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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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second american has been killed in syria fighting alongside isis terrorists. defense officials say there could be dozens of americans going overseas to wage jihad. >> and tonight president obama is said to be closer to a decision on air strikes targeting isis in syria. nbc's brian mooli on capitol hill with the latest. >> wendy, doreen, many americans don't want anythi to do with this fight but it is hitting home if a terrible way for a few families here in the states. with isis terrorists threat tong behead steven sotlove, his mother begs for his life. theo curtis held nearly two years by another extremist group which reunited with his mother and back home today in massachusetts. douglas mccain was killed in syria, a mid westerner who went to the middle east to wage jihad
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with isis. >> i think my does [inaudible]. who he was. that's all he's about. >> reporter: there reports a second americ was killed with mccain. a law enforcemt official tells nbc news it appears to be true. what isis is about according to a new u.n. report is unbridled cruelty. using public executions for both terror and recruiting the extremist ares sieged a huge portion of iraq. but the white house says bombs are not enough. >> american military might alone cannot solve this problem on a sustainable basis. >> while weighing a new round of air strikes, president obama is pleading to oth nations to help fight a terror threat that is spreading. >> reporter: an president obama will be meeting with the u.n. security counci next month to discuss the growing problem of
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western jihadists. >> we know dougl mccain was born in illinois and raised in minnesota. how did he end up in syria? >> it looks like the road to jihad started back in minnesota. in high school his best friend class of '99 joined one smally jihadists. said it was like the real disney land and after he was killed in 2009 it looks like mccain turned to radical islam and decided it was time to go off and fight and put his life on the line for his believes. and that is how he died. >> thank you. journalist held captive for two years theo curt was freed over the weekend. he's overwhelm by all of the support he's gotten. >> i had no idea when i was in prison i had no idea that so
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much effort was expended on my behalf. and having found out i am just overwhelmed witemotn. also by one ore thing. total strange he en coming up to me and saying hey we're just glad you are home. welcome home. glad yoa safe. >> theo says he'll share his story with the public after reconnecting wits family. right now still hope rescue teams may find an experienced military pilot alive. after his f-15 jet crashed in virginia, it left a trail of smoke in the skihimoin and went do in the shenandoah valley area. the pilot was with the air national guard on a routine jet maintenance mission. military officials are not releasing the yet. they said he reported an inflight emergey before the jet crashed in a remote area. a scenario all pilots are trained for. >> you get all the training you need as far as survival in the
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woods, as far as ejection, as communications ch if you don't have a radio on yourself. so he's been well-trained to survive. >> again t p is still missing. not clear if he ejected before the jet crashes. just moments ago the prosecution call two more rebuttal witnesses 9!wy the defense rested se in the bob mcdonnell corruption trial. the couple's oldest child janine took the stand this afternoon. and discussed her parent's marital troubles and the her mother's friendship with jonnie williams. she claims her mother had a quote, mildn sbseso with johnny williams. and she and her husband returned a check to williams once we realized jonnie was a criminal. coming up in our next half hour northern virgini beau chf is live in richmond to tell us
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why so many tears were shed in the courtroom. federal prosecutors are not charging the pole with excessive force after killing navy yard gunmen alexis. scott mcfarland has been closely tracking these and the naval yard shootings for months joins us with the details. >> today's news is not a surprise that makes it official. the feds won't be taking any cops to court for shooting a the shooter. >> the fe reviewed photos, videos physic ece and found none of the officers had any criminal intent when they shot and killed aaron alexis. alexis, a 34-year-old military contractor swe thrgh the headquarters ofhe naval sea systems comma september 16th and shot and killed 12 people. when officers took down alexis, they did so acting in defense of themselves and others and says the officers showed exceptional
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valor. this is the fienl known image of police responders inside. a justice denf told us the agency often investigates deadly police involved shootings and there is nothing unusual about the fact it took eleven months for the prosecutors c the cops. >> she was turning when he shot her. >> doug's wife was the eighth worker killed in the shooting spree. and law enforme ultimately had to inform his wife died. today he said only he wonders why it too so long. >> they reviewed hundreds of the pages and found no references, no suggestions to any excessive force or unnecessary force by the police. and metropolitan police department's internal investigati fast entry and fast action by first responders likely saved
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yesterday's drown victim was jose hernandez. and this all comes as both coasts are getting ready for the effects of hurricanes. hurricane cristobal has been churning in the atlantic. hurricane marie in the pacific where it was once a category five storm. both are already causing dangerous conditions at the nation's beaches. red flags posted up and down both coastlines. just as so many are getting ready for the long labor day week.
