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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 6, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news coming from the supreme court on the first day of the new term. a court decision today could mean same sex marriages in virginia will be legal. we'll go straight to the live desk. >> it not only affect s virgini but ten other states. the supreme court will not hear appeals from five different states on same sex marble. that's virginia, wisconsin, indiana, oklahoma and utah. so same sex marriage now legal in those states. previously in those states, appeals courts had said the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. that the unions are legal.
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but the unions were put on hold pending supreme court action on whether or not to take the cases. so now those circuits where federal courts ruled that the ban was unconstitutional, they will also start recognizing gay marriage. it's going to take some time but it will happen eventually. six additional states including west virginia. so this has a wide -reaching effect. in virginia, saying within a few hours they will be issuing a manda mandate, so they will explain exactly when the unions will start take place. it's going to take a while for the courts to catch up with the action taken today by the high court. this is going to mean that 30 states and d.c. will be recognizing same sex marriage. however, it does not set a legal press debit here. you could still see more cases going to the supreme court regarding same sex marriage. we're going to stay on top of it. as soon as that announcement comes down from the fourth circuit supreme court, we'll bring it to you. >> in about an hour, we'll get an update on the nbc cameraman
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diagnosed with ebola. he arrived in omaha about two hours ago for treatment. ashoka mukpo was working in liberia as a free lance cameraman for nbc news when he became ill last week. he's the fifth american to return to the u.s. for treatment since the ebola outbreak began. the world health organization estimates more than 3,400 people have died. meanwhile, a liberian man with ebola who started showing symptoms while visiting the u.s. is in critical condition at a dallas hospital. thomas duncan's condition was downgraded over the weekend from serious to critical. doctors will update us on his condition during a news conference at 3:00 this afternoon. the director of the centers for disease control and prevention was on the today show today. he says health officials are keeping a close eye on everyone who had any contact with duncan in an attempt to keep that disease from spreading. >> ten contacts who definitely had contact with him.
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and 38 others wou s woulwho mig contact. every single one of those people were monitored. their temperatures were taken. none of them had symptoms. none of them had fever. the key here is to keep doing that. >> dr. frieden will brief president obama this afternoon on the ebola situation. look for the latest starting on news 4 at 4:00. two patients in our area that were being tested for the disease do not have it. the centers for disease control says a patient admitted to howard university does not have ebola. a person at shady grove hospital in rockville was also tested for exposure. that test was also negative. turning to our weather now, we have partly sunny skies out there. we're warming up a little bit outside. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his first 4 forecast. real chilly start to this day. felt like fall, didn't it? >> sure did, barbara, another morning where most everybody dropped below 50 degrees. it was a chilly one for sure. that sunshine out there is really helping to warm things up
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nicely. there's the view from our tower camera. looking out to the east. it's a beautiful day outside first thing this afternoon. you better enjoy it because it's just not going to last. clouds will be moving in during the overnight hours. rain drops could be awrriving here as early as just after midnight tonight. likely to have our first drops before you wake up tomorrow morning. in the meantime, that sunshine's helping the warm-up quite quickly. in the upper 50s to low and mid-60s already. it's going to be a nice day to be outside today by the time the kiddos are coming home from school. temperatures near 70 degrees by 2:00 and 3:00 to 4:00, temperatures in the low to mid-70s. a mild day today. shower chance, two of them, coming our way tomorrow, and a chance for heavy rain later in the week. all that in door taetail for yo seven day coming up. we know the names of the people involved in a deadly stabbing. stabbed to death his uncle russell david. it happened saturday night in the home they shared on pecan
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grove lane in gaithersburg. police believe the two had been fighting. today, it is an investigation into a d.c. police officer and a u.s. marshal who killed a man in southeast washington. according to d.c. police, the officers went to michael adney's apartment this weekend, on wheeler road southeast near alabama avenue. they planned to arrest him there. we're told when police showed up, he pulled out a gun. when he wouldn't put it down, the officers shot him. today, metro begins its repair project. first up, the escalators at one of the busiest systems in the whole system, the bethesda metro station. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with just how big of an impact this project will have on you. >> we're literally riding on the escalator right now, and this is going to be a big inconvenience for people and this work is going to drag on for a couple of years. right now, they have three
