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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 20, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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for a third day in a row, we are watching out for rain. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell takes a look at the neighborhoods most likely to get wet. but we begin with a battle over same-sex marriage in virginia. if the supreme court does not delay a lower court's ruling, gay couples in the commonwealth can marry tomorrow morning. news4's megan mcgrath is live at the arlington county courthouse with how clerks are preparing for this. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. all of this hinges on the supreme court, but at this point the justices have not intervened, so here at the county courthouse they are ready to go. they have the new paperwork and they're going to begin issuing
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marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we could even see some actual wedding ceremonies taking place in the plaza beside the court house. all is quiet at the arlington county courthouse today, but tomorrow -- >> we think we're going to have a big crowd tomorrow. we've had a number of people call and e-mail and express interest as being one of the first to get a marriage license. >> reporter: paul ferguson is the clerk of the circuit court, and his staff is gearing up to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples beginning at 8:00 a.m. thursday. the new marriage license form was e-mailed to the clerk's office by the state late yesterday. unlike the old application, which said name of bride and groom -- >> the new form just says spouse 1 and spouse 2. >> reporter: the supreme court could still weigh in issuing an emergency stay that would put everything on hold. but if they don't intervene, same-sex couples can get a license and get married on the very same day.
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carla ward is a civil celebrant. she will be outside the arlington courthouse first thing in the morning ready to perform marriage >> i think that what we'll do is just wait and see what happens. i'll be happy to perform a marriage for anybody who comes by and i think it will be very nice. we'll just be out here in the plaza. i expect that there might be one or two religious celebrants that show up too. >> reporter: an expectation of a big crowd. they're going to use a jurors' room inside the court house as an overflow room to accommodate couples filling out the application. reporting live in arlington, megan mcgrath, news4. barbara, back to you. thank you, megan. now to the weather and the chance of rain today, tomorrow and into the weekend too. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his first midday forecast. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. and a good wednesday morning, everybody. a bit of sunshine coming through here in northwest washington right now. i think clouds will start to fill back into our skies a little later on today, but for now it's really not a bad
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morning outside. a little sunshine has allowed for quite the warmup already. 77 in winchester, 75 martinsburg, 75 gaithersburg, 77 in washington, 76 in fredericksburg. as far as storm team 4 radar is concerned, not a whole lot of rain out there just yet. a couple of showers are indeed to be found across parts of the area, mainly to our north and west. heaviest rain still far westernmost maryland. nothing west of the blue ridge mountains and most of that rain is lifting into pennsylvania. a little daytime heating and we'll cook up at least a couple of showers and thundershowers around here. high temperature around here 87. rain mostlily between 4:00 and 7:00. more details coming up. >> all right. new developments out of missouri overnight. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> another night of protests in ferguson, but for the first time in more than a week, the protests were peaceful for the most part. police say they still made 47
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arrests, mainly of people who divide orders to disperse. in the meantime the st. louis grand jury could hear evidence in the michael brown case today. the grand jury there will determine whether the police officer that killed brown will face criminal charges. it's possible officer darren wilson will be invited to testify about the shooting. investigators have already interviewed him. governor jay nixon says he won't take any action to remove the prosecutor on the investigation into brown's death. his connections to police have been cited by some black leaders who question his ability to be impartial. >> these critical investments represent -- >> attorney general eric holder is promising a thorough investigation into the michael brown case. holder left for ferguson about two hours ago. he's meeting with fbi and other officials doing an independent federal investigation today. in an op-ed piece in "the st. louis dispatch" holder says,
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quote, we hope that the independence and thoroughness of our investigation will bring some measure of calm to the tensions in ferguson. we're waiting to see if former governor bob mcdonnell will take the stand today in his federal corruption trial. a financial expert for the defense is expected to finish his testimony this morning. the former virginia governor entered court a day after getting some helpful testimony from his sister, maureen. she testified that the relationship between her brother and the first lady was strained. bob mcdonnell's sister says she had plenty of money to bail out the small real estate company that she shared with her brother. today before court mcdonnell said he's glad his side of the story is coming to court. >> it's always better to be on offense than defense. >> any thoughts about your family going on the stand. >> i've been blessed to have a very, very close family. it's one of the great things god
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has blessed us with is great brothers and sisters, great kids. i'm looking forward to the rest of the case. >> as has been the case for the whole trial, his wife, maureen mcdonnell, entered court separately. bob mcdonnell is expected to testify himself sometime this week. you'll see more school buses on the roads this afternoon. two more school systems in maryland are back in class. st. mary's county public schools have a new leader. jane smith will serve as interim superintendent when the present one steps down next month. he accepted a job in west virginia. michael eagan is the new principal at the forest career and technology center. students in washington county are also in class. a reminder, maryland requires new vaccinations for students in kindergarten and seventh grade. we have more information on and we're following a developing story. the beheading of american journalist james foley and the threat of another execution from
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militants from the islamic straight extremely group. the message foley's mother is sending to that group. montgomery county students head back to class next week. we'll sit down with the superintendent in montgomery county to talk about some of the challenges facing that school system. stay with us.
