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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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let's get to storm team 4 in the weather center. how's it looking. >> we've been tracking this line of showers and thunderstorms all afternoon. even a severe thunderstorm warning for washington and frederick county in maryland at one point. right now you can see this with the heaviest activity in loudon and fauquier counties. this continuing to push east at about 20 miles an hour. at this rate it will be in rockville and aspen hill in between 4:10 and 4:21. so we will be dealing with rain this evening. the good news is once the line moves through it's going to be
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dry. about two hours about 6:p.m. in washington. have the umbrella handy. but nothing crazy. you will be dealing with rain for maybe 30, 45 minutes. going to the nationals game, ill have a look a at that forecast. for the most part they are going to be able to get the game in. 86 right no and by 10:00 this even most of the area will be mainly dry. now to big breaking news out of virginia. the u.s. supreme court weighing in on gay marriage today. barbara harrison with the details. >> the supreme court had just put a hold on same-sex marriages in virginia just hours before they were set to begin. courthouse ceremonies would have started as early as 8:00 tomorrow morning without action by the o high court. the ban was struck down last
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month by appeals court. clerks in the state had already began making preparations for tomorrow. now if the supreme court decides not to hear the appeal of virginia's ban marriage could go forward. the high court takes up the case it could go either way. >> and we also have some breaking news about the former governor of the commonwealth, bob mcdonnell now on the stand at his federal corruption trial. he and his wife maureen are facing federal corruption charges. the federal couple accused of taking e ine ing $177,000 in gi loans from the business nan exchange for helping his company. right now we are tweeting updates for you and you can follow her @julie carey nbc and we'll have any highlights from the test moin as they emerge. >> now to the outrage over the
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reporter james foley. obama made it clear he will not let up on the militants despite the threats toqçj kill a second journalist. now with the latest on the developing story. >> reporter: jim foley's family got confirmation from the fbi. the video is authentic. 21 months of hope that he might be freed end in tragedy. >> he believed in our country. we're a great country. he was a great american. >> the foleys hold out hope for another u.s. journalist in syria. steven sutlove, kidnapped last year."6ex(t&háhp &hc%
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u.s. air strikes meanwhile are driving isis forces back. president obama said no god would stand for what isis is doing and the u.s. will remain relentless. >> when people harm americans anywhere we do what's necessary to see that justice is done. >> images of the journalists killed on the job cover a wall at the museum in washington and the risk may be rising. groups like isis can now post their own propaganda on the web. so hurtful reporting is at risk. >> when you kill a journalist you are impinging on everyone's rights to get information. >> freelance reporter jim foley loved combat coverage. after he was kidnapped in libya in 2011 he came back and rejected had work as too dangerous. >> it is not worth your life, worth seeing your mother, father brother sister bawling. >> but the next year foley was in syria. his family is weeping but
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praising his character and commitment. >> to fight isis, to step up the fight against isis, senior u.s. officials say as many as 300 u.s. forces may be sent to iraq. i'm steve hamdsman news4. >>íi what about military strike that would specifically target these that killed foley. >> u.s. is studying that video perhaps with that in mind. trying to figure out using the background and sunlight shade. they have done this a lot in the past. and trying to figure out who the isis militant was who actually does the beheading. he spoke fluent english with either a british or australian accent. >> steve hamdsman live on the hill. thank you. >> after a week of the protest
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u.s. attorney general is now in missouri. a garage could begin hearing evidence in this case as early as today to decide whether officer darren wilson should be charged. that investigation could take months. meanwhile protests top street overnight with are more peaceful with fewer people and fewer confrontations. we'll have more in a live report from ferguson coming up in our next half hour. >> the priest is calling it a tragedy for the community. earl why are today a large group of mourners gathered to pay final respects to a little girl killed by a stray bullet. a small casket carried the body of three year old out of theçp%
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this happened this past sunday night. this it is man police want to talk to in connection of the crime. inside the three tree flats. it is a secure building that require ss a key fob to get inside. little league baseball sengs mo'ne davis is getting ready for a big night tonight. and this girl is taking her stardom in stride. >> making history there. plus a look into the future of shopping. who needs a wallet when you can pay by tugging on a earring or
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swiping your
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well take a look. it is known of course, the president of the als association barbara newhouse showed off her own drenching. the goal of the campaign is to raise money and awareness about the health condition known as lou gehrig's disease. there's been a surge in donations that now tops $31 million. >> and that is what it's about. >> the eyes of the sporting world will be on the little league world series tonight and a 13-year-old phenom takes the mound. >> we love her. mo'ne davis. monet, money, whatever you want to call her. she is a phenom. she pitches for philadelphia against las vegas.
