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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 7, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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it is a critical night tonight in that critical race. debate night in the campaign for virginia senate. >> republican mark warner faces republican challenger ed gillespie and a new poll is out. news4's pat lawson muse will join us with more from the site of tonight's big debate in mclean in a few minutes. first at 4:00 tonight, two girls hit by a car on their way to school. it happened in morning in germantown, maryland. investigators tell us the girls were in the crosswalk when a car drove right into them. the driver stayed on the scene and was cited for the accident. paramedics rushed both girls to the hospital. doctors tell us they'll be okay. and there's now a crackdown in montgomery county to keep accidents like that from happening again. news4 has learned there lab has been an explosion of tickets. mark segraves is live to explain. mark? >> reporter: that's right, barbara. while those two girls will be
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okay on copper road, it underscores the safety issue in crossing the street. montgomery county police list this stretch of connecticut avenue here in aspen hill as one of the ten most dangerous for pedestrians. so this is one of the places they have ramped up enforcement. in just nine months, they have issued more than 200 tickets here to both drivers for failing to yield to pedestrians who were in the crosswalk, and to pedestrians who were jaywalking. police say those tickets weren't always issued on an equal basis. >> in 2010, we began looking at how were the crashes occurring. who was at fault. and as such, we realized that pedestrians were at fault many, many times, but they were rarely given a citation. >> reporter: now, police say they have done a lot to level the playing field when it comes to issuing those tickets. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll crunch those numbers and let you know who has been getting the most tickets. drivers or pedestrians.
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reporting live in montgomery county, mark segraves, news4. >> thank you, mark. right now storm team 4 tracking some rain rolling in. >> let's get to meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center. vj. >> yeah, not just rain. we could have some thunderstorms moving our way during portions of the overnight period. a lot of folks concerned with, of course, the lunar eclipse coming up tomorrow morning. let me show what would he have been analyzing here this afternoon. this whole big batch of rain off to the west. and, yes, the counties shaded in yellow, that is where there is a watch up. and that is a tornado watch in areas of west virginia, kentucky, portions of ohio. just off to our west, you can see some stronger storms to the east. some thunderstorms. as we track this area, is about three hours away or so, heavier rain in that pocket of southwest virginia. so after 6:30, rain around here, isolated storms with a better chance of storms later. temperature range throughout the area, cool with the clouds.
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64 degrees. germantown, gaithersburg, 72. around camp springs, and green belt maryland. rain is back after 6:30 this evening. heavier rain and storms after 9:00 p.m. we'll talking about the impact of that for our overnight period and if it all is going to clear in time for the amazing lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. >> thanks, vj. virginia senator mark warner is the clear front runner in the race, but his goppel challenger is hoping to catch a wave and pull off a win. >> news4's pat lawson muse, some insight into the race. she joins us live from the mclean location of tonight's debate. pat. >> reporter: yes, barbara, jim. three hours from now, this auditorium will fill up with elected leaders and other invited guests to watch warner face off against his republican challenger, ed gillespie. it will be their second debate, but really the first good look that most virginia voters get of these two on stage together during this stage of the campaign. a new poll. that new poll you referred to just released shows warner still
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dominating this race. leading 51-39%, that's a 12-point lead. just a month ago, it was 22 points. robert sarvis, libertarian gaining three points. the latest poll, voters say they believe warner, their farmer governor, will do a better job tackling issues they care most about. the economy, health care, the budget deficit, immigration and border control. they will tackle all of those issues during the debate tonight, which starts at 7:00. ed gillespie is well-known in washington, but not quite so well-known to virginia voters. he is hoping to translate his movement in the polls to momentum. we asked nbc's senior political editor, mark murray, about that. >> make no mistake, mark warner is the leader, polls show. some of him have bigger leads. he is the clear front runner in this race. >> in recent weeks, ed gillespie
