have your extended forecast including the weekend in ten minutes. maynard, how are the roads?
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still quiet pace overall but minnesota avenue southeast closed between nelson place and m place due to the fire we've bob reporting on. chopper 4 over 270 and germantown road a. few folks getting up and getting to the mall or getting into work this morning but still running at full speed. here is a look at b.w. parkway at route 32. again, a full-speed ride there. southeast/southwest freeway just near main avenue, running at full speed as well. good morning on the roads. back to you in the studio. maynard, thank you. 6:12. a car went up in flames on the side of the interstate. a man was actually stuck inside there. how a group of strangers pulled him to safety. plus, this
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morning. the best advice experts have to teach them to use it responsibly, of course. the man charged with killing a tsa agent at l.a.x. will be in court today. paul ciancia will be arraigned. he was indicted last week on 11 charges including murder. prosecutors say ciancia walked into the airport last month, pulled out a rifle, and then opened fire. he could get the death penalty if he's convicted. and new this morning, pakistan says it believes an american drone launched an attack near its border with afghanistan. it says at least three militants were killed when the drone fired two missiles at a home.
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the u.s. hasn't commented on the report. many people in pakistan oppose the u.s. drone program. they think it kills innocent civilians. time now 6:16. police still looking for the man who shot five people outside a new jersey nightclub. three victims died. they include the club owner's son. detectives believe the bouncers stopped the gunman from going inside the club and that is when he opened fire. take a look at this crash on a california freeway. the 72-year-old driver of this burning car survived thanks to other drivers who saw it happen. beverly white from our sister station in los angeles spoke to two of those heroes. >> reporter: witnesses say traffic was mercifully light when they shot this christmas day car fire on the 405. >> i pull out my phone and i see this guy trying to open the car that's on fire and trying to break the window. there are three or four guys. >> reporter: one of those guys was don thompson from lapd's bomb squad driving southbound to work when he saw the fiery crash
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on the other side. he parked his rig and jumped two dividers to reach the unyou conscious elderly driver. >> it doesn't feel real when you're doing something like that and you know you have to do something to save someone's life or you're going to watch someone burn to death alive and you just have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: thompson unbuckled the man's seat belt and pulled him to safety as several good samaritans helped him. >> i felt hands just grab me and they started pulling me over the k rail and i heard people screaming the car is going to explode. it's on fire. it's going to blow up. >> reporter: no explosion thanks to fast action by l.a. city fire guided to the exact location by another witness, an off-duty battalion chief. this rescuer believes instinct and timing spared the car's driver today. >> he had maybe 10 to 15 seconds to be saved. and just out of the grace of god
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i was there and had some good samaritans there and he made it. >> reporter: for this witness, it was more like a holiday miracle. >> a big christmas present for this guy. i hope he's okay. >> you can say that again. that was beverly white reporting. >> and the man was taken to the hospital with several injuries but doctors expect him to recover. an amazing situation there. >> i used to live in lang a lang. if there is an accident on the 405 freeway, it doesn't matter what time of day, you're probably not going to make it because it's, one, congested, but people are blazing by at ungodly speeds. the fact they were able to get to him and get him out of that. >> there are a lot of people around to help if need be. 6:18 on your thursday morning. pope francis is not one to stick to tradition. the pontiff used just one language to deliver his first christmas message. benedict and john paul ii would
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deliver the christmas mass in several languages. he spoke in just italian to address the crowd of 70,000 people. he called on atheists to join with believers to work to a homemade peace. the pope also prayed for the end to conflicts around the world. hundreds of washington faithful packed the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception for the noon christmas mass. ♪ cardinal donald wuerl delivered the mass and then visited guests at the shrine's christmas dinner. every year volunteers serve the free meal to those who are alone or in need. the time is 6:19. molette green is at the live desk tracking power outages that left thousands in the dark on christmas. angie, more bad news this morning. a fifth day in the dark for tens of thousands and this could go on until friday, even into the weekend. take a look it at the conditions in parts of michigan, maine, even canada. folks there just can't get a break. more bad weather could be on the way. this holiday nightmare all started with a weekend ice
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storm. we're seeing some incredible numbers this morning. still tens of thousands without lights in michigan. at the height of the storm more than 500,000 had no power. between 15,000 and 30,000 in the dark still in maine. now this morning we're hearing those folks could be getting snow. not good news for utility crews who need the ice to melt off the power lines and tree brandnches. 27 people have now lost their lives in storm related incidents. that is the latest now from the live desk. back to you. molette, thanks so much. you can't help but feel for those people. >> it's tough. no power, days without power now. >> and it could be even longer as molette said. >> let's hope they get it fixed. talking about our weather it is fairly cold out there again. >> a chilly start to the day but the temperature might be improving, right, amelia? >> you are exactly right.
