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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david culver joins us now live from charlottesville with a lot of the big developments this evening. david? >> no question, jim. a lot of big developments. and i was just thinking, the last time jesse matthew walked into that police station, it was last saturday and it was as a free man. the next time he returns to charlottesville, it will be in shackles and handcuffs and he'll be taken straight to the jail. in the meantime, as you mentioned, the police chief asking us to move the focus away from matthew and on to finding hannah graham. the six k-9 units like this one, open fields in the woods. today the search for hannah graham stretches into the far reaches of albemarle county. >> we are trying to keep up with, you know, the requests that come over from the tip line, from the police department investigators. when they have stuff that comes in, it needs to be followed up on. we'll send search teams out to those areas. >> reporter: meantime, the man
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who police say could lead them right to hannah is headed back to virginia. this is jesse matthew just a short time ago, seen here leaving a texas jail. he was on the run from police until two days ago. when they found him all the way in galveston county, texas. right now, three virginia law enforcement officers are escorting him on a commercial airline flight. but it may be a while before he sees a judge. legal expert scott goodman explains why. >> there is a judicial conference. and it's a legal holiday. there is no court scheduled monday, tuesday or wednesday in the charlottesville general district court, which means this individual would sit until thursday. >> reporter: almost two weeks since hannah vanished from charlottesville downtown mall and still no sign. with nice weather expected here this weekend, virginia emergency management officials want those walking outdoors to help out. >> there may be a lot of information to process as we come up on a very busy nice weekend when people are outdoors. but that's a good problem for us to have. we'll sort through that information, we will send the
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teams out and accomplish those areas. >> reporter: and checking on twitter, some of the logistics of matthew's arrival back to virginia. police are not releasing much tonight, but we do know three officers from virginia are escorting him back on that commercial airline. it's likely he'll return to richmond, virginia, and then be transported to the jail right here in charlottesville. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, we caught up with matthew's attorney. in fact, it was just outside this police station in general district court earlier today. he had a harsh warning for the media. you're going to hear that. all-new at 6:00. for now, live in charlottesville tonight. i'm david culver, news4. and ahead in our second half hour tonight, we'll go to galveston, texas, and take a closer look at the extradition process for jesse matthew. and now to the cross-country chaos that is now impacting travel at all three of our airports. hundreds of flights into and out of chicago were cancelled today. and that is because a fire was
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intentionally set at a federal aviation administration control center outside of the city. authorities believe a contract employee of the faa set the fire during a suicide attempt. there are no ties to terrorism. but now airports across the country are dealing with gridlock. we've got live team coverage on the impact here at home and nbc's tom costello with more on the problem spreading across the country. we begin first with transportation reporter adam tuss, live at reagan national airport. adam? >> reporter: hey, erika. you know, this situation in chicago has had an impact locally. there are delays and cancellations to and from chicago at all of our local airports. in fact, i just checked the board inside, and there are still cancellations on the board. and, yeah, it could take a while to smooth the whole thing out. chicago, aun unexpected tough travel destination, as we head into the weekend. >> everything looked like it was going to be on time. we called this morning and everything looked like it would
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be on time. went through security, got to the gate and they said it was cancelled. >> alyssa and jana miller supposed to make a bar mittsa tomorrow morning in chicago, but the flight cancelled. the earliest they can get on another one, tomorrow. so now a bit of improvising. they're headed to tampa. >> stay at a hotel and go to the pool. girls weekend. >> reporter: what are you going to have? >> girls weekend. >> reporter: girls weekend in tampa. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: for many others here, long lines just about everywhere, especially at the ticket counter. many getting refunds. rob yuengling with the metropolitan washington airport authority said there is not much they could do with this situation. >> the impact is much in the same way a major snowstorm has an impact. except for this one, passengers didn't see it coming. so it's a very inconvenient day for folks traveling to chicago. >> reporter: there are some lucky ones, though, stacy st. john catching a flight to chicago and she's made it through so far. >> just checked the board and said it was on time. >> reporter: fingers crossed it stays that way.
