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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 18, 2014 5:00pm-5:56pm EDT

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a picture the father e-mailed out on the day that they died. this is a selfie picture of fredrick roy miller and his 3-year-old daughter, leila. they are sitting in the front seat of his car. it is unclear exactly when it was taken but his mother says her son e-mailed her that picture saturday before he was killed in a shootout with police. police say miller slashed his daughter's throat and shot her in the head after he took her from her fort washington home at gun point. >> it was a close, close contact wound gunshot, three to six inches from the -- the gun was three to six inches away from leila when it went off. there were no officers anywhere. we were much, much further away.
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>> reporter: this began around 1:00 in the afternoon at the girl's home. police say miller went into the house and shot and wounded the girl's great grandmother and grandfather and carried his daughter to his car. there was the chase, that shootout. in the end miller and his daughter ended up dead. fredrick roy miller was 38 years old. he was a rap singer. he worked as a tech for verizon. friends say a couple of years ago miller had a serious head injury in a car accident, that he was in a coma for nine days and ended up on disability. today i talked to tory brammal. she says miller was devoted to his daughter. she says she couldn't imagine he could do something like this. >> i spent hours with the man in conversations on a personal level, not attorney/client. every time all i got out of him was how much he loved his
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daughter. that was it. he never said he would harm his daughter or anything like that ever. >> reporter: she says she talked to miller the day before all of this happened. more about that conversation coming up at 6:00. live in prince george's county, news 4. >> this case is the latest in what has become a troubling trend in spike of domestic-related murders. so far this year police tell us 12 of 33 homicides have been domestic. that is more than a third. just last week another 3-year-old girl was shot and killed as a result of a fight between two men. bibb was shot by a stray bullet. there has been one arrestin that case but the suspected gunman, devaughn wallace is still on the run. police outlined a plan tonight. our county bureau chief tracee wilkins will show you how the
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the community is being asked to get involved. her live report coming up in about 20 minutes. to the situation in ferguson, missouri, where national guard troops are moving in tonight. we just learned the attorney general will be heading there on wednesday and a third autopsy has been ordered by the govnment after an autopsy requested by the family found michael brown had been shot six times. scott macfarlane is here as the town gears up. >> attorney general eric holder requested yet another independent autopsy, the third to be conducted on michael brown. the result of the first two released within just hours of each other. st. louis county found brown was shot six to eight times and revealed little less. an independent autopsy commissioned by brown's family was far more detailed. found he was shot at least six times and twice to the head. former new york city medical examiner says the last shot at the top of the head was the
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fatal blow and suggests he was bent over. president obama just spoke from the white house. >> i understand the passions and anger that arise over the death of michael brown. giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns and attacking the police only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. it undermines rather than advancing justice. >> as early as wednesday a grand jury could begin hearing evidence in the shooting and consider charges against ferguson police officer darren wilson. we will have more on the mood on the street tonight coming up in about ten minutes. fireworks on day one of the defense stage in the corruption trial of bob and maureen mcdonnell. the most startling testimony once again focused on the former first lady as bob mcdonnell's lawyers presented their first
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witnesses and tried to prove he did not help a wealthy businessman in return for gifts and loans. julie carey is live outside the courthouse once again. >> reporter: that cabinet secretary who testified is one of bob mcdonnell's most loyal senior staffers. she raved about her former boss's qualities but said things got so bad with first lady maureencdonnell there was concern she was suffering from mental illness. >> i was happy to come in and testify on behalf of the governor. he is a good man. >> reporter: that is the message the defense team wanted janet kelly to convey to jurors. when asked about his honesty and reputation kelly replied if they had to elect the boy scout of the year, mr. honest, it would be about him. the testimony about the former first lady was harsh. said kelly, i told the governor gnat out when he offered me the