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the temperature will be improving today, adam. a good ten degrees warmer than we were yesterday. our high yesterday in the low 30s. highs today will be in the mid-40s. now right now on storm team 4 radar tracking some very light snow. a lot of this activity not even hitting the ground but those of you around hagerstown and thurmont areas could notice some flurries this morning. otherwise cloudy skies across the area. with future weather you could see plenty of clouds around throughout the morning hours, starting the time right about now. and as we work to 8:00 a.m. still mostly cloudy skies. there's that chance of snow north of washington and northern montgomery county, portions of frederick county up through carroll counties. areas to the south you're dry. look what happens at 11:00 a.m. the clouds clear out. partly sunny skies around the midday hours for the afternoon and evening hours. i think we will see mainly clear skies. so plenty of sunshine as we get into the later hours today. tomorrow it's a sunny day from
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start to finish with the high temperature of 46 degrees. for the weekend saturday will be the better of the two days. not only will it be warmer but it will also be dry with plenty of sunshine. rain is likely sunday, mainly later in the day right now. storm team 4 will continue to track the timing of the rain sunday. a high temperature of 47 degrees. new year's eve day, new year's day looking dry right now. mid-30s on tuesday. wednesday a temperature around 40 degrees. maynard, how are the roads right now? >> overall we have good conditions on the roads, chopper 4 is on the way to a report of an accident on 95 southbound 175 and we don't have pictures of the accident yet but here is a look at 95 north and south at maryland 100 which would be approaching 175. it doesn't look like there's any delays at this point. hopefully that accident is either very minor or not causing any problems.
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michigan avenue, northeast closed between irvin and franklin streets due to the water main break still. back to you in the studio. thank you. 6:23 right now and you'll probably find some big crowds if you head out to the mall today. many people will be returning gifts, not necessarily buying them. if you're going to try and make a return check the fine print before heading to the store. also, bring coupons or gift cards. you might get a store credit instead of cash. be prepared for that. also, you might have to use that credit right away so that's something to ask. try returning items online. some sites offer cash or gift cards for unwanted gifts. right now 6:23. you'll probably see a lot of kids with new phones, tablets or ipods. they probably won't be returning a lot of those. they're probably under the tree. >> enjoying them and a quickly growing number of kids. some of them are still in diapers.
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okay, you successfully synced. >> reporter: like little moths to a flame kids are naturally drawn to the glowing light of electronic devices. even parents reluctant to embrace the kid technology revolution have given in to repeated requests to hand their phones over even if it's just for a few moments. >> whether we like it or not, these extraordinary new devices are here to stay. >> reporter: james dire is ceo of common sense media. his group recently found a giant leap in the number of young children with access to mobile devices. within the past two years the percent ablg of kids under age 9 who have used smart phones and tablets soared from 38% to more than 70%. this includes more than a third of kids under 2. >> you have all sorts of toddlers and young kids from 0 to 5 walking up to screens, tv screens, and trying to swipe them thinking that they're a tablet or a smartphone.
