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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the white house. on saturday, a 19-year-old man from new jersey tried to drive past a barricaded entrance to the property. 19-year-old kevin carr didn't hit the barricades or cause any damage but was arrested and charged with with unlawful entry. the secret service says it is having preliminary discussions to add check points around the white house grounds. they are taking on new urgency because of this weekend's security breaches. . as we turn to the weather, much cooler start this morning. >> yeah. it's pretty nice out there. here's tom kierein with a check of the forecast. >> it's been dropping since yesterday afternoon. we got to 86 at reagan national. clear sky. live view from tower camera. 70 at reagan national. mostly clear skies. mid-60s most of the region by 8:00 this morning.
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by noon time, 70 degrees. midafternoon with sunshine and a diminishing breeze. mid-70s, a bit blustery, 25 miles per hour. we did have a few sprinkles and showers late last night that passed well north of the metro area. they are long gone now. nearby temperatures in prince george's county. montgomery county, gaithersburg, rockville now into the low 60s. reston, alexandria, mid-60s. leesburg, 63. warrenton, 62 degrees. we'll look at the chillier lows moving in late tonight as we say hello to autumn later the. now a look at construction around. here's melissa.
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. tom, we have construction of course. first of all, 66 westbound at lichaj, the left lane is blocked there. 95 northbound, two lanes blocked as you head through dumfries and it opens back up again. both expected to be out of the way by 5:00 this morning. no major problems. a wider look at things. no problems inner loop, outer loop. everything looking quite nice for us this morning. 95, fairfax county. also moving right along. follow us on twitte twitter @first4traffic. the trial begins for a former day care worker accused of abusing toddlers in woodbridge. she helped assault three toddlers at minnieland academy. she and sarah jordan stomped on toes and covered their mouths
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with blankets. . police arrested a man in connection with a deadly stabbing in the district. mark bowser jr. is charged with murder of 39-year-old tracy womack. she was found stabbed to death early saturday morning on benning road southeast not far from woodlawn cemetery. a wildfire destroyed 10 homes and 22 buildings east of sacramento. firefighters are allowing some people to leave their homes to return. 2,700 people still can't go home. firefighters all the way from florida and alaska are battling the king fire. the man who started it pleaded not guilty to arson charge. . you better have your finger on right at 10:00.
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tickets will range $40 to $425. if you have to rely on stubhub, you know you have to pay up. $80 for standing room only. yikes. a hard-fought game against the eagles in philadelphia. they're going to have to put that behind them. they have to play the giants at fedex field. kirk cousins had another impressive short. jackson got some pay back against his team. special teams remains a problem. allowing this kickoff return for a touchdown. still, head coach jay gruden was happy with the effort. >> very disappointing. but i like the way we battled back, came back at half-time. kirk in his first full start in a while. there was a lot of things to like. >> we're learning this morning that chris baker probably will not be suspended after this hit
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on eagles quarterback nick foles and the brawl that followed. hefty fines are expected, though. something to share with your boss as you're getting ready for the morning commute. why you may be more productive if you're allowed to work from home. too good to be true. why people in the community are wearing body cameras. >> as we say good-bye to summer, how you can expect things to get tonight. 4:41. stay with us.
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we are learning new details about a deadly tour bus crash traveling from d.c. to new york. a second woman died when this bus overturned in delaware. 48 others hurt. the driver was trying to get on to u.s. 13 ramp yesterday afternoon when that accident occurred. the passengers were on their way back to new york from a sight-seeing tour. today we'll learn some of the biggest problems facing the county. on the table, the ongoing issues with silver spring transit. the president expected to
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redevelop the golf course that has been the center of the area for decades. a new study says you may be a better employee when you work from home. you are a stronger "corporate citizen." not just because you avoid the traffic and the commute. but people who occasionally telecommute, make more of an effort to help their co-workers. working from home had little to no impact on how productive you are. >> it is surprising when you think you are at home with all those distractions. if you're in your pajamas all day you're not going to work. >> i'm glad that yesterday we had one last hoorah. >> hours away from the autumn
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equinox. weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. early this monday morning, there is the capitol under a mostly clear sky. now, we did have a few sprinkles overnight. those are long gone. for the morning, it's going to be rather breezy between now and 8:00. winds gusting 15 miles per hour. by noon time, bright and sunny. still breezy. temperatures around 70 degrees. only getting up to the mid-70s by midafternoon. 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. and it will be bright and sunny. and all across the region, by midafternoon, highs near 70. 60s out of the mountain. by this time tomorrow morning, much of the region into the 40s. starting off tomorrow morning. ally near 40 degrees.
