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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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consider here is, as you know, his family has been undergoing a multi-year long campaign to get him longer and longer leave from st. elizabeth's to visit the family home in williamsburg, and as you know, there is pending now still in federal court a request basically to have permanent leave down there. he has been on these multi-week trips. they want to get him down there all year, basically. if the federal authorities were to take -- decide to pursue these charges, that could potentially complicate that. there are, you know, many possible moving parts here, and we're a long way from knowing what the consequences, if any, of this will be. >> couldn't, say, a defense lawyer for hinckley say, but james brady was 30 plus years ago, and he reached his life expectancy so to speak? is that something someone could say to counter this if they pursue this? >> i think one thing that a defense lawyer could say is there were intervening causes of james brady's death.
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they could say, yes, he was wounded, but there was -- that set off a chain of things. one thing connected to another. is it a direct enough cause, or is it too indirect to sustain, you know -- it's one thing for the coroner to say his death is a homicide. it's another thing for a swrir to say that. you know, again, these are all decision that the federal authorities are going to have to make. we are a long way from that. this is something i'm sure they're going to take some time. there's no rush here because they essential know where john hinckley is. >> right. >> at the very least it's an interesting footnote to history. >> have we heard from the brady family? >> no, we have not. or the hinckleys. >> no, this is just -- just happened. >> interesting turn today. pete, thanks so much for coming over. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. meanwhile, in other news closer to home, a loving mother and grandmother. that's how a woman killed on the beltway is being remembered tonight. mourners gathered to pay final
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respects to karen holt-williams this afternoon. she died in a bizarre crash involve aing cadet with the maryland state police. news 4 derek ward live in college park with more on the story for us. derek. >> reporter: well, this all involved an acde iolng civn ee the maryland state police, and today the victim who died in that crash laid their family member to rest. the family members of that victim laid her to rest. what they haven't laid to rest is their search for answers. >> reporter: mourners gathered to say good-bye to a woman who died in a beltway crash one week ago today. the august 1st accident on the beltway near route 50 claimed the life of karen holt-williams. holt's sister-in-law was among the mourners. >> she really is. >> reporter: the 59-year-old mother of five and granh of five had taught in the d.c., prince georges county, and montgomery county schools and worked as a cartographer and ran a child car business. she was actually on her way to get her certification to return
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to teaching when the accident happened, and the family is still in search of answers. >> they really don't know why this happened. we now have a little better idea of what, but we don't know why. >> reporter: her car was hit by an suv making a u-turn, using a cut-through in the median from the inner loop to the outer loop. >> traffic was moving too slow. ae replied the brakes too hard over compensated, and the vehicle skidded back to the left side-swiping the vehicle that ms. holt-williams was in. >> reporter: the suv was an unmarked state police vehicle being driven by a state police cadet with another cadet in the passenger seat. attorney williams, who is not related to the victims, says the family only learned that fact through a news report about the accident. cadets are technically civilian employees of the state without police power. >> there certainly is, i would imagine, going to be an officer or two who is going to have to come forward or somethinging to be brought forward to explain how exactly the cadet did get to
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have keys to a maryland state police vehicle because he certainly couldn't have gotten into the vehicle and driven it off by himself. >> reporter: there are two investigations. one is administrative, and one is based on the actual crash reconstruction. both will be sent to the state attorney's office. now we have heard from a spokesperson from the state police who tells us there is indeed an investigation into whether or not that cadet was following the proper procedures laid out for civilian employees of state police. it will ultimately be up to the u.s. attorney for prince georges county as to whether charges will be filed. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we'll hear more from the family, the representative, and more about this incident. what happens if in the immediate hours after the accident. tragedy at a summer camp this afternoon. we learned that a local boy has drowned, and scott mcfarland is at the live desk with the details. >> reporter: the 13-year-old was with a silver spring-based camp at a camp in baltimore county this afternoon when he drowned. it happened at oregon ridge park
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just after noon. witnesses say they saw the boy in distress in a section of the lake where swimming is permitted. they also say the boy had passed a swimming test needed swim in the lake. lifeguards and rescuers searched for about three hours before finding the boy's body in about 45 feet of water. the boy was at the lake called camp sunshine, which is based in silver spring. the camp says the boy was celebrating his 13th birthday today too. at the live desk, i'm scott mcfarland. now to the u.s. -- the latest on the u.s. military action in iraq as that humanitarian crisis unfolds there. nbc news has confirmed a second round of air strikes within just the past few hours. u.s. planes have launched an air strike against not just one, but two. both strikes were around the city of irbil. u.s. allies and diplomats are in that city. those attacks are aimed at disabling the military group known as isis.
