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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 9, 2014 9:00am-9:56am EDT

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as we get ready for rain on the way, hawaii is bracing for hurricane julio. new video from iraq of the actual u.s. airstrikes as humanitarian aid pours in. the ebola outbreak escalates and now a new global call for help. a big day for smokey bear and much, much more on this saturday, august 9th, 2014. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. hi, everyone, i'm angie goss. >> and i'm david culver, looking at the radar, a little bit of green, some folks could see a little bit of rain today. >> we know what it comes down to it's where you live. we want to say a very good hello to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck. >> there's some sunshine getting
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on through, the weather impact on your saturday will be fairly low. but there are rain chances down to the south and to the west of the d.c. metro. out the door temperatures this morning, upper 60s, low 70s. a very pleasant way to get the day started. no rain on the radar in the metro area just yet and rain chances today, fairly low in the metro. but medium chances down to our south and west. fredericksburg on out towards luray and rappahannock county. i'll give you the timing and let you know if tomorrow is look anything brighter. we'll check in with you then. all new from overnight, video of the two u.s. airstrikes in iraq. the bombs were dropped on the militant islamic group isis, which advancing towards the u.s. consulate there. we can show you the video. take a look right here. it looks quiet, but then you see a bright white flash of light. you're going to see it there and a massive plume of smoke follows as the bomb hits the ground this is the first u.s. military action in iraq since 2011. given the strikes, were
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authorized by the president, there's a chance we could see more today. and this is some brand-new video of package after package right there, food and water filling them, dropping down in iraq. take a look at those packages. they're just a fraction of the bundles of humanitarian aid for tens of thousands of people who are still trapped on a mountain. isis has said they will kill those people. the packages have more than 28,000 meals and 1500 gallons of water. all new this morning, we are gathering more information for you, regarding two shootings, these are from overnight. they both were in the district. the first was on 2nd street and todd place in northeast. we're told four men were shot around midnight. one victim actually took himself to the hospital. we're working to find out what led to that shooting. meantime, d.c. police keeping busy investigating another shooting, on the lookout for a
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man responsible in a deadly gunfire. this was at quebec place in northwest. this happened just off georgia killed. it happened around 11:30 last night. police not releasing any information about the gunman in either of those two cases. former white house press secretary, james brady's death has been ruled a homicide. this morning, federal prosecutors are debating when whether or not to pursue charges. 33 years ago, brady was shot in the head, this during the attempted assassination of president ronald reagan. authorities say brady died this weekecause of that shooting back in 1981. but experts tell news4's jackie benson it will be extremely difficult to bring new charges against the shooter, john hinckley. >> the now-familiar but still shocking video of the attempted assassination of president ronald reagan. a d.c. police officer and a secret service agent were also injured. but white house press secretary, james brady, shot in the head,
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suffered the longest-lasting injuries. four days after his death at 73, comes the startling news -- a virginia medical examiner has determined james brady died as a result of the 1981 shooting. in 1982, a jury found gunman john hinckley jr. not guilty by reason of insanity. he's been a patient of st. elizabeth psychiatric facility. he's had growing freedom in recent years, supervised visits to his mother's home. >> is the united states attorney's office now going to prosecute john hinckley for the homicide death of james brady. >> noted defense attorney ted williams says hinckley could be tried again, despite the 1982 acquittal. >> there is no double jeopardy. he was never, meaning john hinckley, tried for the homicide of mr. brady, because mr. brady was alive. >> williams feels prosecutors would have an uphill battle. >> so all of the evidence that the government would be able to
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bring forth, would be the evidence that, that they had in 1981, when this incident occurred. >> williams says in the end, the question is, whether the verdict would be any different this time. >> they had some of the best attorneys in this country involved. some of the best psychologists and psychiatrists in this country involved. and as a result of that, they came back a jury with not guilty by reason of insanity. >> jackie benson, "news4 today." as of now, federal prosecutors have not giving a timeline for if and when they may decide to pursue charges against hinckley. at 9:05, we want to help you out if you plan to be driving around southeast d.c. today. you may have a little trouble getting to barracks row. the exit ramp is closed. you should dedetour signs to get around the road work. the closure is part of the 11th street bridge project, which will wrap up next year.