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she is not the first girl pitch in the world series but the youngest athlete ever to grace the cover of sposhts illustrated today thanks to her 70 miles an hour fastball. and marissa payne joins us to talk about tonight's game. this could be one of her biggest challenges. how is she holding up to the pressure? >> mo'ne's been holding up really well for a 13-year-old girl. i think molest of us look at her and are sort of jealous of her composure perhaps under the huge spotlight she's been getting. it's hard to tell she's even 13. >> think it's interesting that she wants to actually play basketball for uconn and the wnba. and she's famous now for baseball. >> famous for baseball but in5<
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fare this evening. >> the vegas odds are on las tra vegas. they are the favorites to win the whole thing. so it is going to be tough. and with the weather there might be some rain delays. who knows. but when you have7poh someone mo'ne, who's probably going >> anything can. thank you for taking the ;&time. imagine cashing out at the store with just a swipe of your microchipped n?
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. all right you love to shop but hate waiting. get set more the next generation of shopping. >> no more checkout counters. not even a wallet. all you have to do is tug on your earring.
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a look at the future of shopping. >> reporter: 25 years from now waiting in a long line to pay will only be a story you tell your grandchildren. because they will never have to do it. price tags with rfid technology will be common place enabling retailers to constantly track inventory and allow consumers to simply put their items in a bag, walk past sensors that pick up the radiofrequencies coming from the bag and your digital wallet makes the payment before you have gotten to your car. while consumers are already sporting smart bracelets that monitors activity wearables will be widely accepted payment vehicles in the not to distant future. >> i should be able to literally by tapping my watch purchase something and have it be delivered to my house or
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whatever. >> reporter: from wearables to implantables. retina scans and facial recognition are already in experimental phases. mastercard has taking it a step further exploring and planting a chip into our bodies with an antenna and a unique identification number. a swipe of a finger would be a personal identifier and payment mechanism all in one today we might call it creep by but in 2039 maybe convenient. >> could go out of control. >> yeah. just wave finger? that's all it takes? buy the whole store. >> more good weather although we're having more humidity. >> the humidity crept back in. windy. it was not the summer we were used to. -- welcome back.
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and again the humidity is back in the area with the heat and humidity. we are tracking some rain and thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar. for the most part i'm keeping an eye on this line now just to the east of frederick. through leesburg and other parts of montgomery county at this time. after this moves through most of the us will be dry. those in frederick might have a another kick shower and down in other areas like southern areas. you can see areas to the north more of a steady soaking =rain. this moves through d.c. in about two hours around 6:00. other timing for you. rockville, 4:45. and wheaten just for 5:00. after the line moves through we're looking at a mainly dry evening. so the nationals game, it could
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be wet at the start, maybe a quick rain delay but they are going to be able to get the game in just fine tonight. future weather, here at 6:00 that's moving through washington. by 8:00 it is east of the district. impacting annapolis, prince george's county. southern maryland. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. we're looking at the cloud/sun mix pretty much like what we've seen the entire week. a little humid a little warm but it is dry. into tomorrow afternoon we're going to be tracking scattered showers. only about a 30% chance of dealing with a shower or thunderstorm later in the day tomorrow. a better chance that you are dealing with rain on friday. so because of that low threat of the afternoon thunderstorm tomorrow, the weather having a low impact on your day, what you are really going to notice tomorrow, how hot it is outside. high temperature tomorrow near 90 degrees. 89 will be the high. the cloud/sun mix with more
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clouds than sunshine and maybe an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. friday is when we are tracking rain later in the day in the afternoon and evening hours. a high of 86. heading out for your friday evening, get ready for areas of rain potentially tbv-heavy. so take the umbrella. looking into the weekend, sunday is looking better. and more on the weekend in a little bit. >> hey, you have your backpacks already to go for the first day of class. but have you thought about your child's back to school health checklist? we're going to run through it next. dr. jackie in the house and caught on camera a driver
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. welcome back. back to school means back to bigger gridlock. your commute could get 25 minutes longer. the average time to get to work in the d.c. region will go up by 26%. schools in d.c., montgomery and prince georges start next week.y
