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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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how did this come together? >> we have been talking about doing an evolution of beyonce medleys for years, we're her biggest fans, we were looking for a cover to do and let's do it. >> ellen: how do you choose which covers you're doing? do you all have to vote on it? what if somebody says, "no, i don't want to do that one"? >> it's a collective decision. someone will bring a song to the group if we're inspired by it or it plays to our strengths. >> ellen: starting tomorrow you can go to itunes to download ptx volume two. i want to thank melissa mccarthy, sophia grace and right now at 4:00, christmas delayed. thousands of customers across the country fuming after their gifts don't make it to their
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destinations in time. the latest on the delivery effort by u.p.s. and fedex to get the late packages delivered. a montgomery county man kidnapped two years ago makes an emotional appeal to the united states. thousands return to the mall. how local malls looked. afternoon, everyone. i'm richard jordan in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. delayed deliveries. the latest word is some packages scheduled to be delivered by christmas may not be until tomorrow. >> bad weather and late purchases cause chaos at u.p.s. and fedex. >> a lot of people talked about the short shopping season between thanksgiving and christmas. it's why they couldn't keep up with the volume this year.
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u.p.s. left many people with a bah humbug spirit as packages were not delivered on time. heidi grant paid extra to guarantee delivery. >> the benefit was christmas is going to last longer and they will have more gifts to open in a couple days. >> reporter: he sent his cousin nike shoes ten days ago. they never arrived. >> it's christmas, why wouldn't they get it by christmas? they are not santa claus, they are u.p.s. >> reporter: they brought in extra workers to get packages out. analysts blame the calendar, weather and more last minute shaping. >> you had a surge in online demand by mobile devices. mobile contributed to 40% of all internet sales. >> reporter: online shopping was up 16.5%.
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fedex had some, but fewer problems. they handled 275 million shipments and 99% of the brown deliveries got there on time. >> a few weather related troubles, but nothing serious. >> they hope to get their late delivers by thursday or friday. too late if you are expecting a surprise under the tree. >> u.p.s. won't say how many packages didn't arrive but are a ageezing to customers whose gifts are late. reiterating the call for a contractor captured by al qaeda militants. this was released to "the washington post." journalists in pakistan overnight. in it, he appeals to president obama to negotiate with his captors and secure his release. he is from rockville and feels abandoned and forgotten by the
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government. he was kidnapped in 2011. they will release him if they hold air strikes in pakistan, somalia. the government will not -- >> veronica johnson that has forecast. looking better? >> looking better and feeling better. some folks are saying it's a bit too nippy for them. if you blinked today, you missed the snow. looking at a clear sky across the area. it's been a gorgeous day. look at this, folks from ashton, burke to mount rainier. remember yesterday? christmas. yeah, 33 degrees was the temperature. today, 43. the trend here for the weekend, it is going to be feeling
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better. watch the mercury climb, then it's going to take a dip. it's the dip you might not like that dip comes with a storm system and i'll have the details on that coming up in a couple minutes. a deadly house fire in northwest. jackie bensen has details. >> firefighters are on the scene in the 1600 block of beacon place off meridian hill park. just before 2:00 p.m., d.c. firefighters responded to a base. fire inside the building, which consists of four apartments. they worked for 20 minutes to put out the flames. right now, we know one person died. we do not know whether the if i get is a man or woman. investigators are looking to find out the cause of the fire. what sparked the fire at a home in southeast. crews were called to the home in the 2900 block of m street this morning. one manmade it out safely.
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the fire began on the second floor and spread to the attic. firefighters were on scene. a silver fire -- a disabled veteran was in the home at the time. two firefighters were injured. five people lived in the home. it appears to be a total loss. police cracking down on two establishments that specialize in adult entertainment. they are located in prince george's county. the clubs don't have the proper permits to operate and are being shut down at least for the time being. police issued violation notices to them. they ordered them to shut down last week. both had been issued several violation notices. they will stay closed pending the outcome of an appeals hearing. a menorah stolen from a home in northeast.