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escalators. while the work is going on, folks are going to have to make do with just two. at 106 feet, it's the second longest escalator in the western hemisphere. >> they break down all the time. and it's expected. with that kind of usage. >> reporter: metro is replacing the escalators at the bethesda station. they will swap them out one at a time over 2 1/2 years. it means riders will go from three escalators down to two, one up and one down. things could get a bit crowded. >> it's going to be bad. because they're in such bad shape that one stops, they have to shut the other in the other direction. if we only have two, soone's going to be walk up and down all the time. >> especially when there's one going in the other direction and you have to go in the other direction, that's a long staircase to climb. >> if there is a breakdown or
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disruption, metro says they may have to temporarily close the station to prevent overcrowding. that could happen with little notice. so riders are asked to have a backup plan. and if they are forced to shut down the bethesda station temporarily, metro will be running shuttle buses to help move people around. reporting live, back to you. >> all right, megan, thank you. right now, supreme court justices are back to work and making big news for same sex couples. coming up, more on the breaking news and other issues the court is being asked to take up. and more information on the enterovirus and the death of a new jersey boy. the big monday night matchup and how the team is preparing for how the team is preparing for those super bowl champs.
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is a lifeline forast cancer so many people. it is more than a community. it is a family. there's always a hug. you're friends for life. when i needed guidance, and i needed support, living beyond breast cancer was there. last year, 5-hour energy raised over $340,000 for living beyond breast cancer
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purchase a specially marked bottle now through december 31st... and a portion of the proceeds will help breast cancer survivors live beyond their diagnosis. some breaking news this morning. the supreme court has rejected same-sex marriage appeals from five states, including virginia. that means same-sex couples can marry in those states, including the commonwealth now. this is the first day of the new term for the supreme court. some of the cases on the agenda this term include the face of threats over facebook, a
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pennsylvania man says his facebook posts about killing his wife and shooting up a school were rap lyrics and not threats. the court will have to decide if intention to commit an act is needed for conviction. also on the docket is religious discrimination. retailer abercrombie & fitch will defend denying an inplempl the right to wear a head scarf. crews are getting ready to search another large area of land for hannah graham. the police chief promised her parents he would bring her home. hannah's been missing over three weeks now. more than 100 officers and volunteers spent the weekend searching more than 700 square miles of the county. as the search grows cold, investigators maintain hope that hanna will be found alive. >> this is a rescue effort. we're here to find hannah and to bring hannah home. >> we've made that commitment to her parents and we're going to honor that commitment.
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>> graham's mother made a tearful play for her daughter's safe return. investigators are now following up on 3,000 tips. new safety concerns this morning. the steering problem on some ford vehicles that have the national highway safety administration getting involved. plus, the help nationals are getting from a fan ahead of tonight's must win game. >> it's a beautiful day outside here in washington this afternoon but this sunshine is not going to last. we're going to face several chances for rain before the weekend gets here. i'll let you know which day may be thing soiest. and of course the redskins forecast for tonight. seven-day forecast and all that at 1
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developing today, crews are searching for two airmen who were swept into the ocean by huge waves off the coast japan. those waves were a direct result of typhoon phanphone. the airmen were americans. a third one died. the search back on for missing malaysian flight mh. 370. the search was put on hold while ships were outfitted wi ed witt cameras and jet fuel censors. the search will focus on a patch of the indian ocean off the australian coast. three ships will spend a year
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looking for that train that disappeared without a trace on march the 8th. today, the ntsb is looking into a fender bender on jfk's tarmac over the weekend. yesterday, a delta connection plane was parked waiting to approach its gate when it was hit by a jordanian flight. the royal jordanian's plane's nose hit the delta connector. no one on board was hurt. news 4 richard jordan is following a developing story at the live desk. >> they have received more than 500 steering complaints about some of their vehicles. these are the makes and models involved. those are the 2010 to 2012 models. there have reportedly been four crashes. ford saying the power steering fails and that can cause some drivers to lose control. they say simply restarting the
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car could fix it but the issue could return later. no recall yet but the warning is out. barbara, back to you. >> all right, thanks, richard. we know who won the nobel prize in medicine. u.s. scientist john o'keefe and norwegian husband and wife edward and may-brit moser won for discovering the inner gps that helps the brain navigate through the world. it can help understand the mechanisms behind the diseases like alzheimer's. a new leader in charge of the secret service. joseph clancy's first day as interim director. he worked for the agency for 30 years. he was the head of presidential protection f protection. for the past three years, he's led security issues for comcast, nbc's parent company. an american aid worker being held hostage told his parents in a letter he is scared to die. in a recent video, isis