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many in virginia start after labor day. >> the first bells are beginning to ring for schools around the region but there is a lot more to be aware of and prepared for. it is wednesday, on staying healthy in school. the most common disease for school age kids is asthma. and this o is why so many kids take the most number of missed days. >> first of all it's m4zchronic which means it does come back and it's so common. and it's also why the parents end up missing work is because the kids are out of school. what parents need to remember is it requires maintenance medication. if you stopped your meds. >> ramp it back up. and how do you keep them on the
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team and pe. >> you got them checked out over the summer so remember. albuter albuterol, you should not be taking more than four puffs a week. if you need to do more, go see yor doctor. >> next up for kids, food a aller allergies. how common? >> it's pretty common. the statistics are there should be two kids in every class that have food allergy. and the thing you need to remember about that is that there is no school nurse to help that kid navigate. >> you have come one something you call a food allergy drill. and it is a four step thing that kids and parents, teachers need too. >yes. and because there is no school nurse let's practice like a fire drill. first identify whose going to take care of the kid, then get the epinephrine injection, give it to them. call the parents and 911 and lastly parents need to make sure
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the form is there so all that can happen if your kid gets into trouble. >> talking about the challenges and what parents need to be aware of. >> yes and there was a big study released yesterday talks about this is more common than ever. about 8% of kids will have this and more and more kids are going to be in the classroom. they are probably going to be on meds they are taking at home. but what the parents need to realize is that the diagnosis is becoming more and more common and somewhat liked with the diagnosis of autism. >> sniffles and coughs out there. let's talk germs if we can. and how do we get the perfect attendance rate every student wants and stay free of strep and colds of things. >> there is that whole shopping list. in that it says books and pencils and crayon's. let's not forget the most important. the boxes of kleenex and hand sanitizers and wipes.
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we want the kids to wipe that desk at least once a week. and don't forget about good hand washing practices. not only at school but as soon as they get off the bus. >> great to see you as always. wendy back to you. >> we are live in ferguson next. an unease peace has settled on the streets and ag eric holder is on the ground there. what is it he hopes to accomplish there. >> the most valuable teams in the nfl and the redskins make the cut. i'm g
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. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handily. first up the line of storms moving through. what does it mean for your evening plans. >> can we dine al fresco this evening? >> if you want, i would recommend that after 8:00 in the district. we are going to see rain holding on in areas like southern maryland and the northern neck until about 10:00. so make the reservations for÷ after 8:00 p.m. tracking this line with the heaviest rain now. moving over marshall towards
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hernden and fairfax. moving through d.c., arlington and alexandria about six to 7:0030 this evening. there could be rain around the time of the first pitch but they are going to be able to get the game in just fine. by the 7th inning stretch still a mild 80 degrees. more storms not only in the foct for tomorrow but friday as well and more likely friday. i'll have more on the timing and also a look ahead to the weekend coming up. >> amelia, thanks. we're keeping a close eye on ferguson, missouri where today the focus of the deadly police shooting shifting to the investigation. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder is there now. leann greg joins us live. >> reporter: authorities are hoping the relative calm from last night will continue that. as the focus moves towards the
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ongoing criminal and civil rights investigation. u.s. attorney general eric holder in missouri meeting with local officials, federal agents and prosecutors. he's promising a thorough independent civil rights investigation into the death of 18-year-old michael brown. the teenager was shot and killed by officer darren wilson earlier this month. a small group of protesters gathered outside the building where a grand jury began hearing evidence to determine whether the officer who killed brown should face criminal charges. >> everybody needs to know, deserves to know wants to know what and why and if there is something to be done about it. >> it is a process that could take months. >> we're in the going to rush anything through but we're not going to delay it anymore than has to be necessary. >> -- confrontations that included gunfire and molotov cocktails. authorities used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the
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streets but tuesday night there was a shift. protests, but more subdued with smaller crowds. >> all night and early this morning, no smoke bombs no tear gas. we did deploy a very limited pepper spray. and tonight once again, no police officer fired a single bullet. >> a slight easing of tensions as a community on edge waits for answers. many protesters said the only justice will be the filing of charges against the officer who killed michael brown. >> if you want the latest news from ferguson download the free nbc washington app. >> a sunday wave of domestic violence across maryland and neighbors have had a enough. what's behind it and how can the community come together to stop this?