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storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug shows us what we can expect and when. >> the best news as you make your way to the beach this is weekend is cristobal will continue to move out to see. so we are not going to be do dealing with i much this weekend. but look right now. cristobal is a pretty good looking stormig now. a well-defined center of circulation. on is track now moving north, northeast abou 15 miles per hour. as it moves away we're going to be watching it go. what it is going to be bringing next is a ch for very strong rip currents not just around our area but from new york all the way down to florida where all along the east coast we are talking about the big time problems as far currents. as far as the b forecast is concerned i h it for you come ugh in a couple minutes. thank you doug. tens of thousands of the commuters might be late getting home tonight. emergency repairs in montgomery
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county are continuing around the clock. adam tuss is there to tell us all about. >> just sy away. the tough commut continues. show you what's going on here at chevy chase circle. this is as bad as i have seen it because of the emergency road work. the traffic literally rings the circle and all of this traffic is trying to get from d.c. northbound to connecticut avenue. tales of woe from just about every driver. >> how long have you been waiting? >> a long time. like half an hour. to get around that circle. >> ooh. the rubber meeting the new asphalt that had to be put down because of emergency repairs. >> what should have taken about two minutes has taken at least 20 minutes. >> it's all because of this. we told you just how bad the road surface has bandage on
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connecticut between east west highway and the d.c. line. potholes, bump, craters everywhere. so brand new asphalt needs be put down in a hurry. emergency paving around the clock to get the roads back up to speed and for the nearly 50,000 vehicles day that use this road, it has not been pretty. so getting around chevy chase circle hasn't been easy but at least the fountain is nice too look at. but in all seriousness look at western avenue and the traffic that stechs all the way down western trying to get around the circle. and come this way, swing it over to connecticut and the traffic that is just trying to get to the circle from connecticut. and it backs up a long way. and the maryland state highway administratio it's been backed into a corner because the base of the roadway crumbled. should someone have caught the bad condition of the pavement earlier? they say t i no way to tell and there is even worse news for the future. >> extremely unusual for us to find such advce state of
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deterioration and the ly way to off set in the future, this is going to be something we have to do is a full depth replacement of the concrete unts underneath. >> but that is many years down the road. and back here live now at the circle as the traffic tries to make its way tonight. again in the short-term you should expect lane closures and very bad traffic here right up to the weekend. reporting li in chevy chase, adam tuss, news4. >> well new numbers reveal plans to travel for the labor day week. about 80, 140,000 people from the d.c. region will travel 50 miles or more from home. 87% travel by car. 8% will fly. and hop on a plane for the long holiday weekend. >> still had a man jumps onto the tracks as the train approaches. the chilling video shows the
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a weapon's instructors final moments. a nine-year-old handling an uzi and couldn't control the fully automatic weapon. stirring new debate over gun control and many asking why does a nine-year-old need to learn how to fire an uzi? a closer look at the accident with jay gray. >> we have to keep that held in otherwise the gun won't fire. okay? >> reporter: is s deo shows the final second tofrs shooting instructor charl bucker's life. his nine-year-old student handles a single shot just fine. but when the uzi is switched to fully automat s't control the weapon. as multiple shots spray the range at least one strikes him in the head killing him. >> the instruc in the community certaenc condolens to the instructor's family and t child and their
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family. >> bob teaches gun safety to kids and adults just outside of the dallas. >> i'm in a place where my hands can be on the gun very quickly. whether power tr nd guns, if you ha lapse of that vigilance things can get out of control in a hurry. >> which is why many say even with supervisionings a child shouldn't be pulling the trigger. >> i thk it's incredibly irresponsible decision. we refuse to acknowledge knees are dangerous weapons that kill people. >> exactly why this man is teaching his 13-year-old daughter to shoo >> she came to us and told us she wanted to shoot zpoi grappled it. u. you can eheprur kids okiprf un one igog wd oth is not. aiming to avoid the heart ache two families are now dealing with after the tragedy in arizona. jay gray nbc news north lake
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texas. and we have a holiday weekend with a storm on this coast, a storm on the other coast. >> and a monster in the middle -- no there's nothing. >> that's called the united states. but the closer to the holiday weekend the hotter. >> and that's really good news. everybody talks about how they want warm waert for the holiday weekend. if you are head to the pool or the beach. we have that great weather. look towards ocean city right now. one of my favitps t entire world rig there. the boardwalk out there. look at that day too. plenty of sunshine. bright skies. the only issue is cristobal just off the coast. and we are seeing big time rip currents. current temperat89n c. frederisbg 8 and 9 towards warrenton. thinking about walking the dog tonight? no problems there.