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threatened to behead 26-year-old peter kassig. he moved to the middle east to provide humanitarian aid to refugees but was taken hostage a year ago. he urged his parents to seek comfort from his humanitarian work. president obama continues to be criticized for his policies in iraq and syria. leon panetta has a book out now. for more on that, we're joined by the political writer for nbc news. i guess panetta criticizes them about that. >> says in this new book that the president has, quote, lost his way on foreign policy. very harsh words from the official in this administration. there's a couple things he points to as mistakes on the part of the administration. one is that he says the president overturned the advice of almost all of his advisers on
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the issue of arming syrian rebels. this is something we heard from other democrats but it's the harshest language to date. he says the administration should have pushed harder to keep a residual troop force in iraq. the administration has held they couldn't reach a compromise with the government in that country, that's why they end up pulling -- >> he was the defense secretary, right what about his advice to the president, was it ignored? >> he said the president overruled them. panetta said we should have pushed harder. he said those two decision combined have contributed a lot to the rise of isis. >> former senator jim webb could run for president in 2016 we're hear. he was on "meet the press" yesterday and was asked about what he said. >> i really -- don't -- i'll leave that to other people to
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describe that, to answer. >> people say running to the left what do you say? >> i believe in certain principles i put out and whether they are to the left or the right doesn't matter to me. >> he did not criticize hillary clinton. surpriseded? >> we've now heard from two, both who say they might want to challenge hillary clinton. there's room within the democratic party. there are some policy differences. some progressives think she's too hawkish on foreign policy. he didn't really take aim at those issues. he seeped like he wanted to talk about running but not outline specific differences with clinton. >> the supreme court decision which just came out. they decided not to hear cases from five states on the ban on marriages for -- how do we say it? >> same-sex couples.
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>> right, same-sex couples. do you see this as a problem for conservatives? >> i think in the midterm elections, we're not really hearing a whole lot. we're hearing about women's issues, access to women's health. most of these candidates have stayed away from. this is sort of a mixed ruling. it has very good short-term benefits for same-sex couples in those states. but it's still not the court making a sweeping decision about marriage around the country. >> in our area, happy news for same sex couples in the state of virginia. >> five states in virginia and four others. >> thank you so much, thank you. for more from the rest of the nbc news political team, check out first read on today, the university of mary washington will host a debate for candidates in the first congressional district of virginia. democratic candidate norm morer and green party candidate gail parker will voice their stances on major issues in the upcoming november 4 election. tonight's debate will start at
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7:30. mark warner will face off against gillespie right here on nbc 4. meet the press moderator chuck todd will host the live debate at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. "nightly news" will be aired at 6:30. news 4's aaron gilchrist will join the panel. that's tomorrow night. news 4. the fairfax county chamber of commerce is sponsoring this debate. following breaking news at the live desk. >> this is breaking news on the d.c. mayor's race. democrat says she has received the endorsement of president obama. in it, there's a quote from the president saying bowser is a champion for working and middle class families and a passionate proponent of washington, d.c. bousher responding she's extremely honored to receive obama's endorsement. bowser going up against david katana in next month's
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elections. pulls show bousher's in the lead. we'll have to see if the president's support bumps up her numbers. a touching moment on a football field that has nothing to do with the sport. how two teams and the fans of the two teams came together to support a young girl fighting cancer. plus, flipping the switch. and keeping you from driving away. the new tool being used by car dealers to make sure they get their money. but first, here's a look at what's hot on
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the redskins are back on fedex field tonight. the team is in last place. the skins are playing the seattle seahawks. they will have to keep running back mar shawn lynch in check though. the team will play at 8:30 this evening. in baseball, if you want to get pumped for the pennant, the nationals have to win when they play today. if they lose, they will be eliminated from the playoffs. the team is now rested after playing the longest ever postseason game this weekend. they play the san francisco giants in san francisco shortly after 5:00 our time. this evening. as you pull for the team to win, one man is trying to make sure they will. >> here you go. one. two.