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someone returned it today in pieces. it's a fixture during the holidays. this is video of it a few years ago. ahead on news 4 at 5:00, chris gordon sits down with the menorah owner to see how it was returned. a busy shopping day at malls across the region. >> what it was like as many head out to give back, take back the holiday gifts. dramatic rescue on a california freeway. how an officer helped save a man. developments in a kargt credit card breach. the hacking that exposed their
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a dramatic rescue christmas day when several good samaritans pulled them in from a burning car. it happened on a southern california highway after he crashed his mercedes-benz into a divider. they had ten to 15 seconds to act. the driver survived and was taken to the hospital with minor burns. a burst of snowfall across pennsylvania is blamed for two bad pile ups today. these are aerials where at least two semis were involved in an accident. eastbound lanes closed and traffic rerouted. a short distance away, a similar accident on the pennsylvania turnpike forced the road to shut down while crews cleared the scene. several people were injured in the crash. letters littered parts of
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i-270 after a mail truck overturned. chopper 4 was over the scene. it's a u.s. postal service truck that flipped over near shady grove road. it shut the area down for hours while workers cleaned up the mess. traffic backed up about a mile. today is the first day of kwanzaa, the seven day holiday focuses on the seven principles believed to be the pillars of the african-american community. they include family, creativity and faith. the holiday started in 1966. the ideals are rooted in ancient africa. it means first fruits in swahili. how much longer the crew and passengers will have to stay put until help arrives. warmer temperatures today and what it will look like for the weekend. shoppers hit the mall to take back those unwanted gifts.
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forget black friday, this is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> it's a time not only for post christmas deals but returns and exchanges, too. melissa mollet is fighting the crowds at tyson's corner.
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>> reporter: 'twas the day after christmas when shoppers were returning and exchanging. >> the day after christmas, the deals are so much better. >> the garland still hung from the railings with care. some hoping to return for prices more fair. the stores all open, serious shoppers out of bed, visions of deep discount sales dancing through heads. >> we walked into lord & taylor. they gave us cards. >> reporter: today, they hope to make up for items once rejected. extra sales, slashed prices, a merry old time. this year, many shoppers did their hunting online. >> probably half and half. half online, half the store. >> reporter: nancy holds her
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coupons as cortney scouts a shop, billy knows soon the craziness will stop. >> people are buying everything they can get their hands on. it's a greatay to shop here. >> reporter: if you want to come out and return something, exchange something or buy something for yourself this holiday season, you have time. the mall is closing tonight at 9:30, normal time, but there are a few hours left. melissa mollet, news 4. back to you. this is also one of the busiest shopping days of the year in country. it's called boxing day and falls every year after christmas. hundreds of people waited outside stores here for hours to get in on sales. australians will spend an estimated $1.8 billion today. the bipartisan budget agreement is official. let's go to jackie bensen at the live desk. >> while on vacation in hawaii, president obama signed the
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budget deal eing automatic spending cuts. it will avoid a shutdown for two years. this has been part of a massive fight between congress this year. it restored $63 billion. that's another $85 billion in savings. this is one of seven bills signed by the president today, including the defense authorization act. that will provide bonuses for service members. at the live desk, i'm jackie bensen. at least another day before rescue crews meet with a ship stuck in the ice in antarctica. in the midst of a blizzard with winds up to 45 miles an hour. there are 70 explorers and crew members on board. they are believed to have enough food and water to last several days. an ice breaking vessel is headed their way, expected to reach them tomorrow evening. >> really cold there. >> we don't want ice or cold.