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we're continuing to monitor
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a developing story this morning. we're expecting to hear from president obama sometime today after the beheading of an american journalist. islamic ste militants released a video showing that execution yesterday. u.s. officials say they do believe the man in the video is journalist james foley. foley had been kidnapped while reporting in syria two years ago. neighbors in his hometown were devastated when they got the news. >> it is horrible. it's uncalled for. you know, it's something that he is just an innocent person here. and it just makes you wonder what this world is really, really like. >> isis says the execution was in retaliation from the recent u.s. air strikes in iraq. they are threatening to kill another reporter if the air strikes continue. and foley's mother released a statement late last night. she says, quote, we have never been prouder of our son, jim. he gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the syrian people. we implore the kidnappers to
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spare the lives of the remaining hostages. we're following a developing story in chicago right now as well where a hostage situation just ended. police say the two men who were holding two children and two adults hostage released them about 30 minutes ago. the hostage situation began when the two men broke into another home yesterday afternoon, got into a shootout with police, then ran into this home. two police officers were hurt in that shootout. the two suspects are now in custody. the results are in, those two dan sullivans we talked about yesterday brooth on the primary in alaska. find out if the results were the same for both candidates. and we have a partly sunny sky with temperatures near 80 degrees already. it promises to be warm and humid at the very least and rain chances are on the up and up for this afternoon and the coming days. more on all that with your seven-day forecast coming up.
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new today, the d.c. police union endorsed independent candidate david catana in the race for mayor. carol schwartz says she's disappointed in the union's decision to endorse katana. the election will be tuesday, november 4th. and new today, the nra is taking aim at new york's mayor, michael bloomberg.
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the former mayor, that is. the gun rights group will begin running a new ad across the country. it paints bloomberg as an out of touch elitist. bloomberg is a gun control advocates. the nra says it will not sit back and let bloomberg use his money to impose his, quote, anti-freedom agenda. well, the state of alaska could have two dan sullivans in elected office next year. overnight voters chose two men, both named dan sullivan, in their state's primary. one is vying to take the senate of senator mark begich and the other hopes to become the next lieutenant governor. voters say the campaign was confusing. signs and ads did get confusing with two men with the same name running for office. with more students going back to school next week, that means you will spend more time on the road with the added traffic. a study about the transportation planning board found your
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average commute time will go up by 26%. it's about 25 minutes in the region. students in d.c., montgomery and prince george's counties all start school next week. aaa reminds you to check the sidewalks for children crossing the streets out there. well, just a few days of summer left for students in montgomery county. they have a couple of days left. teachers are back in the classroom preparing for the upcoming year. montgomery county superintendent joshua starr joins us with the changes parents and students should expect as schools open on monday. >> monday. >> are you ready? >> always, we are ready to go. >> it's an exciting time, isn't it? >> it is exciting. butterflies in the stomach but everybody is excited t.o. the kids back. >> i understand you're expecting to have nearly 3,000 new students. what's the population? >> we're up to about 154,000. we are expecting that 2800 more students this year than last year. >> and where are they coming from? >> they're coming from all over. certainly an immigrant population in montgomery county. we have new developments there.