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plus a
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. a troubling trend. there has been a spike repeatedly and the number of domestic violence cases in prince george's county and many have been deadly.imn1 it is the talk around town today. troy johnson is here to help us get our mind around what's gong on. do you think it is a trend? is there something specifically
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fuelling it or just a tragic set of coincidence that this is happening right now? >> it seems to be a tragic situation. 13 out of the last 33 killings this year in prince george's county are domestic;grelated. so it's very sobering news. and at a time when the homicide rate in the county seems to be going down. a lot of the listeners i spoke to think the problem is fueled by the fact that once police get involved tensions may already be running high. people aren't getting help sooner and t a that point it could be too late. listeners they way want to sea a focused, coordinated effort from those elected governing and want to see an end to the violence. >> these are a huge emotional issues within a family that often people don't talk about outside of it. and, you know, the animosity there can be really -- lead to
4:38 pm
rake as we've seen. some of us believe the focus should be on men and counseling men on domestic violence. >> true because a lot of that violence is coming from member. the majority of these domestic violence situations involve men. so they want to see the -- >> and that is across the nation. >> across the nation. men are also involved. we'll talk about that but there are plenty of cases we've been reporting that you have seen about in the news. people should keep in mind domestic abuse can be physical, emotional. it runs the gamut, all genders, age n1groups. one person reaching out tells me there is some areas you might not even be thinking about that are affected. >> i did a domestic violence brunch with first ladies three years ago and i wanted to share them what they need to look out for in their congregation and how they can protect and support the women and the men in their churches. and it was so sad because we
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never got to that point because most of these women were being abused. and we counseled them and showed them ways to cope and different options that they had. >> she is carolyn washington with sisters for sisters here in the district. and she reaches out with her organization to help battered women, to help people in domestic violence situations and we had her in a conversation yesterday on the talk around town on whur on the daily drum last night. one of the callers that joined us said we really need to take this time to look out for the entire community. >> they all need to be protected. men as well as the women. and they need class or training talk about it. >> also they were asking the churches and pastors to direct some of the conversation from
4:40 pm
controlling, you know, your rage and your violence and getting help for that before it turns tragic. >> there are so many places that you can turn to for help. and, you know, whur, we've been at the forefront of trying to have this conversation with ore sister station on sirius xm. we have a weekly program that talks about just this. a program to raise money and build a 55 bed shelter to help battered woman. so there are resources for you. call maryland 211. family crisis center. house of roots. and don't stay silent. let people know what's going on. >> and again, 2-1-12-1-1, very simple. and someone will come to help you. thank you troy. again, if you are in a dangerous situation or know someone whose. help is out there. we have also in addition do that
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2-1-1 dialing on the phone, there are resources on the website, just search "domestic violence". >> the u.s. postal service already has their work cut out how one home erp owner's outdoor surveillance video isn't helping their cause. >> before you throw back a cold one check the bottle if glass is inside. which bottles cr s corona is pu from the shelves. >> showers moving out by 10:00 p.m. i'll have what
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. a group of hostage, including children are finally free at this hour. a standoff in a chicago suburb is over after 20 hours. the suspects are in custody. this all began yesterday when two burglary suspects took off after a shootout with police. they ran into a nearby home. two women and six kids were inside. four children released last night but others were kept overnight. finally this morning police stormed had house. >> everybody was on the second floor so we entered the first floor by taking the door down. and once we had the first floor occupied we were able to rapidly move up to the second floor and
4:45 pm
enter the room where the hostages were being held and able to get everybody down and secured and get the hostages out. >> while no one was seriously hurt. police say the children and women taken hostage are shake p up. >> the d.c. police union has now endorsed for catania for mayor of t of the district of columbia. >> the chief's impactes on the mayor's race. >> lanier has been -- and she says she will stay on if the next mayor wants her. >> certainly if the next mayor wants me to stay. that's kind of crucial in the relationship but yeah. >> bouzer endorsed by the labor
4:46 pm
