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tv   Today  NBC  August 8, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is thirsty thursday. it's august 7th. on this epic week. we've got a terrific show. >> definitely. >> one of my favorite guys. he's got all kinds of reasons to have a big head and he doesn't have one at all. oscar winner jeff bridges, great actor nicest and mellowest guys. >> we hear he has a surprise in
2:08 am
store. >> there are going to are several surprises the next two days. sasha alexander. >> you know every now and then there's a perfect night? >> yep. they're rare but when they happen, boy. >> last night was perfect. kathie lee had a wonderful birthday party for me at her home. >> and frank. >> fra too. the food was perfect, the weather was beautiful. this is part of the motley crew that was there. >> adriana on the right. >> a couple of more photos, frank surrounded by his girls, we call it the frank harem. this was a selfie i took of everybody down by kathy- >> beatle beach bar. >> it was the perfect weather, kath was an unbelievable host. oh, and that. >> it labs dirtier with the tape on it. it looks like some sort of bondage thing. everybody knows there's a crack.
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so use our imagination. they put bondage on the crack. >> by the way that was the birthday cake. it was a behind. they tried to fuzz it. then they added extra. >> we joke about h hoda always has -- her spanx are always ripped. >> yep. >> sweet lisa's in greenwich did your take. "please come and raise a toast to hoda's 50-year-old egyptian" three-letter word, so classy perfect, everybody loved it, made them laugh. she's always saying, "you can kiss my egyptian bottom." >> i always say scratch. jimmy moss started off playing. he was terrific. >> one of your favorites, jen miller told me to get him. >> then out of nowhere -- >> i can't get rid of the guy, kenny loggins broke out the guitar. ♪ ♪ footloose >> and we did it again because we can't stop doing our backup
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singing. >> there he is. blue sky riders and kenny. yeah, we remembered our moves. sort of. ♪ jack get back come on >> the gazebo called lola's lookout. it was a small oup. but it was the right group. and we were all there to toast one of our favorite people on the plan pamphlet. >> i can't thank you enough. >> mr. howell was there. >> it was so awesome. >> two friends of ours that we've made from "the daily news" where our column is, remember when they asked us to do this and we thought they were crazy? we still think they're a little crazy. >> rocky and don, they have a very cute thing here in the paper besides our column. look at this. here's to the big 5-ho. 50 reasons why we love hoda and it's re, really special. >> we love rocky and don, thinking about rocky today.
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there's another magazine that has a cover -- >> we're on fire! "parade" magazine has decided to put us on their freebie issue, we're vanna white, because they got us for free. later in the show we're going to talk about how you can buy the best stuff this fall and what months are the best months to buy certain things. it's very, very good. a lot of people looking to save some money right now. german chance letter angela merkel is making news but not for her potics. for her wardrobe. >> this is a tunic she loves. she wore it 18 years ago which is obviously the very first piure that you're seeing there. she's worn it again in 1996. and now in 2014. >> she loves it. >> so she loves it. now i think it's cool -- first of all, i can't belve it's heldhat up well. after all those years. >> maybe it's the only three times she wore it. every time you're photographed, be careful. guess what, hoda also has favorite outfits. she wore a black and white dress eight times.
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>> what's wrong with that if. >> over the period of 14 months between 2011 and '13 -- >> 14 months? >> i'm not knocking it. we're just saying you're smart and frugal. like angela merkel. i get used to things, i like them. >> what's in your closet? i have a couple of things that are jersey. >> cozy. >> and cozy. you step into them and they're just great. and they hold up so beautifully. i have a couple of things that are well over ten years old. i have a husband that i've had for 28 years, does that count? no, no? we're about to show you a book cover that is stirring up controversy. if you saw this book cover, what would you think they were advertising? okay, it looks -- it could look like a lot of the things but w may surprise you by what this is an advertisement for. >> is that a doll? or a young girl? >> it's hard to tell. november, and are those breasts or balloons? is that a boa?