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they're accused of capturing and killing members of religious minorities. the federal aviation administration is also suspending all flights over iraq, and president obama, while authorizing the air strikes, said we are not going back to war. nbc's kristen welker is live with more on the big gomts developments and what they all mean. kristen. >> well, good evening, wendy. we're learning more about the thinking here behind the skinz at the white house. white house officials saying that the president is not putting a timeline on these air strikes, which means that they could continue for as long as is deemed necessary. also important to highlight, the administration is not ruling out the possibility of escalating its military offensive against isis. that is not the preference. that is not the desired goal. they want these air strikes to be limited, but white house press secretary john ernest earlier today said president obama would evaluate and have to re-assess if it was believed
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that isis was not being deterred by these initial rounds of air strikes. so they're really launching a three-pronged approach to this crisis, wendy. first, the humanitarian response. getting food and water to those people who are trapped on that mountain. that came yesterday during that airdrop in which the administration delivered 8,000 prepackaged meals. 5,300 gallons of water. then the air strikes that we've been talking about. they are also increasing their aid and military aid to the forces, the kurdish fighters there who retreated as isis was gaining ground in the northwest part of iraq. they could be key to helping to deal with the situation and getting those transit people off of that mountain. president obama heads to martha's vineyard, tomorrow for his vacation where he will continue to monitor the situation from there. back to you. >> kristen welker at the white house. thanks, kristen. coming up in 20 minutes we'll hear from iraqis who are living in our area, but they are
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fearful of what isis may do that are still in the war-torn country. news 4's kristen wright had that story. that is coming up a little later at 6:25. right now police are calling off the lookout for an suv spotted at a maryland gas station where a snack shop clerk was killed. they tell us they've located the driver now who they thought may have witnessed the crime, but at this point there are still no arrests. surveillance video shows a robber walking into the exxon snack shop in hanover and immediately he tried to start shooting. raj kumar was killed. he was a father sending money back to his family in india. new at 5:00, a virginia teacher will be spending more than a decade in prison after he pled guilty to child pornography charges. a judge has now sentenced ralph conrad to 13 years, plus 20 years of supervised probation. police arrested him last september on charges of child porn possession and distribution. conrad had been a teacher at
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lowden county working most recently in sterling. investigators say no students were involved. tonight talk in richmond centers around two witnesses in the bob mcdonald corruption trial. a helpful halo effect. that's how a former star scientific executive described the support the mcdonalds gave his company and its new product, but it took a different view of the first lady's desire to join the board, and the former administration insider was asked about gift hoarding. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from richmond with the latest developments on this friday. julie. >> reporter: well, week two of the trial just came to a close. maureen mcdonald just left the courthouse and came down the street. we'll probably see the former governor stepping out soon. that key witness, paul pirito, he used to be a federal prosecutor before he joined star scientific. he said he didn't know his close colleague johnny williams was
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giving the mcdonalds gifts until the investigation began in early 2013. he says bere that he welcomed the support the mcdonalds were giving his company. >> reporter: indeed paul perito had a lot to say on the witness stand. he was star scientific's board chairman when johnny williams was ceo. he testified at first he was wary when williams told him he was befriending bob and maureen mcdonald in hopes of getting support for their new dietary supplement, but perito was won over, especially when he went to an august 2011 lunch at the governor's mansion with university researchers on the very day star launched a product. he says johnny williams was on cloud nine, and even though bob mcdonald arrived late, he says the governor's presence provided gravitas for star. a different reaction in 2012