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it's not just one place. >> now, some people are asking could some of these new students be these unaccompanied children, children who cross the border without parents? >> we've seen a little less than 50 thus far this year. that number might grow as the year goes on. last year we had about 107 coming in but we have a really thorough intake process. we do everything we can to make sure they're well taken care of. we work with county agencies to make sure their needs are met and we're prepared to deal with whatever comes our way. >> now, you're going to be using a lot of portable classrooms, not because of those particular students but with all the students that are flooding the classrooms these days. how long will that have to -- >> you know, it's going to continue until the state comes forward and recognizes that we are the fastest-growing district in the state and that even while the county executive and the county council support our infrastructure needs, we need more from the state. they have to recognize it and we're going to continue to have portables.
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even though we opened new schools, portables are a way of life in montgomery county. >> we understand you're probably going to have a lot more students who will need the free lunch program. >> absolutely. >> are you ready for that? >> always. we've seen an increase in that over the years. we're up to about 52,000 kids. about a third of our kids are eligible for free and reduced price meals. you know, we do everything we can to make sure our kids are supported and we're ready for anything. >> we have just reported just in the last week that you have announced a new code of conduct. tell us a little bit about that. >> so safety continues to be our number one priority, but we also know that kids need to be in school to learn. i was just in some training with some teachers this morning at elementary schools and one of the things we're talking about is social and emotional development. when kids have bad behavior, it's a teachable moment. the new code of conduct allows for some discretion amongst administrators when it comes to suspensions but we've already seen some great decreases in our discretionary suspensions because we want kids in school,
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we want them to learn from their behaviors and we will continue to make sure our schools are safe and secure environments for adults and kids. >> a lot of people think suspension is a little tough for first and second graders. >> it can be ridiculous at that age. sometimes you do have to suspend kids, but we have to be thoughtful and most importantly we have to help teach our kids new ways of dealing with conflict and resolving a difficult situation. >> talk to us about common core and the new standardized testing that you're using. >> so it's here. this is the first year of p.a.r.k., which is the common core test. 've gn getting ready for five years in montgomery county. we're excited about it. we're seeing our kids engage in deeper learning. go to our website and see some of the sample items and you see the kinds of things that our kids are being asked to do. really going to prepare them for the 21st century. but it is a big shift. our teachers are working hard, our administrators are working hard. it's a huge shift. i encourage people to learn about it and see how we're asking our kids to be much more
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deeply engaged in thinking than they were before. >> we were just talking about how exciting this time is. do you get butterflies on the fit day of school? >> i do, i do. sending my own kids off to school and seeing the other kids come in, but it's a great time and everybody is excited about it. >> summer ends for your school students all over montgomery county on monday. have a good year. >> thanks so much. >> always good to see you. a surprising number of people skipping vacation time. plus car recalls in the news. coming up, a new tool to help you figure out if the car you're driving or want to buy is safe. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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i'm melissa at the live desk. if you drive through virginia, you might want to listen up. we're just learning that by next year, 19 lanes on the dulles toll road will go from exact toll lanes to e-z pass only. the westbound lanes at the exit for fairfax county parkway, 90% of toll drivers pay by e-z pass already. only one lane will be converted at a time, taking two to four weeks each. the project starts september 2nd. that is the day after labor day and what some call terrible traffic tuesday. at the live desk, now back to
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you. >> thanks, melissa. new this morning, finding out if your car is on a recall list can be a difficult process until now. right now you can go online and use the free search tool to find out. all you need to do is enter your vehicle identification number and the site will show you whether your car is directly impacted by a recall. this is made possible by the department of transportation. you can find the link to the website on apparently almost half of us aren't taking all of our paid vacation time. a new survey says that 40% of american workers won't use all of their unpaid vacation days. here are some of the reasons why we're leaving paid time on the table. you dread returning to a massive backlog after vacation. you believe no one will step up and do your job while you're gone. you can't afford to take a trip or you're afraid of being replaced while you're gone. well, we know who won the social media showdown between the national zoo's giant panda