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later this morning, showplace arena in upper marlborough is going to look packed like this, because prince george's county is helping you get your kids ready for school. and in the back-to-school spirit early with us on this saturday, news4's derek ward live there in upper marlborough with the latest. how is it looking so far? i know this is something that draws thousands of parents and their kids out. >> oh, indeed it does, take a look at the event floor here at the showplace arena. you can see it's filling up. each of the tables will be manned or womaned, by someone from a county school, county agency, various services that are available to folks here as they get ready for the new school year. you know, this is sort of the entryway to a successful school year for folks. and it all gets under way at 10:00, they start letting people in. at about 9:30. take a look. people started actually lining up outside as early as 6:30 this morning. and that line is continuing to
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grow. now what's happening here is they will be on site registration. you can purchase school uniforms, backpack give away is the big event. but you can also get your kids immunized here as well. so a lot of services here. available to people who are going to be attending the prince george's county public schools this year. and it will be an exciting year. we talked a lot about the common core curriculum. that will be continued this year and they're learning some things about it. as we hear from the school's ceo. >> so i think we're, i think we're doing pretty well, considering the short timeline that we had. and i think people have seen some of the new textbooks, i was at a committee meeting the other night. one of the mayors said he saw the new elementary math book that his daughter had. and he's a physicist and he was very pleased with that. he said he knows its more rigoro rigorous, b e math. it mak you feel like we're going down the right road. >> now the event goes on from 10:00 until 1:00 today.
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middle and high school students will start monday august 25th. everybody else, tuesday, august 26th. live in upper marlboro, back to you. a break for hawaii after one tropical storm hit the paradise islands. but now, a hurricane. it is on the way. how the storms could impact a huge and important event that's happening there today. plus, a startling moment, all caught on camera why police want you to see what happened inside of this pizza shop once this guy walked in. a big day for a childhood classic with a message still
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right now, brand new curfew is in effect in baltimore. but nobody, not everybody is happy about it. kids and the aclu are protesting the new rules, requiring anyone
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and younger to be inside by 9:00 p.m. teens between 14-16 have to be in by 11:00. kids caught after hours are taken to a curfew center. if it happens too often, their parents could face a big fine. city leaders say the law is about keeping children safe after a 3-year-old died in a shooting back in june. they went after a popular pizza place in prince george's county and we can tem you it wasn't for the pie. police looking for the group who targeted the little caesar's on branch avenue in temple hills. surveillance cameras, watch one of the suspects jumping the counter right there gun in hand, they snagged cash and took off running. if you recognize these guys, police want to hear from you. two weeks before classes begin and robbers targeting d.c. schools. more surveillance video showing it all in the act. robbers stealing thousands of dollars in equipment. they hit cardozo high school monday. getting away with nine apple computers. robbers hit the same school last september. that's when cardozo had just
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reopened after a $130 million renovations. thieves have broken into eight d.c. schools this summer. could a mystery be solved? this morning the likely answer to how those white flags ended up on top of the brooklyn bridge. what you got, chuck? >> are you worried about a weekend washout? if you are, i have some good news, rain chances are low, but not zero. i'll let you know who has the best chance of seeing a little bit of weekend raindrops, when i s trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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there are fears this morning, a canadian man may have contracted ebola. doctors say the man came into an ontario e.r. with flu-like symptoms. in fact he just came back from west africa has the hospital taking some special precautions. the patient has been isolated and his doctors have tested his blood. so far, the deadly disease has killed 960 people across west africa. growing stronger every day. the message from dr. kent brantley this morning. he's one of the two americans that contracted the deadly virus while working in west africa. from his isolation room, he did release a statement saying quote, i thank god for his mercy as i have wrestled with this terrible disease end quote. he went on to speak about the siation in westfrica saying i witnessed the horror firsthand. and i can still remember every face and name. kent brantley and nancy risbowl are being treated at emory university in atlanta.