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out in the mountains of west virginia, maryland, central shenandoah valley. so quite a chill will be moving on in. a look at a warmer weekend coming up at 4:51. let's check on traffic early with melissa. good morning. good morning. a little bit of construction here and there. a lot of it will be out of the way. by 5:00, 395 northbound, the off-ramp to duke street, we have that until 5:00 this morning because of some of that construction. a wider look at things. we're looking very good. no major issues. beltway at branch avenue is moving right along. and beltway at new hampshire avenue moving along. back in 10 minutes. see you at 4:51 with a wider look at things. everything looking pretty good. just a little bit of construction. that should be out of the way in the next 20 minutes or so. . getting to work without getting behind the wheel. the campaign to get you to ditch
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your car. . gone without a
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there is a desperate search right now for former d.c. treasurer lasana mac. he disappeared eight days ago. he may be driving a gray 2013 ford explorer. he was a d.c. treasurer from 2005 to 2012. long-time d.c. councilman jack evans knows his family well. evans says it's not like mack to just leave without letting anyone know. >> i hope this turns out for the best and lasana comes back to us. >> at this point his family is asking for privacy. d.c. police are asking you to
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give a call if you have any information on his whereabouts. 4:45. private planes are part of the search for jacob and sarah hoggle. take a look. crews were up in germantown while volunteers spread out to look for the kids on the ground and in the air. no one has seen anything. they disappeared with their mother catherine. she is not telling investigators anything about the children. police believe the man accused of ambushing two troopers was planning his attack for months or even years. they gave an update on the search for eric frein last night. they found an ak-47 and ammunition in a heavily wooded part of pennsylvania. he is accused of opening fire on two state troopers earlier this month, killing one of them and wounding the other. he's been on the run now more then a week. investigators believe frein is focused on law enforcement and
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do not believe he intends to hurt civilians or other people. 100 citizens in ferguson, missouri will be watching police closely with body cameras. an advocacy group called we cop watch. they are being handed out in response to the michael brown shooting last month. >> people go out with video cameras and document the police when they stop members of the community. >> the police chief says he has no problems with residents report police doing their jobs. at the live desk, nerves starting to settle on the campus of the university of alabama after police lifted a lockdown, this after they searched the dorm the. in a statement the university said it was based on rumors and what they found on social media.
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students were not allowed to leave the dorm after reports of people with firearms starting to spread. they are looking into what started that rumor. . angie, thank you. 4:47. a man from laurel is in jail accused of killing his father. this happened on washington avenue not far from the howard county line. they started a physical fight. he started having chest pains and died. his son is charged with his murder. he was 68 years old. a road to recovery. three years follow that crash, he's thanking his rescuers. travis is trying to overcome survivor's guilt with his wife and two children gone. he is talking with grief
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counselors. he recently met with the prince george's county fire chief. he fell asleep at the wheel. he's trying to find the answers and move forward. >> it's like all the answers to what, why still lingers. >> he says that he will never be the same person again. at the time of his crash his family just returned from a two-week trip to jamaica. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet with foreign leaders. they will begin their climate change summit. they drew attention to climate change yesterday. a carbon treaty is necessary to prevent rising sea levels that could create a global disaster.
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the study from rutgers university. it says out of anyone laid off in the last five years, 1 in 5 is unemployed. 1 in 4 is work withing a temporary arnold part-time job. >> you have to keep persistent and keep going. >> that's right. >> we are coming up on 4:51. >> you richard and you tom kierein, growing a little bit of beard in support of solidarity with the nats. >> we're calling this playoff stubble right now. it's not going to be like adam laroche's. he has a fantastic beard. and this morning we're starting off with the final hours of
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astronomical summer. yes. it's going to be turning into astronomical autumn if i can get my commuter to act as it should. come on, come on, i know you can do it. i know you can. i'm trying very hard here. the system is apparently sort of hung up a little bit. there we go. now we've got it. now it's jumping all over the place. and for the bus stop and later this morning -- if we can go back one, max. thank you very much. equinox arrives at 10:29. post your pictures. this is won i took of orion. that's the harbinger of autumn arriving. this is the brightest star. that one is about 860 light years away. what we are seeing there is the light it he mitted in 1154 a.d.