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secretary of the commonwealth job i couldn't work with maureen. when asked to elaborate kelly said she didn't want to pile on and began to cry before answering she was very difficult, very demanding, very diva-ish. kelly said she was able to avoid maureen until she realized the first lady's outbursts were taking a toll on the governor. said kelly, she was yelling at him at night for things that happened during the day. in 2012 she was presented a mass resignation letter. kelly was the first witness to reveal she saw evidence of the crush that defense attorneys say maureen mcdonnell had with jonnie williams. she said it was very flirty, very, very, very friendly. prosecutors challenged her on cross examination reminding her
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she never described that before. at no point did you describe it as flirty. kelly, you didn't ask. prosecutor, this is the very first time we are hearing about this today? kelly, it is. in her position janet kelly helped the governor fill some 4,000 board and commission spots that were open. did she ever do favors for star scientific or jonnie williams? i will have that answer at 6:00. >> thank you. storm team 4 is keeping an eye on some weather to the south of us. >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here to pin point when we will see what in the form of rain rolling in. >> we have a chance for showers as we make our way through the overnight hours tonight and during the day tomorrow and maybe later this week, too. we are not talking a lot of rain. storm team 4 radar back towards west virginia and fredericksburg. a lot of this just very, very light if it is reaching the
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ground at all. the wider picture does show what we are talking about, a pretty big storm system moved towards the south. a line of strong to severe thunderstorms came through down the richmond area. thisual continue to move off towards the east. looking at this little line here you can see it right there. we may see a shower come through. the redskins game looking good. for the browns 80 degrees. nice and warm and a little on the humid side. rain chance 30% but can probably take that down a little more. right now it is looking pretty good. as doug mentioned it is game night, a big one tonight. we will see a lot of different stuff on the field. our team coverage continues. >> in just a few hours our football team takes on the cleveland browns for the first monday night matchup. >> this has to be the most exciting preseason game in the nfl between the washington redskins and the cleveland browns. >> it has to do with jackson making his debut for the redskins.
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tonight redskins fans get to see him for the first time. >> debuting in burgundy and gold. he has been practicing at full speed. the relationship on the field, the connection between rg 3 and the receiver is one of the most important parts of the offense. >> speaking of robert griffin iii everyone wants to see the two heisman trophy winners on the field here tonight. robert griffin iii and johnny manziel of the browns will go at it. johnny manziel has a lot of similarities to rg iii. he is same offensive coordinator in rookie season in kyle shanahan who is now in cleveland. rg iii is trying to stay away from the similarities a little bit. >> my job is not to compare. anybody that wants to compare i'm sure they will look at us and say both of us are real fast. guys that can play backyard football at times. we both want to win.
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>> i'm a big fan of a guy that will be fun to be on the field with that likes to extend plays with his legs similar to what i do. he played in this offense so another thing that matches up, as well. i think he is an excellent young quarterback. >> rg iii and johnny football two of the most talked about quarterbacks in the nfl. this should be a great matchup tonight. >> it may sound quiet in here because the fans are tailgating where our colleague derrick ward is with the fans. they are excited about one thing. what is that tonight? >> it is one thing about two things. garcon and jackson. pretend there is no football. it is indeed not a law firm. a lot of fans see it as a key to an explosive dynamic. those fans are saying. just the preseason, right? a monday night game is a monday night game and tailgating is tailgating. with fans getting their first
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look at a re-tooled reenergized offense the expectations are high for garcon and jackson in the secondary. >> has not seen a pair of receivers like these two. >> looks like we have a place to throw the ball as long as we can protect our quarterback long enough to do so. >> reporter: that means the line. so far it looks good on paper and practice. >> i haven't seen them full force yet. you don't know until you have seen them. jackson and andre roberts, we definitely have the weapons to do it. >> reporter: and the 12th man is riding high for now. and that 12th man you see on the roof of that camper is named ro roofus. we will hear from his owners. >> thank you. a major development in the same-sex marriage ruling in virginia. scott macfarlane is at our live desk with the latest. >> same-sex marriage in virginia
