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tv   Today  NBC  January 26, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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ter. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. good morning. chaos in the mall. >> we have an active shooter at the columbia mall, last scene in the food court. >> shoppers inside a crowded mall run for their lives as a gunman opens fire. >> as soon as i ran into sears, shots kept going and going and going and didn't stop. >> three people killed including the gunman. this morning we're live on the scene as investigators search for clues in yet another deadly rampage. promise of terror. with just 11 days to go to the start of the winter games, a terror group promises further
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violence as putin's office lashes out against the west. puppy love. the blind man saved by his guide dog after falling onto the subway tracks in new york city adds a new friend to the family than tox the kindness of strangers. we're there exclusively today, sunday, january 26, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt alongside dylan and sadly another case of a gunman opening fire with thousands of people nearby. typical saturday, people go to the mall and suddenly shots ring out. that's our top story. it hadn't been open for very long on saturday when people started running for covering, hearing the barrage of bullets all around them. this morning police are
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still trying to determine just what may have sparked the senseless violence. kristen welker is outside that mall in columbia, maryland, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning. this malo kated about 25 miles outside of washington, d.c. remains closed this morning while police continue their investigation. overnight they say they found and disabled two devices, what appeared to be crude attempts at explosives. they said they scoured the mall with canine units. this morning this community continues to be rattled by the violence that erupted here. police say 21-year-old brianna benlolo and 25-year-old tyler johnson were working at the clothing store sooum please when a gunman opened fire killing them both before police say he turned the gun on himself. >> it was just boom, boom, boom and people started screaming and running. >> reporter: the shooting began just after 11:00 saturday
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morning. 911 calls captured the first terrifying moments. >> we have an active shooter at the columbia malast seen at the food court. >> reporter: witnesses say the crowded mall became a scene of fear and chaos. >> we were crying and scared out of our minds. >> it was completely crazy. everybody started running, screaming. i almost passed out because i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: some fled while others sought a safe place inside. >> there was a young couple with two brand new babies. we have like a restroom at the end in the storeroom, so as many people as we could fit in there. >> reporter: police say they got to the mall within minutes of the first 11 call. they say they found three bodies in the second floor store. next to the gunman, a shotgun and more. >> he also still had a large amount of ammunition still on and about him. because of concerns about any other weapons he may have or
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explosives, we're approaching this with an abundance of caution. >> reporter: while police worked late into the night searching the mall for clues and scanning surveillance video, outside a vigil for the victims as yet another american community prepares to mourn innocent lives. >> when something like this happens, it makes you realize how fragile life is and how it can change for you in an instant. >> reporter: police say they have tentatively identified the shooter. we expect to learn more about that at a news conference scheduled for later on this morning. so far no word on a motive, but law enforcement sources say there are early indications that the shooter may have known one of his victims. five people were injured in this incident. they have been treated and released. the associated press is reporting that brianna benlolo, one of the victims, was also a young mother, just adding to the devastation here. erica? >> kristen thank you.
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olympic athletes will soon be leaving home to head to russia, but that trip comes against the background of a new threat against russia from militants who have already claimed responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing last month, in fact two at tams last month. keir simmons is following this for us from sochi. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing in front of the picturesque mountains that surround sochi as i speak. in the background we can hear music playing as preparations begin for the celebrations that will launch these games. yet, with all those concerns, you talk about there are fewer americans booked to come here than for the last 20 years. high above the olympic park, a security blimp keeps watch this morning. volunteers are picking up uniforms. many more arrive today, bringing enthusiasm, even excitement.
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>> i'm having fun. i'm very proud that my country is a host of the games. >> reporter: but a month after a double suicide bombing in a city 400 miles from sochi that killed at least 34 people, more threats. over the weekend, a new internet message from the group claiming to be behind the attack promising further violence, though not mentioning sochi. many believe the threat to the games itself is low. >> the security at sochi is going to be huge. i think it would be difficult -- not impossible. nothing is impossible, but difficult to pull off an attack there. >> president putin's spokesman says all this concern is an attempt by the west to discredit russia. ordinary russians are typically tough, swimming in the cold waters of the black sea for fun and determined, they say, not to be frightened by threats.