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>> reporter: some tablets are now designed for tiny hands. there's even an infant bouncy seat outfitted for an ipad. the key is setting a good example. >> if you're glued to your phone or your computer or your ipad and you're not paying attention to your kids, they will do the same thing. they will watch your behavior. >> reporter: maybe they won't watch as much of what's on the screen if parents reinforce int interaction with the three dimensional world. erica edwards, nbc news. another change, the report found kids are not spending as much time on the computer watching tv or playing video because they have those hand held devices. changing things quite a bit. >> as long as it doesn't become the babysitter, so to speak, you know, it's a sign of the times. >> what's the saying, everything in moderation? >> there you go. >> spoken like true parents. we're looking at 6:26 on the dot right now. back to work for health officials. their new focus now.
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some enrollment deadlines have passed. plus, a surprise for some people
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j we have onj%> in your [ out.iz03-:li we have new information on our breaking news in southeast d.c. we've been live to show you this fire damage all morning long. and in the last 20 minutes firefighters left the scene. this fire burned a two story house in southeast and we're told one man made it out of the home safely. we're going to keep our eye out for more information from investigators about what caused this fire. and right now your morning is off to a cold start. this is a live picture from the national mall. we've seen the flags around the washington monument blow a little bit in the breeze. i want to fill you in on what's ahead this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia see gallgal is here for . it's a little bit breezy in areas this morning. you'll notice the breeze more as we get into the afternoon hours. on storm team 4 radar picking up on some very light snow flurries around the area.
6:32 am
those of you in smitsburg, walkersville, seeing some of that flurry activity. if you are tweet me or post it on my facebook page where you are and what you're seeing. now washington today, areas to the south, you stayed dry the entire day. we are not worried about any sn snow. temperatures right now in the 20s for the most part. 27 in manassas. 25 in gaithersburg and 30 in washington. now in areas like washington today the d.c. metro area morning clouds will give way to afternoon sunshine. plenty of sunshine this afternoon with temperatures warming into the mid-40s. that's ten degrees warmer than yesterday. now those of you in northern maryland and west virginia, potentially dealing with some light snow. again, flurries this morning. but the threat of that flurry activity diminishes by about 10:00 a.m. where you're noticing mostly cloudy skies. areas around hagerstown today warm to around 40 degrees. maynard, how are the roads looking? >> well, we have a problem
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northbound 95 in maryland just before 175. chopper 4 is over the scene of an accident. it's on the right shoulder. there is one car overturned in a ditch. doesn't seem to be slowing down traffic too much at this point but there will be some rubb rubbernecking going on so good point of caution there. on your rail lines, metro is on time. marc and vre are on an s schedule. schedule. fredericksburg pl experiencing a five-minute delay due to a medical emergency they're reporting. we did confirm that minnesota avenue southeast is closed between nelson place and m place for a continuing fire investigation. back to you in the studio. 6:31. of the white house expects this to be another busy day for the health care industry. it is counting on thousands of uninsured americans spending this day after christmas shopping for coverage. nbc's danielle leigh joins us now live from capitol hill. good morning, danielle. >> reporter: angie, good morning. today is going to bring a whole new set of challenges to start helping enrollees ensure they're covered and reaching out to
6:34 am
people, the young invincibles who missed the deadline. this morning it's not entirely clear who will be receiving health care from the federally run exchange and when. a twitter post tells those who missed the deadline they'll be considered for coverage january 1 on a case-by-case basis. everyone else starting the signup you process today can expect insurance in february. insurers say who enrolls is just as important as how many. >> the success of health reform depends on having broad participation in the marketplace, getting younger and healthier people to help balance out costs. >> reporter: advocacy groups have catchy ads hoping to convince young people obamacare is worth the investment. james anderson got the message, but many of his friends have not. >> a lot of people go about it as they don't care. nothing going to happen to me. until you need it and then you panic.