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on hold again. the back and forth over a federal court ruling resumed this afternoon. virginia's attorney general agreed to put same-sex marriages on hold until the u.s. supreme court makes a final decision. the the same-sex marriages were going to begin thursday at 8:00 a.m. throughout the commonwealth but a federal challenge filed by the prince william clerk against the commonwealth trying to stop same-sex marriage will be finally decided virginia hopes by the u.s. supreme court and will be no same-sex marriages in virginia until the u.s. supreme court weighs in. a maryland woman is found dead and a killer is on the loose. the one clue that could tell about how the suspect got in. president obama back in washington. why he is being criticized about the timing of his family's vacation. who can forget this building collapse at a gentleman's club. new action
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ferguson, missouri is bracing for another night of tension and protest. this time an additional force will be on hand. >> the national guard is moving in but that isn't doing much to reduce the threat of more violence. >> reporter: good evening. we just learned u.s. attorney general eric holder is coming to
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ferguson on wednesday to meet with local leaders and investigators. this following one of the most intense nights of violence this community has seen with looting, vandalism, shots fired by civilians and molotov cocktails thrown at police. the state's governor has ordered national guards men here to the scene. they are going to be protecting the police command center so law enforcement officials can be in the thick of the protests. the curfew was lifted. the violence beginning well before the curfew with first shots fired around 8:30 local time. this morning there was a press conference about the preliminary autopsy report ordered by the family of michael brown. we learned he was shot at least six times, including two shots to the head. a grand jury is expected to begin hearing evidence into case as to if the officer should be
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charged or not on wednesday. we are told it takes only about a day to present to the grand jury but due to the complex nature of this case it will likely take much longer. >> stay with news 4 for a special edition of "nbc nightly news" at 7:00. brian williams will be in ferguson, missouri. president obama still set to return to martha's vineyard despite the interruptions to his family vacation the president has been subject to criticism for continuing his get away in the middle of the ongoing domestic and international crisis. his predecessor took 50 vacations and president obama took 14. some say the criticism is unfair. >> the worst situation would be a president who burns out for basically working all the time and not taking any time for
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himself. >> the president's vacation is set to wrap up on sunday. we would like to know what you think. should president obama cancel his vacation completely in light of these crisis? that is our survey of the day. weigh in on twitter or facebook. text or call 202-601-3434. >> doug is back from his vacation. >> tanned and rested. >> welcome back. >> got a lot of sun. >> did the bucket challenge. >> had to do that. that was a lot of fun. we challenge all of you guys to do it, too. >> you are doing it tomorrow? >> i already did it. >> just wanted to make sure. take a look across the region. a very nice night. out towards union station it is
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going to be a nice calm one for all of us. best chance for shower activity towards the south. 82 degrees. winds out of the southeast at about 8 miles per hour. we did have cloud cover during the day today and clouds continue to move in from the south. 82 in martinsburg, no real hot weather to talk about. we have not seen a very hot summer. we have been on the mild side if not the cooler side of things. few showers down around fredericksburg. most of this not hitting the ground. you notice a storm around virginia beach. big-time storms in the area. severe thunderstorm watch and numerous warnings. all of the showers to the west staying to the west. would not be surprised to see this boundary making its way across the region. maybe a few showers but i think most of us on the dry shower. here we are at 6:00 tonight.
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about an hour i don't think that will be happening. works its way back to our region. i think these will be well down towards the south if they develop at all. tomorrow morning i think we will see a couple of showers and that is all they will be, light showers. it will be shower activity through the day tomorrow. could be an isolated rumble of thunder. most of this will be shower activity during the afternoon. we will see a lot of clouds on our tuesday, too. you may want to take the brael with you to be careful. most of us should stay on the dry side. wednesday just about all of us staying dry. best chance of rain to the west and maybe fredericksburg. all in all a dry day for wednesday. thursday a different story. tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy. passing showers. warm and humid. temperature said 82 to 87. winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures around 70 degrees tomorrow morning.