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sochi is preparing to welcome the world. russia getting ready for its close-up. there are lots of smiling volunteers everywhere you go here now, lester. they have been learning how to welcome americans, how to reach out across the cultural divide. in russia, even the idea of volunteering is new, lester. the world volunteer in russian is taken from the english, volunteer. keir simmons, thanks very much. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press" and joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, america. >> we've heard about the new threat. we heard from the state department and department of defense about the threat, about concerns for americans headed there. when it comes to cooperation between the u.s. and russia, how important is it that there be some cooperation? >> i think it's very important. i expect it to be there. remember vladimir putin is at a high level of awareness and
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concern about anything going wrong for these games. you look at that security blimp that keir talked about. there's also one in afghanistan that is high above kabul. you talk about how to harden a target, and i think that security perimeter around the games is a very hard target to penetrate. it doesn't mean that there's not significant worry and a potential threat there, but i think that with the president speaking to the russian president this week, i think there's going to be a pretty high level of cooperation and anticipation. >> the president stateside is preparing to address the country with the state of the union. there is already some speculation as to what will be in that speech. we're hearing it will be somewhat moderate in terms of a plan. but he is going to lay out an agenda. at this time last year his approval rating was much higher, 53%. it's now at 42%. as he lays out that agenda, how important is it to be measured,
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especially in an election year if he wants to get anything done? >> well, i think he doesn't want to be measured when it comes to defining democrats versus republicans. that's the great thing he can add to this debate is to say to the democrats, we have an agenda, a plan for more economic rekov ri to make sure no one is left behind. also to be thinking about the midterm elections. i think it's a real question, how much persuasive punch he's got left. i think that's going to be tested. what's working in his favor, the budget wars have cooled little bit. there may be some momentum for immigration reform among republicans. look for an outstretched hand in at least those couple areas when he tries to create sharp distinctions in other areas. >> quickly, will we hear much about obama care? >> he's got to do it. he's got a big audience he can speak to directly and make the case for why in his view it's
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working and why it will continue to work. that's a case he's got to make. >> david gregory, nice to see you. we'll check back with you for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." some of us got a little break from the cold yesterday. another arctic blast is headed our way. dylan is here with another rough week ahead. >> just a broken record with this cold. all of january has been exceptionally cold because of this polar vortex, it's into areas like a alabama and mississippi. temperatures tuesday will rival the coast blast we had at the beginning of the year by 7:00 a.m. monday morning 15 below minneapolis, your feels like temperature minus 45. chicago gets up to about 14
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below on tuesday morning. that is going to be a cold wait at the bus stop. 8 is your feels like temperature in char lots. as we go to wednesday, it will moderate a little bit and feel better, still not great. temperatures still staying below average for quite some time. the full forecast in a few minutes. right now let's get caught up on the rest of the morning's top stories with jenna. >> good morning everyone. u.s. health officials are expected to board a royal caribbean cruise ship in st. thomas, wanting to investigate a possible outbreak of a highly contagious nora virus. more than 300 passengers and crew members have become sick on the ship traveling from new jersey to saint martin. another major retailer may have fallen victim to a data security attack. michaels is investigating a possible breach, telling customers to check their statements. the warning comes in the wake of security breaches at both target and high end retailer neiman marcus. we head overseas to egypt
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where the death toll continues to rise state tv is reporting at least three people were killed this morning in an attack on a military attack. this comes after officials confirmed at least 49 people died in attacks across the country. the violent clashes and massive celebrations are marking the third anniversary of egypt's 2011 uprising. after weeks of speculation about his personal life, french president francois hollande says he's splitting with his long-time girlfriend. duncan goll stan any has the details. >> reporter: the french president and his first lady beginning their lives apart. two weeks after a tabloid reported he was having an affair with an actress, judy guy yeah. hollande called a french news agency saying i am making it known that i have put achb end to the relationship. >> his international agenda is very full including an upcoming
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visit to dwrunt states. he can't afford it to be polluted with negative focus on his private life. >> two weeks ago a tabloid magazine posted photos of him visiting his mistress. shortly after she checked into for exhaustion while he failed to confirm if she was still first lady, promising to clear up confusion before a state visit next month. the couple had been together for seven years and never married. in relaxed france, that was okay. so, too, was the affair. the biggest debate is whether the public had a right to know. this woman says he can do what he wants, it's his life. trier whiler treated a message about her emotional departure with staff at the presidential palace. some in france now wondering who might take her place.
