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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 5, 2014 6:00am-7:00am EST

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man found shot to death in germantown. the key evidence police hoped search dogs would find. many streets covered in ice this morning. you may hear it crunch under your car as you head out to work. and because of that cold weather and the icy streets, a lot of schools are closed or opening late today. look at this map of the area here. the counties in red have schools that are closed today. counties in yellow have schools that are delayed. most of those are in virginia. there's a lot less red and yellow today than yesterday and of course on monday. >> we have a complete list of the closings at the bottom of the screen. you can also see the list on it is now time to get a look at our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking all this cold weather. tom? yeah, temperatures now just in the teens. many of the rural areas and nearby suburbs, right in washington, 20s. live view from the storm team 4 skywatcher camera overlooking tinley town. there's nebraska avenue which is all dry. all it has is a little salt powder on it. some of the sidewalks, though, still clogged with ice and snow.
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there's 42nd. here's van ness. that's nice and dry, as well. we've got clouds passing over us. we don't have any snow coming from the clouds. we'll have a little sun in and out this morning. temperatures will be in the low 20s. teens now by 8:00. then by noon, for your lunch hour, should make it into the mid 30s. we'll have a light wind, but nevertheless, layer up. wear your warm winter coat this morning. mittens, gloves, a hat, and warm footwear. then by this afternoon, should be well above freezing. a lot of the snow will be melting. should be around 40 degrees and a partly sunny sky. aaron? >> thank you. breaking news for drivers in fairfax county. news4's molette green at the live desk. >> aaron, take a look at your screen now. chopper 4 giving us a first look at the scene in fairfax station, route 23, ox road. we told you a while ago about three big rocks in the road there blocking traffic. our news crew is on the way
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headed there to give us more information from the ground. you can see from the pictures, the impact to traffic. we want to first 4 traffic's danella sealock with more on what kind of impact there is this morning for commuters. danella? >> thank you. yeah, it is a -- affecting the northbound lanes. i just want to -- i know a lot of drivers when you look at the live shot are like, what is the boulder. concrete slabs, you see how big that is in the roadway. that is what's blocking the lanes. so left side of the road is blocked. in fact, looks like just the turn lane is getting by. and as chopper pans out, are you starting to see a delay already. this is along ox road. look at this. folks are jammed already. we are tracking your backups. they look to be from this angle at least a mile of heavy delays just as you get by single file to the right. and you see as far as chopper can pan and see that's where the delays are. elsewhere, i'm tracking a multi-vehicle accident along 234
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southbound at i-95. multiple vehicles means at least one lane is blocked as you travel southbound in this area. heads up there. we'll shoot up to i-270 southbound from frederick, normal delays. it is sluggish as you make your way past 109. not terrible. it's just a bit under speed. but you're not jammed. once you get to clarksburg road, clear trip to rockville. >> all right. thank you. 6:03. right now a manhunt after a deadly shooting in germantown. police used k-9 teams and a helicopter to search for the gunman who shot a man. officers blocked the neighborhood for hours overnight. montgomery county police only have a vague description of the gunman. they did not release it. detectives say the victim is a man in his 20s. they will release his name after they notify his family. as for that neighborhood, police reopened streets around the scene there on ox bridge drive not far from route 355 and germantown road. 6:03. a montgomery county jury found a rockville man guilty of trying
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to kill his wife and her lover. prosecutors played a recording of him in spanish in court. [ speaking spanish ] this is 50-year-old daniel mendoza telling undercover agents that you can do it there, referencing a metro station. and he tosses make it look like a robbery. prosecutors say mendoza offered $200 and the title to his car in the murder-for-hire plot in march of 2012. he will be sentenced in may. he faces life in prison. weather isn't expected to delay the start of a murder trial for abi agent. jury selection will begin this morning in the case against arthur gonzalez. he's accused of killing his estranged wife last spring. stafford prosecutors say gonzalez shots her four times in his north stafford home. gonzalez has been an fbi agent for nearly two decades. jury selection was postponed yesterday because of bad weather. one person was killed and seven others injured in a new jersey gas explosion. take a look at this video.
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construction crews damaged a gas line in the trenton suburb of ewing yesterday afternoon. a spark triggered the explosion that destroyed ten homes and damaged 45 others. happening today, a minimum wage of $10.10 closer to becoming law in maryland. the bill is heading to the house of delegates for approval today. the house economic matters committee approved that bill yesterday. they rejected a bill that would set a different standard amount for rural areas. the committee also delayed the proposed three-step increase by six months. instead of taking effect in july, the first phase increase to $8.20 will take place next january:president obama heads to connecticut to rally support with four governors who are also looking to raise wages in their states. raising the minimum wage has become a midterm election talking point for democrats. the president first made the pledge to raise wages for federal workers during his state of the union address. 6:05. the candidates for d.c. mayor will be at howard university tonight. a group of student and faculty organizations there is planning
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a debate. it begins at 7:45 in the university's blackburn ballroom. the doors open 15 minutes before that time. the primary election is now less than four weeks away. today the senate armed services committee will discuss the future of the u.s. military. last month the obama administration announced plans to downsize the military by 130,000 troops. the army would take the biggest hit under the new budget plan. defense secretary chuck hagel and chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey, will testify. we're following a developing story in ukraine. representatives from the u.s. and russia will meet soon. why russia just said the americans are setting a bad example. plus, texting and walking at the same time. the new app that some say will make it easier and safer. and we're staying on top of breaking news in fairfax station. concrete slabs are blocking traffic. northbound 123.
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