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6:00, we are at 88, 89. dropping to about 84 by 1k. so a good night. nothing around the metro area. we have a front though back to the west. and you can s fwe a thunderstorms hae coming through. and now one into extreme northwest rn frederick county virginia. it will cont to move to the south and east. not expected see much at all here. what we are goin to be seeing is a front. it's cold front that will drift down tonight and into early tomorrow. what ist going to bring us? more fantastic weather. more sunshine, nice temperatures and lower humidity as we move through the next couple days. so that is a good news too. high of 87 degrees. tomorrow, cumberland maryland at 93 degrees. 85 martinsburg.
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and 87 towards la plata. beach forecast, not much better than this. 79. a little breezy on friday. 83 saturday. 85 on sunday. it does look like we'll see a channels of thunderstorms sunday. but i think the best chance for storminess will on the day monday at the beh and inland. next four days, a fantastic friday. backyard weather right here at nbc 4. 90 on saturday. 30% chance of shower or thunderstorm. 94 on sunday, the hottest day. it will feel 97 or 8 as far as the heat index and labor day with 91 degrees. next week tuesday, 93. that should end the heat wave and then 89 on wednesday. let's talk about the weekend a little closer now. 90 on saturday. 94 on sunday. if we hit the numbers it would
6:20 pm
be the warmest weekend of the summer. only a few afternoon storms. don't worry about those. summer time variety. and one or two may be strong but that is about it. the biggest new wre hod, we're humidity and it is the last unofficial weekend of summer. enjoy it. >> still ahead the death threats against a former police officer in maryland who pled guilty to animal cruelty today. how much time n he serve for killing a the family pet. >> now story that city detectives will be reassigned to street duty. and the grand opening of maryland's newest casino turns into a giant headache. >> ring around t roses and now we get up here
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some say the move could put public safety at risk. mark segraves with the latest. >> reporter: t right. this is the original order the chief signed and issued last night. it details redeployment of investigators wh oseal assault w se for missing
6:24 pm
kids, even internal affairs investigators woha bn redeployed to f patrol. but less than 24 hours after this, she says she is going to issue another d clarifying the original order. this seven page order would put detectives and other officers who don't routinely work patrol duty back in uniform and on the streets for one week every month until 2016. >> it gives us additional officers on the ground where they are needed most. >> today d.c. mayor gray and deputy mayor paul kwonder defending the story. >> moving people around in ways that clearly have had profoundly positive results in terms of crime for the people of the district of columbia. >> but union officials say redeploying detectives who would be investigating things like sex assaults and missing children as well as more routine crimes like
6:25 pm
break-ins and c thefts is a bad strategy. >> with sexual assaults up i find it irresponsible that they would come one a plan like this. >> dell roadwy burton asked her reconsider. >> i got the impression she would be willi to rescind that teletype and look freshly at which unitsh deployed. >> we can tell you the chief will not rescind the original order but in her statement about 90 minutes ago she will reissue a new order friday that will tell some officers well-being exempt from this on a case by case basis. we doesn't specify which detectives wobe. but sources tell us it will most likely be detectives who investigate sexual assaults and crimes involving children either
6:26 pm
a suspect or victims. reporting live in northwest. mark sea gravenews4. >> they saved his life with seconds to spare. how police and strangers jumped into action. and he couldn't hide from police. what investigators are now saying about a shooting outside mcdonald's th led to an allout man hunt. >> julia carey in richmond where maureen mcdonnell's daughter (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three.
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. a former police officer kills his girlfriend's dog in a fit of rage. the disturbing text messages he sent after the crime. as we take a closer look at the problem of pet abuse. plus a close call on the track, the heroic rescue and how a man ended up there in the first place. a the successful life ripped away by mental illness. >> i forgot how to live. >> how a local organization is helping the homeless by changing minds. >> the prosecution called two rebuttal witnesses to testify at the couption trial of the mcdonnell trial. this after the defense rested. northern virginia bureau chief julie carrie joins us live from
6:30 pm
richmond. >> reporter a the defense called on another mcdonnell family member to come to the stand. janine mcdonnell. is one of just four witnesses called by maureen mcdonnell defense team. and she seemed to have a clear mission. to let the jurors know she loved her mother and had contempt for star prosecution witness jonnie williams. the oldest daughter janine now pregnant with their first grandchild left t ldi hands with her husband. they met when he was governor mcdonnell's personal aide. in 2012 at the wedding they received a lavish gift, a $10,000 check. asked what did you think of the check? i was overwhelmed i thought it was a vsh larget mey but i also put it in perspective explaining she knew of williams's wealth. the most dramatic moment came next.