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has gained ground. is it significant? is he doing something right, or is this just what you expect to see at this point? >> i think what we're seeing right now is republican voters starting to come home. they're getting to know who ed gillespie is. as that is happening, there is poll tight-ing. what ed gillespie says, come november, democrats stay home. that's what you see in a midterm election, where when the president is unpopular, when people think the country is headed in the wrong direction, one party tends to have a better advantage than the other. >> now, coming up, northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, will join me to take a deeper look at those numbers -- into those numbers, where the candidates are polling strongest, and whether sarvis will be a factor in this race. you can watch the debate beginning at 7:00 tonight here on news4, and online at chuck todd will moderate the debate tonight. julie carey joins aaron gilchrist and "washington post" national political correspondent
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karen tumtn the panel. that starts at 7:00 and we'll be back later. >> big night in the commonwealth. pat, thanks so much. thieves stole her information, then ripped her off again. how a maryland woman uncovered a dangerous scam, plus the one local spot all the victims have in common. jp gibson has come into the game. >> plus this little guy stole the show. the courageous story behind nba's newest superstar, first at 4:00.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. we're learning more about a barricade situation that ended in gunfire in virginia this morning. the incident began here in the yard of this house in warrenton yesterday. sheriffs deputies had an
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emergency custody order for joshua simpson, because they say there were concerns about his mental health. when they tried to pick him up, he ran into the house. after overnight negotiations, police say simpson came outside this morning and started shooting. police returned fire, critically injuring him. after an unusual bolo went out on police radios in maryland this morning, two people are in custody accused of stealing a school bus. chopper 4 was over the scene in crownsville in anne arundel county. the suspects crashed through auto ga a gate. the bus was found in davidsonville by a helicopter. it was in a secluded area and the back window had been cracked. the bus normally carries students with special needs. a woman in our area had $1,500 stolen from her, and she never even saw the thieves. someone put a skimming device on to the atm at the maryland branch of sandy spring bank.
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the victim tells news4 the thieves used her stolen information to withdraw money from three different banks in new york city. >> it's just scary to think that somebody can take your information from here and then it's being used in another state. >> we have learned there were several other potential victims from this skimming scam. news4's pat collins will have more on a live report at 5:00 tonight. she is furious. oscar winner jennifer lawrence breaks her silence on that nude photo leak. plus, how she broke the news to her dad. i'm dianna russini at redskins park. this team definitely needs a win, but jay gruden says they desperate hee need a leader on this team. plus, the nats, backed up against the wall. they must win tonight. i'll have the details
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. there's a whole lot of buzz about the latest players signed by the utah jazz. >> yeah, jp gibson is only 5 years old, and he's battling leukemia. >> he rises to the rim and hammers! jp gibson with a two-hand! >> yesterday jp signed a one-day contract as a free agent for the jazz, and he got to play during a preseason scrimmage. his parents say he has always
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loved basketball. when jp was only 15 months old, he began to insist on shooting hoops for an hour every night before bedtime, and he continues that practice today. >> he slides by -- well, here we go again, folks. another elimination game for the nationals, as they take on the giants again tonight. >> win, and the season continues. lose, and it's over. dianna russini joins us from redskins park where he's got both the nats and the redskins covered. hey, dianna. >> we are busy, guys. you thousand dollaght yesterday. we have another on a tuesday. jim, we want to keep this beard going for you. the nats back out in san francisco to play the giants, and they got to win this one if he they want to win. the bats finally woke up bryce harper smacked his home run after three runs in the first two games. the nationals put up four in
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game three. a win tonight, and the nats head back to d.c. for the decisive game five on thursday. football now. kirk cousins and the redskins. they tried to give d.c. sports a monday sweep, but russell wilson and the defending super bowl champion seahawks had other ideas last night. wilson rushed for a career-high 122 yards, accounting for three touchdowns for seattle. not all bad for the redskins, though, guys. desean jackson showed out against one of the lead top defenses, with five passes for 157 yards and a touchdown. seahawks get the win, though, 27-17. but definitely a game the redskins can build on. now, i spoke with jay gruden over his press -- over the phone. it's his day-after game press conference he gives over the phone. and he said right now he is not happy with the fact that this team was just toe-to-toe with the seattle seahawks. he thinks they have more in them and right now this team needs to