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the nypd says it's solved the mystery of the white flags planted on top of the brooklyn bridge. we told you about it when it happened on july 22nd. usually american flags go there. these are actually american flags, just bleached white. here's how police solved it. they studied surveillance video along with dna samples and social media postings to find out who did it. they say they've identified four persons of interest. as of right now, though, they have not made any arrests. political leaders in hawaii hope clean-up efforts from isle won't stop people from coming out to vote in today's primary election. >> the trouble isn't over yet for hawaii. hurricane julio is approaching the outer rim of the island. set to bring heavy rain and wind starting toomt. tropical storm iselle didn't bring much damage, but did knock out power for thousands of people. strong winds bringing down lots of trees. the state's governor says he's happy everyone took the threat of the storm seriously. a majority of the red cross stations on the big island are
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closing down today. three will stay open until further notice for anyone impacted by the storm. look closely here, want to show you this video. this is the before. this is what a waterfall in hilo looked like. but after the storm made landfall, the same waterfall raging over the cliff. it was the first major storm to hit hawaii in decades. all eyes on julio right now. the good thing from what i'm hearing, it's not on the same path that iselle was on. >> it looks like this one will stay on the north side of hawaii. could stay as much as several hundred miles off the northern islands, welcome news there. they're not going to get a direct hit from julio. coming up in about 30 minutes, i'll show you the latest track from the national hurricane center on julio. nonetheless, travel to and from hawaii has been a little bit disrupted the last couple of days. there could still be some flight delays and some hard times making some connections. so if you're expecting someone from there or if this is your
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week to fly to hawaii for vacation, getting there may be the hardest thing. once you're there, you're in hawaii. outside here, it's a nice day outside. a mostly cloudy sky, but raindrops have stayed away from the d.c. metro area. the sunshine has allowed us to work up to 75 degrees right now. winds are still light from the northeast at 3 miles per hour. but gradually our winds will come back around to the south. still in the mid 60s in northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia, charlestown, martinsville, martinsburg in beautiful west virginia. 69 degrees there. 66 front royal. 64 in luray. from there down to front royal to charleston. this will be the area, fredericksburg, quantico, the spots with the best chance of seeing rain on your saturday. we'll be dry around town. here's your saturday afternoon planner by the hours, 1:00, mostly cloudy, 82. best chance for a few showers, south and southwest of the metro area between about 3:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. the radar show as couple of
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sprinkles along the northern neck from colonial beach towards fredericksburg. most of it may not be reaching the ground. light to moderate rain from roanoke and martinsville all the way down across south side virginia. down towards the norfolk/virginia beach area, those raindrops are headed for the outer banks. at the outer banks it will be a bit of a washout. our beaches, ocean city to rehoboth look awesome. our rain chance map, low chances around here. i can't rule out a five or ten-minute shower. but it won't be a washout. no cancellable-level rainstorms for us, better chance from quantico to fredericksburg, out towards washington, virginia. as we go through the day, there's a little ribbon of rain chances near fredericksburg, stafford and quantico. kind of washes back to the west. so central and southern parts of the shenandoah valley, a little chance for a few light rain showers. 8:00 tonight, a couple of raindrop chances prince william and fauquier county. it's a full moon late tonight into early tomorrow, the super
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moon, the biggest full moon of the year. unfortunately, a lot of clouds to deal with in our skies. so not t best viewing for the super moon. all right. headed on down to the chesapeake bay today. a fine day for sailing out on the waters, fairly light breeze, a little chance for a few showers down south. the lower parts of the bay. more sunshine along the bay tomorrow and a little late-day shower chance coming up on monday. here's everyone's seven-day forecast now. looking good for the weekend. a little chance for a few showers today. but that's only about a 30% chance. i think everyone is dry tomorrow. our best chance for rain out of the next seven days is all stacked up on tuesday. it may last into wednesday, but the end of the week looks great. thanks, chuck. the government employee behind a slogan we all know is officially a year older today. >> only you can prevent wildfires. >> there he is, smokey bear, now 70 years old. looks great. the department of agriculture threw him a birthday party in the district yesterday.
9:21 am
the service credits him and you for reducing wildfires by 15 million acres a year since 1994. >> not a gray hair on that bear. >> i think he's on the paleo diet. he looks wonderful. don't be quick to dismiss this as just construction. the piece of history uncovered during work on a leaky roof.