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>> anyway, this is the new cover for "charlie and the chocolate factory," roald dahl's famous book. penguin teased the cover on facebook yesterday. they were asking people to guess. most people were saying "valley of the dolls." or "lolita." it does look creepy. i guess you expect some version of charlie and some version of chocolate. roald dahl as famous children's author who had a dark side as a human being, it's been well documented. we all have a dark side but his is well documented. i don't know, i think it's creepy. >> maybe they're looking for another type of buyer. >> penguin says the new image looks at the children at the center of the story and highlights the way dahl's writing manages to embrace the light and the dark aspects of li. >> no, it's not that. that is very, very, very creepy. >> you know what it's time for? make us happy, hoda. most othe world, not me.
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>> i hoda and i decided in honor of me being 50 yesterday -- >> you'd play something i like? >> no, i decided to play again something you didn't like. i'm doing an encore. when you want to dance this is the one you've got to dance to. it is by pitbull. >> oh, lordy. >> and kesha. >> oh, lord. >> it is the perfect combination. >> la la la. >> it's called "timber." >> going down, ready? ♪ i'm yelling timber >> you kind of want to dance now. >> no. >> you do. >> no. >> ready?
2:15 am
here we go. ♪ it's going down i'm yelling timber ♪ >> everybody's moving it. this is where it gets better. ready? i like this. >> when they're not singing words i like it better. >> great song. play it this weekend, craig it up. >> why wouldn't you? >> how could you do that to me after all i've done for you. >> i know. >> couldn't you have -- you know who i did a podcast with? if you want to listen to something fun, amy grant, new remix cd, baby baby and a lot of her classics, remixed by some of the top producers in today's music. they happen to be great songs but remixed with the beat that you like. >> does it have a what-what in it? >> just get them. yeah, what-what am i doing here? i am asking myself that more and
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more, what-what. just a reminder you can listen to us on the radio, sirius xm 108. why you'd want to, what-what. so tomorrow is your big birthday. >> is it? >> well, no, your birthday's the day after. tomorrow is when we have it. i have my own i-hoda for you. in honor of your 50th birthday, take a look. ♪ if that's the reason you don't love me then maybe that's not love ♪ ♪ my tummy ain't tucked or lipo sucked ♪ ♪ if that's the reason that you don't love me then maybe that's not love ♪ ♪ older ladies older ladies older ladies are divine ♪ >> you know what i realized? i know exactly how you feel during i-hoda. exactly.
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she shot that video with a group of her girlfriends while they were having a weekend guess-away. >> beautiful, ho cute. >> no matter how old you are that's adorable. >> they hung outside the plaza for hours hoping to get ambushed. two lucky ladies hoping to find out if it was worth the wait. >> we'll talk about a long wait, the new film starring jeff bridges that took nearly two decades to make, "the giver." the oscar winner is here to tell us all about it right after this. ♪ ding special k protein cereal helps you stay satisfied. willpower. what will you gain? how ya doin'? mmmmmmm. okay, bye bye. ♪ ding help satisfy your hunger ... ...with special k protein bars and shakes willpower. what will you gain? have you guys heard about probiotics?
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dude. in his latest roast, jeff bridges is the giver, the keeper of memories. >> the film is based on the 1993 best-selling book about a young man named jonas who learns the power of memories. jeff stars alongside fellow oscar winner meryl streep. >> she warns him about revealing too much to jonas, take a look. >> we both know what happened ten years ago with the girl. >> the girl had a name.>> y thi that? >> i know you feel the loss. >> the boy must hold in the pain. don't fail us again. >> meryl streep! so good to see you. >> good to see you, ladies. >> this is a real long-time labor of love for you. 18 years. >> 18 ars. >> originally envisioned it for your dad, tell us about that.
2:21 am
>> that's right. i was looking for a project to do with my dad. i originally went to direct him in a movie that my kids could see. so i was looking through catalogs of kids' books. >> love the kids' books. >> i came across this great photograph of this grizzled old buy on the cover, had thenybery stamp award on it. this is easy, an easy project t get going. so popular, taught in schools. >> why did it take 18 years? >> i found out it was also very controversial. it was on the list of banned books as well. >> which i don't understand. i understand sometimes why. this movie is so much about the value of life. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> it doesn't make any sense to me. >> well, that was some -- >> heavy issues. >> heavy issues. >> i never thought of it as a children's book. >> it was taught -- actually, there are lesson plans in schools that study it, you know. >> did you ever read it? >> i never read that, no. >> amazing book. >> it's wonderful.