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>> or the wind i was hearing. >> are we going get that? >> we are. eventually, another cold wave. wait until you see when it is moving in. until then, i'm looking toward the weekend. the weekend, folks, looking really nice. it's going to feel really nice around the area. outside, not too bad. sunshine, not much of a wind blowing out there right now. temperatures, oh, well they are going to go down before they go up, of course. we are talking about a night with subfreezing temperatures. i can show you where temperatures are going to be over the next couple hours. let me go in here. freezing temperatures across the area. tonight, hour-by-hour with the sunsetting at 4:43. we are cold by 9:00. 35 is the temperature and 33 at 11:00 p.m. more than a ten degree drop between now and 11:00 p.m. we see a warm up, then cold and wet across the area. for the weekend and for the
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beginning of the new year, i'm tracking not only cold conditions that will be moving back in, but also an area of low pressure that will bring wet weather to the area. let me show you what's happening across the area. we had a few flurries that came through the area. the clouds lifted to the north. baltimore county, frederick county and carol county, it caused a few accidents from the pennsylvania turnpike to the north. 19 degrees in gaithersburg. 28 in d.c. many neighborhoods, once again, dropping down to the upper teens to low 20s across the area. falls church, greenbelt, toward waldorf 21 degrees early tomorrow morning. the deal is by afternoon, we are going to be warming quickly around the area. that means, hey, no coats for tomorrow. probably be able to get by with
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a warm jacket. 45 degrees montgomery. loudoun county, leesburg to culpeper, 49. around areas like fredericksburg, 47 degrees is the high temperature tomorrow. you can download the storm team 4 weather app with changing weather expected for the weekend and new year. go to and click on get our free app because, folks, we have made it where you can send this free app and send it as an e-card. it's easier than ever. look at the storm team 4 four day forecast. a high, 52 degrees. 47 on sunday. then sunday is the day when we have the rain moving through. i think it's going to start as early as 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. rain likely. the rain could be picking up by the time we get to the afternoon and evening hours on sunday. in a couple minutes, an hourly forecast for not only new year's
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eve, but also when we get into the new year, 2014. there's a chance for snow around here, guys. >> thanks, veronica. it was truly a special delivery for a family this holiday season. their baby was born christmas eve in an ambulance on the way to a hospital on long island. the new mother just finished her holiday shopping when she felt the contractions. before she could get out of the store and to the hospital, she had to call 911. >> grand entrance. >> i almost fainted myself. i realized, it wasn't the time. >> we trained and the training kicked up. >> the baby weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. a scam offering people money to add versailles a business on their car. the signs to watch before becoming a victim. anger from target customers whose information was stolen after the massive data
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the credit card breach at target brought quick changes to the way people were doing their holiday shopping this year. they have been talking about this with whurs troy johnson, talking about their new approach to the holidays. he joins us with "talk around
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town." people are charging less and using cash more often. what are they telling you? >> money talks. money still works. it's good to use it, especially in this situation with target. any of the listeners i talked to are upset about how could a situation like this happen with a breach. they are concerned about their information getting compromised again. they are riverting to old ways. >> i talked to allen who says, yes, i'm definitely getting out my wallet and using the greenbacks instead of the credit situation. >> cash is king. i don't care what anybody else says, if i pull out a certain amount of shopping, that's it. that's all i'm spending. >> people thought it was a way to reset. they are in the midst of buying and when this came out, they
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eased back. halema says her family is not about consumerism, they are about a simple, holiday celebration. >> we grew up, me and my family grew up celebrating kwanzaa, focusing on unity, creativity, the importance of community and family. if we are buying anything, it's to make a gift for somebody. >> they are also saying it's a situation where, you know, the simple things in life mean more. if you make a gift for someone, they will remember that and cherish it. not that there's not spending, just more response. >> it's tough to resist the pressure when you have it around you. you turn on the tv or the radio, they are bombarding you. >> the folks i talked to, the target situation made them scale back. they are like, you know, this is getting out of hand. i'm exposed. my credit and debit card is
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exposed. i'll stay within my budget and use cash money. >> richard? >> thank you. another extension for the affordable care act. why some have more time to register for coverage before january 1s, plus the deadline you need to know about. they
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good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm richard jordan. the ewe nated parcel service is saying packages will be at their destinations today or tomorrow. they added extra employees to staffing to mike it happen.
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they blame a surge in last minute orders and bad weather on delivery that is didn't make it on time. the state department is working to authenticate this video. it shows a kidnapped victim pleading for president obama to negotiate with his al qaeda captors and secure his release. he's from rockville. he was kidnapped in 2011 while working in pakistan. the state department reiterated their cause for his immediate release. investigators say someone used a flammable liquid in a fireplace. a disabled veteran in the home was burned. two firefighters suffered minor burns battling the blaze. two adult entertainment buildings have been shut down because they don't have the required permits. ordering both of them to close their doors for now, the county is trying to weed out these
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kinds of clubs since 2010. a slight improvement in temperatures today after cold weather yesterday. >> post christmas warm up. meteorologist veronica johnson tells us how warm it is going to get. >> we are climbing up the ladder nicely. we round out the workweek richard and pat. at 4:53, gorgeous. clear sky. you can see the hughs of orange and red there in the distance. as temperatures go, they are going drop off. turning cold by midnight. mid-30s by 9:00 and closer to freezing by 11:00 p.m. and midnight. talk about a clear sky across the area. tomorrow, a big area of high pressure is going make its way east and the wind flow will be out of the south and southwest allowing these types of temperatures. a couple degrees above average.