she retained lanier. >> the next mayor of the district of columbia david catania. >> -- today endorsed david catania for mayor. sources tell news4 he intends to reappoint lanier too but he declines to publicly name any perspective appointees. >> i've always had a constructive relationship with chief lanier and we have a warm personal relationship. >> clashed over work assignments and pay. but it denied over a third candidate schwartz, that it depended on a candidate willing to dismiss lanier. >> she's flat out wrong. i have no idea where she got that from. >> in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> let's get the word on the
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weather. amelia joins us once again. and how bad are we looking in terms of a wet night? >> well we are not going to have rain pretty,#f] much until midnightem we'll see the area drying out by about 8:00 p.m. the line of storms and rain i've been tracking picking up steam and moving more quickly to the east and also we are not seeing it as intense as it was. the radar we look for orange, red and yellow to indicate that storms have very heavy and very strong. you can see here for the most part we are tracking mainly green coloring. so that's a steady soaking rain already making its way into the district. maybe sprinkles for those in northwest. some heavy activity i'm keeping a close eye on in parts of loudon and northern prince william and fauquier counties. pushing east by 8:00 p.m., most of the area is dry by 10:00. southern maryland and the northern neck will finally dry
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out. you can see cooler temperatures showing up. washington though still at 86 degrees and it is humid outside. once the rain moves through the district we'll also see your temperatures drop a little bit. so the commuterukt impact for t rain and evening commute potentially slow especially if you are leave organo someone leaving within the next hour. stimming around tonight the road should be fine, just wet hat that point. tomorrow morning, dry roads. temperatures will be in the low 70s. highs tomorrow, hot. near 90. 89 for a high in washington. 87 in la pla da. it's humid out there. especially when the sun does make an appearance and we can't rule out scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. about a 30% chance you are dealing with late day shower thunderstorm activity for your thursday. heading to the beach.
4:49 pm
friday storms are likely. not a great beach day. showers ending saturday morning at the beach, likely breezy. 78 for a high on saturday. 75 only on sunday. partly cloudy skies. very similar to that water temperature that is at 76 degrees. back here at home a better chance that you are dealing with rain on friday later in the day. rain friday night could be heavy at times so be prepared for that. high temperature of 86. temperatures turn mild for the weekend. showers possible early standard. sunday is looking dry and really nice. a temperature of 82. >> all right. sounds good. a teenager who narrowly survived a plunge into the potomac river thangd his rescuers. jacob was at great falls with some friends when he dove into an area of river that was more
4:50 pm
shallow than he realized. he was knocked unconscious. two teenage boys who saw it fished him out of the water and gave him cpr until the emergency crews arrive. jacob says they all saved his life. >> i owe my life to every single man in uniform and these two boys here and even the people who told these guys handle a situation like that. and i'll permanently be indebted to all of them. >> both of the teens who helped save jacob have boy scout training. today fire chief richard bowers gave them his highest recommendation. good for them. a popular summer time beer is being recalled because small pieces of glass have been found in some of the bottles. news4 consumer reporter erica gonzalez with details. >> before you open a cold one tonight, if that is your beverage of choice, the maker of corona is recalling select packs
4:51 pm
of corona extra because the beem may contain pieces of glass inside. corona says the production error occurred at a glass plant that makes the bottles. the recall effects 12 ounce clear bottles in select six, twelve and eighteen packs. so far no injuries have been reported but to see if your beer was affected, go to two new studies out today say home owners are making mortgage payments on time but falling behind on car payments. credit reporting agency trans union says only about 3% of home owners are two or more months behind on their payments. that is the lowest in six years. on the flipside more car buyers are struggling to make payments. another credit agency experience says the rate of car repossessions jumped more than 70% in the second quarter of this year. and a new list out today ranking
4:52 pm
the nfl's most valuable teams, i'm going to give you a hint. the redskins did crack the top five. forbes ranked the teams based on how much they are worth. at number one on the list, you see them right there t dallas cowboys. they are worth $3.2 billion. easily the most valuable team in the nfl. next tynap new england patriots 2.6 billion and rounding the top three nfl teams your very own washington redskins, worth 2.4 billion dollars. by the way the average nfl team is currently worth 1.4 billion dollars. and there is a huge, huge gap in there. that is the buying power that people have. amazing when you see it in that kind of picture there. if you have a story idea for the consumer watch we'd tlouf hear from you. send us an e-mail or call us. >> thanks erica. >> absolutely. >> well he probably thought no
4:53 pm
one would be watching but someone's always watching. this mail carrier is big trouble for way he delivered a fragile package. >> the three-year-old girlbá? s and killed inside of this landover home was laid to rest today. meanwhile someone out there knows where her killer is.