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back here now live at reagan national airport. even though this whole incident happened in the chicago area, we're keeping an eye on it here from a security standpoint and our local airport did notice that. more about that next hour at 6:00. reporting live at reagan national, adam tuss, news4. there are major questions tonight about how the actions of one man were able to cripplel air travel nationwide and why. the faa isn't better prepared to handle emergency situations at critical facilities. for more on that, we turn to nbc news aviation correspondent, tom costello, who joins us live. hi, tom. >> reporter: hi, erika. i think that's the question everybody is asking today. this is a 36-year-old contract employee of the faa who apparently had intimate knowledge of example the most vulnerable systems, the communication systems, the servers, that serve the entire chicago area. this was chicago center that was affected at 5:40 in the morning, just before the morning rush began there. and by taking out the coms,
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multiple frequencies, essentially disabled the high altitude systems that go through the chicago area. we were watching through the day as we saw many, many -- i mean, thousands of planes and flights diverted to the north and to the south of chicago. and those facilities -- the other facilities had to pick up for chicago center. so minneapolis center, cleveland center, indianapolis center, had to pick up the slack and accommodate travelers. however, at the last check, we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 flights either cancelled or delayed into and out of chicago. that doesn't even count the ripple effect like reagan and dulles and baltimore and you name the airport across the country. they have had flights affected, as well. we're told that the damage to the facility is really quite extensive, and it could be a matter of days or maybe even weeks before they're able to fully repair it. and so now it's all about the work-around, trying to make sure these other centers can take over the job, the chicago center
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normally has and ensure that hopefully air traffic gets back up to speed as quickly as possible. tomorrow is saturday, gives them a little down day but then picks up again sunday and the workweek, of course, on monday. so time is of the essence here, trying to get as much of the efficiencies working. but at the moment, it is still very, very, you know, dicey in chicago. back to you. >> all right. nbc news, tom to say tello, thanks for that. tom will have more on the situation and the fallout coming up on "nightly news" with brian williams. that's at 7:00 here on nbc 4. a police officer accused of sexually assaulting one of his wife's teenage relatives has been found dead now in maryland. officers found the body of former prince george's county lieutenant john worehurts. he was in a park in anne arundel county. they tell us it appears he took his own life. he was arrested last fall and charged with rape and sexual assault of a minor. he had been with the police department for more than two decades.
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it was a terrible accident, and now we are learning more about the woman run over in a metro parking lot in fairfax county. jimenez of alexandria was hit and killed by a fairfax connecter bus at 11:00 last night. she was walking in the roadway where passengers are often dropped off at the huntington metro station. so far, no charges filed against the bus driver. last night's loss was just the start of a bad evening for one of the redskins' best players. we'll leaving fedexfield, linebacker keenan robinson says a fan who police later charged with driving under the influence. news4's mark segraves spoke with both men involved. mark joins us with more. >> reporter: jim, i spoke with keenan robinson by phone. and he tells me that he was leaving the stadium last night with his parents in his car when an suv sideswiped him. he told me that he is thankful everyone is okay, but he says when he got out of his suv, the
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car that hit him was mostly filled with giants fans. keenan robinson had an interception and 13 tackles last night. but his biggest hit may have come after the game. he tells news4 he was headed down arena drive to the on ramp of 495, when an suv swerved around him and sideswiped his car. he tweeted, i thank you, father god, for protecting me and my family and keeping us safe tonight. a drunk driver hit us and almost wiped us out. maryland state police confirm they arrested a 40-year-old man from silver springs. >> in this case, the suspect was arrested and charged. >> reporter: what was he charged with? >> he was charged on a citation for dui. >> reporter: the suv that hit him was loaded with giants fans, except for the driver, who was wearing a sean taylor jersey. leon robinson was wearing that
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same jersey today when we caught up with him outside his home. do you want to talk to us about your fender-bender last night with keenan robinson? >> no, i don't. no, i don't. >> reporter: anything you can tell us about what happened, or -- >> no, sir. >> reporter: were you drinking last night? >> no. >> reporter: you weren't drinking. >> no. >> reporter: okay. the police say they charged you with dui. >> yeah, we're going to court for that. >> reporter: you are. okay. >> thank you. >> reporter: again, nobody injured in this accident last night and the man charged with dui dense he had even be drinking. comi coming up at 6:00, what maryland state troopers have to say about tailgating and drunk drivers after games. reporting live from fedexfield, mark segraves, news4. the owners of a capitol hill institution plan to return home following a devastating fire. you may remember that massive fire that gutted the hardware last june. since then, they have been operating at several satellite locations but now the store is
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partnering with roadside development to rebuild the original spot at 11th and pennsylvania avenue. frayinger's will sell the property and enter a long-term lease. no word on the time line of that. a huge portion of our national mall is now off limits. crews began putting up the fences around a five-block area of grass between 12th and 7th streets today for the next 18 months. they'll be putting up the old grass and putting down brand-new soil, and grass that make it much nicer to walk and play on. that's a good thing. it's the second phase of a project that will ultimately replace all of the grass on the mall. the animals at the zoo are doing okay after it was shut down for part of the day due to a gas leak. the zoo reopened at noon after the problem was fixed. a gas leak in an administrative building forced the zoo to shut down around 10:30 this morning. no one was hurt.