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when he was asked whether maureen mcdonald could join star scientific's board of directors. he said i thought it was the worst idea i ever heard. it's a they canet of potential conflict. he says the first lady also lacked qualifications. williams delivered the bad news for maureen. what did johnny say about her reaction, asked the prosecutor. "he said she was really pissed." his comments weren't the only ones that added to the unflattering portrait that emerged this week of maureen mcdonald. the governor's deputy chief of staff, matt conrad, answers why he first trained the lady to account for gifts even though she's not required to complete the forms. her own attorney pressed conrad. were there any concerns the first lady was putting gifts in closets, hoarding gifts? conrad, "i had heard that there were piles of gifts or things that were being put in closets that needed tobacco knowledged or determined who they were intended for." but conrad's parting words were praise for bob mcdonald. >> in my experience with the governor is that he is a fine man who did a lot of good for
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the community, and i'm grateful to have served him. >> back to paul perito for a moment. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 i'll tell you about the emotional call he says he got from johnny williams just after an fbi agent and trooper showed up on johnny williams' doorstep. now a look at hawaii after the second tropical storm to ever hit the island. even after a deluge of rainfall, the threat is not over yet. it's already back to school for crooks. we'll find out where a group of thieves got away with a major haul. and georgetown wants to boost its image as a hangout hotspot. the plan to put out chairs for lounging didn't quite go as planned. doug kicking off backyard weather tonight in rockville. doug. guys, i tell you, a beautiful afternoon here across the region. a great evening. we've got some great weather too, but something that we're watching, take a look, we'll show you what's happening out there right now. we have some clear skies around our region, but look down to the
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southwest. some rain that's trying to make its way away. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a couple of minutes. you know it's a backyard weather day. i want to take a look at what's going on in the backyard. oh, yeah, baby. we got some water aeshices going on, and we got a lot of people cheering them on. hello, everybody. we got backyard weather, and that's all coming up in just a couplof
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this is what a waterfall in hilo looks like before, and this is an after shot after then tropical storm iselle made landfall. today the waters were, well, they looked like that. a record has now been set for the larnlest rainfall total in hawaii in a 24-hour period, but, folks in hawaii are still breathing a big sigh of relief with no major damage reported from their storm. yes, the national weather service says hawaii isn't out of the woods because there's hurricane julio still a category two storm churning away in the pacific. jim cantore has the latest on julio's path. >> storms come and go here. the sunshine returning. paradise once again found here. the tree damage has been -- down to the south of town, especially where the center of circulation came to shore early this morning. he did have some tree damage.
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in some cases it was quite extensive. >> sashd customers lost power, and those people are getting back on-line quickly because the weather is cooperating. the winds have completely died down here, and it's essentially just a steam bath right now. rainfall has been anywhere from the three inches wave had near hilo to over a foot in some places in nearby mountain locations. that rain is continuing. clouds still shrouding as well, and we expect that rainfall to continue at least for the foreseeable future. now, in terms of what's next, we've got to look down the road at julio, but right now the computer models are telling us this storm has shifted to the north a little bit so, we don't think any type of appreciatable impact for the island chain will be expected come this weekend. so we will look back at iselle and put this in the history books. only the second tropical storm to ever make landfall in the big island. the only one to come in and landfall from the east. reporting from hilo, i'm meteorologist jim cantore.
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hawaii is not paradise anymore at this juncture, but you know what is. let's friend doug because he is right smack in the middle of it. aren't you? >> you know it. i tell you what, you talk about a paradise. that's actually what the homeowner said when i came here. it's a little oasis back here, and i got to tell you, here they are right here. hello, everybody. >> hello. >> this is judy xshgs this is harry lapping, and you guys had us come out. when i saw the kind of things that you do with your backyard, i had to come out right away. why did you want us to come out? >> we wanted you to come out so you could see that we just -- -- we have water aerobics classes twice a week here and yoga class once a week out here by the pool. >> we're going to be doing this throughout the afternoon. we've got water aerobics. we'll be doing some yoga. i know i'm going to be part of this coming up a little later on. you actually say that to me. you said this was your oasis here. >> yes, it is.
