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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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children were just didn't add up. news4's pat collins is live in germantown where the children's mother was last seen. pat? >> reporter: indeed, jim. this chick-fil-a in germantown is the last place catherine hoggel was scene. she is missing. her two young children are missing. all three disappeared at different times in this most troubling case. >> i just want my frickin' kids back, dude. that's it. >> reporter: that's troy turner, the father of the two missing children. he was out looking today, making a plea for help. >> thank you guys very much. i appreciate if everybody can pray for them. >> reporter: missing, catherine hoggel. she's 27 years old, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. police say she had a medical appointment every day. missing, her 2-year-old son, jacob. missing, her 3-year-old daughter
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sarah. all three disappeared at different times under unusual circumstances. police fearful they may be in harm's way. >> i am deeply, deeply concerned here over their welfare. >> reporter: sunday around 1:00, police say catherine hoggle was at her mother's house here in gaithersburg. they say she borrowed her father's car to take her son, jacob, out for pizza. three hours later, she returned home, no pizza. no jacob. she said she left jacob off at a friend's house to play. police say they checked that out. and that didn't happen either. troy turner and catherine hoggle live in this apartment in clarksburg. monday morning, she says she dropped her daughter sarah off at a daycare center. but police say there was no daycare center drop-off. monday night, troy turner and catherine hogglel go to see the cops to get them to help look for their kids. but on the way to the police
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station, they stop at this chick-fil-a in germantown. here they say catherine hoggle disappears. they believe she went to a nearby transit center and took a bus to a place unknown. now coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear from catherine hogg hoggle's mother. live in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. >> now to the story that's been dominating the sports world and social media this week. video of ray rice and his then fiancee. two punches that have led to millions of posts, tweets, columns and interviews. and this is the new cover coming up here of "sports illustrated" there. shows a still image of ray and janay rice entering that elevator where he knocked her unconscious. the headline, "the ray rice video and what it exposes about the nfl." now 36 hours since that video was released, we're hearing from both rice and his wife. dianna russini is here in the studio with more on what rice
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had to say today. ray rice. >> for the last day or so, we have been hearing from athletes, owners, commentators, all talk about the severity of this video. today ray rice and his wife broke their silence. ray told espn today, i have to be strong for my wife. she is so strong. we are in good spirits, we have a lot of people praying for us. and we'll continue to support each other. i have to be there for janay and my family now, and work through this. janay rice, she posted her thoughts on instagram earlier today. i woke up this morning feeling like i had a horrible nightmare, feeling like i'm mourning the death of my closest friend. she went on to say, if your intentions were to embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all the happiness away, you've succeeded on so many levels. the couple has been seeking counseling together since that original video was released back in february. as for ray rice's playing days, he's been cut from the ravens, and conversations have already started that a lifetime ban from
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the nfl could be on the table. back to you guys. >> all right. dianna russini. thanks. it didn't take long for the conversation to shift from ray and janay rice to the bigger problem of domestic violence in communities across our country. so with so much focus on that problem, we wanted to get to the heart of what's being done about it. in our area. here's news4's kristin wright. >> reporter: the ray rice video is prompting a new nationwide discussion on domestic violence. >> it's not easy to walk away from a relationship that you thought was going to be your life. >> reporter: barbara harper works with battered women in prince george's county. >> it could be a religious reason. it could be financial. >> reporter: chief assistant sheriff colonel darren palmer says prince george's county served 16,000 peace and protective orders a year, one fifth of those in the entire state. >> help is out there, but oftentimes they need to make that first move. >> reporter: in montgomery county, that first step for some
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is the family justice center. >> basically, we like to see the family justice center as a one-stop-shop for victims of domestic violence. >> reporter: lieutenant robert bannano heads the law enforcement arm of the center. it serves temporary protection orders and offers a lifeline to victims in danger. >> safety checks. and that's driving by the house, that's calling. in some cases, we recommend that the petitioner stay in an undisclosed location. >> reporter: but it's never easy. >> the unknown is fearful. what are you going to do? where are you going to go? >> reporter: the family justice center also helps with counseling, temporary shelter and career services. especially important for women who feel financially dependent on their abuser. the center again located in montgomery county has helped more than 5,000 victims of domestic violence since it opened in 2009. >> it's an important discussion we need to be having, because it will let people feel like they
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can come forward. we hope. >> that's the point. >> yes. thanks, kristen. you may have noticed the #whyistayed. it's trending on social media today. victims of domestic abuse are sharing their stories. in a couple minutes, we share a personal story from one of our former colleagues. some harsh words tonight from the engineering expert brought in to fix the troubled silver spring transit center. that transit center in downtown silver spring near the metro stop has been haunted by cost overruns and structural problems that delayed its opening. our transportation reporter, adam tuss, got a tour inside that facility today, and joins us now live from the site with details of where it stands now. how about it, adam? >> reporter: still a lot of work to be done to fix the transit center. let's get a look at the building here in downtown silver spring. and as you mentioned, today we got a chance to meet the man who is being brought in to rescue the transit center.
