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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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necessary n a 11:00. >> time for us to start looking
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and we're doing it. >> a new stadium, maybe even a super bowl. what another redskins move could mean for d.c., maryland and virginia. >> the information now at risk and how it could be connected to russia. >> and on the brink. the local group scrambling to save a she for domestic violence victims. >> we serveeod nd your hel >> news 4 at 1ta n. >> we started the process, those words from dan snyder, talking about designing a new stadium for the washgt redskins. >> he hopes to one day bring a super bowl to the nation's capitol. we have coverage for to you night, including what it means for d.c., maryland and virginia. we begin with jason pugh. jason? >> fedex field was built back in 1997. according toea owner dan snyder, he feels it is time to start looking for a new home.
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during an interview with comcast sportsnet today, snyder says the team has plans to build a new stadium but gave no official time line for approval. he is still exg l h options. >> whether it's washington, d.c., wheth it's another stadium in player land. a stadium in virginia, we've started the process. we are going to push forward. we start meeting wi architectufirms. we're in the process of developing. we velrdyso preliminary drawing is. and i'm going to be very retro with it. >> really? >> it's going to move like -- >> really -- >> i asked architectural firms to do it. i said that lower bowl, certain sections, will want it rock the stadium like the old days. >> so why now and what is snyder's timetable? hear what he says about that coming up later. >> snyder's comments could lead it a bidding war. d.c., maryland and virginia would all benefit from being
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home to whators called nfl's third most valuable franchise. live at the stadium tonight with that part of the story, cis? >> reporter: the jockeying is already starting. just within the raft hour we got a statement from prince george's county executive's office. they called the redskins, quote, a great corporate citizen and say they want to keep the scene in that county for the next generation fans. but besides d.c., maryland and virginia, the folks who own the ground underneath that stadium, they're going to have a say as well. >> my dad used to be a beer vender at rfk. >> residents are ready to welcome their te ba it d.c. >> it's the washington redskins. our team should be home. >> but julie paterson is worried about what the competition could cost. >> everybody going to put everything oe o t that te t. >> prince george's county did a story that fnd just moving the team's head quarters to buoy would generate nearly 900 jobs
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and some 70 million in revenue. imagine the actual stadium. >> maryland's advantage, they already got the team and for what it's worth, a lease of land that runs another 13 years. >> as for virginia, multiple sources that are nbc affiliates in richmond say governor terry mcauliffe has had discussions with dan sn about moving the team to his state. >> really, if he wants a second rate site, go to virginia. >> d.c. couma wells has already taken a shot rat mcauliffe's wooing of snyder. >> are you worried at all about who ends up footing the bill for this? >> wellth iim. in its ability to borrow more money. if he wants the cite it pay for it, which he has not said, then we will have to talk a lot about that. >> the te was at rfk for years and didn't do a heck of a lot to develop that neighborhood. >> nothing for that neighborhoo just a dead zone. but if it's a smart new way to
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do a stadium where there's retail involved, restaurants, it needs to be a contributing asset to our cindat neighbhoo >> okay. well, the thing is, the federal government owns the land underneath at stadium. it is leased to the city for very specific purposes. like sports. some officials that i spoke with say given the current controversy ov team's name, they feel there are certain federal officials who would not allow to the team to come back into the nation's capital while it still named the redskins. i'm chris lawrence, news 4. >> redski played in three stadiums sin moving to d.c. more than 70 years ago. first was griffith stadium where howard universn stand. during nearly 30 years there, the redskins shared this stadium with baseball's washington senators. in 1961, the team move need rfk, originally named d.c. stadium. while there, jack cancook took
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ownership and planned for the third stadium, fedex field. that opened in 1997 and the team's leasehegoor anothe13 y >> only on news 4 tonight, prince george's county shelter is in danger of losing its home. it is called house of help city of hope at kingdom village. it helps victims of domestic violence. the building is for sale but as reported now, the group that rinse the shelter is trying to buy it. >> cayogi seven more days to comep thhe $23,000? >> yes, as long as -- >> bishop srley holloway is relieved. she now has an extra week to keep the shelter open for domestic violence victims and homeless people. she called news 4 for help. >> you dimo in 30 minutes than we've able to o do in the last six months. you got me the extension. >> the shelter has been open for about four years and in
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existence fo20, lpg hundreds of families. she was once recognized by former prese george w. bush. she said tomorrow is her dead loin to come up for $30,000 for an earnest money deposit. she only has $7,000. >> i was scared we would lose the spot. >> the building is appraised at around $2 million. buyers will pay more for it. however, sms tells me they've been working with shirley for over a year to keep the shelter open. pamela and her daughter live here. she ss e a victim of domestic violence. >> so this place helped you? >> oh, yes. it helped a whole lot. >> what happen fess this place closes? >> i have 60 people, 60 women and children, will have to find anoth to stay. >> tonight, at least the cells has given her seven more days to raise $23,000. >> that's beca news 44. i don't know what we would have done snpz.
