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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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offensive. -- now one family's tragedy serving as yet another warning to others. and new details about the gunmen's other seas ambush on a top american general from our area. >> we begin with the fact of what could be the largest internet data breech in history. a gang of russian hackers stole more than a billion user names and passwords. that breach put a third of the world's e-mail accounts at risk. we also know all that information came from more than 400 thousand websites ranging from small companies to fortune 500s. >> billion, how did they uncover this? >> well, actually they were looking for spammers. because this russian group was basically taking this information and offering it for rent, offering to e-mail out spam to people. and that is what they were
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doing. they got looking into it. it was a security firm based in milwaukee, a security expert who was looking at all this data. suddenly realized how much of it there was and also saw his own name and user name and password in the data. >> do we know how they did it? >> yes. partly the old fashioned way. they stole some of it. part, some of it they bought from the black market. but they attacked websites worldwide using a very old fashioned kind of hacking. so this is not a target style attack that was cleverly designed just for one specific thing. this was a ten-year-old technique. and they got lots of information as a result of it. data from websites. so it is not about weak passwords. this is about going around the passwords and getting into the database of a website and taking all the data about passwords. >> well if it is a ten-year-old technique how come we can't stop it? >> that is a good question.
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and there are a lot of security experts who say what this points out is how weak internet security is for many companies. this technique for probing for data has been around a long time. so obviously you need to -- here we go again -- change your password. that instantly makes this entry in this 1.2 billion data points it makes your entry into it immediately obsolete if you change your password. of course many of us have lots of passwords and it takes a lot of time. >> fascinating. there are ways to protect yourself from this data breach. news4 erica gonzalez continues with that part of the store. >> hold security is the company that discovered this and it is offering a chance to register on its website to check whether or not your user names and passwords were stolen by hackers.
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we went to the website to see if we could log in and see if we could find our data information on there. so what we had do was log in and it will ask you for your user name information and so forth and then wait for a confirmation e-mail. bedid that about 10:00 this morning. we still have not received an e-mail from the company. that is about eight hours later. the company said that it anticipates lots of requests. so please be patient with this. now other ways to protect yourself against identity theft, you want to of course monitor your monthly statements, your credit card statements for unauthorized charges. now this was not a financially targeted breach. but hackers could have your bank or other sensitive log in information. change those passwords, as pete mentioned. most importantly your e-mail password. more than 500 e-mail loggens were part of this data breach. and for more visit our website
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nbcwashington.c nbcwngm. se "passwords." >> thanks erica. look at the forecast. scattered showers across parts of our area. doug is in there the tole us whose in the rain and whose not. areas to the south and northern virginia for the most part. the radar picks it up very well. mostly to the shenandoah value and rap hanna on the east side of the blue rage. fauquier county. parts of clark county. and some of these are fairly heavy down pours coming through. this one coming through clark also parts of loudon. leesbu leesburg, heads up there. and more in culpeper and elsewhere. a boundary to the north that will shift down to the south. until it does gad good chance of showers this evening. and a could be a rainy weekend for the beaches this weekend.
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more testimony at the mcdonnell trial in richmond. the testimony comes from the first lady's chief of staff. mary sutherland testified she never saw a hint of romance between mariureen and john williams. she also says working for them was a hellish experience. more on why sutherland called maureen a nut bag coming up. a local father heading to prison after a violent road rage incident. he was found guilty today of stabbing a couple at the montgomery mall. live with the reaction of the verdict. >> it took 14 hours of
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deliberations. tonight we begin with evidence that i received today from prosecutors, part of their case, that created the conviction here in court today that led to the conviction of david goldberg. it is the emergency call made by an eye witness to this road rage violence as it was happening. >> montgomery county 911 what is the address? >> i don't know. i'm at nordstroms in the parking lot. a guy in the -- >> reporter: the victims were nearly run over and then stabbed. these are police pictures we are seeing for the first time of 25-year-old david goldberg of potomac when he was arrested after the incident november 14th last year at west field montgomery mall. the prosecution evidence includes his knife with 5 inch blade and his mitsubishi lancer evolution damaged when he