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this is a story that you'll only see on news4. and a pretty cool one at that. it's about a hidden treasure that you're going to find in a d.c. high school. >> news4's zachary keyes takes us through how construction crews found it when they peeled back the painting. >> the leaky roof and broken windows cried toor a rehab. but when construction crews stripped roosevelt high school down to the bones, they discovered historic artifacts. >> i was amazed that such riches could be under the yellow paint that we have all stared at. >> behind layers of paint, two frescos from 1934. >> once we removed the ceiling, we saw everything of the mural from that line up. and realized that the mural for the most part was still intact. >> that's when mary rankin, an architect at perkins eastman d.c. started doing research. old newspaper clippings helped tell the story. one of the pieces, titled "adolescent america" captures entertainment, movies and fun. the other, american panorama, a
9:25 am
12 x 40-foot piece, features science, innovation and industry. news4 got exclusive access before a new kitchen takes the space over. >> this will be totally be demolished and will no longer exist. >> we lunch down here, nobody suspected this kind of history was here right behind us on the wall. >> discovery opened a long process of preserving and removing the fresco. >> what the conservationist did was apply layers of cheesecloth and glue to what you see on the wall. let it harden and set up and literally peeled it off the wall. >> they then transferred the art to canvas so it can be hung. but the artist is here to someday. plant is to hang both pieces in the school's new grand entrance. the project is expected to be done in august of next year. reporting in northwest d.c., zachary quiche, news4. it looks great. well many of you remember it well. a change in leadership at the white house 40 years ago today. this morning, a closerook at
9:26 am
the resignation of president richard nixon. he led work behind a major subway system. now the person just named to oversee developme
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in today's top story, we received brand-new video of the u.s. airstrikes in iraq. you can see bombs exploding as they hit the ground right there. they were targeting islamic militant group isis. the president says the strikes do not mean another war in iraq.
9:29 am
a violent night overnight in d.c. police investigating two shootings this morning. the first on 2nd street and todd place in northeast d.c. we're told four men shot around midnight. the second shooting was on quebec place northwest. one man shot and killed around 11:30 last night. today, prince george's county helping you get the kids ready for school. county public schools are having a backpack giveaway this morning. can you get your kids their necessary shots for today. don't forget to bring their vaccination record. the fair will last until 1:00 p.m. at showplace arena in upper marlboro. going to be a great day to head on out there. thousands are expected to that thing. >> a lot of people out there, the best person to check on the forecast, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell standing by. outside? >> it's a beautiful morning outside here. the skies are still partly to mostly cloudy. these are not rain-making clouds. i think most of us will be dry for the course of your weekend. so that is welcome news, there
9:30 am
are a little bit of rain chances to our south and west. the view from the tower looking northbound over southern beautiful montgomery county. bethesda, chevy chase, straight up rockville pike. nice-looking morning, 69 in rockville and reston. 73 in for the belvoir and burke. 71 in beautiful calvert county, maryland. national harbor, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, not much of a breeze, dulles international airport. a little more clouds out to the west and south. that's where the raindrops are. mainly in southwestern virginia. can't rule out a few showers down towards the southern parts and central parts of the shenandoah valley. there's the hour-by-hour planner. can't rule out a little chance for rain in the metro. if you get rain inside the beltway, it won't last more than about five or ten minutes. that's going to be it. if you have a little backyard party for your baby daughter, butterfly party, angie, it looks good. >> there you are. publicizing my play date. i said you can't ruin it. >> no, i can't.