6:35 am
>> reporter: industry consultants warn those who are enrolled can't relax just yet. >> lots of people have signed up. they believe they've got coverage. there are still lots of errors. >> reporter: after a record week of visitors on now the difficult task of making sure all those applications are correct and processed. the next step is making sure that your paperwork and payment have been received by the insurance company. experts are recommending reaching out to the insurer if you haven't heard with 24e78 from about a week of signing up. i'm danielle leigh, news 4. >> follow-up is key. right now molette green is following the christmas travel nightmare from the live desk. molette? >> reporter: angie, we just found out airport officials in the uk could be put under the microscope after terrible travel delays that ruined christmas for hundreds of people. this happened at gatwick airport and the folks who run it face some angry travelers and now a possible investigation. a power out aage at the airportn christmas eve led to flight cancellations and significant
6:36 am
delays. what made it all worse was the lack of information that passengers say they got from the staff there. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. we're waiting for police to tell us if a man found dead along the anacostia river yesterday was murdered. someone saw him lying in the grass on anacostia a drive near the 11th street bridge. the medical examiner is trying to figure out what caused his death. two restaurants in prince george's county will have to argue their case to stay open and keep their doors open. police should down rose cafe and puzzles event center. both were operating as nightclubs but did not have the proper permits. rose cafe is on marlboro pike and capitol heights. puzzles is in temple hills. both businesses must stay closed at least until the outcome of an appeals hearing. montgomery county police are searching for the person who stole this menorah from a man's front yard. this is video of the five foot tall menorah from a few years ago.
6:37 am
the owner says when he got to his germantown home after work tuesday night it was gone. friends in the neighborhood told him that the menorah had been left in pieces in the nearby yard but then when he went there to collect the pieces yesterday morning they were gone. >> no public appearances on the schedule for the first family today, but the president and his wife, michelle, spent part of their christmas with u.s. service members. the obamas stopped at a marine corps base while vacationing in hawaii. the president made a few remarks in the dining hall and thanked the military for their service. he also took photos with their famili families. and vice president biden spent christmas day in maryland. he visited with wounded warriors. they went room to room to say hello to patients and their families. they chatted with the hospital and staff. the vice president also thanked the service members for their service and their sacrifices. well, did you know, angie, that you can use christmas to teach your kids a history lesson? >> well, i did as a history lover. 6:36. check out how hundreds of people spent part of yesterday.
6:38 am
watch the re-enactment of george washington crossing the delaware river. washington made the daring crossing on christmas day back in 1776 and this actually turned the tide in the revolutionary war. this is the 61st year of the crossing has been re-enacted. the price for a stamp is about to go up. just how much more it'll cost you to send a letter. and at 6:36, ladies, are you feeling tired this morning? the new scientific research that shows women may need some more sleep than men. 7neak. á lottery40ç pulled over .
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drivers in one florida city had a chance to do just that yesterday. police in melbourne handed off scratchoff withwss lottery
6:42 am
tickets, along with warnings wa the drivers that they pulled over. officers bought the lottery tickets with them and their own money. they wanted to spread a bit of holiday cheer while keeping the roads wife interesting idea there. >> right now we're looking at 6:40. guys, listen up. you may sleep in a little later this listen scientists a and, guys, trust us, you don't want your wife to be sleep deprived. researchers found women who don't get enough of their shut eye suffer from not only depression but they 4v)
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the afternoon the clouds clear out for the most part. plenty of sunshine later<  tod and temperatures, well,my they going to be warmer than yesterday. a high today of 45 degrees in washington. uájjt to 45.e1 igh of 46. but over the weekend we will of the days.