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three. yeah. let's go nats. >> that is a rubber chicken, understand that. the rubber chicken. kaufman says every time he goes through his ritual, it helps the mariners to win. he says he's been doing it for nearly ten years. >> because we started knocking the heads off chickens for good luck starting in 2005. and so far, the nationals have been doing each year better and better and better. and so we continue to knock the heads off. >> well, kaufman calls himself the rubber chicken man and we'll know whether his ceremony did anything later today. a new request from the family of michael brown this morning and what they're asking missouri's governor do nearly two months after their son was shot and killed by a police officer. plus, a confirmed death from the enterovirus. the questions a new jersey community is now asking. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is tracking the rain for us. when will it arrive?
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and your first look
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we have new details now about the tropical storm. it hammered tokyo today. take a look at this new video. you can see rescuers wait wading through the floods it caused. at least one person died in the storm. nearly 200,000 others left their homes to escape it.
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and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us. we do have some rain on the horizon. >> by this time tomorrow, everyone will have already seen at least their first drop of rain. there's going to be several chances for rain between now and the weekend. and when we get to the seven-day forecast, keep in mind, the weekend, there's still a lot of uncertainty. friday's looking wet. the weekend, well, depends which computer model you like as to how dry the weekend may or may not turn out to be. for now, just a beautiful day to be outside. a blue sky in washington. another plane load folks coming down the river, heading for arrival at reagan international airport. 64 degrees already our current temperature. winds are out of the south and 14 miles per hour. it is a noticeable southerly breeze today. humidity levels finally coming up after that bone dry air we had in here yesterday. the moisture content finally coming back. that will lead to an increasing chance for showers tonight. temperatures elsewhere across the metro area.
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64, winchester and front royal. still in the upper 50s for the panhandle. already 70 out on the eastern shore at cambridge. hour by hour today, it's going to be a nice day to be outside. plenty of sunshine. mild and breezy. clouds will be slowly on the increase. hourly temperatures, low to mid-60s at noon time. low to mid-70s for much of the midafternoon hours. back in the upper 60s by 6:00. so where's owl the rain coming from? no rain just yet. the rain drops are not that far away though it the leading edge of the drops already moved through. the bulk of the rain is still in eastern kentucky. the pace it's on if it were to hold together, would be here in 10 to 12 hours. the air we have in place is so dry it may eat up the first couple of chances of rain chances. most folks will get rain before the sun comes up tomorrow. as it scoops the moisture in our direction, it will keep us somewhat unsettled here for tuesday and wednesday. thursday's looking good.
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and then the next system arrives on friday. so, you're going out to the game tonight. washington and seattle. it's an 8:30 kickoff at fedex field. it's going to be a nice night for football. game time temperatures will be cool. it won't be as cold as it's been. sky still partly to mostly clear during the game. clouds will thicken quickly during the overnight hours. there's your future weather forecast. cloudy skies moving in after midnight tonight. there's that little chance for showers by morning. not a lot of the rain overnight into early tomorrow but a couple of drops possible. just in time for the early morning commute. wake-up temperatures tomorrow will be in the 50s. as we move ahead into tuesday on our future weather forecast, more clouds than anything else, but another chance for rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, probably be a little more rain than we have tomorrow morning. 70s with the sunshine fading later on this afternoon. today, 70s. 70s again today. sunshine and rain chances tomorrow. wednesday and thursday look good.