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it's a little bit of heaven here in rockville. >> you got something else that you are going to show me coming up a little later. i want to talk a little bit about what the weather is going to be like for the next couple of days because, guys, i got to tell you, we've got another beautiful one today. yesterday we were out at fedex park. that was great weather today. just as nice. 82 degrees. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. as we look towards the rest of the region, this is what we're seeing. temperatures on the cool side for this time of year. 79 winchester. 81 in baltimore. trust me, nobody complaining around our region. hopefully this weather will stick with us as we move through the weekend. storm team 4 radar on the p quieter side. take a look at future weather. down towards the south and down towards -- back towards the west. back towards the mountains of west virginia. a few showers trying to move in there. those showers will continue on as we move on through the next couple of hours down through saturday. now, tomorrow we'll see more cloud cover especially in those areas around culpepper, fredericksburg, qauntico. there could be showers around the d.c. metro area tomorrow
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afternoon, but we're not talking about a lot of rain at all. do not cancel any plans. that system slides down to the south, and it will give areas like richmond, virginia beach a little better chance of rain during the day, but for us not bad. partly to mostly sunny. most of the afternoon. again, showers moving in during the day. maybe mostly cloudy. we'll see high temperature of around 85 on your saturday. 83 back towards leesburg. if you are heading to the beaches, the beach weather tomorrow, not bad. it's going to be nice with a high of 82. more clouds, breaks of sun coming up during the day on sunday. the best chance will be well down down towards virginia beach, down towards the outer banks. 86 degrees on sunday. we're expecting sunshine with clouds down so the south. on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday we're looking at a chance for showers and a few thunderstorms out there. some of those could be on the star board side. look at this. the super moon on sunday night. 10 to 15% larger, and 30% brighter. it's going to be quite amazing
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when that sun makes its way up that full moon coming up on sunday night. now, again, the rest of the seven-day forecast showing that wednesday, thursday, and friday. temperatures warm a little, but still no 0s. we're into the 80s continuing. this is going to be great. now, how long does this go? how long does this go on? >> this is an hour class. >> this is an hour class. you have another class for me? >> yeah, come on in. >> i might get in the pool. this might be the first time in d.c. i'm getting in the pool. i brought my trunks. >> that's good. we were noticing there were no men taking water aerobics. >> you got to represent, doug. >> they're here. >> they're just watching. taking in the view. all right, doug. we'll be checking back in a bit. well, it sounds like a good idea for georgetown. people would like more places to sit along the canal and the shops there. >> the georgetown business improvement district recently set out about 50 cafe style chairs, but they were chagrined when about ten of them turned up missing. you don't want to chagrin the
5:22 pm
business group in georgetown. they marked the chairs and even put up a sign asking people to leave them behind because those chairs cost about $100 each. the gro -- this would never happen in paris. the group is still planning to purchase and put out 50 more chairs. i think that would be lovely. >> good look out there. uber is the next trendy way to hitch a right here, but the southwest has launched a war on our local roads. we'll find out why some say this new trend is cutting into their bottom line. as the must military launches air strikes in iraq, a young iraqi woman who lives here in our area is desperately trying to keep in touch with her family back home. her story coming up.ñoñí
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iraqis now call the d.c. region home and say the lives of their families are in increasing daj. news 4's kristen wright is live at the white house for us tonight with more on their story. kristen. >> reporter: an international organization called the iraqi refugee assistance project helped a young woman get a special immigration visa to come here to the united states to our area, but her family is still back home. >> i'm scared, worried,
5:26 pm
everything. >> reporter: in manassas park this girl is terrified for her family back home. >> theywa lock the door. my mom has to wake up, watch the nighttime and my father watch during the daytime. >> sarah says word from her relatives is that isis is coming. her mother is a sun muslim. her father and the rest of the family shia. isis's target. they're living on edge in a small city near baghdad. >> just go inside, and people call each other or just knock on the door like be careful and then when everybody go inside, shut down the lights, and they just live, you know, waiting. >> reporter: washington-based humanitarian aid nonprofit mercy corps is on the ground in iraq. the team has been in the country since 2003 and now evaluating the current situation. >> since june more than $500,000 iraqis have been forced flee their homes. more than one million since the beginning of the year, so the
5:27 pm
situation is incredibly desperate and dire. >> reporter: she says terrorists killed her hus in 2006. she's remarried to a u.s. military veteran she met in her home country. her happiness and new life are bittersweet. >> it's very hard. my heart goes out. i pray every day. baghdad is close to where the u.s. military strikes are happening, but as you heard, tensions still high there nonetheless. there are times she goes long stretches without talking to them. live at the white house, crusten wright, news 4. >> thank you. sdmrirjts now at 5:00 crooks take advantage of a newly renovated school. >> we'll show you how these burglars made off with some critical equipment. and news 4 just broke the
5:28 pm
news that the death of james brady has now been ruled a homicide. we're digging up new details from the live desk af
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charred wood is all that's left for a family of seven that's been living in a hotel. zoog i ran home. real quick.