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things are back to normal now, and should be okay this weekend to see those guys. it was a brutal domestic violence case. we'll explain why the victim brought her dog to court today. >> reporter:'m kristin wright in fairfax county. a woman driving on this road has a medical emergency behind the wheel, and passes out. another driver sees her slumped over. tonight, he tells us what happened next. oh, it's been a fantastic friday across our region. but what about the weekend? i've got your saturday, sunday forecast. plus the next chances for rain. it's all out there. i've got it for you in just
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for the second time in recent months, a local school was broken into by burglars looking for electronics. you can see the two burglars from surveillance video taken outside options public charter school in northeast d.c. and you can see the pair wandering around the hallways carrying monitors early last saturday. police weren't saying if they took anything else, though. and now we want to move to an act of bravery on the roads. a man jumps out of his truck to save a woman that is slumped over behind the wheel of a car that is going out of control. >> we now know that that woman had a medical emergency, and news4's kristin wright is in reston now with the story of the stranger who saved her. >> reporter: fred pickering isn't worried about the damage to his ford pickup, just relieved that the crash helped a young woman he doesn't even know.
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pickering story starts on wheelie avenue in reston. he just pulled out of the metro station monday afternoon. pickering, who is deaf, explained what happened. his daughter interpreted. >> i noticed there was a vehicle traveling slow, a cadillac , b suv, popping up on the curb and back on to the street. traffic behind us stopped because she cut across into the lane behind me and then continued off the road. >> reporter: it was rush hour. >> i jumped out of my truck and ran toward the vehicle. it was just coasting along, but the door was locked. i looked and saw that the driver was slumped over at the wheel. >> reporter: her car kept moving, approaching a downward hill in the road. pickering's truck is the only thing that stopped it. >> i actually pulled a tire iron out of my truck. >> reporter: another driver busted a window. >> i went around to the driver's side and she came to, but she was very disoriented and looking
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around. we made pretty solid eye contact and i asked her, "are you okay? are you all right?" >> reporter: police say the 24-year-old woman had a seizure. they commend pickering for what he did. he, on the other hand, says old green faithful is the real hero. >> he really wants to know if she is okay and he has talked about it every day. >> reporter: we are told the young woman who had the seizure is fine but she was charged with driving on a suspended license. tonight on news4 at 6:00, why fred pickering says he had to help. in reston, kristin wright, news4. >> wow, story of the day. good for him. incredible. >> and couldn't come on a better day. my goodness. it is beautiful. i thought this was supposed to be the start of fall. it feels so much moo more like nice gentle summer. >> i'll tell you what, a great weekend too. a little more on that story. fred pickering, i know him very well. played basketball with his son at herndon, just a great, great family. great to see him doing well in that community. out there today, i'll tell you, just beautiful on your friday.
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a fantastic friday saturday and sunday, hmmm, even better? yeah! how about that? we're going to be dealing with beautiful conditions for the weekend. right now plenty of sunshine, just a few high cirrus clouds moving through the region. 77 degrees, winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour right now. and look at the rest of the area. 73 gaithersburg. 75 leesburg. 76 in fredericksburg. 77 in came ridge and along the eastern shore. it is great no matter where you are in our region. so what do you want to do this evening? well, how about dining out, looking pretty good. nice, early. but cooler late. temperatures ranging from 67 to about 72. could be a little bit cooler in the suburbs. once the sun goes down. and is the sunset tonight is at 6:59. and check this out. not the best thing here. sunset now before 7:00 between now and all the way through march. march 8th, the sun will now set before 7:00. and, of course, within about a month it sets before 6:00. so, yeah, our days getting shorter and shorter.