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they could impact rush hour tomorrow afternoon between 5:00 and 7:00. commuter impact on the raised side between 5:00 and 7:00. next four days 85 tomorrow and 86 on your wednesday. cloudy skies. a better chance of rain on thursday and maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder. 82 on friday and then we clear out and we cool a little bit. 80 degrees on saturday. 82 on sunday. right now got sunday with plenty of sunshine and 82 degrees. that looks like a pretty nice weekend. it is something we are watching closely as the storm system is just off shore. now at 5:00, school buses are practicing their routes but are your kids ready to hit the road? the one reminder drivers say could make the difference between life and death. plus, a picture posted online launched massive police response. >> every parents' nightmare to have five, ten deputy sheriffs coming through your door. >> find out who is accused of
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threatening a high school using instagram.
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pope francis wrapped up his trip to asia and could be headed here to washington. pope francis confirmed he wants to come to the u.s. next september. the pontiff wants to address
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congress and on the wish list a family rally in philadelphia and a stop in new york city. we called the archdiocese of washington and although they couldn't comment on the possibility they said they would joyfully welcome a visit. the investigation continues into a deadly drunk driving crash in loudoun county. jeffrey carter was trying to cross cascades parkway when he was hit by an suv. police tell us veronne was charged with dui. additional charges could be filed. the d.c. government has just handed down dozens of violations and is threatening heavy fines related to the collapse of the strip club in northwest washington. >> the cloak room and neighboring buildings collapsed may 2. construction workers were doing a project inside at the time. the news 4 i-team learned the city just handed out 31 formal
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infractions for mistakes or safety violations. a property owner and contractor are among those cited for infractions and could face fines of up to $2,000. fairfax cnty schools welcoming new teachers. >> what parents need to know about how the new faces are preparing for thousands of students on the first day of school. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood in georgetown. i'll have a story coming up. community leaders of prince george's county are calling for an end to domestic violence and are saying it can be done if men start to take responsibility. i'm tracee wilkins.
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right now at 5:00 a back to school high school scare. who posted pictures of guns on instagram. >> i didn't want like sandy hook happening here. >> we'll tell you what police did next. >> parents are making their back to school lists. if your kids need a tablet we will help you make sense of it all before you spend hundreds of dollars. and the d.c. region is celebrating the late great godfather of go go. we'll tell you about chuck brown's new album before you can get it. first at 5:30 domestic violence
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is ripping apart families and communities in prince george's county. two baby girls are among the most recent victims killed by violence there. >> one community leader tells us they are quote breathless with grief. it is time to do something about it. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in fort washington, a neighborhood still trying to cope with the loss of a 3-year-old girl. >> reporter: this one thing when you are dealing with gang violence and drug violence, things you can pin point and break down but domestic violence is the thing happening behind closed doors. today county leaders say they believe there is a way to get to this and it will mean families working together. >> i'm here as a father, as a man. >> i stand before you this morning as a father and grandfather. >> as the parent of a 2 year old and 4 year old my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: men representing
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prince george's county came together to send a message to black men who choose to abuse and threaten their families. >> this issue is not only about us but a lot is about us. >> reporter: fredrick miller allegedly shot his daughter's grandmother grandfather and led police on a chase until he was stopped by a cop's bullet. >> we are here in this community. >> prince george's county attorney called for men to rally together to end domestic violence in their families. >> this press conference is not taking place at a courthouse. it is not in front of a police station because we recognize this issue is not a law enforcement issue. this is a family and community issue. >> far too many of our families cannot resolve their problems without resorting to physical and emotional violence. >> reporter: his daughter's maternal family accused miller