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>> thanks, chuck. overnight airstrikes in gaza destroyed a mosque and killed five palestinians. israel launched more rockets at gaza throughout the night. gaza militants refused to extend the truce after talks between the two sides broke down in egypt. gaza began firing rockets at israel before the temporary truce expired yesterday. more than 50 rockets were fired between the two sides. and as president obama heads on vacation, he will continue to receive updates about the conflict between israel and hamas. the first family leaves this morning for martha's vineyard. national security advisers will continue to brief the president on many things, including iraq, the middle east and ukraine. we're told the president will cut his vacation short, returning a week early on august 17th. this morning, a family in laurel is having to plan a furl for a teenager who drowned. it happened on his birthday. dennis kemp turned 13 the day his group from camp sonshine in silver spring visited oregon ridge lake in baltimore county. now kemp passed away after
9:32 am
having actually passed a swim test before he went into that water. but lifeguards, saw him disappear. they jumped in, but couldn't find him. emergey dive teams recovered his body after more than two hours. >> we're just praying for the family and you know, you lose your breath when this happens, you have to remind yourself to breath because it's so hard. >> kemp spent five years as a camper at camp sonshine. yesterday was also his last day of camp for the summer. the second phase of the silver line getting a new director. charles stark has been chosen to succeed pat nowakowski who resigned to become the president of the long island railroad up in new york. stark has been working in rail transportation for 30 years, most recently he managed a subway extension for the los angeles metropolitan transportation authority. phase 2 of the silver line project should be done by 2018. 40 years ago today, vice president gerald r. ford became the 38th president of the united
9:33 am
states. president richard nixon's resignation took effect at noon on august 9th, 1974. nbc's brian williams has a look back at the words richard nixon said he would never say. >> i have never been a quitter. >> richard nixon said that all his political life. >> i don't believe that i ought to quit. because i'm not a quitter. >> through one crisis after another, he refused to give up. though he was never above self-pity. >> you don't have nixon to kick around any more. >> six years after what he called his last press conference, nixon was elected president. then re-elected in a landslide four years later. nixon was a study of psychosis and extremes. the same man who opened the door to china was also petty and vindictive. and convinced he was surrounded by enemies. that led nixon to watergate, and a conspiracy to obstruct justice.
9:34 am
>> white house counsel john dean broke ranks with nixon and exposed the cover-up, which is detailed in his new book. >> how could he so foolishly do things that would result in the destruction of his own presidency? and sadly, the simple answer is -- he wasn't as savvy as i thought he was. >> i shall resign the presidency, effective at noon tomorrow. >> i'm a fighter, i just didn't want to quit. also i thought it would be an admission of guilt, which of course it was. >> former president nixon fought to restore his reputation, always refusing to examine himself too closely. >> as far as sitting down and psychoanalyzing myself and saying now, how could i have been a better person, it's just not my bag. >> when nixon died in 1994, five living presidents attended his funeral. bill clinton said nixon should be judged by his entire career and not just watergate. >> the enduring lesson of
9:35 am
richard nixon is that he never gave up being part of the action and passion of his times. >> another lesson can be found in nixon's own words the day he left office. >> always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win. unless you hate them. >> and that was nbc's brian williams reporting. the museum here in d.c. has several items on display related to nixon's resignation. to read more about how the scandal unfolded, head to and search nixon. your facebook account may have extra security the next time you log in. plus, why your email may look like junk mail to one particular group who gets your messages. and a creative campaign to make your seat more comfortable at the movies.
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well this morning, a special
9:38 am
ambulance has a new name thanks to your input. >> you might remember when prince george's county's pink ambulance visited us here at the station. it pulled into our parking lot last weekend. there's amelia outside in front of it. the ambulance promotes breast cancer awareness. it's now nicknamed hope. a spokesman said hope was proposed more than any other name in their social immediate ka campaign. picked from more than 230 potential names. >> that's a great name. we all know that it's not just women who get breast cancer, men do, too. so in other words there are a lot of names related to the color pink. but hope i feel like just covers it all. nice umbrella. >> it does. some other names were rosie and courage. a week into a month-long fundraising effort. a fairfax theater has passed the halfway mark. the university mall theaters on braddock road launched a save our butts campaign on kickstarter last friday. pretty catchy. the theater is hoping to raise
9:39 am
enough money to replace its decades-old seats with larger, more comfortable seats. like these. the theater has been a fixture in the area for more than two decades. >> the really cool idea just being able to help out a business that's in need and being able to donate and everything like that. it's easy to get the word out. >> people who donate can get free stuff like popcorn. "house of cards" fans you'll want to head down to the national mall today. >> you'll see crews filming the hit show there, just a few hours from now. it starts around noon along pennsylvania, constitution and independence avenues. of course, those roads will be blocked. so if you're driving, you're going to want to find a detour around all of that. we don't know if kevin spacey and robin wright, mr. and mrs. underwood will be part of the shoot. we do know what you see today will be used at some point in
9:40 am
the show coming up in season three. lots of stuff. >> a couple of people writing that, when are they going to be the motorcade coming through. it will be going on until what, 10:00? >> until 10:00 tonight. it usually shoots in baltimore. so finally the show about d.c. will be shot in d.c. ladies you'll want to see this one before you go shopping this weekend. your chance to get designer dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry, for more than half off. plus the story behind the mystery woman giving it all away. now to the very fashionable chuck. >> thank you very much. you like my tie? outside we've got cloudy skies for now and rain chances fairly wday but climbing in the days ahead. i'll let you know which day is going to be the rainiest and an update on hurricane julio.