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orion latitudcon steilstillatio. some of that cool air is moving in. near 70 degrees around the bay. for the morning commute, you should not have any problem weather wise. dry roads near 60 through 8:00. between 8:00 and 10:00, you need the sunglasses with bright sun coming up. the sunrise today coming up around 7:00 this morning. by 8:00, lots of sunshine. just delightful. a new wispy high clouds this afternoon. this evening, it will be mostly clear. temperatures will be dropping after they reach mid-70s by mid arch. a blustery northwest wind will diminish tonight. on wednesday, making it into the
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mid-70s by midafternoon. next chance of rain may not be until thursday. there's a chance the middle part of the take and in the evening. warming. we may hit low 80s saturday and sunday with sunshine back. look who is back. it's melissa. >> i'm sunshiny as well. >> always. >> i'm back. we took our sons to disney world. amazing! very fun. very fun. i'll share pictures on twitter and face book. i'm a little slow. beltway at colesville moving along. 66 at 123, no problems there either. taking a look at 270. if you're hopping up north in frederick, around 70, headed southbound, completely clear. no construction either along 270.
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should be clearing out of the way shortly. dumfries looking good. >> melissa, thank you. tracing the source of peanut allergies. . but first ditching your car. incentives being a offered if you find another way to get to work. putting money in your putting money in your pocket.
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gas prices expectsed to drop more left month. you will see lower gas prices because of cheaper crude oil. refineries already changed to the less expensive winter blends. they expect prices to drop 10 to 20 cents. right now the average is $3.53 for regular. phded pmarylan maryland, $3.32. west virginia, $3.43. a big effort to get you to go car free today to promote the environment. to push you to skip the drive and you can bike share for $1 the today. rides on the connector and shuttle buses are free all day.
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you will see lots of volunteers at metro stations. some are handing out free coffee. others will have giveaway ises. you need to shop around for car insurance. some are overpaying for auto insurance $300 a year. make sure you check for all available discounts. there may be some discounts based on where you work, where you attend school and the safety of your car or truck >> 4:57. the prince george's county police department is investigating the arrest of one of its officers. they charged michael o'connell with assault. he was off duty at the time. we are working to find out exactly what happened. right now he is suspended. . this morning investigators are trying to determine what caused a house fire that burned
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three firefighters. the fire broke out at a house on second straight and glen iron parkway not far from the parkway. prince george's county firefighter say one person escaped with the help of a working smoke detectors. the fire caused $50,000 in damages. all three firefighters were treated and released from the hospital. . your friends and neighbors in frederick, maryland will have a new place to play. the first synthetic turf field. there will be a variety of sports activities for families to take part in. and chuck foreman, when grew up in frederick and it is named after, will be there for autographs as well. weighing in on the housing costs in arlington. today the county will discuss the recent increase in housing
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costs and what they're planning to do about it. the forum will be tonight from 6:30 to 9:00 at washington-lee high school on north stafford street in arlington. stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. news 4 starts now. breaking their silence. the message from the parents of hannah graham as police search for a person of interest in their daughter's disappearance. >> preparing to pay the price. the potential punishment facing redskins players in the days ahead after things get nasty during the eagles game. but first a change of seasons just around the corner. and you are going to feel it. you're stepping outside. temperatures in the 60s this mo but don't get used to that storm team 4 meet rolls tom kierein is here with the temperature drop that is on its way. >> it is beginning to move in from the west. a breeze bringing in chillier weather.
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46 in garrett county. close to washington, near 60 in the shenandoah valley. hagerstown, 59. some of the cool air beginning it got to 86 yesterday. feeling like summer. later on this morning, a light jacket as cooler air moves in. mild and comfy afternoon coming up on our dry timber weather continues. only one chance of rain in the next seven days. at the bus stop this morning, cool and breezy. near 60 degrees. between 7:00 and 8:00, students getting on buses after that, between 8:00 and 9:00. breezy, bright sunshine. by then in the mid-60s throughout much of the region.


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