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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 28, 2014 6:00pm-6:52pm EDT

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reds. >em yo is talking abo wh a new stadium should look lik and where it should be built. weav team coverage on this issu tonht let's start with tom sherod live outside rfk stadiu of the potential optns >> : manc tony williams in 1999 has tried to le the skins back to this rfk site. now despite the team name controy r dan snyder has opened the door. the glo days. a good part of the city never got over the 1990s move to e burb >> you don't just build a stadm. >>ep nm sa he s stadium in the regn, with the heart of rfk. wa 7 cocile represents that rfk area. >> wt saying it is goi to feel like r fve
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li rfk >> oki about a stadiu before that -- >> ror i is all over spor radio. >> he may go all the way. >> rep clrs like councierk evans see a chan t return the team to d.c. nowbt ynt it. >> absolutely. the rfk site is by far the best locati we trd d ex experien cht >> ere will have to compete with maryland and virgin with mixed opinions here in town about the team and criti of the redskins team name >> i'm a fan and that would be grea th wbe great. i lo to see it back here. >> repr at rfk? >> i think it is a waste to have such brand new stadium. >> got metro station and all the parking you can possibly imagin it i set up. >> rep they should change the name. i d wan my tax dollars suppti a name change because i kn wants to build a
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staum here. i don' my tax dollars goi. i i awh c't he just change it? >> po: forget a quaer controversy, the stadio and name conovwi be playing out a lo time. in e district, tom sherwood, new4. the contver over the teas could become a bigg is team sets its sights on a new stadium. virgia governor terry mcaif saying he is not worrieoue name debate. >> i have said mr. snyder has to makehe si about that team. we ar discussions. if it os has to work with the team. >> the redskins hold their train in richmond and the practice facility is in ashbur ayd aches are o the field for the final prese game
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dian r continues our teacoverage in tampa. any euz about the stadm g on out there? >> ror: you talk to the ay talked to a couple of tm ig they smile when you tell them there could be a new stadium. most are focused on the new sta. ja minut ago the team arriv here getting reyo the final preseason game. rg iii and starters getting in warms. they not going to play in the finale. mcc wi get the start at quaer cousin not play tonight. the preseason game is really for the bb guys trying to make the final roster. guys like running back chris thomps battled injuries sin last season and this preas man teammates have been there befa know how important this game is. >> t too long ago i was plang that fourth game. it'a chance for anybody to lay it aln the line.
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it is a good chance for the player >> you know this is something who is fighting if their livih so you got to wait. that is the worst part of the game is waiting. >> roroul want to watch game not just to see the guys trying to make the tea yowie able to watch the game 7:30 kickoff here on nbc 4. we will be live right after the game wh our post game show. make you tune in. we wi come back here live in about minutes and talk to you abou of the rookies tha you g a to keep an eye on. we ve been following them since may. you will want to hear the very touchstories. guys, back to you. n to new developments in a gruom murder that has stunned a maryla community. onean is in custody, another
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on the run. theyre accused of killing the room mate and then diseis body. we are learning why police belve t pair went to such ext measures to cover up theircrime. we to pat collins in laurel >> ror it's been more than five hours now. evidcecl working the sce oe murder and the diser the scene, the victim's own apame the ct own room mates. cha and arrested in the dismet murder, 32-ar santos janez. pole a they pickedim up re confessed. charg still at large, 34-yeavargas. both roommates of victim
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28-yolhacento perez. his dismembered body parts found in a bags. the discovery made sunday morng prince george countli detectives working the case around the clock ever sin. whye dismembermt? sou s investigators belve suspects had a an to pueient trash bags in dien trash dumpsteres throu the complex. then soing went wrong. thego scared and left the trash bags out in the open. as the arrest announcement was bei m today police executed a search warrant at the apantr shared with his room mates. they looking at bathroom pip see if they can retev evidence in the case sourc perez got into an argunt his roommates over mone then it got violent and p was strangled and then
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diser thist brings a sense of relie many people who live in t complex. >> nog horrifying had hapne c to me befo. i p scary. >> rorow made an arrt >> is a big relief to know that found him pretty quick >> posut vargas stil large. poleeee may be trying to lea the country. liv prince geor's county, pat collins, news 4. ew at 6:00, a frantic search myla m who is missin his i martin rogers. he is scientist at n.i.h. he has been missing since last thuray poli voluners are searchfo rogers near dartoo in gaithersburg the h been a couple of sighn the past week. rogs appeared to be confused. he could be driving a blue 2001
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audi maryland tags. now the growing concern over the threat from isis overseas and here at home where american jihadire being actively recrte it has been widely expected that u.s. strategy would include air strik in syria. presidam is putting the brakesn that prospect. >> und pressure to take the fight si terrorists on their home turf in syria predema declared u.s. bombal won't win. >> the violence taking place in syr has obviously given isil a safe haven there in ungoverned spac. in orr for us to degrade isil oveth long term we will have to build a regional strategy. we are not going to do that alo. >po defeating the terar require strikes on theo base in syria. the united nationsa t
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ongoi war in syria has given way t a blood bath. >> gve human rights violations havbecome the norm. >> rtugca belied tst amerane e fighting for isis in syria. mccain friend and minol area high school classme di five years ago whi fighti for an al qaeda affili somalia. >> the ki are recruited from major cities in the country, chig minneapolis, new york. >> rep t community actt recruiters using soci media are speaking to disaffd youth with devtieffect. an ene recruiting fighters herat home as president obam looks for ways to fight them oves. thpre isea is it about is neighborhood
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andhi backyard that you love so much? >> i moved here in 2002. i have been here about 12 years. it is hard to imagine that this is t district ocomb to have space. it is the best of both worlds. >> ro tyou for havinus. this is my plate. you asd earlier. so fa i have eaten -- what is the pork? i ha had that and the wings and i' about to have the big pie of corn. i'm handing that back to you. let'se a look at the weather and what is happening as far as the weather is concerned. 85 degrees in d.c. 82 manassas and 81 at leesburg. gaierg very nice 77. oncag matter what you are do a little bit of grill los perfect for it as as radar tonight no chanc rain at all. tomo s deal. if you thinking about hea o today tomorrow loong really good. satuay cd be a slight chae a shower. no clouds around the
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hey can you fix this? you bet! that's our new interactive speaker wall.
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for most part like around dulles and ruston and gais no ran to talk about tonight. stor 4 radar is dry. it will stay that way not only tonh through the day tomorra most of the weekend actual i t will see a dry wee for the most part. hower could see a chance of a shower and maybe a thustthdaan sunda in the afternoon. donxp much. you c see not much in the way of cloud cover from d.c. to chica cooth today still very nic 84 degrees in washington. 82 in leesburg and manassas. balreun degrees. as r what we are going to be seeing for the next couple of days we have a nice forecast for you today and again on saturday. satuay degrees. a slight chance of a shower or storm suna le better chance. monday think is the day we could the best chance for shors or thunderstorms. onla 40% chance. don't cancel plans. the big


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