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>> i got off the phone with the owner once more and he said he is extremely motivated and working wihoow give her poy this bud >> we're watching a developing story tonight that could affect your mone fbiloinin hacking attacks on banks earlier this month. one of them, jpmorgan chase. early indications are that the attacks may ha originated in russia. it's not clear what kind of information ma have been taken, if any, or how many customers might be affected. >> no closing arguments tomorrow but former virginia governor bob mcdonald's defense restedity case in that corruption trial to date. lawyers could make their final arguments on friday. today, janine mcdon oold, the couple's oldest daughter, testified h mother did have a mild obsession with former star scientific ceo onjohnny williams. he gave mcdonald $10 million for
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a wedding gift but they returned it when they learned bill ya willia was a criminal. williams hasn't been convicted of any cri >> we just learned the name of the mother killed in a motorcycle crash. tang was ri horcle on river road when he collided with an suv. the driver of the suv was not hurt. a local teen's drowning will mean big changes opt beach if you're headed for ocean city this weekend. new safety rules are in place now. after the 18-year-old from manassas got w pulled under by a strong ri current yesterday. everyone is t to stay out of the water wh lifeguard are not on duty. and when they are on duty, swimmers can't go in water deeper than their knees. >> huge waves in the east and west coast. the work two of powerful storms.
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hurricane cristobal is moving towards bermuda in the atlantic. it is generating rip current conditions fm l ora up the eastern seaboard. in southern caiathe surf pounded communities from long beach it malibu breaking apart a famous pier. people who l in the area say they can fe the ground moving. it is the work of what used t be hurricane marie. the storm is now swirling near baja. it has been downgraded to a tropical storm >> theigu will the storms have an impact on the big week end? >> what's the word, doug? >> the best word is the fact that both the storms moving away from the coast, away fm the eascod ro west coas hurricane cristobal still a hurricane i wa to show you this. this is the frontal boundary moving our way. these fronts as they move down, help steer these storms from the
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east coast. that's exacwhs going on now. cristobal on track of 65 miles an hour. now moving northeast at 20 miles an hour andl ueha northeast movement away from the coastline. now it willlle impacts, mostly dung the day tomorrow. possibly tomorrow but mostly friday. more rip currtomorrow. if you are heading toward the beaches or y know people that will, again, swim near lifeguard during the day tomorrow. the update, including if you're head together beach, what's that looking like? we could be talking about one hot weekend. i've got it for you coming up. >> thank you. the latest on a story we brought you first on news 4 h at :0 last nigh reconsidering an order for street patr f wk ef month. she will releaorr friday crig. moving detectives investigating violent crimes to stre wk could iacty
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today linear proseth skejss will granted on a case by case bases. >> an inten search to figu out atapne p the f15 pilot heading from massachuset t new orleans. he went down near the small town of deerfield. that's in augusta county. crews are st searching tonight on the ou and from the air. national guar tells us the pilot reported an inflight emergency, th lost radio contact. it's not clyheit ejecte next at 11:00, ambushed in a backyard. >> he said, get on the ground or you're going it die. >> how a group of friends survived a frightening robbery. >> sister of the boston marathon bombing connected. and all connected to a bomb threat. >> caught in a lie. a
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the officers acted properly. that's the word from chief of police in omaha just it 4 hours after a crew member from the tv show "cops" was killed during an encounter with the suspect. police fiefrd a a robbery suspect they thought was armed. turned out the pistol only fired plastic pellets. during the not counter, police killed the suspect and an audio technician from the stage crew. the officers are on leave. >> right now the sister of the bombing suspec is in custody accused of threatening to blow up a romantic rifval.