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regroup and figure out who wants to be the leader. so we're going to talk more about that coming up at news4 at 5:00. for now, i'm dianna russini at redskins park. back to you. >> you are so right. deshawn was killing it last night. thanks, dianna. hey, if the game, baseball that is, is too late for you tonight, we can send an alert to your phone. just download our free app search, nbc washington in the app store or google play. it turned out to be a pretty nice day out there. did we ever get any real rain? >> we did get some rain. in fact, rain lasted longer through the morning hours. but sunshine now, a lot of folks thinking we're going to stay with the sunshine. now we're going to move back into the rain, and in fact, heavy rain. even the chance for thunderstorms coming our way during the overnight. let's head to storm team 4 radar and show what we have been tracking all day long. this is one big storm system, folks, and it's got some heavy rain with it. in fact, also a tornado watch just out to our west throughout areas of kentucky. so i'll show you that now, where those bigger storms are, coming
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through kentucky. tornado warnings there. charleston, west virginia, rain moving through. heavy rain and thunderstorms just on the north side of roanoke, virginia right now. that's the part we're really watching right now. this area down in southwestern virginia. because it's moving north-northeast. we'll be here in three hours. so 6:30, 7:00 time period it hits areas like rappahannock and culpeper county and continues to move northeast. that's wave one. there will be another heavier wave coming after about 9:00 p.m. so your impact forecast for tonight, 9:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. all the way up to moderate, because there could be strong gusts with heavy rain. i don't think we're going to see any flooding across the area, but strong gusts could lead to a handful of some power outages across the area. 73 degrees your temperature. mostly cloudy at 5:00. we hang on to dry conditions for just a little while longer. then it's rain after 7:00. we drop to 72, and with that rain and chance of storms at 9:00 p.m. and thereafter we're into the
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60s and temperatures will start falling off faster. your future weather, let's take a look. we'll take you through right through the day tomorrow. the afternoon. here's that line off to the west that we're watching. it comes through, and into our area. so by the time we get to 9:00, some showers mostly. there could be a few pockets of some isolated heavier rain. the bigger batch of storminess comes after 9:00, so at 11:00, areas like la ray, warrenton, into areas like fredericksburg and waldorf. this is at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and storms should move out. we clear out just in time for the lunar eclipse. and tomorrow afternoon, breezy with sunshine across the area. highs get up into the 70s anywhere from 71 to 76 degrees. la plata and towards fredericksburg. so four-day forecast looking like this. 75 tomorrow, cooler on thursday, but we've got at least two days of sunshine coming our way and a chance to dry out for the weekend. talked about this yesterday. it starts friday. saturday looking wet and much
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cooler. and that trend is going to stick around for a while. we'll talk more about that early next week, and lunar eclipse details in a few. >> thanks, vj. developing news on wall street. let's get to wendy rieger at the live desk with details on this down day. >> yeah, at the close, the dow dropped 272 points today, ending around 16,700. that's the lowest level in almost two months. experts say investors are getting worried about europe's slowing economic growth. and what kind of impact that could have on the united states. meanwhile, the nasdaq dropped 54 points today and standard & pours 500 index fell 22 points. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. they are her first public comments about the photo hacking scandal. actress jennifer lawrence calls the breach a sex crime. and she says she was afraid when it happened, and worried about how it would affect her career. >> but she says she is not crying over it anymore. lawrence was one of the
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celebrities whose personal photos were stolen by hackers back in august. and posted online. in an exclusive interview with "vanity fair" magazine, lauren says quote, just because i'm a public figure, just because i'm an actress, does not mean that i asked for this. it does not mean that it comes with the territory. it's my body, she goes on to y say, and it should be my choice. and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. i can't believe that we even live in that kind of world. >> she goes on to say, when i have to make that phone call to my dad and tell him what's happened, i don't care how much money i make for the "hunger games" it's not worth it. >> it's been a chaotic few days at that hospital in dallas. jay gray is there and joins us live as the ebola patient is now in isolation and begins treatment with an experimental drug. good news for buyers online who use paypal. more time to make returns. i'm erika gonzales, and i'll have the story, coming up.