6:31 pm
as the attorn fd wn did you returnhe czech. janine when we realized jonnie himself was a criminal. prosecutors qck erupted objection but it had been conveyed for jurors to hear. >> that is one of those moments as a defense attorney that is what you hope for and while there was an objection, the answer is alread out there and the adage about you can't unring that bell holds >> the prosecution later confronted janine on whether it was right to take the giftss. asking isn't it true you thought it was or bo and a little inappropriate fo fily members to be taking these things? janine, yes. the family's first daughter also provides more revealing testimony to support the claims her parent's marriage was too broken for them to conspire to help williams. as for his mom's relationship with her mother and williams, she said she had a mild obsession with hi
6:32 pm
during a break maureen cried as supporters consoled her. and mcdonnell left court with another daughter her sisters by her side. now they can join they are parents in court for the critical closing arguments ahead. now. >> now that everybody's released everybody cago in the courtroom. >> a quick note too about what janine had to say about jonnie williams. he's not been charged with any crime and in fact has been given immunity in this case. here is what we expect tomorrow. the prosecution will call one more rebuttal witness. jurors will probably be sent home for the day as the lawyers argue about jinstructions. and we could have closing arguments as soo friday. in richmond, i'm julie carry rye, news4. it could have had a tragic ending. a man jumped onto the tracks just as a train was pulling in but quickly action by a transit
6:33 pm
cop may have saved him. outside the rhode island avenue station in north d.c. with more. >> reporter:s the scene at rhode island avenue metro station around 9:00 last night. a man jumps onto the tracks, says wants to die. a train starts coming. the man has an apparent change of heart. he reaches back up to the platform, trs officers to the rescue. bestill my heart. it was real close. take a look at these pictures. on the surveillance camera you can see the man on the top of the screen. he waving his hands. as the officers approach he jumps to the platform and the tracks below says something about wanting to die. the platform warning lights flashing as a train comes in. the train operator activates the emergency brakes but the train keepts on coming.
6:34 pm
just as the train arrives the man reaches up to the platform and the officers pull him to safety. just in the n of time. now, i showed this video to some metro riders this afternoon. hear now their reaction. >> oh my gosh he just didn't want to die. >> he wasn't ready go yet. so just thank god for that. >> any time somebody does something that detrimental, it is scare. it is scary. >> but in the end it seemed like he wanted to live. >> yes. yes. he has hope. >> happy ending. >> very happy ending. >> indeed a happy ending. police say the man's 22 years old. they say he is okay. he was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. live in northeast, pat collins, news4. swe have an update on breaking news we brought you at 5:00. new details about the crash in
6:35 pm
potomac. >> reporter: have now learned that the person who was riding the motorcycle killed in that crash. take a look real quick outside now. chopper 4 has gotten to the scene and you can look and see. this is river road at travella road and potoc. they still have the intersection closed. investigars haven trying to reconstruct the accident involving a the v and a motorcycle. and we'lke you posted. at the live desk. well the man hunt is over for two people a of a shooting at the fast food restaurant. but stl unclear what led to it. the victim and jamie bower planned to meet at the mcdonald's in wood bridge. bower arrived with dwayne williams. the two separated while williams allegedly carjacked a man. we were there as police found williams hiding under a woman's porch. bower turned herself in later. >> a former police officer is
6:36 pm
facing time in prison after pleading guil t killing his girlfriend's puppy. his lawyer says he is remorseful. thca draws aenon to animal krooult. and news4 has a closer look. >> alec taylor pleaded guilty to aggravated tnt of animals. and his parents say their son has been unfairly portrayed as being mean and he's received death threats. he resigned from the police department whee served more than six years. >> when the full body of this man's work is revealed to the court that he'll probably be viewed in a much more sth symiclig >> the humane society tells news4 there have been 647 calls for animal cruelty this year. in february his then girlfriend reported he had beaten and killed rocco, their 7 month old
6:37 pm
jack russelrrpp he texted saying i almost killed rocco. paraphrasing text, he made a mess all over if carpet after i let him outside. he admitted to detectives he used a mop to remove from behind the dryer a then choked the dog. the cause of death is blunt force trauma. >> the maximum is three years in prison with a $5,000 fine. so anywhere in the order of 0 to month is his guideline at this point and we'll seek accountabil >> he remains free on bond until his sentencing on october 8th. but today the judge warned him to get his affairs in order indicating he may be ordered to go directly to jail. at the montg county courthouse. thin are running a little more smoothly at baltimore's
6:38 pm