6:44 am
i'll tell what you day that will be coming up in ten minutes. maynard, how are the roads? >> we have a problem 95 northbound. the right shoulder is blocked ve this is approaáxq'g ñixdçóñr175. chopper 4 is over the scene there and you can see the car clearly on itsr/ % but tow truck isfá on sceneó[ñi soñi h they can get that cleared up. a look at the montgomery county beltway. movingi] along at speed but som volume starting to build and thl there. a ten-minute ride fromw3 my95 i i-270. we do have a disabled vehicle on 395 !up edsall blocking the rigt back to you in the studio. maynard, thank you very much. 6:42w3 right now. investigating the target breach at target.xd plus, heads up ift( you use mass transit in maryland. your fare is not changing but it ride in 2014. for a stamp.
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new this morning, the state department workingñr to authenticate video released overnight of a rockville man held captive in pakistan. the video shows warren weinstein seated and begging for president obama to negotiate for his e1 release. militants kidnapped him in8ájf.
6:48 am
the video was sent to a number of media outlets. version to the state department. we are learning what sparked a christmas morning fire inñi silver spring that sent a disabled veteran and two firefight x' the fire broke out early yesterday on narrows court. it started aftere1 flammable liquidjfxd was used in the home fireplace. one man in the home and two five people altogether wereok forced from the dñhome. a fairfax countyñi police ñr getting into a crash christmas morning. the officer's cruiser crashed on route 28ñi at the ramp to 66 in centreville. the officer had minor injuries. the other driver was not çóhurt. investigators are still looking into what caused this wreck. better late than never. u.p.s. says most of the packages that didn't make it to theiri] destinations by christmas will the comgey has apologized for the issue. it says itñi received more çó packages than its network canxd
6:49 am
fedex had similar problems. one woman whose package didn'tx arrive on+ time. >> yesterday it said on the truck for delivery.ñia5t(çóxd >>]-: amazon will give $20 gif cards. newport, new jersey, are investigating the shootingçó deh of two teenagers, one was ah] 13-year-old girl. the other a 14-year-old boy.xd they did not release an age.xdr f1 o picture says just how dangerous a brush fire is right now in california. check this xdout. burning next to a highway not
6:50 am
the far from los angeles. firefighters are working to put this fire out before the >> a nativity scene went up in flames. investigators believe that the firejf was fueled by that hay surrounded the scene.t( firefighters are looking at the u)jt in thei] nativity scenefá to see if thats where the fire started. they believe the timing of the fire is purelyi coincidence the. ê time to stock up onlp the forever stamps.e1 cnbc's hamptonfá pearson is her to tell us how much more they will cost. the price is going up to 49 cents starting on january 26.xd
6:51 am
stamps. it is expected to last no more than two years to help recoup nearly $3 billion in losses brought on by a drop in mail volume and higher pension costs. holiday shopping as the huge christmasñr surge aslp sal leading up ta( the holiday were lacklusterjfjf at i]best. several stores rolling outxd des today including okmacy's with a buy one get one free offer on dress shirts and suits. walmart will have thousands of u aw3 buy one get 40% off deal on red-hot toys including sky lander's figures.1 açó connecticut town is usi the coffee shop to start a new christmas tradition to pay it
6:52 am
forward since early tuesday almost every customer who has :m"a9ñrt(eugebaueug -- newingt ]ard. around 5:00 yesterday evening nearly 450 cus4lxers had paid it forward.e1e1 >> christmastime, time to spread christmas cheer. xd know someone3w could bea5 having a horrible day, come and get could have of fee and then that little bit they didn't have to worry about and something better. >>fá the giving spirit will continue today. employees say $45 was left over. the first several orders will also be ñix6'9ñ good to know. >> a small cup could go a long way. >> a cuplp of coffee soá@ds goo this morning. >> xdxdlpxdçófá3v%nti.