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47 degrees in town, talking about a lovely day. it will be day one, guys, of mild weather. wait until you see how high the temperatures are going to go saturday. that is coming up in a few. police are looking for the person who shot and killed two teenagers. one was a 13-year-old girl. she was taking the trash out when she was shot. the other victim was a 14-year-old boy. a third teen was shot and in critical season. it was the second shooting christmas day in that area. police say someone shot three men at a strip club nearby. they are not clear if the cases are related. a fight at a popular bar in louisiana turned deadly this morning. the shooting happened around closing time. witnesses say a fight broke out inside the bar and people were asked to get out. that's when someone opened fire on the crowd gathered outside. one person died at the scene. seven others were shot.
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the suspect in this case is still on the loose. today marks the ninth year that the deadly tsunami killed more than 22,000 people in 14 countries and 9.1 magnitude quake off the coast of indonesia unleashed the waves in 2004. today's ceremonies took place across the region to honor the victims. many countries hit hardest didn't have agencies set up. new technology helps people warn xlunts. a lot of confusion over who is getting health insurance january 1st. they have relaxed the sign up deadline that was originally monday. danielle lee reports on it. >> reporter: it's not entirely clear who will be receiving health care from the federally run exchange and when.
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a twitter post tells people who miss the deadline they will be considered for coverage on a case by case basis. everyone else starting the sign-up process today can expect insurance in february. insurance says who enrolls is just as important as how many. >> the success depends on having broad participation in the marketplace. getting younger, healthier people to sign up. >> reporter: catchy ads, hoping to convince young people obama care is worth it. he got the message, many friends have not. >> a lot of people don't care. why not? they say you need it. >> in many cases, those who will are enrolled can't relax yet. >> there are lots of jors.
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after a record week of visitors, now is the difficult task, making sure the applications are processed. make sure your paperwork has been received by the insurance company. call the insurer if you haven't heard from them a week from signing up. >> montana has their own health care exchange. premiums are due the 31st. insurance companies give you until january 10th to pay. you have until march to find coverage or pay the penalty. if you are thinking about taking tropical vacation next year, we'll tell you the top destination and the four u.s. cities that made the top five. >> on your way to shed the pounds. the latest research that shows ear acupuncture could help patients lose wight.
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a sheriff's deputy in seattle had his back turned for a second when the man he was taking into custody jump sboed his cruiser. he just put the man in the back when police say he made a break for it.
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>> the person was place sbood the vehicle, unhandcuffed and the deputy went to contact the family, let them know what was going on. in doing so, turned around and saw the car driving away. >> the vehicle crashed into a tree. it stopped the man from hitting a house. no one was hurt during the joyride. a man facing charges after he ran out on to the tarmac at an airport toward the plane. it happened in phoenix. the southwest airlines plane just landed. the man got close to the jet and started hitting one of the engines. the pilot called for help. nobody was injured. the man appeared to be drunk or on drugs. if you are interested in taking a tropical vacation, listen up to the travel trends for 2014. rio de janeiro tops the list for next year according to the vacation rental website, flip key. it's based on traveler demand.
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miami beach, orlando, naples and key west. brazil is hosting the 2014 world cup. that could be why rio got the top spot. advertise on your vehicle. as lindsay czarniyninda reports too good to be true, it probably is. >> an offer to place an advert wrap on your personal vehicle, which i have seen. i have seen cars, you know, and this was monster energy drink. $300 a week. i'm figuring, well, that sounds good. i can do that. >> she collects disability so she looked forward to earning extra cash and replied to the e-mail.
4:41 pm
>> the next day i got a response saying great, you are interested. we need your name, address, phone number, e-mail. >> and the type of vehicle. >> at first, it moved quickly. >> two days after that, literally two days, i get a fedex clidelivery, a check. that's it, just the check. i'm like wow, that's cool. >> she checked her in-box and found instructions for the check. that's where the dale get tricky. >> deposit it into your checking account. once it clears, $1509 has to go to this person. >> reporter: in the philippines. she says that was a red flag. she called monster energy drink to verify. she says, that was a scam.
4:42 pm
she reached out before we cashed the checks. of course, they have my signature, my bank account number. the national consumer league took part in an energy drink campaign. you shouldner had to pay to participate in a plan like this. big development in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> the final report on the shooting that is killed 20 children and six educators in newtown. nbc confirmed the report will be several pages long. adam tuss killed his mother before going to the school then killed himself after the rampage. the report will be released tomorrow. state police in connecticut have been under pressure for not releasing the report.