knew casino tonight. people stood in line for hours last night. traffic was a mess. lines wrapped around the building. 15,000 peoe visited the casino in the first2 hours. at one point it hit capacity and people had to be turned away. >> ring around the rosie. now we get up here and they tell us that we cannot get in? either you got a choice. you stay here or you go home. >> she says she will never return to that casino again. horseshoe tells news4 it reached capacity. it waleinle quickland safely as possible. the casino is open 24 hours. still h a brutal attack sends a person to the hospit. why police say the person responsible can't be charged. if they havenen stopped in their tracks before maybe this
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a girl was beaten with a wooden chair leg in arlington and taken to the hospital. but the suspect has full diplomatic immunity. police say the ambassador of equatorial guinea hit his daughter monday night. officers havcall to the home before. police reported the incident to the state department. >> it is a scam targeting some of northern virginia's most vulnerable residents and the governor signing a bill to help protect those victims falling prey to notary who is pose as attorneys. news4 erica gonzalez ahead of today's big announcement. >> so this isbos down. in latin american countriy ies notarios give legal advice.
6:42 pm
notaries here in the united states do not. they do not the expertise to give legal advice in any manner. but the govern tells me that is what they are doing and they are charge sometimes thousands of for misinformation that can even result in the deportation of some of these so called clients. today's bill signing means the burden will n be on the deceitful notaries primarily operating in places like arlington a alexandria. the problem also creates a massive back log in the court system. >> atapn if you say notario, you have to now have a disclaimer that says you are not an attorney. you merely are an attorney. you cannoti advice. you have to dise that now. >> and the governor says regardless citizenship, if you are bei victimized, you
6:43 pm
need to come forward and let authorities know about this. it is reall unfortunate. so many being taken advantage of. >> preying on the most vulnerable. >> andft t really is all their pennies and nickels in one fell swoop. >> thank yo from a fortune 500 company to the streets. what caused her downward spiral and how this woman is rebilling her life. >> team owner snyder just said >> team owner snyder just said the team is moving forward on a
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people who live on the street have not only lost job and home but many are suffering from mental illness. it is a major cause of homelessness. but local group has a strategy to rescue lost souls and pa pathway to a healthy mind and body. >> for charles these are not just pills but raies of the light that keep him out of the darkness of the depression. >> if i'm not on medication, all hell break loose. >> he knows that hell all too well. for 20 years he was homeless because of a severe depression. >> i didn't owo al with life. like i forgot how to live. >> diane worked for a forge fortune 500 company but bipolar disorder ended her life. >> i would get full of energy and wouldn't sleep for days on end. and i would find myself buying
6:47 pm
so much stuff. come home wi bags and bags of stuff they wouldn't even open. >> diane's wild mood swings lost her job and her perspective and soon she was homeless. both found their way out of out of the darkness and confusion of their menta illness with a local organiza ld pathways. >> pathwa focuses and works primarily wh people who have very complex th challenges with things like schizophrea bipolar or major depression. and often those are compounded by some addictions challenges as well. >> pathways works on the mental illness by f atg the homelessne >> and it is really, really hard to get well when you are on the street. >> worngit a system of 100 landlords, waas more than 600 individuals working with departments throughout the district. >> sohehalapu their merchanse and a calendar to mark appointments and they
6:48 pm
have a pho so we can call and remind them appointments. >> housing brings order to the body so specialists can then bring order to the mind. charles has come a long way. he's training to become a peer counselor with pathways and recently reedhis children and forged a any relationship them. >> that feels good. they daddy again. >> diane is living in a one bedroom witca learning to rebuild her life and outlook which at tim merad. her illness has taken a lot from her. >> i'm n ashamed of having a mental illness. i'm ashamed of losing my place in society as a middle class person and coming down the economic laer being a poor person. economic sss a big thing. and i've always been middle class and i'm not anymore. >> be are you you healthy? >> yes. i am mentally more healthy than i have been over the past five, six years. >> navigating their way out can
6:49 pm
be tough but the journey will always begin at home. >> well if you or someone you love is struggling with mental illness, go to to find a list of treatment centers. lots resou there. you can also fi a lot of personal stie people in our communit it isllar yearlong initiative t change minds. >> it is great there are programs lik that. >> oh yeah. if only there were more. >> exactly. >> so we got the holiday weekend coming up. gonna g a t one. >> what is the good word. >> it's fantastic. for those in northern virginia who have not yet sent the children bao school it is a great week th for those in school, i'm sorry. recess has been pretty nice. plenty of sunshine, bright blue skies. on the wa slo9 0. not quite there yet.