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9:43 am
right now, extra police are patrolling the beltway, waiting and watching for to you break the rules. state police in maryland and virginia just launched a safety campaign called drive to save lives. troopers will be looking out for aggressive and reckless drivers, they're also looking out for those of you who are texting from behind the wheel. the safety campaign is happening all weekend. and a new study shows that parents we may practice what we preach when it comes to distracted driving. >> half of teens surveyed say they've talked to their parents on the phone while behind the wheel. many say their parents get mad
9:44 am
when they don't answer the phone. 400 teens took part in the study. talking or texting while driving is the leading cause of deadly accidents amongst teens. researchers say parents should use an app that lets them know when the child is driving and can't pick up the phone at that time. if you haven't changed your password recently facebook is working to keep you covered. the company owns another company that specializes in server security. they'll work to keep you and more than a billion other facebook users' information safe as well as stop any viruses from coming in. meanwhile, yahoo and google have partnered up to protect your information as well. starting this fall, any yahoo mail or gmail you send will look like complete nonsense to anyone but the sender and recipient. it should help hold back the hackers trying to get into your account. as you know, earlier this week we learned billions of users names and passwords were stolen by a group of hackers from russia. neighborhood leaders in georgetown are worried that
9:45 am
someone is stealing chairs. if you've been around there, you've seen them. new chairs along the c & o canal, the business improvement district thought you could use somewhere do relax. each of the 50 chairs cost $100 and about ten have turned up missing. we checked our facebook page. some of you say the answer is not to spend so much money on the chairs. the group is planning to purchase and put out about 50 more of those chairs. how many times do you flip through a magazine and see designer clothes, shoes, bags and think, i wish i could afford that? angie, i think they found a way. >> insider information for you. when i found out about this d.c. fashionista who cleans out her closet every season, four times a year. i showed up for one of her secret drop-offs so we could tell you where to go. walking the streets of d.c. >> it must be so fun to be in your shoes. >> a mystery fashion maven. this are louboutins. >> dozens of designer dresses,
9:46 am
handbags, shoes and jewelry within affordable reach for rest of us. >> she does it four times a year. >> carmen lopez, owner of skinment shop current boutique scores at least 100 couture pieces she can offer online for half the retail price. >> she brings us clothes and we're able to sell them for her and someone else is able to enjo i them. >> a small sampling of the high-ticket items. how about this $1,200 armani dress going for -- $398.99 now? or remember those manuolos from "sex and the city," they could be yours for less than $150. >> the donation often includes many things brand new or worn once or twice. as for the woman behind them all -- she plans to keep sharing her fashions while staying in style and out of plain sight.