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the ncpd said she threatened her husband's ex saying i have people who can go over trend put a bb o her brother, tamerlan, was killed during nationwide manhunt in 2013 after the boston marathon bombing that killed three people. johar is charged with murder. >> empty your pockets. face down anco 10 news 4's jackie benson spoke with a victim who said they were glad they we >> reportehe were sitting outside listening to music. >> they put me on the ground. >> reporter: the robbers likely entered the yard through the alley and then through a wooden gate. he said he and five other men, all in the 2ree deck enjoying monday night' weather. just fo 10:00 p.m. they were startled to see two men wearing
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ski masks standing a few feet away. one had a gun. >> two men. one add gun he glock 45. i know what it looks like. they both had masks, hoods, sweaters. they said get on the ground. >> reporter: v comply. there was a long list of wallets, cash credit cards taken from . >> we all knew each other. we have a block party annually. we block off the streets and it's beautiful and fun. and everyone, i was so surprised. >> report: the responding police offics t canine to attempt to find a track, find out which way the robbers went but they were unable to do so. in northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. >> a college football player's heroic rescue story was a lie. now he is suspended from all team activities. southern california corner back josh shaw told his coaches last week that he had sprained his
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ankle by jumping from a balcony it save his drowning nephew. the story was posted on the usc website and made national headlines. but turno he made the whole thing up. shaw apologized to his teammates. it is n cxaow hurt hiel doug with more about hour holiday weekend weather. sounds like there's rough surf on both coasts. >> for sure. a lot of peoplinfothe sizzle. >> and th sis coming the next couple of days. >> that means warmer temperature >> all right. i'm thinking steak when you say sizzle. >> that sounds good t. how abo sbacon. >> out there right now, towards union station, a very nice night. temperaturesho have been very warm. last hour at 85. right now, sitting at 82 degrees. that the current temperature across the area. we are stiting in 85 rather across our region. here is what is happening, 81 degrees in d.c. 77 in leesburg an 81 towards
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martinsburg a very warm night. one of the warmest nights we've seen in about a week or so. few showers across west virginia,n toward west virginia anwa maryland. this is not my shower activity coming through. this is all part after front making its way through. so what that is going to give us early tomorro morning at bus stop, great start. temperature is 63. about 72 degrees. sun advise now6:33 in ththing morning. here isha we are watching the front move down to the south. as it does, it just reinforces our very nice air. today become0 degrees. tomorrow a few degrees cooler than that as that cooler air settles on in. we are only talking 2 to 3 degrees cooler. it will be less humid, however. 86 in gaithersburg. 85 in martinsburg. out towards eastern shore, little cooler e but quite
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nice. temperatures 80s with plenty of sunshine. as you head to the beach friday, saturday and sunday, 79. nice and breezy saturday. very warm. 83. maybe warmer in some spots. early early in the afternoon. sunday, chan ornn thunderstorm most ushem t dry side. maybe up around the lewis area. towards duey, a very beach, chance of more sunshine towards virginia beach. temperature of 85. maybe into upper 80s early. next couple of days, 87 tomorrow. 84 on friday. very nice day friday. we call it a fantastic friday. then watch w happenes this weekend. 90 on saturday. 94 sunday. 91 on monday. 93 on tuesday. if we do hit 90 those days, that, our ofcl head wave across the region. if we hit 90 on saturday, 94 sunday, thati for the warmest weekend we've seen all summer. not saying a whole lot. we are into the 90s for sure.
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hot and humid with a few afternoon stms this weekend. don't worry too much about those. one thing maybe to worry about though is t humidity. it'll be a whole lot humid this weekend than it has been over the past few days. 94 sunday. could feel like 97, 98 degrees. make sure you're drinking plenty of water. we were there for the labor day weekend. >> that's exacgh >> big fi. >> thank you, doug. >> up next, nats not getting
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for the redskins on the back
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burner now. and new staumnsily. >> we nw w it will happen, but hopefully sooner rather than later. we told you about the plans to build the redskins a new home. nothing is nabuthe process has already started. one of the newest trends in the nfl is teams building new stadiums usually have a chance of landing future super bowls. with that in mind, everyone wants to know what exactly is the timetorpr >> we love fedex field. it's a great place to feature home games. but it is 17 years old now. it is time for us to start looking and we are doing it. >> you want to host a super bowl? >> love to. love to. this region, not only this town, but this region deservees a super bowl. it aught to be here. it would be a fantastic accomplishm best sporti event on the globe. it is a no-brainer. >> so sooner rather than later
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dan snyder wants to see the stadium buil can you catch that interview this sunday night on comcast sportsnet. let's move ton baseball. nationals fthesn e wrong send end of the street. they were spt philadelphia. the team hasn' be swept since june 15th. before the ball game, having fun with phillyheicher mo'ne davis, tipping her cap to the crowd e. nas lead it by a run. we don't see this too often but this one a big shot in the second deckthere. triple shy of hitting for the cycle tonigh nas thread 4-2. bottom of the sixth, one-run lead. doug fister facing grady sizemore and sizemore get the better of that match-up. that gave phillies 5-4 lead. nats go on to lose this one,
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8-4. the national league east now down six and half games. they will have the day off tomorrow to regroup. orioles at home taking on the tampa bay rays tonight. no score in t first but tampa is threatening that choice. ground to second. jonathan trng make a play at home and too late to get ben zobrist. rays get on the board first, they are up 1-0. bottom of the second, 3-0 rays lead. chris davis changes that. his 23rd home run of the season. but just one of two hits on the night for the o's. they can't t any closer. they fall on this one 3-1. to the rays. huge news coming out of comcast sportsnet. snyder says the team has plans of building a new stadium. a lot of people on social media and twitter, they've been bashing fedex field.
11:28 pm
i want to sa it's not that bad. i think fe is a good stadium. >> and it's not that bad but we would love to see more around the stadium and see it brought into -- >> closer in. >> some would like virginia. >> in comparison to the newer stadium, is seem bad. but i don't think it's that bad. but i don't think it's that bad.
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u.s. open tennis tournament is under way in new york. there's one view at the open that tickets cannot buy.
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todd reed is 53 years old. green berets war vet. and the oldt ba boy on the court. he prefers to be called a boy person, actll reed also an am amputee. he was invited to participate and he is surrounded mostly by teen agers who call him an inspiration reedays he will do this every year if he's invited. that's a job you'd like, isn't it? >> good fim
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city


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