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power tools echo through the calf transit center. meet adam, head of kce structural engineers and the man being called in to literally save the transit center. >> you didn't know what was causing a lot of the issues out here until you actually got in to run all of the numbers and stuff. and that's when you go, wait a minute, this two and two is not five. something is not right here. >> reporter: as one county official put it, if he walked into a saloon full of contractors, the piano player would stop playing. he was called in to help rebuild the pentagon after 9/11. he also worked on the aftermath of the first world trade center bombing. he's old-school and not afraid to take aim at the team that designed this building. parsons brinkerhoff. >> in the old days when i started, we did calculations with our brain. and now everybody uses the computer as their brain.
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and the garbage in equals garbage out scenario still holds. and i can't tell you why the designers missed these two major things that i've been talking about. we just know they missed it. >> reporter: inside the transit center here, the people in charge of this project didn't want to come here with huge jack hammers, huge pieces of machinery to dig into the building. that's why these guys receipt here are using literally little handheld tools, bent over, to find the problem. bottom line, some parts of the building that were supposed to be strengthened were not. now over 50 rectangular sections have been dug out. hundreds of holes punched into the structure and hundreds of beams have to be added to give strength. now, the design team for this project, parsons brinkerhoff, has not responded to a request for comment. we should say there is no time frame for when the transit center will open. and taxpayers are now fronting the repair bills here.
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why is that? we'll tell you more about that comi coming up next hour at 6:00. reporting live in silver spring, adam tuss, news4. scary moments for an 18-year-old as two men tried to abduct her. this happened last night in the heart of arlington, not far from columbia pike and gleeb road. shomari stone is in that neighborhood with more on the attack. >> reporter: moments ago, a woman walked up to me and told me she feels uneasy this happened in her neighborhood. that 18-year-old was walking to her car. suddenly two men came from behind and grabbed her. it happened on the 3800 block of south 12th street at 10:35 last night. detectives tell us she was trying to fight off the men. police just so happened to be in the neighborhood, responding to a separate call. the attacker saw police and took off running. the woman flagged down the officer. they searched and didn't find the suspect. right now, the department warns people to always be aware of what's going on around you.
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>> just a good time to remind anyone that, you know, late at night, try to park in a well-lit area. travel in pairs. if you do see somebody suspicious in the area, you know, report it to police. >> reporter: police also searched with k-9s in the area and did not find the suspect. a lot of folks tell me they will be on the lookout. meanwhile, if you have any information about this case, call the arlington police department. live in arlington, shomari stone, news4. >> storm team 4 keeping a close eye on weather conditions at this hour. doug? >> oh, guys, i'll tell you, very nice afternoon. a little in the way of drizzle. a lot in the way of cloud cover and temperatures we low average. see that storm system off the coast continuing east wind. we're going to talk about when that east wind gives way to some much warmer temperatures. i'll show you how far those numbers go, and what to expect this weekend. i've got it all coming up in a minute. indicted for murder. the man arrested in connection to serial killings in alexandria has one community looking back
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at the life of a man who was once suspected of being the gunman. plus, is she fit to stand trial? a major decision today made about the mother accused of killing her own children. and later, the big announcement. apple makes the big reveal today. putting rumors to rest. we're coming right back. since the ray rice video came out, the #whyistayed emerged on social media. one woman who weighed in is sara cogood, who used to write for our website, nbc washington before working for the "washington post" and sb nation. sarah wrote honestly about her relationship with an abusive ex. and provided some context to the questions so many have now for janay rice. why stay with him? here is some of what sarah wrote. >> i was in my early 20s. he was exotically handsome. fun and passionate. i had never been in such an exciting relationship, and he swept me off my feet.