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crashed trying to run them down when they recall they were on foot. the jury deliberated for hours and rendered a victor of not guilty of the attempted murder charges but guilty of two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter. david goldberg's mother didn't want to speak right after. leaving it to her son's lawyer. >> we are obviously disappointed he was convicted of attempted voluntary manslaughter, but that verdict recognizes we believe the fact that he was provoked, that he had a genuine fear for himself and his daughter. >> goldberg was also found guilty of five counts first degree assault and two counts of second degree assault. in all he could be sentenced up to 155 years. >> -- >> reporter: chose to have the state's attorney speak for him. >> indicated he was satisfied and happy with the verdict. and i think people understand
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it. he said i just want to go back on with my life. >> i asked rachel peterson how she is. >> i'm doing great, thank you >> david goldberg will be brought back here for sentencing on december 18th. that is the latest live in montgomery county. the virginia man accused of stealing signs dedicated to the victims of sandy hook massacre has now pled guilty. a judge sentenced him to one year in jail. in may police found stolen signs meant to kill -- at his home in virginia. he was a so called truther who does not believe that the 2012 attack ever happened. tonight the military is preparing the body of major general herald greene back to the u.s. he is from falls church virginia
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killed by an afghan soldier at an a afghan military training facility yesterday. sources tell nbc news the gunmen hid in a bathroom and opened fire on a group of troops. the general was hit five times. officials say the gunmen joined the afghan army two years ago and never had any suspicions. he was killed by return fire. in the first time since his relief former taliban prisoner of war bowe bergdahl is being investigated. several of bergdahl's former platoon mates say he abandoned his post in 2009. he's on desk duty at fort sam houston in san antonio texas. his attorney says he east read to get the investigation behind him and to go on to college. >> d.c. residents will decide whether small amounts of the
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marijuana and a few plants at home will be legal in the district. approved for the ballot in november. if it is approved residents could have as much as two ounces of marijuana and could grow up to six plants in a private home. the city has already approved medical marijuana and reduced fines for current possession of small amounts of the marijuana. >> one day before the redskins first preseason game but there is an injury meaning a key player is not on the field tomorrow. jason pugh with more on that. >> reporter: it was supposed to be desean's jackson's debut with the burgundy and gold. but he's now questionable to play after twisting his ankle during the walk tlu this morning. they will on the field for about 30 minutes and jackson was jogging through a route and went down. he was later seen with ice on the ankle. >> g today in a
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walk through and just twisted his ankle a hair. and we'll see how he does in rehab and treatment all that. we'll find out. >> gruden says he will keep the starters on the field for about eight to ten plays tomorrow night. still remains to see whether jackson will be a part of that. you can watch right here on nbc 4. dianna russini and i will have you covered with life reports before and after the ball game. a fiery aftermath and what we're learning about moments before a deadly crash that left debris in an entire city block. more students here in northern virginia using the popular drug molly. coming up my reports is going to give you insights into its rise all as young teens gather to remember a young life lost possibly as a result of that drug. and only news4's camera's been allowed inside the ebola
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lab at nih. we're going the see what's being
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the search for more bodies in ukraine has been suspended. the prime minister of the netherlands called off the operation today because of dangerous conditions over there. they are looking for bodies from that airliner that was shot down.
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it's been nearly three weeks now. the prime minister said fighting between government troops and pro russian rebels are putting search teams at risk. about 80 passengers are still missing. prime minister promises the search will continue once the violence abates. the death toll of the ebola virus continues to rise in west africa. nearly thousand have died since march. a spanish prees priest is being transferred back home from liberia. two are being treated in atlanta with an experimental drug and they are responding. and a vaccine being developed. >> exclusive access to this bethesda lab where scientists have been working on a vaccine for the past decade and told us they are getting closer to a safe effective vaccine that has
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the potential to save a lot of lives. >> tucked away inside this building knot of downtown bethesda, these scientists allowed cameras in for the first time. looking for a way to prevent the lethal ebola virus that's killed hundreds in western africa since march. >> the biggest concern is the continued spread and the fact that it is out of control in the west african countries. >> scientists at the national institutes of health have been working on a ebola vaccine for more than a decade. but as the latest outbreak continues to grow, so does the pressure to create a vaccine to prevent a disease that can kill up to 90% of its victims. >> you have high population cities. and that is where the outbreak is, which makes it much more difficult to control. >> and with no effective treatments available, one of the best ways to stop the spread is prevention. in the form of a vaccine.