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>> barbara, incumbent mark warner has shown strong support among his democratic base, but also among independents. he is even winning some conservatives over. while ed gillespie is apparently building on his base. northern virginia bureau reporter -- chief, rather, julie carey is with me live. julie, what do you think the narrowing of mark warner's lead means? >> it means a couple things. first of all t voters are starting to tune in. ed gillespie, this is his first campaign. so voters are starting find out who he is. mark warner about a month ago had almost a 22-point lead in the poll we're looking at today. that has now narrowed to a 12 had been point lead. a couple things have happened. gillespie is shoring up republican support. only 70% had planned to back him now up to 84%. he is also picking up undecided voters out there. and robert sarvis, the
4:25 pm
libertarian candidate has lost to gillespie. >> where in the state is gillespie showing strongest support? >> you might expect, in southwest virginia and southern virginia. that is where republicans traditionally do their best. but the one thing that this poll shows, even though it's narrow, there is some very good news from mark warner in this, and that is he is leading in every region of the state, even in southern and southwest virginia. he is strongest in the richmond area and hampton roads and then also strong lead in northern virginia. >> can we talk about the ad war for a second? earlier in the campaign, the campaign debates were running softer ads. we saw the image ads and that sort of thing in the summer and early fall. >> they've gotten tougher. let's take a look at a couple of them. let's take a look at this. >> ed gillespie, lobbyist and political operative, is attacking mark warner with false ads experts call misleading, completely made up. >> mark warner helped pass baoba
4:26 pm
care, stopping employers from hiring. >> how much more of that do you think we can expect to see? >> a month away from election day. we're going to see more negative ads and outside money coming into the race to fund some of those ads. you know thoorks two ads show what each candidate, the way they're going to try to portray each other going forward. ed gillespie is going to try to tie mark warner to president obama and some of his unpopular policies. mark warner is going to try to paint ed gillespie as a washington insider, something that doesn't work well inside the beltway or outside right now. >> you expect to see a lot of that tonight. what do they need to do tonight? >> well, this is a really important night for ed gillespie, because, agai he is a newcomer. he needs to score points tonight. mark warner really just needs to hold his ground, look senatorial. ed gillespie needs to try to chip away at mark warner a little bit and to pull away some of those independent voters that are currently in his camp and even some of those moderate republicans who have
4:27 pm
traditionally backed mark warner. >> julie carey, will be on the panel with aaron gilchrist tonight. debate time, 7:00. chuck todd will be moderating. we're live in mclean. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you, pat. he's fighting for his life. we're live outside the dallas hospital as an experimental treatment begins for a liberian man infected with the deadly ebola virus. plus, a 4-year-old passes out heroin packets at daycare, thinking it's candy. so where did she get it?
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welcome back to news4. and storm team 4 tracking an area of rain headed this way. we've got the sunshine, but in the western sky, more clouds now filling back in. there's a look at it all advancing eastward through areas of southern portions of virginia, around roanoke heavier rain and lightning all ready to make its way up into the areas around orange county, rappahannock and culpeper county by 6:30 to 7:00. for us, what do i expect? until 2:00 a.m., isolated rain gets going after 9:00, high gusts. and with those power outages across the area. by 5:00 a.m. in the morning for sure we'll be clearing out. the lunar eclipse starts at 5:15. totality, 6:25 to 7:24. we've got a lot more on news4 at 5:00. here's the latest now on the ebola outbreak. right now, both patients being treated here in the u.s. are
4:31 pm
holding their own. but spain is coming under fire for its anti infection procedures. the nursing assistant who could contracted ebola from a patient complained of symptoms for more than a week before she was hospitalized. now her husband and two other people are quarantined and 50 other contacts are being monitored. and spanish officials want a court order to euthanize the couple's pet dog over their objections. back here in the u.s., we've learned that both patients being treated for ebola are receiving the same experimental drug. whether that drug works or not, most experts say both patients may get worse before they get better. nbc's jay gray is in dallas now where the first case of ebola in the u.s. was diagnosed. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim. yeah, in a late update today, doctors said that thomas eric duncan has shown some improvement in liver function. good news. but warn he is still in critical condition on dialysis and the ventilator, struggling to survive.