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duncan goll stan any, nbc news, london. finally, apparently just being good looking and having an incredible body is not enough to win a grand slam title at the australian open. right now rafael nadal is going, dang, serious? the swiss tennis play won in the aussie open finals. the win was subdued because he was more concerned with checking out his competitor. nadal suffered a back injury in the second set, wobbled around a finish it. by the way, he was 0-12 against nadal coming into the match. >> that's huge. >> nice sportsmanship. >> that was the key. one week from today we will be counting down to kickoff. excitement is already building here in new york city for super bowl xlviii even though the game will be played across the river in new jersey at metlife stadium. it's that focus on the big apple that has neighbors across the
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hudson a little miffed this morning. >> there's a lot of trash talking and not even between the players. there's of course the big match-up on the field between the seattle seahawks and denver broncos. what's taking center stage before the game is the debate over who is hosting the super bowl. is it new york or new jersey? the stage is set for the biggest game of the season with a week to go to the super bowl, all eyes are on one city. >> new york city is hosting the super bowl. >> new york. >> new york city. >> reporter: but there's one small problem. actually the game won't even be played in new york, but instead about eight miles west of the big apple in new jersey. >> oh, yeah, new jersey, same thing. >> not if you ask new jersey senator bob menendez. >> peyton manning isn't going to be scoring in central park. it's going to be happening here in new jersey. >> you wouldn't necessarily know it if you looked at the hype
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around the game. the nfl's epicenter, the super bowl boulevard is in the heart of times square. super bowl tickets and official material, the vince lombardi trophy is imposed on the new york city skyline with new jersey barely noticeable. >> how do you feel about all the attention being given to new york but the game is actually held in new jersey? >> that's not fair. >> reporter: while the nfl insists the shoupe bowl is shared between the two states, this is about much more than bragging rights. >> it would have been great if the giants or the jets were the ones playing. having the pride of having the game here, but the economic impact, we're talking about potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: money that is mostly going to new york instead of new jersey which is hosting the game and more importantly footing the bill for security and making sure the super bowl goes off without a hitch. while new jersey restaurants and hotels will see a spike this coming week, in the end, the charm of new jersey may have a hard time competing with the
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glitz and glamour of the hard apple. >> it's a little hard -- >> selling secaucus, i was in new jersey, the food was great. they have selling points. people are excited that the game will be in new jersey. >> and they root for the new york jets and the new york giants over there. >> they say it's one big community, they're all a suburb of new york. >> i don't know that everybody always appreciates that. >> maybe people close to the border feel that way. >> that's what the people in new york say. it's a great story, though. i love the rivalry going on. dylan is out on the plaza with a check of the rest of the national forecast. our local jersey girl, dylan dreyer. >> ironically a patriots fan, so figure that one out. we are going to see caribbean ship this morning. wind gusts at 60 miles per hour. life threatening situation if you're driving around because
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visibility is down around 0. if you get stranded it will be hard to move forward because the visibility will be so poor. all this clipper system bringing the snow through the northern plains and through the western great lakes through the day today. that's the look at the country. >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. cold but sunny start a. washington 21 degrees. clouds increase throughout the day today. breezy at times. maybe flurries around this afternoon with the high temperature of 32 degrees. for tomorrow, a high of 37, cloudy skies. there's the chance of an afternoon rain or snow shower. arctic air arrives tuesday through wednesday. >> that is your latest forecast. erica? >> all right, dylan. thanks. up next on "today," first an oscar nomination. then hosting saturday nightlife. we'll catch up on jonah hill's big night right after this. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped. oscar nominee jonah hill is riding high on his "wolf of wall street" wave hosting "saturday night live" for the third time last night. >> his latest role is mostly a dramatic one. he's known for his comedic skills. dylan is in the orange room with a closer look at how mr. hill, the man with the greatest last
8:21 am