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the rain for now on friday. we've taken it out of the weekend forecast. but it's dueling computer models. one says rain and snow -- not snow, one says rain and one says sun. we're going to go with optimism and say sunshine for now but just know. >> is one of those your favorite computer models? >> yes. >> okay, we'll go with snunshin. all right. let's check in at the live desk. >> leesburg police now investigating the death of a 10-month-old baby girl. they say she was taken to the hospital with what they're calling suspicious injuries on friday. she was taken to the hospital, then had to be transferred over to childrens national medical center. just yesterday. on sunday, she was taken off life support. police say they're waiting for the autopsy report from the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. they say there appears to be some suspicious circumstances here. so they may pursue criminal charges once they get that report back. barbara. >> all right, richard, thank you. right now, a new jersey
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boy's death has brought more attention to nationwide health concerns. 4-year-old eli waller tested positive for the enterovirus that has sickened hundreds of children in more than 40 states. this is the only death the cdc has definitively linked to that virus. nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: in hamilton township, new jersey, sunday night, parents gathered to hear from the school district after confirmation that 4-year-old eli waller had died of enterovirus d-68 nearly two weeks ago. eli went to bed on wednesday, september 24th, but never woke up. in describing him, his father said imagine a shy little puppy who wants only to make people proud and happy, maybe tripping a bit over his own paws, but truly full off unconditional love. the cdc says 538 people in 38 states and d.c. have contracted enterovirus d-68 since august, including large clusters of children in denver and kansas city hospitalized with
11:36 am
difficulty breathing. medical investigators still don't know if there's a connection to another worrisome development. a dozen or so children, some who have shown symptom, of the virus, have also developed limb weakness or partial paralysis. though it's not clear if it's temporary or permanent. >> the link to paralysis is still uncertain and under investigation. >> reporter: enterovirus d-68 itself is relatively common this time of year. typical symptoms include a runny nose and fever. this year, there are more cases that seem more severe. patients with asthma or difficulty breathing are mosted an risk. >> we do want to make sure that most children who contract enterovirus d-68 will be perfectly fine and they should worry more if their child has asthma or trouble breathing in which case seek medical attention. >> the best advice on preventive steps is washing your hands and don't touch your eyes or your nose and stay away from people if you are sick. this outbreak of enterovirus is expected to die down as we get
11:37 am
further into fall and into winter. the family of michael brown is asking the governor of missouri to reconsider appointing a special prosecutor in the shooting death of brown. in the meantime, community supporters are calling for swift justice. yesterday, activists called for an immediate arrest of dash wilson, the ferguson police officer who shot and killed brown. a grand jury is determining if there is enough evidence to arrest officer wilson who is unarmed at the time that he was shot. brown was unarmed. >> if you take it to the jury, he should be charged. he should be booked. he should be fingerprinted. then we should get what we asked for from the very beginning. justice. >> the brown family's lawyer wants to bypass the grand jury and instead immediately charge wilson in own's death. the jury has until january to decide if the officer should be charged. a county teenager is
11:38 am
fighting for his life after falling off a moving car. the teen jumped on a co-worker's car at chick-fil-a. he's in critical condition with a serious head injury. police say the driver knew the teen was on the car but he's not being charged with anything right now. a new pilot program could improve your commute. vdot could launch a program that allows buses to use the shulder on i-66 inside the beltway during heavy traffic. the one hr year program is expected to begin by november. vdot is working with different transit companies to finalize rules on this. if you went to bed early, you miss aed a touching moment during the bengals/patriots game. donned replica jerseys to honor defensive tackle's devin stills daughter lea. the 4-year-old was recently diagnosed with neuro blastoma. has spent the summer raising
11:39 am
awareness and money for pediatric cancer research. he sat down with nbc to talk about the day lea was diagnosed. >> she was crying. i remember her looking at me. and said to me, dad, this is all your fault, you should have never brought me to the hospital. i broke down crying because i didn't -- i didn't know what to say. >> instead of releasing him, the bengals originally kept still on their practice squad so he had insurance to pay for his daughter's medical costs. so far, still is being credited with helping raise over $1 million for pediatric cancer research. not as planned, the romantic hot air balloon ride that did not end as expected. plus, more choices for wifi phone service. stay with us.
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there's a new millionaire in va. that person may not even know it. the virginia lottery says someone won the first million there are prize in its new money ball game. the winning ticket sold down in danville. if you bought the tickets, you have about six months to claim your prize. the odds of winning the top prize is 1 in more than 2.3 million. money ball began september 14th. a hot air balloon ride is usually pretty special but one ride near san diego hopefully will be once in a lifetime. take a look.