5:31 pm
find out why they may soon be running out of options. >> it's a road battle over ride sharing and old school cab drivers are crying foul over uber. >> it was a good business. not so good anymore. >> why this is a costly fight for your service. >> general motors is now recalling suvs that catch fire. >> we want to get more on the big brbz. jam brady's death has been ruled a homicide. scott carlton mcfarland on our live desk. >> you see police sources confirmed to news 4 james brady's death has been ruled a homicide and he was a victim of john hinckley jr.'s gunshots back in 1981. brady was press secretary to president reagan when he and the president were both shot outside the hilton. brady never returned to his official capacity at press secretary, though he kept the title. he then spent the rest of his
5:32 pm
life working on gun control. he just died monday, and today the d.c. coroner's office ruled his death a homicide. john hinckley just got expanded rights earlier this year to st. elizabeth hospital in d.c. where he had been under supervision since the shooting. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and attempted assassination of president reagan. he had his visitation rights to see his ailing mother in recent years in virginia, and he is now allowed to visit her 15 days a month in williamsburg. >> he are will have the latest on news 4 at 6:00. for now, back to you. >>. just two weeks from the start of a new school year, thieves targeting a school in the district. this evening we're seeing surveillance video of the thieves taking computers from core doza high school in
5:33 pm
northwest. >> take another look at the thieves earlier th week. police tell us there are at least five of them, and news 4's patty has the story now from northwest washington. >> reporter: it's been a busy summer for thieves targeting d.c. schools. so far this summer there have been eight. three charter schools and five d.c. public schools. the latest cardoza high school here in northwest d.c. >> reporter: students return to this high school in two weeks, but some students may not have computers in class because they were stolen. >> d.c. police released this surveillance video. police say five suspects entered a side window and stole nine computers early monday morning between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. >> it's pretty awful. surprising as well. >> they stole computers? oh, my god. where the police at? >> caller: cardoza high school just reopened after it underwent significant ren aigs vegas and
5:34 pm
invested $130 million for improvements to the school. it was renamed the cardoza entertainment camp yente uc campu >> it's beautiful. it needs to have more patrol, you know, police patrol. >> it's really unfortunate because i know a lot of schools run on a very tight budget. a spokesperson with d.c. schools tells me they are working closely with police in an effort to increase security in and around the school because this is not the first time the school has been burglarized since the renovation. i'll have that story coming up at 6:00. in northwest washington patty, news 4. three generations of a local family could be out on the streets next week if they don't get any help. a fire last month burned their mobile home in prince william county to the ground. some family photos are among the few personal belongings that are left. for the past couple of weeks the family of seven has been at a hotel room thanks to the red
5:35 pm
cross and the generosity of a local church, but their home was not insured and come monday those funds will run out. >> just on edge because every day i don't know where i'm going, whether i have to go sleep in the street or what with my grandkids. i have nothing. we lost everything. >> investigators say the fire caused by a spark from an extension cord inside the home. on-line car for hire services like uber are disputing taxi services in maryland, virginia, and the district. uber insists it doesn't want to be regulated like old style attacks, but tom sherwood reports now many cab drivers feel these new businesses are killing their business. >> reporter: rolling into a d.c. gas station. regular refueling is a necessary part of the taxi driver's job.