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dr. anthony fouchy, director of nih's national institute of allergy and infectious diseases says scientists are getting close. they have created a vaccine made with genetic material from the virus. that means there is no live virus involved. >> you don't inject the entire virus of ebola. because that would wibe dangero. you get a very small component of the virus which is a protein that coats the outside of the virus. >> fouchy says they will start testing the latest version of the vaccine on humans at the end of september. if it proves to be safe and effective they hope to make it available by 2015, the first group who would get it? healthcare workers. >> it is difficult to vaccinate a entire population because you don't know where an outbreak is going to be. but when you have healthcare providers putting themselves in clear and present danger of getting infected those are the ones you want to protect.
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>> the vaccine is different from the experimental drug given to the two americans infected. doctors hope the medicine there will help to cure them. what the agency is doing is working on a vaccine that could prevent ebola all together. >> it is raining for some but not here in d.c. >> the clouds are out there but really the shower activity is all to the south and west for the most part. but it is going to change as but move through the rest of the night. a few more storms may come through. fist off outside towards union station t flag, just sitting there right now. no wind. we're looking at the very nice evening if it is not raining on you and most of us are seeing a fairly derive evening. current temperatures 85. winds southwest only about 6 miles per hour. here is storm team 4 radar showing the showers and storms. most west of the potomac and we're talking about the areas like warrenton and culpeper,
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madison and lo ray. and another in clark county and look at this guy up towards hagerstown. this boundary, looks like it may come right down 270. so this is one we'll watch. if it holds together. this one around clark moving into portion of loudoun county has had lightning associated with it. and then a heavier storm down towards culpeper. they were hit earlier with a storm and here you go. another one on the doorstep. warrenton seeing the rain. and other areas continuing to see heavy rain. these are not severe, not even that strong but there may be heavier down pour as we move through the evening. it is all part of a frontal boundary moving through right now. and you can see what's happening here. this front extends just to the west of boston, just to our north and all the way back towards the chicagoland area. that front behind it will bring in some cooler air.
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and we're talking very nice air during the day tomorrow. here is your future weather showing tomorrow. not much in the way of cloud cover. plenty of sunshine, low humidity, tomorrow a perfect day. afraid few more clouds and notice the rain back towards west virginia but also this guy up here. we like to see this guy. high pressure is coming through and helping to clear us out and keep the rain associated with this area of low pressure to our south and west. most of us will have a great weekend. south of d.c., fredericksburg, norfolk, virginia beach for example, the cape, could be a lot of rain down there for you if you are heading to the beaches of the cape hat ras and virginia beach. ocean city and rehoboth looking good though. 84 to 88 tomorrow. will really be a nice one. friday also looking good with more clouds in the afternoon. 85, 83 on saturday. 30% chance of showers mostly to the south. 84 sunday.
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monday, tuesday and wednesday also looking good. tomorrow night by the way for the redskins game, looking great.
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. so you want to live large? we'll tell you how. it will only cost you 12 grand amon. that is what some of the apartments at the woodley will cost you. it is one of the most expensive properties in the district. you get a few things for it. if you have a dog, there is a dog spa. if you live there, you probably have a walker. your walker can walk your dog to the spa. there is a landscape roof terrace and of course 24 hour concierge service. the woodley does have a cheaper ong option. a 622 square foot studio for only $2700 a month. the nation's capital clearly changing right before our eyes. about a thousand people are moving into the city every month
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and a lot are young. they want good jobs and they also want great places to live and some lively entertainment and no better place to see it than on 14th street. news4's tom sherwood takes a walk. >> reporter: take a walk along 14th street in northwest washington. one thing is for sure. if you have any money you won't go hungry or thirsty or starve for entertainment. from thomas circle at massachusetts avenue up two dozen blocks past u street. this area developed into a regional destination spot where bars are full and restaurants with long waiting lists. >> yes please come to our city and leave more of your money here. >> reporter: and tens of the thousands of the young people are pouring in. looking for good paying jobs, cool places to live or easy entertainment options. >> the urban life has gotten to the point where it's sort of
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built itself. >> reporter: by last year the 14th street area was the most dense regional neighborhood in the city. basic rents are reaching $3,000 a month. and delta associates says 24 new restaurants have opened in just the past nine months. the new 14th street began slowly about a dozen years ago. but it quickly was replacing long shuddered store fronts that had been here since the 1968 riots following the --. it reflects the changing city. back in the year 2000 it had about 300 members now 800 member, most of the growth here in the city. still 14th street is just one example of the cultural and physical change remaking the nation's capital. >> in the last five years we've added about 66,000 people to the
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population district of columbia. that's now just under 650,000 people. it is now a place to live not just a pras to work. and that is a big change over the last several years. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood news4. >> >> announcer: a murder mystery in maryland. a man found dead in his bhak yard what. the 73-year-old victim's wife is saying as police try to find out who did it. >> a former member of the mcdonnell inner circle takes the stand and offers damaging testimony about life inside the executive mansion. it could save you time and money. why ride sharing companies like uber are