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he had demons, but by the time i realized it, i was in love with him. i didn't leave the first time he hit me. or the second. or third time. because each strike came with an apology and a promise it wouldn't happen again. he would lie next to me at night and hold me, crying, and telling me he was trying to be better. and that he needed me to help him. and i thought that was my responsibility. to take this broken man who loved me and fix him. i can't tell you why janay rice stayed. i can tell you why i did. and it has nothing to do with my race, or whether or not i was dating an athlete. i was sure, deep down in my heart, that one day the man i loved would prove everyone wrong and get better. and we would be able to look back and see how far we had
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come. >> sarah did eventually leave that relationship. if you find yourself in an abusive relationship or someone you know needs help, these are just some of the resources for you. we have posted a list of regional and national hotlines on our home page, you can also find it by searching domestic violence.
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company
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overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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updating breaking news. a school bus crash with multiple injuries in upper moral boro. chopper 4 over the scene right now. the crash between a prince george's county school bus and a car. students on board the bus being treated in the middle of the road right there, as you can see. they're just being checked out as a precaution, because we learned their injuries are not serious. no word yet on what caused this accident. one day after being indicted for three murders in alexandria, charles severance remains in a loudoun county jail cell awaiting word of a move. >> friends of nancy dunning often feared they would never see closure in her murder. and ten and a half years ago, that happened. they finally have some resolution this week. northern virginia bureau chief jul julie carey found out what an arrest means to the dunning family and her friends. >> reporter: i'm in the delray
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area of alexandria. some describe this strip as nancy dunning's legacy as a realtor. she was killed a half mile from here in december of 2003. since then, friends and family have worked to keep the search for a killer alive, while also making sure nancy dunning was remembered for how she lived in this community. >> it's an emotional flood gate, really, of relief, that this is all coming together. >> reporter: that's how susan levity felt when she learned charles severance had been indicted for the 2003 murder of her friends and mentor, nancy dunning. police announced he's also being charged with capital murder in the more recent shooting deaths of ron kirby and ruth ann lodato. friends and family have worked to keep a spotlight on the murders. public awareness campaigns. but friends also tried to make sure unning's many contributions to the community are remembered. jen walker is another fellow realtor and close dunning friend. >> people always say to me, you were friends with that lady who
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got murdered and i heard about it on tv. and, you know are that's not really who she was. >> reporter: walker says although dunning was the sheriff's wife, she was perhaps better known as a top realtor and community leader, focused on pneumonia reduce charities, and revitalizing the delray area. she started an endowment to send kids to a ymca camp and donated this bench. >> delray would not be what it is today if nancy did not have that rear gift of liaisoning between the city of alexandria and small business. >> reporter: friends say there is some relief knowing charles severance will be charged. but she doesn't expect the trial will bring much consolation or real answers. >> there was absolutely no reason to kill somebody like nancy dunning, who made delray, quite honestly, what it is today. and gave so much to the community and everyone else. she was out buying socks for the carpenter shelter the day she
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was killed. >> reporter: but some also say the indictment of charles severance is important, because it lifts a cloud that's hung over the dunning family for all these years, because one of them was seen as a possible suspect. more on that on news4 at 6:00. in alexandria, i'm julie carey, news4. >> doug joins us on cue. we've got some raindrops out there. that's all they are, a few showers. if you have plans, don't cancel but you may need the umbrella for about ten seconds. that's about it. outside right now -- that's exactly right. look at those, the clouds coming in across our region. and we've seen the clouds all day. we've still allowed temperatures, loufhowever, to go the mid to upper 70s in most locations. the airport, 78 degrees. 73 in men as as, 73 in leesburg and gaithersburg area. if you're thinking about getting out and on the bike tonight, areas of drizzle, maybe a shower. 77 at 6:00. sunset at 7:26. just know that, because 7:00