5:36 pm
the d.c. cab here has been driven by him for 41 years sfwloosh when i became 21 years of age i took the hackers exam and got my first license and april of 1964. >> reporter: he and thousands of local taxi drivers say the uber style service with phone apps, credit cards, and lightly regulated drivers is killing the taxi driver business in the whole region. >> crying like babies. you know? we all -- we all experiencing a loss of revenue. we might make enough to put gas in the car. you know? but we're not making any profit. ♪ >> reporter: rachel holt, uber's east coast general manager, told the wamu politics hour the high-tech car service companies want modern day technology rules in maryland, virginia, and d.c. >> a xhoon sense framework, a commonsense set of regulations that say let's protect consumers, protect drivers.
5:37 pm
let's not say, you know, let's put a square peg in a round hole and say let's force it, the uber technology company into an old set of rules. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood, news 4. the redskins walk away with an ease where i win in the preseason. rg3 coming up next. it's a controversial teen curfew that could cost parents hundreds of dollars. what you need to know about the curfew and auerbach yard that kicks in today. take a look. you always ask about the food today. we got the ribs on the grill. i'm eating 87 ribs, and, hey, if you are eating out tonight, take a look at the forecast. it's a beautiful night to get outside and do a little outdoor dining. 80 to 83 degrees later this evening. looking good. more backyard weather in ju a more backyard weather in ju a mite.
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reds games looking good in the preseason opener against the patriots. fans got a glimpse of rg3 in action last night. jason here now with a one-on-one for us. >> it's been a while since fans had a chance to see robert griffin iii in an actual game. remember, he was benched for the final three games of the regular season last year, so watching him go out and leave lead the offense to a scoring drive in his own series of the game.
5:41 pm
had a chance to catch up with rg3, and how he handled the preseason opener. xho we were efficient as an offense and ran the ball well and did a good job of handling everything at the line, and then, you know, at the end of the day we got everything we wanted out of that drive except for the touchdown, and we were about a fingernail away from getting that touchdown, but tend of the day we got three points, and then i think the rest of our team came out and did a good job, being efficient, defense played well. it was a good showing for us, and it shows us that our hard work is paying off. i know this is only a preseason game, and it gives us something to look at. this is how these guys are going to respond in game-like situations, so, you know, the sky is the limit, like coach always tells us. we have to continue to go to work and put our hard hat on and continue to build towards the regular season. >> you did more watching than playing. who caught your eye from the redskins? who stood out and said, wow, man, that guy wants to be a part of -- >> man, it was great to see, you know, a lot of our skill position guys rash yad ross had a nice catch. ryan grant did a great job like
5:42 pm
he has all camp. steve strunker ran the ball well. i could sit here all day and continue to name guys. from the offensive line to the running backs to the receiver and the quarterbacks, everybody did a great job. like i said, i'm proud to have them on this team, proud to go to work with them every day. >> today the redskins had the day off. they'll get back after it tomorrow morning in richmond. training camp ends this tuesday. preseason game number two august 1th. nonnight they'll take on the broundz. the redskins play host to cleveland. back to you. >> all right. thanks, jason. well, he has captured two decades of d.c. history, and tonight he is showing us some of the millions of pictures in his archives. the official photographer for d.c.'s mayor is reflecting on a lifetime of work. a new warning for gm drivers. i'm erica gonzalez. what we just learned about an existing recall and when you can expect to have
5:43 pm
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news not better for general motors. gm announced a recall to deal with ignition switches. >> it's making a drastic request to some suv drivers. news 4 consumer reporter erica gonzalez joins us with details. erica. >> we just learned that gm is recalling more than 200,000 saturn views because of a faulty ignition switch possibly tied to two crashes and one injury. this adds to the nearly 15 million other gm vehicles recalled because of ignition switch problems. now, we want to talk to you about a drastic warning from gm
5:46 pm
that is related to a recall that we first told you about back in june. gm is telling customers to leave some of those suvs outdoors until they're fixed because they could catch fire when left unattended. this recall affects nearly 200,0002006 and 2007 suvs, including chevy trailblazers and gmc envoys. the issue? the power window switches on the suvs can overheat and catch fire. we were out a few days ago working on another story pertaining to recalls when we found a man and his gmc envoy being one of the vehicles in question affected. >> i was running here. that's obvious. >> he is right. we don't want to hear that. in this case remember the recall very serious. so serious enough, in fact, that general motors is asking people who own these vehicles to leave
5:47 pm
them parked outside. we reached out to general motors directly. it tells news 4 in a statement that customer advisory letters will be mailed this month, and the second letter will be sent when parts are available in the fourth quarter. this is not a drivability issue if the recall itself presented while driving. there would be ample time to pull over. we'll tell you more about the gm recalls on our website because there are so many of them. just head to nbc and search recall. >> erica, thanks. if are you trying to save some money, fly out of bwi thoroughgood marshall airport more often. the average is $329. only 16 airports in the country have cheaper flights than bwi marshall. the average fair at dulles is nearly $500. that's the second highest in the country. reagan national airport, the average fare there with $384.