6:50 pm
89 officially. 86 by 7:00, 83 by 1k9. 9:00. nice nigh wh you're thinking about doing. temperaturew fall but not quickly. showe nth and west will quickly dieing and will not make they way in our region. once again, we are going to stay on the dry side. here is a front. that will move throu the region and as it does so it is going to bring a little bit calmer weather to speak as far as nice, more sunshine, bright blue skies again and less humidity, even less then we've seen. a fantastic friday. 90 on saturday. 94 on sunday. potential for a heat wave. we haven't seen many this summer. one on top sunday and right through the day tuesday. monday looking very good for labor day although i am expecting a few more showers and
6:51 pm
thunderstormse sunday and again monday. >> sounds good. jason is up next with sports. what is this about a new stadium for our football team? >> the owners say they have started the es already. we'll tell you how far along it is. plus how backry ram bow plans
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
now we want to get right to that breaking news about the possibility of a new football stadium. jason, whats the deal? >> very strong possibility the skins may have a new home. during an sbf with comcast today owner dan snyder said the team has plans touia stadium. no offia time line for approval but the proposed design could then become a stadium that hosts a soupuperow in the near future. in washington, d.c. or mala or in virginia we've start the pros. these are the quotes from the owner today. it is going to feel like rfk. it is going to move like that. i think the lower stadiums are going to want to rock like the old days. this region deserves a super bowl. it would a fantastic
6:55 pm
accomplishmt. it is the biggest sporting vent in the globe. it is the nation's capital. it is a no brainer. snyder did not talk specifically about location but he has talked about possiy ngt the site of the old rfk stadium. he's even go as far as to say he's had high the old seats move up and down. he wants to recreate that feeling of e stadium. also had talks with the stadium at rfk site included a possibility of a 75,000 seat dome stadium. >> there you go. because youno winter here is a bit tough, you know. >> that wou b nice. that comcast sports net interview part well-being seen tonight on coa sports net at 10:30. we're going stick with the red skins a little bit here. we are eleven days from kickoff and the first game of the regular season. and the defense could be witut one of their top players this
6:56 pm
season. meriweather cly repealing his suspension by the nfl. whether he's in or out that will open the door for safety bacarri rambo. >> who wa criticized heavily for his inabil tkle last season comes ougimct tackle for the redskin defense. >> rambo has looked much improved this preseason. eleven tackles and a forced fumble. barring a successful appeal he'll most likely take the place of brandon meriweather on opening day. rambo is expected to play tomorrow nig in the preseason finnal fe. hco long way. >> i'm excited. i love the game so i'm just going to go out and handle business andoesi n do once i get out there. i have grown a lot. it's like night and day compared to last year. i have matured a lot. i see the game a lot different.
6:57 pm
i'm mentally prepared. and the game has really slowed down, the scheme of the game has come to me a lot and allowed me to play faster. >> don't forg you can watch the game right here tomorrow night, redskins and bucks on nbc 4, we'll be live before and after the ganl. dianna russini will have live reports from tampa. >> we did find out about another closely watched case today in the nfl. upheld the one year suspension of the cleveland brown's wide receiver josh gordon for violation of league substance abuse policy. one of the league's top wide receivers b failed multiple drug tests. his punishment will keep him away from the brown's facility for the rest of the 2014 season. not many people happy about that around the nfl. london frecher one of those. he tweeted this out. don't underanhe need to ban a guy from his teammates and organizationor full year.
6:58 pm
mandatory inpatient treatment until okayed. kind of prohibiting him to get better and be around the positive peoe. so we'll see what the league does about that. >> a lot going on there. thanks jason. thank you r joining us. nbc nightly news is coming up next. we'll see you a little latert 11:00.
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on the broadcast tonight, double impact. big storms triggering life threatening conditions on both coasts. tonight, new warnings affecting millions as we approach the holiday weekend. the isis threat, another u.s. citizen fighting for the militants is reported killed as an american mother whose son is being held hostage appeals for his release. deadly lesson, a 9-year-old girl practicing with a sub machine gun accidentally shoots and kills her instructor, raising new questions about kids and guns. vaccine backlash.


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