11:43 am
a man was proposing to his girlfriend during the sunset ride yesterday when the balloon drifted off course and hovered over the water. >> my fiance and i were getting engaged up there. next thing you know, the balloon was veering off towards the water and couldn't get our way back to land. the air up there was just so stagnant. we were just going straight down. no matter what the pilot tried. >> with the help of some lifeguards and surfers, the balloon made it back to shore and no one was hurt. car dealers no locker need to hire a repo man. coming up, the device being used to keep those who do not pay from driving away and the lawsuit fighting to get it removed. >> there's a picture of you at disneyland. you're assaulting a woman. >> coming up at 1:00, kate walsh explains her behavior at disneyland to meredith. that's at 1:00 right here on nbc 4.
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congss doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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a disturbing new study suggests sexting is becoming a normal part of teenage life. researchers wrapped up a six-year study. they say it's surprisingly common for kids to text sexually explicit photos. the study found no link between
11:47 am
sexting and future risky behavior. we're looking at supplements that can help your mood. here's joshua weiner. >> the substance called magnesium. magnesium is a substance that americans are getting less of in their diet. it's been shown about 50% less magnesium is in the american diet now compared to about 30 or 40 years ago. magnesium is involved in a whole number of factors for body functioning, including for the brain. magnesium is involved in 300 different enzyme reactions in the body. magnesium has been shown to an anti-anxiety portion to it. what i recommend is 200 mill milligrams once or twice a day and that can have a calming effect. >> he says magnesium can help with sleep. if you want to learn more, you
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can head to our website we have a list of mental health resources in your community. the growing trend of kill switches in cars can make it easier for you to buy a new car but it can also make your life a nightmare if you don't pay right on time. as nbc joe fryer tells us, that issue is now leading to lawsuits. >> reporter: if mary of las vegas can't get her minivan to start, she knows it's probably not a mechanical problem. when you see the car's been turned off what goes through your mind? >> i hate them. >> reporter: that's because her lender can actually disable the vehicle by remotely activating a device inside her van if she's late on car payments. >> my daughter's been sick before to where i couldn't take her to the emergency room. >> reporter: increasingly, lenders are requiring these so-called starter interrupt devices for car shoppers who may not have the best credit. about 30% of auto loans now go to customers who are considered subprime, those with blemishes
11:49 am
on their credit. car salesman say the devices can help these customers. >> because we can give them a much nicer car for a lot less downpayment than they have had in the past. >> reporter: at bubba hills auto plaza in florida, every single car has a device. >> it's just like a power company really. they're going to cut your power off if you don't pay the bill. >> reporter: he can control the devices from a computer in his office. >> then we're going to send a command that will disable the vehicle. >> reporter: but hill says he has only disabled a dozen cars in the last five years. past time, the leading device make, says the technology is helping buyers and sellers. >> the success has been remarkable. we've seen significant drops in deling quinces. we've seen significant drops in repossessions. >> reporter: but in las vegas, mary is suing her lender. >> this car, i have no control over anything. i'm a single mom. i have to have control. >> reporter: she claims there was no mention of the device in
11:50 am
her contract. but the dealership says the devices are always disclosed. she did receive instructions about the device that say on the third day, if payment is not received, your vehicle will not start. her attorney arguings that violates state law, because she was never in default, defined as 30 days late on a payment. >> the law says 30 days for a reason. you have 30 days because anybody can forget to mail the check. >> reporter: cag would not respond but says it disputes the allegations and will vigorously defend itself. a legal matter pitting a single mother against a virtual repo man. joe fryer, nbc news, las vegas. our time now is 11:50. coming u, what's happening in baltimore on friday for the first time in 17 years. plus, the workweek forecast. rain is on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with how much we can expect. stay with us.