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cub and the star-spangled banner. bow bow won the contest. the smithsonian asked people to tweet their favorite thing at any exhibit. bow bow received more than 13,000 votes. this saturday she will celebrate her very first birthday. caught on camera, a highway scene that looked like a movie stunt. we'll show you what happened immediately after this motorcycle slammed into a car. plus we're starting to see a little sunshine in spots out there, but rain could return again this afternoon. meteorologist chuck bell is coming back with why we should get used to the rain for the next few days. and from airports to bus stops, world famous art is popping up everywhere you look. we'll find out where you can see it in your neighborhood. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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we want to show you some amazing video. take a look at this. this is happening in russia. a motorcycle crashes into the back of the car. the biker flips over and lands on top of that car on his two feet. he manages to keep his balance while the car is going 60 miles an hour down the highway. this is not a stunt. the whole thing was captured on the car's dash cam. i bet you could do that, couldn't you? >> no. >> i wonder if he was a should notman. >> i think he's just incredibly lucky and incredibly stupid for
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driving that fast on the road on a motorcycle. >> i wonder if he got a ticket for that. maybe a job offer -- >> so tell me, we really are looking for rain for the next few days and into the weekend? >> rain chance. it's not going to rain every minute of every day between for you and the weekend but as each day goes by, your rain chances are getting better today into tomorrow, especially friday and friday night. it looks like that may be the rainiest stretch that we're up against, but no washouts. no 100% chances for rain just yet but we're in the solid 40% to 50% range for both thursday and friday. outside on a wednesday almost lunchtime now, skies are indeed partly to mostly cloudy. we've seen breaks of sunshine from time to time and that has allowed for quite the warmup. we started losing our computer data as well. temperatures around the area may or may not plot for us, we'll see. weather impact on your tuesday today, it will be a relatively low impact. our rain chance officially is 30% but rain chances are just a
11:30 am
touch higher out across northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. so your wednesday afternoon planner, storms mainly to the west of the metro area. 85 at 1:00, hot and humid. mid to upper 80s by about 3:00. showers and thundershowers likely to start bubbling up until 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. if you're planning dinner out on the town, mostly dry dining in d.c. but you do need to know that there will be an opportunity. if you're going down to the baseball game, possibility of a delay but they should get the game in. any rain we get over the stadium at game time tonight won't be an all night inundation of the rain chances. so if you're looking for an umbrella, just a casual umbrella, nothing too crazy. any of these showers could last 30 to 45 minutes or so. rain chances today, everybody has a chance of getting wet. lower chances into southern maryland, higher chances across skyline drive and the shenandoah valley out to the mountains of west virginia. you can see on the radar data,
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it's sort of in and out. most of the rain far western maryland, southern pennsylvania. this is most likely going to hit martinsburg with the best chances of getting hit. we'll have to wait an see how much of this develops in town. here's our future weather forecast model. there's the rain chance by 1:00 in the mountains. by 3:00, still inching its way east of the blue ridge, staying mainly dry in the metro through at least 4:00 or 5:00. between 5:00 and 8:00, that real chance for a shower or thundershower to go grazing on by here, drying back out again for the overnight hours tonight. then we do it all over again tomorrow. by lunchtime tomorrow, partly sunny and dry but showers and thundershowers likely to bubble up once again late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. so here's your seven-day forecast. 87 degrees for a high today. rain chances go up to 40% tomorrow and 50% on friday. friday afternoon and night may very well be the wettest stretch
11:32 am
of the next seven days and the rain chance may linger into the front half of saturday as well. i think by saturday late in the day and saturday night things should be drying out nicely. more money saved on the air conditioner bill, barbara. still no 90s on the seven-day forecast. >> i still haven't turned off my air conditioner. i should. >> that's that's right. >> all right, thanks so much. right now d.c. police are looking for a man in a sexual assault. a man told police she was attacked around 9:00 sunday night on georgia avenue near randolph street in northwest. that's just two blocks from the petworth metro station. detectives are hoping anyone who heard or saw something will come forward. prince george's police arrested a man in the murder of a young mother. shontel lewis has two young boys. her body was discovered monday morning in her landover home. tor campbell stabbed and slashed
11:33 am
her throat and then took off in her mother's car. >> we quickly determined that our victim had been with mr. campbell several hours before she was found deceased. >> shontel and campbell recently had broken up. darcy spencer says court records show the suspect has an extensive record of arrests for violent crimes, including assault and domestic violence. getting off the no-fly list is changing. the justice department said in the next six months there will be new procedures to be removed from the no-fly list of suspected terrorists. but few details on those changes are being released so far. a federal judge in oregon recently ruled that there was no meaningful way to challenge the air travel ban, which the judge says is unconstitutional. picture perfect. a look at how your child's drawings may be a prediction of their intelligence. plus, the young lady getting a lot of attention at the its league world series. and the cover shot that
11:34 am
could get her even more attention. we'll be back.