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we're fine, but by 8:00, we're dark and the clouds still there. might want to be in by that 8:00 hour. i mentioned some shower activity. we'll zoom in and you can see a few showers on the radar picking up. and this is just little areas of drizzle, little showers making their way through parts of northwest, parts of the clinton area towards quantico and fredericksburg. showers moving from east to west. they'll be in fairfax counties. once again, you may see the windshield wipers go for 2 to 3 seconds and then that shower activity will be gone. it's all part of our storm system. a high pressure up to the north, low pressure to the east and that allows that easterly flow. that's why we have seen those clouds all day long. we'll see them again tomorrow early. we may see fog early and then on thursday, i'm actually watching this system way back towards the west that is going to be bringing in cooler air. this system making its way toward the east. as it does so first, it's going to pick up some very warm air. we're talking about temperatures close to 90 degrees by thursday. here's a chance for showers torrow. really no chance. except towards ocean city, maryland.
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as we move through the day wednesday, most of the day just a mixture of sun and clouds and isolated shower possible. we're not even putting it in the forecast. on thursday, a different story. we'll start off dry and we'll start off rather warm and humid. temperatures during the afternoon get up there around 9 0 and here comes our front. and that could be some strong storms coming through, maybe even severe. that's something we're going to have to watch for thursday afternoon between around 5:00 and 8:00 on thursday night. if you have plans thursday night, stay tuned to the forecast. temperatures tomorrow around average this time of year which is now around 81, 82 degrees. 78 in martinsburg. 83 in culpeper and 82 towards la plata. clouds as you move towards the chesapeake, but that's about it. your impact forecast tomorrow, no real impact from the storm. much nicer and no real problems out there. thursday will be that different area, however, with a high of 91. good chance of storms firing during the afternoon. and friday, 81, pretty nice friday. but the northerly wind kicks in. 75 on saturday with a chance for some shower activity. 77 on sunday. so temperatures go below average for the weekend. of right now, not a washout but
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something to watch out for. you may need the umbrellas on saturday, as well. temperatures look to stay below average all the way through the middle of next week. a rare success story for twins who were once conjoined. we take you to an emotional celebration. and a ticketcontroversy. we went digging for answers about how the district really decides if you broke the law. and the washington nationals turning d.c. into a baseball town. i'm carol maloney. we have the video to prove it and the players react to it, c
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♪ back here news4 at 5:00, i'm carol maloney. the baseball playoffs are so close, you can almost see it. certainly the fans here are feeling it. last night, they were cheering so loud, so often, no doubt the fan base has scratchy throats today, opening game of the braves' series last night. doug fister on the mound, got him going in the seventh. proving manager matt williams was right for leaving him in. and then drew storm, remember him? he brought the 2012 swagger in the ninth, coming in to close it out, striking out the side. and the playoffs field may be here. some not ready for it, others noticing now. >> it was big.
5:26 pm
obviously a september win against a division opponent that's in second place is a good way to start off, especially with our struggles against the braves in the past. you know, it was a huge win. >> i don't view these games as anymore important than the game on april 7th. that was an important game too. so that's how we go about it every day. last night was good atmosphere, for sure. and that's great. but the game is the same. it always is. and if you do things right and you execute, then you get a chance to win. if you don't, you probably get beat. and that's the bottom line to it. >> reporter: the game may be the same, but the feel is certainly different. playoff fever taking over. you know, guys, you might remember the magic numbers we talked about a couple years ago. it's a combination of wins and losses that help clinch a spot, maybe even the division title. we're going to start talking magic numbers.