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i'm richard jordan at the live desk. with breaking news on same-sex marriage in virginia. virginia will start to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and recognize same-sex unions performed in other states. this on the heels of the supreme court action today. the court will not hear appeals from five states, including virginia, which means that same-sex marriage is legal now in those states. we did hear from governor
11:54 am
mcauliffe. he says virginia is well prepared to implement this historic decision. >> other stories we will be watching today in just a few minutes. we will get an update on the nbc cameraman diagnosed with ebola. he arrived in omaha about three hours ago for treatment. ashoka mukpo was working in liberia as a freelance cameraman for nbc news when he became ill last week. just hours from now, the nationals will play the san francisco giants with the season on the line. if they lose, then the nats will be eliminated from the playoffs. they have to win three in a row to stay alive. watch news 4 later today to find out whether the team will keep going. baltimore fans can relax tonight. the orioles are one step closer to their pebant. o-town is spreading, #alcs is a hot twitter topic in our area.
11:55 am
the orioles will play friday. this is the first time camden yards will host a league championship game in 17 years. the o's will have lots of time to rest. they face the royals who have not made it to the playoffs for nearly 30 years. now is a good time to get a good deal on a new smart phone. more carriers will soon offer wifi calling as a standard feature. nbc reports that it could save you some money too. >> ever since cell phones first hit the market, wireless carriers have been competing to offer better coverage. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: when you're in your basement or in the middle of nowhere, zero bars can be frustrating. one reason they're make the push for wifi. >> wifi calling let, a phone user send and receive both phone calls and text messages but they come over a wifi connection rather than a cellular connection. >> reporter: it's a feature t-mobile has offered since 2007
11:56 am
but now. >> it's back in the spotlight because apple is offering wifi calling as an option on the i-phone 6. >> reporter: allowing calls to switch seemlessly between wifi and cellular networks. but keep in mind. >> if you want to use wifi calling as a built in feature, you have to have a phone and wireless carrier that support it. >> reporter: more carriers are. sprint now offers it for some android powered devices. >> both at&t and verizon are planning to offer wifi calling in 2015. >> reporter: it may hold appeal fog customers in rule localocal. it could also help users save money on their wireless plans. >> doesn't count against your text messaging allotment or your plan moments. >> reporter: another reason wifi calling could connect with a bigger audience. mark bart, nbc news. and it's time for a final check on our forecast for this
11:57 am
midday, chuck. >> beautiful day outside today. get out and enjoy it. soak in some sockoctober sunshi. temperatures in the low 70s this afternoon. it will be dry for the redskins game tonight. 50s by morn. a couple of dances of rain tomorrow. one chance before you wake up and another chance tomorrow, late afternoon into tomorrow evening. wednesday and thursday look nice. wednesday, looks like the pick of the litter this week. clouds back on thursday. rain likely on friday. that friday event, that actually could be a bit of rain. tomorrow, we're just hit and miss showers. friday, it looks like it could be half an inch to an inch of rain. cautious optimism for now. our two favorite computer models, one says rain and one says no rain for the weekend. so optimism is the tiebreaker in this particular case. if it were during the week, maybe you'd go with a rain chance. chances for a dry weekend look pretty good. >> maybe you better get a third computer model. >> the more models you look at,
11:58 am
the more muddled the mess gets. that's how we're limiting it. >> they say, okay, we have two against one. anyway. >> there's 30 or 40. you can look at then all if you wanted to. >> we'll cross our fingers for sunshine. especially since we're getting rain tomorrow. that's news for midday for today. we thank you for being with us. and invite you to tune in for news 4, 5, 6 and tonight at 11:00. we look forward to having you with us. have a great day and we'll see you in the morning.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> jennifer: julie, thank you... hi. >> julie: hi. >> jennifer: for getting here so quickly. >> julie: you sounded so upset on the phone. >> jennifer: well, uh, i am kind of beside myself, and i could really use your help. >> julie: the words i live to hear. what can i do for you, darling? >> jennifer: it's about eve donovan and her daughter and jj. >> bev: paige, what's going on? >> paige: nothing much. >> bev: really? 'cause i heard from rory that jj ditched you at the party to hook up withome random girl. but, i mean, that's what bad boys do, right? >> jj: hey, aunt kayla. >> kayla: hey, baby. you wanna join me? um, paige is meeting me in a little while. >> jj: oh, yeah, uh, she told me, but, um, i kind of--


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