2:22 am
>> acting across from meryl streep. i mean, you acted across from some greats but what was that like worng with meryl if. >> we met years ago. not many people know that meryl's a soccer mom. she's very versatile our kids played soccer together. so we knew each other years ago. but it's so wonderful to play with meryl. >> i think katie holmes was here saying the same thing.ign up, s says you don't even he to read it, everyone wants to be in a meryl streepmovie. and a jeff bridges movie, come on. so you have a little guitar you brought with you. >> i have a guitar. i understand it's your birthday today. >> can't get away from it. >> is that right? >> soo it's going to be over. >> i was going to sing you the birthday song. we're going to just do a jam here. >> we'll see what happens. >> let's see what happens. ♪ happy birthday hoda
2:23 am
♪oda woman ♪ happy birthday happy birthday hoda woman ♪ ♪ life is so cool hoda ♪ and there's nobody cooler than you hoda ♪ ♪ you got 50 under yr belt ♪ yeah not at the end but it's getting close ♪ ♪ this is your end baby ♪ actually it's going to someday ♪ ♪ no kathy ♪ i'm sorry honey but i'm a realist ♪ ♪ at 110 ♪ the body kathy the spirit kathy ♪ ♪ hallelujah >> jeff bridges, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. don't miss "the giver." august 15th in theaters. >> that was a beautiful birthday song, thank you. >> boy, boy.
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>> they woke up at the crack of dawn tbe ambued. two ladies reveal their gorgeous makeovers. >> plus sasha alexander. well, did you know words reallyan hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? you just can'tider a 4-star know the name?p to 60% off, just no name? until you book. um... yeah, i'd do that! ♪ so factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic
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how about this she's brilliant, she's beautiful. >> enough about me. >> ask she's not really a doctor. but she plays one on tv. dr. alexander stars as the smart medical examiner on the hit tv series. >> she and her detective partner played by angiearmon solve some of the most difficult murder mysteries in boston. when it comes to crimes of fashion they don't see eye to eye, take a look. >> okay, what's really going on here? >> what do you mean?
2:28 am
>> why are you dressed like a flight attendant? >> first of all, i'm dressed like a librarian. i'm wearing glasses on a chain for godsake. have you ever checked out a book? >> have you ever been on a plane? that scarf you'r wearing screams, in the event of a water landing your seat cushion can also be used as a flotation device. >> how about that, talk about chemistry. >> i like it. so nice to meet you. >> thank you. so happy to be here. >> you have a big hit show, baby. >> you sure do. >> you must be having fun. do you ever get together away from the set or are you on the set so much you enjoy your private lives? >> you know. youor so much that we body have children and families, so yes, when we're done, especially the summer time, it's like, out of there. getting in the pool with the kids. >> two children now, beautiful children. >> it's fun to read the notes on you. often you see similar things. you're unique, different from all the rest. you speak three languages. >> yeah. >> i don't know many people who
2:29 am
speak serbian. >> right. >> i don't either, actually. >> why is that one of them? >> my family. by the way, it's such a great language becse it's a secret language. i speak it with my mother all the time because nobody -- >> say something. >> say happy birthday in serbian. [ speaking serbian ] >> now say it in one of the other languages. >> italian. [ speaking italian ] >> so this is -- this year in the 50s? did you think it was a hit growing up? >> we keep saying, we're going to have canes. teeth. it will be like an ongoing -- >> how wonderful. in the world of acting. to find that kind of stability. especially now that you ve a family. is it hard? your husband'she director, he's also the son of sophia loren, the great actor. >> that's interesting. how did you meet him? >> we met in film school, usc.