5:27 pm
at 12:00. >> start that conversation, carol. we're ready for it. >> all right. here we go. countdown! >> have fun out there tonight. now at 5:00 tonight on news4, more developments about the home depot breach. >> and why this hack attack is being connected to the target breach. and sexual predators in our schools. what's being done to make sure teachers who are accused can't move from campus to campus. and it's not easy to get out of an abusive relationship. along with the stories of why people have stayed in them, we are also hearing from those who made it out. using the hash tags one woman wrote, quote, why i stayed. i thought i could change him. why i left. he was the one changing me. another says, quote, because i realized i have the power to say this is not how my story will end. if you or someone you know was in an abusive situation, there are resources to help you. we've posted this list of hotlines on our home page.
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you can also find it by searching domestic abuse.
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♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. ♪
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great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. right now at 5:30, apple rumors put to rest. the hot new gadget that could change the way you spend your money. plus, it's a very happy birthday. >> and in your heart right now. >> a success story for a pair of
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twins. how local doctors were able to pull off a medical miracle. and metro is about to make it a whole lot easier for you to pay for a ride. we are learning more tonight about the mental state of a young mother who told police she killed her two small children over the weekend. news4 has learned that prosecutors believe sonia spoon is competent to stand trial. her 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter were found unconscious in their cheverly home sunday. police tell us she admitted to suffocated them. news4's tracee wilkins is live in cheverly. tracee, what are prosecutors saying about her state of mind during the crime? >> reporter: well, jim, first of all, i know it's very difficult for most families to wrap their heads around this. the idea of a mother taking the lives of her two children, be one would have to assume that there had to be some kind of mental instability and she had a history of that. but today the prince george's county state's attorneys office is saying they believe she knew exactly what she was doing.
5:32 pm
a week before sonia spoon was charged with the murders of her 3 and 1-year-old toddlers, there was a call for help. her mother had police take her to prince george's hospital for mental evaluation after threatening to take her own life and the life of her eldest daughter. >> she did simply state she was depressed for a short period of time leading up to this event. >> reporter: what friends describe as a lifelong battle with mental illness, the state's attorneys office believes spoon was mentally competent when her children were killed. >> we believe from what we have seen so far from this investigation that ms. spoon was fully aware of what she was doing. >> reporter: prince george's county police say spoon also confessed to the murders as part of the reason she is being held without bond. she is expected to undergo some mental evaluation between now and her trial. but as it stands, the state's attorneys office says evidence collected is leading them to believe she was mentally competent when the murders happened. but the motive, if one is known, has not been shared with the media. >> certainly, as we continue to
5:33 pm
go through the investigation, we'll work hand-in-hand with the police and make sure we look into every possibility as to why this occurred. >> reporter: now, again, this is still under investigation. and they are expecting that she will undergo some psychological analysis as this continues. coming up on news4 at 6:00, after the bodies of these two children were discovered, there was an attempt to try and revive them. but they weren't taken to the closest hospital, prince george's hospital, literally about a mile from this house. they were taken into the district. we'll explain why. it's something every parent should know. reporting live in cheverly, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >>. a cab driver charged with shooting an alexandria police officer will be going on trial in three weeks, and we are already getting a preview of his defense. bashir is accused of shooting officer peter lavoie in the head during a traffic stop last year and lavoie survived. still recovering. news4 pulled court documents this week that show e-mails bashir sent to the -- in the months that led up to that
5:34 pm
incident. and one of them he claims to be possessed, saying, quote, i am not in control in my life anymore. i don't know how to get it to stop. it is driving me nuts and i can't take it any longer. bashir's lawyers are planning an insanity defense. with kids settling in at school now, lawmakers are reinvite leadsing an effort to protect students from sexual predators. a bipartisan group urged the u.s. senate to pass the protecting students from sexual and violent predators act today. that bill unanimously passed the house last year. it requires schools to perform background checks on all new and existing employees. and forbid schools from hiring people who have been convicted of crimes against children. lawmakers say there should be a sense of urgency. >> every day, on average, somewhere in america a teacher is being arrested for sexual misconduct with a child. it's completely unconscionable that we're allowing this to continue without tightening the
5:35 pm
background check system that would at least make it much more difficult for these predators to get access to kids at school. >> toomey says the senate could take action on the bill in the next two weeks. bigger than the target breach. that's what some security experts are now saying about the home depot hack. right now, the home improvement store is not saying how many customers were impacted by its data breach. however, home depot did confirm that the breach started in april of this year. and did not give an end date. to put it in perspective, the target breach lasted about three weeks. and impacted about 40 million debit and credit cards. right now, metro planning a pilot program that will allow you to pay your fare with your smartphone. on thursday, the transit agency will announce testing of new technology that ten of its metro stations, six bus routes and two parking facilities. metro will begin installing equipment in october and begin testing in january. and just today, apple announced a new payment system on its new
5:36 pm
iphone. and some credit cards and federal i.d.s already have that technology. some doubted these twin brothers would survive when they were born face-to-face, belly-to-belly. but today they celebrate their first birthday. this is chris gordon with reaction from the family thabeet the odds. ahead. >> oh, looking forward to that story for sure. and you may be looking forward to this. it temperatures today mostly in the 70s. but look back to the west. we've got temperatures that are going to be in the 80s as we make our way through the day tomorrow. talk about that, plus when we hit 90 again. coming up.