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now at 6:30 a new and interesting central figure in the mcdonnell corruption trial today. maureen mcdonnell's former chief of staff detailed life in the governor's mansion, the good the bad and the ugly nickname that she had for the governor's wife. >> but she was also asked if she was the one trying to get close to businessman johnny williams. northern bureau chief is live once again. >> reporter: she testified once again today that when she accepted had job she asked the governor how he would define
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success. his reply, to come home to a happy wife. but he testified maureen mcdonnell was often anything but happy. in fact told fbi investigators she was quote a nut bag. mary shea sutherland was hand picked to be the chief of staff but testified she left after 22 months because she couldn't take it anymore. sutherland painted an unflattering picture of life inside the executive mansion. staffers called the first lady a screamer. political analyst bob holsworth is observing the trial. >> screamed and yelled so loudly at times the protection detail would have to come in and try to calm things down and make sure mary shea was okay. >> sutherland did testify about a happy time. in spring of 2011 she was there when johnny williams flew maureen mcdonnell to new york for a shopping sfree. jurors saw a virtual designer
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fashion show on courtroom monitors. asked the prosecutor what did you think of johnny williams buying all the dresses. sutherland said he was very generous. just one of many times he shourd the couple with gifts loans or trips because he wanted their help with his company's new product. but defense attorneys say it was really sutherland helping williams basishe wanted to go to work for him. this was the invitation at the governor's mansion for university researches that williams hoped would test his product. but prosecutors took aim asking sutherland who's idea was it to have the lunch. sutherland said the first lady volunteered. who provided the lunch. it was provided by mr. williams company. the first couple --. ask the prosecutors of
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sutherland, did she ever say anything to you or indicate to you she was interested in mr. williams romantically? sutherla sutherland:no. >>enn that she said she even witnessed romance between the first couple in a poem the governor wrote to his wife. an interesting moment in the hallway during a break t former governor actually went and greeted mary shea sutherland and gave her a hug. six months after the fact and still no charges in the murder of a popular music teacher in alexandria, virginia. somebody shot and killed ruth ann when he opened her door back in february. another woman inside was injured. charles severance is a man being investigated as well as two other high profile murders. they are holding him now in jail in loudoun county on an unrelated gun charge.
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a montgomery county woman is talking about her husband's murder. they were married for than 50 years but her life changed this week. her husband was found dead in their backyard of their home in maryland. live with new developments in this. kristen? >> detectives here working very hard on the case. earlier in the day cecil brown's wife did not want to talk to us on camera understandably. but she did take a couple of minutes to talk with me about her husband and this tremendous loss. cecil bowen and his liwife live here for more than 35 years. she found his body in the backyard monday. a homicide. outside of their home brown's wife told news4 she does not know who would kill her husband, a man close knit neighbors deeply respected. >> it was a total shock and very sad for the family. they are a tight family.
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and they do a lot for each other and do a lot for the neighborhood. >> brown's body was found monday at 12:30 in the afternoon. police will only say he died from blunt force trauma. no arrests, no suspects. police say they are following leads and hint that there is no imminent threat to neighbors. >> crime is everywhere and i don't want to be -- someone to say you are safe if you are not. that is a fact of life. but as far as this case i don't think they have anything to worry about. >> ceacil brown's wife says no one saw anything and hopes detectives can tell her more soon. they were married 51 years. >> a loss like that is something you won't get over. it is hard to take. >> cecil brown's widow is hoping tonight to learn more from detectives and soon. live in takoma park. twisted metal shards of glass scattered along an entire
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block. one man was killed after a violent crash an h street northeast this morning. the car was speeding witnesses say when it slammed into a pole and burst into flames. >> about ten minutes of four this morning i'm in my bed and heard a loud, loud sound. louder than thunder. and it sounded like a bomb had exploded. >> i ran on the scene. it was a lot of smoke and he was in and halfway out of the car. it was on passenger side of the car. >> the driver was taken to a hospital where he died. his name has not yet been released. >> a incident left a local ta teenager in critical condition. trying to record himself standing on the trunk of a moving car in the parking lot of the dulles crossing plaza in sterling. the vehicle made a sharp turn and he was medevaced to the hospital with serious head
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injuries. car surfing is a stunt glorified in the past on video clips like this one posted to youtube. >> looking at weather now. some seeing rain but not everybody. doug what is going on out there. >> we have the showers and the thunderstorms moving in across the area. they are down here towards fauquier and culpeper and madison. more to the west through loudon. that is something we're going to continue to watch. something else, not one but two hurricanes making their way towards hawaii. we'll talk about those plus what you can expect for weekend. if you are heading to the beaches don't miss it. a man attempts to rob a northern virginia bank without stepping food inside. things didn't go as plan. details behind the botched plan and a unique get away. >> incredible rescue on the
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incredible rescue by a group
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of passengers in a australia. a man slipped and his leg is caught. so all these passengers came out and pushed on the cars tilting them far enough for the man to get out. and he was reportedly not only not injured. he caught the next train out. police say they had never seen a bank robbery attempt like this one. a guy on a bicycle road up to a drive-thru teller and tried to steal some money. at a bank of america in woodbridge, virginia on old bridge road. police say the guy told the teller he had a bomb in his backpack and demanded money. they didn't give it to him. police showed up before he could take any money. one customer told us he was skeptical about the tactics. >> this guy is pretty dumb. rides up to the drive-thru and tries to rob it? chances of doing that on a bike are pretty slim successfully. >> nobody was injured.