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texas governor rick perry will be arraigned friday. he's accused of abusing his power as governor. the charges came after perry promised to veto funding for a state public integrity unit if the leader of that unit didn't resign. she had been convicted, though, of drunk driving. perry called the charges against
11:37 am
him politically motivated and says he will fight them. he is considering another presidential run in 2016. now, perry is getting some support from some of his political opponents. for more on that, we're joined by mark murray, nbc's senior political editor. >> good morning, barbara. >> let's talk a little bit about the perry situation and listen to what ron paul had to say. >> i generally defend our governor very much so i don't promote him, but this is pure politics. i tell you, this is -- this is really a joke. >> so do you think a lot of people are thinking the same thing, that this is a joke? >> well, you know, there are a lot of legal experts as well as even some democrats who think that the evidence we've seen so far is a bit flimsy. of course we haven't seen all the evidence and haven't seen what prosecutors presented to the grand jury down in texas. but what is interesting, barbara, is we've seen republicans and somebody like ron paul, a former house republican ended up coming to
11:38 am
rick perry's defense. a lot of republicans see this as a liberal witch haungtd people flood to rick perry's defense. the big problem for rick perry is that when you're a politician eyeing the presidency, you never want to have the words indictment or mug shot next to your name. it's never a good story to deal with. >> but the fact that he's getting a lot of attention across the country now, whether negative or positive, at least his name is out there? >> right. there's no such thing as bad publicity. but when running, again, this indicted texas governor. barbara, here's the other thing that's problematic for rick perry, just the timing. if he's found innocent and acquitted, that's going to take months to get done. the legal process is very slow. but four or five months from now the presidential race is going to get off and started. people are going to hire their campaign managers, making their first trips into iowa and new hampshire. that process starts off with rick perry still having to
11:39 am
with his legal issues, it's not a good situation for him. >> as we reported earlier, eric holder is going to be heading down to ferguson. is this going to be considered a political test for the black attorney general in a black community? >> you know, i think that that's one of the stories going on. the other is that the obama administration is trying to say we are trying to get ahold of this situation. we are trying to quell a lot of the violence and the protests that are going on. and what is really unfortunate in this whole situation, barbara, is that it's just been -- now we're on day number ten where normally these types of things, if somebody has been shot, you have the person's name revealed, there's a grand jury that's impanelled, charges that are being done and all of this has moved so slowly which angered the protesters. but on top of that when you have the protests, you end up having some unseemly elements and it becomes a bad mess for everyone involved. you've seen from the president and i think you'll hear from attorney general eric holder is everybody needs to calm down, take a deep breath.
11:40 am
in order for people to get calmed down, people need to see justice is being done one way or another. >> we'll probably hear more on this on our news this evening, see what he had to say there and what comes out of that visit. thanks so much. >> thanks, barbara. >> for more from mark and the rest of the nbc news political team, check out first read on pitching star mo'ne davis returns to the mound at the little league world series there. her unbelievable talents caught the attention of "sports illustrated." at 13 years old mo'ne is the youngest athlete to ever grace the cover and she hasn't started eighth grade yet. she'll be pitching when they take on a power-hitting team from vegas later today. >> no disappointment, okay. in the whole tournament, in the whole season. it's been an incredible journey.