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police in maryland have cracked a cold case murder. it took place more than 30 years ago. it was 1982, stephanie watson was killed in laurel after she left home to go to work. she simply vanished and her car was found a few days later, covered in blood. a witness saw someone throw a plastic bag into the woods and it turned out to be watson's skull. last year, prince george's county police got a dna match on a convicted rapist already in custody. they matched john walsh's blood to blood found in watson's car. now the victim's family will be able to have its day in court. >> when i spoke with the
5:40 pm
victim's sister this morning, she said to me, our lives were permanently changed the moment this happened. it's such a relief to get this indictment and to be able to move forward. >> the rest of stephanie watson's remains were never found. john walsh will be arraigned and the case will go to trial. their very survival at birth was in question. now two conjoined twins separated at children's hospital here in the district are celebrating a big milestone. their first birthday. news4's chris gordon talked to tyl tyler and tyson's parents about how it feels to beat the odds. >> whoa! >> reporter: tyler and tyson proctor, now often go their separate ways, causing lots of laughter. but it didn't begin happily. they were born conjoined twins. their chests and bellies attached. they shared a liver. one of them also needed heart surgery. >> i'm actually having the birthday party here today to say thank you. because if it wasn't for the
5:41 pm
hospital, my kids would not be here today. >> reporter: the proctors today greeted his family. the medical team here at children's national that separated the twins surgically. this is time lapse video of the printing of the 3-d plastic model they developed of the boys' entire mid section to plan the surgery on the tiny twins who were then only 2 months old. >> we were worried. but we were hopeful. and that's what we do here. lots of hope, lots of miracles, for sure. >> reporter: the projectors brought their whole family, five sons and a daughter, grandma, and great grandma, back to the hospital for the party celebrating tyler and tyson's 1-year birthday. and along with the laughter, they acknowledged the ordeal they have been through. >> right now a little overwhelmed. but i'll be all right. >> reporter: you say overwhelmed in a good way. >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: doctors tell me that the outlook is good for both of the brothers. that they should thrive and have healthy lives. and their father is already
5:42 pm
planning their athletic careers. i'll have more on that part of the story, coming up on news4 at 6:00. at the children's national health system in northwest washington, chris gordon, news4. >> it could be a rough road ahead for your local library. we're going to look at challenges for one northern virginia community. and how a lot of parents are concerned. i'm tom sherwood. controversy today over an inspector general report on how the city writes tickets. i'll have the story coming up. know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience
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with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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there are strong reactions today to a d.c. inspector general report that slams how the city raises hundreds of millions of dollars in parking and traffic fines. a d.c. council member says she'll hold public hearings now on the report soon to clear up the confusion over those tickets. tom sherwood joins us live with the latest on this blistering report. tom? >> reporter: jim, the ig says the city's ticket-writing program is unfair and poorly managed. but some important city officials say the report itself is off base. ask anyone who gets a d.c. boot, parking or traffic camera ticket. they don't like it. david peterson just paid $45 at the dmv. what do you think about the city ticket writing policy? >> it's sickening. really sickening. >> reporter: a new inspector general report questioning how and why the city writes those tickets and doesn't give enough chance to challenge them has set off a new round of controversy.