4:43 pm
at the live desk, jackie bensen. day five without power for thousands in the northeast. how rez sents are responding. plu season, why this year is gearing up to be pad. >> i'm promising you a warm up, first a cold night. warm up, it's ging to go through the weekend. that's not to like about it? i'll tell you after the break when we return. [ male announcer ] for every late night,
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a 300-year-old monastery was left in ruins after a lightning strike caused the fire on christmas day. it happened in northern spain. a lightning struck a nearby electrical transformer. firefighters and volunteers tried to salvage what was left. severe weather including winds and rough seas reported in the area. back here in the states, cold and dark for residents in michigan to maine. a fifth day without power from the storms. 150,000 homes and businesses lost power in michigan alone. we have more on how residents are coping. >> reporter: throughout the midwest and northeast, downed trees and power lines and ice that shows no sign of melting in freezing temperatures. all fallout from last weekends
4:47 pm
brutal ice storm. worst hit, michigan. 150,000 remained without power christmas day. george, his wife and their dog left behind their stockings to seek warmth at a nearby motel. >> we spent our anniversary here yesterday, 23 years. we got to spend it in a motel, very romantic. >> reporter: the charlie family brought their stockings with them. >> everybody is having a tough time. we still don't have power. we don't care, we're together. >> reporter: crews worked tirelessly giving up their holiday to restore power for residents without heat, some for five days. >> we have 800 men and women working in the field to get as many families and homes restored with power. we know how important this time of year is for families. we are working hard and diligently. >> reporter: a home with heat, a welcome gift, even if it comes after christmas.
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>> the good news for people in those areas, dry weather should continue through saturday and temperatures should inch above the freezing mark. good news for them. >> warmer here. >> a lot warmer around here. as i said, some folks may not like what the weekend is going to bring throughout. it looks as though we are going to have rain for the second half. you know, if it -- if it were colder, we would be shoveling. i'm not ready for that. let's look around the area now. see what we have. clear sky. of course, when you have the calm winds and a clear sky, oooh temperatures are going to drop fast. in fact, i'm starting here by showing you what the overnight temperatures are going to be. 19. ashton and wheaton going down to 19 degrees by early tomorrow morning. lar negotiation 21. 28 degrees in town.
4:49 pm
on storm team 4 radar, it's dry. it's quiet. there's the sweep live. earlier today, a burst of snow came through. howard and baltimore in carol county. i don't think we are going to see anything showing up on the dharun till sunday morning. until then, we have high pressure over the area and on the chilly side. 47 degrees in d.c. al exand and ria the high. the neighborhoods of bowie and burke, 45 to 47 degrees tomorrow. it's going to feel even better than today. here is a look at your saturday. sunshine, mild conditions. now, let me show you what happens late saturday. watch this. the clouds, they start coming in quickly. this is midnight. on the other side of midnight, we are overcast. by early sunday morning, starting 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., an area of rain starts pushing in around warrenton, areas like
4:50 pm
fredericksburg and areas like chan tillie. the rain from southwest to northeast. watch what happens as we get into the afternoon hours. you are looking at shades here, yellow and orange. that represents some moderate and heavier rain that i think will be in store for us for the afternoon hours on sunday and sunday evening to get somewhere between a half and 3/4 inch of rain out of this event on sunday. here you go, the storm team 4 day forecast, 47 degrees is the high tomorrow. sunshine and mild conditions through the weekend. saturday, absolutely the best day out of the weekend. saturday's temperatures throughout, there could be a few locations here, culpeper, charlottesville, stanton that hit a high of 55 to 56 degrees. mild everywhere. 49, one of the cooler spots in annapolis near the water. i told you about the rain that is going to move in on sunday. again, a gray day. right now, rain likely. we are talking 70% chance.