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the bank stayed open for the rest of the day. the next time you are in virginia feel free to order a ride from uber or lyft. both companies are now legally permitted to operate in the commonwealth. they have to comply with a new agreement that includes background checks for drivers and insurance. the two rides sharing companies were told in june stop operating because they didn't have the right license. virginia's government say this is new agreement will promote a level playing field among transportation providers. coming up we'll report on a virginia teenager who died of a drug overdose and also why this time of year could be a factor because more kids are admitting to taking that party drug. and another alarming security breach. someone was able to bypass tsa agents, got on a plane without a ticket or boarding pass. >> coming up tonight, how is it a billion user names and passwords were allowed to fall into the wrong hands and the la
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hit and killed by a tree. it happened in arlington virginia. scott mcfarland with more. >> arlington firefighters say this happened on rock spring road. a man was hit and killed by the tree. investigators still trying to figure out how the tree came down. we're told the occupational safety and health administration t federal agency is on the scene. we have a crew on the way. updates 7:00 tonight online and and news4 at 11:00. he was just 17, died
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suddenly at a concert this week. in just a few minutes students will be gathering to remember their friend. police believe the party drug molly could be to blame. a major drug bust was done taking thousands of those pills off the street also. more on the street is david. >> reporter: a neighboring fairfax county, they tell us they recently seized more than 50 pounds of molly pills. 50 pounds. they say they also have suspects. and those suspects are in the ages of 20-year-olds. and they are saying tonight that investigation is still ongoing. in the meantime the reason we're here in front of hilton high school is because this is where the candle light vigil will get started for 17-year-old daniel anders. passing away from what is believed to have been a molly
6:46 pm
overdose. >> reporter: the loss is still so raw for christopher and daniel gonzalez. >> i felt we were still a family. it was so close that when he would introduce me to his friends or i would introduce him we would introduce ourselves as cousins. >> he was just the kind of guy you never saw down no matter what. >> what i didn't ever expect this would happen to him. >> reporter: this past weekend, daniel among a group partying a the merry weather post pavilion, police say the drug molly was being passed around. it might have led to daniel and another man's death. >> molly is really a concern in the summer time. when the kids are going to the big concerts. and the younger ones have more freedom and they are going to the clubs. >> diane eckertk1xe is with th
6:47 pm
united -- coalition in fairfax county and showed me the recent statistics when it comes to molly. a slight rise national in students compared to taking it. the numbers higher amongst fairfax county teens more than 800 students saying they have used it. >> just the generation there is a lot of people who want to live in the moment kind of thing and they don't really think about what kind of consequences it could bring to them. >> diane's advice to parents, warn your kids. if you do then -- >> they are 50% less likely to experiment with these drugs. >> reporter: in the meantime these friends cherishing what they had. >> i know he trusted me. and we loved each other. >> reporter: behind me i'm noticing family and friends arriving here at that vigil is about to get under way. the reason we're across the street and the reason in the piece :
6:48 pm
screened along with other passengers and was never a security threat. turns out she has tried this before. there have been at least six times that she attempted that at different airports in just the past few months. >> certainly san jose has training issue i think it needs to fix. passengers want to know only screened and ticketed passengers are on that plane. >> this is the second major security breach at san jose's
6:49 pm
airport this year. back in april a 15-year-old jumped a security fence and climbed into a wheel well of a plane and flew to hawaii. >> all righty. >> so the people getting rain moved on through? for most of us yes. areas south and west will still seeing showers and thunderstorms. first let's look outside. this is the fountain outside of the capitol building. looking good out there across our region. it is really a nice afternoon for most of us. however there are a few showers and storms. even some areas of heavier rain especially down southwest around warrenton and culpeper. if you are in this area these will be lasting about another half hour. moving towards fredericksburg. more to the north around hagerstown. as i told you yesterday, still a