5:48 pm
the national transportation agency says it was cheaper to fly today than 14 years ago. he has been a witness to history and a career spanning more than two decades. while you may not know his name, you know his work. now d.c. mayoral photographer latif mangum is retiring. maureen green caught up with him as he prepares for those final shutter clicks. >> yes, indeed. he first started taking pictures when the john wilson building that houses the counsel and mayor's offices was known as the district building. >> reporter: when then d.c. mayor anthony williams made his famous cannonball splash to open city pools, latif mangum was youan see him off in the distance. >> my job is trying to catch the best picture of him hitting the water with his cannonball stance. >> reporter: for 20 plus years snapping pictures at big events,
5:49 pm
to smaller ones in the neighborhood as the official mayoral photographer. his first assignment? mayor sharon brpratt-kelly. >> we went through ups and downs. >> reporter: he captured marion barry's last four years as mayor and kept on taking pictures into the next administration. he was fired at the beginning of adrian fenti's term. >> they gave me a severance for three months. >> reporter: he did come back to work for him and has been on the job serving at the mayor's pleasure ever since. >> this is dunbar graduation. >> reporter: from very small office inside the wilson building, he goes through hundreds of photos. his archives? more than two million. >> i thought it was interesting everyone's eyes were looking up. if you can't feel it, then it's not a good picture. >> reporter: he'll snap his last picture on mayor gray's last day on the job, and this image
5:50 pm
endured him to this mayor. >> it's grueling, and i'm probably one of the most notorious worka holiks there is, but, you know, wherever latif needs to be, he is always there with a smile. >> actually, i'm going to walk out of the room instead of being carried out. i don't want to be hanging around forever. >> now, he is not retiring altogether. just leaving this job. you can look for him to put out a book chronicling his 20-plus years covering five city mayors at the end of next year. >> let's head back out to backyard weather and doug, he is in rockville, and you are going to dive in when, doug? >> i'm getting in at 6:45. i promise you, at 6:45 i am goi. i brought my swim trunks. i have been working out for three years for this. i'm ready to go. take a look at the grill here. we've got harry cooking up on the grill. what do you got here? >> these are baby back ribs.
5:51 pm
it's a carnivore's dream. >> i would say that. you got a lot of other stuff too. the line is just sitting here. they're waiting. i have made them wait. i made them wait. why? because i have to go first. no, i don't have to go first. mary is making -- all right. let's eat. let's eat. let's start the line. judy, i want to ask you a couple of questions about your backyard because, again, you do a lot with this. you talk about the water aerobics, but you do more than that here. you do that a couple of days a week. >> we do water aerobics on tuesday afternoons and on saturday mornings with a certified teacher. we do yoga here on monday mornings with a certified teacher. >> you have both those teachers here, so we're going to do that coming up a little later too. let's take a look and show you the forecast. if you are thinking about water aerobics on your friday night, not bad at all. the numbers across the area into the 80s, and that's where we're going to stay throughout the rest of the evening through about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. the numbers will continue with the numbers down to about the upper 70s by 11:00. storm team 4 radar is clear.