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and they continue to do so. storm team 4 radar, nothing to show on the radar. not going to see any chances for rain. over the next couple days, clouds trying to stream in. most of the cloudiness like the clouds yesterday all down toward the south and east. they're stuck in the clouds down towards the carolinas, down towards the atlanta area. for us, we have seen the sun. you can actually see those clouds evaporate and erode as they make their way toward the south with the northerly wind. future weather. here's tomorrow afternoon right around 4:00, 4:15. sunshine, nice and warm. a beautiful saturday. sunday, very similar, although it will see a few more clouds during the day on sunday. but it's still going to be nice and warm. monday is the day, though, we're going to see a chance for showers. i don't think it's going to be much. but i do think we'll see some shower activity. here we are around noon on monday with future weather timing out those showers around manassas, culpeper, front royal and leesburg. right around i think from morning rush right through the noon, 1:00 hour. and we're waiting to see right now exactly how much we see on monday. as of right now, i don't think we'll see too much. but we'll watch it for you.
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temperatures tomorrow, beautiful. 81 in d.c. 79 in gaithersburg. 8 2 fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine and that's going to hold true for sunday too. look at the high. 83. that's close to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. so now we're on the warm side for sure. 77 degrees on monday with a chance for shower activity. right now about a 30 to 40% chance. and then next week, watching another storm system that would give us a lot more cloud cover. but right now, the week looks pretty nice. next tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, could be a little bit of that northeasterly wind, though, helping to keep things just a little bit cooler. >> it thank you, doug. within hours, british war planes could begin bombing isis targets in iraq. today parliament voted to join the u.s.-led coalition and launch air strikes against the terror group. but only in iraq, not syria. for a second day, u.s. war planes bombed oil facilities in eastern syria in an effort to dry up a key isis funding source. black market oil. and tonight, the state
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department is strongly condemning the torture and murder of a prominent iraqi human rights lawyer. she was publicly executed in mosul, because she posted anti isis messages on facebook. and after a news4 exclusive report, we are following up on rumors of a fight club involving students at a local school. we're going to tell you what we found. and this woman says she's 50 pounds lighter, thanks to the unique way one local doctor is encouraging patients to lose weight. doreen gentzler reveals a new and easy way to get fit.
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welcome back to news4 at 5:00, everyone. i'm jason pugh here at nationals park where a few hours ago the nationals defeated the miami marlins. and with that win, this team has clinched home field advantage throughout the course of the postseason, until the world series. they also own the best record in the national league right now. 94 wins. there are three games left on the schedule so some time to improve upon the 94-win mark for the nationals. i have to show how this game went down against the marlins. fister leads the team in e.r.a. and wins, showing off the good stuff today here. he gets jerrod saltalamacchia to go down, one of nine in the game for fister.
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ryan zimmerman working back from a hamstring injury looking pretty good. this let brings in a run, an rbi single for him. he's batting over .300 since his return. everyone hoping he can stay hot and health for the playoffs. fister looking for the complete game shutout, he's going to get it here. beautiful play by the second baseman as cabrera makes a great catch. fister throws the complete game shutout for the nats and make it 4-0 and wrap-up the best record in the national league. manager matt williams excited the way his team has gone about their business all season long. >> well, it's their dna. it's the way they establish it. so if it is, in fact, your dna, you don't flip that on and off. it's the way you go. it's what you do. >> that's kind of the precedent. skip, set. and we've got to come in and play hard. and it doesn't matter if it's game one or game 162 or if we're in first or last. it doesn't matter. we've got to go in there ready
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to play. >> reporter: so another great win for the nationals. home field advantage throughout the postseason until the world series wrapped up with that win today. jim handly, get used to that beard, because i've got a feeling this is going to be a long postseason run for the nationals. >> keeping us warm. all right, we're doing it. >> we're already talking. consumer watch. handly and doug are taking you to dinner with the money they have saved on razors. >> nice. >> you can get in on this too and we'll go to a fancy place, all right, jason? >> sounds good. >> have some fun out there. good job. right now at 5:00, your mailman could be getting into a new business. >> how you can skip the trip to the grocery store and allow somebody else to do the heavy lifting for you. also ahead, we're following major developments tonight out of texas as we learn that the suspect accused of abducting the uva student is on his way back to virginia. we'll have more team coverage from texas as this case unravels.