6:50 pm
good idea to have the umbrella handy. but most of these are fairly weak. have had a few lightning triests here. not quite done but something to watch out as we move through the night. behind the showers is very nice air coming in tomorrow. now, out towards hawaii is not one but two hurricanes. the first is iselle. that is right here. and the second is jewjulio. this storm is expected on the a hurricane very close to the coast. could be tropical storm but is expected to make close to direct land fall. not all that bad of a storm but could experience wind up to 70 even 80 miles per hour. something to watch out for. julio only two days behind. 86 thursday, 85 on friday. beautiful both days. chance of increasing clouds on
6:51 pm
friday and showers possible on saturday. sunday and monday looking good again too. showers well south like virginia beach or cape hatteras. looks like a rainy weekend that way. >> thanks doug. >> noi don't think there was an rain down in richmond today was there? >> a little bit. >> desean jackson is hurt but he's not the only one. we'll tell you with's ruled out tomorrow night. plus brice harper is
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jason's sports and we have super stars on the bench for the first game of the year. >> it's preseason. it doesn't matter. no one really cares all that much. >> i'm not concerned about the preseason. >> they will be ready. >> you guarantee? >> i guarantee that. earlier in the show we told you about desean jackson getting injured. no word if he'll play tomorrow night. and with more from richmond and what to expect in the preseason opener we head there to dianna russini. >> desean jackson in doubt but -- is nursing a hamstring and ryan clark also won't play buzz a hamstring.
6:55 pm
after three long practices with the patriots the redskins wrapped the combined practice. almost all players agree it only helped them prepare for week one. >> you see the same guys ery day in practice. you start to get used to their techniques but when i you see different things it helps. >> i like it immaterial enjoy something different. it's kind of like a game atmosphere. >> i could care press less about preseason. we went 4-0 last year. and look what happened. coming in here great shape and getting a the great look for the veterans and then you get off the field. >> kurtz scurtis says the first will start but probably only about eight to ten plays. >> i love playing football more than anything but i have to finish school before i go pro. >> this is travis hawkins in
6:56 pm
1999. this is travis now. the rockville rookie trying to make the patriot's 53 man roster. he grew up a redskins fan, admired the late shawn keller and now gets his shot just miles from where he grew up. >> i dedicated my life to football and i came out victorious, i would say. i mean i lived up to dream that many dream of. and i just want to, like, push the youth that if you stick to a dream anything is possible. >> so tomorrow, one big audition from the players on the bottom of the roster and though trying to show coach they can be difference makers. in richmond dianna russini, news4. >> redskins patriots 7:30 tomorrow. you can watch here on nbc 4. i'll be joined by dianna russini before and after the game.
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in baseball, nationals ho s hos the mets. brice harper 0-4 with three strikeouts. one time looked like out of the park but instead caught of the warning track. angered and slamming his helmet on the ground. matt williams was asked about sending harper down to triple a nor a week was quote a stupid idea. >> i don't think it was stupid. generally if you have young players that is what you do. but this guy is a special young player. we all know that. it is different. so i think i don't know he works hard every day. the first one in the ballpark generally to get his day going. he's in some kind of slump. so we have to work his way
6:58 pm
throughannouncing he will play in the pga championship. his back at this moment is
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on our broadcast tonight -- highest alert. the cdc has now increased the emergency response to the ebola epidemic reserved only for the worst outbreaks. >> hurricane warning in hawaii. a rare occurrence. two storms in a row. one right behind the other. and tonight millions are preparing. >> flight breach. how did a woman with no ticket, no boarding pass and no business flying on a plane manage to get on board and fly to l.a.? >> and an aspirin a day does it dramatically reduce the risk of cancer. dr. nancy snyderman tonight with the big medical headline. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good eng


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