5:52 pm
do not worry about rain tonight. however, we are watching a system back to the west. you can see that around roanoke and charleston. that brings the rain in towards virginia. most of that will stay west and south of d.c. an area of high pressure to the north should help to keep that down to the south. now, 85 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. 83 in gathersburg. a nice day, but once again, more clouds. especially down in our southern zones during the day. as you move on through the next couple of days, this is what you would expect here. we are going to seeing the temperatures that will be rising to around 86 on sunday. more sunshine around the d.c. metro area. parts of maryland. that puts southern maryland around fredericksburg. a few clouds on sunday, but a high of 86. more humid on monday and tuesday. high temperatures in the loy lowe to mid 80s well below average. average high around 87. one more time, you notice that most o week will be below average. we continue on this very nice trend. you have a chance for storms coming up on tuesday. maybe even a couple of stronger
5:53 pm
storms. there's that plate of ribs, guys. right there. the line is pretty long, but i think they got enough. i think they got enough. you guys go ahead. i'll wait all night for that. i'm going to throw it back to you guys. >> you have to wait an hour to jump in the pool. remember for your food to kind of settle. that's the rule. >> bring some back tonight at 11:00. >> yeah. >> he is going to get cut. >> from directing planes to loading luggage. >> new at 6:00 our adam goes behind the scenes today to show you exactly what it takes to get you to your summer travel de
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
going outside will become a crime for some maryland kids. baltimore's new curfew goes into effect tonight. under the new rules anyone 13 and younger has to be inside by 9:00. teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16 have to be indoors by 10:00 on week nights. 11:00 on weekends. the city council passed the new curfew overwhelmingly back in june after a spike in summer crime, including the shooting death of a 3-year-old girl. many question how the new curfew will be enforced. >> we have reached out continuously to the city for details regarding how law enforcement officers interact and when they can chase the
5:57 pm
children if they want. >> the goal is to get those young people and their families connected with the help that they need so they're not out unsupervised. >> the kids are caught outside after hours, they'll be taken to a local curfew center, and parents could face fines up to $500. this evening a michigan man is back in prison after a jury found him guilty in a highly charged murder case. theodore wafer is charged in the murder death after shooting a woman who came to his door for help after having an accident. >> reporter: leaving the courthouse reneshae mcbride's mother says her daughter is finally at peace. >> god is wonderful. he is great. >> reporter: moments earlier theodore wafer sat expressionless as the verdict was read. >> guilty of murder in the second degree. >> reporter: the jury found wafer guilty of all charges. second degree murder, manslaughter, and a felony firearcharge.
5:58 pm
mcbride's parents said they were relieved and overwhelmed. >> he came to the door with the shotgun, and he shot her. you know, and he didn't even know her. we learned that he is a cold-blooded killer. >> all he had to do was call 911. >> reporter: throughout the two-week trial wafer's lawyers said he acted in self-defense in the early morning hours last november 2nd. wafer says he felt threatened by someone banging loudly on the door of his suburban detroit home, found his shotgun, opened the front door, and fired. >> i just shot somebody on my front porch with a shotgun banging on my door. >> reporter: prosecutors say mcbride was unarmed looking for help after running into a parked car several blocks away. an autopsy showed she was drunk and high. >> this poor girl. she had her whole life in front of her. i took that from her. >> reporter: mcbride's relatives
5:59 pm
say they found comfort in the jury's decision. >> what does this mean for your family and for your -- >> my family can rest now. they can start living their lives again knowing that reneshae is resting now. >> no word from the jurors who left the courthouse without comment. wafer is going to be sentenced later this month. he faces life in prison, but legal experts say it is likely it will be less than that. tonight the former white house press secretary james brady has just been ruled a homicide. first at news 4 the gunshots that wounded him more than 30 years ago was likely the cause. brady died at a retirement home in alexandria on wednesday. new developments tonight could mean new charges against the man who tried to assassinate president reagan. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us in the studio to break down this decision, so this was the virginia medical examiner. >> yes, conducted an autopsy. as you noted, he died in
6:00 pm
virginia. that's the logical place for it. it's something of a surprise that after 33 years the medical examiner has determined that the cause of death was the gunshot wound suffered in 1981 during the reagan assassination attempt. that's when brady was gravely wounded. that is the medical finding. as to the legal consequences, we are way too soon to know what that might be. >> john hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity in reagan's death. is he likely, do you think, to be charged? >> well, he faced a number of charges in 1981. the jury's conclusion in 1982 was not guilty by reason of mental illness. so there are several questions here. first of all, murder charges are theoretically possible. there's no statute of limitations on murder. it would be a legally possible charge. that's the first question. will the government pursue charges? several officials have said


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