name ever, faired. >> "the wolf of wall street" has a good last name, too. >> i didn't put any of that together. this is fantastic stuff. any holt? a >> it started off with a pretty funny surprise in the opening monologue. >> remember when we were onset and i would get really nervous? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, i remember. >> can we do the thing we did every day that made me feel safe? >> i'm flying jack! >> yes, rose, we're flying. >> leonardo dicaprio is the co-star in "wolf of wall
8:22 am
street." they also did their little spin on her which was just hilarious. wolf, hill, holt. >> dylan, thanks. >> still to come on a sunday edition of "today" who will be the big winners at the grammys ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bring your style to life
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good morning. i'm richard jordan. it is 8:26 on sunda
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we're monitoring new developments in the maryland mall shooting. today the maryland mall will be closed. police are trying to determine what led to a shooting that killed three people including the gunman there. howard county police are going to give us an update at 9:30 this morning. we hope to know the name of the gunman who they have identified but not released his name. he shot two people before he turned the gun on himself. both victims worked at zumiez. one is tyler johnson who recently moved to mount ariw. the other is brianna benlolo who worked it has manager in the store and had a 2-year-old son. stay for news 4 nbc washington. follow us on facebook, follow us on twitter at nbc washington. we'll carry the live news conference from
8:28 am
8:29 am
on this sunday, i'm storm team 4 amelia segal in for chuck bell. temperatures in the teens and low 20 across the area. 14 camp springs, 17 rockville and 21 for those of you in washington. beautiful sunshine now will give way to increasing clouds for the afternoon hours. there could be light snow or flurries this archlt no accumulation.
8:30 am
otherwise breezy at time, high of 32. 37 tomorrow with cloudy skies. maybe an afternoon rain or snow shower. arctic air tuesday morning through thursday morning. richard? >> hit is sunday. we've got 90 ♪ >> dylan boston misses you. >> rise and shine "today" show. >> i want to wish my boyfriend a happy birthday. >> hello to my wife and happy anniversary. >> we love the "today" show. what a nice crowd. >> such a great crowd. also nice hand for our crew, shaking their groove thing there which was a fine way to start
8:31 am
the day. it's january 26, 2014, the last sunday of january. how time does fly. again, thanks to our crowd bundling up and taking pictures which is showing up on the video wall. i'm lester holt alongside erica hill, jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. >> we want to get you caught up on this morning's top headlines. first up, investigators trying to figure out this morning what the motive may have been one day after a gunman opened fire in a crowded mall in maryland killing two other people and himself. this morning that mall remains closed as they search for answers. another threat is looming against russia with less than two weeks to go until the start of the olympic winter games in sochi. militants who already claimed responsibility for previous bombing attacks say they are ready to strike the country again. and there is a new australian open champ. a big upset today. switzerland's wawrinka beat
8:32 am
rafael nadal three sets to one. a lot of people talking about whether jay z and beyonce will perform together tonight. how would you like to have a personal assistant without paying a weekly salary? mario is here with a virtual way to stay on top of your day-to-day schedule. two against one is never fair. i learned that firsthand when i played scrabble against two of the best players around. >> were you stretching there for the scrabble game? >> i was doing anything i could do. nothing worked. >> it's almost like they make up words, but they're real. >> and they don't know a lot of the definitions so i don't know if that's fair. >> i don't know if you have to, just know it's a word. let's begin the halhour with a "today" exclusive, a followup to a heartwarming story we told you about last month. >> cecil williams is a blind man who fell onto the subway tracks in new york city and saved by
8:33 am
his guide dog. after that happened, cecil says he wouldn't be able to keep his dog as a pet any longer. the dog was getting a little too old for guide dog work. thanks to the kindness of strangers, orlando will stay with him and cecil has a new guide dog, too. graduation day at guiding eyes for the blind. a small ceremony outside new york city and forego dive va, day one on the job with new owner cecil williams. this yellow lab has some pretty big paws to fill. it was williams' old guide dog, orlando, who drew national attention. >> who is a good dog? the answer is orlando. >> last month williams fainted and fell off a subway platform in new york city, ending up on the tracks. orlando followed him down and huddled on top of williams. both were fine and orlando a hero. >> orlando was like my angel.