5:46 pm
lon anderson of aaa auto club says the report is pot-on. a blizzard of tickets costing motorists hundreds of millions of dollars every year. >> total vindication for what we have been saying. the district has a very cavalier attitude toward the entire ticketing process. >> reporter: cathy lanier wrote a 15-page letter sharply critical of what she called a sensationalist ig report, saying that the report demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of traffic safety enforcement. and ward 3 council member mary shea, who chairs the committee, said she would hold a hearing on the report and how to improve. she also said the ig played up revenues over the public safety aspect of the traffic program. >> i believe that every light, if we could manage it, should have a red light camera. red light running is extraordinarily dangerous. there is a concern this is all about the money. but you know what, if you comply with the law, you don't pay a
5:47 pm
ticket. >> reporter: the ig's office says they will look at six months of ticket writing since april. the office will next look at how the city collects all that money from the ticket-writing. in the district, tom scherrwood, news4. >> tonight, advocates in fairfax county warning of a bleak future for the public libraries. they say proposed budget cuts and job vacancies could spell the end of the library system as we know it. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver takes a closer look at the reaction to these cuts. >> reporter: there's something about libraries that attracts people of all ages. perhaps it's the books. or theose rows of computers. or maybe it's just the silence. ask mom catherine, speaking to us in a little more than a whisper. >> there is something great about having the paper and the books and a place to have it quiet where you can escape. >> reporter: catherine escaped to the restton regional library today with two of her kids. she home schools them and likes the setting. but cathy, along with several members of her group, friends of
5:48 pm
the library, worry about the future of libraries in fairfax county. >> there is great need in this community for a quality library. and we're not headed in that direction. >> reporter: cathy points to the unfilled positions. she says last year library administrators cited 45 job vacancies that they needed to fill. this year, cathy says the number has jumped to about 61. for the next fiscal year, she cease the library trustees are considering eliminating another 21 positions. cathy says that will add to the already existing vacancies. it's part of the 3% the library system needs to trim from its budget. >> over time, as services decline and the collection declines, people will stop using the library. >> reporter: but the library administration tells me, every county agency has been asked to come up to 3% to cut. not just libraries. and adds 21 jobs that will be cut are coming out of the already existing vacancies. cathy fears the long-term effects.
5:49 pm
>> it's scary. it's very scary. >> reporter: tomorrow night, the county's library board is expected to meet. we did check that agenda. a report from the library's budget committee is slated to take place. jim? >> thank you, david. the city of fairfax may join nearby jurisdictions to improve the treatment of dogs. tonight's council meeting, residents plan to speak about limiting the time a dog can be tethered outside. state laws don't set any limits. so neighborhoods like arlington and alexandria have moved on their own. >> we're trying to institute a three-hour limit on the tethering or change of dogs within the city of fairfax. we have provided pictures of this to the city council and to the mayor and to various departments that have wanted to see proof of what happens when a dog is tethered outside and not paid attention to. >> tonight's meeting, council members will decide what, if anything, to do about this issue. to find out what sparked the fight for fildo, visit nbc
5:50 pm
washington's website and search tethering. a cloudy day. let's see if we have rain coming in and how long it's going to last. >> cloudy but really not all that bad. we have seen plenty of clouds in the east to northeasterly wind today. temperatures, however, still close to average. average high around 81. we have seen around 79 today in the city. rest reston, high temperature of 75 degrees. and town center, just the clouds and a few showers across our region. that's what we'll continue to see as we move through the night tonight. if you're headed towards the nationals as we take on the braves again, looking at a pretty nice evening, i think. although you probably want to take the jacket, and maybe the sweatshirt, just in case. mostly cloudy, 76. could be an isolated sprinkle. but that's really about it. cool conditions by the seventh inning stretch and by later tonight. temperatures in the low 70s but with humidity, it's going to feel a little bit on the cool side. 74 in rockville. 72 right now in gaithersburg. 74, reston. the warm spot right in the city, 79 degrees there.