11:41 am
you guys are going to bring back something, okay, that no other team can provide but you guys, and that's pride. okay. pride. >> that's just part of the inspiring speech given after a heart-breaking one-run loss in the little league world series on monday. rhode island coach dave blile reminded the players that their journey was about a lot more than the scoreboard. on this morning's "today" show, the coach said the pep talk was spontaneous and from the heart. >> i certainly wanted the boys to leave that field as proud as could be. i just wanted to make sure that when they left this field, they were very proud and everybody was proud. back home, their parents, i certainly was proud. they had made my summer, a summer that i'll always remember. that's what came out. >> little league international's president and ceo says he is one of the finest coaches he has ever seen. the university of maryland says it will begin offering
11:42 am
lifetime scholarships to all of its college athletes. starting this november, athletes will have -- who leave maryland to pursue a career in pro sports can now come back to finish their degrees. athletes who leave school because of an injury or family emergency will also be able to return to finish their work. students have to be in good academic standing, though, when they leave. a new recall and information for you including a popular beer being taken off store shelves. and take a look around, world famous art popping up in the most snusunusual places. we'll tell
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
check out the peanut and almond butter in your cabinets. there's a recall on some brands due to possible salmonella contamination. they were sold under the names arrowhead mills, peanut putter and maranatha. a total of 45 production lots were affected. four reported illnesses maybe reported to those nut butters. and be careful next time you crack open a corona. they are recalling bottles because they may contain small particles of glass. it covers 12 ounce clear glass
11:46 am
bottles in select six, 12 pack and 18-pack packages. a company spokesperson says glass shards were tratced to a company that supplies those bottles, a company located in mexico. in news4 your health, your child's drawings could show how smart he or she could be. children who draw the most accurate facial and body features scored higher on their intelligence tests, but they say there are other factors that affect how smart your child will be, so don't be too worried if your child is a bad artist or doesn't stay inside the lines. well, take a close look around you the next time that you're out. 58 pieces of american art from five different museums have been produced, reproduced and are now on display around the country in places like bus stops. charles brock from the national gallery of art and kim kline from the outdoor advertising association of america joins us now to talk a little about what
11:47 am
we're seeing. some people have spotted them already but i actually had to be told to look before i saw them so that's why we wanted you to come and join us to get people's eyes open so they can enjoy what's out there all around us. charles, why don't you tell us about some of the paintings that have been reproduced and where they're showing up. >> what people are going to be seeing is really a cross section of some of the greatest works in the history of american art. 14 of our works will be seen but it's a cross-section of five major museums around the country and range from images of the west, by thomas moran of wyoming, photographs of the west, american impressionist master pieces, pop art, so it will really give people -- it will bring art straight into their lives. >> can the outdoor advertising association of america is part of this project, funding the project. why did you want to do this? >> well, we saw it work so well in the u.k. last year. it lifted the spirits of the
11:48 am
people, it was a great success and so we brought it here for this august. there's a combination of motives, but the main thing is to celebrate art. these are great american artworks that will be seen by many people for the first time coast to coast and that in itself is a great cause. >> but have you found that you have to kind of nudge us and say, hey, look, look, it's up there, times square, great big huge painting. do people see it before you told them it was there? >> well, everybody is different. it was sort of like a treasure hunting. the first one i saw one in d.c., i saw it right on the left side of 16th street. i had goose bumps. it was like a treasure hunti. i went to a nats game and saw one on the way to and all over town. >> we should have a scavenger hunt to see how many people can find and tell us where thy are. we have a map that shows where
11:49 am
some of them are. >> ken is probably more up to speed about the technology and how this is presented to the audience. >> barbara, there's three great technical things about this. this map is one of them. you can go online at, it's so seizy even i can do it. >> this is online? it's interactive, right? >> right. you can drill down to get to your area, to get to washington, d.c., and then to get in washington, d.c., for example, right to k street. >> wow. >> when you got there on the map, barbara, you can see information about what the art is, what museum it's in and what year the art was completed and whether there have been social media postings about it. so it's a real treasure trove of information. >> well, there are ads like this all around. tell us a little bit quickly about what we have behind us here. >> this is the great american
11:50 am
impressionist masterpiece right after america entered the war in 1917. we have this great photograph of the cowboy western subject. >> liechtenstein. >> liechtenstein pop art, and then we have some brilliant western landscape by thomas moran. he went out west in 1871. he did the water colors of yellow stone that were brought back to congress and became one of the reasons congress named -- formed yellowstone as the first national park. >> ken and charles, thank you so much for coming to tell us about that. we'll keep our eyes open so we make sure not to miss anything we happen to be walking past. thanks to the national gallery for providing 58 of those pieces and for you of course, the outdoor advertising association of america. our time right now 11:50. coming up, a show of support. a community's quick action when a woundied warrior loses everything in a fire.