8:34 am
he's always been that since i got him. we work together. i protect him and he protects me. >> at 11 years old, orlando is too old to be a working good dog and williams can no longer afford to keep him. even now the thought of giving up his loyal friends brings him to tears. >> the spirit of good will, it exists. in the world you ski a lot of negative things. i try focus on the positive. >> thanks to anonymous donors, williams can keep both dogs as orlando serves from protector in chief to big broth sgler after awhile orlando will learn he can put his feet up and it's godiva's turn to work. >> i feel i was blessed with orlando and now i'm being blessed again. she's coming along to carry on where he left off. >> such a great story. guiding eyes for the blind received thousands of dollars in donations after cecil's story came out and they have said they'll use that leftover money to help other people with
8:35 am
disabilities. >> that's a great story. glad it all worked out. >> a final check of the weather now from dylan. >> out here right now we have a group from florida. you guys were up all night working on all your signs, right. where in florida are you from? >> from? >> long beach, florida. >> are you cold now? >> yeah. >> how are you staying warm? where your hands are balled up in your gloves. whatever you can go to stay warm in new york city. it's a cold warm. going to stay fairly chilly because of clipper systems. this next one is producing more snow. it's clearing out of chicago where we have two to three inches on the ground. it's movering eastward where we'll end up with one to three inches. near eerie, pennsylvania through buffalo no, clippers reinforce cold air. it's going to get colder with blizzard conditions because of blowing snow in parts of north dakota tomorrow. not as much snow. it is going to be brutally cold
8:36 am
with temperatures dropping below 0 in the northern plains and midwest. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> a few flurries this afternoon mainly northern maryland. otherwise, sunshine gives way to afternoon clouds. another cold day. 21 the temperature now in washington. many other areas still only in the teens. a high today of 32. cloudy skies tomorrow, winds increase tomorrow, and we're looking at the chance of an afternoon rain or snow shower. arctic air let's head out to pennsylvania for today's top spot, appropriately named, the ligonier valley ice fest from affiliate wjac. downtown ligonier will look like a winter wonderland with dozens of ice sculptures, also a
8:37 am
horse-drawn carriage ride. i think the ice will be just fine and certainly not melting any time soon. erica? >> good use for all this cold weather, dylan, thanks. tonight is the music industry's biggest night to shine. the 56th grammy awards. there's plenty of talk leading up to it, not just about who will take home the coveted awards, but also about the potential for some big musical surprises. miguel almaguer has a preview. >> reporter: the glitz, the flam more, the grammys. this is the music industry's biggest night. rock and roll, country and hip-hop stars making the red carpet sizzle into a catwalk. >> the grammys are always fun and irreverent. you can always expect a spectacle on the red carpet which contributes to the fun. >> reporter: tonight is about the music. not just who will sing. madonna, katy perry and taylor swift are on board, but what will they perform and with whom?
8:38 am
>> jay z and beyonce are also scheduled to perform. the king and queen of music right now. not sure if they'll perform together. but something tells me they will. >> reporter: up for nine grammys, jay z has more nominations than any other artist, but he's missing from the big three, record, album and, of course, song of the year. newcomers mclemore and ryan lewis could take home their first grammy. >> mclemore will win for best new artist and may win for best rap album. >> reporter: today's stars will rub elbows with yesterday's legends. paul mccartney and ringo starr will reunite. beatles set to take home a lifetime achievement award. music past and present on stage for the industry's biggest, most memorable night. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. up next, our tech expert
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8:42 am
say. >> we are going to do a segment on this, show how many different times people have said my name. >> it's mario. >> it's mario. depends on the time of the day. >> somebody steered me wrong. we're going to talk phones. we'll talk phones later. just call me les. i read the article that iphone wants to come out with a bigger screen. samsung has been doing it forever. >> and doing it very well. the thing is, a lot of people are buying bigger screens, watching streaming videos, looking at documents, want a bigger window. the iphone has the same screen size, about four inches, since 2012. it hasn't changed. this one in comparison is, the samsung is 5.7 inches. >> that's almost a tablet. >> i don't know it would fit in my pocket. >> you look a little awkward maybe when you're holding it. >> it's a great looking phone. >> the big deal is this, in the
8:43 am
asian market, apple just did a deal there with iphone distribution. they're all using big screen phones. that's one of the biggest things we will see in the u.s. >> all devices come with built-in calendar programs. you have one that takes it to the new level. >> this is mynd. real quickly, you see the visual display of my calendar. at any given time, i can go into my calendar and actually see all of my events for the day. i'll pull up all the events. you say there's nothing different about that than any other calendar. i can get drive time, real traffic conditions from one meeting to the next. i'll know, mario, you need to leave now because the app is telling you you're going to be late for your upcoming meeting. called mynd. >> available for all platforms?