4:32 pm
they can't be by his side. but thomas eric duncan's 85-year-old mother and other family members traveled 15 hours from north carolina to be as close as they can. as the ebola patient fights for his life. reverend jesse jackson and local clergy spent time with the family today, sharing a message of hope and support. >> thomas today needs love and medical treatment. >> reporter: we know he is being treated with the experimental drug prinbrincidofovir. the same day, his condition dropped from serious to critical. >> the hospital released a statement saying the patient was intubated, meaning they're on a respirator to support breathing, on dialysis, kidney dialysis to support his kidney functions and he has received experimental treatment. >> reporter: a daf after walking off a medevac jet that rushed him from liberia to omaha,
4:33 pm
doctors are treating ashoka mukpo with the same experimental treatment as duncan. in an effort to get through a global crisis that president obama has called a national security priority, as many as 4,000 u.s. troops are now being sent to africa. >> the military focus is on providing logistics, training and engineering support. >> reporter: while here at home, national security and health teams are mapping out a new strategy that will likely include a stepped up screening process in at least four major u.s. airports. >> all of these things make me confident that here in the united states, at least, we -- the chances of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> reporter: even if concern about the deadly virus spreading is not. doctors here warn anyone potentially infected by duncan would begin to get sick likely later this week. right now no one in the group of
4:34 pm
48 people being monitored has shown any symptoms of the virus. that's the latest in dallas, i'm jay gray. >> thank you. we're tracking every angle of this outbreak and invite you to stay with nbc washington for continuing coverage. and now to decision 2014. the two candidates hoping to become the next governor of maryland faced off today in their first televised debate. lieutenant governor anthony brown and republican larry hogan discussed key issues facing the state, including gun laws. >> he had the new commercial out that has assault weapons in school yards by the swing set and in grocery stores. and says that i oppose background checks and i want to put assault weapons in theands of the mentally ill. i can assure you, that's 100% false. >> you spoke to a group of extreme gun owners and said don't worry, give me a pass in public, because when i'm governor, i'm going use
4:35 pm
executive order to roll back the provisions of the firearm safety act. >> meanwhile, a new poll shows the governor's race is tightening. we'll have more on that coming up on news4 at 5:00. and chris gordon reports on what the candidates have to say about maryland jobs, taxes and education. and tonight is not the first time the two candidates virginia's senate have opposed each other on stage. and it may not be the last. so how critical is tonight's performance in the race? news4's pat lawson muse joins us from the debate site with some insight. pat? >> you know, barbara, while virginia's u.s. senate race isn't expected to be one of those races that could positi potentially impact the shift of power on -- the balance of power, rather, on capitol hill in november, nbc's senior political editor mark murray explains how those races could have an impact here. >> the question for ed gillespie is, can he hop on to a -- maybe a big republican wave come november?
4:36 pm
hope that wave drops down on virginia and gives him a better chance of winning the contest. mark warner is doing everything possible. >> is he running from the president? >> he's running -- mark warner is democrat and that's helped in this contest. virginia voters know who he is. he was the centrist democratic governor for a long time. people know him really well. >> how important will this debate be tonight? >> all debates are always important. it gives voters a chance to be able to size up the candidates, the people they're going to be casting ballots for. i'm not necessarily sure this debate is going to make or break either of these can't dayses, but gives voters yet another opportunity, another window to make their decision. >> and voters will get one more opportunity to look at these two on stage together. there is one more debate scheduled on monday in richmond. after tonight's debate, you can watch tonight's debate at 7:00 on nbc 4. also online at and after the debate, join our live google hangout on nbc washington with moderator chuck
4:37 pm
todd and with julie carey. and check out david culver, who will be live tweeting the debate tonight. that's it from mclean back to you in the studio. >> thank you, pat. how students in virginia stack up when it comes to the s.a.t. general motors turning to social media to get car owners to bring in those recalled cars. i'm erika gonzales. i'll have the details coming up. in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress.