9:47 am
>> so people don't need to know who you are. they just need to know when you got to make the dropoff? >> right. >> well, if you want to check out the designer clothes donated all you have to do is go to current we've had some viewers write in and ask about sizes, she's about a small/medium. she's lost some weight here and there, she's a small/medium when it comes to dress size and a 6 1/2-foot. a small shoe, but if the shoe fits, buy it. >> folks heading out shopping can do it without rain coming down. >> especially if you're going to walk to shops in georgetown, national harbor. whatever you're going to do outside around the city. i think the weather i will be pretty cooperative. i can't give you the 100% dry forecast, but i can give you the 90% dry forecast inside the beltway. out to the and west, rain chances start to sneak up just a touch. i promised you the update on hurricane julio. here's the latest satellite picture. you can see it's a very
9:48 am
well-defined and large storm. a category 2 hurricane right now. but fortunately it's not following the exact same path as iselle did just 24-48 hours ago. if you look on the left-hand side of your screen, way up here, notice the clouds are coming this direction. that is wind shear that's going to keep this storm from organizing any more. gaining any more strength. and it's also going to keep the storm off the coast of hawaii. so here's hurricane julio now. as a category 2, with 100-mile-per-hour sustained winds. over the next several days, the storm will continue to turn more and more northward with time and stay a long way off, making landfall on the hawaiian island chain. but the ocean is already roughed up from iselle. this will make sure that surfers have big waves on the north shore of owe way hue. so surfers, it may not be a bad flight. 75 degrees in beautiful washington. we'll be 79 degrees at 11:00
9:49 am
a.m. and still dry. i can't rule out a few drops or showers west and south of the metro. between about 2:00 and 6:00 this evening. then mostly cloudy and dry by 9:00. temperatures back down into the mid to upper 70s. right now, 60s and 70s across much of the area. a little cooler to the north and west. a little warmer down in fredericksburg, it's 76. 75 in leonard town. clinton, maryland, 73. this tells the most important part of the forecast for today, the farther north or east you live or travel, more sunshine for you. the farther south and west you go, more cloud cover for sure. and rain chances ramp up the farther south and west you go as well. that pattern is going to last for today and for tomorrow as well. so if you live in northern maryland, don't forget your sunblock, the uv index is at a high 8 for your saturday. radar shows not much rain out there just yet. here's the last little chance for showers, well down to our south and west this could sneak north with time as far north as
9:50 am
luray, page, shenandoah county, can't rule out a sprinkle along interstate 81. around town, our rain chances are pretty low. here's our future weather forecast. the little rain chance, warrenton and manassas down towards fredericksburg and leonard town and hit-and-miss rain chances to our west into the shenandoah valley. rainfall amounts will be very, very light. .1 inch or less, one or two spots getting more, but not much. if you're headed to the beach, good choice, it's a much better beach weekend than a mountain weekend for sure. plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the 80s. don't forget your sunblock if you're headed to the beach. the seven-day forecast, small chance for rain south and west of town tod i think everyone stays dry tomorrow. best chance for rain will be tuesday and you'll notice another seven-day forecast in august, no 90s in sight. >> that's incredible. >> and the cool starts this morning, i'm loving at. >> feels great. well, he paints his body in silver. all for weekend street performances. some call him crazy.
9:51 am
but you may just see why he does it. and planes, trains and automobiles, this morning our transportation reporter is covering it all and how it impacts your ways of getting around our region. and the transportation speshlgs changing lanes with ad
9:52 am
9:53 am
this just in, president obama will deliver a statement on the situation in iraq. he will deliver the statement this morning.
9:54 am
the president will speak from the white house we're told. before he leaves for a family vacation to massachusetts. the u.s. began air strikes in northern iraq against isis militants yesterday. the administration has also ordered humanitarian aid drops in that region. look for highlights of the speech on he is scheduled to speak at 10:20 this morning. in about 25 minutes, we'll bring you the very latest. >> so many international issues, he's been giving press briefings while on vacation at martha's vineyard. there's a 20-year-old in florida making some summer cash by going silver. >> nbc's chad oliver shows us how he's getting ahead by standing very still. >> the hardest part of noah's day is getting ready for work. with the care of a chemist -- >> exactly three grams is what i shoot for. >> this 20-year-old goes gray. >> now the fun part. >> make that silver. >> it's going to get silver in here in a second.
9:55 am
>> my name is cindy and i am the silver guy's mom. >> eventually noah wants to become a youth pastor. >> he's a people person. >> in the meantime, he's found another way to leave a mark. >> it was -- it's everywhere. >> it's mind over makeup. >> then i got to drive 30 minutes to go to work or wherever i'm going. >> noah's line of work -- reaction pays the bills. every performer needs props. noah's show begins before he even starts. >> he caught our attention for sure. >> it's his personality. >> it's perfectly still, isn't he? that is so clever. >> noah's stage is ft. myers beach. >> he's super still. he doesn't move -- >> until he does.


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