4:51 pm
it's not going to be that cold where the cold air does come in is on new year's eve. you aren'tly, we have a high temperature of 36 degrees. by midnight, we are down to 30. there will be clouds moving in. there might be enough wind hanging on where it makes it brisk. you know what happens once the cold air moves in. any other system coming up the coast could spell snow. we have a chance wednesday late and through the day thursday. that's something that storm team 4 will be monitoring. pat? >> thanks. in news 4 your health, did you endulg too much over the holidays? acupuncture on your ears cold help you shed the extra pounds. it's been used a long time to treat drug addiction and help people kick the smoking habit. obese patients that underwent the treatment for four weeks lost body mass and weight. it was published in acupuncture
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in medicine. a surgeon suspended after branding his initials on patient's livers. it was discovered bay colleague during a routine operation on a transplant operation. the doctors initials could be on hundreds of other transplant recipients. officials say the surgeon has been suspended until there's an internal investigation. if you have a brand-new tablet or smartphone for the holidays, chances are your kids did, too. the number of children under the age of 9 soared from 38% to 70% over the last two years. that includes more than a third of children under the age of 2. some tablets are designed for tiny hands. one manufacturer created an infant bouncy seat outfitted with an ipad. coughing, sneezing, body aches and fever. the flu season.
4:53 pm
omar reports, health officials say flu activity is heating up across the u.s. >> this is just going to go up the nose. >> reporter: there's nothing pleasant about the flu. >> go back. >> reporter: getting the swab to confirm you have it is uncomfortable. >> that's it. >> the friday after thanksgiving started with a cough, then a fever of 103 three days later and out of work three days. >> reporter: this is doctor shelly barber. >> i had the vaccine. i was disappointed. but that doesn't mean not to get your shot. it still can cover and make it less severe if you have your vaccine. >> reporter: one fifth of the cases she treated last night were flu cases. it's still possible to get the flu even if you have been vaccina vaccinated, it's less likely. the flu shot isn't just for your benefit. >> we have to remember, we are not only protecting ourselves,
4:54 pm
we are protecting everyone around us, especially our babies urnds six mornts and the elderly. >> reporter: the type a flu is making the biggest spike. it's the least pleasant of them all. >> if you have the flu, you are sick. a lot of people say flu a is worse. it's upper respiratory. people get pneumonia with it. fever is higher, they felt worse in general. there is extra security at airports during this busy travel season. an investigation shows passengers are packing more guns in their bags. the surprising report. >> reporter: a local man held hostage more than two years says his country has forgotten him. i'm mark segraves. i'll have the latest, next. >> reporter: christmas has come and gone but many families waiting and
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the man accused of killing a tsa agent at los angeles international airport pleaded not guilty in a california courtroom. paul ciancia was indicted on 11 felony counts, including murder. prosecutors say he walked into l.a.x., pull a rifle from his bag, opened fire on tsa agents. one died, three others injured. officials have not decided whether or not to seek the death penalty in the case. the trial is set for february
4:58 pm
11th. security at airports is high during this busy travel season. the i-team discovered the number of passengers caught bringing guns into the airport doubles over the past year. >> reporter: these are some of the weapons found in recent months at l.a. international airport including smith and weszen and berretta handguns. nikko of the tsa. >> we have situations where guns have gone off in the tickets area and narrowly missed hitting somebody. >> reporter: guns brought into airports can kill like when paul ciancia brought a gun into l.a.x. killing a tsa agent and wounding others. there are incidents like in philadelphia when this flight attendant put a loaded gun through a check point and it discharged, sending bullet through the wall of a break
4:59 pm
room. the issue of guns in airports weighs on the minds of travelers like heather. >> it's worrisome. i don't think it's on accident. i think people know what they are putting in their suitcase. >> reporter: authorities say it's not often the case. the wife of rocker ted nugent was arrested at a dallas-ft. worth check point with a gun in her checked bag. she claims she didn't know it was there. records show 11 guns found this year at l.a.x. belong to law enforcement officers trying to pass through security. >> it's an act of negligence. >> this is a former tsa security chief. >> we know the vast majority, there's no hostile intentions. >> reporter: the numbers keep going up. two guns confiscated at l.a.x. bringing this year's total to 23 guns seized. more guns were found last year
5:00 pm
at airports like seattle, houston and atlanta. >> if you are a gun owner, make sure to check your bags before checking in at the airport. federal law prohibits passengers from carrying guns past check points. the fine could be as high as $11,000. i'm joel grover. right now at 5:00, a cruise ship trapped in ice off the coast of antarctica. >> a maryland man in pakistan pleads to be rescued. good evening, i'm richard jordan. >> i'm pat lawson muse. developing story in northwest washington right now where a body is turned up on the scene of a fire. the blaze broke out this afternoon in the basement of a home in the 1600 block of beakman place. it took 20 minutes to put the flames out. inside they found someone. the victim has not been identified. we hav


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