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right now at 5:30, how far would you go to get an "a?" one student speaks out about a professor's dirty assignment. >> he told me what specific sexual act he wanted to perform with me. plus, renewed hope in the search for two children missing in montgomery county, and we just learned why their mother, who is accused in this case, is being moved. and a local doctor takes a new approach to get patients to lose weight. our doreen gentzler explains the simple way it helped one woman
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drop 50 pounds. first at 5:30 tonight, in prince william county, a man who killed his girlfriend's dog and tried to kill the other is going to prison. >> today's sentencing hearing created an unusual scene in the courtroom, because the surviving dog was there. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live with details. julie? >> reporter: well, in prince william county, both the police and the prosecutor's office take the issue of animal cruelty very seriously. but under the law, it often seems animals are regarded simply as property, not as family members. today with her surviving dog at her side, one prince william county woman tried to send a different message to the judge, to the public and especially to the defendant. it was an unusual sight. a dog headed into the prince william county courthouse. but ozzy is a crime victim. he and his owner, sharon betts, headed in to take the witness stand against the man who tried to kill the little west hyland
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terrier and who succeeded in killing his mate, piper. she remembers animal control officers calling her after piper was found dead on the side of the road in a trash bag. >> animal control called and said we don't know what we have. we have a dog bound and gagged in a plastic bag on the side of the road and we don't know what to make of it. and i literally raced out of my house and got to the animal shelter in five minutes. >> reporter: sharon betts boyfriend had broken into her home, kidnapped her dog, bound and gagged them and drove into the country. along the way, the dogs were tossed out of the car, but ozzy managed to break free and survive. though he suffered a badly injured leg that now has four metal rods in it. hong had pleaded guilty to felony counts of burglary, animal larceny and animal cruelty. today with ozzy on her lap in the courtroom, sharon betts asked the judge to impose a stiff sentence to send a
5:32 pm
message. >> in prince william county, it's not okay for people to break into your house and kidnap and torture and murder your pets, who are a part of your family. >> reporter: even though sentencing guidelines don't necessarily call for jail time for animal cruelty, the judge gave hong 18 months in prison, and ordered him to stay away from betts and ozzy forever. betts said piper, her dog that was killed, was on her mind today. >> we love piper. she will always be with us in our hearts. but we miss her, and she can never be replaced. so we are thankful of that piper got some justice today, as well. >> reporter: now the prosecutor you heard from there says she thinks animal cruelty cases need to be pushed even more vigorously. coming up at 6:00, the link she says sees between animal abuse and domestic violence. reporting live from manassas, i'm julie carey, news4. >> thank you. two young children in
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montgomery county tonight are still missing after after a tip today that led to an urgent police response. officers checked out the tip at black hill regional park this morning in hopes of finding h a. the woman found a pile of dirt and rocks and thought it was suspicious. but officers found no sign of the young brother and sister whose disappearance led to their mother being taken into custody. the police search is now moving into new areas. >> so we've searched obviously over 20,000 acres. we continue to search. we're expanding into some other areas that we're curious about. and possibly revisiting some other areas and searching again. >> sarah and jacob hoggle have been missing now for nearly three weeks. there was a bigger security presence at a virginia high school today, due to worries that students had planned a fight day. a student at fauquier high school in warrenton made a twitter account, claiming there
5:34 pm
is a fight club. and many parents were worried. so worried, in fact, that about 400 fewer kids showed up for class today. school leaders say the students just wanted attention, but had extra security at school today, just to be on the safe side. there have been four fights at fauquier high school over the last week. when your doctor writes you a prescription for medication, most of us are pretty good about following doctor's orders. so why not use that prescription pad to help patients with more difficult tasks, like losing weight? doreen gentzler has details now on one physician's new program that's having a lot of success. >> reporter: this is jean hillsman just two years ago. overweight and struggling with a list of health problems. >> i started developing high blood pressure. cholesterol issues. lack of energy. and just kind of became a little bit more sedentary. >> reporter: jean also developed atial fibrillation, that can
5:35 pm