4:38 pm
they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. the future is looking bright in virginia. high school seniors there are outperforming the nation on the s.a.t. the average score on reading in the commonwealth this year is 518. that's more than 20 points above the u.s. average. the majority average in virginia was 515, two points higher than the rest of the country. and the drinking writing is ten points higher than the rest of the country. the national average stayed the same. >> good for them. more than 1 million general motors vehicles with defective ignition switches have not been fixed. >> and that's prompted gm to use a different approach to get the owners' attention dwrobeyond th typical recall notice. news4 consumer reporter erika gonzales has details. >> that's right. facebook, social media isn't just for connecting with your friends anymore. general motors now turning to facebook to try and get those vehicle owners to pay attention and get their cars fixed.
4:41 pm
general motors is sending facebook messages, making phone calls, even knocking on doors of the owners of these recalled cars all in the effort to get the switches replaced. the cars that need to be fixed mainly chevy cobalts and saturn io ions. people who haven't had the repairs done have children. an at&t employee reportedly stole about 1,600 customers' personal data. reports say the employee may have seen customers' social security numbers and driver's licenses. the breach reportedly happened over the summer. at&t has notified authorities, and fired the employee who allegedly stole that information. and paypal is making a major change in the way that it handles online sales with customers. starting next month, anybody who makes a purchase online using
4:42 pm
paypal will have six months to make a turn. right now you only have 45 days. that's a huge difference. great news for buyers, but sellers will have to wait that same amount of time before a sale is considered complete. and coming up on news4 at 5:00, are hands-free devices really less distracting behind the wheel? the results of a new study coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. >> interesting. we'll look forward to it. thank you, erika. >> thank you. first at 4:00, changes coming to medical marijuana laws here in d.c. also ahead, a story you'll see only on news4. the grandmother of two missing toddlers in montgomery county sits down with our own darcy spencer. what she has to say about her missing grand children and the impact mental illness has had on her entire family. storm team 4 tracking this area of rain and thunderstorms as it gets close and closer to us. what we're going to see, heavy rain, even the chance for high
4:43 pm
winds. what about the impact and what about tomorrow morning? we'll have the details after the break.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. we have reporters and anchors standing by with new stories first at 4:00. pat collins, wendy rieger, veronica johnson, and doug kammerer. the grandmother of those two missing toddlers is speaking
4:46 pm
out. she wants to find her grandchildren. >> and she wants to address mental illness and the impact it's had on her family. darcy spencer spoke to her. relatives believe once catherine hoggle starts taking medication to treat her mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, she will say where her children are. >> it's the common problem with every mental health situation is, you don't want to take your meds. >> reporter: it will apparently take a court order to force hoggle to do that. right now she is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is competent. and she is not taking her medicine. did you ever fear she would harm them? >> never. never. >> reporter: her mother told news4 she believes her daughter should be forced to take her medicine. it could be the best hope of finding sarah and jacob. >> it's not meant in a harmful or hurtful or vindictive way. it's i want my grandchildren
4:47 pm
back. >> reporter: lindsey hoggle remembers the weekend catherine disappeared with the kids. she erased a picture of sarah and jacob from her phone. >> there were some beginning subtle signs that something was on. but it's -- not sure that would ever be anything you would predict. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >> lindsey hoggle says her daughter has refused to speak to her since her arrest. she is considering seeking guardianship so she can make medical decisions for her. to see more of the interview with libds see hoggle, go to and we are looking at the possibility of more rain coming our way. >> more rain coming our way, barbara, but also some rough weather we could potentially see tonight. we have put together a graphic to show you just what we're going to see out of the storms. what's the highest threat. that will be high winds. i think we could have some gusts over 50 miles per hour. that means some isolated power outages. and we could also see heavy rain.