6:53 am
warmer than it was yesterday. e1 will warm each day right on through saturday. as we look to w3sunday, trackin some rain and as we look ahead to new year's fáeve, the weathe then is looking dry.fá potential fork'"ry lightñi snow right now over areas likexd xd washington, frederick, andñri] carroll counties just some ujuár!ly falling out of this.ñiñr elsewhere just dealing with clouds. satellite and radar you can see the clouds quickly moved inçó during the overnight hours and@c now they're here to say for morning hours as we work our way into theñ] midday and afternoon the clouds will start to break up. 20s. with future weather we work our% way throughout the morningt( hours. here we are at 8:00xd a.m., sti chance of some light snow for northern montgomery county and
6:54 am
but look what happens at çóñr11 a.m. clouu5$áup)t to clear out. plenty of sunshine later today nto )gát high ofxdfá about 44, 45 ds for today. now for tomorrow añ)çpt( high o but plenty of sunshine around beautifuli] sunny day. very similar for saturday. a high temperature of 51 m9ñ mostly sunny skies. like rain is likely mainly later in the day. the two weekend days. añi high on sunday of 47. now for new year's eve day, high temperature of 35. partly sunny s(qqáy for new koyear's day, mostly 40. maynard, trakk&ng any new problems on the roads? >> we have oneñiñrñjr improveme. minim minnesota avenue is reopened and that's what news 4's melissa mollet tells us. you may want to act with caution. there is a lot of water on theñ
6:55 am
roadways and with the coldñi temperatures you mentioned that could freeze over and pose a bii of a threat on the roadway. michigan avenue northeast still closed due to water main breakç will last for a while. marc and xdlpvrexd both on the schedule today and vre is on the s schedule through new fáokyear eve. 95ko northboundçów3zv approac and you c;vñ still see them working on that accident scene there. back to you in the studio. if you ride a bus or a tran to get to work, you may be paying more for your commute paying m&háhp &h%our commute congress failed to renew a tax kred that rewards mass transit riders. it allows bus or rail commuters to with hold $245 in free tax income it pay for rides. as of january 1 that will fall congress can renew the credit it's estimated 400,000 people region.
6:56 am
investigators in calvert county christmas morning. around 4:00 yesterday morning and quickly spread to threelp s cars. one person in the home was found lp $250,000 in damage done to the home. cause of the blaze. stolen more information t0eblp attack against target. a seniorñi payments executive f a major bank says that encrypted bank p.i.n. numbers may have u s. that a would make it easier for them to make fraudulent charges against customers' accounts. itjf m hackers cracked highly sophisticatedoke1 encryption. targ target, meanwhile, denies that any p.i.n. numbers were stolen. 40 millionnb customers were impacted by that breach. and a u.s. senator is hoping to
6:57 am
similar attack to better protect we saw with target.fá new jersey democrat robert menendez is announcing a plan today that ep says will betterer protectg you against credit car breaches. he will introduce that plan outside of the target store in jersey city later this morning. he says it will ensure you are protected if a retailer fails to safeguard your personalxd information. 6:55 on your thursday morning. today is the first day of focuses on the seven principles believed to be thelpok pillars the african-american community including family, creativity and faith. 6:55. most of you saysçó you are reao ring in the new year with some optimism. of g almost, think that your fortunes will improve in 2014. the reviewñi of 2013 not quite f 20% of you say it was a worse year than 2012 and the country  year
6:58 am
year and a quarter say iing it s bad. the four things to know this morning before you go. u.p.s. says most of the packages it could not deliver by to destinationsok today. logon to to learn about one local women stillok waiting for holiday gif to arrive. and the man accused of killing p tsa agent at l.a.x. will be amand today. tune in at 5:00 and 6:00 to hear more about today's appearance.ti and stay with nbc4hñ 4 and r as we learn more about this video of a area. that's warren weinstein from rockvillec!akingñi a plea toxd president obama and his administration to help negotiate his release. as we work to learn what caused the house fire in southeast this morning. firefighters tell us they had to in order to get the fire çóout. the only person in the home was able to get out without any injuries. and a little warmer today.xd >> absolutely.
6:59 am
ten degrees warmer. a high today of 45. clouds give way toe1 afternoon sun. >> thanks so much for starting your day with us
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