lead to a stroke. she underwent a procedure to fix the problem, but her physician had some other advice. >> he looked at me and he says, "jean, you really ought to lose some weight. would you like to?" i said, "would i like to? i would love to." >> reporter: but instead of giving her a lecture on exercise and diet, dr. straws, a cardiac electro physicalologist at med star heart institute, did something a little different. >> i wrote this prescription to her and i gave it to her. >> reporter: dr. strauss says it's a new method he's using to get patients to listen to him. writing prescriptions for weight loss. the power of physically writing a prescription and giving it to a patient from a doctor seems to carry more weight. >> reporter: each skrip has descriptions on how many pounds the patient should lose and advice on how to do it. dr. strauss says since he started the prescription program two years ago, he's noticed that patients are more successful. he found about 60% of those who
5:36 pm
get prescriptions lose the weight. as opposed to just 10% of those who only get verbal instructions. >> what the most amazing thing is, when people realize that by taking that step for themselves, losing that weight, suddenly they become much more in control of so many elements of their health. >> the blood pressure went way down, off the medication. the cholesterol went way down. >> reporter: jean says dr. strauss' prescription gave her the structure she needed to lose the weight. 50 pounds all together. and just in time for her 80th birthday. >> and when he gave me that prescription, it was symbolic of commitment. and that commitment is what i needed, that i had never had before any time i ever tried to lose the weight. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. now dr. strauss says he's found that the patients who did lose weight had a significant improvement in their heart problems. do not light up in fairfax
5:37 pm
county parks. starting tomorrow, a smoking ban officially goes into effect. officials will kick off the new no smoking policy and hang the first sign at assen hall park in annanda annandale. si wl appear at state parks, playground and athletic fields. the move follows surveys that supports smoking bans in places where children are likely to be. complying with tobacco-free zones is voluntary. a professor accused of asking a student for sex in exchange for getting an "a." we'll hear from the accuser and why other students on campus protested after this scandal went public. plus, how would you like to sit on a long international flight with somebody talking on their cell phone during the trip? >> uh-uh. >> well, it could happen. depending on where you're going. we're talking great weather today, and jim handly, i have a box right here. it was sent to me today. wait until i show you what's inside. it's just for me and you, my friend. i've got that coming up in just a second.
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plus the latest on
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know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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we've got an update tonight on apple's ios 8 operating system. apple has released ios 8.02 to fix the bug fixed by 01. apple started the update after reports of no service.
5:41 pm
others complained the fingerprint sensor didn't work. the first update was intended to fix issues to the original operating system. and hopefully the second update will take care of all of those glitches. now it's been a debate for a while now. using electronics during flight. well, european carryiers now allow this. today the european aviation safety commission issued new guidelines. it allows passengers to use cell phones and electronics the entire flight, without putting them into airplane mode. the new rules take effect immediately on european-based cariers, no matter where the flight originates. you guessed it, that includes taking off right here in the d.c. area. airlines, however, will decide what devices will be allowed to be used. it's going to be interesting to see what kind of cell service passengers get at high altitude. serious though. you can't get cell service in a building sometimes. and there could soon be a new way to avoid the grocery store. the u.s. postal service is
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considering a grocery delivery service. it's another way that cash-strapped agency is hoping to bring in more money. according to the "washington post," the postal service would work with retailers to deliver the groceries to homes in the early morning between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. the idea is being considered by the commission that regulates the postal service, and testing could come as early as october. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, we would love to hear from you. send us an e-mail. also phone your ideas at 202-885-4884. thanks, erika. it was an unusual art show. we'll show you how you can enjoyim so special exhibits all night long. that story coming up up
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tomorrow, art is pulling an all-nighter. it's called "art all night dc." it celebrates local and international artists in five different neighborhoods across the city after dark. news4 news4' zachah has a preview of the festivities. >> more like ahh! >> i'm super excited about being involved in art all night again. it's my third season doing this. >> reporter: this artist isn't new at this. her art exhibit is taking form in northwest d.c. the vision for art all night happening saturday was born in the city of lights. >> i actually lived in paris a couple years ago, in 2010. and attended the festival. and loved the idea of a
5:46 pm
nighttime art festival. >> reporter: when d.c. native ariane austin returned to her hometown in 2011, she founded art all night. the rest is history. last night outside the wonder bread factory here in shaw, the main locations was in the thousands. >> this year, they wanted to expand the festival citywide in five different neighborhoods. >> reporter: today artists are making last-minute touchups a mural of marvin gaye. >> you can see i'm starting with the arrow now. giving it more of a three-dimensional feel to it. >> reporter: the piece, which is permanent, has been a point of interest to residents in the area. >> the reaction has been incredible. >> the artists come out in full force, and, again, we all challenge each other to do better every year, and to just go crazy. >> reporter: all going down saturday night from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. and maybe the best part, it's free. reporting in northwest d.c.,