11:51 am
plus chuck bell will be back
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11:53 am
here's some of the developing stories we'll be watching all day today. we're waiting to hear from president obama after the beheading of an american journalist. he's expected to speak at 12:45 today. islamic militants released a video showing the alleged execution of james foley yesterday. they say the killing was in retaliation for recent u.s. air strikes in
11:54 am
they have threatened to kill another journalist if the air strikes continue. attorney general eric holder just arrived in ferguson, missouri, a few minutes ago. this comes the same day as a grand jury is expected to take on the michael brown case. for more than a week protesters have been holding peaceful demonstrations. we're keeping an eye on the supreme court to see if it will allow a lower court's ruling to allow gay couples to marry in virginia. same-sex couples could marry as soon as tomorrow morning at 8:00. the clerk is preparing to issue marriage applications. stay with news4 and for updates throughout the day. and we're hearing from a wounded warrior and his wife who lost their home in a fire in lateensville. we first told you about captain kline, a triple amputee. mark segraves talked with the couple and they shared how the community is rallying behind them. >> smoke was starting to come through the ceiling vent.
11:55 am
i ran back downstairs. i said we've got to go. >> reporter: the fire broke out thursday night as the couple was watching tv in their basement. >> i started to see the smoke. about that time the alarms started going off. >> reporter: as his wife ran to gather any belongings he could, captain kline, who lost both his legs and his arm while on patrol in afghanistan tried to get himself to safety. >> and i went to try to climb out of the basement on my hands and knees basically to climb up the stairs. >> he made it to the top of the stairs when he couldn't go any further. that's when jessica came back into the house. >> she saw me laying down on the top of the steps, grabbed me around the shoulders and yanked me up to the main floor where she was able to pull me out onto the front porch. this is the really amazing part. by the time i got outside, there were neighbors already standing on the front porch waiting to help. >> and that's when they realized the fire was out of control. everything they owned was burning. >> it's awful. it's horrible. but the truth is we've been through worse.
11:56 am
i g i got both my dogs and my husband are okay, we have a wonderful community around us. we have the entire country rallying behind us. >> as news of the klines setback got out, help started to pour in. >> out of the blue we have just been receiving so much. so many people that just want to help any way they can and really the easiest example is the owners here, chevy chase supermarket, called us on saturday and said let us pick you up tomorrow morning and take you grocery shopping. >> reporter: the owners here are providing the klines with free groceries for the rest of the year and a national organization, our, is raising money to build the klines a new home. >> as devastating as it is, it's pretty amazing the support and the love that we're getting. >> reporter: mark segraves, news4. >> the klines are once again staying at the walter reed campus.
11:57 am
if you want to help them rebuild their home, we've posted more information on our website, time for our final check this midday of our forecast. >> all right. so we're looking forward to the weekend already. it's wednesday, which means everyone is already planning that trip to the beach the weekend before labor day may or may not be the perfect beach weekend but it won't be a total loss either. storms are most likely on friday and the front half of saturday. i think saturday afternoon and sunday are looking pretty good and that story is repeated around here as well. better rain chances tomorrow and saturday but i think here saturday night and sunday are looking good. temperatures staying cooler than average for the next week at least. >> all right, that sounds pretty nice. well, finally this midday, our own melissa and angie decided to take the ice bucket challenge. take a look. >> okay, for the als ice bucket challenge, we are nominating aaron gilchrist, which should be hilarious, i am nominating pat collins and my gaithersburg high school alumni, dominique dawes.
11:58 am
>> who are you nominating? >> aaron gilchrist also and -- >> tom sherwood. >> because he's so sweet, has a heart of gold and the second person, chuck bell! >> here we go. >> that was the worst experience of my life. >> you heard it at the beginning, aaron gilchrist and who else? tom sherwood, i don't know. we're going to be watching to see if they take the challenge. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. have a great day.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," we've got a party going on inside justin bieber's new hollywood mansion. this thing even has a nightclub. >> it's a party. and are nick and mariah about to split? >> i hope not. >> and pint-sized versions of your favorite nominees. >> do you like it? >> it's creepy. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand by billy and kid. we've live in five, four, three, two, one. you ♪ ♪ i got one less problem without you ♪ ♪ one less ♪ one less . >> oh, president obama.


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