8:44 am
>> apple right now. >> let's walk over here. you and i don't normally talk clothing. why are we talking about this clothing? >> it's a new men's wear line made by ministry of supply. these are scientists from m.i.t. that made fashion. you say, wait, m.i.t. and fashion doesn't come together. >> got to be a space connection. >> the first thing, this particular dress shirt is made from nasa materials to help regulate your body temperature. lots of cold weather going on right now, this is great, won't even need an undershirt. >> breathable stuff. >> breathable stuff. the sweatshirt has ventilated armpits. feel inside the pockets on their pants here. >> really? >> they look like slacks, but the inside feel like sweat pants, very, very comfortable. the whole idea is can you wear this at business and at work and be comfortable throughout the
8:45 am
day. >> works summer and winter. >> these are chinos that are went resistant as well as summer resistant. >> this scene keeps the dress shirt tucked in. >> that's big. that's m.i.t. stuff. >> i'm trying to make the men look good for the ladies. >> mario armstrong, fashion expert. >> someone told me it was mario this morning. >> it's both. in the next hour it's mario. >> if you want to learn more about that guy's top three, head to here is erica. thanks that guy and lester. >> les. >> that's right. it's the last sunday in january. it's our final installment of get fit today. jenna is across the studio with great bits of advice for us. >> thanks for letting me take your twin dress and cutting it and using it as a tirks shirt. my first tip is something you can do any time anyway.
8:46 am
it's your glutes and your core. every time you take a step, you should be squeezing your rear end, every single step. a little bit goes a long way. lester is going to demonstrate the squeezing -- just kidding, lester. squeeze your glutes. your core is the key to your strength. tight core, tight body. work that area, help not only the abdominal region, posture, quord nance, balance, you should be holding it in all day long. hold it in now, i'll check back with you. >> i was already. >> you're not holding your stomach in. >> anybody following us on twitter knows we did core work this morning. >> we did a three-minute plank. >> and by we they mean jenna and lester, but dylan and i had a stop watch and a camera. >> we did it. i give you credits. keep that core tight. tip number two, mix up your fitness routine. if you've heard it once, you
8:47 am
heard it a thousand times. if you just spin or you just run or do the elliptical, you're missing out on the different muscle groups. incorporate mini routines into your work out, you'll burn more calories. one way is what i call pocket exerci exercises. you can pull them out any time. there are hundreds you can pick from. i chose two this morning. the first one, we'll do squats and push-ups. it's two exercises. this is a squaud squat. you know what a pushup is. start by doing ten squats and one pushup and get up, nine squats and then two push-ups, eight squats, three push-ups, until you end up with one squat and ten push-ups. you're going upper body, lower body, upper body, lower body. strength move mixed with cardio. if you love to run, do this, run a mile. here is another pocket workout.
8:48 am
a combination of jumping jacks and planks. is your core still tight over there? >> it is major tight. >> a plank, we've all done them, not too high, not sagging. nice and tight. i want you to get up and do 60 jumping jacks and then get down and do a 60 second plank, 30 jacks, 30-second plank. do it again, 30, 45, 60. either use these in combination with your normal routine or do a set of three or five of them. good luck. tweet me with questions. the three-minute plank, lester, who won? >> it was a tie. 3:16. >> i thought you won. she gave up at one point -- >> that wasn't giving up. that was to make sure he wasn't >> that wasn't giving up. that wa[ female announcer ]sn't when it comes to your smile, all stains are not created equal. a cup of coffee means surface stains. a cup a day for a decade?