4:48 pm
all be it, i don't think we're going to see flooding. chance of hail. so that threat is low. but still there. the moderate threat for the high winds and heavy rain, and low for any tornadoes. but again, it's high winds we could get out of these storms. we're seeing it right now, west virginia, kentucky, all those areas shaded in yellow. tornado watch that extends westward. rougher weather right ahead of the weather front. but well out ahead of it, what we're getting. some rain, a little bit of lightning in that southwest pocket of virginia that's due to track this way. so right now you've got areas around 81, just about ready to get wet. winchester, hancock. showers moving your way in western maryland and right around mt. jackson and approaching la ray, approaching rutgersville, shower activity. so between 6:30 and about 7:30 this evening, wave of rain moving through, and then heavier stuff for 9:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
4:49 pm
commuter impact forecast, breezy conditions. mid 60s between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that means get the sunglasses ready. nice and bright, but also breezy throughout the entire day tomorrow. so that 75, a little chilly at times if you're in the shade around k, 2:00, 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. pretty good forecast coming up. meanwhile, your seven-day forecast, here's the next four days. thursday, sunshine, 67 on friday. look at this wet period we get into. we've got a lot more on that, as we toss it to meteorologist doug kammerer. >> yeah, veronica, that's what we're going to be watching as we move through the next couple days there. it's going to be that chance for rain, not just for the weekend, but we're talking friday, all the way through monday or even tuesday. and the reason is going to be a frontal boundary. another front that's going to stop across our region. that front will literally be sitting right across the mid atlantic. we'll see areas of low pressure moving along that front, and as we do, showers will be likely. not just friday, but saturday into sunday. i've got more timing on that. we'll talk much more about that scenario as we make our way into
4:50 pm
the 5:15 hour. talk to you then. >> thanks, doug. all you've got to do is take a look at our forecast there for saturday, sunday, monday. that wet period coming up. a chance of rain. nothing too heavy. guys. >> thanks. just within the last hour, a maryland man successfully completed a space walk outside the international space station. astronaut reed wiseman joined alexander gers. the pair worked to move a failed cooling pump into storage. they used helmets with snorkels inside in july of 2013 an italian astronaut nearly drown because a flooded helmet. tod today's mission took more than six hours. the d.c. council approved a bill to make it easier for doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients. the council passed a marijuana law several years ago, but that imposed tight restrictions on what ailments might qualify for
4:51 pm
the prescription. congress still has to approve the new law. if it takes effect, a doctor could prescribe marijuana for any medical need. council member grasso said the original law was too restrictive. an inmate sneaks a loaded gun into the d.c. superior courthouse. wendy rieger at the live desk working this story. wendy? >> reporter: police arrested the man this morning for using an unauthorized vehicle. and when they searched him at the courthouse, they found a loaded gun. in his underwear. d.c. police tell us the suspect was in the custody of three different agencies today, and each one conducted a search. it's not known right now whether or where he got that gun, and this case is, of course, under investigation. news4's jackie bensen is working on the story. she'll have a live report in a few minutes and i'll see you at 5:00. back to you. a new program under way now on a local college campus that's aimed at helping the victims of sex assaults. news4's kristin wright has more
4:52 pm
now on how some college students are trying to restore their lives. >> reporter: sexual assault is the number one violate crime on college campuses. in fact, one in five college women are victims. >> would you like to support the end to domestic violence? >> reporter: george mason university in fairfax is trying to change that. it's turn off the violence week. students are passing out purple ribbons to raise awareness. on campus, you see clothes lines of t-shirts made by students, condemning sexual assault and celebrating the strength of victims who come forward. today george mason students are making rape recovery kits to give to inovera hospitals for sex assault victims. at george mason university, kristin wright, news4. i'm tom sherwood in the district. the city is stepping up a plan to taking parking spaces like this and turning them into bicycle corals. i'll have the story coming up.