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of harassment several times but was acquitted of charges. today officials say these issues should raise a red flag outside of the system. >> you know where the perpetrators of domestic violence are. they are in our own families. we have to do something about it. >> this is not an issue that the criminal justice system can resolve. no matter how much protection we offer for the victims until we fix our families the violence will persist. >> reporter: for now these leaders are trying to figure out exactly how to fix the family, how to reach the men who are in trouble and who are about to make bad decisions before they do. at 6:00 we speak with a counselor and author who has an opinion on how the county can start to do that. i'm tracee wilkins reporting live. news 4. it's not yet clear who killed the woman and another prince george's county community. this morning a relative found the victim's body inside a
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landover apartment. detectives didn't find sign of break in. they are canvassing the neighborhood. they tell us the woman was in her 30s but haven't released her identity. some positive crime statistics now. aaa reports crime thefts dropped to historic lows. for maryland that means the lowest number ever going back to 1975. virginia also had its lowest rate in 40 years. in the district car thefts are down by 60% over the last decade. aaa credits public awareness and better antitheft technology in new cars. keep your guard up. august is one of the busiest months for car thefts. tonight thousands are telling parents about their first day of school and probably doing a little bit of homework. the new school year kicked off in fauquer and culpeper
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counties. most are still enjoying the last few days of their summer break. public school students across maryland and d.c. head back to school next week. and the majority in northern virginia begin after labor day. we will see more and more school buses on our roads and that means safety should be top of mind. for parents they say anytime your kid leaves home make sure they know to look both ways and avoid the danger zone, the area about ten giant steps around the bus. for drivers they say the most important factor is be aware. >> school is back in session. you have to look out for kids. keep kids safe. slow down in school zones. when you see the flashing red lights on that big yellow bus that means stop. >> in the past decade the department of transportation says 119 pedestrians under the age of 19 have died in school transit related crashes. that includes four in virginia and two in maryland.
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they are not exactly the new kids in school but fairfax county is giving new teachers a head start. hundreds turned out for the great beginnings program designed to give new teachers the knowledge, skills and tools they need to be ready for day one. school officials say 93% of teachers stay with fairfax county schools after their first year. >> reporter: school supplies move to the technology aisle. which tablet is the right one? i'm erika gonzalez i'll help you break down which is most appropriate for your student. a whole lot of vacancies in one of d.c.'s most desirable neighborhoods. we'll look at why so many businesses are leaving georgetown. showers diminish as we make our way through the rest of the evening. if you are heading towards the games 80 degrees and warm and on
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the humid side. rain chance now only 10%. whether you are
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you might be hearing quite a bit of go-go music because it is chuck brown week. the memory of d.c.'s legendary
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musician. beautiful life will go on sale tomorrow. it will include collaborations with d.c. artists including rap star walle. on friday a memorial dedicated to chuck brown is set to open. chuck brown, known as the godfather of go-go died in 2012. it is a 50-year-old institution in georgetown. now we learn it is closing. >> the memories there, mr. smith's on m street has been a saloon and outdoor hangout for legions of college students, citizens and tourists. tom sherwood paid a visit as the bar plans to close its doors this month. >> reporter: the piano bar at mr. smith's. john addleson played here 11 years. now mr. smith is slipping into the history books at least at this location. open since 1964, it is closing at the end of the month.
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the general manager has been on staff 37 years. >> i started when i was 17 in the dish room and worked my way up. >> reporter: in the dish room, does that mean dish washer? >> dishwasher and then i became a waiter and then the office and then management. >> reporter: on this mostly quiet mid afternoon monday he claimed the rising cost of the restaurant lease for the closing. it won't be the same for sarasota retiree ken winestein back in town. >> we used to go to the back patio. one of the few places to get away from the road noise. georgetown was a lot of fun back then. >> reporter: customers say georgetown is going through a transition. new ones taking their place. cephalwe just checked into our hotel and starting to walk down the street. it sort of looks like so many other cities right now, a lot of chain stores have moved in.
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>> reporter: mr. smith hopes to rekindle hometown flavor at a new location. >> some of the things we will try to take with us. a lot of stuff will be auctioned off. hopefully we will relocate and have mr. smiths back in business. >> reporter: in georgetown, tom sherwood, news 4. a sailor's voyage to the u.s. interrupted. why he initially refused help and about his unusual guide to get to the american shores. busy road, busy bridge. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you about the
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