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8:51 am
did you know scrabble was created by an out-of-work architect during the great depression. >> i love that fun fact. >> that's why you watch us. >> since then, millions have been trying to use words to get
8:52 am
a big score for computations not just held in family living rooms. >> they certainly aren't. in raleigh, north carolina, i spent the day with scrabble champions. while they may not know what all the words mean, they know how to put big points on the board. >> 15, 17, times three -- >> this isn't your run-of-the-mill living room scrabble competition. kevin bauerman and rehman gau from raleigh, north carolina, are champions. >> what do you do if you have five es. >> you're stuck. no way out of it. >> reporter: defending. >> 74. >> reporter: national school -- what would you say is the best advice to give to a new scrabble player? >> make words. >> reporter: -- scrabble -- >> why are the two of you playing just against me? i think this is a little uneven
8:53 am
here. >> reporter: -- champions. >> are we good? elixir is with an i. >> reporter: part of a growing number of fanatics who devote the better part of their day to the classic game. >> we're obsessed with scrabble because we love language and language is common to everybody. >> reporter: eric smith, a web developer is a member of this weekly club, one of hundreds around the country where people of all ages and interests gather to put tile to board. would you say you think about scrabble 24 hours a day? >> no, i do think about it like eight hours a day. >> i started out with blue tiles, and then i got some yellow tiles and white tiles and red tiles and black tiles, sage green tiles. >> reporter: produced in more than 100 languages in one of every three homes, an estimated 2 million copies are sold every year.
8:54 am
fans of the game include royals alike, words like brrr can be game changers. >> for prefixes and suffixes, re in the front or i, n, g on the back. learn the two-letter words. learn short words that will help you dump the q, qat, qaid. >> of the majority of the words you put on the board, what percentage do you know the definition to? >> not very many. probably less than 1%. >> eight, ten, 14, 15, 16 -- >> on mini? >> yes. it may be small but it doesn't get small scores. >> reporter: a four-letter word that shows big things come in small packages. clearly i lost. kevin and raymond will have to give up their title as a new group of school scrabblers will fight for their right to earn the coveted trophy. >> don't you love that game?
8:55 am
>> when you only have one hand, you're not doing anything as fast as you used to, which is funny, 'cause i still do it better than her. you know, i don't think i was meant to sweep. it's a little frustrating. look. [ zach ] i can't help out as much as i used to. do you need help? [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up. it's a swiffer sweeper. it's a swiffer dusters. it can extend so i don't have to get on the step stool. i don't know how it stays on there. it's like a dirt magnet -- just like my kids. [ afi ] this is a danger zone. that is crazy. ah-ha-ha! [ zach ] yeah. no, this definitely beats hanging out on a step ladder. what's up, baby? wake it up with olay regenerist. formulated with a skin energizing complex, it penetrates 10 layers of the skin's surface. because energized skin
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number one on that poster for the 50th birthday was to meet jenna wolfe. >> so i went over there and kissed her sign. >> want to check in now with david gregory for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning again. >> good morning. coming up on the program, how much political clout does president obama have left as he delivers his state of the union address on tuesday. republican rand paul and dick durbin join me. the future of edward snowden, we'll go live to moscow to speak to one of his legal advisors. all coming up this morning on
8:59 am
"meet thpr tot for us on a sunday morning. thank you for spending part of your day with us. >> i'm not done yet. i'll see you back here tonight for "nbc nightly news." have a great rest today the columbia mall will be closed after police say a man shot and killed two people and killed himself. this morning the big question is why. good morning everyone. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. a lot of questions surrounding the mall shooting. the mall is closed as police spend a second day at crime scene. officers have been there all night long. they have identified the shooter but have not released that man's that i mean. officers believe he took his own life. meanwhile, the police found a bag next to the gunman with two
9:00 am
crude explosive devices made with fireworks in it. we're going to bring you the press conference live when it happens. meantime the columbia mall is a crime scene as police try to figure out why it happened. derrick ward is live with the update. good morning derrick. >> reporter: good morning. we're a waiting word from authorities now in the county about exactly what happened and perhaps we'll even learn the name of the shooter. they have learned his name, but it hasn't been released publicly. we know the names of the victims. first of all, let's take a look at the scene. it's a crime scene. there's a command center vehicle, rather large vehicle. if you look in the parking lot, you see a number of cars. those cars belong to people who were evacuated yesterday. perhaps some were wounded and perhaps even the shooter's car. we know they know his identity. they would have located the vehicle and removed it by


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