5:47 pm
zachary kiesch, news4. >> some local high schoolers put two needs together and came up with an award-winning plan for business entrepreneurship. the students are senior abby hamilton and graduate anna west. anna was a student and they came up with an idea to connect members of the military with aspiring young photographers to create patriot portraits. the photographers build a portfolio and the military gets photos at a discount. >> we realized that military families didn't have portraits to cherish during times apart and young photographers like myself are unable to get paid photographers because of the stigma of their age. >> reporter: the pair has won local and regional awards and is looking forward to the nationals next month in california. hundreds of people took to the streeds in frederick,
5:48 pm
maryland today to march to the civil rights act and to pay tribute to those who part in the historic march on washington. the march went through downtown frederick before ending at hood college. it was also the 50th anniversary of the first african-american student enrolled at hood college. more events are planned around campus this weekend. well, friday is here, and we've got a good-looking night out there, doug kammerer. >> oh, yeah. good-looking night again. nationals taking on the marlins tonight. jim handly and i rockin' the playoff beards. and jim, take a look at this buddy. i don't know if yours is starting it to itch yet. >> oh, yeah. >> i got some relieve for you. the guys over at stumble and fresh. sent some face and beard wash and face moisturizer and beard conditioner. >> whoa skpl! . >> and i've got some just for you. >> beard conditioner. >> all night long. let's take a look and show what's happening outside. i didn't know there was
5:49 pm
something as beard conditioner. but it's there. look at the national harbor camera. a great afternoon to get up there on the capitol. a nice night down at the ballpark. sunset, 6:59 tonight. the sun will now set before 7:00, all the way through mid march. now 77 currently. dropping through the upper 60s by around 11:00. so it will be kind of cool. so if you are heading out this evenin evening, you'r not going to need the jacketel in 8:00, 9:00, once the sun goes down. then maybe the light sweater. nothing on the radar right now. don't look at any of this. i've got to fix our radar, because it's picking up a lot of things shouldn't be picking up. right now, clear skies. so we're not talking about rain. if you've got a football game tonight or heading to one, friday night lights looking good. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. cooler, around 8:00 to 10:00, so maybe the jackets and light blanket. okay this evening. future weather time in and out very well for us. tomorrow at 4:00, nice and warm. with plenty of sunshine. saturday, more of the same. we're going to see another great day on sunday, too. but then on monday, that's the different day.
5:50 pm
so we have warm weekend. the weekend, however, ends on monday and, of course, monday comes in and we get a chance for not just cloud cover, but a chance for rain and it could come in early on monday morning. so that's something we're going to watch. i'm not anticipating a lot of rain on monday. but it's something we'll watch for sure, especially over the weekend. 78 to 83 degrees tomorrow on your saturday. almost perfect tomorrow. really is going to be quite nice. i don't know what -- i would say perfect, but for some of you maybe you want 83 degrees instead of 81 degrees. so i put almost perfect. 83 on your sunday. 77 on monday with a 30% chance of that shower activity early in the morning. and then all next week, temperatures in the mid 70s. watching a potential system that could lower these numbers just a bit. but right now, the next seven days looking pretty good. a warning for all you metro riders. starting tonight, three stations on the green line will be closed. you'll have to catch a bus if you're traveling between southern avenue and branch avenue. southern avenue is open, but
5:51 pm
suitland and branch avenue are closed. metro says some of this weekend's work was recommended by the ntsb. you'll also be delayed if you ride the orange line, where trains will come only every 24 minutes. might want to pack your patience, plan ahead to make it a little less painful. back to you. a student says her professor propositioned her. >> yeah, but it is what happened next that forced students to protest. we're going to have the story of the teacher accused of offering good grades in exchange for sex. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up, an organization between the prince george's school system left employees out of work. why one civil rights organization is saying it wasn't done correctly.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
to right field! here comes richardson. here's the throw. richardson is safe. derek jeter ends his final game with a walkoff single. >> you just witnessed history. it's the story book ending for the man everybody has been tipping their hats to up in new york. in front of a sold-out stadium, derek jeter had the winning hit in his final game with the yankees. afterwards, he took to the field, thanking everyone, telling them he was just doing his job. >> joan lunden's decision to go bald on the cover of "of people"
5:55 pm