2:30 am
we went to film schl together. we did not date in school, admired each other from afar. he had a wonderful smile, that kind of a thing. years later we connected. but kind of a great story. my father was raised in naples and he used to make dresses when he was 15 years old for sophia loren. >> you're kidding. >> no. so that tailor brought him to america, he settled here. i 92 who she was because it was part of my dad's history. >> what is she like as a mother-in-law? >> she's amazing, wonderful. everybody always wants to know -- she's anicon. everybody always asks about her. she's really funny. >> always put together. does she come over to the house looking like that? >> no, of course not, she's so relaxed at home. pajamas and bikinis. >> wow. >> she wears a bikini? >> yeah. >> everybody in italy does, right? >> yes, they do. it's just, you know -- it's a different life. they live differently there. but we're foodies. we eat a lot, we cook a t, we
2:31 am
spt time together in napa which was fun. a lot of wine. >> good luck with this next season. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> tuesdays on tnt. ♪ when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would ve him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. talk to your son or daughter [ male announcer ]gs the little things we do... can make a big difference. every time you use dawn, you're using a brand that supports wildlife rescue efforts. experts trust dawn... because it'sough ogrease yet gentle. ♪ you by my side makes the little things so good ♪
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...first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. we're back with more "today" ready to reveal our ambush makeover, two lucky ladies who came here bright and early for the chance to get plucked off the plaza. >> our team of experts couldn't wait to do the plucking "today" contributor and advisor to the stars. >> i'm exhausted from my time. >> filling in for jill is style expert and author liliana vasquez. >> hi. >> how was the mucking >> it was great, tonsf people. >> so much fun. >> always . >> i saw lots of fines and the first lucky lady is tcy
2:34 am
mangrum. can you believe she's here? she's 49 from mountain home, idaho. she's been counting down to the big 5-0, her birthday's in january, she's ready to embrace a milestone and she wants a brand-new look, take a listen to her story. >> you're visiting from idaho. tracy, why do you want a makeover? >> i'm turning 50 this year. i've had this same look forever and i'm ready for a change. i'm really excited. >> any rules on her makeover? >> no. >> oh, you're in trouble now. just kidding, you're in great hands. >> ansel had the right answer. keep the blindfold on for just a minute. >> no! >> you were perfect. all right, here is tracy mangrum before. >> all right, tracy. let's see the new you. wow! >> oh-. >> ansel. it's a whole new look, take a look. blindfold off. >> holy cow.
2:35 am
>> a you ready to see yourself? >> i think so. >> get ready. >> whole new look. >>h my -- >> that's a different person. >> who are you >> that's a good question. >> right here, camera 12. >> that's a hot, sexy haircut. >> oh my gosh. >> a hot, sexy haircut. >> you are so right. you're so right. before her hair was overwhelmed so what i did, he ge her this wedge which fits more with her face. haircuts should work with your face shape. she's been trying to go brown, i gave her this great chocolate color. >> look at this. >> what do you think, ansel? >> i think it looks great. >> it looks great. >> tell us about the outfit. >> maggie london. i wanted her to stoop hiding under baggy clothes. accent your body by putting this dress, attention-getting, hot pink. when it comes to accessories go
2:36 am
bold or go home. great cklace here on her. and the whole look on her with the hair and the makeup, you look unbelievable. >> you do. >> 50 is your year. this is your year. >> what do you think of it? >> i'm excited, i'm actually excited to turn 50. >> you look so good. >> big round of applause for tracy. >> join your husband over here. our second lady is jackie smiley, 68 fm upton, minnesota, a retired real estate agent. golden years sailing the seas with her husband of nearly 50 years. she keeps it simple with moisturizer an sun block but will get a little more fancy today. >> so i spotted these cuties asking for their grandma to have a makeover. grandma, when i saw you wearing a mask, why the makeover this morning? >> i've been talking about doing is for a year. coming to the "today" show and getting a makeover. and we just thought, we live on our boat all year long full-time and i just thought it would be a really fun thing to do. >> are you guys excited for her
2:37 am
makeover? >> yes. >> yes. >> what about you? yeah? okay, let's make her over. >> let's do it, let's do it. >> i'm excited. >> her husband brian, daughter jennifer, antwo grandchildren. >> look how cute that whole family is. >> they are beautiful. take a look before at jackie smiley. and bring out the new smiley girl. >> oh my gosh! >> wow! >> they're going to freak out. >> you can take off your blindfolds. >> get ready. >> wow! >> oh my gosh! >> who is that? >> you look amazing. >> want to turn around and look if. >> no, i'm afraid. oh my god! i look like my high school picture. >> i love that. >> look at camera 12, sweetie. >> i thought the grandma looked like a pirate because she lived on a boat buty won't think
2:38 am
that anymore. we washed away the gray. less than a half hour. what a makeover that is. great haircut. >> beautiful. and the dress. >> this dress is gorgeous. i wanted her to have something to wear when she went off the boat. very casual. so this adriana pappelle dress gives her coverage but is still very sexy. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. i'm robbing the cradle now. >> what do you think? >> she looks good. >> yeah? >> aww! >> let's bring tracy back. a big round of applause for both of our ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you, liliana. you'll be back soon. >> all righty. she was a corporate bigwig who lost her job and found her true calling after 50. >> her inspiring story and how you can find your passion after this. energy! energy, energy, energy. it's inside of all of us.