5:51 pm
so temperatures the next couple days warmer and we'll see another chance of showers this evening. right along i-95 notice some showers towards stafford county, fredericksburg. moving west. so fredericksburg, you'll see those at about the next 10 to 15 minutes. more in through prince george's county and around the district a few light showers. but that's all they are. light showers. as a matter of fact, a rainfall intensity this evening, what do we need? no umbrella. a few drops, but again, by the time you put the umbrella up, the rain may just be over. so we're not talking much in the way of rain tonight. as far as the next couple days go, tomorrow, no real chance of rain either. we may start with fog and that's one thing to watch out for. but on thursday, a little bit of a different story. we start off good, but then here comes a good line of showers and thunderstorms. some storms may be strong. possibly severe. that's something we will be watching closely. 91 for a high on thursday. by far, the warmest day of the next seven. we go back down into the mid 70s by the time the weekend starts saturday. only a 30% chance of a few light showers with a high of 75.
5:52 pm
a lot of hype surrounding apple's big announcement about the new iphone and the iwatch. you decide if i can live up to the hype. we go live to california, next. i'm in the busiest port of the united states when it comes to this. we are going to show you why what they're looking for here matters the next time you go shopping.
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now let's check out what stories are trending online today. broadway theaters will have a special tribute honoring the late joan rivers tonight. the marquis on all the theatres will dim for one minute starting at 6:45. on monday, the broadway league said rivers did not meet the criteria for this honor, but changed its mind after an online petition. and we've heard of throwback thursday and flashback friday. but this saturday, the university of maryland's pro football team will remember a time 200 years ago. maryland athletes tweeted these pics of the star spangled tribute uniforms they will wear. designed by under armour, they featured stars shaped like ft. mchenry inspired by the university of the ballots of baltimore. i'm pat lawson muse.
5:56 pm
the new school year just started but for high school seniors, the race has already begun with college applications. and today u.s. news and world annual list ranking the best of the best. for the second year in a row, princeton university ranks as the best national university. making the top 25 from our region, johns hopkins, georgetown and the university of virginia. now taking a look at smaller schools, williams college in massachusetts takes top honors among liberal arts colleges for the 12th year in a row. the naval academy and washington and lee in virginia made the top 25. among top public universities, uc berkeley once again gets the nod for number one. uva also made that list, along with the college of william and mary and the university of maryland came in 20th among public universities. you can get more about the rankings and find out which of the best schools offers the best value on just search college rankings.
5:57 pm
tonight, tech fans across the country are talking about the next big thing. as expected, apple showed off its new iphone today. but that's not where the announcement ended. nbc's jennifer bjorklund has our report from california. >> on this stage 30 years ago, steve introduced a macintosh to the world. >> reporter: and steve jobs always made his big announcements after a lot of buildup. after announcing everything else, he would pause and say, one more thing. well, today tim cook's nod to the late ceo. >> we have one more thing. >> reporter: apple watch, with a dial called the digit california crown on the side that functions like like the click wheel like the mouse on your computer. how much? three collections starting at $349, early next year. >> payment process. >> reporter: the crowning announcement on so many others today, like apple pay. cook says this new payment platform can replace your credit card. >> you're totally reliant on the
5:58 pm
exposed numbers and the outdated and vulnerable magnetic stripe interface, which, by the way, is five decades old. >> reporter: you pay like this instead. it's not new technology but apple's effort to integrate retailers both online and brick and mortar will ensure it hits the mainstream once people start to see it. >> in theory, someday you'll be able to leave your credit cards at home. probably take a couple years to get there. the iphone 6 models are bigger, better battery life and better camera. and there was this. ♪ u2 performing and anyone with an itunes account will find their new album in their music library. just click on it to be part of the largest album release in history. the new iphone ships september 19th so if you're one of those people camped out in front of an apple store, you've got ten days


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