magazine as she fights a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer is inspiring others. after seeing the cover posted on the "today" show facebook page, dozens of fellow cancer patients and survivors shared their own pics. she says she is humbled and amazed by the response. >> we all know the struggle when you lose that remote. but soon that may no longer be a big problem. panasonic is showing off this new voice-activated tv. it responds to simple orders, allowing users to turn it off and on, change the volume and record programs without a control. the new vieira tv is expected to hit shelves next month. sex for grades. allegations that prompted protests and an investigation at the university of delaware. >> yeah, and tonight we're hearing from a student who says her professor wanted to trade sex for an "a." tim furlong as her story. >> he told me what specific
5:56 pm
sexual acts he wanted to perform with me. >> reporter: this university of delaware graduate doesn't want her name or face on tv, but had he is the student who says sociology professor offered her an "a" in exchange for sex. she says he told her he had sex with other students right in his office after normal hours. >> he said oh, well, we just cover up the web cam and pull the blinds down. >> reporter: when she said she wasn't going to do it, she says the professor immediately sent this e-mail. >> i told him that i would tell, and he begged me not to, telling me that i would ruin his career, and he would give me the "a" anyway. >> reporter: i tried to reach him for his side of the story, but the delaware newspaper, he denies the allegations. he is no longer at the school. in his statement, though, he says the university investigation never found that he actually did anything wrong. and in a letter to his colleagues, he says he was
5:57 pm
choosing to take a leave of absence until he resigns at the end of the year. all of this, by the way, comes as news to the accuser. the ambiguity of the investigation is really what has so many students and faculty members here so upset. his accuser says the school didn't dig deep enough in their investigation. they didn't keep her in the loop. she says the school just wanted it to go away. she says the school let her down. >> you realize that, hey, they're not doing anything for me. or if they are, i don't know about it. i don't know what's taking place. it needs to stop. somebody needs to do something, and it needs to stop. >> a university spokesperson says it is focused on ways to protect those in the school community from sexual misconduct. >> reporter: and they say they have taken steps now to ensure all complaints are handled appropriately. let's get a final check on the forecast now. doug is in the storm center. how are we looking for the weekend, doug? >> we are looking really, really nice right on saturday through
5:58 pm
sunday. monday is the day we could see some rain. here is the low temperatures overnight tonight. and this is what you wake up to. if the kids have maybe a soccer game, baseball game, 7:00, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, 48 in leesburg, 47 in gaths berg. 46 towards winchester. so, again, we're getting into that time of year where you really need to start thinking about those jackets. but no jackets tomorrow afternoon. as a matter of fact, watch wash the car tomorrow afternoon in your bathing suit. plenty of sunshine. more sunshine on sunday. few more clouds, however, on sunday with a temperature of 83. look at monday, however. that's the day we're going to be watching with a high of 77 degrees. and then we're watching a storm system next week and this is what we're talking about. an area of high pressure up around the boston region, new england. could give us an easterly wind. and that could, just like what happened wednesday and thursday, could give us similar conditions as we make our way through next week. right now, we're thinking that system should stay just off the coast, but we could see another bout of easterly wind and a little bit in the way of some
5:59 pm
drizzle there too. so we'll be watching that for you. chuck bell and amelia segal will be here all weekend long. i'll have the latest for you at 6:15. now at 6:00, he's accused of a crime that's captured the nation's attention. now he's heading back to the scene of the crime in virginia. and there's a new warning from his attorney tonight. allegations of discrimination rock a local school district. why a handful of employees say they were fired without cause. plus, drunk driving near fedexfield. it's a big issue getting new focus after a redskins player and his family were hit by a fan leaving last night's game. first tonight, chaos in chicago. grounding flights from coast to coast. thsands of flights have been cancelled or delayed due to a fire-hour ground stop in chicago. a fire forced air traffic controllers to evacuate their control center and now we know one of the fa a's contract employees deliberately set that fire. >> even though the ground stop has been lifted, air traffic was
6:00 pm
visibly sparse over the chicago area. this map shows a number of planes in the air just a few hours ago. and people here in our area are still feeling the impacts of this hour with hundreds of delays at reagan national, dulles and vwi marshal airport. >> we have team coverage tonight. adam tuss has more on the fallout for local flyers. but let's start with nbc's wendy wo woolfolk in chicago. >> reporter: a terrible day at the busiest airport, despite the gorgeous weather in the chicago area. it's had a domino effect across the country. >> lines are terribly long. just crazy. >> reporter: air traveler's nightmare as more than 1,000 flights in and out of chicago's o'hare airport are grounded on a busy friday morning. >> i'm afraid it's going to be an all-day. we don't know what's going on. >> reporter: a fire at the faa center that controls radar for flights at midway and


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