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we're back with our series last of the boomers turning 50 this year. >> like our hoda woman, we know, o days. it's part of our collaboration. we've shared stories of incredle women who have reinvented themselves after the age of 50. >> williams is one of those inspiring women. despite health challenges she was able to find her passion and true calling. here's her story. >> for 25 years, i worked as a sales rep and moved my way up quickly, eventually to vice president. but then the economy changed drastically. during that time, i had to lay off hundreds of peoe over a period of fe years. and somewhere in the back of my
2:43 am
mind i knew it could happen to me. and at age 55, it did. i was disappointed and uncertain about my future. and then as in on cue my house ok a tu-- health took a turn fo the worst. i started aching, eventually found out i was suffering from a chronic lung condition, severe emzeemp, and after a bout of lyme's disease, debilitating arthritis. i felt like my life was spinning out of control until my daughter, a may thank you therapist yoga teacher, kept epcouraging , try yoga. i thought it was hocus pocus. i just kept saying, oh, sure, i'll try it someday. while on a beach trip with a friend later that ar i tried a class. the instructor was middle aged, round in the middle, and had gray hair. hallelujah. if she could do it, so could i. i loved it and decided to take a
2:44 am
200-hour yoga teacher training. i started teaching classes and doing private lessons and now i've found my calling. even while tethered to an oxygen tank. i still teach yoga three times a week at the age of 66. i won't be doing a handstand any time soon, but i believe you can always reinvent yourself, no matter your age. my mana is, i am happy, i am healthy, i am at ease. >> beautifu >> i love her. >> wow, wow. here to guide you in finding your passion is motivational speaker and life coach lisa nichols. hello. >> hi, lisa. >> you came to play. >> yes, you did. >> this is so great that she found yoga. i thk -- but she kind of stumbled into her passion. >> absolutely. >> i think probably peopl watching who maybe can't even identify what their passion is. >> but they know something's missing. >> right. sometimes you are forced to find
2:45 am
it because all the other doors are closed. and the reality is every single one of us as a passion in us. you have to become nonnegotiable to find it. then agree that it may not be that thing youo for fee or for livelihood. it may be the thing you do that just makes you feel good. >> tell us your personal story. you had a dream. >> i wanted to inspire people, i wanted to travel the world, run my mouth, and autograph stuff. at the time i was working for l.a. unified school district with a 3-year-old son. i started writing myself a check every two weeks. in the memo "funding my dream." even before i knew what the dream was. but i knew it was going to cost me something and i was willing to pay that price. one, be willing to pay. today my life is barely recognizable. you know, and we get to reinvent ourselves. we get to say, great, i did that. i raised the kids. now i want to find out, what do i love? >> what really touched me about your story was yr low, lo low point with your baby. tell us about that for was 8 mo.