4:53 pm
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you've been watching news4 at 4:00. a mom in delaware is facing charges after police found heroin in her 4-year-old's backpack. police say the little girl began
4:56 pm
passing out the drug packets at daycare. they say she thought it was candy. luckily, none of the kids tried to eat the drug. several kids went to the hospital, though, to be checked out, just in case. police believe the mom handed her daughter the wrong backpack by mistake. and we're getting our first look at more than $400,000 worth of designer handbags and shoes stolen from a store in new york city. police say workers at the famed saks 5th avenue actually helped the crooks. rob schmidt reports. >> crazy. they would be able to do that. >> reporter: customers at the swanky sakses fifth avenue store can't believe the clever scheme that police say netted hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-end shoes and handbags to a small but capable team of thieves. >> it's awful. we have to somehow watch ourselves. >> reporter: check out this spread. gucci, chanel and the ever popular louboutins, just some of the high-dollar names dropped
4:57 pm
today. >> it's more than 200 pairs of shoes, and approximately 80 bags and accessories from some of the top designers in the world, including chanel, valentino. >> reporter: chorts say it starts with ring leader, tamara williams, making this an inside job. then williams gave a list of items to buy to other members of the crime ring to came into the store, acting as those defrauded customers, and met with the inside people. sales people at saks' famous shoe department. yes, the one with its own zip code, and the buying of expensive shoes and bags commenced. >> at least one of these pairs of shoes is more than $2,000 worth on retail and one bag worth more than $10,000. >> in this scheme, just a small team, five individuals so far, perpetrated a fraud and theft of it's estimated $400,000. >> reporter: once bought, the
4:58 pm
merchandise was handed off in queens, which is where tamara williams lived. authorities say they found all of this at her home. saks says all customers affected have been notified, and their accounts restored. and they stress, there was no compromise of their networks or systems. police say this scheme was done over the course of 91 transactions. williams and four saks employees are charged with first degree identity theft, as well as other charges. >> all those charged have pleaded not guilty. police say the theft ring is limited only to the saks fifth avenue store in new york city. store managers are being credited with figuring out the scheme and alerting police. right now at 5:00, man and a mask. a chilling new video forwarded by the fbi as it tries to find an american who was fighting alongside isis. mon gone in a flash. thieves skimmed from an atm in maryland and take victims' money from banks in new york. a jaywalking crackdown preventing deaths along some of
4:59 pm
the most dangerous roads in our area now means going after pedestrians. and good afternoon, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. we begin with a developing story in the district. news4 has now learned a prisoner being held at d.c. superior court had a loaded gun in his pants. it's a big security issue, and news4's jackie bensen is live outside the courthouse with more on this discovery. jackie? >> reporter: jim, had the u.s. marshals not discovered this weapon, this man could have possibly gotten into an area of the courthouse where he had access to the entire building. now what we are told, the spokesman from the u.s. marshal service ceasays the loaded hand was found in the underwear of a 19-year-old arrested for car theft this morning by police in the third district. we're told he was taken to what is called the marshal service cell block, where he was turned over to deputy u.s. marshals. he was searched, and the gun was found. third district police were contacted and the gun was then
5:00 pm
turned over to them. in a written statement, a spokesperson for d.c. police told news4, quote, the defendant was in the custody of three different agencies. each agency conducted a search of the defendant, and at this point it is unknown when, where, the weapon came into the defendant's possession. she did not say what the third agency was. we know d.c. police made the arrest, and that the defendant came here to the courthouse in the cell block where he was under the custody of the marshal service. we don't know the third agency. we are told that this matter is under investigation. live at d.c. superior court, jackie bensen, news4. now to a video that has just been forwarded across the country by the fbi. tisha thompson on our live desk. tisha? >> wendy, this is an aggressive move by the fbi. the agency tries to hunt down americans fighting alongside isis. listen to this quick clip. >> they lie! they'r


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