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. a cracked windshield forced a united airlines flight to make a unscheduled stop. traveling the columbus ohio to houston texas and the plane was diverted to nashville. no word yet what caused had crack. >> take a look at this crash in a sidewalk cafe. several people enjoying their coffee when a guy on the rub from police lost control and did that. four were taken to the hospital. the suspect tried to run away but several men who work in that area tackled him and held him for ñígñpolice. police say the chase began when they tried to pull over the guy. he's suspected in a domestic violence incident. >> you wrap it up and mark it handle with care but what happens to your bank after you mail it. >> a homeowner in atlanta looked
4:57 pm
at his security video and saw this, a box marked fragile thrown on to his doorstep. >> reporter: the homeowner was expecting a delivery on monday but not expecting it to arrive by airmail. inside the box a handmade ceramic cup from a friend mailed from virginia. the homeowner was checking his home cameras to see if the package had been delivered and that is when he saw. i counted 17 steps from the driveway up to the door. the carrier climbed six steps and he waät6+ey onto the next house. the postal service spokesman in tlanlt was quick to respond to this. the actions of this carrier do not reflect those of the many conscientious employees who perform their jobs every day with professionalism. any disciplinary action will be
4:58 pm
taken against this employee. the home owners did not want to comment on camera but showed me not only their video but also their ceramic cup. thankfully it is in one piece thanks to all the bubble wrap. the cup isn't busted, but he is. right now at 5:00, the former governor of virginia takes the stand in his federal corruption trial. we'll go live to the courthouse. >> plus a bold attack on one of our busiest neighborhoods, how the attacker got past multiple layers of security. >> and gay marriage on hold in virginia. new reaction from a couple just hours before the courthouses were prepared to let same-sex couples say i do. fooirs at 5:00. we're tracking storm showers and thunderstorms are just moving into the region. >> and this is going to impact the rush hour. >> that's right. we're watching the storms move from the west. we have some stronger storms
4:59 pm
moving in metro right when a lot are beginning to hoead home. 66, right through fairfax, through prince william, back outwards fauquier, that is the heaviest rain. more showers to the pan handle and the south around culpeper and southern fauquier. but this one around 66 and the warrenton area, a lot of lightning. fairfax county also under the county. all seeing heavy rain now for the next 15 minutes to half hour. they are not moving very quickly so you could pick up a quick half inch of rain. also coming through the beltway in and around the northwest d.c. portions, bethesda and arlington and through southwest d.c. in the next half hour this will impact portions of the national game. maybe a late start. as we#loñ widen out, this is it
5:00 pm
line of showers and thunderstorms moving through. we're going talk more about this. and we'll be back at 5:15 to let you know what too expect. breaking news in richmond where former virginia governor bob mcdonnell has just wrapped up testimony. both he and his wife are accuse of taking loans in exchange for helping a businessman's company. outside the courthouse now. >> reporter: certainly was one of the most dramatic moments in this case came at 3:25 when defense attorneys called former governor bob mcdonnell to the stand. so far they have mostly been walking him through family history and political resume. in the last few minutes on his relationship with


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