2:46 am
i went to get pampers for him and i didn't have pampers. i went to the atm. i had $11.42 in the bank. i hit flat bottom. i wrapped my son in a towel for two days. on the second day i said, don't worry, mommy will never be this broke again. and i was willing to put away all my excuses. i was willing to put away my fears. i was willing to know what i don'tknow, to go find it. i was willing to have my knees knocking and my teeth chattering. >> right.t. and i was willing to forfeit all need to look good. to learn something, to reinvent lisa. i look up now and my life is barely recognizable. i'm that kid that got a "c"n school. i'm not an ap or advanced student. i got kicked out of college my first year, i couldn't afford to go. i'm not the person supposed to be running a multimillion-dollar business. because my passion said, i want to be something more than i've
2:47 am
ever seen. every woman, eve man, has the exact same ability. wh because the human spirit is unbreakable. >> amen, unbreakable. >> preach it, go on. >> i love you. >> absolutely. you know, accepting that when you do it, it feels good. normally our head talks us out of it. it may not make sense. how we look doing it. cab i make a living at it. >> we care what other people think too much. >> my grandmother said, other people's perception of you ain't none of your business. what if you were just committed to what felt good? don't try to make it your liveliho livelihood, just take one step toward it. she said, yoga felt good, i took another step toward it. is it dancing, singing, kayaking, swimming. >> take a step. listen to thatnner voice. >> take a baby step. >> what'our son doing now? is he well? >> my son wants to be a chef. so when he was in his senior year he says, can i cook around
2:48 am
the world? this is the baby who i couldt put pampers on. i hado get on government assistance to feed him. i sent my son on a 78-day ternational culinary tour. now he's at cordon blue. >> i love you. we love you. you're coming back. >> i love you so much. >> you're adorable. >> thank you so much. >> for more wonderful stories on the 50 over 50 list our collaboration with huff post 50, logon and press connect. >> don't buy school supplies just yet. we'll tell you the best time to buy just abouteverything. get a better deal. everybody wants a better deal. >> you're so great. >> except for you, you've got it all together. cleaning the home.
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summer is flying by and already the stores are stocking up on school supplies. yes, fall clothing. >> before you buy anything, you can get a better deal if you wait. here to te us what to buy when is maggie murphy, editor in chief of "parade" magazine.
2:53 am
looky looky. >> we have in our hot little hands "parade." >> there we are, on the cover, thank you. and we're inside too. >> we're everywhere, we can't stop it. >> we're going to talk about school bargains and how to save money. first off, backpacks. so obviously every kid needs a backpack. you nt the hot one, don't you. you're going to have to buy that early. backup ones go on sale late august, good time to buy. >> that's are great. >> kids like the specialty ones. electronics. always big competition. everybody needs one. lookor discounts, look for rebates. >> at what time? >> any time. august. this is all august. cleaning supplies. never go on sale. however, you need them for school. it's like a big shoppingist for parents and teachers. so what you want to do is go to your dollar general type stores and buy in bulk and just have paper towels and stuff. that'sugust stuff. okay, september. >> wine goes on sale in september? >> harvest season.
2:54 am
>> thought my stuff. >> okay, so wine first and foremost, it's a good time to stock up. that's not a problem for you, ladies. >> we always stock up. >> how do you know, maggie? >> you brought it to the photo shoot. everybody was like, we have to have wine. school supplies like calculators, pens. those sorts of things. notebooks are usually relatively cheap. but this kind of stuff adds up. >> is it too late? school started and you need it before. >> the point is not to buy everything on that list right away. >> because you need to get started and wait to buy bulk. >> exactly, exactly. >> smart. >> okay, go to your local gardener and let those boxes and things. >> still planting season before the first frost. >> maybe do that before you go and open this. >> you know what? i'm sensing some judgment here. >> we love it, we love it. >> camping? >> okay, we're going to move down here. denim. kids always want the newest. if you've got three kids you've got to buy all of that.
2:55 am
buy what you need in aust. look in september. but in october, this is when stuff really, really goes on sale. >> buy jeans in october. >> camping. so that'she last thing you're thinking. >> the season's over. >> if it hasn't sold in spring it's on sale in the fall. if you're going to use -- by used stuff that's when it's on sale. go to ebay. outdoor. so look at these sneakers. aren't they so much fun and colorful? this is november. so you're in november. you're not thinking -- you're thinking winter boots but this ishe time to stock up on those colors. >> because new ones come out so they want to get rid of inventory. >> lastly, people always think november and they think black friday. but before black friday, you've got to get rid of the old stuff. so if you don't mind having last year's model. >> who cares? >> if you're going to make huge
2:56 am
savings -- we've got to go. >> speakers? adorable. >> get your gift for hoda. >> thank you so much, maggie. >> look for "parade" thi sunday, we'll be right back with more. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what she said.
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2:59 am
tomorrow, finally, thank you lord, it's hoda's big 50th birthday celebration. we've got lots of fun planned and maybe a few surprises. >> plus bobby's going to be here with her blast from the past, stylish finds from the year i
3:00 am
was born, 1964. >> and fun fall fashions. have an awesome thirsty thursday. see you tomorrow >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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